The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 18, 1923 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 18, 1923
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. WEDNESDAY, JULY 18, 1923 n@@ni!n@dl &dk 1 Insertion 4 Insertions 4 to 10 innerllona 10 Insertions ..... 10 to 2f» Insertions 1c per word 3c p<jr word ...%o per word per Issue 7i: »ter word ,.7 -10c per word per lssus 26 Insertions He por word per losuo Minimum chaise 20c RPECIAb RATH for advertiser* uftlnK * or more Inchm per day (or a month, running the name every day or subject to change, can b# obtained bv calling The Kbwi fJitnnKlftd Department. Ada under reRiilar classification muM he entered or withdrawn before 18 o'clock noon. From 12 :00 till 8 :00 p. m., ads KO under "Too J *{e to Claulfy." Phoos order* accepted for your lonvenlencc, to be. puld upon presentation of blU. FOR RENT " WES,U * NCE 'J^^^i^, l/f" FOR RENT--A five-room, modern house r with gamwe, excellent location. Call 3C29. ' 1T-10E [ Full RENT---Hlx-room house, modetn.ex- cept furnace, with {rarnge. Plume 3^74. K DK RENT- -Five-room cottage, modern except furnace; garage. Phono 72b.T._ ^ MODERN, closa in, fttrntahed five-room houao S2» a month, Ph<ine 3*44, .7 l(!-4t FOIl ItKNT—Thro Phone asitJsJ. -room furnished house, 7 17-4t FOR RENT— Five-room, modern, furnished cottag.'. 414 Noith Walnut. Wo lmro a few good building locations In "Bungalow Colony" that you can buy for J10.00 down and $10.00 per month. Thero has boon utoro Improvement made. In Bungalow Colony thojpant year than any other addition. Telephone our office for saloaman to show you. -—ask Realtor. Wanted—Ladies WANTED—Ladies to see the Summer Dresses we have marked down to $1.75, $2.75, $3.75, $4.75, $5.75, $6.75. Comer Commerce Co. 17-19 North Walnut Street. . ANSWERS TO UI.1N1"' Al'S 1! -SS--1. • '-C1P---1 )J-S7--2 11-59— 3 r.-:; : 1---00--8 O -C0--J II-I .S---1 I-f.S- 2 J -69 -1 K-liS 3 I, -liS —2 O-G0 --t I'-ss n-85- H -«S H-6!i II s-ci; a S-07-- i 8-68-- 1 U-e& s U-«8 V-es i w -f.s l x -ii: -l Hi...\ 6S - JL° 8 ' T,0N W *NTBO—FEMALE « A CORDIAL invitation is lsatli'il to i>wiy lu .Ufinw iff In H lUi-lilMfloii to visit our 1'Iani. .mil learn the Inside lnfi .rnmllun ai-.til our aci.iriny; machine. It immures I nil weight. The Carey Ico Company, tl^tf liculh Main, li u-ct Wk-si Cta&s IHffiiaiis'infta-lbb^ '""Dander, SOU North II l-26t Free deilvfry. Walnut, piiuno WANTED—MALE «•---' " IOTS EAItN BXTIIA Sl-KNUINO MOSEV DY SKI.I.INO THIS NfcW»» A!- It. I YliU Ari't.V TO Mil. OllAHi. M"* tWICK. lil W-S* w. :TI : : VANTI-: nu'nt; lull p.-iyiivul ' ' C'liini' i i.mip timn t" who i mi 1 , Kil- \\ AN n.I)—s,.wiii K; i'hmiion '8 tOBH a aj'.cjlaUy. Mm. McKimu'y, 928 Kaat I'ourth, |ihori.