The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 24, 1916 · Page 6
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 6

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, November 24, 1916
Page 6
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I THE CH1LLICOTHE DAILY CONSTITUTION, FRIDAY, NOV. 24, 1916. THE CONSTITUTION cised for their own private gain the nment.j [or the i t O The Mail Democrat. _ ,,,, ,, ,, J A M K s E . \v A T K i x v. benefit of the nation. "Entered at the Postoffice at C h i i l i c o t h e , Mit-souri, as seeond-class mater. j The West has taken command. If ; true t o its trust, the old sectionalism ; will be replaced by a new nationalism I and the c e n t e r of p o l i t i c a l po\ver will i p ^ r m i i n t n t l y rest ou the \Ve-tern bank of the Mississippi. MOTHER OF FOUR CHILDREN How Lydia E.Pinkham'sVeg- etable Compound Kept Her Well and Strong. KXCRV.V SPEAKKRS ' Lincoln, Illinois.--"I have used Lydia I-'OIt M U F V l ' M i ' R S ' WFFii E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound for ' ten years with good results and I have four healthy children. This summer 1 was in a very run THIOIS OF S C O S C I l l l - r i O V 'AILY by Carrier in the Citv o f ' O b l l l k - o r h e , per year Per wo. k MLY I.y Mail. Paul' :n L i v i n g s t o n C o u n c v . pr r y*-ar *·: 11(1 , , ,. '.MLY by Mall. Postage paid , n u a l t armers 'Ut.side r.f L i v i n g s t o n C ' m n t y , '-"·r year \ _ s.-,.on A'EEKLY. postage paid, pep veai- isi.oo of A g r i c u l t u r e and the State Board 1 11. 1. Waters, president of the Kan' »as, State Agricultural College and · f o r m e r dean of (.he College of Agri | c u l t u r e of the University of Missouri ; Charles J. Owens oc Washington, D. : r , m a n a g i n g d i r e c t o r of the South | ern Coinmercia! Congress, and C. S i 1-iarrett, president of the Farmers' i C o - O p e r a t i v e Union of America, have been obtained by the State B o a r d o. Agriculture as speakers for the An Week at C o l u m b i a , STATE FINISHES IN THE mm. CASE PROSEOUTlpy SUDDENLY BXJJED ITS TESTIMONY. Sister of Dead Woman Testified Me Daniel Wanted Baby to Forget Its Mother. . , St. Joseph, Mo., Nov. si. -- The down condition and .state, after the introduction of tes theverybotweather ... , ,,.. ... seemed more than I tltQola y 0? Miss Aileeu Moss, closed could stand, but I ' i t s case against Prosecutor Oscar D. commenced taking McDaniel in the criminal court here your Compound in , t t . June and from then Iate today until S e p t e m b e r I The announcement, which came as 25th, when my last a distinct surprise to all in the a ywas orn, Igo courtroom, was inade by Attorney A d e t a i l e d sworn s t a t e m e n t of c l r c u - ation w i l l be f u r n i s h e d at any time whpn requested by an advertiser alon ? much better than I h^'beforef ' c o u r t r °°«. was made by My baby was a girl and weighed 14 , General John T. Barker. pounds at birth, and 1 recovered very | \t 3 · ?0 o'clock Thursdav after ' J a n u a r y 1 to 5, given by the College rapidly which I am sure was due to your I _,,_ ,,. ... ., . . · medicine. I am well and strong now, noon Mlss Alleen Moss ' slster ot M r s , , nurse my baby and do all my work. I [Oscar D. McDaniel and witness I ol Agricuttire. had the same good results with your 1 against the prosecuting attorney, J!