The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 20, 1894 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 20, 1894
Page 8
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» '' lt£,< ',>„,'' "i * S ' f l^ , 'V &f_ •*•"' jf _P "- ; ,- :* .a iV, x '';. -*:,- , rff«" -yf-frf fl BANCROFT NEWS. FMMS ATTEHTIOH s Place to get Your Meals when in •y/ ToWfl is at the FARMER'S HOTEL. square m&dlftir %8 BY fSE DAI AUD WEEK, BANCROFT, IOWA, JttHJE 20,1894. & TAUMAN, Prottfietor, At the hotel formerly Stahl's Hotel. Sam ^prepared to furnish the best of board n seasonable rates by the day or week. 838 1 "'Wanh Meals for Farmers a specialty. G. C, OSTRANDER, BANCROFT, IOWA. MONEY! Real Estate. & BRUNSON. Cdriducted By J* A. Freeh. Chicago . NORTH ed .... ...... flltam wfty freight .... 1 1 43am passenger ..... .4 OSp'm Western JR*y« *ii*e;d .......... 6 Of pfH -way freight. . . . 8 16am rassfcnger . .... 2 osptn TILE! -AT- 112,00 PER M, ON GARS AT ALGONA, is cheaper than they are retailed at the factories. Don't fail to call on , Hamilton & Go, Eksltore'buying your Brick, lile, Stone or Sewer *°J3*e; aud remember that they sell all kinds of 3$a«l Wood Lumber, Picket Fencing, Felt BfewHng and Paper at Bed Koek Prices. NEWS OF THE TOWN. Buffalo Center had a disastrous fire on Sunday evening last, and before it could be controlled it burned two blocks, doing about $30,000 damage. The property was only partially insured. ••••••• • Chas. Perkins and Jennie Ditsworth Were married at Algona on Wednesday of last week. There is to bo a wedding in the suburbs of Bancroft within 30 days, so wo understand. Wm. G. Hamilton and Miss Rosie Ditsworth were married at Algona last Monday. Suzcess to you and your bride, William. B. D. Sterling was down from Armstrong the first of the week. The Bancroft and Greenwood ball nines are to have a match game of ball in this city in the near future. Everybody should attpnd Owon"& lett's Merrymakers play at Jefferson Hall Friday night. It is a good play. Rose sociable at A. J. Berryman's.on Friday evening of this week. John A. Benell is homo from Atigustana College at Rock Island, 111., for his usual summer vacation. A new democrat arrived at M. B. Smith's last week. The bountiful raltis of the past week have been most graciously received by the farmers and in fact, everybody, during the past week. Be sure and go to the opera Friday night if you want to laugh. G. W. Skinner has sold out his business to E. F. Clarke and will go to DCS Molnes. G. W. Skinner's new building is nearly completed. J. W. Blakeborough is living in the Neeling house, just across the street from the Phoenix House. He is selling the Piano Harvesters and Mowers and seems to be having good success. The merry-go-round has been with us a week but business has not been booming The Bancroft nsurance sinetrthey arrived. People haven't got money enough to patronize them. tteputy Sheriff fifiinson was in tire city the first of the \veek. " .-' i JVllolloway has bees piittlfig tip a new fence and a new p"orch and sidewalks and a new roof on his house lately, and we presume when Mrs, ft. returnsishe Will hot know the place. Geo, C. Frlsbyj west of town, expects to put up a hew barn lh the hear ftitufeV Has. Austin expects to put up a hew f es- ideh6e durihg the coming summer. Mrs. Kinhcy has put up a hew picket fence around her residence durihg the past Week. N, E, Sheridan and wife are living intlie J. J. Kelly house hear the school house. A, J. Berryman has his store building raised and a new foundation under It. Bancroft and Armstrong ball nines will cross bats at Armstrong July 4th. The Seneca creamery people are erecting now coal sheds at this place. A baby girl was reported atNightwatch- man Thelson's last Monday night. Don't forget the Buffalo Center warning and keep your property Insured. See .t. A. Freeh, the insurance man. Drs. Morse and Walters performed a difficult operation for perineororraphy on Mrs. Albert Sjongren, of