Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on November 6, 1941 · Page 15
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 15

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1941
Page 15
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, November 6. 1941 _ STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STEELING, ILLINOIS irling Daily Gazette Page• jFiftffn^ E*tat»ttahe4 1854 n ^— --—- ?? ---^-- -'">c'<«d Chrl*l>«n!t.y *nd what w you i ro what you di-* 24 1918 I^LP^i 1 !.- fimu • r: P Orftrsdon D W C'randon Manager I MEMBER " ASSOCIATED PRESS I The Associated P-r?* '« »*•.-.'!"=!••**-; ••entitled to the u<* i" 1 ! repuni'.ra-, Itton of all new.« di<o3!-:h*« rrrcWd, Itolt or not oth*rw.'« credit** In I this pap" ftnd R:SO lh8 :ocllj u ** s on';y one {suit In ir reprint by literary •,:'ve/ got 'o H* ft Hi TO ilk? them. any awful rn Rir'ii m*v pat »r,d h-;* ' o :a:r.' <> v.c^v hut !}•>.* TODAY'S MENU rxrrpt BrnTi! nntx; to cooled chocolate mixture. Arid! A r?--, n' ri r h. will e,dd a. *-e!i blended. Drop by . 1 o.rr» Hour. 1-2 tensp «<V;P. hard wane*.' *: v frr.ini of r* f:'.r:rhfd rr>:;v « ;-' Hsnann.-. o**: -M bnkinR powder. 1 teft-npoon Rfwla. J-2 Jfft.ipoon »n!t. I fs.'poon cinnamon. ! <••!;•> rofl«'^^ B'ST:;! nut.'- rn'i<"d f\r. f . Add iMiffiriiT' ?.«ti"r to ornnR* r.niv- to m^k* 1 fup. Add grafd rmd. rftl.*!iv. hro-sn ,^'isar and fhrv-- long narrow lo«f !>sn or in tTo mediiim-KirrH 1"^! p?!^ ;n f'.o^' oven |.125 degrees F. < for 1 to 1 1-4 hour?, -until "hakrd throueh To Tn**t and Roll Braril Niifi Heat oven to moder&te trmprrn- 'T I, 1 ! to IS rr. in 1 ;•••.•- H<-mn\r from Jvvr* ••-•. r, :n any airr.v rrnf. Ms,'<".= 2 1-2 d-vn?' Or-"- • :ftr'*T <"'tp f h r >rtenine. 1-2 r-jp .«•;£«:. ! 'EK. 1 fin rt::T:"f rr."a'. 1 '.4 ....... c • f' <vj r Vr;r 2 ! ^T c r'''^" 1 ^'• ;v/i:-::*"^ ^^:!r^ ;v:";r^". ; 4 i/-r- fu' r . on rre h«k!nR sheet. h>"k' 1 IP. moderc.tfly ho' ovn r;f(frx f. i ^ho',;t JO ml H ' i ' r . 1 . Missing Scissors Lead To Convict's Capture r • R -' i ^'. . : f- ^_ '71; n y, ' 11~; ^ \ i .. i!. " n ' ". 'o!*'* 1 : sirnrnT *os?'hfr 3 min'i!'.*.! o 1 .'•n fcv>; pnd 'r'i r !; ^:':i A rol;!n -«':rr!nR 'in'ii rh^-'O'n^f !.' di.'^olvrd. | p:n i rr< i 5, t flf'.'.n f-n '''.'":r, CTitlv a' I ,r Co^!. Sift !og ?'. h PT ftl! rpmnininK • fir i ' 'A rri.^h. !;VM m,'.-. ] f>":-''.i. A . • ';?. and rvst - ,\ r;' T-".-,;d .TOUFrr IIJ, -• 'AT' — P'ni Tr" H-^rj^r ^'P^ in -Oij'.nj"v rn^if^-.p^-irT 1 ,* iii St^tp.K. iiir- pT, I'rn'nrv \riTr- yesir to life ^nt^-nr? from Uvint*- ton ronnty for ftrmerl robbery, «•»« working in fh*- nrl.ton t.siinr thop Tuerjfay wi-^n he *nw s rhsnce to TV; _q p« Hr h!d himvlf in 8 box of cnn- vss roat.«. due 'to h* shipped out-sid?, b:; 1 h^ to'ifc n p^ir of .«C1.VOT5 with of trie box once he fre" Dunns: thr -r *"l rhwrkup Ru»rdl! di.'rov:»x1 ih" rrs-Vi:?. »nd H«rp*r, '•.-'•::! c d"' 1 . nil \"-i^.'.\-^ nf 3 pair r,'. -cr-orr. ( !ir^n-,r r M hi.', hidintr pl*c* und h» .•;T *'.'.'\ .•>•'!•'! i ]ia:jvr. 3f. 7 l;o 15 .