«t:j, liubbcr boots, $2.50 to -$-t.OO i at Huwlev's. 23.4 r n e , medicine when needed before my other ! t __ , 4 , , , . t .. , .. . children came and they are all healthy. toolc tlle s t a n d to tel1 w h a t sne k n e w My mother haa taken your medicine of her sister's family life. OF I . I V I N G S T O . V C O U N T Y I AUTOS STOIYEX TO OUDEK My mother haa taken yoi with e_qual satisfaction. She had her last child when nearly 44 years old and ! feels confident she never would have OFFICIAL J T K W S P A P E TUG CITY OF THE SHUT? OF POMTICAJ, COX- TltOTj. St. Louis Republic. The o u t s t a n d i n g feature ' carried him through without your help. A.ND SOLD BY \VOMAX as her health was very poor.''-Mrs. f! F. CLOYD, 1355 North Gulick Ave, De- Chicajo, Nov. 24. Automobiles of the "" °. f P 0 l ' l i - ' ed l w o m a n stolen to order is the latest in rob_ bing. Inside workings of Chicago's "automobile thief trust' J were reveal. I ed when. Walter Relihan, arrested in , connection with the thefts, confess- catur, 111. Espectant mothers should profit by Mrs. Cloyd's experience, and trust to Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Free confidential advice had by ad- dresaing Lydia E, Pinkham Medicine i Co., Lynn, Mass. cal control from the Atlantic tea-, board to the trans-jMississippi region. The returns most anxiously awaited in the tense hours of the past two days were those from Minnesota, California, North Dakota and New Mexico. The Solid South was for Wilson, the Almost Solid East for Hughes. The battle ground where tho issue nung in the balance lay between the western bank of the Mississippi and the Pacific Ocean. It was the West that held and cast th© deciding vote How is this to be accounted for The center of population is still east I of the Mississippi by a b o u t 150 miles, | and the forces that make for political employed to arrange lor purchasers of cars to be stolen. She would find out the make of a car wanted and one would be stolen and sold to the innocent party. Jut arrived ladies nine inch boots, Muck Kid liace and button at $3,OO. HAWJVEY'S. 23-4 f r u i t i o n , ' deposits , ' v a l u e ) ) other things being- equal, in old a n d ] Total u. s. Bonds control come to greatest Wo. 4111. Report of the Condition ot tlle CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK OF CHILLI- COTI-IE a.t Chiilicothe. in the State of Missouri, at the close of business N o v e m b e r 17, 1016. RESOURCES. T^oans and Discounts $3-30,33321; L". S. Bunds deposited to secure circulation ( p a r v a l u e ) $100,000.00 U. y. Bonds pledged secure U. S. (par highly organized societies. The explanation, lies in the history £ the past 50 years. This country was settled f r o m the 1 0 0 0 0 0 ' i«-i e-C-0 fie No. 30SO. Report of the LTonamun of the FIRST NATIONAL BANK, at Chiilicothe, In the State of Missouri, at the close of business on November 17, 1916. RESOURCES. Loans and Discounts $-159.523.79 Total Joans $459,523.73 Notes and bills red i s c o u n t s 701.83 $123,821.90 owned u n p l e d g e d Subscription to stock of Federal Reserve BSYik Value of Banking House (If East. The population of the Atlantic N e t a . l l o u n t d u e f r o r n seaboard consists of the descendants p r o v e d reserve ase.its of men yho came to America from I SL^ufJ*'.. ° Mca ?s,4 Europe, touched the margin of the j X ^ron??D^TMVnrt d rn Continent and settled there. Tliev ap- In ana ' 4,500.00 36,000. Oi fiund themselves on a narrow strip ot comparatively level land between the sea and the Appalatian Mountains. N 0 great rivers invited easy travel into the interior, even the Hudson running almost parallel with the coast. / Tlle average Easterner has -never been West. He does not realize tho superiority of the interior of the continent to his coastal strip in bigness