The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 1, 1945 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1945
Page 4
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EFAGB FOUR STOP and SHOP On the Way Home, Open Until 6:30 p. m. SEED POTATOES—ORDER NOW BAG . . . - $4.00 JELLY • Flavor 1 Lb. 25c Extract . ^Twir 2 25c Coffee . • H. G. F Lb. 33c Polish • • Ai? Pt. 39C Catsup . Lee- 14.0. 22c Soap o • Fairy .....4 Bars 19C Potatoes Kr^can'!™.'.... 27c Pineapple Crushed _. Gal. $1.61 »g Whole nani • • or Hair Lb. s^c Satisage Pork Lb. 29c LINCOLN FOOD MART lola's H. G. P. Store We Deliver Phone 183 LaHarpe Items LAHARPE, Feb. 1—The regular meeting of the Alien Center Farmei" Union local will be Tuesdaj' evening, Feb. 6. with a supper at 7:30. All members are urged to attend. Sunday afternoon guests of Supt and Mrs. C. O. Smith were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hamm. Mrs. Julia Blattner and daughter Janice, of Humboldt. Mrs. Joe Chambers and sister of Kansas City, visited Mrs. Wm. Shaughnessy and family Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Brock of lola were visiting Mr. .<md Mrs. Tom Green Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Riley Shaughnessy has been ill the past several days. The last word received from Set. Ray Fulkerson by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Fulkerson that on Christmas day he was in Belgium, France, Holland and Germany and that it was very cold. He Is with the 9th army. Postmaster and Mrs. Peter.son received a letter from Pharmacist Durward Jones, a LaHarpe bov who { Is in the European theater of war that he has married an Irish girl named Margaret. Good luck to you Durward. The LaHarpe Panthers met defeat Tuesday evenine in their pame with the Humboldt first team. The .second team come off the court victorious in their, game with Humboldt second team. MLss Martha Brown was released from St. John's hospital Wednesday. She had an appendix operation. Mis.s Mary Prances Covkondall called on her brother Richard, Wrdnr.'.day evening, who is in St. John's hospital. Mr. Geo. Tentjue went to City Tiiosdav to visit Mrs. Teague who is In Bethany hospital. THl! lOLA REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY 1. 1945. Sloppy LcHiding GENEVA The Ladles' Aid and their families held a party at the school house Monday night. The G. O. club and their families gave a dinner Sunday for the Kessler and Dale families who will move soon to a new location. There were 31 present. Earl Osbom is in a hospital at Excelsior Springs, Mo., for treatment. Miss Ethel Marmon who died at her home In lola Saturday was buried in the cemetery here last Tuesday and Mr. Charles Klvett of Car- lOLA. KANSAS lyle who died on Wednesday was burled here Friday. W. H. McCuUough win go to Leavenworth for his induction with the army Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Llebold entertained the following relatives a week ago Sunday in honor of their son' Norman Lee who left January 24 to be inducted in the army. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wilson, Helen and Dale Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Prank Moerer and son Frankie of Yates Center; Mrs. Mable Moorhead of Neosho Palls, and Mr. and Mrs. i Walter Goibel of LeRoy. Mr. and Mrs. John Bowie and girls were afternoon visitors and Homer Wallace called in the evening. Word has been received heer that Norman Lee has been sent to the Naval Training base, at Great Lakes, 111. Mr. and Mrs. Prank Roney of Carlyle were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Arch Kessler. Mrs. Shewell and the senior class of the Neosho PaU.