Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 23, 1930 · Page 13
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 13

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1930
Page 13
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I""' 1 "n'WWWW' HERALD THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 23,1930. ·2ATUR HERALD vv» ?y '4 ^ */,·!· t: HIM 1 THOUGHT, COLONEL. ,i rfoR ,eoH- 16M6 TME SSUMFOPC EOM ME HAtf RICKARD'S GILDED PROMOTIONS REMAIN ONLY AS MEMORIES FISTIC FINANCE RUSHES BACK TO STARTING POINT taxing Business Declines With Fighters On Percentage JUST COMMON PUGS it) I/KANK or/Fry Itwl I'ffHK SporW Utlltor) NEW YORK, Oct. 23,--A cyclr of fistic finnnce, which »t(irt«d on the upswing through the of T«x Rickttrd, in the Tnniicy-Oempaey days, and de*ccndccl with n rush through the Shnrkey and SchmelinR fins- COM, now is complete, Box I nit. n* u bus I new R, LH linclt wh#ro It wim when Rlckiml found It nnl on vis toned hl« million doll (pitPI. Thf i mtty ruck n tec rn who profited hugely In tho tltiyM of bljf xi ·nd l l t t l o fltfhtlng no Ion fro r puff their fltl-eent rlgat'M with tholr feet on (hf tntiln* in iiillllonnlreR' offlcuu. Thenillllonulrddibi Infi builn»»jiii men. «re thoroughly tired of tho oonnlv- InR tight miniftfrers-nosv that the no Inngcii In profltnblc. i Squitrti Garden hnn tin "Nn mtirti big gunrnnti«( tor flKht«rH." Tim txtyn, thnt Iti, muirt 1 work OH * p»rc4i»tiif», Obvl nmly thin Ii fnlr «nd biinlnrwt-llkr although It'n tnklnit dome 4rf tho irnntt oflentlftrii * little lime tn uwxl to thn Id«n. Thn Mpa of ([uarantWH for »r* tiki noi (vrlftlnatn with Tex Rick tnt, bill umlrr him tliD tdhshdrt Itn pNxlt, Vlnttlty. It broke him, It vtdx TOK'H Itlon ahvnyu to huvn strlnp to hlM flfthtnrH. 'I'huB. tltlo atctvlnut flftno Tunriey, (or Iho tni'ift'M ifurifftnU'D t-vpr (flvcn A tw Rlrkaul «l«i had K inniiijml thitt K Tuimcy wnn, the noxt flftht for llu tlllii *ho«1d bfl undor Tnx'd pro. mntion T u n n c y did win, find then win if « nillllfin doilnra rnr fl r'tutii hoiil. [Vinpscy. c( t'ourtm had tn hni'f another Kunrnntc* for hi» ihuro. mid itltofrndior Tox wa» in tiixk for ncnrly (l.OOO.OOt* b*fori the bout In Chlcnso In 1027. Thnt bout. \K«ii over ttio top, wltli a rccoul »ftti at 12.0:10,000. Church Cagers to Start Play on November 4 Willie Hlfrh schools and colleges are xtlll worrying about football, uth- ieitlc activities at the Y. M, C. A will turn to basketball. At a meeting of th« league's bourd of mana Kara Wednesday nlRht It was d«cld- m\ thitt piny In the 1030-S1 Church brfttltotbnll lettguc would start Nov. 4 JRnKiilatlonii will be nmc! the satin. a.