and richness, in scenery and natural resources, in the things that nourish and the things that inspire. The East Is fenced off--provincial. It regrards the interior as something placed "oui West" for its private benefit and be- hool, So the political leadership of the East has been narrow, selfish, section, al. It has exploited the whole nation for the personal profit of the woolen manufacturers of Rhode Island, the cotton spinners of New England, the steel barons oF Pennsylvania, the powder makers of Delaware, the glove makers and clothing makers o£ New- York, the financiers of Wall street. Its policies have been regional--not national. And the West has weighed them in the "balance and bided its time. The West has been growing up to full stature. The Western is not provincial. He has been East; many o f i him were born there; he has sent his [ sons to Eastern schools; he likes to bathe in the salt waves of the Atlantic; he reads Eastern books and newspapers; he spends vacations in the great Easte-rn population centers. His thought syeeps the Continent. To him the United. States is a Continen- His thought sweeps the continent. To tal Power--not a narrow strip of thin soil lying between Bar Harbor ami Altoona. The great constructive laws of the past four years--the Federal Reserve act, the agricultural laws, the conservation acts, the new system of tax. ation, the Underwood tariff--have come in response to Western demand and by means of Western counte-. nance and support. The first tariff in 50 years made for the benefit of the whole people "was fought through the House by Underwood and through the Senate by Stone--both trans-Al- legheny men. The House minority was organized for constructive legis- serve agents In other reserve clt- 123.039.25 171,,~13.71 Not amount clue from banks and bankers (other than I n c l u d e d above) S3.SZ E x c h a n g e far Cl armg Mouse 2,360.97 Outside checks ar.d o t h e r CUsh Items. . . $S74 57 Fractional currency, nickels and cents. . 242.05 1.116.62 Kotos of other National "Banks . J 1,825.00 Federal Reserve Notes 93.00 L a w f u l rc-st?r\ c in v a l u t and with Federal "Reserve Bank 46,098 7T rSeuVrnutlon f u n d with U. S. TreaMire anc 1 . due from U. S. Treasurer 5,000.00 Total ?920.056.76 LIABILITIES. Capital Stock paid in .$100,1)00.00 ~ " 60,000.00 U. S. Bonds deposited to secure circulation (par v j l u e ) $100,000.00 Total U. S. bonds 100,000.00 Securities other than U. S. b o n d s ( n o t including-stocks) owned unpledged 13.SG9.S3 Total bonds, securities, etc. 13,869.53 Subscription to stock ot" Federal Reserve B a n k . . V a l u e ot Banking 1 House (If u n e n c u m b e r e d . . .$25,000.00 E q u i t y In banking- house. .. 25,OOO.C*J Real Estate owned, other t h a n b a n k i n g house 3,125.43 NcL a m o u n t due from approved reserve adonis In Now York, Chicago and St. Louis . . . . 14,776.96 Net a m o u n t due f r o m approved reserve ag-ents in other reserve cities 13,767.77 28,544,73 Net a m o u n t due from b a n k s and bankers (other than above) 31,-190.70 Exchange lor dear's-Houso 1,425.82 Fractional currency, nickels and cents . . . 324.75 324.75 Notes o£ other National Banks 195.00 Federal Reserve B a n k NoLi 35.00 L u w f u l r e s e r v e I n v a u l t a n d w i t h Keserve B a n k 32,524.91 R e d e m p t i o n f u n d w i t h U. S. Treasurer and due f r o m U. S. Treasurer . 