Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 28, 1966 · Page 17
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1966
Page 17
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Committees for Lions elub at Hurt selected Sort—The Lions Club met in the Legion Hall July 18 with 20 members and a guest. Lion Lacy introduced his son Jim Lacy of Los Angeles, Calif. A committee from the annual beef barbeque was present to explain the problems for this year. A representative from a trained elephant and wild animal circus was present and plans were made for them to be in Burt July 25. The Lions District 9E golf tourney at Webster City was discussed. It was proposed the September meeting be open to any prospective member. Committees ap* pointed for the coming year are: First Vice President, Darfell Davis; Program, Floyd Sill, Russell Patterson, Fred Hilton; Membership, Harley Hanson, Ray McWhorter; Attendance, O. H. Graham, G. H. McMullen; Finance, J. L. Miller, F. L. Ryerson; Constitution and By Laws, P. J. McGuire, H. J. Lacy. Second Vice Pres., Kenneth Sarchet, Convention, Dale Lockwood, Ray McWhorter; Sight Conservation, Fred Davis, Kenneth Cook; Boys and Girls, Bruce Cranston; Citizenship and Patriotism, Don Patterson, Waltter Campney; United Nations, K. J. Smith, F. C. Soderberg. Third Vice Pres., Rev. Bruce Calbreath, Public Relations, W. P. Hawcott, Russell Patterson,; Ready now! The remarkable new HONDA AND ALL OTHER MODELS Sizzling sport version of the popular Honda 90, Top performance, sleek new design, remarkably low price. See the Super 90 today at. NORTMJOWA APPLIANCE CENTER HONDA DIVISION 310 E. STATE..ALGONA..PHONE: 295-3818 Plenty Room for Big Baking, Big Broiling... with Gas! Civic improvement, Ronald Jurgens, A. C. Hinckley; Education, Harley Hanson, Kenneth Sair- chet; Health and Welfare, F. L. Pratt, Chas. Spry; Safety, Bill Batt, Darrell McFarland; Agriculture, Michael Scott, Darrell Davis. Executive Board menv bers also are: Sec.-Treas., W. P. Hawcott, Tail Twister, Bruce Cranston; Lion Tamer, A. C. Hinckley and Directors, Fred Davis, Floyd Sill, F. L. Pratt, Chas. Spry. The President is Michael Scott. Guests Sunday at John Geesman's were the Virgil Geesmans and Mrs. Jenny Perkins, Jackson, Mrs. Hazel Hinks, Wash. D. C., Mrs. Maude Lightner, Clear Lake, S. Dak, and the Bill Eddys, Forest City. Callers were the Francis Menkes and the Howard Geesmans, Bancroft. Harry Sewick was a guest Friday to Monday at his sisters Mrs. Art Leason. Monday Lura Sewick accompanied Harry Sewick to Ireton for a visit. Sunday Paul Hasse, Alvina Hasse and Lura Sewick went to Minneapolis to visit the Paul Clausens. Guests of Mrs. Jacob Gifford and Mrs. Dale Dundar are Jay M. Aliens of Chicago. Mrs. Allen is the former Peggy Gifford and she is convalescing from a. serious operation on her spine. Fred Howard had surgery July 25 at the Veteran's hospital in Des Moines for removal of a cataract on his eye. The Ted Ringsdorfs, the Donald Ringsdorfs, Wendell Rings- dorfs, Mrs. Lulu Rimgsdorf and the W. B. Shiplers had a picnic July 24 at the park in Swea City. The Roy Ringsdorfs left Saturday for two weeks vacation in Yellowstone National park. The John Longs of Billings, Mont., will meet them there. The Odey Cherlands served several appreciation dinners. Guests at the Cunningham Tea Room for an 8 o'clock dinner July 23 were the A. B. Cher- lands, E. J. Cherlands, Elmer Krauses, Mrs. Ellen Cherland, the Carl Carlsons Minneapolis, Francis Palmersheims, Charles City, Lyle Marlow, Art Persons, Why Not Make a Compromise? By Abigail Van Buren (Copyright 1966 by Chicago Tribune - N. Y. News Synd., Inc.) DEAR ABBY: After eight years of marriage I am ready to leave my husband. Saturday morning while he was sleeping, I rearranged the furniture in my front room. When I went out in the afternoon, he moved everything back the way it was before I moved it. Naturally I was angry, so I moved everything back again my way. This was no small job, Abby, as 1 have a grand piano, an overstuffed sofa with two matching chairs and several tables and lamps in that room. Well, at 2 o'clock in the morning my husband was moving the furniture around again. 