The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 19, 1914 · Page 12
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 12

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 19, 1914
Page 12
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Page Six T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Sunday Morning, July 19, 1914. Many from Decatur and Elsewhere on Long Trips. The rains during the past week in this section of the c o u n t r y have put the roads in good condition for travel, and many local parties ars t a k i n g advantage of this fact to make short trips In their cars. A few aro planning more extended t r i p s through the east. . Tourists from Kansas and Iowa who ·were here d u r i n g the past week report that the roads are in f i n e condition throughout the central states at the present time. There has been enough rain in most localities to settle the dust that for two or three weeks in some sections has been rather disagreeable. For the most part the roads In all of the central states are in fine condition. This is especially true of ihe flirt roads in Illinois. For a m o n t h it has most of the time been difficult to find a bad road. One'Of Worst Stretches Our Bad Roads PLAN LONG TRIPS. -Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Rodgers with their son Guy and daughter Xorma, will start Monday In Mr. Rodgers' Lozier touring car on an extended trip through Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. They will go from Decatur to LeFayette, Ind.; then to "Wabash and Fort Wayne. Prom Fort Wayne, they will go to their old home in Defiance, O., where they will spend about a week. They ·will return to Decatur by way of Detroit and the northern route. George "W. Erhart and family are planning to make an extended trip In r. Erharfs new Pierce Arrow tour- ins car about the first of August. They are planning to go from here to Buffalo, then to the W h i t e Mountains. They -will drive from Albany, N. 1".. along the Hudson river to New York City, returning to Decatur by the central route. SEWS OP TOURISTS. Word -was received from the River- Wcdnesday from Chicago in her Apperson touring car. C. A. Johnson of Lafayette, Ind., passed through Decatur Thursday of last week In his I9H Apperson touring r on his way to St. Louis. Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Woodward and Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Barnes of Chicago arrived in Decatur Monday evening in t h e i r Peerless touring car. Tney started from Decatur to Kansas City on | Tuesday morning. They reported trial : the roads in the sections of the country , they had passed t h r o u g h hiid been ex- ] tremely dusty. Mr. and Mrs. I* Mandett, and Ben and John Peters of Terra Haute, Ind,, arrived In Decatur last Sunday in Mr. Mandett's car. They spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Blenz and family on the East William street road. E. B. Chapman of Muncie, Ind., Is in Decatur over Sunday. He la on a t h r e e months' tour through central Illinois in his Maxwell runabout. - Q u i t e a bit of a t t e n t i o n was attracted Saturday a f t e r n o o n by an odd looking Alpena six cylinder car from Bay City, Mich. The car was specially equipped for touring tho c o u n t r y In the interest of the Northeastern Michigan Development bureau. Frank Craig and family, In his Overland touring car; Zinc Craig and f a m - ily, also In an Overland t o u r i n g car, and William Erazler and family in a Mitchell touring car, all of Charleston. 111., were visitors at the home of Dr. Clare Garber, 1164 West North street, Monday of this week. With them was Miss Foreman, principal of the Pasr.