5.000.0C C u s t o m e r ' s L i a b i l i t y u n d e r Letter of c r e d i t 1,517.00 Total $671,675.15 LIABILITIES. Capital Stock paid in $100,000.00 ~ 50,000,00 Surplus f u n d Undivided Fronts 21,609.28 Less current expenses, interest, and taxes, paid. S.G70.S3 Mis s Moss is a teacher in the pub lie schools here, known to almost everyone in the city. Not more than half the witnesses the state had announced were examined. The small number of witnesses thus far "offered by the state amazeit McDaniel and his counsel. They had expected to be confronted with at least fifty more witnesses than were placed upon the stand. "And this is the evidence u p o n which this man was arrested, is i Louis C. Gabbert of McDaniel's counsel, asked after the adjournment. "Well, wo didn't expect much to be proved against our client, but we expected more of a showing than this." Attorney General John T. Barke said he believed the evidence the state had shown presented the "finest cast of circumstantial evidence I ever saw." "We expected to get more testimony into the record concerning Me Daniel's association with other women from Miss Moss (Aileen, the prosecuting 1 witness), but the court would not allow it. Buteven w i t h o u t that the jury cannot help but see the chain of evidence we have produced here." The state announced it had several witnesses in reserve to "be used In ro. buttal She said she had heard Harriot discuss Dagmar Krucker with Oscar McDaniel. Ten m i n u t e s before the death of her sister, she said she heard her utter a moan and say something that sounded like, "No, no, no." "A week after my sister's death, Oscar said to me, 'Don't you think 98,300.00 Surplus Fund .............. U n d i v i d e d I To f i t s . . $15,448.70 Less current expenses, i n t e r e s t and taxes paid 1,926.21 ........... , C: real a ti riff Notes outstanding- ................. Net a m o u n t due to banks and 13,522.49 100,000.00 96,115-99 and bankers (other than included abovo , . , , 201,S3 3. G~ Demand deposits: I n d i v i d u a l Deposits subject to check 306.91S.S4 CiM't incites of d epos it in loss t h a n MO days 23,100 00 Certified checks · 3,200.On Unit-rl States Deposits 1,000,00 Total Demand Deposits $336.21$.St Time Deposits (payable after HO days, or subject to 30 days or more notrce): Certificates of Deposit. , . . 11S.J21.7S STATE OP MISSOURI, County of Liv- I, E. O. Welch, Cashter of the above named bank do solemnly swear t h a t the above statement )s true to the best of my knowledge and belief. E. O. "WELSH, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 2.'Jrd day ci* November, 1916. J. M. DUNN, Notary Public. Correct-Attest: W. W. M. R. .TJiiVKINS. J. C. MIiVTBER. . . Official statement of the ttnancuil con. .clition of the CITIZENS BANK OF AVt-IEKL-IXG at Wheeling:, State ot jMJssnu r j . at tbe close oC business on tlw I T l h -l-.iy of November, IfllG. pub- n f l u - C o n s t i t u t i o n . a newspaper . on the 2-Hh day of . p r i n t e d and published at C h i l l icotho. State of MK- N o v e m b e r . l ' . flKSOUHCBS. Loans a n d il iscounts, u n d o u b t e d l y good o ii personal or collatei"il .......... Tjoanb, rc:Ll estate .......... Overdrafts ................ Hands and staclcs .......... Real estate (hanking: h o u s e ) Other roa] estute ......... F u r m t u r o a n d f i x t u r e s . . . . . Duo from other "banks and bankers, subject to check . Cash i t e m s ................ 'urrency .................. Circulating' notes outsand'g- Net a m o u n t due to bank and bankers ( o t h e r than included in abovo) Demand deposits: Individual deposits subject to chock 230,871.53 Certificates of deposit due in less than 30 days Total Demand Deposits 326,987.57 Cash Letters of Credit or Travelers' Checks outstanding- $1,683.00 Customers letters of credit drawn agrains . . . . 