The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 20, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 20, 1894
Page 5
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-\ THIS fiBPUB&LCAIf Al^OlfA* WM>»t>A?< ttttttL and DEPARTURE of TRA1HS OHiOAttu;MltWAtltSll lift* SI. PAtTJU •t&OAf.'ftk'Affif 1AM, No. ' No. No. NO, et. 4 fe ttfeigKFtftWles passfiflgei's .. ii :00 p 94 f freight eatwes passengew.. . i -.45 p (iOifre* No, No. No, No. .. 98 freight carries passengers • • • 6 :3p a tn 71 fri6ightearrie<i passengers.... 9 :t6 p rn 93 freight carries pmengets . . . . . II :56 a w Chicago & if 6* thtvestcf tt R'y. Chicago Mail and Expf ess 8 :18 & ifl s :33 p m Pf eight accofntflodatlon ....... ...... «f ;<tf P £j Chicago Man and Express, i ..... ..... 3 :13 p tt ^ Ohieago passenger feaehes Des Mdlheis at f p, to,, ohicagd e !60 a, tti.» attd Kansas City 9 &> a, ni, Tfie aecdrnffiodatlqn reaches ChU cagtt 8 too a. to. Tickets tot sale to all points in the jolted States and Canada, LEAVING AND ARRIVING TIME OF TRAINS, Trainsleare ftnimetsburgas follows: GOING NORTH, No, el passenger., . 4:22ptn No. 83 passenger ......6130am No. 65 freight ;•..:.... . ......... ...3:00pm GOlfcd BOUtH. No. 60 passenger ; •• 1:40pm No, 62 passenger 9:Mpm No. 64 freight 9:00 am Trains numbers 62, and 63 run dally i balance of trains dally except Sunday. SW13A CITY TIME TABLE. Trains leave Swea City as follows : GOING KORTH. Passenger No. 81 B. ...,T!30pm Freight No. 83 B...... 5:B5pm GOING SOUTH. Passenger No. 82 B , k . • ,11.47am Freight No 84 12.40 »m No. 84 runs Sunday and not Monday. B—Daily except Sunday. ALGONA REPUBLICAN ALGONA, IOWA, JUNE 20, 1894. LOCAL MATTERS. Next Tuesday is the opening day of the Normal summer school. The rain of Saturday was general throughout Iowa. There were millions in it to the farmers of the staie. The Chapel room at the Normal is nndergoing some changes. A rostrum and a teacher's desk are being put in. The Ep worth League will give an ice cream social at the home of W. C. Danson on Friday evening. Everybody is invited. The Ladies' Aid Society of the M. E. church will serve supper Thursday evening in the Galbraith building on State Street. •The Annual election of officers of the M. E. Home Missionary society will occur at,the residence of Mrs. JBagnell, Thursday at 2:30 p. m. ' ' ;Kossuth"courity "will be represented at the Denver convention by four delegates:' B. W. Haggard, Geo. E.Boyle, and Mr. and Mrs. Sessions. The Anderson Bakery, Bircher's old stand, seems to be doing a large business and giving the best of satisfaction. Many compliments are to this effect. ' Buffalo Center had a fire Sunday night which destroyed a large part of that new town. The loss reported is upwards of $20,000, with but $7,500 insurance. The town is ambitious and will rebuild at once. Geo. Johnson has opened a steam laundry one door east of Ed Gilmore's. Algona people who have been sending their laundry work to Minneapolis or Des -Moines should give this home enterprise their patronage. "WmvL, Bobn and Miss Clara Miller Secured a marriage license Monday, The latter is the daughter of Fred Miller, of Plum Creek township, and the groom is a prosperous farmer residing a few miles north of town. , The premium list is out for the twenty-second' annual exhibit of the Kossuth County Fair, which is to take place Sept. 19, 20, and 21 on the grounds at Algona. The Jist is a product of the Courier office and is a very neat specimen of typographical work, N, J.' Skinner had an addition to.his Jist of fine horses during the week, one - of the animals being Mazeppa, a trotter (row Corning, Iowa, and the other Ben H, Wilkes, a pacer from Ipswich, Dakota. Mr, Skinner has been putting some of his horses into .Dakota land of late, Frank Gilbert, sop of TUos. CH»ert, had $§ misfortune to injure one of bis are invited whether members ot not. An ertof occurred in the announcement last week, which made the picnic come off July 2, whereas June 21 is the correct date. M. E. Schleieher has accepted a position with the Boone Business College as teachet of book-keeping, shot t hand atid penmanship. He takes chatge of his work July 1st, Ml-. Schleichei- is