- dena high school, Pasadena, Cal. They left for Charleston'' Monday evening. Two Bad Spots in Bad Road. side Inn, Saranac Lake, saying , that T. P. Matthews and party of Decatur were visitors there on July 14. Mr. Matthews anil family ore touring through the White M o u n t a i n s In their automobile. Word reached Decatur Friday from Dr. I.uther Walbridgo who is at Bay View, Mich., -with his family, saying that they were enjoying- themselves immensely. They stated that the weather there had been so cool that they needed coats. They will start for B u f f a l o about A u g u s t 25, where Dr. Walbridse will get his new Pierce Ar- NEW CARS. Robert I. Hunt purchased a Pierce Arrow- five-passenger touring at one o'clock Wednesday afternoon and l e f t in the car a little after 2 o'clock the same afternoon for Chicago. C. G. Fisher of Springfield recently | c , u ,, ordered a Pierce Arrow five-passenger ' touring car. The car is to bs d e l i v - ered about August 35. A 1915 Pierce Arrow demonstrator Is expected to arrive in Decatur a b o u t tne first of August. It will be a six- cylinder five-passenger touring car. James R. FIr.son of U l a n t i u p u r chased a Ford touring car last week. One of the worst stretches of bad road In M n c o n c o u n t y is In w h a t Is p e r h a p s the principal road in the conn- ' ty, an.1 that is the stretch from the Dc- t o w n s h i p line to H a r r l s t o w n on the S p r i n g f i e l d road. It is liadiy g r a d e d , f u l l of c h u c k : hciTL'S, wavy places, b u m p s , r u t s , r o u g h spots, a n d almost a n y t h i n g else t h a t is I o b j e c t i o n a b l e in a road. It is a hanl ' road even in the dryest of w e a t h e r for an a u t o m o b i l e or a loaded wagon or a n y t h i n g except a goat to get over e a s i l y , E v e n ' t h e goat Wheels in Holes Show Bumps. ^ ^ ^^ d i f f i c u l t y In h i t t i n g t h e b u m p s j u s t j s a m Mayberry . r i g h t . | J a m e s -Barger . As any one h a v i n g the slightest e x - ! H'. Floyd pi'ricnoe In m a k i n g p h o t o g r a p h s knows, j E. W o l v e r t o n .. it is d i f f i c u l t to show the s u r f a c e of a ' . l a m e s Parker .. mad i n ' a p h o t o g r a p h . F o r that reason | Logan M a y b e r r y some p i c t u r e s t h a t were made to show i W. H, Dlss . . . . t h e b u m p s do not begin to convey all j William Cullen the i n a c c u r a c i e s . H o w e v e r , a n y o n e who J Ed Much has been over the road has enough o f j C I e n n Tangney . tlu-m I n d e l i b l y Impressed on Ills m i n d , | George T r i m b y · M . I snne of t h e m on his b o d y , to m a k e j '-nlon tabor .. it c e r t a i n that he will agree with all | Warehouse W t h a t is said h e r e about that stretch of j road. llinois Industries, etc., besides many ither attractive features. When the ground tor this building was broken ,000 Illinois people witnessed tho dere- mony. TROOPS TO GO. The -entire First regiment, -I. N. G., will accompany Governor Dunne to the exposition and act as his escort In the Ig parade on Illinois day. BILLS~ALLOWED BY COMMISSIONERS The highway commissioners met Saturday afternoon and allowed a m o u n t i n g to S737.95, as follows; G. S. Lyon Son 540.54 William Stansul '28.80 I\ Wayts 27.00 L,. A t h e n s 27.00 J. Lemlng l-'red Brooks I.ute Brooks .lohn Zellers K a y Cooper O. Francis j. Salefski 4.80 C l a u d e Francis P. S h u t t e r ...11.10 Federation of Labor 2.85 John W o m b a c k e r 8.25 Erook A m m a n 3.40 R. M c C a u l e y 6.30 A. Russell 6.30 William Sonarr 2 . 4 0 F r a n k H u g h e s 3.50 Dick Casey 8.70 H. A l l h r i e r h t 8.70 A. I j e m i n g ; 27.00 J. H. Park 28.80 Roy Mem 13.50 T r a G o r d o n 7.20 I.. L u k e m e y c r 12.60 J. R o d e r i c k 24.60 S a m u o l R a i n e y 20.60 lien Perkins 24.00 J. B. Bolton 26.40 Pat Clark 13.30 II. Disney 11.25 S:im G o o d i n g 12.60 John Leach 19.80 .ONG RUN FOR THE FIREMEN ana Mrs. H. H. Le Veck. 1126 North Jordan streer, gave the fire depart- ir.erit a long r u n . Saturday. A small ·hole wag burned in the roof of tho house around the chimney, but the fire was easily extinguished and small 22.20 22.20 22.20 13.50 11.50 9.60 i g h t f i n d some B. R. Bramhall, 304 West Wood j street, bought a Ford touring car last e n o u g h to make the roads m u d d y more t h a n a few hours and the Friday a f t e r noon and Saturday t r a v e l i n g has worn off the rough spots in most places. C