* h\st year. Any church IB eligible And la urged to on tor teams In three UlvlHlons, ns follows; Junior -- undor 126 pound!) tind imUor age o( IB or Nov. 1, 1030; Interttiedlote--undci' pounds und under ugc of 18; Senior --no restrict Ions. ft ml will bo Tlitirmlny night a, on tit 1 o'clock 7:50 and SHO, Entries) ttml enry fas nt (300 t n u l bi in tlf o(ficu ot Mr "V" physical director, by C'oplcs of the now rules as Oct. UO. drawn up by the board of Mr, niftht nuiy hi 1 hud from Clinton Cagers Have Formidable Schedule Ahead CLINTON, Oct. 33-WHh such oj- pun cuts us Spring field, Normal, Trinity, ChampalKn, Blooming ton and Armenia listotl, and the achcdultt still Incomplete, Coach Joo Axclaon'g Clinton banket ball team fnccu one ol the stiff eat prgtcrnma It lifts over Attnmptfd thla yont. Tha tentuttve achtdiila shows ten jfam«« awny und only five at home, but Axolaon hns flvo open dutea he In open to fill, ami moat If not all of these will be at homo, Tt tw c-xtioctcd that pttLCttdft Kvt unik'r way soon, although not much can bo done until the foot hull *«iuion ia over. Wnstray and Andcr- son «tii lost from luat yeufn tenm, hut Hlmw und Andrewa, the two cap nhlo Klini'dw, ant I Shtilby, tho colored center im bnclt. "Smiling HI a transfer from PatOKti, UtroD-yonr school, promlBoa lo fill In at cnr of tile vacant forward The schedule: II, I^i t i f f , Jiiri. J u t ! .Inn , 11 r,[,,.|, r. --Ji,iiiiufi'-i,i M - riinmLnlh + irk. Then Mi mo thn downward trend. Tuniwy. itttct 1 dwdtitlnf! Demiwry i\ lime, p n i i n p l l v dcninndrd nil Kii'niintco for h U iifsl n of lh« lit nvywcl^ht chum- plounhlp Ulckartl w\.vo It. itnd WJIM ! to pay Ocno nonfly $500000 ot the opponent nmt the Rate. Thn opponent proved tn le Tom flfcnt'y and Ihe i;sto cf ibly lew thnn Tunnoy's MfitlJiftn Htjii'ire Onrdwi tflkintt M on the ehIn Evan with thnt liason In mind, the n»vf ((remp at tho head of Mfidlson Square Gimlnn. miccnJiBOi* to the tote Hlfkftrd, continued the practice of giving exorbltunt xuarhntees to tho nccnnd r n t i i H who cumo alonu after Timnvy's r u t l t r n i c n t . Jutk Slim-key rtlwayn ruli-il 1100000 mln- taum fw his fi^hti. Schmelln^, 8lriblln(( nnl others weru «uiirun- t««l more thnn they cvor could druvr In at the Rat*, and HO tho ayftnm collnpucd with comHomblu loss to Square drirdon, which now . \ Mutn I I K H 'i,riin I Ill-Hi r, .'I i l n l t l , I h (i " U l i l i i ' l h l . I] ..... i 1 1 ,11 1 hum. itn ,, 211 \ i k, ^irit. In-] i :; r.i-iuj, IK n i S i: niiil - I I ' K M till ttectared Itself and orled MAROON BASEBALL TEAM COMES BACK FROM_ORIENT TRIP '.Ity I iPirnl Cif» ' CHIOAOO. Oct. Mi -- Tlic Chicago nnlvNtilty brtsebfill tcnin, f i f t h Mn- wn »t|iw(t tn piny In Japnn, will t e turn from \lx Invasion of the Orient MrH- Monday mornlntt. according tc word twlvid T h u r s d a y on tlif MUI- Wy. TUo Miiroonit won ", lout 7 und tied w Kiitiic un ihc t r i j i . nfttr losliifl thth r i i « t five Km"" 1 !* In n row. A i l Cnhlll wnn ihi lending |ltihi ! r. wln- 1% fntit Kiimet. w h i l e Knowlew, Ur^n nnd llfuxhinv won cue (jump »«h Marse McCarthy Visits Chicavo For Conference I My ' 'f '' tl I ' r r M . ClUuAttf). (ct 9!) ,loe McCiiithy. "**)' upnnlntrrl mnntttfor of the Now J°rt Ynnhoim. wns f n roiitc to New Jwk Thiirsdov, after H confi-iMcc TMi» with Art pli'iotiM 1 . Yftilki'"'* It we i t h i - flrxt Unie the (or- tihx' intiniiKcr )md vlnltwl ' h l appointment no Van- AMATEURS WORRIED OVER_GOLF STATUS Midget Players Refuse Cash And Take Trophies i ttu r u i f r r t V'rt-Tt , CHATTANOOGA, Tnn., Get 2I{~ Tho flntt