a graduate of the Commercial depattinent of the Northern Iowa Normal .School and we ate sure he will succeed, Wilbur Quick was attested Monday night for disorderly conduct attd brought befote Justice Clatke, tt was about tett o'clock, and his Honor, after filing the information, postponed the heating until tiext morning. Quick neglected to show up and it is supposed that he skipped, The BEPVSUOAJT regretted the incident very much, as Quick had agreed to help the office out of a rush of work next day, Ringling Bros,' circus had the right of way in Algona last Friday, ati<l a great day it inade of it, This circus is the best that ever exhibited in Algo* na, and so well established is its reputation with the people of this place that a great crowd ia sure to Witness its exhibitions. There was one of Al« gona's biggest crowds out, but it was a quiet and orderly crowd, There was a notable absence of fakers, gamblers, and pick-pockets. The long wished for rain came Sat* urday, and so gently did it descend at first thatthosa who watched jit hardly dared to hope that it would make much of a shower. But it kept on, coming faster and more of it, and before it ceased the ground was well soaked. Great good was done to the crops, and a large harvest, especially of corn, is assured. Now that the drouth has been broken, there is room to hope for an abundance of moisture from this on. The Algona Commercial Exchange will hold its annual election of officers Saturday night, at the office of Hay & Bice. All members of the Exchange and all who are interested in its_objects are requested to be present. This organization has it within its power to do much for the promotion of the prosperity of the city, and it behooves every business man to take a lively interest in it and give it his heartiest support. The Whittemore Champion appears to have the very erroneous impression that the Algona band has assumed the prerogative of deciding who shall and who shall not be permitted to live in Algona, for it says:. Prof. Bartlett, leader of the Algona Band, engaged in a slugging match with one of his pupils and was arrested and fined $13.50, after which the boya gaye him peremptory notice to leave town, which he did. The Professor was in town as late as when we read this notice. A Bancroft school boy expresses the conviction. that "nothing good -can come from that which is evil in its nature or tendencies," and that premise, he thinks, settles it for the newspapers. In concluding an oration on "Journalism" he asks: "Is it time for another crusade, a crusade of righteous indignation against the newspaper?" Yes, Sonny, it is time if you feel that way, but you will have to get the newspapers to help you or your crusade never will be heard of, and of;course then- it won't be a crusade. Mrs. S. B. Gibson, of Cresco township, died at her home at one o'clock Tuesday morning, after a long illness, from heart disease and dropsy. Brief services were held at the house yesterday and then the remains were taken to Irvington and started for Creston,Iowa, Miss Bamsey and Frank Bamsey, her sister and brother, and her little son Howard, making the sad funeral party. Mrs. Gibson was the widow of J. B. Gibson, who died here some years ago, also of heart disease, and who was taken to Creston for burial, She would have been : 38 years old today, had she lived. She was a bright woman intellectually, and was held in high estima- SOLD MORTGAGED PROPERTY joe Stewart tSaptuf ed at Mason City 6ft that Too Corrirnon Charge,— Why fhis . and Wood/poisoning set in wasteargd that by? band/ would tave tQ go, but'Drs. Airfield a,n<J McCoy an> pufated toe $$m and' it . to doing so TYeli tfert if 'i§ bPPfid tiro BW fee tfce endpf tytftwUNe*;' *•-' Jj Hi Bro^B ? .tbe pgilist, who with the daughte^ of justtee P4ng§p oj Ban» croft left without 'ggyrng .goodbye foy Minnesota 0» a weddjng f p has not been heavd from, netfhas an mterejfc mMi exte,ofc of a team of . hoysei •latter . ur last week, Srv^i-t SWt< * lp';Xyi ? * l&f^lll HWv't-/'>»**!?