1.S1700 Total -. $671,675.1; Rediscounts w i t h Federal STATE OF MISSOURI, County of Llv- ing-ston, ss: I, Karl M. Blanchard, Cashier of the above named bank do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. KARL M. BLANCHARD, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before mo this 23rd day of November. 1916. W. W. DAVIS, Notary Publi* Sly commission expires June 20, 1917 SB Al, Correct-Attest: JOSEPH WALLBRUNN, T. C.. BJSABJjlS V, Directors. A. T. KIRTLEY. we had better let Helen forget 'her I mother?' (Helen is McDaniel's old- 12,938.4$ lest daughter). T said, 'If you mean the holding of the inquest and the trouble following, 9.949.1311 don't think the child ought to be impressed with it, but if you mean she should he allowed to forget her mother entirely, certainly not.'" "What did he say then?" "Not a word.. He just looked at me." ' Barker then asked Miss 'Moss if she remembered any words passing "between Oscar D. McDaniel and his wife on a certain e-vening when the family yas to go to Mrs. Krucker's for dinner and Mrs. McDaniel refused to go. "He said, 'I'll-show my superior authority in this case, and I will go.' " Miss Moss was' excused after short cross-examination. Total $ LIABILITIES. Citiital stock paid in $ Surplus f u n d . Officfal statement of the financial con- d i t i o n of the FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK at Wheeling-, State of Missouri, at, the close of business on the 17th day of .NovembPr, 1916, published in The C o n s t i t u t i o n , a newspaper p r i n t e d and p u b l i s h o d at ChilUcotho, State of Missouri, on tho 21th day of November, 1916. RESOURCES. Loans and d i s c o u n t s undoubtedly good on personal or collateral . .-. S 81.301.22 Loans, real estate 760.00 Overdrafts 202.74 Real estate ( b a n k i n p r houso) 2,500.00 Due f r o m other banks and bankers, subject to check IS.2.37.0 I Cash items 4.2S Currency 794.00 Specie 73?.«5 Total $10 LIABILITIES. Oapjtal stock paid in '· Surplus f u n d Undivided profits, net Due to banks and bankers, subjr-ct to check Individual deposits subject to check T f m p certificates of depo.«Jt. 12.500.00 I 2.500.00 1,185.94 5" " 4 T S S S . 7 2 1 0 . 0 0 0 0 0 subject to check :· certificates of deposit. payable and rediscounts , , 11.073.nn Bill: Total ........... 5 G i,l37,in PTATK OP MTSSOXTRr, C"Tri t y of L i v i ' i i r p f o n . s 1 ?. TV. L u t h e r jBonn ,T. S. "Waydollek . . s p r e s i d e n t , fir* 'I ca^liior of bank, ench of us. do solemnly t h n t the ahnv» s best of our Terr to the lation, aivay back in 190T, by Champ Clark, from beyond the Mississippi. In Hughes the Republican party found, a candidate after its own heart, the representative ot.the narrow sectionalism of the East, a man of one issue, asking- a nation in one of the crises of the, history of the world to [ rally its forces and unleath its._en-1 thusiasnis to support a tariit policy; t conceived and brought forth ,for the 1 ' exploitation of the nation' by a few f p groups of manufacturers in certain,' 1 ' 1 '- -" Vll ~ ust 3 r d - ^^ L T T T P K r j r j favored" industries of . the Atlantic! ^ F I A T , ) _; '- Notary Public. ---iHoirrf, :n .collusion -with bankers T the TS^t TTho for years nad exer- I-T-'THKR, ·n hundred anc mtn- 3 ** my "h.- the date las*- anfl ' ' "*" ~°' for n. t^rm Bills payable and rediscounts Total ^".