o n d i t i o n s In neighboring counties follow: Tuscola (Douglas county)--Good, no dust. Mt. Pulaskl (Logan county)--Good, week. J. A. Penn of Decatur recently purchased E. M. Ford runabout. Gunning, 1427 West Wood street, recently purchased a 1915 Cole six-cylinder touring car. TIRES BV POST. The United States postal d e p a r t m e n t has recently made a ruling that automobile tires may now be sent by parcel post. Previously, t h e y have been set down as too large and were not accepted. According to the present ruling, the space inside of the tire Total J737.9-5 RECITAL BY MISS RYDER'S PUPILS The Car of Supreme Value" T HE car that give* you more genuine automobile value for your money than any other car in the world it the jtfaxwlll ' Fast and powerful; easytooperate; lightandprac- tically indestructible. The ideal family car; a big and beautiful streamline 5-passenger automobile. The car that looks and acts like a car that sells at three times the price. The car that keeps down gasoline, oil and tire billsjthe car that you can always depend on. DAWSON AUTOMOBILE CO. - - 242 N. Franklin St. no dust. Clinton (Dewitt county)--Pair. Sullivan ( M o u l t r l e county)--Fair. Shelbyville (Shelby c o u n t y ) -- G o o d , no dust. A little rough in some 1 laces. is not measured, only the material in fO BUY CHINA States Attorney Deck Asks Suggestions. rou" t o u r i n g car. He wilt drive the I car to Xiasara Falls and other points on the lake, t h e n will make the trip Mr. and Mrs. Roy Moore and Son tho tire being counted as taking up space. This should prove a popular method of shipment to the tire m a n u f a c t u r e r s as well as the small retailers, as it i lessen the cost of t r a n s p o r t a t i o n . YFT IN Y L i UN State's A t t o r n e y J. L. Deck received a l e t t e r from John G. Oplesby, secret a r y of the I l l i n o i s commission of the Panama-Pacific exposition, asking him for suggestions. Neal. l f , 2 4 Xorth Broadway, w i t h F. B. u w j ,f a]so be h a r [ i y f o r parties on some point on their route. Thursday from a t r i p to Brazil and In- ! dianapolis in their car. Mrs. L. H. Pollard and d a u g h t e r | , _ , _ . » , . v DT TT T PTIN Lillian, of this city, and Mr. and Mrs.! VVLtK-Ll B U L L f c l l l N F. Pollard of Evanston, 111., returned QM NRARBY ROADS last week from a trip through Wlscon- v " ' "·" sin In Mrs. Pollard's ear. They report- Orders Hnve «o He Placed Lonp ' n Advance. Bert Weaver, of the I-tnn Scruggs store left for New York yesterday to buy new goods for the new store In the Powers b u i l d i n g . T h i s ma has yet been l a i d b u i l d i n g . But the the new store goods w h i c h Mr. ~ - G-ood. no dust, is the condition of ! tage over the store. Mr. Weaver's deed that the roads in the northern part o s f Q£ the roads ln Macfm c o u n t y and I ) a r t m c n t Is the china d e p a r t m e n t and of the state ware in good condition, but i c o u n t j c s s u r r o u n d i n g Decatur. the goods which he will are still were poor in this vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. R. Llppincott of Cincinnati, O., arrived in Decatur in their Studebaker touring ca.r last Tuesday evening. They were on their way from St. Louis to Cincinnati. They reported that the roads here were in good condition compared to the condition of roads In the southern part of the state, which are so dusty that one loses the way. Where last Sunday all the roads were eep in dust and traveling by auto- nobile was a trial instead of a pleas- j| s really m a d a a f t e r it is sold. While i r e , motorists today may leave Deca- i the store is b e i n g b u i l t the china w i l l , ur in every direction and go almost be in process of m a k i n g and will lie | .