- Hl'l'W. fitc -lt TUO ,K|ifrinnci'd laillcs want Jobs ns r,-o!w for threshing intinhine. I21li Kust r! "»'' GH-ls SIX-llOOM, motlvrn house for reht. ln- iltilru £.41) 1-inHt Htiei-mtin. 7 17-18 J.'ii!l tlKNT— Flvo rooms. I'.levcnth. I'lium; 2C9 or 177: FUR RENT A. Phone Wist 7 U-U Klve-room hous' AuBtiat 1--25 H KENT- l-'ive-room house >tt JIKNT, fall sacs. Ru at ' H-<t I -^isl Twelfth. 7 lS-llll tin 11 ;2C». 7 IS-lOt lires-snisHltiir ett, 913 tiaat \VAN'Tt;i> Mr». lCr iuif.ti. WAXTICLI -Wft.shiliK. IrontiiB and cleati- UIK by tl.e h-.ii!'. i9D4. 6 ^'ij-iftt fllui tiillorlng. I'outtli, phone 8 23-2ot WASHING and Ironing. Cdll l:!Khtn or phone 3874. 320 ICast 0 Z-;it LIOMT HOUSEKKEPINO ROOM* 6 Work ffuarutitved. Mall oi'iitjia answered V^romptiy .Kree delivery .Mrfc. Metulell, lCt Knot T-.-nth, 1638W. 6 27-i5t I'tU'lt unfurnished looms for lltiht houiio- kemltiii. or e, 111 furnish a-iine tor partita ileMimr. regular room. Inutilre "9 \'.".st Itit'tter. phono 717. S IT-tit I'Ol.'U n'o.ely furni«hed housekeeping IOOIIUI. At.-jo three well furnished rooms v.lth parage. 'Ill West Klisit. S H-lt LOAM: LOWEST HATE OF INTEKRHT UHBRAX. l'ltEPATMENT OPTION PR05IPT Ct.OSlNO Beo us !>eforo placing your applleatlon. We may savo you nionoy. J 0 Established 1888 RElALTOltS No. 4 Beat 8herm »B 1 dep.ll I 1 IS-:: from AOR NTS , ••llelter or t'o W H'K I «r ..t.l- W i-.t ;,K lire i' 1 it I; ' fin Ire nlway. eti 1 !• ts :ei. No i:;i-siiy .llli'leM. i Y.jil.. v '-D -'.i.t lil: fii'.s M A KI\t; n.enr. Ph,,iie :• if.l NTI-.'l KKNT-T K\I ' r.iinlern. furnished l'.*T ll^l.t hoUMekeepinif, $5 per •no Kim Thud. i lB-4t C lii-1.1 i .VA vn int ii n Hnil!.«v Phone ix i I.OU n phone .;ii tit by girl; yiml work. C :x) C 13-S:1 ely fiirniehe kltehi-oi.'t te JUiil i: iioderu. Call 37 7SW. , e:^.-h with ell ' loeate<l, S 17-4t WAN'TKll- Practical nursing. Ftione 29114. i 704 North Poplar, 6 :6-2it 1 ! it'H KKNT Thrt.o ground-floor, fur; tii.iheil roonia for housekeeping, modorn. 2l.'J West Ninth. * 14-7t JVASHIKt), Ironing wo] k by hour. G 9-Il't FMK I'.]-iNT--Tlri'ee ii«llt iinusekeepiiii lj^sl 'l'i'.ird. fttrnished rooms for . Phone. 40IW, :ic 8 10-19 wwrt-ri \u „.i, i„. It , 1 ''i^ ^'.iO^"l , —Two nleely furnished lltfllt i'.Li— -Work by th/i hour. Phone! r.ousekeeiiint- rooms: no children. Phone r.otlsekeepinc room I.S.W. | WAN TUD - - Wauli intfii. BAI-ESMf-tn WI7 WANT SAUCSMKN Wild CAN SKI.I J •,,,oii profit to (he risht ttia'i. Must have nmull iii-rlltil .Hid joo'l eiitiration. Aililri Ml li-iiti, rare Newii for ion. M,l'^ people, fi to »1U \<-> day. l-.a- ,,1,'lslieil 13 yeius: piiriniu.enl propo- The Antiiollne Company, llutrn- Phone 2;t57W. ! » 7-2St WANTU .1 —WaEhlnifa. I'huno I41L till:!, wants position ti.i clerk. Phone i^ti". ii 17 -^1) IVANTK1V.Bewlng. Phone 1010. 6 J-26t CURTAIN opeciall.t. Phaie 1534W l-TKNCSilKli houtiekeeiiini; room-i, aouth- • ,1st. {5, 41ii ICast Sherman, i'hone 2W4W S l«.