1 figure that the office is HIS, and the house is MINE. And 1 don't tell him how to arrange the office furniture and he shouldn't tell me how to arrange the house furniture. I'd like your opinion. Fenlon class holds reunion at Fairmont ANGRY Bobby Allen and Humboldt. Guests Hollis Long, at noon Sunday at Johnny's Steak House in Humboldt were the Frank Longs, Humboldt, Albert Bleichs, Carl Reynolds, and Wuerner Strueckers. The O. H. Grahams went to Iowa City July 25. She will report at University hospital for a check up. The Burt Co-op Elevator Co, is sponsoring a tour to Kansas City August 8 to 10. Mrs. Bob Wood and Jean and Helen Schwietert and Jane went to Mankato Thursday. Jean and Jane will attend Mankato State. Jean plans to be a dental assistant and Jane plans to be an elementary teacher. Orientation for Iowa students will be Aug. 5 and school starts September 20. Mrs. Carl Reynolds spent DFiAR ANGRY. You don't have to share your husband's office, but he has to live in the house. If he is dissatisfied with the furniture arrangement at home, let him say so and perhaps you can effect a compromise. In a marriage, there is no HIS and HERS. And if you two don't quit shoving that grand piano around, there will be a HIS and HERS HERNIA. DEAR ABBY: I am a widow, 45. I work and live in a small town where every move I make is seen. I have lived in the same house for 20 years and naturally my friends and neighbors are interested in what I do and with whom I come and go. I date occasionally and have resorted to meeting my gentlemen friends in nearby towns rather than answer questions such as "Who was he," and, "Is it serious?" I have nothing to hide. I just like privacy. Am I wrong? WANTS PRIVACY DEAR WANTS: If you have nothing to hide, don't qo ducking behind potted palms in nearby towns, lest you give the appearance of guilt. ("The wicked flee when no man pursueth.") DEAR ABBY: Why don't people who are too old to live alone put themselves in a rest home instead of waiting until their children are ready for a mental institution trying to care for them along with their own family? I work in a rest home and I wouldn't mind living here. Elderly people need more heat than younger people. They have special diets, can't stand too much noise and many of them need some kind of medical care. They go to sleep early and get up early. Their whole routine is different. Trying to fit them into 'a home with teen-agers is unfair to them and the" young people, too. Why do so many older people who can well afford it, fight against going to a rest home? Once they get here they are sorry they didn't come sooner. WORKS IN ONE DEAR WORKS: Many elderly people "fight" going to a rest home because they think it's an institution for unwanted, homeless old folks who have nowhere else to go. And in some cases, their children are to blame. THEY are afraid their friends will think they PUT their parents in a rest home because they didn't want to bother caring for them at home. — Eteven of 15 members of the class of 1946 held a 20 year reunion at the Sirloin House in Fairmont, recently. The class song was sung by Mrs. Harold Berkeland (Marian, Gade), James Widdel and Mrs. Harlan Nelson (Betty Holldorf) accompanied by Mrs. Gerald Voigt; the class history was read by James Widdol; class prophecy by barrel Drcyer; and the class will by Mrs. Harold Berkland (Marian Gade). An account of each members activities during the past 20 years was given- One teacher, Mrs. Gerald Voigt (Georgia Anne) was present. After 20 years she found out it was Vernon Kipfer who manipulated the spark plugs in her car so it wouldn't start-as a Halloween prank. Coming the farthest were Mrs. Harold Berkland, Inglewood, Calif., and James Widdel of Tonawartda, New York. Including husbands and wives here were 22 present. Present were the James