*»* ^^l^.V^fiip^v te^-':4lSfllfllte KWy * jM9J "v« • — ""a" 11 ftIoft»K,i»a n ,oj „ -^SBeatoand^ st Suoc »'|i much ID earn. bj&«|km4'as j^^,tbeiR0> i.CULUC*iljr j C*UU VTCW0 J-IVA^* *** • t'on by all who knew her. Mr. and Mrs, T. H. Lantry received a letter, Monday, from their son Harry of Los Angelos, confirming the report of his wife's death, received by wire last week.' The deceased had been sick but a couple of weeks, and her death was unexpected, She had been troubled with abscesses, one on each side. A surgical operation was performed a few'days prior to her decease, but she had seemingly recovered from its effects, Subsequently she was taken suddenly worse and'died in. 36 hours. Mr. and Mrs..Lantry had been married three years. The body was taken to San Diego for interment, the funeral occuring one week ago last Saturday. Sheriff Sajnson, assisted by Marshal Daily and special policeman Tuttle went through the Schmidt billiard halli Alderman's old stand, between 11 and 42, circus day, witn a search warrant, and captured a dray load of Jackson's. "Health Restorer," .This stuff is a been "gulled" and. always found to be beer, It wa,s locked .up, and when the hearing was called SchroWt owned TO that it was beer, Justice Clarke fined him iioo and costs, making it cost Schmidt $181, and ordered the beey, of which there were fifteen, eases, destroyed. This was the- highest fine i» luitice court for suob an offense for but ' Sheriff Satnsoii went to Mason City Thursday, and attested Joe Stewaiton a charge of selling mortgaged property and lodged hiffl in" jail. His hearing comes the tattet part of this week. Stewart was arrested oil a like charge some time agd and his two sons, who are conductors btt the Milwaukee roadj paid up for him and secuted his re* lease. His attest is for another of* fense, and it appears that thete ate tnottgages of his put amounting to $1,* 200 to 1,400 fot Which he has nothing to show, the chattels given as security haying been disposed of, so that his is liable to attest and punishment on nti* inet otis counts, His sons looked up the tecotd against him when they got him out of his first sctape, and they then gave up the job as a hopeless one and declared that they could not be drawn on in the future* This chatge of selling mortgaged property is bobbing up With great frequency of late, What it means we leave for others to guess Thejoffense is committed with a reck lessness which may imply a lack of ap preciation of moral guilt in the connection. Is it possible that the "cattle" mortgage business has been conducted in such a high handed manner and with so slight regard for fairness and decency that it has generated into a "skin game" on both sides? If so it must be apparent that in spite of occasional losses the "cattle" leaner has the advantage andis going to keep it. Stewart's home is at Ledyard, but since his first incarceration he has not stayed there, and he was only located after long inquiry. PERSONAL NOTES. Mrs. A. A. Holman arrived home from Dexter, Iowa, yesterday after,noon. Mr, and Mrs. A, L, Peterson visited friends at Livermore the first of the week. Mayor Call and party are expected home from Louisiana the latter part of the week. A. F. Bacon writes that he expects to enter our Normal School next year and bring twelve new students with him. Mr. Bay Turner of Soland, Minnesota is here on a visit. Mr. Turner finished his course last winter and is hereto get his diploma. Mrs. T. A. Potter, Mrs. F. M. Daniels and Miss Belle Tiss, of Corwith were guests of Mrs. I. M. Finnell several days last week. Mrs. John Walters and daughters, of Chicago,havebeen guests atDr. Morse's and D. A. Haggard's during the week They are out for a month's visit wit! their numerous relatives and friends in this county. Misses Waters and campbell f eaye to-day for their 'homes in Columbia Missouri. They go from Dubuque to St. Louis on the Mississippi by steam er. a somewhat antiquated but yet de liglitful mode of travel. ' . . .. ''/Cards are out for' the wedding of Mr Lucius Ct Adams, of Hobart, and Miss Jennie J. Whitman, of this place. The ceremony occurs to-day. The parlies are well known and very highly respec ted here. The BEPUBLICAN extendi congratulations. S. S- Sessions left for Des Moines on Monday. His marriage is to transpire to-morrow, it is