<; high school gave a farewell party {or Norman Lee Leibold last Monday niaht. An enjoyable time was had and the class presented Norman Lee with a very beautiful all leather dressing case. Delicious refreshments were served. ; (Cth USAAF pjioto from NEA "At roa" on their ov.-n.-landin;-! field, in Fiinaina, £t. Nathaniel i Aruiistcad, Jr., loft, of Richmond, Va.', and l.t. Martin L. Messenf of i'ond Crock, Okla., Cth Air Fcrce fjilols. ijcle out a lasii.,!- . storm that turned the airfield into a lake. Fifty-three per cent of the 32,941,.570 telephones In the world are located In the United States. h'aS-Date! It's Kof-Dated .of rcosfins. FRENCH BRAND BETTER BREW COFFEE 1 Bag EMBASSY PEANUT Butter • • e GRAPE Jelly Apple Butter Fresh ^ Lb. Ground A Jar 4 ^C C. &E. f Lb. Pure 1 Jar 2UC Country 38-oz. Club Jar 20C KROGER'S CLOCK Bread TOWN CRIER Flour Double Your Savings Whole • Wheat . 20-Oounce Loaves 5 Lb. Bag 17c 26c Instant POSTUM _8-oz. pkg. 42c Avalon Floor WAX Qt. can 35c SearchUght MATCHES 6-box ct. 29c Avalon Soap FLAKES 21-oz. pkjj. 19c Argo Gloss STARCH _--l-lb. box 8c Concentrated Lycons l.YE 2 cans 19c Household BLEACH .-.-1 fjal. 37c Cleaner FERF-EX pkff. 25c DARK KARO SYRUP 5 35c SWIFT'S BLAND LARD 3 Pound f Carton GksCity Events H.....i 'S COUNTRY SODA CRACKERS IR. GRAHAM CRACKERS ^o.. FRESHI. . . . CRISP! . . . RICH! QUALITY PLUS VALUE! Juiee • . • • Mince Meat Ovaltine • , Catsup • . . Baby Food Spread • • . ChUi .... Country Club Grapefruit, Sweetened None Such Chocolate « Flavor * Country 46-oz. Can ^^;:^37c I Lb. I Jar 14-oz. Club Bottle Clapp's, Gerber's A Non-rationed J Cans Cheese, Blue Moon, A 4-OZ. Old Smokey £ Pkgs. Hy-Power No. 2 With Beans Can 29c 66c 16c 21c 27C ISc DAISY CHEESE lb. 35c BULK MINCEMEAT lb. 22c KOSHER DILL PICKLES Smoked Sausage Skinless Weiners . lb. 35c Kraut .2 lbs. 15c Back Bones lb. 7c Chili lb. 35c Pork Chops ... lb. 36c . 4 for i5c TEXAS MARCH SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT 10 Lb. Mesh Bag 50c ICEBERG HEAD LETTUCE \...\h. Sunkist ORANGES -5 lb. 45c New Green CABBAGE lb. 5c RADISHES 3 bnc. 10c 2 Ponnds lANGARINES __ 16c Redj-Ripe PEARS-——lb. 15c M-Lb. Bag V. S. No. 1 Maine POTATOES $2.29 lOc TEXAS JUICE ORANGES 8 -Lb. Mesli Bas 59c OYSTERS Fresh, Pt 73c KROGER^ GUARANTEED PLEASANT VALLEY The snow Saturday and Monday sure put a stop to this corn shuckin?. Everywhere there was an ear do^n here ivas a nice pile.of snow on if and It sure made It mean to klc-: It out gather it up snow and all. 'trip that shuck and get it into th wagon. Mrs, Ella Nickles of Colonv who has bfeen visitlne her, granddaughter. Mrs. Allen Helnrich and family the past two weeks, has returned to hep home. Miss Dorthea Thohoff. Bill Tho- hoff and John Horn were Io !a visitors &turday. CoL- Cliarles Dracoo and .'^.-in Harry- are sellinij their hay. Fifty vears A<io this writer r.nd our brother Mell of BartlesvJlIe thounlit if wc coyld get 290 tn 31^ bales on box car we were doin'J fine. It would take us two da's with two teams and wagons to car It. That hav truck came to the Dragoo farm loaded' UD 270 bains and went off Willi k iujit like nobody's busincw. How times do chanec. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Heinrich and children were Sunday visitors of Mrs. Helnrich's parent.-;. Mr. anJ Mrs. Clarence Belvoir, Colony. Mr. land Mrs Harry Yoho wer^ visitlne relatives and friends l :i Iol:i Saturday. Chief and Mrs. Trujlllo were 'hrllled when they read In the Rez- l^ter that Glen Wavman who ha? been a prisoner of the Japs on Luzon since April. 