national open Tom Thumb fcolf tournament was a triumph lor the Amateurs, but It left many ot them with fears for t h e i r Simon-pure Hhtndltiic In real golf, Sonxi of tile amateur w l n u e t s of tHi' (liH't-dwy mott which ended Wfdncadiiy were so aim mod at th*' pos'tlbllRy of becoming profession alii that they refused cash prices and nc- ucpted trophies Instead. Oolfora from Jacksonville, Flu,, omoi'ged victorious In both divisions of tho tournament, J, K, Scott of Jacksonville. triumphed In the men's division, w i n n i n g $2,000, Hl« scoru wan SS-SS-S*-- 223 for tho 71! tidies. Vietorohm among the women wtis Mrs. J. E. Knnkin, also of Jntksoa- vllle, Mor prl*c also wajj $2,000. She shot 60-BO-B8-63-2'll. ROSENBLOOM BJEATS BAIN IN TITLE GO Technical Knockout Awarded Victor In I Ith N K W Y O t l K . Oct !!S Maxic UOH- ol I l t t t l v n i i succesatully dc- hia t i t l e ol llj;til-h«ivjwelKht cliamplon [x«tUniit Abl Buln of Now a i k . N, ,f. at Mudliion Si]imrc Car den. VvednfMdiiy night KiHfnbloiim wfts dooluied the win nci on a leclinlfiil Itnockoui In the lUh round of u Hchcdi'I.'d l,"-t ounil iitiul, whin CHln. bloedlny from n deep cut over his left eye. was waved ^hls corner hy Keferee Lou B horn* , his flrnt meeting h l* nrw bond nnrl Hid two dti- planit for t h e Hiai Coyot As Dakota's Mascot oct aa~- . un1v»r*lty'« football loam. trftv»idd 1,700 mllcti to piny Wnnhlmtlftn hcr«i recently. « nieh r(,mr w i t h It that ptlnws mostly by the tackling Cr«sk Ktnn\ei', ci«v«r end, not throunrh hl« Ability in opposlnn pluyers to earth, that Kram*" wa* able to th« well-known name Only C.OOO fnns watched the *jont Koiiiin bloom, content to let Ualn r tin the leading, lost the flrut two round;", hut CHUMS hnclt in the third to win easily (ruin thiu point on. The chuinplon .welched 1741. his henvlcul riKhtlmt weight to date. Bain wrltrhcd 1711. JOCN VAN RYN AND MISS GLADMAN WED ilia I'all'il I ' l M t . ) ^ SANTA MONICA, Cal,, Oct. 23- John Van Ryn of Princeton, K, J,. American Davis Cup player, and Marjorio Oladman of Snntu Monica. National Woman's IntotcotleRlato tennis champion, w«re mnnlnd Wednesday nlsht, in St. Augustlne's-by- t he-Soft Episcopal church. The wedding culminated a 10- mance that bngun when the two were competing In tonnia tournnniom» her* and abroad, Tho couple will live; in Philadelphia. ' THREE CHARITY GRID CONTESTS . ATTRACT FANS Trio of Clashes Will Net $150,000 Towards Relief EX STARS TO PLAY tty Unitat I'ress) CHICAGO, Oct. 23--Three benofi football games which will bo playc on Soldier Field next month are ex peeled t? Dot charity more than ¥150,000, The Kamcs urir l).Notr» Diinw vn. Nortli- wetttorn Nov. 22, with 60 por cflnt of tliti n-ecljitM to bo dlvldmt nmuhK chitrltU^ aiding in the unemployment ulttmtlun. (9) Foritior Hluiw of Notre and Nnrlhwfistfirii uffillnst othisr for the benefit of the hospital for crippled cli)~i'cn, ChlcoRo unit, Nov. 27. (#} \Vc«t Virginia vs. OntRon Stain, ulmi for tile Shrlnom' fund. Tho Weat VU'Klnla^)tp s on State giime, tbe first of a net lea of tan annual Thanksgiving Day games to be aponnorcd by the