The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 7, 1971 · Page 29
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 29

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 7, 1971
Page 29
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TV REVUE AND PREVUE Burnett Show Gets? Better at New Hour By CYNTHIA LOWRY NEW YORK (AP) — "The Carol Burnett Show" on CBS appears to be even more popular as an early evening comedy-variety program than it was in a late spot. It has a lot of good.things going for it. First, of course, there is Miss Burnett, a "first rate clown who can sing and even dance a little. On Wednesday night she was most effective mooning around as a soap opera heroine, then she turned around and did a dandy imitation of Buster Keaton, followed by one of Katharine Hepburn. She is backed by a talented company of regulars. Harvey Korman, turned up with one of the best imitations of Oliver Qgden Standard-Examiner^ursday^OctoberJ?,^?^ 15B PEOPLE'S PUZZLE REDEYE Hardy, yet, but the less said about Steve, Lawrence's Stan Laurel and Humphrey Bogartj the better. , The program usually has. pretty good sketches ; but it excels in using its guest stars. Carol tering spills. These were accompanied by a song,, which' suggested it was a great joke- but the subject wa s badly hurt and unconscious, so the sequence was not funny at all. Later a serious feature told of the dangerous work of a crop-duster. Use of powerful insecticides was emphasized only 'in- relation to the" man's job. TONIGHT'S HIGHLIGHTS 6:30 (NBC)—The D.A. in color is titled "The People versus Slovik" and Ryan is hampered in a petty theft case by an ob-, stinate defense attorney whoj uses delaying tactics. ' 7-00" (NBC)—Nichols has his hands full when Ketcham and a mail order deputy sheriff clash over a beautiful actress m iM.SIiK AMD R-AT BCJOKE; " " WWAf'S A P&RSCM L|K£ M& By At CAPP LIT. ABNER C13SI1 uvci G. uc«u.ui*.v«i HV » tonight's segment of Nichols m color. Title is "Paper Badge." 7:00 IN COLOR (ABC)—Alias Smith and. Jones features a young gunman| leaving Hayes, Curry and KSTfMISTAH CAPP— FO' YO f 70 MAKE FUM O' GUt-pf- HIM -•• :;-j?oaD TUN m'u^aT e memoir'orthe"flapperert'after they have mined a era and very funny as a longwinded Oscar winner. SEASON PREMIERE Public broadcasting's "Great American Dream Machine" had its season premiere on the nation's educational stations-. The program was almost 15 minutes short'of its usual hour due to an executive decision to postpone the broadcast of a controversial segment described on the air as "'an investigative report on the FBI." PBS network officials .decided the portion required revision and further documentation.-It was announced on the program that the feature would be shown on PBS Friday night. The "American Dream Machine" itself contines to be a haphazard mixture of comedy and serious subjects, of opinion, of crazy and sane ideas. As a whole, it is unique, imaginative, refreshing and altogether; welcome. Marshal Efron, the program's first banana, opened the show with a sardonic lecture on displav of the American flag. He pointed out that many uses, including decals on car windows and jeweled pins on the laoel, may be patriotic but are likely to be illegal under 20- year-old legislation. Slow motion film showed a motorcycle daredevil, Evel Knievel, taking some bone-scac- fortune in gold. Show in color. 