«t TWO ' | floor : PI rat. Ba Th<& AdlvsMiaftaii® ®)f! BocySisi lf©w B8 Count tho vacant corners In the •business center—they are few. (1) Notice the sign on the coiner southeast of Sentney Wholesale Orocer Co. 1115 foot by 00 feet.. No. 201 2nd lftiat, tacins went are eight 20- foot lomnierclnl builtling sile.1. This ait. 1 will he worth more money. Investigate It. (2) Corner of Avo. "B" and Poplar, lfi5x to Cow Creek acroa3 east front l^arey liuittllnp. Notice lite sign. An nttraciivo iirlei'. Ill) 200 tcet on 1st West. A corner Incltnlliit; Ihree houses that rent well. Let us tell rau about Uteso investments. They will intercut you. Now li -room bungalow on Eaat H, with bathroom, lfghtn, pump anil sink in kitchen, 19,100; S-100 down, balance %ti per month. 8-rm.m house, eloBe In on East «th. .Tho lot In practlcnJly worth tho prlco of the property. Tho house la In good condition for an old house, recently repainted ami rcpaporeri throuirhout. 1600 down will handle the plaeo on very easy terms. ii -room houBo on Euut P. Only 11, 660; »100 down wilt Handle this. Balanco can be paid out at f 15 per month and Interest. New 4 -room butmalow, with full basement. One block south of Clranrlvlow sohoolhouae. .3 larKe corner lotn. $8,000; |300 down, balance |26 per month. If you wish to buy a house on payments and will give us tho terms on which you wish to buy and the kind of a house you want, w» will look It up for you. COHNEIH & mew WE HAVH SOME I^OTS PRICED TO SEt .Ii ao« r:.-« N»O . Biag. Aak about our lot bargalna. Phone :t7l. 8 EJant Sherman KEALTTT CO. Realtors Phono 42 i jf.ely (uraiahed, modern, ground housek*. oping roonid. 22G Went 3 17-lWt IH'U.SKIvl'Kli.NCr rooniH; no abject lona lo children. 207 Kaat i\. 8 11-tiL KUKN181IKD housekeepiag roomj, 813 S 2-25t lotion ltlHOlt BAI .DS .M F.N ,'nnted; hph'iidUl o]>P' \u-r\ with cai s I'h.m'* ftr al'i 1 •.'.litlUt'Iit. WANTED—FEMALE Sv'X'K 1 T,P*"\V"."m. '• ]To t vl 1 IMJIH Hin .ut vui iiiitchnu- nr.i Hum t .f ui\\ welj ;ia if I e .'. ( ;t.-tL lU'a-1 our nilvertl l.-ai'li how di K-t full wcUJhl Ic- Cntnp.i-iiy, lii'Jd.-- '.'Oil. \VANTli;i>- l.:tiirs to See »>U: North FOH RENT—RESIDENCIES TJLE WORI.U MOVES AND SO DO WE I'sddcd vans anil auto Lru.:kH. I'ooled ears of ho 'if »chold goodM and automobl'ea aiujipcJ in Callfarnta aud other poluta. Wf hu'il anything anywhere. AK.0 DTOKALIK vTOMPANY Vhcne No. 9 19 West I-'irst, Hute.hlndon, Kansas. UP-TO -TI1K-MINITTK SBBV I^P i>il H <-ii,'ll ..1 l.''e. Y.J' ,., ni.H'hm iv IUH wild I The Ciui-v : -t H-Oi : PISIOKE IS® .Sir '' J "4 13-11 I''i--r H--nt---A .<*ix room strictly odi-rti hung.ilo.v, lClh Kast. WIU v.; C. rnu. U-udf, J4J ptr month. EDKlKlfilL AGlEKCf 17 10-2t TWO cr four-roon furnished apartment, cheap. 3U6 West Second. 8 2-?et FURNISH !•:!.