Shrlnors at Sol- dtor Field, and the game between the former Notio Damo and Northwedt- crn stnis will bo presented on the snmo prog) am. Ihinnbt lo Slirinors All proceeds from these two games will ho donated to tho Shrlnora' funt nttcr MtionseB of the two college teams und tho (ormet- collegians aro deducted, If Notre Dttlne and Northwestern both enter tholr game next month unlie touted, they will pack the lake (rent Htadlnm to ila capncily of 110,000. Wllh Moats aelllnK al $.1 each the Rfilo receipts will amount to ap- pioxlinately W30.000. with charity gotting 1108,000. Morning Con lout The ottior two yamca aro expected to draw upwufda of 30,000, The Notre Dania-Northwostei n all-stHre gsime an nddod attraction which wan ar. Bed a week ago. will start at 9:30 n. m., followed by Iho WeBt Virginia Oregon Stato gumu. Knute BocUno has picked some of Notre Dnnto'3 grenteiit playots for his all-Mar team Among thprt f Don M l l l c i , liglil halfbtick of "The Four HorHcincii." j nc k Eltter, fleet- footed halfback of 1038 and 1029, Adam Walsh, center and captain or The Four Horsemon" and now Yi line conch, Noblo Klzcr, Punliw ocrnch and foimer gutird, and Hunk Andcrsrm, ^uard, and now Rookno's assistant. Itaki-r tn Tlay i-t-U among NoKhwpstern'i pldycru aic Mootf Halter, former All- Amcrlni halfback, Pusncll Bcrffh A!!-Confor«nco fullback last season Tim Lowry, center anrt captain or the 1D25 team. Another charity pnmc h;is been iropoacd betwren Wljicoffisln and Murquptte. slitto rivals who hnven'( ployod In somo yenrs. Glenn Frank, president ot Wisconsin, boa referred proposals for thn post-reason charity gnme to the athletic council. CITY ritOFHFJCY SEALED t(t» until it r' i CMCVKf,AND, O A pi cilictton of this city's future has been written and auuled In a safely deposit bank In u total Iwiuk The deposit Iwx is not ti bo opened until 1905, when city officials me to read the prophesy and compare It with the actual civic progress. BELIEVE IT OR NOT. k A CONTINUOUS LINE 40 WILES CAM 6E DRAWN WITH AN ' PENCIL -By Ripley. COMPULSORY IM Tut HAKKOWSCHOOL INC I, AND Averaged. MADE 3 SCORtS OF 30O XiKPLAXATION Op YESTK»- ))AY's CAUTOON 'nOiM^'WMkl--"Man of No Dreums" Czar Niehotat' rebuke ("Pas de ieves, messieurs") to n Polish delegation waiting upon him In Furl* n f t e r one of the numerous Polish Insui rtctlonM had been suppressed with groat severity, constitutes one of thn milestones in the history of R« Hun-Pol I sh relations. Padorawaki's btrthdate, lisi name which IM Identical with those famous words, and the fact that the Pole consider that he has done more for the liberation of his country than any other man, are a most curious historical coincidence. My Information in based on Padcrewskl'it official biography, which the Polish government circulated under the title "The M»n of Destiny" (Max Przeznaczonta,) at his accession to Iho Premier hip of Poland fn 1919, $fx Coin* Ptncsed go Then Are Two Itowo of Fwir Take «oln marked number 4 In my drawing and place It on top of coin marked number 1, and you hnvo two rows of four coliw 1 * «*ch, horizontally and y*rtlcally, Tomomw--The