8:00 (CBS) - CBS Thursday Night at the Movies in color stars Elizabeth Taylor and Laurence Harvey in "Butteriield 8. A film version of Jonn| O'Hara's daring novel of a girl; who hates the things she does but is unable to stop doing them. 8:00 (NBC)-Der Bingle will join Dean Martin for an hour of fun. Show is in color. 9:00 (NBC)-Flip's guests will y.uv (.riovj — A- -f-*f ••> b— *""~ j be Kuth Buzri, Tim Conway and Eroll Garner in the hour-long telecast of the Flip wasonJShow. today's FUNNY HMM- EXCUSE ME— I'LL BE BACK IN A MINUTE ! SHAVING COMMERCIALS- BUS HIM 1 jTHE WORRY CLINIC Gum Maker Had Two Public Talks LANCELOT sou CALL. FOP. I WHAT VO L. \ CHARSSFOKA By DR. GEORGE W. CRANE Mrs. William Wrigley cleverly describes her famous husband's two standard public speeches. As-recounted in the weekly Quote Magazine (on which orators and writers now rely for ideas and anecdotes) she says Mr. Wrigley has a short speech •y V. T. HAMLIN ALLEY OOP TELEVISION PROGRAMS ACCURACY of television schedule is the response bmty of the station. The following is printed exactly EDUCATIONAL TV STATIONS 7 K0», S.!t I.I..: » MET. O.^nj »«0. Prove: 11 KWCS, •Denotes Color THURSDAY, OCT. 7 EVENING 6:00 O Scene Today—in O Truth or Consequences* f3 Channel 5 Eyewitness News* 6:30 '0 The D.A * O The Brady Bunch* 0 Chicago Teddy Bears" 7:00 '0 Nichols* •O Alias Smith & Jones* @ Bearcats* 8'00 '0 Dean Martin Snow* O Longstreet* @ CBS Thursday Night Movies. "Butterfield 8"* with Elizabeth Taylor and Laurence Harvey 9:00 0 Flip Wilson Show* ' O Owen Marshall* 10-00 0 Scene Tonight* O Perry Mason , iQ Channel 5 Eyewitness News* 10:30 0 Tonight Show* 10:40 0 Thursday Night Theater, "Requiem for a Gunflghter" 1 * starring Rod Cameron 11-00 O 11* Hour News * 11:30 O Dick Cavett Show* 12-00 0 Man to Woman* 12:05 0 Ski Scene* 12:35 0 The Late Show, "One Desire" with Rock Hudson and Anne Baxter FRIDAY, OCT. 8 5:55 @ Farm Report* 6-00 0 Sunrise Semester* 6-15 0 Understanding Our World* 6:20 O Guideposts 6:25 O Farm Report 6-30 O Viewers Digest 0 CBS News* 6:45 O Morning Scene* 7:00 0 Today Show*Q Fireman Frank Show* 0 Beverly Hillbillies* 7-25 0 TV2 Morning Report* 7:30 0 Today Show* 0 Corner Pyle* 8-00 0 Dinah's Place* @ The Lucy Show* 8:30 0 Concentration* O Cartoons and Morning News* Q Family Affair* 9-00 & Sale of the Century* 0 Petticoat Junction* g) Romper Room* 9-25 0 Channel 5 News* 9-30 8 Hollywood Squares O That Girl* @ Love of Life* 0:00 O Jeopardy* O Bewitched* 0 Where the Heart Is* 0:25 0 CBS News* 0:30 O The Who, What or Where Game* ^i Psssword* Q Search for Tomorrow* 0:55 Q Carolyn Dunn Show* 1:00 H Somerset* O All My Children* @ Midday* ' 1-30 O Three On a Match O Let's Make a Deal* Q As the World Turns* 12:00 0 Days of Our Lives* j Q The Newlywed Game* 3 Love Is a Many Splendored Thing* 12:30 0 The Doctors* O Dating Game* 0 Guiding Light* 1-00 0 Another World* O General Hospital* £) Secret Storm* 1:30 O F.Y.I.* O One Life to Live* £| The Edge of Night 2:00 'O Jackpot Movie, "Dingaka"* with Stanley Baker, Juliett Prowse O Mike Douglas and Dialing for Dollars 0 Big Money Movie, •"The Purple Mask" with Tony Curtis and Colleen Miller 3:30 O Bugs Bunny Show* 3:55 0 Spotlight 5* 4:00 €J What's My Line* gj Daniel Boone* 0 Big Valley* 4-30-0 I Dream of Jeanme 0 Wild, Wild West* 4-58 O Dialing for Dollars* 5:00 0 Scene Today—I* O Five O'Clock Report* 0 Dragnet* 5:30 0 NBC Nightly News* 0 CBS Evening News with Walter CronMte* AH,'THEREfe OSCAR.' LOOKS J.IKE HE MADE IT BACK TO MOO IN SOOP SHAPE.' Z GUESS Z MIGHT AS WELL START AT THE PALACE— and also a long speech, "Thank you," is his , short