Fairmont, Minn., at the Phoenix House yesterday. The op- oration was successful. A. H. Whltcomb and daughter have both been very ill with the measles during the week but are now much better. C. H.. Wunn, their neighbor, gathered eight or ton neighbors together and plowed Mr. "Whttcomb's corn, which helped him out in great shape. That's the kind of neighbors to have. John Reibhoff Camp No. 29, Sons of Veterans was mustered in at the G. A. R. hall Monday evening with about 20 members and a good prospect for many more. The officers elected are as follows: Captain, Frank Winters: First Lieut., Jack Johu- stou; Second Lieut., Alex Wilson; First Seargt., Geo. L. Havens; Q. M. Sergeant, L. A. Barslou. The camp was named after John Reibhoff, a relative of Mrs. J. A. Wlnkel, who performed meritorious services in the Rebellion. We wish the new camp much success. The officers-elect of Rancroft Lodge No. 5441. O. 0. F. for the ensuing six months are as,follows: N. G.,R. L Brayton; V. G., Jas. Whalen; R. Sec'y, E. S. Trine; Treas.. P. G. Pettibone. The installation will probably take place about July 1st. Dr..: W. E. H, Morse was,.in the city several days during the past; week on professional business. A large number of Bancroft Masons, expect to attend the St. John's Day celobra tion at Algona on June 26th. 80years bid of ftof6...'.^wd tsf Wesley's alf daffiSels Wfe taking -ft StrttH 1ft the eastern paft of town Ttfesday night, and were greatly startled at tw& ghosts ihwhite ttiffi coining towards th r em, but when the deaf girls got tfse of their tong power the uncanny prowlers disappeared. The girls aver that they neter saw anything so hot" ribly frightful 1ft all their lives. Whittemore Champion: J. V, Wichlef lad an iinfoftunite accident with one of fich BfbSs' livefy teams yesterday after delivering one of his 'fine organs. A tug came loose from the hame oh one of the lofses and the team took fright and rah until the tongue came dbWh and Mr. W, was compelled to let them go. The horses then sood found their way into a barb wire fehce and were badly lacerated* Bancroft Register: Frank Miller, the Ledyard druggist, has sold out to t)r. D'tin* ap of that place. Mr, Miller leaves with his family for Pomeroy at once* In his re* moval Ledyard looses oho of her best young sltizehs. -... As a special feature of the Joly Sketch Club's entertainment next FH* day night, Prof. J. A. Bartlott, who is an old time acquaintance of the company,Will appear in a comic musical melange Intro* ducing solos on mandolin, banjo, guitar, cornet, etc., in negro character Dr. Morse met with thebrethern of Progressive Lodge Wednesday evening, and on behalf of the Algona lodge invited all the members of the fraternity to be present at and enjoy the celebration of St. John's Day in Algona the 26th of this month. A good delegation will attend from Bancroft. The Only one in Kossutn County. J. A. Freeh, Proprietor. Sotto ol 6tf tolvfisfyeepie aitetfd^ nift it A. It. Kennedy's ffotelftst^andkyj They fepwt a Very pleftsaht time. dtff town ivas nearly depopulated (m ciffeusday. Our agent sold 86 tickets fof Algofttt, besides all the available teams wel-e out. Many of the older people wfefttj not to attend the show, but to look after the childreh and attend the convention. Jones & Adams have a nice tew sign for their livery barn. Will Sumanlef did the job.. M ....... v ; ....... ... ., ••- 'Companies Represented. of Hartford. ~£$ws Association, Philadelphia. SifttpSo Insurance Co,, of Des Moines. €Si^ital Insurance Co., of Des Moines. Bier-chants and Bankers, of Des Moines. Jtoeho'r of Crcston. fJtebuque Fire and Marine, Dubuque. 