Foor Flrtt! "Fm Tough," Says Off ice Girl; Rides In Garden's Rodeo Arena Cowboys Train On Sundae* As Promoter Groans and Moans "A HORSE ON ME" NEW YORK, Oct. 23--Miss Made- fill! Tlerney, who works In a den- let's office tin Long 3 sin nil, pin cod · insurance policy on a shelf where t would be easily accessible to mop- :ers of her family and strolled Into Hadlson Square Garden Thursday to Ui tbe World scitcs rodeo. "I," aald Miss Tlcrney to T, Joe Oa* 11, Maestro of the lOdco, "tan oiiKh. I wnnt to bo In your show," No Itiullu Show Mr. Cahlll explained to the 18 yaura ld girl tbat it was a rcuJco show and not a, radio exposition. "People ride hoiava here," lie laid, Along the Line -By BOB SINK- I T'S pretty cold, but tho dlrccloni of the 6loomini;ton Baseball Association probably hiij nnoth*r meot- Inp when they trad thai Mauricr Main,/a youngster likd out and turncfl loose hy pl Hiuklns last ft|irinsr, had b«on sold In Ihc Brooklyn Natlonalfi. Mnln Joined Joo Dunn's Sprlnft- flold, Ohio, chih In tho Central li'aK 1 " 1 aCter bcltiR ruloascd b rilo«!nlnfrton, and hati a good aco- ion Mitln 1» only 10 yearn o)d tmd Is n right handed pltuhur. State Normal's foot hull squad held 'ft hi;; oonfrpilon rncoting onrty this v, ecu ntul 20 of the hoys iv!*xi!tted 1,1'caklng ti nlnlng and wev^^^pend- ed for A week. Aa a result there arc It. left, most of them third stringers, to play tn Normal's g-tme apaiiwt Eurrha this weak. Normal tins no student athletic foe, hut offoilf) ore bfltiR made lo put onii ihrotifth Sliittciiti objected i.p Bupportlnff alhlctci who wouldn't tialn, nnd Coach Joe Coj?dnl called l"h« c.onfosslon menttnp us » result. Thompson, 111" I,ln- coin buy who pluri'tl hi the nioonilngton oulflrld In 133.1, tins beon purfhtiartl by the \Vi\Hhlue- ton American* and ordered In r«]i n r t to linttaitnoga next spring. Thompson played with Han«rstow n , Md,, in tbe Blue last According to stories soln« mound the leajriie, "Doc" Bennett, three time pennant winner with McCook In tho Nebraska State 4«aGrue, ha^ npplled for tho manager's Job at Springfield. About half the young- Bters sold ou.t of the Nebraska Stnte Uogue have keen developed by Bennett. H«rb ifember, the 1930 Sprtaf-'innings of 4.68, flfltt seeniid liatpmnn, and two No- homla boys, Andy Badncr, now with tb« Pirates, and Jim Cameron, who reports to Toledo In (he spring, me Bennett's products. Walter Holke, who won the Threc- I jtcnnant for Qulncy, also Is reported to be an applicant. Mark .Potter man ha» basketball praottue hi High HChool, - · I H liavln/f the Itoyn rnport In i»l|thnbi)Ucal order, anil nliiiut S9 new eundl- ' dotes have reported euch dnj p , Chct Cooko. nephew of Manager Frunk Dessau, who wns such a tliie Eroundsk^eper at Fans field last summer, drops us a card. Chct writes that he and Dessau took In the series gnnifH In Phl)ad«lihia, and then dropped down to Baltlmote to see a little college football. Jimmy Hamilton gave the Southern Association quite n stormy time of it In Mobile last season, and a» a result the league transferred the Mobile franchise to Knoxville, Tcnn.. at its