\. .X.? STATE OF 1 MISSOURI. £ O - n n t v of " L I v i n s r s t o n . ss. TVo, T-f. S. Sin Ilex a.s p r e s i d e n t . arul R A. Tharp as cashier of said b a n k , o n c h of us, do s o l e m n l y s-wea r t h a t t l i ^ above statement i 1 * tr\ip t o t h o best, of our knoiv7"dgr 1 O.T~I b M I i » f . / - f K. 3. SMILJEY. President. '.V ^ m A TT-IARP. Oa«iM -P u b s r r l h e c J and sworn to "h-'ire m*. t h i - a 'Trri d n v of N o v e m b e r . A D., n i n i ? - ti^^n h iindrod and s i x t e e n . on t h f rlntjOs la^f afarosalrl. rpo-T-.- (=? c f g n f rl n n r l "r*\ir\ l i f l ^ d f n r a tn-rm ^ x p f r- In^i Aug-ust 3rd, 1920 ) J, G, LTTTRTIT.Ty. fSEAL.) ^x Notary Public. Correct A.Tt s *r" .T O TtnT'-tMAN, -^.., x "W. A. S'WO'PB, Blroctnr-. How's This? We offer One Hundred Dollars reward for any case oE Ctarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Medicine. Hall's Catarrh Medicine has been taken by catarrh sufferers for the past thirty-five years, and has become known as the most reliable remedy for Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Medicine acts through the Blood on Hie Mucous surfaces, expelling the Poison from the Blood and healing the diseased portions. After you have taken Hall's Catarrh Medicine for a short time you will see a great improvement in y o u r _eneral health. Start taking Hall's Catarrh Medicine at once and get rid fred of catarrh. Send for testimonials, F. J. CHENEY CO., Toledo, O. Children Cry for Fletcher's In Use For Over 30 Years The Kind You Have Always Bought TAOF* COMJ**.M N O T I C E At a meeting oJ' the CMllicothe ftctai] Grocers' Association laelcl last night the following agreement was entered into by all the members of the Association. First--Any person buying goods from any member of the Association on credit, and who is in arrears with his account, must make f u l l payment or satisfactory arrangements for full payment of his account before the first day of December next or further credit will be refused Second--Any person making application for credit from any member of tho Association w i l l be required to furnish satisfactory references or security for the amount of credit aslccd for. Third--Any account not paid within live days after due will bar the purchaser from credit at any store in tho Association unless satisfactory reasons are given for nonpayment. j Fourth--A strict record of n i l accounts will be kept 1 and a rating will be given each customer based on the j promptness with -which his bills are paid. This is not in any way an arbitrary more oil the part of the retail grocers, it is merely a matter of self-protection and the thoughtful man will see that we arc compelled to take this stand and adhere to it as rigidly as a bank adheres to its rule of having security on a note, insisting on its payment at maturity and that an account be noc overdrawn. In fact, the credit system is the same in this respect as the banking system and, this year particularly, when prices are so high and the amount of money required to handle our business is three times as great as in or dinary times. At the store yen buy your goods on your statement that they will be paid for in a certain time. At the bank you SIGN A PBQMISE to pay a certain amount at a certain time. The difference is that the bank REQUIRES you to sign a NOTE and pay interest and give security.' The grocer simply takes j-our word for it that " y o u will pay the grocerv bill Trhen due and in too many cases the customer feels that he can put off his grocery bill for any other expense that may come up. It is tho abuse of the credit svstom in this citv that compels us to take this method of bringina- it back to where it can be handled profitably. The only alternative being a strictly cash basis of selling. J. T. E1VRI. \ X D . I f . 