Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 12, 1971 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 12, 1971
Page 15
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HAKMADUKE By Anderson and Learning "I have a suspicion he thinks he's going to Florida with us." Galley at My Lai 'doing his duty,' soldier testifies By HARRY F. ROSENTHAL Associated Press Writer FT. BANNING, Ga. (AP) — Lt. William L. Calley Jr. "was a man doing his duty and doing his job," says a former soldier who testified he stood with Calley at My Lai spraying bullets into batches of Vietnamese civilians. "I got emotionally upset," Paul David Meadlo said of that day,, "but I still believe I was carrying out an order." Meadlo was the first witness in Calley's murder trial to admit he followed without question an order from the platoon leader to kill the unresisting villagers during a sweep through the --Vietnamese hamlet March 16, 1968. Other witnesses said Meadlo was weeping as his rifle fire cut down men, women and children. But his recitation Monday, nearly three years later, was calm, almost matter-of-fact and unruffled. In an interview Calley had described Meadlo as "a tremendous soldier ... one of the best I had." On the witness stand, Meadlo seemed to feel the same about his platoon leader. "I thought the man was doing his duty and doing his job," he said of Calley. The answer was stricken on objection by the prosecution. "Did you form any impression that Lt. Calley was violent 'or mad in the sense of raving around?" asked defense counsel' George Latimer. "No," Meadlo said. The pale witness from Terre Haute, Ind., lost his right foot when he stepped on a mine the following day. He said later it was God's punishment for what he had done at My Lai. Like previous witnesses, Meadlo testified the troops were told in a preassault briefing that "there was a Viet Cong organization in the village and that everybody was a VC or VC sympathizer. We were supposed to search and destroy it—and that included women, children, , animals and livestock." At another point, Meadlo said he obeyed Calley's orders to shoot because "all the people from th? village were supposed to be Viet Cong or Viet Cong sympathizers and I still believe they were VC." Meadlo, now a plastics factory employe, said Capt. Ernest Medina, the commander of Charley Company, was in the village during the> sweep. "He did not try to put a stop to this whatsoever,' Meadlo said, "so I took it'., that we were doing the right thing ...." Medina has been charged with over-all responsibility for the deaths at My Lai. His case is under investigation to determine if he will be tried. ANNOUNCEMENTS ANNOUNCEMENTS Legal 39258 . ..- — Jan. 12, 1971 MADISC N COUNTY ZONING ORDINANCE NOTICE Notice Is above nam tablished u Zoning Ord Hearing on 1971, af the below for testimony f lowing pro; named Ordi At 10:40 Helen E. I and Lewis Home, requ mil as per the Madl nance to p . Agriculture Township. All tha SWK of North RE. centerllne ville Roajd more or held at MAD „ BOARD OF APPEALS 3F PUBLIC HEARING hereby given that the Board of Appeals, es- :nder the Madison County 1 nance, will hold a Public the 27th day of January, time and place as noted the purpose of hearing >r and/or against the fof- osed change In the above Finance. A.M. on the petition of Harvtll, Owner of Record, Keen, Owner 6f Mobile *tlng a Special Use Per- Article IV Section 9 of County Zoning Ordi-- .1 a mobile home in an District In Fort Russell iiscn pi ice Range tre MADISON ORDINANCE NOTICE Notice Is above nam tablished u Zoning Ord Hearing on 1971, at the below for testimony f lowing prof named Ordi At 10:05 Francis Pf