understood. The bride elect is said to be a very estimabl young lady, a book-keeper in one of th large mercantile establishments of .De Moines. The wedded pair will be pas sengers on the special for Denve which leaves Des Moines Saturday. Mr. and Mrs, N. J. Skinner have house full of guests this week, amonf Whom are Mrs. 0. B. Nicholson an Miss LeMoine, of Manson, Iowa, siste and niece of Mr. Skinner, Mrs. H. B Stafford, of Plainview, Nebraska, Mrs Skinner's mother; Mr. and Mrs. Nat. Durgin, of Cresco, Iowa, her uncle and aunt, and Mr, Skinner's father. The latter returns to his home this week, Invitations have been issued for the marriage of Mr. Arthur E, Huntington of Lu Verne, Minnesota> and Miss Jessie Smith, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. L, M, B.' Smith, of this place, the ceremony to be at the home of the bride's parents on Thursday eyening, June 28. The bride and groom are graduates of last year of the State University of Minnesota, and are enthusiastic advocates of co-education,. Mr, Huntington, it is •understood, is a real 'estate agent at •Lu Verne, The vote o£ congratulations will be unanimous in AJgona,- where •Miss Jessie holds a warm place m all hearts, rortion of the State being some of the »enttai and northwestern counties, ilofe tain is needed, and the prospect s favorable fot ah early restoration of he normal conditions. Cotn has stead- ly advanced, and with favorable wea- ner will make a great crop. Oats, bar- ey and hay have been most injured by he drought, afid ate beyond recovery. ?he yield of oats for the State cannot xceed (30 per cent of an average, and t is more likely to go below 60 per cent, lany reports say tne small grain fields are being plowed for millet or used to rasture stock. Pastures will speedily evive. Potatoes are doing well. A GLORIOUS GOOD TlMfc, A large numbet of the Odd Fellows torn here went to Algona last Tuesday A attend the anniversary, and report a glorious good time, The finest time ,hey ever had at an occasion of this dnd. They wete royally entertained &nd enjoyed the exercises thoroughly, and give glowing accounts of it. Arf angements wete made to hold the next anniversary in Livermore, next Aptil, and we promise the people noWtheday Will be lively. North Star Lodge acknowledges a large share of the honors conferred upon this occasion, Hon J. £, Sclileicher receiving the office of president of the district, L. B. Baker iecretary and Mrs. B. S, Frank assistant secretary.—Livermore Gazette. We Have Got to Move. Great reduction and removal sale now going on at the mammoth furniture store. Come early and avoid the rush; come while our stock is complete and get your choice. First come, first served. J. B. L AIBD , Affords excellent facilities tot securing an education. Classical. Scientific and Civil Ettffiaeerlnsr Courses compare favorably with leading P*et»Wfttory, &ofmal and Contmerei&l Courses are strong afid well special advantages in the Schools of Music, Art and Oratory. Thirty experienced Professors and Teachers j superior facilities in the way of Atot Museum, Libraries and Laboratories, Social, literary and moral influences admirable; expenses as loW as Is with health, comfort and broad thorough instruction. Fall Term opens 12,1894, Winter Term opens January 2,1895. For Catalogues, etc., address, President WM. F, KING, LL.D., MOUNT VERNON, IOWA. Spurbeck & Lambert, MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN IO"W.A., our prices on anything pertaining to the manufacture ot butter and cheese aniX -we will save you money, EXCURSION RATES. 