> houaekeeplnt' Kara tie. 103 Eaat CI. NICK!.!' furnished, SJ1 Wl-st l-'ust. rooms and S 14-4t cottaso. S 14-41 Om M,©jm® ®S Y®nnr ©WE The above he • a number of ul line ouirht to aivaker: any years to investig*to our t<vi* h;w been paying rent Pay balance. us reiiforjE -ble co-sh payjn^nf and thon a.i>p'v your rent Nice & room setiil-tn-jiU-rn Homo lo show jou. muricy on Ileal tors—"Home HulMer.V Salennen: D. F. Cge. Albert Tlionwon, }•:. 'J. A-she, ISrrol IdcDormed. Buys a handsome home on Crescent Boulevard, six rooms, standing- oak, oak floors, built-in fixtures, garage. Built in 1922, il is same as new. Fireplace. Let us show you. Forty-ntno Yeari In Hutchinson. NiD. 15 Sherman East, Ground Floor Office Telephone S10I ritANK TILS. Manuiter Real Estate. Phone 111 After 6 P. M. The man who sings Home, Sweet Home in a rented flat js kidding himself and serenading 'his landlord. We have money to lend you to buy your own home with. Room No. 819 Korabaugh-WUey Blflg. Phono 2157 HOUSKKICKPINC Jil West Sixth roomy, also Kk'NT- Housekeeping t Fifth. LH1HT 1 -oLiri;. luus 'iACt 'inng rooms. rooms. iy 81S -tt 101 West & 17-m FOR^RENT—ril RN 1SH £ D ROOM 3 9 l-"t)j; KMNT—I-argo, cool sleepnig room, ri.rtsunab;e. Ctoi-i In, car Uiie. I'Uone 2o6CW, Dr. JJi>.rianrt. 3 16--25t \'I':HV tl-Birai.t!*- modern sleeping room; K r -!iti.,'meii ]'i 'i'fiM -rcd; ai7 J^m Klidt. KUltNISHKD •<joms, ais Kast 13. Phono 1* 1Z-1-.Z2 TKI \VA> we-k Wulruu. i.iiili .'.-S tO H .'ti «r»sa.-» for $:i.7."», part pixyim nt «lown, Ooiiu-r L:..'iiiiii'.'ict' Co.. idh's to the l'j Xurlh ' •1 IS-It , "It HKX'l ern i:i <-v tlr -Plv. WANTi;h--ha«U .'H to aei- the b 'acU kid. Piii -nt -trim, milllary het-1. uiie-^trap Pumpa lor $4 pah-. Comer Comnu-i•*>• Co., 17-1'J North WalniU. * MIIJDIJI'; »tii'd woman tor general hon.«:i"work. Phonu 3022W. * K-4t ^VANTl-:i>> ayenl. Cull at 107 l^ast ru«e. 1 Inuiar OMtW. -room bungalijw, mod- i-very rfSp .'t .t. bas ..'mi .-nt und«r houHM, equipj.'-d for Uundry, «a- '.autirul l^wu mid treea. i'or jiar- i, inquire lfi \Vi!st Twtfith. phone 7 14-10t POSITION WANTED—MALE ^ lEaiinry lEoncEililimeir General Sheet Metal Work and Kui nactis PHONIC sa:i. IH North Walnut. Hutchinson, li&naas. WANTKH--Y.HT bulldhig and any kind uf n-pulr \vn'!:, i'i-iiinil and i'uniiila t iun work. lilac prmla and c.'Umaiea fn.-u. Phonu 7t&. ."i mw f 1C - li 1 \\K move you anywhero; iong or abort nau.a make no difference; all work guarantetd. Cody Transfer Company, phona cr 838, East ShorroW 7 l(i_R RTvN 1 "Plvc-roum. new bungalow", fcij-K -tly iiHHlern, MO p t - r month, 1003 KarfL A. Call J. Wallace Blair, 052\V. 7 M-18 lol. Ojtc-year lease, more or k-sa, fivt-ruom, mcdern hotn-.-, 51-1 East IJ. Sec Carl Neleon, plione A^OU. 7 lt-lUt TOR RKXT, Immediately -New, five- room, modern, furnished bungalotv to respoiiMlblf piulh-a. Call 2554W. 7 Kt-St :il'JVKN -rtj »-m Imuiii-, modern except heat, hai 'tt v.iinil fiui.u'3 downstairs, uamne, J-J('. HK1 Ka»t Sfvutilh. Call MKG. 7 l7-4t Pl/KNISHKU, nix-mom hou:«; to 1.