and Mary mobile hon e Use Perml tion 9 of Ing Ordinance home In ar Godfrey North Northwes ship 6 talnlng 62 The Hea above desc MAD Legal 2925c MADISC ORDINANCE NOTICE Notice Is above nam tablished Zoning Hearing on 1971, at the below for testimony lowing pro named Ord At 9:30 Fred Nage ers of Record derson and chasers, rt per Article ison Count; variation qulrements Residence Township. Tract except a formed •* feet off i in Glendftle slon of Southwes of the ea of Section Range 9 pal Merl. The Hea above described MAD Legal 1 EDUCATIONAL •• TRAIN TO BE A •• HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR Learn to operate Bulldozers, Draglines, Cranes, Scrapers, Loaders, Trenchers, etc., at our modern facility. A high paid career is open to ambitious men! Universal Heavy Construction Schools Home Office: Miami, Flu. For Information Write To: U.H.C.S. Dept. NO. 768 7 East Gregory Kansas City, Mo. 64114 Phone: St. Louis 771-1 160 Please Print Name Address City State Zip Phone Age APPROVED FOR VETERANS Legal 3926 — Jan. 12 1971 BID NOTICE The City of Wood River, Illinois Is accepting bids for improvemen. to the Civil Defense Emergencj Operations and Area Training Center building located at 433 South Main Street, Wood River, Illinois. Bids will be received in the office >f the City Clerk, 34 South Wood River Avenue, Wood River, Illinois 2095, until 2:00 P.M., Thursday, anuary 14, 1971, at which time they will be opened and- read aloud. 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Original investment CM IM returned in short ttme. Requires only I to 8 hours per week of serious attention. Like getting retirement pay, annuity or pensioi tt grows! | NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS] dlvltlon ol Ull 1275 HWflT D4HV. •DALLAS, TEW 75247 I *• UUr.tUrf li m«r. lnf«rauti«t •bovt nuklnf mon«y in MM nntini feiulMM. I Iwn i cir tnt i-8 houri linn. Legal related rei Legal part of the W'/, of the Section 9 Township 5 ige 8, lying north of the of the Alton and Green- J. Ccntalnnlg 20 acres, ess. The Hearing will be e above described site. SON COUNTY ZONING BOAID OF APPEALS PER H3WARD W. KASEBERG. CHAIRMAN Legal 3925t| — Jan. 12 1971 COUNTY ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS •f PUBLIC HEARING hereby given that the d Board of Appeals, es- ider the Madison County nance, will hold a Public the 27th day of January, time and place as noted the purpose of hearing ir and/or against the fol- osed change in the above nance. A.M. on the petition of iifer, Owner of Record, .ou Pfelfer, Occupant of ?, requesting a Special as per Article IV Sec- Madison County Zon- -j to place a mobile Agricultural District in Tojvnshlp. of the West ft of the .. of Section n Town Ncjrth Range 10 West. Con acres, more or less, ing will be held at the Ibed site. SON COUNTY ZONING BOA! D OF APPEALS PER HDWARD W. KASEBERG, CHAIRMAN tie — Jan. 12, 1971 'N COUNTY ZONING E BOARD OF APPEALS DF PUBLIC HEARING hereby given that the >d Board of Appeals, es. uider the Madison County Ord nance, will hold a Public the 27th day of January, time and place as noted the purpose of hearing 5r and/or against the fot- iosed change In the above nance. A.M. on the petition of and Agnes Nagel, Own- jrd, and Ronald E. An- Mary L. Anderson, Pur- questing a Variation as IV Section 4 of the Mad- Zoning Ordinance 1 for a . front building line rein an R-4 Single Family District In Wood River i(i p.rt " Numbered fifty-one (51) tract of land of the unl dth of two hundred (200) f the North side thereof Gardens, a subdivl of the east '/_ of the i/4 of Section 23 and part t V. of the Northwest Vi 26 Township 5 North West of the Third Prlnci an. ing