--("-',!!,c a fi;]*" ^fir, p;Rf p <i in roh'xry confinement. ~TT£RMS ~ OF "su'w^CHIPTION "7 mail in Whtw-sid* and ndjoin- ._. counUOs-por vesr li 00. six Ittonthi 12.75. thrw month* $1.50 one; Insonth 75 cents C««h ri:h order | By man outMde Whit"?:<ie and ad- rd • itnlng countlcK—per renr $700 six - •- ...onth* I3.7S thre<- months 1200, lotie month 75 cents Ca,<h *ith order we<k delivered bT carrier In r^ nKt SterllnR or Rock Fall* 20 lewDta pnvflnle even? Sat-irday morn- Itejt. No papers f^nt throuRh the iDOetoffiee In thr city cnrrier district I Of Sterling or Rock Falls Thought for Today S«lnf then that we have cuch I hope, *?* u«« S reat Pl*lnnes« of •pmoh.—II Corinthians 3:12. 1 • • • When we nr^ understood, ve al- speak well, and then »U your diction serves no purpose.— | Holler*. Tomorrow's Birthdays k H«lcn B. EnrlRht, Nora Conrad. 8. RusseU Anderson. Frank: Dnhm, .„. atofurd E. Gantwrt, Mrs James JA. Coats. Mrs. Edwin Enrlght, Lois JO. Itnyre, Betty McCormlck. Lois ]M. Elck, Walter Flynn. Richard irry Landheer. Edwin Wo;f, Ster- Bllll* Ebenewr, Marlene Sue laoott, Rock Fnlls; Walter Settles, 1 Morrison; Violet End*. Lyndon. y_Frank William Casey, 10. I Joanne Hartman, 4. Sterling. Eighty rear* ajn, _ in ftnr hfftfU rftmomfd fri«l oyttrrn. b**f*tM»k fried with onlon< and <*urh drllrnrlf* for hrr*kfs<t. They didn't vitamin pill*. try - -.<;. hro"" rook if.*, 'r' miif in to t d on'i. roMf*. rrv. n;i '.k. th' Vv>M. .tnlri\rr« ftr" wpt"-'.*'.'.: •• hen the o'.r. o' (:'.' 'RTn.iv f'' Hf-r* R » good oj'.o rii'd !t no m*'/»r ii.^-v fnr t trav-I. f*!te STERLING DAILY GAZETTE'S FUN FAMILY OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE Quillen's Quips By Robot Quflta) h»d little effect In What nffccted us was not the British said, but what | tfa* Germans did. laolntlonlsla have the couraRc of misunderstanding: others hint fit what they think, and then apolo- •!•» for It. Why doe* con«re«a waat* §o tHttch thne In owteaa *r rumen t? iWeU. •( 1U Ml membert. orer • «r« lawyer*. iy one thing for a girl with _^._ teeth. When she smiles, you I kBOW she really meant it. „_ kind of evening dress he likes other ladles 1» the kind he lu awful if his daughter wear* Maybe the "good old days" were myth, but nobody made a for- aelllng headache powders. There's nothing new in America, |.«lth«r. Back in 18«0. some sena- • hated the president and open- plotted disunion and national Mature balances things. When I ttMf* were no screens to keep in- 4, out of the dining room, can- light wasn't bright enough to what you were eating. We make «mr own trouble. Jaawn waa asleep and harmleca •ntU Amerleanc forced, her U w*ke up and modernise. The fairies really granted all of one wish. At a certain age we we could quit looking so [young and green. Yec, Christianity and Socialism eomewhat alike, except that rORIES IN STAMPS Gtorg« Washington Issue Brazil Honors Fair --------- hai honored tl^e father Of our country, George Washington, in the 1939 stamp above. It U one of • leries issued in com- pamor*Uon of the New York .World'* Fair. Wwhlng ton was born in West- ortland county, Virginia, Feb. tt, 1732. At the age of 16, h« •toved to Mount Vernon to reside With hU brother, Lawrence. He * lurveyor in the ricH of th« Allegheny moun- durlng the summer months 1741-1750, saved money and property before he his majority. » X« Mttled in Mount Vernon in married, and for 15 years tht life of a typical Virginia . In 1774 he was sent as a c to the Continental Con- When the colonies revolted it England, he was commis* commander-in-chief and I thtm to victory. 