'SSfawsdard Life and Accident. "Eifeeitable Life. ;i5tejttHab]e Life Assurance Soc'y of theTJ.S ISfartliwestern National of Milwaukee. If your Policy needs changing or fixing up I can do it for you no matter what company you are insured in, Correspondence solicited. .Creamery and Threshing Machine Insurance a Specialty. ,«J. j&.. F^EOH, Bancroft, B. P. Smith, Vice Pros. A. B, Richmond, Cashier, 0, J, Leu and er, Ass't, Oash, armers' & Traders' Savings Bank BANCROFT, st ^afidrpor.ated'Underjthe laws of the S.tate of Iowa. IOWA. None but home capital inverted. feast capital, $50,000. Foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold, and a general banking Special attention given to collections. Insurance written, "' transacted. r/isfeets to and from Europe, CiTEEOTOKS— 11, M. BLchnsond, N. E. Sheridan, e, 0. E. Mallory, J. N , Sheridan , Alithor bankiuL Ste&mahlp A. B, Richmena. B. P, Smith. Samuel iand, Loan, and Insurance Agency, J881. A large list of wil4 lands for sale, Improved f aims and village r sale or rent, farm loans on Jong time and low rates of interest, and Swea City, Iowa, R, M, RICHMOND, CALL AT THE OFFICE OF CITY iAND AND TOWN LOT 00, Farm Loans FROM OUR COUNTY PAPERS. BurtNews: Russel Cook has a family relic in an old eighteenth-century clock that belonged to his grandfather and. has been in the Cook family over one hundred years. It's an old timer. Geo. Hawkins has recently overhauled it and fitted it up. Mr. Cook has been offered §100 for it several times but don't care to part company with the old "grandfather's clock." The creamery at this place is kept humming at this time of the year. During'the mouth of May there were over 375,000 Ibs. of milk received, and some over 15,000 Ibs, of butter made, which is over 500 Ibs. per day. This is by far the largest amount taken in since the creamery started. The cost of making, including tubs, salt, interest on stock, etc., was only 1% cents per pound. They have now four separators running and talk of putting in another if the receipts continue to increase as they have been. There are now 110 patrons on the books. ; There is something worthy of note concerning the success and very liberal patronage the creamery has enjoyed. In the first place it has had officials in cliavge whose integrity was not questioned and who had the business at heart, The : Jib' oral patronage has enabled them to reduce the expense, because the more milk they receive the less it costs per pound to make It into butter. The low cost of 1% cents per pound in making butter is bolow the average of creameries, hence it not? the patrons that 'much wore. During April! the secretary pf our creamery states, wo paid 35 cents per hundred more foremilk than they paid at Bancroft. ku Verne Review: The hay bam at Morton's SJdlng north of town was buyned Tuesday, together with three cars and 80 tons of hay, The fire was started by a spark from a passing train Master JSftrl-Johnson west of town while out feed,* }ng the horses last Sunday was struck, and bitten on the chest by a two year old colt- He didn't complain any (Juring the day, but in the evening was taken suddenly ill and by morning was so much worse that a doetoi"was palled, He is much better at this writing. Wesley Reporter: TJie gj-awy, $, Laird, who lives seven of town, took, fire about 1:8Q p. m. las$ day, Tfae flames spread, so rapidly tbft$ be was uiiaWe to save anything. JJjs, jpjyi eoosig^ of §p babels o| ' grain, a. \>\n$w, t»als, ly dawwA, The }$ta fa^ heavy Jie .oaly o| UNION. Mrs. C. E. Walker has entirely recovered from an attack of the mumps. Trace Taylor and wife are the proud parents of a little girl. The good people of the Frink neighborhood are raising funds to see if the deformed daughter of Chas. Hall cannot be helped.' Such feelings are what ought to be between all fellow^creatures. There is to be a cSurch sociable at the home of J. Roberts, Wednesday, for the benefit of Rev. 'Green, we believe. Born to M. Schenck and wife, June 14, a son. Everybody turned out to see the big show. Copious rain of Saturday makes the farmers smile. Grandma Bailey is still improving, although very slowly. Delia Green of Cass is visiting her grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. Reibhoff. Nellie Salisbury is home from Sanborn, where has been teaching for the past year. She has been again elected as teacher of the same school. She is one of Kossuth's best teachers. G. L. Carroll has just placed alargedin- ner bell in his yard. Mr. Toothman has returned from his Dakota trip. Mr. Qulnn, a schoolmate of Mrs. F. L. Wilsod's, made them a flying visit last week.' ' : '...'