11. 111'NT. w. A. s r M i i K K v r i . r . R . v p P. -t. JtltOTZRH, Treati. Ceo. E. Ilynit .T. J. a i n r t i n llitrull A: lolr Coulter o .TnM. THnek-we jr. Tl. I'nriloi P. A. Bruiser C, K. S S. I J. K. -Ier. Jp. nii Son ir. \v. S h i SmmiBvrvlIK. A. H. Coop*O. »^. .Moore I T . M . I I i i n i ll«.v| A C». I t o f h r i i T A '. T. J. Ooriin, R. of KINDS $100 I)JA3fO3fD IN A PJLUG OP TOBACCO Marysvillo, Oal., NfDv. 24.--Jerome ./. Haynes, a farmer of g u t t e r county, v-as in Maryville recently on business and purchased a 10-cent plug oi chewing tobacco. Haynes took a big bite off the plug and his teeth came in contact with a very hard substance. He investigated and discovered a solitaire diamond iii the center oi the chew o£ tobacco The diamond is said to be valued at ?100. It is presumed that some f a i r Southern maid working in the tobacco factory accidently lost the diamond setting from her ring. OFFIClAJj STATEMENT OF THE FINANCIAL CONDITION Of Till; PEOPLE'S TRUST COMPANY" at C h i l l l - cothe, State uj" Missouri, at the close of business on the I7th day 01' N o v e m b e r in IS. KESOUKCKa. Loans u n d o u b t e d l y grood on collateral s e c u r i t y ..... $ 105, 373. SJ Loans u m l o u b t c i l l y good on real o state s o c u f i t y Overdrafts by s o l v e n t customers Bonds and stocks at present value Heal estate (Company's ofllce b u i l d i n g : } aL prest-nt v a l u u F u r n i t u r o a n d lixturos Due f r o m oilier Trust Companies and banks, g-oocl on sipht d r a f t . CIi^c^s and other cash i terns Cash on hand ( c u r r e n c y , goUi, silver ami o t h e r coin Total $ 36,470.00 beh'e/" t h ° b '" St ° C ° U1 ' kn °wletlsc an T\'. H. El.LETT. President. \V. H. KLLETT, Jr.. Secretary S u b s c r i b e d and sworn to b e f o r e ' t h i s 21'nil CPE.VL.) -·xpiriim; Sopti-niber 0, im 7 JOS IS I J IE D. STEWART, A t t e s t : F. R. B R A D Y . p. r Notary TuhJic. U. lassified ,t Ads The Kind You Hare Always Konglit, and which has been in use for over SO years, lias borne the signature of ^f^ -~ all d- lias been made under his per- L^l^f^vr^f^f^,, soual supervision since its infancy. ·^"^V^yiS^X^f Allow no one to deceive you in this. All Counterfeits, Imitations and ". Just-as-good " are bat Experiments that trifle with* and endanger the health of Infants and Children--Experience against Experimenti What fs CASTOR IA Castoria is a. harmless substitute for Castor Oil. Paregoric;, .Drops and Soothing- Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Harcotib substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms ond allays Feverishness. For more than thirty years it hag hecn in constant use for tho relief of Constipation, Flatulency, Wind Colic, all Teething 'Troubles and Diarrhoea. It. regulates the Stomach and Bowels. assimilates tho Food, giving- healthy and natural aleep. The Children's Panacea--The Mother's Friend. GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS pBears the Signature of LOST. LOST--A garnet bar pin. Finder please leave at Constitution office. 20-ti LOST--City license auto lag. Finder please return to Constitution office 20-6 LOST--License tag, p u m p aud tall lamp. Suitable reward. Return to I b i G office. LOST--Abstract of title to 5 acres in AKer's A d d i t i o n to city of Forsythe. Illinois. Return to The Broyles Land Co., Chiilicothe, Mo. 2 2 - G ! LOST--Gold neclj chain ana pendan,. I with small diamond setting in joo envelope with jXiacdonald's name. Liberal reward for r e t u r n of same to the llacdonald jewelry store. 