will be held at the " ' site. SON COUNTY ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS PER HOWARD W. KASEBERG CHAIRMAN 3S23 — Jan. 19 • The Olln Corporation, East Alton, has filed with the Environmental Protection Agency and Pollution Control Boird a Petition for a Variance, in accordance with Title IX oi the Envlrc nmental Protection Act If the pethion Is granted, the petitioner will be permitted to burn greater than 2% sulphur coal dur Inn an ep sode In violation of the Environmental Protection Act am ulatlons. The Environmental Protection Agency solicits the views of per sons who night be adversely affect ed by the granting of,the variance Any comrrents or Inquiries shoulc be address'd to: Bureau of Air Poll utlon Control, Environmental Pro tectlon Agency, 2200 Churchil Road Springfield, Illinois 62706 (217/525-73:6) - or - BUreau of Air Pollution Control, Environments Protection Agency, 1800 St. Louis Read, Collinsvllle, Illinois 62234 (618/345-03(8). REAL ESTATE CARL BELCHER REALTOR Fine Homes Since 1959 OUR PHOTO FILES WILL SAVE YOU MILES GODFREY There's tlo time like the present to buy this home that's priced right and has all the features A nice carpeted liv- cheerful kitchen with cabinets and built-in range/ovm. 3 nice bedrooms you wuni Ing roon- beautiful and u c< ated op ; zy family room. Situ- i corner lot in a highly 19,900 O I CM liw*M f MO hi i rwt*. Q I CM bnwt 11500 I* • io*l*. Pept. Wtl A WANT ADS WORK FOR YOU! desirable nciijhborliuucl MIDDLETOWN Take a Llose look at this well constructed home. The full length piu-ch adds character. It features u 24 1 /.' living room, formal d nlng room and a large kitchen with adjoining breakfast room. :i twin size bedrooms with ample storage space. Full basement with laundry room and workshot. Double garage. Don't miss seeing $ thlb fine home GODFREY •'LOTS OF LAND" — In fact, 5 acres! If you want plenty of room foi the kids lo romp, see this 5 bedroom homo with a larse living room, dlnlns room and kltcien. Oil heat. Peach and app e trees. The properly also has a barn so you can have a pony for tha youngsters. A great place for SOI nnn "growliij up" *i»www GODFREY Buying >n a budget? Here's the bargain you're looking for! Imagine a 24' living room, a large dining room and a family sire kitchen. Thare are 2 nice bedroom i and bath. Enclosed porch. Gas heat. Garage. This home has been newly redecorated. Situ, ted on a targe lot close to shopping urea and schools. Come ,e • It $11 with us. Jl NORTH ALTON Here's a real opportunity to get a splendid buv on u 4 bedroom home ihi'.t Is immaculately kept. Large H 1 Inn room, separate din- Ing roon, kitchen and 2 baths. Ample closet space, Full basement. C us heal. Garage. This home™, be yours S 117 ACRIS Just 10 miles from North Alton offers tranqulllty — an Ideal home fcr you! Beautiful open rolling land with picturesque woods, "here's a heap o' living in the older farm housa overlooking i he valley. Truly an ex- c§ptlon»! value at Beltrees. Call u» for airlal-photo of this wholesome co.ntry *4A_IAn place . - *WHIW¥ ANNOUNCEMENTS ANNOUNCEMENTS •egal 3914 — Jan. S 12 19 '71 NOTICE Notice Is hereby given on the tendency of a suit In the Circuit T U, rt . .of Madison County, Third Judicial circuit. Edwardsvllle, nil"'- wherein GLORIA J. STEN is Plaintiff and LARRY STEN»,— ~l! Defendant, which suit Is >fo. 70-D-I410 in Chancery and 18 ?r a Divorce. The Defendant, LARRY STENNETT, is to be served by publication. Default may be taken on or after February 8, 1971 In the -ourthouse, in Edwardsvllle, Illinois. WILLARD V. PORTELL Clerk of the Circuit Court Madison County Courthouse Edwardsvjlle, Illinois, fames J. Massa