--H30 tor u yi-nr, mor<: or lwa-i, 41a IZaat Fifth Phono 3:.7.«\\\ 7 i^-Ct WA NTKU four yi'iii.' Iianlol, 'Mm phone 137. .1 ol h-ivhig i' pi 'l 'U me \ n.l; or .ah ata tin VOil KENT—Good five-rooirv. atU'-co luin B :now, atrictly modern, to adults. I'hone 2217. 7 t„2f,t POP. ' lovv i;. Ph. KKNT or aale—Four-room bunga- mudern, Bplt-ndid ttriius, 2U hhLSt 'He 3\>U). 7 14- 10t \ui ih Null inji, St. Johi Kan., lii-^t and painting, lepalra. J. a Rural 1'iiom; U 4 17 .%' Hoof painting a Bpuciu guaranteed. Phono ill 1 yJ. WANTED—To ahatpon and repair lawn inuw«r«, guns, furniture, aewinK ma- chlnt -B, locka and keya, bleyiiej, eawa, netaaora, knives, all kinds toula. Brown Hicyclo Sloie, phonu 3470. 5 18-25t WANTKl) -Washing, 40 and houae cleaning, ar-r at 1 Kust Kuurth. do en, hour. Call f. 18-7t IK In need or a good carpenter, phonn iLrj. r > from 7;S0 a.m. to 'i a.m. and 4 p.m. to & p.m. 6 2-26t FOR KKNT- Four-room house. 409 Klb- CJ 'ty Avenue, Carey villo. Seo Coe- i nomson. 7 I-. IT ! IN 1ST! l-:i.) house* to roontb. aleeplng porch, Phone K.S4W. louae, aev«ii Hydt 1'ark. „ 7 13-26 FOR HKNT-~Flve and s!.\-room, modern houaea, new oak floora, J20 to S30 Phono 2217. y >-"e* «>lt Ki:NT 'Six-room house, modern ext'-Jil furnace. Phonu 3074W. 7 18-tit MODKKN bedroom with sleeoins parch, lavatory In room. 14 Kaat Sixth. Phone H;>G. y t: od 28-lot MOl'KliN room with HlOepinu porch, ioae In, reasonable. 120 North Kim. 3 lS-4t .STRICTLY modern sleeping rooma, $3.50 a week. I'i0 Kant Fourth. 'j 17-41 MODERN. Sherman. aleepmg rooins, Phonfl ZolZ. 9 2-:5t ST-EEPINQ East B. rooms, J2 pur Week; 311 » 2-35t FOR RENT—APARTMENTS - 11 AlPAtOTMEOT . Three-room, furnished apartment, modern throughout; private. Phone 21SS. b 'ii Eaat Ptral. It ^G-iiot FOR UK NT—Furnished houaekeoplng apartmente for r«spoctablu peoplo only. lUV* Kaet First. I'hone 1875. 11 2-2H BEAUTIFUU kitchenette apartment. sleeping porch, private bath, 1019 North Main. Phone 3040. 11 H-10t V(m Itl^NT—A keen, furnished two room kitchenette apartment with gain ge. private entrance, nw.e shade and col, 16 West Twelfth. Phone G5J3W. 11 U-it Sroftft© €5iT€ii!g ¥5e!k©fts S 50 full privilege tickets with each, transaction. We are giving f >0 fi»ll i>rivilege Urkeu to the Crutto r.'nvtH with each Heal Kslale ttHnsattlou hatnilcd through thla .tfftts.. This \H our way of boosting f--r a worthy cause. If you are a buyer, or wifih 1.0 yrll, it may pay > ou lo get In commnniciiiion with ua. Wo van £?>•)! it to you — Wt- can svli It* for you. We will be gtad. to vx^nfer with you in either inM Salesmen: Lloyd Brawn, J, 11. Sandera, D. C. Vandeveor. 413 North -Main Phone 972 FOR RENT—APARTMENTS 'Cont'd^ FOK^HKNT -Furnhihed apartment, three rooms modfrii, but!t-in features, avail- aide .lul> 15. Phone MV. 11 FOR HEN'T—-Strl---Uy hutigalow r apart men modorn, furnished . 