1719, h«, ^as Unanimously preiident by ihe electors th« newly created United of America. He was re- eted in 1703. PMhington died Dec. 14. 1799. Commander-in-chief of a visional army raised in the ex- itton of open war with ' VOUR , BOVS ' TW& INMEN- . BL,rr vou WILL BE "AMD I'M MOT G TO HAVE VXJ LAVIM' ARE N'0 : J TMt ... _ ADVERTISED FOR A 9TRAxNGER^-T \\ *' ONTE CP W UNCLES LOADED ) SO I'LL LE^D TH& \ FORD*7 AMD X- GR^ND .VAKCR/-^- 1 ONiE OP TVAH WAtT-- WAIT LL 1 G5JT USED TNAV IM TH HOT WATER ' I CAKTT a h:i.<. it meant that on your '.lp* ' nnd o! 1 orar.^. 2 niiv you are planted In.*. 1 c-;p hrn-^n «'iff«r 1 C-ETTIK)"TH "TO PUT IKJ HIS THIMG OOOD GO5 V ' I 1 OCT MY FEET WET. BUT I AIM' T SICK.-- 1 FELT SETTER IM MY LIFE "DLL MX) STARTED THIS.' FALL IN BEHIND ME / IN OR I'LL PL/VV A ?--' TME W DRUM ROLL ON HOLD EVERYTHING! . THE A DEAL LOOKING FOR J ^ I 3IGH LIKE TH' FELLER WHO WRCTTE IT- TUONJ BACKWARD, OH TIME, IM THY FLIGHT," BUT I'M JUST A LITTLE; BIT KO6&isH. FOR ID WAKJT TO PICK OUT THE N\<3HT. UKE AS PROCESS BY EDGAR MARTIN Could Be BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WOQ-QV.O No, you dope—I said w* were going to do some bombing SIDE GLANCES //•& PK OO»+. mi tV HU MKVtCf. MC. T. M. MO. V. t> »*T BY MERRILL BLOSSER Millie Needs Squelching FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WHAT? Gets HAPPENS I AMD To Bi L PUTS YOU oar OUR. ] AMD ^xj UNDLORD, > wcwe ^° A EVER TOO LATF TO SAT / . Bur rrs MOU»« AMD «N*fl SOM« DOOO/ J UkTW, M«S Aw. GO TAK* A JUMP AT / WHO OO >0l< ARC? MOW OONOU TfeLL AN BY ROY CRANE Up in the World WASH TUBBS IT WONT 86 NttDfP I BETTER \ WE'RE <*OtN<j CARR> MR. ^1^ (•EE WIT? \ WEIL, IT ID HATE TO «0(UE SUSPECTS IN TMfc FAU. fftOM / TlMtT SEIOW.' CAREFOl, HERE A. \MATCU SOUR *T£Pf ME TO TURK VOU OAltR lUifeKT SMITH Mother? You remember that neighbor boy I used to give the bruab-off? Come quick and ace how handsome he la in a uniform!" By William Farfuson THIS CURIOUS WORLD BY FRED HARMAN A Dire Prophecy RED RYDER IP'ITS SAFE ENDiKSH . ^ SA/B CH" B.LL OR. RS.D rOtUSW V HOOTlPRiNf SCIENTISTS BY V. T. HAMLIN Careful, Baron ALLEY OOP RIGHTO / WHAT WOU4? SHE. A PKCTTV LASS. HAVE AGAINST THi JOHN HAS SENT OUT HUWT U-j DOWN* PfTJiR 9^ f=AK TMATy ALL Rl^HT. WAND MB SHOULD FALL A*?U« SWO«C>. AND P6R- «,...-.,.- »-» IN »ATTUi. EViM IMliSIOJ TO USE ITONJ V MiFAUSFOR THOU6H SHt LAOC4 \NOU.AMD UU LAMiA&TE 7,,^^^^ THi tU«TV «TRgN&TMl A FEW R3SQV NOTIONS V Hl *^c[7fw ' TO WI6Lt>A XOUT OF NOOK HiAP. /JV KUSMTY ! MOW WTTH •UCKtfeg. AND SHIELD, OO* Rklft MAID ffHOOU SACILV PA6C POft A SQOIIUI.' AW, NOW,OOCLA, CALM OOWN«.WHAT4 A UTTU HAIR? » BILL OC»J f T SOOTOLCXJK LIKE A GIRL, Hi'S PHOB'LV <50T RSASOMf WIMK POHNTEO AMKIKICA, CM* ANOBB THAN A AMi-UON but ta« iniubiUoU »ei«

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