Attorneys for Plaintiff 09 East Clay Street Joillnsvllle, Illinois Legal 3910 — Jan. 5 12 19 '71 CLAIM NOTICE STATE OF ILLINOIS IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRD JUDICIAL CIRCUIT MADISON COUNTY, PROBATE DIVISION IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF NELLIE I. JONES, DECEASED. No. 70-P12-725 Notice Is given of the death of the above. Date Letters Were Issued. December 31, 1970. Executor: First National Bank and Trust Company of Alton, Illinois. Attorney: Schlafly, Godfrey and Fitzgerald of Alton, Illinois. Claims against the estate may be 'lied in the office of the Circuit Court, Probate Division, County Courthouse In Edwardsvllle, Illinois, within 7 months from date of issuance of letters; and any claim not so filed is barred as to the estate nventorled within that period. Also, copies of claims must be mailed or delivered to the executor and to the ittorney WILLARD V. PORTELL Clerk of the Circuit Court -egal 3911 — Jan. 5 12 19 '71 CLAIM NOTICE STATE OF ILLINOIS IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRD JUDICIAL CIRCUIT MADISON COUNTY, PROBATE DIVISION IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF SOPHIA BUCK, DECEASED. No. 70-P12-722 Notice is given of the death of the above. Date Letters Were issued. De cember 30, 1970. Executor: William Everett Buck of 407 VanBuren Street, Belvidere, Illinois. Attorney: John W. Hoefert of Al ton, Illinois. Claims against the estate may be 'lied In the office of the Circuit Court. Probate Division, County Courthouse In Edwardsvllle, Illinois, within 7 months from date of issuance of letters; and any claim not so filed is barred as to the estate nventorled within that period. Also, copies of claims must be mailed or delivered to the executor and to the attorney WILLARD V. PORTELL Clerk of the Circuit Court WOOD RIVER LODGE NO 1062 AF & AM — Special meeting, Wed Jan. 13, 7 p.m. E.A. Degree. Visit- Ing brethren welcome. ROBERT L. PLUMLEE. W.M. Card of Thanks 2 2 — 12 : MRS. ALMA GILREATH—We wish to express our sincere appreciation to all our friends, relatives and neighbors who were so kind during our recent bereavement. Especially Dr. Mantz, nurses at Alton Memorial Emergency Room, Marks Mortuary, Rev. Spain, pallbearers, those who helped in any and every way. Jesse Gllreath and Children Rummagt & Garage Salts 8 _ 14 . RUMMAGE SALE — 706 Belle St. Wigs, clothes, electrical appliances, cameras, and projector. 9 to 3, Thursday and Friday. 8 — 12 SALE — New Fantastic rummage sale, beautiful resale ladles dresses, suits, coats, Including minks, Persian lambs, many others, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 10 ti: 4. Quality Exchange Shop. 2615C State St., Alton. Soctttta and Lodges 9 — 13 - . Soefcttes and Lodges — IS — Lott—Strayed—Stolen 10 0—14 _ _ LOST— Blonde female Cocker, In Rodgers, 10 — 12 •—LOST—Pekingese puppy, 10 months ?i J" , the viclnltv "f 8th and Mechanic, wearing brown collar, answers to "Poncho", reward 462-2241. 10 — 13 — _ LOS T,, ~ In Brighton area Lady's auxiliary Patriach Militant I.O.O F. pin. Keepsake. Oenevleve Marsden engraved on back. If found Jerseyville 498-3313 or 200 No Liberty St. 10 — 13 FOUND—One Walker Fox Hound Fosterburg area. 259-3736. 10 — 16 LOST—From area just north of Pepsi Cola bottling company, a wire-haired mixed breed female, weighing about 14 Ibs. 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For Interview call 465-2318, 5-9 p.m. Wednesday 6:30 a.m.-6 p.m. 20 — 13 LEADS! LEADS! LEADS! All daytime appointments selling health Insurance to people over 68. 