annual meeting lour week, A group of Knoxville business men chipped In $33,000 to take the franchise off Hamilton's hands. Even night buicball couldn't keep tti« Burlington, in., dub of the MtsslBsttinl Volley ]«a£tn from jrolng In the hole durln( the U»t RMftnn, Fans of the Iowa city ATA to meet thin week Mid decide whether or not the franchise will bo retained. Final Texas league average* show Howard Fitzgerald his J31 with Wichita PollB, Vern Underbill won tl and lost 6 with SKreveport and had an earned run average F*r nine "wild, bucking homes. Have you wcr seen a horde?" "Oh, yen," sold Mian Tlernoy, "Sov- oral of them are attached to milk wngons out on Long Inland, Trwrc's no use argulds with me, I'm going to be In the show," Macs t to Cahill took one look at her ted hair and bowed Ills acquiescence, Sirup Her On Hor»e "So tonight," he said an hour later, "we will atiap Miss Ticrney lo There will be one prayer and then a bucking bronc. minute of silent we'll fiend her out Into the arena. Of course, she may Btlck in the ,iodtto, but anyway you look at It the whole 111 Ing is going to take five j c u r s off my life." Mr. Cah IH'a existence has iirlin- nted with sorrow cvur since he Into town. Tho cowboys, for one thing-- arrived with their horaes u rated In nlcoly- polished trucks in- Btcnd of galloping through Times Square as they did In the good old days, Alt the old- time re an Pete Knight, champion bronc rider oC Calory, Cheyenne and the Rocky mountains; Jake McClure, world's best calf toper; and Ike Rude, who eayn he \i a better calf roper than Jake McClure, are hanging around drug store corners and have thrown away th'ilr chewing tobacco. They Go "Broadway" "Banana spl(tn,' v moaned Mr. Cn- hlll, "thul's whnt they're eating. They've gone broadwny on me, but I'll have 'em In shape by tonight." The cowgirls arc doing bettor, Florence Randolph, the leading bionco biiHtcr, always remembers to put her Hombroro and boots oft when she stalks to a tea room for tome icken sultwt and cavltir sn,ntwiche4 and neither Miss Brlda Qaffert nor Miss Tad LUCOB has been caught In public with a powder puff, "Horse*." IjdsL night the arena was adjusted lor whatever pyrotechnics Mis.' Tierney Is planning (or this evening At noon the rodeo entrants-- more that 100-- rode to city hall, ran their Mayor James J. Walker mattn a speech that was filled with mich steeds upon the stops and listened tJ ringing phrases as: "Well, well, this certainty Is n horse on me." KENNEYT(To."F. OU1NT WANTS GAMES KENNBY, Oct. 23-- Kenney I. O. O. F. wilt have a basketball team In the field again this year and already have booked several games Including two with Lincoln college, Nov. 25 and Dec. 3. Team* Interested In booking games with th* Ktnney team this season may write Manag «r Ross Randolph. This year's squad will Include Kirby, Donen, Ingram, Pacely, Brady, Cox, H. Randolph and R. Randolph, Abbott and Meyers of last year's team have enrolled in Illinois Wcs- leyan university this fall, and will not be able to compete with the locals, Missouri Heavyweight On Springfield Bill tfly United Ftets ) SPRINGFIELD, Oct 23 --John Schwake, St. Louis, Mo., heavyweight, who conquered the veteran Chuok Wiggins, Indiunapoliti, Ind., tn his last appearance in it local ring, will meet "Cowboy" Owen*, Tulsa, Ok., In a ten round bout here Thursday, night Schwake*s knockout victory over Wiggins ban raised his to stock us a heavyweight considerably and fight fnns of th If section predict that he will be )crforml!ig with the championship contenders before long. The St. Loulsan has been fight' Ing an a professional for two yoart and during that time ban won IS cut of 21 bouts, most of them knockouts. GridirooGossip By Uoyd Sfoti//*r I F Big Jim Hcaton continue* to develop, C o a i h Oey Ktntn*r'« ·men for a. *p«*dy, ban-carrying end to replace Hllo Turnbo on the Decatur nigh ·quid may bt ond*d Klntner he* long wanted a man of H« ton's rang* on «nd, but the duwky Turnbo'g Kpnnd on end-around plays made him a prohibitive fnvpi- lie (or th« post, unit H«aton ha* performed for two year* M a very dependable tack)*, In that notltlon bo no indication ot «p**d or ball- carrying ubltlty, and tt wu mwo chance that gave him the opportunity t« display thorn qualm**, Trnb0'» ritd-around ptoya had been built Into the Ktotmr ay*tern a* auch an Integral part «l tb* offMtM that the H*4 nwaUr wan very dealrMM nf finding a wlMtitiife who amid fit In with UM MUM hind of play. .Heatoft WM (riven tlw chance to ahmv what IM MUM do whm pracMM ·tarted tfcf* week, and he hM donn w mirprtobiRly well that at alternallve ha* hMu tried Hi yirt. Ktntner Indteatmt WertmwUy nl*lil that he would »t»K Hooton at end again*! JackHMivIlM hne aftarnnoa. rill a taekk pott, whll* Al, who be* tarn IM end, go** Into th* bwkfJeld tor U» flnrt tim*. Both UMM boy*, who pom* from Badorua, an playing thtlr (Int y*»r ot football, and now that thty have ' patted th* fundammtal *ug» wid acquired MUM poiith to their pl*y t tt ·» mity b" expected that thtlr ba«t work in tn n KMar w*MMl tlw ·tflbt. llto tmtmt nhwt h fewl- tor n#Wr. tat to win not b* * In UM ^Mtowivllto yMwv wNI he (IV4HI * elumc* tor b«fw» l*t* iMN Thin shift has occMfonatl other changes tn Ut« lineup which have Mem«d to milt Kintncr In practlft* 1 . nnd which will nn doubt bn (fiv»n a trial timlnr fire tn the Jack*onvi1tc content, If th* Mcrlmmace W4Ntoe*d*y nlf hi t* any indication, the lineup 8* to Hay wHI b* about a* M» lowtt Jfeat0n, le; Wayne 8chrov dcr, Hi RMtdtagi t(; Lualkn «r Walter*, c; Blackburn, re; AH- raMUuv rt: Dahtier, i*t RIU, qht Al Bchroeder, Ih; Reg, rhi Mid DooJen, fb. The thlftinf of the Bchrotdtr- eou- ilni U a comptet* reverial, Wayne tas worked at fullback but now wit) UUni Warms Up For Michigan; Others Shift Lines and Bach tltjl iaHf4 Ptnl 1 CHAMPAIGN, Oct. 38.-- Illinois' football squad w*» nchcdulcd for final drill on th« hom« fl«l* Thuri day and will entrain «rty Friday (or Michigan, cotcb Zunph* »pp»rtntly la satlifltd with hit gprcicDt llnwp and will fttart Gil Berry at htlfbtek Inatmd of quarter, with RuiMll, former end, tlso In the backfUM. 