The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 7, 1971 · Page 28
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 28

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 7, 1971
Page 28
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14B Ogden Standard-Examiner, Thursday, October 7, THE FUNTSTONES £VS?-WONDER WrN YOU AUWAVS ; AROUND? IT TbOli HIS TWINS PARENTS vifiEUSIO DBCtDEOH A PROPER NAME ». AMD OWLY ASECOHD FO*£15 BUPPIESTO COME UP VVITH " LABEL — SCANNING THE STARS Bv SYDNEY OMARR Vorecast for Friday, October ^nd out wha^ou rgJy need. assets", keeps .-..• > •••«,.„... envious -of progress of others. Yet -natives^ this sign do want fair''".'competition. Scorpio is confident that if tte game is not ggSMSiS-ff^ -- rv --~ to finances. Scorpio s with Cancer, Pisces, Virgo : "and Capricorn. Some famous, persons born under usness . _- — -Sense of humor is ally. Dont take too seriously words from one who is gloomy. Look beyond the. immediate. CANCER (June 21-July 22). Check for loopholes. The more you are, the better the iim Bishop ar«^ "-—-•--;. 10 v ARIES (March 21-Apnl 19). Ideas: need more development Kelafives may not now agree witiryour basic concepts»Key is ™ be original without stepping on 'too many toes Leo individual- is apt to figure prominently. Delay UNCLE RAY'S CORNER By RAYMON COFFMAN Woman Kept Fixed Position Six Minutes How -long would you be able ;o spend looking toward a^ camera while 'the photographer | took a picture of you? I' am.' speaking of just: one picture, from the time the shutter opened until it snapped shut. ».,^5U I/ * i -r- 't -- —^ ' ". PLAIN THAT I'M /A/ AMD JUST PON'T WANT TO TA1_V< TO HIM/ THtVSENOWTA IS AN ARTIST, MARCEL X COME TO SHOW HER THE PICTURE. CRAGtAS, ... •UUTXHftVEOIHE BUSINESS.,. ccwe, KELLY, BUZ temporarily attention to handicapped. one Put temporary : . up with minor inconvenience for neater good. You will- un- L-I reality. 'Overcome tendency toward self-deception, fielati-ve 'surprises- with generous gesture. However, there may ba hidden motive. Be perceptive. Don't sell yourself short. Be factual. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Don't play .- games with your security, pet. commitments, promises in writing. Leave nothing to chance. Well-meaning associates, good wishes will not suffice. Get the facts. Keynote accomplishment. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)- Be willing to. change your mind. Stress creative thinking. Take long-range view. Don t be in too much of a Tiurry. Finish . second, but suppose you -had to j wait a minute for a picture to. be taken. If you were waiting •for the slow picture, you should not move the . muscles of .your face or tilt your head at a different angle or speak. That w.ould be hard enough, but' just suppose you lived when the first known portrait photograph was made in the United States. Miss Catherine Draper .was -the subject of 'that - '**_ ___ - ___i_;-— 1_ ,-.+f\f* i-n^^A 131 BARNEY^GOOGfi-E and SNUFFY SMITH By FMD picture, years star derstand LEO ready which was made 131 She had to "stay six minutes.'- Her i ago. for "(July 23-Aug. for change, 22): Be possible V T *Se?S blues. Be optimistic. There is srood reason. VIRGO (Aug. i Don't engage 23-Sept. 22): senseless Aira high; 'work with material at bant 'What appearsi opposition may merely be healtay K. ,. _._ Trru-* arM-ioort: far Challenge. What appears away-may far closer than you now priorities. now is.tuuonv": .," , {,-mire libra individuals figure prominently. You can gain if d; ?T^W23-Oct. 2 2):See! Lt,l J.WW A"—— •-•- • what you start. What appears opposition turns in your favor. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): You may be reluctant to try something new. Key is to move ahead. Look to. future instead of brooding about past. Accent is on health, certain restrictions. Kesp diet, health AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19): You face reality in connection with children, affairs of heart. You are concerned with what others think, feel, • how they- react. Key, however, is to; be- sure you-'personally are on right kTLill J.U1 13***, ,* A *-"-•--•—-•-• father, Prof. .William Draper of | New York University, took the 1 picture. SCIENTIST GETS CREDIT Sir.'- John Herschel, British scientist, is- given .credit -fc coining the word "photograph. This name was made by puttin two Greek words together, an the meaning is "light-writing." Herschel 'gave special study^to "silver •• salts" chemicals. He — r — -—--man in -England, Fox Talbut, to develop a new method of taking pictures to make "nAoativos." The negatives make prints, manner followed today. For general interest section of your scrapbook. NOT'TONIGHT, JUSHfllD VE CRW ASTJflMEVTO STfiV PER SUPPER SOME OTHER TIME "Punks, Tricks tnt Fun" gives ideas -for pirtics unii indoor games. Jnis It.fler will b« «"' t" »«» wtl" chargi welost . stamped, sc ttircaef envelope. Send your letter Uncle my in c«re of. this newspaper YOUNG HOBBY CLUB BvCAPPYJDlCK_ played, _..-u; A i* The game of "S" is with? cardboard letters which any toy or girl can cut at home. The-legs of a chair serve as the targets. The idea of the game is for the players to see who can be first:to ring a chair leg lo times. That player will win the ga Cdt'onelarse"S" (Figure 1) out of cardboard for each player. It is a good idea to nave four-such cardboards ready to accommodate four players, if 'there are likely to be more players, more letters snould be prepared, of course. TAW LINE Establish a taw line five feet from a chair placed ne^r a wall as in Figure 3. The wall will act as a:'backstop for cardboards that miss the target. • • The players take turns sliding their- letters along the fi°?r from'the taw line, attempting to have- the "S" hook .itself onto one-'of the chair legs -as m Figure 2. If the "S" does so, the player wins one point and_ gets another turn. 'When he misses, the next player gets a turn. The game continues until one playerjias^ scored 15 joints to T | j, j ij\jj_/t_' v* **•*• —" ~ • I Build on solid base. Opportunity i is available: -'But you first 'must 'straighten -out some, details. Don't be afraid to use alternative method. Sagittarius individual can aid. Be receptive.. PIS. 3 jo-: To find out mort >bout yourself ,nd .strolosv, ordtr SyJncy Omarr J 50-pig> konltlet. Th« Trirth About As- trolujy. Stnd birthiiiti «n< 75 cents t. Omsrr Booklet, Ogden, St«r,dart-Ex«m. iner Bo« 3240, Grand Central Station, Niw York, N.Y. 10017. DAILY CROSSWORD A CHAIR serves as a target in the fun game of ' S played with cardboard letters, become the winner. (Mothers, fathers, aunts, ™elBl Cappv Dick's "Birthday '«£» «" nt *. booklet will tquti Ifou with « gnod narty games to entertain children. *u ?h» stSnti ar. easy «o worlt out. T» get . copy of these helpful ideas, lend 50 cents in coin and a jtamjed, self- addressed .nvel.p. to CAPPY DICK BOOKLETS, P. 0. lox «77, Evfjrecn Park, Illinois 60*42.) Tomorrow: A book cover for your 3-ring school notebook! ;: ' : 7/, e with the Built-in Chuckle O Rearrange letters -of the four scrambled words be- low'jo form tour simplojwords- - H A.B C E L ••'" > '• 1 -- - f : ; V"U S E A .3 c:~. : KID EN .