Widdel of Tonawanda, N. Y., Harald Borkelands (Marian Gade), tiglewood, Calif., Herbert Weis- kes (Janet McFall), Cedar Rap- ds, Richard Theesfields (Marie Maulstick), Storm Lake, Darrel Dreyers, Fenton, Clifford Doug- ases (Norma Voigt), Fenton, Ed Jthofs (Virjean Cornelius), Fenton, Harlan Nelsons (Betty Holldorf), Estherville, Vernon Kip- fers, Bingham Lake Minn., Derwood Voigts, Fenton, and the Wally Christensens, (Delores Mueller), Clear Lake. Unable to attend were Donald Luedtke, Parkers Prairie, Minn., Mrs. Jacque Otto (Beverly Schulte) DeWitt, and Mrs. Keith Wills (Doris Berkeland), Huntington Beach, Calif. Mrs. Leland Anderson (Evelyn Kuecker) died a few years after graduation. They then voted to hold shower at Van's Cafe* _ Algona, for MrsV Davio! Sk&gMf&m of Ames, the f oftnef Ann, Haase. Thursday visitor* with Mw. Harry Haase were Mrs. Herman Gade, Mrs. Phyllis Alford, Mrs, Harold Berkeland and Mrs. Edith Hayenga. . The Harold Berkelands, Inglewood, Calif., were Thursday callers at Howard Bierstedts, Lone Rock. The Elmer Kalvigs, Des Moines, and Robert Berkelands St. Paul, visited the Harold Berklands at Larry Gade's over the weekend. On Sunday this AL66NA ::« THURSDAY, ,(U- grout) hid a picnic at the toft pork. Also attending Wttf Otto Wilberg, Ringsted, Herman Gide, MM. ttiytttil ford and Kimberly Mitchell. Tuesday dinner guests of M .., Edith Hayenga were Dora Riote ert, Rose Loper and Kathrya Doege, all of Algona. The George Bellingers a Harvey Bollinger were SUttda* guests of the Clair Bellingers of Lone Rock. ; ' WE'RE NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER AND ... We've Lost Our Heads! another reunion in five years. Cody 64, was Mrs. Jurgen's father. Thursday with Mrs. Leslie Sbr- enson in Algona. Fortnightly club met Friday with Mrs. Ben Bahling. The next The North Iowa Bible Con- meeting will be in September. ference at Okoboji Methodist There will be no church or Camp is July 31st to Aug. 7. Sunday school July 31 - Aug. 7 at Bishop Thomas, Des Moines, Burt Methodist church and will preach at 10:30 a.m. July 31. Good Hope Methodist church. Dr. Gloster Udy from Australia, Rev. M. C. Davies family will will give an address each even- r 6AS RANGE i Hugt 25" x 20" oven h« Cook and Kttp-Warm systtm. Easily handles kingly roasts, the grandest turkeys, your biggest casseroles. Simply dial cooking time and temperature. When food's done, oven automatically lowers to holding temperature, keeps meals serving-perfect for hours. Special low 140* degree heat ideal for warm-ups and thawing frozen foods, too. t Saint oven compartment hat 10% larger broiling pan. Takes 25 hamburgers, 20 lamb chops, 4 half chickens, four 1%-pound steaks. Enjoy speedier, tastier Ultra-Ray broiling. Exclusive design infra-red broiler burner*, guaranteed for life, aims intense cooking heat that gives delicious char-broil flavor, reduces spatter, makes clean-ups fast, easy. Broiler is ideally located, waist-high. \ New Caloric 75 brings gas cooking to peak perfection. See how many ways—nowl fU.S. Patent 3,122,197 "Nothing Interrupts Your Thermogas Service" Thermogas Co. of Algona 295-2841 S. Phillip* St. Algona FAIRMONT SPEEDWAYS PRESENTS inspirational singing. spend a vacation camping in the i ing. There will also be lectures upper peninsula of Michigan •• ... . and around the north shore of Lake Superior in Ontario, Canada. The Ronald Jurgens family attended the funeral of Arthur Cody at Cylinder July, 25. Mr. The Claude were weekend Pecks of guests of Alta, their STOCK CAR RACES "The Midwest's Fastest, High Banked, Vi Mile Race Track" Every Sunday Night - 9 P.M. Rain Postponement — Races will be held following Friday "THE 'ACTION' TRACK OF THE MIDWEST" MARTIN COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS j: Fairmont, Minn. •: •v.v.v.v»v.v.%v.v.v»v.v.v»v.v.%v.%v.v.vv.v.