112Vi Ea.-it A. 11 ia-K> F<Ht RENT--Tn n-o-room, ft out apartment. East Fourth. Phone 7»iiW. FCiR KENT- -Furnished or unfurnished apartment. Phono 330^. 11 27-2Qt UNFURNISHED three-room apartment. Call 2178R. tl'4-Ht FOR SALE OR TRADE (Cont'd) FOR SALE or tra«V~-j300 equttv In practically new bungalow with farga porch, situated close In. only 6Vi blocas from tho iiuw Stanley-..Mackey hotel, on pavement which Is paid foi c.vcept about two pay mi- ii ta. A large tract of ground, woven wire fenced, suitable for gartleti- inu; lawn, bearing grapu vin..-.^ and trees two chicken houses. Cash <.n Vo rd, ba I - ance line, rent, Ca,n be paid for in five years on present payments. Call 700 Weat Fifth after 6 p.m. 15 U -18 Pfleoaty @1E M@!B©j ft®- L®asEH On choice City Property- 6% and Commission. On Farm Property- 5% and Commission. & Tsroiisll €@. PA.UM MORTGAGE BAN1CER3 FURNISHED apartment fer rent cltwe tn. ...;„•- — • I'huim 2!'7». 11 U-6t Scholi. 52t Eaat Eighth 75 ACHES 02ark mountain Uuid, Home bulklitlss, fptico unit land, spring uator. lots of timber, four iiul^. from town, lit tho notfd leach, apple and grazing country, ilcllghtrul cllmau. Saio or trado for Reno rounty i.roporly. ti 15 001I 14-21 FOR lUONT—Y.ouGrn. furtllBhfd apart* nient, atlulta. 212 West Seventh. 11 SO-l'Jt NO. 3 Stuwart Apartmentfl Phone 217811. for rent. 11 4-14t FOB RENT—IVIISC »l -t .ANEOUS 12 FOR RENT—-Oarage apace tor one car year around, $2.50 per month. 29 Weat nigger. Phono 717. 12 17-«t FOR RXCNT—Olfice rooms In McCurdy hulluiiiK. 12 -i- 25 ' Seventh an.l Main. Nicely- rurnlehed aparttnenu ami aleeplng rooma. Phone 340. 11-28-JSt. FUR RKNT—Modern, furnished four- room apartment, hath, tilfcpitig porch, garage; water, light and gaa furnished: J35 per month. Phono 2144R. 11 ic-4t FOR RENT—Furnish'-d apartment strictly modern. i.ui!t-ln features, ground floor, private entrance; muat be seen to be appreciated. Phone 369. 11 13-tit FOR RKNT—One four- and one ftve- riiom completely modern apartment, August 1. Apply 402 Kaat Flrat. 11 18-flt MODERN, furnished apartment, %Z per week, C04 1-laat C. Phono 3952J. 11 ia-6t MODIORN, vmfurnlHhed. five-room apartment. Call 215SW or 1113. - 11 1-J8t WANTED TO RENT YOU dou't need to come. Phone your ad to No. 3 and ask for classified department and have your needs supplied. WANT to rent or buy four or five-room. modern houso within next month. Call 282. 13 17-211 ROOM AND BOARD FOR fsAfjE or trade--Ittuterkiat popcorn machine and gasoline candy furnace Adtlresa F-09, care'News. 15 14-31 F 9_H SA1.K or trade—lleaullrul Onark h?™. Seo W. H. Murray. 10JU Kaat autth forenoons. 15 lti-2l FOR SAl.lO or trade- class condition. Second. If 1D Oakland, flrst- ItHJuiru 700 1G lll-Ot ROOM and board, C. $4.50 per week. Q37 14 12-Bt FOR SALE OR TRADE If FOR SALE or trade by owner—Now, strictly modern, four-room house, oak floora, built-in features on West Sixteenth. Will trade for vacant lots or will sell for part cash anil contract for balance. Call 144rW. 15 17-(lt FOH SAL.K or trade for cow—Slx-year- ptd black mare. Inquire 6 West Sherman. 