* 2. •l 1 1 i- r-« ! O :: c U P I H E s S 7 PRINT NUMBERED LETTERS IN THESE SQUARES ••••"•^^••^ "^ "UNSCRAMBLE LETTERS TO GET ANSWER Overheard at a carnival: "That glass blower blows nothing but 25-watt bulbs. Poor guy, he's got the O Complete the chuckls quoted .by filling in the missing words you develop from step No. 3 below. [i B IS B FT Yesterday's Answer I'M fiFEEREO THflR WOULDN'T BE-ENUFF .LEFTOVERS PER HIS DOS AUNT LOWEE2V-- Ky DALE CURTIS ' REX MORGAN; JF IT'S ALL THE SAME OXW/r THIMKZ'U. STAY AMP CMJOX MY PINNER/ AM I RI&HT . ASSUMING- THAT •YOU'RE PAYIHG THE TAB ? ItiTAKE VOW HOME/ YOO'RS HO BETTEK THAR HEI&f IFyOO'RB HOT TAKING' ME «OM£/ X'M GOIHG AU?»£/ THINK THIS SOMETHING SHOULP STRAIGHTEN — ANPZtL S&.YOQ AT THE. WHAT «E'5 ABOUT - OFFICE IH , THE MOKHItt&f THE TAB'S OH ME.' were used to in much the MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN IT'S THAT ©. MAGIC WHAT'S GOING -OUT THER BACK TO YOUR CELLS/ ty SAUNDERS and WOGCON THAT'S RIGHT, I5WT IT? -50 111 HAVE TO GO BACK UP THERE, AFTER I DI5P05E OF MR. KOPEK US READ VOL/R UNCLES DIARY, TOO.' THIS 15 TOO BAD.'-YOLl'RE 60 YOUKIS —AMD PRETTY/ -SLIT, Y'5EE--YOU'RE-THE OWLV OWE WHO KNOWS ABOUT "We're looking: for an alarn dock—ridiculous, Isn't it?" . In want oC 12. Kind of port 16. Similar 22.Hatt- way 23. Maiie Dres- • slor role 21. The •wrinkle •y JIM BURNETT Jt GEORGE CRENSHAW Testeiday'* Jctawtt LIKE I'V£ OP THAT 30. Tower structure 32. Mao • ; Tse-tung, for ono 33. Davis 36. Tempo , 38. Foot '$ vcue AME, Post, . . for one 26. Prank 28. France's "sex kitten" »y ALFBEO ANDRIOLA MRS. . NOT ONE TO- UH_ MECT7LE IM OTHER PEOPLE'S AFFAJRS-. '_! FEEL IT'S MT PUT/ TO TB.L YOU SOMETHING/ YES, ITS A SHAME THE WAY YOU'RE, TIED COWM.' THE QUADS KEEP ME BUSY.. ANP I HAP LOADS OF LAUNDRY TO DO! HOW - . THOUSHTFUU OF.YOU,MRS.FINn.AY.' I WASN'T .ABLE TO SET TO THE STORE TOPAY/ COULD SET OUT MORE.' THIS MICE CORH V, ON SALE, MRS. DRAKE ANU I THOUGHT YOU M1SHT LIKE A FEW 42. Transplant •43. Irish river XMiWIT 1. Doll or tiger 2. Girl's name 3. Understand (3wds.) •4. Visionaiy 5. More agile 6. Onward 7. Indian cymbals 8. Oft- ' repeated . TV plirasc ACROSS 1.Stakes• 5. Dress material 10. Helm position 11. Earth, for "example 13. "Piccolo 14. •bearing 1 15. Board a sleeper, 17. Cyprinoid 'fish IS. Word of', encouragement 19. -Small cask 20.—— . dolorosa 21. Arab chieftain 23. After- dinner candy 24.Rat>bitfur 26. Squalid 27. Athirst 2S. Luscious cherry 29. Part of a pencil game SO. Bowncast 31. Street'cry" 34. Hit the grub . 35. Nominato 37. Dumbbell 39. Landed, aa a fly 40. Corrida, hero 41. Layer of ; paint . DAILY CRYPTOQTJOXE—Here's how to work it: AXYDLBAAXB One letter simply stands for another. In .this sample A Is used for the three L's.'X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the-code, letters are. different A Cryptogram .Quotation VTM HYM.E :N HWM: ,z-HJ'.B. ivNWz.irf,Tp P B EC .T C C E , ,.T'M EV.J-B ' H. • E BX MTM'EO DJ»ZM TM ^B^B T C A.M -:•. ' . . ' . ' - Yesterday'* Cryptoquotc: WE ABE A.KIND OF' TAKIN& OUK HUE—TF.E HUE O^' -OUR MORAL , lA^irH^ uu« -,-AETUT US.—JOHN IX3CKE .JaeJ -•'•''-' MARY WORTH SCRATCH. BECAUSE, IF VOU' DID, YOU CAN PICK UP THAT PHONE RELAX, DARLING!/you DIDN'T HE'ONLV WW,T •ML WHILE M155 FAQTNER. 15 QETT1NS OVER. HE.R. OF COURSE. NOT, ELTON!—I'M-— PERFECTLY HAPPV — BEING "JUST A HOUSEWIFE.! ru. BET, IF.THE TRUTH WERE KNOWN,. MY INCOME.; INCLUDING- THE BONUS, IS CLOSE .UANK.PENDLE.TjON • OFFERED YOU A JOB?.' WHAT'S-THE IDEA?-.. •—WHAT'S-THE IDEA?- TO WHAT HE MAKES.' DOESN'T HETHINK-I MAKE -._-__ ENOUGH TO\suepoR.T

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