%v.vv. : daughter, the Bruce Cranstons. The Alvin Baumgards were guests at the Hans Sohroeder's, Mason City July 24, and attend- ded aviation day. Mrs: Schroeder and Mrs. Baumgard are sisters. The Harry Rossiters of Columbus Junction were guests July 24 at the Ray Me Whorter's. The Ray Me Whorters went to the Harold Hanson's, Northwood and the four attended the wedding of Elmer Hanson's son Larry, July 24. Larry Hanson married Marilyn Erbes at the Queen of Angels Catholic Church at Austin, Minn., followed by a reception and open house at the home of the bride's parents. Larry is taking a law course at the Junior College in Santa Rosa, Calif. Marilyn is a nurse at the hospital in Santa Rosa, where they will live. Harold and Elmer Hanson are Mrs. McWhorter's brothers. FAWN — The appearance of a fawn at Van Allen school at Chariton afforded the summer reading class a unique experience for the students on a hot summer day. The fawn is a family pet of the Don Adams, Chariton. The Harold Berkelands, Ingel- | wood, Calif., and Mrs. Phyllis Alford and Kimberly, Whittier, Calif., came July 16 for an extended visit with Herman and Larry Gades. Joel and Kent remained with friends in Calif. during the'Visit. The Lester Gades, Des Plaines, 111., visited July 16 to 20 with ;he Herman and Larry Gades. They also came to visit Lester Jade's sisters, Mrs. Harold Berkeland and Mrs. Phyllis Al- 'ord, California. July 17 the Harold Berkelands Inglewood, Mrs. Phyllis Alford and Kimberly, Whittier, the Les- ;er Gades, Des Plaines, Herman jades and Larry Gades visited the Gail Haases and Cliff Haases, Mrs. Pearle Phillips, Algona, and the Dave Skogstroms from Ames. The Gail Haases and Sally visited Monday with the Larry and Herman Gades and their guests. The Cliff Haases, Mrs. Pearle Phillips, the Gail Haases, Harry Haases, and Mrs. Dave Skog- strom visited Tuesday with the Herman and Larry Gades and their guests. Wednesday morning Mrs. Lester Gade, Mrs. Harold Berkeland, Mrs. Phyllis Alford, Mrs. Herman Gade and Mrs. Larry Gade attended a brunch and GUESS THE TOTAL AGE OF OUR BANK STAFF 1st Priia *.£ U 2nd Prize $10 Savings Account $5 Savings Account And Here We Are: Al Agena Harold Gilmore Roy McMahon Ed Gilmora Royal Nold John Lande Anna Merritt Alice Reding. Elaine Walline Ardith Boyken Lucille Ramus Na Diene Stillman June Pomplun Delores Thompson Diane Fisher Sharon Mittlieder FRIDAY (RIDICULOUS DAY) ONLY COME IN AND PLACE YOUR GUESS. We're Open From 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. & 7 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. The Iowa State 'AT THE TIME & TEMPERATURE ALGONA, IOWA Traveling to ST. PAUL? MINNEAPOLIS? STAY IN THE MIDWAY Wh«r« the Twin Cities Meet MOTOR LODGE IAK£ YOUR PICK 2 FAMOUS RESTAURANTS AND COCKTAIL LOUNGES-MR. JOE'S and INN OF1HE BLACK KNIGHT* 2 SWIMMINQ POOLS-Indoor Heated Pool/Large Outdoor Pool »nd Patio • 230 LUXURIOUS GUEST BOOMS AW) 5UITES-AII Air-Conditioned « Radig f TV. Children Under 14 THE PERFECT LOCATION 12 ~Minut«t""te DoNntown Minnupolis or St. P«ul • 15 Minutli to InUrmliotnl Ail- poit «nd Mil Stadium t 3 MinuUi to Mid*»j) Shopping Center — more Ui«n 50 ihop> «nd itorti t MinuUl to Uni«t»ity ol KtinntioU, IjMnneipalls gnd St. Paul cam- RUMS, Khdicil Center ind Hospital, Stale Fair Cmundl. Stall C«pilol and OHict | Bulldinji. Firki, Coll Courtel Interest. Sing!es-$9.7S Doubles-$12.75 Twins-$14.75 JO MEETIVG *M I4HQUET ROOUt to accommodate groups MP to 500. Name FREE: USE COUPON FOR FOLLOWING^! l~7check Boxes) ~" MIDWAY LODGES GUEST SERVICE 1975 UNIVERSITY AVENUE ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA 55105 Gentlemen: Please send the following: D Midway Motor Lodge Biothur* D Tfin* Motor Hotel BrochM'* Information on things to d9 Wt Mi 10 thi Twin Cilic* Address State Zip M5-B3JJ T«ini JteUif H«UI . Mi«r t Pour Goodness by the Glassful... MILK SUMMER'S A BREEZE.... WITH MILK Refresh often .... with fresh milk. Milk whisks away hot summer thirst in satisfying glassfuls! It's so cool, tastes so good, and milk's so handy ... be sure you always have enough! Call us for to-the-door delivery. W r I

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