-• /.. •'- • ''.. :•'-• '".',.''• ;: >;*• We noticed the pleasant faces of old Mr and Mrs. Godden at the show, also Mr. a'nd Mrs. Reibhoff. It seems good to see the old as well as the young turn but and enjoy a day of recreation occasionly. Old Mrs. Hudson, mother of Mrs. M. Godden, who has been making a protracted visit with her daughter, has gone to visit in Algona. Mrs. Margaret Corbin, of Huron, South Dakota, is'Visiting her daughter, Mrs. Herbert Bailey. Gffo. ft. b-LAflftft, t»A8. A.cbttftlroiro. COHMOUK, W. S QUA&TON, Btflr to&stith Co, 6abki i itfta. FENTON. Since that delighted rain last Saturday, old Mother Earth has assumed a much fresher appearance; and the farmers are going about with more cheerful visages, the flax growers in particular. ... • Frank McChesney was seen in these parts Sunday. What's the attraction? Jno, and M. Weisbrod were at Algona Friday attending the convention, We are not informed whether or not Messrs, Quarton and Sessions furnished them with tickets for the circus. Ike Hayenga, having moved his" house onto his farm, is now erecting a barn, The carpenters at work on it are too numerous to mention, Fenton was well represented at the circus. Alavge delegation from here went down to see the white elephant. A number of Fentonites attended the special services at the Germania M, E. church at Burt, Sunday last. B, F. Reed, our genial County Superintendent, visited the schools in West Fen,ton last week, The Weisbrod Brothers wish to ' announce that any fishing expedition to Silver or Iowa Jakes hereafter wi}l be fruit' less, as all the big (?) fish were caught by them and J, H. Graham's fishing party of Burt, M, Weisbrod sold a^colt to W. P, Jones, for $77,50, t John ^viefej is improving the appear: anco of the 8w}efeJ residence by applying a coat of paint. W, P. Jones has convinced M, that one becomes too much fatigued walk jng after a cultivator, and be has sold W» a riding cultivator; Correspondent" was, pn/'deek. last week. He 'H>Wnkj .before a»d consepentliy hj&seij'i' heard from for some time advice }s good, tut say At' the residence of the bride's parents, t Mr. Win* Wleidfang, of Wlsconsln«toMlss Aletta .'flefcev .. The lady Is well and faV* prably known and we bespeak for the young couple a happy future Iti theft Wisconsin home, where they will soon settle. Married, .on Tuesday evening, June 5th, at the home of the bride's parents by Rev. Hotchklss, Mr. L. S, De Gi-aw and Miss MaryDearchi Both are well known and well respected in Whittemore. They Will immediately begin life together Itt their new residence in south Whittemore. Mr. Ferdinand Schendel ,of FairwelPs little boy, -Eddie, 4 years old, 'plugged his nose up with a bead. He was brought to town and the cavity unloaded under the influence of chloroform; Johnny Amesbury Is having a run of fever but is gaining at present. George what takes you to Algona so much of late, wo begin to think something more than the landscape takes you hither, stop or rise and disgorge. Messrs. Cowan and Curtis are rubbing noses over the new school house "plans with the board on the mason work, that's right; the more the plentier. We are going to have a good one, and it must be built accordingly. Dr. Bowen, of Rodman, has bought Dr. Paul's stock of drugs and will do his own dispensing. School Board had a meeting and elected Prof! Bowens and Miss Augus another year with Miss Sadie Taylor, of Burt, for the new intermediate department. Tomy Kerschbaum differed from Nick Finnigan and as words were not strong enough they emphasized them with fists. Mayor Boyle still further emphasized the whole proceeding with an appropriate