« far as they like In Illinois, and d e l i v e r e d here In November. It Is ne.'es- ; ind road conditions splendid. The r a i n s j s a r y to p u r c h a s e now in order to have tain a free moving ,f Thursday and Friday were not i the goods here In time. which will be e x h i b i t BRTEF TOURING NOTES. J. G. Parker returned Friday from Kokomo, Ind.. In his Haynes special touring car. Mr. Parker reported one Haynes touring car sold this week. George Jacobsen and family of Nl- antic left Saturday In their Cadillac touring: car for Charleston, III., and other points in central Illinois. George "W. Stephenson of New York City went through Decatur last week in his 1S10 Apperson touring car on his way to Los Angeles, Cal. Mrs. J. Miller of Oak Crest returned' IDEALFURNACES Ideal Furnaces stand the test. Notice tha leading builders use Ideal Furnaces. If you 8- an Ideal In the basement Us ten to one the rest of the house is b u i l t right." Expres ·Ions we- hear from our customers : "I tell you, its a splendid heater." "We find It so easy to regulate." "I burned three tons less than my neigh bor." "How can you sell such a good furnace si reasonable?" "I fyou Tv-ant any reference, call me.** Etc.. Etc., Etc. Remember, we stand back of every Idlea lolcl. The Ideal means a square deal. Mastic Roofing successfully laid over old Ihlngles. Guarantee*! for 15 Get TIT price on »roofing ana spouting Barringer Hardware ·U K. Water. Bell ohono "What can be dons by this commis- , Neta Koontz sion at the exposition," asks Mr. Ogles- | Walter Ryan bv, ''that w i l l h e l p to m a i n t a i n and in- j Gladys Wentz crease the state's a l r e a d y well-estab- i Corrinne Koontz lished supremacy in a g r i c u l t u r e and Florence Peel commerce? Can you suggest something ppear j in t h i s c o n n e c t i o n we have not already to be unseemly h a s t e on the part of the i t h o u g h t of? Is t h e r e not s o m e t h i n g of ! s t o r e buyer i n a s m u c h as not a brick p a r t i c u l a r i m p o r t a n c e and l n t - y , - = t i n the vicinity of your home, that we m i g h t take into c o n s i d e r a t i o n in working out our plans?" ASKS SUGGESTIONS. Mr. Deck paid S a t u r d a y that he would be glad to have people send in suggestions to him during the next few days In order that lie can formulate, a reply. Illinois will make a big showing at t h i s exposition. The Illinois building, costing a p p r o x i m a t e l y S120.000, Is al- d e l i v e r e d h = r e In November. It Is ne.-es- ! ready under construction. It will con- picture show at d scenes showing Twenty Yonnn People Tafce Part In Musical Program. Pupils of Miss Lilly Ryder gave an i n t e r e s t i n g recital l a s t Thursday evening at her home, 15S2 North Church street. There was a large attendance of parents and f r i e n d s of the pupils and the music was thoroughly enjoyed. Those who appeared on the Program follow: Lucile Hawver Mary Schudel Arietta Doty Pauline Crankshaw Edna Christison Clarence Murray Ada Bear Helen Snyder ; Vivien Stroh Dora Patterson Dorothy Kellar Elmer K r e s i n Thehna Spence E d n a Deaklns Helen Schudel FEREE BROMLEY We Do Vulcanizing Exclusively Tires retread, blow outs, rim cuts, new beads, etc. Let us make your old tires as good as new at a small expense. We have the best equipped plant in the county and employ experienced wirkmen. All work guaranteed, mileage allowance. \Ve invite inspection of our plant and tne work we do. See our line of tire accessories. FERRE BROMLEY VULCANIZING WORKS AUTO 3641. 323 E. MAIN ST. BELL 826. ! Weaver w i l l buy have not any a d v a n - in France in the form of clay. French china is p r a c t i c a l l y m a d e to order or The real basis of tire service is quality --quality of materials and quality of workmanship. Sticking to this manufacturing truth has made Re publics what they are.' You'll appreciate "what they are" when you find out "what they do. Come in and buy one "find out" tire today. Complete Stock on Hand MOTOR CAR SUPPLY HOUSE 357 N. Main St. Guy C. Ferre, Prop. Bell Phone 725, Auto I99 $500 $550 Runabout F. O. B. Detroit Touring Car Immediate Delivery. Car Complete. - No Extras to Buy. Buy It Because It's a Better Car COME AND SEE J. G. STARR* SON Lincoln Square. YEHICLES HARNESS Decatur, HI. AUTOMOBILES {NEWSPAPER! lEWSFAPESr

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