40 per cent advance commission paid dally. Call: KEN MCDONALD Reserve Life Insurance Co., 9 to 12 noon. — 465-4363 20 — Jan. 26 i SALES PEOPLE NEEDED — Call 465-5952 lor appointment, between I) a.m. and 3 p.m. Situations Wtd.—Female 22 2_ — 13 ... PART TIME OR FULL TIME—Ex cellent typist. Figure aptitude. Light shorthand only. By mature lady. c/0 Alton Evening Telegraph, Box 920 REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE D Quiet Carpeting Q CMMrtm (May are* D IxcallMt Kkook P fe«t4 Fr. Yard 372-3464 for New C'oiutrucliun JIRiCYVIUI Maurice Wilton 372-8284 Cull Ethel Qerbl* Loyce WOOFF Rea Itors A Record of Sales Unexcelled For 29 Years 462-9797 The Melroplex's Largest Selection of Homes i ALTON MANSION Tills lovely older edifice Is unexpllcnblo. The decor and structural design In today's market make It n rare gem. Twelve large rooms. 0 bedrooms, full basement with 4 room house In realtor moldn quarters. Large 120x140 lot. Must sec. Appointment only. 510 Easton $6,000 NEW PRICE — NEW TERMS $500 Down and Low Payments. Immediate Equity Builder. Ideal for large family. Call today. Clusc lo Mnrqueltc Hluh School. MILTON Three room duplex on Fernwoiid in Milton. HUH full basement with sepiirato BUS furnaces, water heaters. With 2 water meters this Is complete with tenants puyhiR all utilities. Double garage. Excellent Investment low down payment with Office Flmmclnit. No Closing COM $8,000 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS Mary Drlvt $22,500 Wayside Estates, Sroom brick ranch. Corner lot, 3 bedrooms. Carpeted. BUIIt-ln kitchen. Dining aren. Vanity bath. Full basement. Attached garage. $2,000 down. Assume loan. Timber Lane . $21,500 Brick Ranch with Three bedrooms. Nice kitchen with lovely cabinets nnd carpeting. Family room with bur In basement. 80x125 lot. Thin will go fast, cull today. California $19,900 5-room brick ranch, rathskeller, central nir, marble sllla, aluminum susli, full basement, attached giiragc, ceramic kitchen and bath. Home In excellent condition. Airline Drive .. .* $17,900 8-room stone and aluminum sided ranch, 'i bedrooms, lutrdwood and carpeted floors, full garage, newly remodalad kltchmi wllh Spanish decor. House and premises In excellent condition. COTTAGE HJLLS East Drive $10,000 4-room bungalow with aluminum siding, 2 badroonu, full Inlaid bath, carpeted. Owner leaving area. Easy term*. Contract for Deed. Low payments. BETHALTO S. Prairie $18,900 5-rootn brick ranch. 3 bedrooms, wall to wall carpeting. Built-in kitchen, 2 bulhs, full basement, central nlr, South sl'le of 140. ROXANA Thomas $6,500 9-room home with 2 bedrooms, _a« heal, Close to Koxdna school*, llasy terms. Low down payment. MEDORA Main Street $9,500 Located In cozy town of Medorn, this home Is like new, modern ranch. Has wall lo wall carpeting, Attached garage modern kitchen, two bedrooms, gas furnace, nice large lot. Terms nrc available, .10 cull today. Perfect nturtcr. WOOD RIVER Fergeion $14,900 Home plus Income, 4 large rooms, modern kitchen with nice cabinets, lame living und dining room, full wnlk-out basement. Floored attic. Double garage plus 4-room apartment. Jixcellenl condition. Waleott $6,900 TWO FOH OHH 'I wo homes on Wiilcott. lloth have buflfiliu-nlv Sit In fxtiii large lot. duh furnace :i <-uoim Btid 5 rooms. Splendid InVCCtllH.'lll HARTFORD Clint Walker Special $14,500 A perfect starter in tills iMcellunt Hintford Ranch. Recently 10- decorated. W/w L-ai-|it.>llng In living roi.-rn, 2 good bedroom*, wllh rull large cl<i.-.cls. Full basement, excellent for family recreation. Fenced yard, gdiugo, family location. Nothing Down (i I JERSEYVILLE 403 Shlpman $7,000 li-room white shingled COIIBRB with 2 bedrooms. Nice shady lot find nuuiy good possibilities for future development. E. Prairie $10,500 .