fine. The show at lAlgona absorbed a largo part of Whittemore and vicinity for the day. The school picnic had to be postponed until Monday. The children had a gay old time as well as some older one who attended. , The merry-go-round is here and pays a $5 license and rent of §1 additional; this is about right and none too heavy. Boyle is the stuff. If • our citizens patronize thi s source of amusement they can do so- with the, pleasure of knowing that a part of •their money goes into the city treasury. Mrs. Do Graw went to Humboldt and Guthrie last Wednesday for a visit with friends. ' '';:.' Mr. A. B. Spoor is now a citizen of tein,or,e, having bought the livery barn, we understand, which Moore & Steil & Knov- er have owned. . '"• : •' Messrs. Hanna and Newman have moved into ; the Jno. Murray building with their stock of hardware, a Very desirable change as. the new quarters are longer, lighter and newer and in.all-.w'ays better than the Old. •''.," ' ! ' ' ' ; , '/ •."•-.••: Rev.. McElroy preached to 'a well filled house Sunday morning and evening, Miss Rose Wright, from West Bend, is visiting at Hotelling's for a few days. The Misses May and Bird Hotelling are home from Mason City for vacation. *. Pat Wells, of Emmetsburg, was over , Monday to see about his bid on the school house. Also Jim 'Cowan, from Algona, for the same purpose, •'. Frank Fairman has been elected to fill thepla'ceof Mr. Hanna as creamery foreman here. We believe Frank is the boy who deserve? it and is. best fitted for it as ho learned the business here and is well acquainted with the whole concern as well as the patrons. The school board opened the sealed bids Monday as per notice, Finding that T, A, Swanson of our town was the lowest responsible bidder, the contract was accordingly awarded him, Mr. Swanson has an able crew of mechanics who work with him only; he has a wind mill power to run out mill work and can we believe make more at his figures than the other gentlemen coujd at theirs, Block. IOWA. DANSOH LAW, LOAMS AND LAND, CollecMdhs a Specialty 4 Office In OafdnefCott'les hew building, ), t, SWETTIHG. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Money to Joan. Algona, loWa, s. s. SJESSIONS; ATTORNttY AT LAW, Loans atidinsurance. Special attention to collection!) of all kinds. Ofilce ovet Uhrlschllles' store. Algona, Iowa. given L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SVRGEON, Offlee on State street, Algona, Iowa. M, J. KENEF10K, M. D. Office over Taylor's store. Aigona, • . Iowa. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. J. M. PRIDE, M. D. Office over Goeder's Algona, • ' Cjptnmg Store. Iowa. DR. L. A. SHEETZ, DRTJGQltiT AND STATIONER, Prescriptions fllled. Deals In paints, oils, books, perfumeries, etc. Oor. State and Thorlngton sts. Alcona.Iowa. C. B. PAUL, M. D., WHITTEMORE - - - IQWA, Regular Offlce ( houra 8 to 12 a, m.. 2 to 6 p. ra. Over Wloliler's Furniture store t Residence north of track. T. Jl 'f ELLINCjtM. D.'" PH7S10IAN AND SURGEON, • • ' f i Consultation in English and German, Over Goetcn's store, Whittemore, Iowa. CHAS: MOCORMACK, PHJSIOIAX. Diseases of Children a Specialty. Residence, Mrs. McCali's, East of 0. & N. W. depot. ALGONA, IOWA, DR. F. 0. HEFLIN. ' PHYSICIAN AND SUBGEON, Office in rear oftewea Olty Bank. Swea City, Iowa. E. B. SAYERS, D. Y. M., VETERINARY PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, * |»-Offlce west of the Thorington House, Algona.lowa. HOSPITAL Accommodations, *ik/rT«ap^i=iT ,T ,^A P, L, .jsianufftcturer ol apfl dealer l» Harness and Harness Goods, <xDENTIST^ A, L, BIST,M>. D. Local aiiaesthetlc for deadening palp* gums when extracting teeth, , " E, 3, GLASJER, P, D, S, DENTAL lAlgona.StateBftBk, ; :fgp Th§ best 9? • rooslero t to mak§ all operations as painless p jpoal^ ' ' ' ""-' 0, BOWYilf ven that b to jne T 4 e CQWt of K : e npr 3P, Pi KQSSUth ftgui mm i6l(t . look mQi'e cheerful .anfl 80 40

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