1942. was at libertj. Glen was with the Chief in tlie ?aValry company whilp stationed at •^aola,; Kas.. and \'islted .so much with tjie Clilef at his home. The Massev feed grinder was tn"inding feed for several of the farmeiR here Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Heinrich were business visitors in lola Monday. Miss Charlotta Klncaid was shopping and visiting friends in lola Saturday. Mr. find Mrs. Fred Tackett were tradlngr and visiting relatives and friends" in lola Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Heinrich and children were trading and attended the show in lola Saturday. ,We Wad a letter from our daughter MI?. Bruce Mayfleld who with Bruce and Tracy Kav are living a", Camas, Wash., saying that the Kaiser Ship Yards at Vancouver where "Bruce works had just received a large 'government contract. Charlene says that Bruce is frozen on that job and what she means i.-: frozeti. ^ Eight hours a day, seven days a'Week, and that spoils their Rock of Ages Beant; NOW &nd FOBEVT h WILLIAMS MONUMENT W0RK.<5 .—Aotliorlied. Dealer—. M Vmn In Into V. J. EVANS TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE TYPEWRITERS TO RENT Ail Make* of TypMrrlt*r« ADDING MACmwH CASH REOIIITERS BCALKS AD Woik OaanntMd CUI tmr Fne Erthwi* IM K.riack*M riMii* tSW Stuiurday night dance and Sunday drj-ves.' Stme people are never satisfied! Orchids grown from seed require j from sevep to 12 years to reach the blcissoming stage. Green Spray Fruit & Vegetable Market 107 EAST ST. THE ONE STOP MARKET PHONE 253 £ar Load of Apples and Potatoes Just Arrived Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Including Temple Oranges GAS CITY, Jan. 31—Mr. and Mrs. Allan En-sminger have re^ ccived word of the birth of a 9-ii3. daughter at the home of Mr. and Mrs. .Randall McCall of GlnndiUe; Calif. The young lady 'la.s been named Randa Lou. M^s. .MeCi'Jl was formerly Miss Wllmn'E^.,•.mi.^g- er. " Hot lunches are now servori ui the pas school and most of tiie childfen and the teachers aro pn- joyln"? them. Mrs. Huao Spvoul 1.^ the cook with Mrs. E. Foster ant. , Mr and Mrs. Allan Enuninger were; Sunday afternoon visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy McCall of near Humboldt. Mr^s. Charles Fine of lola .sper.: the day Tuesday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Osbom.' Mrs. Harold Osbom of near Piqua was an afternoon caller. Ser^vices at 'the Church of God every night at 7:30. Come and enjoy? the good messa<?es. Thp L. T. L. held their reaular meeting Monday after school at the home, of Faith Keen. The usual progrfim was given with the president, Joan Pox in charge. Bobbie Gilbert is absent from school this week on account of r. case of chickenpox. KARO BROOKS l4 -0unce Bottle" SYRUP 73c Celery, Lettuce, Mangoes, Grapes, Tomatoes, Carrots, Cabbage, Apples, Sweet Potatoes, Cauliflower, Parsnips, Spinach, Radishes, Onions. FROM PENNINGTON AND CUT-RATE MARKETS lackberries •Si;', 25c Peaehes Fancy, Lb. _. 34c Rice . . • Fancy _ 2, 19c Nackerelcal! 19c Large Dill - .... Ea. 7C Bulk Lb. lOc Flckles . Kraut. . r Pork Roast Lb JOc Pork Chops Lb 34c Beans • . Aprioots Aprieots Beans • . Red ^ For Chili £i No. 10 Can Nn. 2 Cans No. 2i'.j Can In Syrup 25c 99c 29c Large Navy Or Red Sausage Pure Pork Lb. 30c Fresh Side Lb 30c SEED POTATOES $3.79 Received 2 Carloads Select Triumphs or Cobblers, Bag __. 3 v.. 27c Mustard r 10c Preserves 59c TomatoesMeS "__.2 <•;;„,; 25c Soap . . . La°80 lOC Soap . . (Camay For JERSEY CREAM SWITCH TO White Goose FLOUR FLOUR And Yonr Baking Troubles Will Be Over. You'll like theilight, fine flavored Bread this Flour makes -^also Cakes, Pastries and anything where a Top Quality Ffour is needed. 50-Lb. Sack $2.19 2.>Lb. Sack $1.10 Ask Yqur Neighbor What She Thinks of White Goose 50-Lb. Bag 25-Lb. Bag 93c GREEN BEAMS Square .Meal No. 2 Can SOUP MIX UPTON'S. 5 For 25c Model & lola Gut-Rate

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