17-t£ WANTED \VANTED--Students to take care of. Phone 958. 21-G WANTE'D--Student to care "for furnace for room rent. Phone 858. Apply 90G Eastin. 2 2 - 6 WANTED TO FEED FOR WINTER --Plenty of grass, good wind-mill w a f e r and good stalk pasture. PUoae ?.QF12 or see Jas, Barnes or Mrs. Blue. «26_tf run FOR RENT--Storage space. Hender. son Son. FOR REXTT--Modern rooms, close in. Phone 453. 20-6 FOR RENT--Furnished room, strict, ly modern, 015 Vine. Phone :90. FOR RENT -- My shop on S. Locusc St. Mrs. Henry T. -Miller. Phone 96. FOR RENT--5 room house, cellar, lights, living water. Phone 778-iI. 20-6 WANTED TO RENT--A five or six room house, modern; will lease for t\v 0 years. Phone 558 or 383.23-3: FOR RENT--7 room house on Bast Calhoun St. Water, electric fixtures, furnace. Telephone 414. 23.2 FOR REXT--Store room with Cu'i sized basement at corner of Elm and Webster, fine location for grocer, ies or feed. Chas. H. Grace. FOR RENT.--7 room residence, 3 lots and barn on north side of Jackson street and west of Dickenson St. 30-tf J. E. Watkins. FOR REXT--8 room modern house. Bath; full basement, furnace, paved street, 8 lots, garage. Rent by year. Address Marlow Bros., Chula, Mo. FOR RENT--Six room house, thor. oughly modern, every convenience, close in. Desirable. Will rent either furnished or unfurnished. William H. Hamby, 410 E. Clay. Phone 73. ' 15tt FOR SALE--Soft coal stove, first, class condition at a bargain. D. W. Bradford, 24 E. Polk St. Phone 766- M. 23.4t FOR SALE--Two y o u n g fresh cows. 1 full Jersey, the other a grade. Phone 1414-.T. 1401 Bryan St. 22.3 FOR SALE--Overland Touring car; good as ne\v, only 4 months old. Phone 21. "2_tf FOR SALE--One Double Standard Poll-Durham bull, 14 months old. W. T. Hudglns. Utica, Mo. 17t£ K A T i n U ' A T-EAVRIi. FOK SALE--team and wagon, horses in good condition. Apply at Coulter's Grocery. n!7dtf FOR SALE--2 houses and lots, five blocks from square. Call at this office for further information. 3-tf FOR SALE OR RENT--5 room bun. galow, new. ciieap il taken at once. Inquire 4?3 E. Jackson, or telephone 732. 23-tf ·^AbE OH RENT--ilodern su burban property, 10 room houa« with 5 acres of ground. For particulars phone 1454.J. 10-tf C a p i t a l slock p a i d i n ? i S u r p l u s U n d i v i d e d prci!it, i i - s s cm-- r e n t e x p e n s e s a n d tax.^ paid Deposits p u b i e c t to d r a f t o t Flgrht by t r u s t c o m p a n i e s banks and bank*" rs, THTS AXT FIVE CKNTS! Deposits subji-ct t' d r a f t at M l ^ q TWTC: rnt nut f b ' S s 'f? h t Ky i n d i v i d u l n - n n d I'.libb IH-lb. OUC out r u !. O t h r , r 0 i I n c l u d i n g il.-mind slip, enclose QTG cents to Foley · | certiilcatps ^ F d- p ^ = i t Co., 2 S 3 5 SnePieJd Ave., Chiraco. Time c. v t i ' i r a t ^ s or i'To-it 111.', writina: y o u r 4 a m / = ana nddf" 0 Bl!ls nayab'e (FOR SALE--Encyrio.iedia Brittanica, 25 volumes, fine ninritng, good aa new, 5 2 0 ; ] sdt JlcCauley's Histor" of E n g l a n d . 5 v o l u m e s , ?3; 1 vacuum -v/t-pper, A.-^ylr, a l m o s t n?w. $5; 1 grera velvet Davenport-bed, S 2 0 ; 1 V : i t b c r covei--d elTice or library rhnir. Telephone 2 4 6 . cleartj'. You wU) -receive in return a trial package containing Foley'? Honey and Tpr ' Compound. . for couerhs. rrH* and r ^ r n n p - " 1: "n 1 .rv 1'-^ Tntnl . . . . STATE OP AnSSOTJRI. Cmintv - Livingston. ^ Rl'-tt nt DR. J. M. McKIM DK.VTfST CHILLI^OTFTE MISSOURI CJHICHESTER S PILLS W_f^^ THE IHASIWKO IJBAA'y. A Children Cry FOR T ' c - r - w p o «· lets. Sold -'verj \v'i SPAPESi

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