address. "Thank you, very much," is his long. one. "And I like his long one," she humorously added. The Wrigley family has been noted for several gems of Applied Psychology. . "When two men in a business always agree," stated William Wrigley, Jr., "one of them s unnecessary. In my lecture tours arounc the U.S.A., I often recite tha remark, for smiling women will Since I obviously attack: ~ 'sacred cows," many devotees " f those sacred cows blindly rush to the defense o! such deified bovines and thus violent- : _ y criticize me. • " AROUSE DEBATES . But the function of a good "newspaper is to arouse debate;:, not 100 per cent acquiescence! • Often I would also cite the/ Wrigleys when I taught my i ;; classes at Northwestern-University on "Sales and Advertising Psychology." ;;'• Many of you younger readers- may not recall that the Wrigley' Company was originally formed; to sell soap. But as a bonus for large.. orders, it then offered dealers a box of chewing gum. , ,; The demand for the gum . finally became so great that the TIT • .1 j__zJ_J 4-^ <-**!! /vhoiirrnrf come up to me at the con I.U1X&W "f * v —--— ~- elusion, of my address and say "Dr. Crane, I read you all the time. But I don't always agree with you!" . Then I quote that Wngley adage and remind them that don't try to stampede reader into 100 per cent agreement. For it takes opposing view (and even opposing rollers in threshing machines) to sift the grains of wheat from the chaff. Wrigleys decided to sell chewing gum as its main line. it has even reversed by offering soap as a bonus for big chewing gum! And things orders! That alertness to the trends of . the times is an index of every' business firm that uses Applied . Psychology. . • Alwiyi writt t« Dr. Crin« In tin -• of tfeii newspjper, «ncl«ins « IMJ •• iMrMstd «n«lope tai THETJACKSON TWINS By DICK BROOKS THE DETROIT V. I. P. AGE- COMING ?? TO THE AMD-STATE AUTO SHOW? NO, CAPpy THINKS HE WANTS TO SHOW 'EM WOW HE BROUGHT THBB ADS TO UFEi-JVOU KNOW, "EVEN A GlKL.r' — , ._ QVvl FIX IT.'" T-rT/MAY CCWE WELL.CYAWN) DONT CHICKEN OUT; 'CAUSE Ins NO WAY YOUE SLCW- (EC TWIN COULP FILL. IN FCC MDU I MICKEY FINN By LANK LEONARD VEP.' I'LL PHONE UNCLE PHIL, AND TELL HIM TO MEET US AT THE i.A/5 OFFICE' WELL, MICK' —IT LOOKS LIKE WE'VE HIT _ SOMETHING.' KEEP ypUR. SHIRT Of// I'M COMIN'j JOE PALOOKA By HAM FISHIR TOUCHDOWN.'/ THE CONVERSIOH IS GOOD!' AS 7HETHIRP QUARTER NOTICE! ROY STRONG MOTORS is... CLOSING OUT 7 COMPANY DEMONSTRATORS AND EXECUTIVE CARS AT SUBSTANTIAL SAVING TO YOU BUGS BUNNY NEA KLO—1430 14 H»un D«lly Mewi, Iiarti, Mmic RADIO NETWORK STATIONS KSL—1160 24 Hnn Diity NIM, Mink, 5p«rti KVOG—1490 1:40 «.n. to 12 Midnight Htws, Music, Sports KSVN—730 6:45 «.m.-3:45 p.m. News, Muili Sportl KANN-1090 • «.m. to *:4S p.m. Mm. Mmlc INDEPENDENT KBUH—800 £:45 ft.m.-5:45 p.r X.wi. Mutle RADIO STATIONS KCPX—1320 24 Hours Dillr Hiwi, Mu>l< KBOC HI-Fldtlity MuiU 7 «.m. M-MMlti«M FM—101-» ANSWERS- Across—3. MANDOLIN, 4. EAR, 6. CLOTHESPIN, 9 MAGNET, 10. CONE, 11. SWORD. Down—1. TAPIR, 2 GOGGLES, 5. OIL CAN, 7. ORANGES, 8. HAND. AM EMI7LESS MILES IN YOUR NEWS OP YOUR PELI&HTFUL- EATEFZY SHALL BE CAREIEP TO THE FAR REACHES OF OUR FAIR CITV...BLA." PO VOL) HAVE ANY LAST-MINUTE INSTRUCTIONS/ SIRE? • 2 SEDANS • 3 SQUAREBACKS • 2, 411 4-DOOR SEDANS Th«M cars will carry th« r«m«Ind«r bfTfh* 24,000 mil* fartory guarant««. .....:_.. ALL ARE IN EXCELLENT CONDITION ROY STRONG MOTORS 3333 Wall Avenue Phone 399-5811

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