15 13-6t TO TRADE Ana Etegsiiit HBOM© !. 0 ,,f7 cch ,7,? 8r °„ r " r wo » Improved farm w'lWn 100 miles of Hutchinson. Ihls home Is ideally located belng In oje of the iiest residential districts of the city, — .i™ l ' 1 .iJ r ? , '* rly is w »rthy of Investl- Batlon. Wrlle us for full ^rtlculars. 18H iNorth Main. Phono 559. MAME WARM AH® E^MCE hQAW througli THE KANSAS CITY JOINT STOCK LAJMD BANK (Under the Supervision of tho U. S. Govemtuont) Uato 6%. Bee our local agent In your county or call at our otlico. L. L. TAYLOR & "COMPANY District Representatives. Dodge City, Kansas. Hutchinson, Kansas Safe and available at all times. C% Interest paid on time certificates. Tour cash Is always represented by ft first mortgage on- well located Hutchinson prop- c-iv— Tn case you need your cash it Is available lo you. We operate under tits State Wanking Department. TTlh® SailftGnlly Bdfflflliing, L©fflffiiaiai "eSffl 'ySiEi|s^ss''[a. 413 North Main Lloyd Urown. Seu'y. • Plione 97) A Good Farm well Improved close to Hutchinson, to trade for Se™° ! "'° 1 ""' iy - What have-you? 7 ie-2t TO TRADE (Cont'd) TOAI )Ea l>anily five rooms, owners equity $1,000. Will trade on vacant or improved l 'Four rooms north part owner will take good lots and Ford as part. Will trade new five passenger touring car on property worth _tha money," not priced over $1 ,800. BEN V. UAMBOUN, Realtor, 3 North Main. Oeo. Shitler, assoc|ato^ WANTKD to trade— Castt register, never been unpacked, for Ford, Call 1392. 17 18-2t ItKNO county land to trade lor Hutchln- .in property. Phone 888J. 17 3t-25t Iiight-room house with b.itli Modern except heat. This is t. good frame, house, close to Liberty High School. Large lot. Good shade trees and many shrubs. Price $2,800.00. Some terms. SEE! Earl W. BresslernEtealtor. 210 St Ex, Bldg. " Phone 2055 L The Doo Dads—Fair Exchange is no Robbery. it By Arch Dale EXPKH1KNCBW InjolsWiM -r and CM >I- h-ctor; all or part umv, l .--7i.', cue News. a ](>-2>J OAI.1. 3417W and have your h.iu .13 rnor «J or jepalred. Salistaetioii Kimiaiileeil. »-33 -at .t WANTED- All kinds of li..iir ; ng, v ,;crrk mid odd joUt. I 'hone l-AWis: and Kiirdell work. Ca'l Z294J, V'.. Khemian. 0 17-2J WANTI L D—Any I'hone SS20W. carpentering, i 7- act I'AUTIIOS wtahlnjl plaau-ring or genoia, mason work, phone laij. fi 2ii -'Jiit WANTKU—Furniture te r and upholiiter. Call 72«. reflnlslh 6 27-3'lt PAINTl.NO an« Phono Z627W. decoratfnu- 5 «-.2i>i Ti'AN'TFP-All Phono 1787W. kinds of trash hauling. 113-J61 BAWS filed at auop; H» West Flrat. . J2-!.".t ANY team work? Phone III «* >»»^i»«

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