•room brick bungalow with 2 bedrooms, knotty pine and large landscaped yard. EAST ALTON Summit $22,500 Four larRo bedrooms, brick ranch. Has good size living room, dining room, kitchen, nice l75'xM5' lot. Family room m basement, two baths, plns.rr walls. CUD be used In conjunction with rental three room apartment In baHoment. Yes, terms arc available, call today. Amherst $19,900 Lovely Brick Ranch with three bedrooms, tiled bath, .large living room, kitchen with vivo tile and >/ 2 pantry, Full buaemofit with tiled family room with sink and bar. Central air condition- Ins. Interior in good condition for immediate occupancy. Amherst $14,900 Four room brick with fully carpeted family room In full basement. New Central air. w/w carpeting, fenced yard, two bedrooms wllh possible third In briscmcnt. Call today and see. Duplex INVESTMENTS Trade your equity tor income LITCHFIELD South Franklin 3-room modern runcli with full built-in kitchen. Large bedroom. Wall to wall curpHlnu. Attached Karaite. Owner mum .all. Will trade for Alton property. BRIGHTON David Acrtt $16,500 Five room modern brick nnd frame ranch. Hull walkout base mem wllh family room. I urge cedur in family room lUi, central air, BUS he»t. spacious lot 100'xlW Hardwood floor* and carpeting. Ideal quiet and attractive location. Ka ,*y tcmu Hlahlond $12,900 $300 Down PrlvntP Financing. New Furnace. Separate Utilities, Now Rouf. Cornor lot. RedecnraiR Inside. East Fifth $8,500 Trade for thin Incomer with now heating units. Immodjnte results. Musi sec lo iippn'cmli: Newer roof. Clone to school.. Spring Strt*t $9,900 All aluminum two nlorv with sfpumt" utilities and basements. Corner lot. linn KUI-UMF. Y "» lov « ihw "el return on ihls one. East Fifth $1,000 This one will you In good condition with Income production now HUB new ho-itlng null. Separate utilities and easy to rent. Trade. Jo«.!ng $6,000 Smile, you've found » buritaln. This two story brick has I on a rncord ol nei Income I'rnsent tenants will) long history ana hiinlly no lurnovci. Cull on this one Kohlor $20,900 Hrsldonce mid Income maker too boot. Good North Alton Location. Excellent type of tununt. Flmmdng can 'je arranged at your rariueM, Multi-Family East Fourth $13,000 I'lve units with long term tenants. Owner has left state and It willing to i.acrlflco small goldmine. Immediate Income return on low Investment. Humboldt Court $11,900 'I luce units wllh Income yield far above norm. Trade and have this exini money to spend. A proven success by owner. Humboldt Court $9,900 Adlnccm lo above and could he purchased together at net gain. If you want lo capitalize your out go to Income and want to nave Immediate result*, call Eost Fourth $14,900 Owner held this Incomer till death and mu<t be sold lo close cMntc Would he luivu kepi w loser, mil on your life. All aluminum, new roof, u .leul couldn't produce a bailor net result. Commercial Hottl Hartford $34,500 This must be neon will provide substantial Income, Appointment only. Owner must sell for health, llus proven It will work. CAH, toduy. Offlcti.Mllton $14,500 A natural with built-in financing. Owner soiling due to heart. He say* It Is good enough for money i<> bo rv-liwe.ted «t reasonable rule. Call on particulars. Storo en Fourth I It,900 This Includes u fourplux on buck of property. BoIlUr your business with added Income. Appointment only. Owner eon reside over store In nlca four room quarters. TERMS TO FIT YOUR NEED AND IUOGET ~ HELPING YOUR RUSINESS IS OUR RUSINESS MANY OTHER HOMES AVAILABLE! 4M-8K88 4W-981. t*t>t«r»t>u ........ 4_»'S14S Wooff ........... 4«M14« M»WW

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