61,60 TO SPIRIT LAKE AND BETUBN. On Sunday, June24th the C.,M.,& St. P. B'y will run a special excursion train to Spirit Lake and return,leaving Algona at 8:47 a.m. atwhich time a fine program will be given at the Chautauqua Grounds by the following popular peo- le.of Chicago: Musical—Mrs.Clara E. ^hilton, soprano; Mrs. Buchanan, contralto; Geo. J.Hamlin, tenor; J.Armour Galloway, basso; Angelo De Prosse, pianist. Dramatic Readings, etc.; Mr. W. W. Games and Mrs. W. W. Carnes and their daughter, Chicago's greatest infantile prodigy, Portia Carnes. ITor the annual encampment of Sons of Veterans, U. S. A., to be held at Davenport, la., Aug.'20th to 24th, excursion tickets will be sold by the C. M. & St. P. By. at fare and one-third for the round trip. Excursion rates for various conventions to be held at Denver, Col. Bate, via'C. M. & St. P. By., and Sioux City, will be $21.28 for the round trip. For the Fourth of July excursion tickets may be sold at fare and one- third for the round trip between any point within 200 miles on the C. M. & St. P. By, Clear Lake Park, Iowa, Season of 1894. • -A fine program has been arranged for this most popular of Northern Iowa summer resorts, including lectures by sopie of America's most noted speakers";'gospel meetings led by t ne most popular divines of the nation; camp meetings, band/'concerts, and numerous other attractions which will be an- nounced'from time to time. The Annual Musical Festival will be under the direction, of Prof. "W. S. Weeden of New York City, The Hotel Oaks, built in 1893, will be open to the public May 15th. This Hotel is large and commodious, built after, the most approved plan for summer hotels? and managed by men who. know the #ants of their guests. Something In the line of Fine Stationery, ies, Visiting Cards, Envelopes, and Cari3 Cases. These goods are of the fattest styles and have Been purchased <*.* Is always causing STUDLEY to buy those things that are In order to please you and remunerate myself. So don't he timid, but stepzigbt ,in and inspect them and I know you- buy. Don't Pay the NEXT TO A FLOWINQ Mr, Wurtman Hafe Fifty-eight; Feet of Weter, Probably the happiest man in Algona, Tnuriday, was S, S,Wart»an.who is erecting a fine bouse down street, and who baa employed iri drilling baa been a good deal.' in dry ground in that n§jgbboybpQ and nptbiag j?ut dry ground w-asstruck in Ms. Farto,8R ? s well uetU; » t %tb tot jurt then bap LOW EXCURSION RATES. LESS THAN HALF BATES TO COLORADO. On June 23d and 24th the North- Western Line will sell excursion tickets to Denver, Pueblo and Colorado Springs and return at less than one fare for the round trip, good for return pas- sage'until July 27th inclusive. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & North-Western B'y. Our Abstract Books are complete up to date, and reliable. They represent an outlay of thousands of dollars and were prepared by an experience** abstractor. Our patrons may there!ore feel certain of getting reliable absa«jOTL Our work Is guaranteed and we furnish abstracts as cheap as irresponssaBe and Incompetent persons who have no books, though the conhty does not pesar us a salary, clerk hire, office rent or even furnish us stationery^ FABMS AND WILD LAND FOB SALE MONEY CONSTANTLY ON HAND FOR FARM LOANS, And furnished immediately upon application. Opera House Block. HAY & RICE GO TO. ', f -v^ BATES TO CLEVELAND. On'account of the Convention of the United Societies of Christian Endeavor the North-Western Line will sell excursion tickets to Cleveland, Ohio, and return at the exceedingly low rate of one fare for the round trip, Tickets on sale July 9th and 10th, good for return passage until July 31st. For detailed information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern B'y, HA&S 1 BATES TO THE SEASHOBE, On account of the annual meeting of the National Educational Associatton, whic)i,wiU be held at Asbury Park, N. ., July ioth to 13th, the North-Western i on July 7tb and 8tb, sellex- GUDDEN BARB WIRE, Of which they have the sole agency, Anti-Rust Tin Wire, Minnesota Linseed Oil Company's Paints* AND THE Bissell Carpet Sweeper* The Best Sweeper Made. WEITGENANT BROS., , : Corner State and Tborington, " ' ' • cursjon tickets at practically one fare for tfie round trip, thus offering an ex- ceptionaUy favorable opportunity to teaofieys and the public in general toy one of the nwst delightf ul re. tH*» to gort&$n. the Atlantic coast, -For ets m% detailed information Chicago & ffort AKR BATE FOR. THE Fobe ansual Firewen Iowa City, June 1Mb to edar Rapids * gwtt gell «E9Wgton ttrtwt on its. Irae m Jom .at 9| QB§ fare tog jjfce rpund top, on sale 3m 1& to ' In Taylor's 'Is ! ;" '&•&$£$ S- ^,. ,v>>Kv?4.^ »-;*MO" . VUl^ $ ^ m

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