8ehu muclier, WJ pound center, (M* re placed Bauer, a 350pouDd«r, tn th* only line shift SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Thro* Wtt of linemen and. four complel* tack- flclds have been *elect«d by Coach Rocknt for Nolr« Dame'» trip to Pittsburgh for the renfwal of a rivalry which ho* been dormant for IB years Moon Mulltns returntd to th* first Wring yesterday and In txpccted to atari ngalnat PIK. itiv t'nltcrf J'(t« I ANN ARBOR, Mich. --With Au«, Dinleli and Cox Jefiol»«ly out ot Saturday's game »j«tnH Itllneli, Coach Harry Klpke shift td hit Michigan lineup and wnt Wllltamion, Ho Mr and LaJcunetwie Co the vacant Bowling Scores QAH i. v. t. I,. nurs'tis - Kurlmr 4*M IM III? Mooll H7 li,) It! Hull -!· HI 7«'l llr«)iit) H 11J ram) SIS M Wll-IJ CATS-- Kniiii us t I M at! li.' Hi 44 11 ! JMI 431, r.r.a u: Tnlnl Mi 102 J!0 JlitS MONITOR '-TOPS-; Tn . in (in n liin Iti ill lii I'l'im'ii m ino r.' n i l W l l U n HI 1ft 1 fill 4'IS K n i i t h t it; 11,7 191 tiit Tfklfll 81,1 HOT *tT L'OT II I N K V 1 H S K S - MVrnr 143 IC4 lid in 'I'ntnl 1H1 14S M t:« lit Ifl!! 1U 16J tit Sill! i f HI 1?),i:i"l'lt1f*lANH-- Wanil h 1ti IDIi 303 it I'tteh F-tlo no i:n 1B1 lit 14 r. u i 110 111 4 J J 1(17 It* «T lit To i KM VII lit, Tolnl 113 TtO 84" Hinwn tllltl Todil Pnrlto Wnlk'« II! 1f,3 1ST 111 1ST It ISO ur; tin t») U! I'd I) 111 TH; mi t i c IM n f«B JS1 T4S t i n 111 11« i jj Jit 111 4 If, IS" F/nl/Bdl li* Htnlth.a l!« Itolncli Grant 1FL4 Dllnrt 15i) Hnnit. s; Tots] TIT « AHAGE-- stownrt 170 TCach'kl itn M inert 1S nlnliop )T1 Llli 167 It! un iflf 1« Tnt, ID) nflt ito tn lit no mo 1SJ it Tot. it* 19* tti 1811 61« Tntlil ?»T »Dl Kf.KVATQTt-- iMkay 14* 161 191 Tot, ^oftTlrfft IM KckoM ion Nlwurk IK wtm ;:o Tnlnl 71 V I K K K K H -- VVIlliur ]0t IjtMIl ri 1 (0 l.W-11 HI lit m IM tit 171 1C 1GO HE 101 I* ITIt Tot, m ice Me Tnlnl til (tANKS 1M Mar II) l,ii|itxn 149 up i !·!·!· i;t Tulliiptl K7 110 in* I»7 us in I t S tin Tot. 837 Kfl TIG I (I* 111 I' I'll! tl ll.lllfl. 179 mo 1!1 no n Til. (.11 41,0 HI Ul JH 114 Tnm) ·in HIT tip* SIM i its in UM r.'m lit 479 u: .*, 140 971 Mosul, )f,0 III ].! 9 lit, tlti 1*0 1(1 Tol.l 19* MJ It i) Ii:,V MtU.WHIOHTS-- TBI. WIIH 147 US 1JO 4;t I, urn, ·! M'Do'rt anntun 113 104 17" Id l.l.l ill HKTZLEDfl-- Huoii it* h,H'if in lit UK |I7 Hi,l,.|l Mil i it nil 1 ..... JUl J:K ]4* 111 Tnlnl KUDI HOI i Id 1C rut n ' *B!I «M TT« 1)«! siur.uns-- r-n. )«» 171 I I I Ul Ul IftC Jlu 1'JJ 124 i..x«'jii HI in m 6;l iti Tnlnl 714 Rv.Of'f Hv, W'« ion M.Dnn't 114 Hr.PU'l HI Rv, Kl'rHi Hand' I) 0 107 ton 401 Tot»l 710 789 JINX-- Wnm'«r UO If,', Boll. Itt SI Her mull ltd 111 White'* 116 19D Scho'n 11' iBfc Tnt* I rid Jon Van P4 Rui IM Mntl'h'N ft) 11! li* liu 971 tMd Tnt. MA 4US US IT lit 1911 If lid *itt Ttt. Iti 414 114 (71 t(4 141 I t ) tilt Ut 4 SI 41 T4» 21(7 Tot l i t 4 I S lt ,310 144 14t Ul no 11 mud M dim at 7 1 T Wl HOT K110TR-- Hch'm'a 1(7 194 Mny 136 1f Mornti IH IX Mi.xcr l«l - - ' T.rtnl Vanl'r'K ill lii-hcinr Kl Itjnn m 171 13! 101 1.19 117 Ul HIS ton* 797 Tot 14» 4)1 170 m lit ilti HI Itt ) 4 4 Tin itl 111 177 lit Itnktu'n 163 Hlim'inii 70 MMxil MrJllH 1 * lilt IXl. Tuinl *41 nit lilt 11 17J I4t 101 173 UK H Tot 411 Hi Jt« HI A Id'ii'ii fluttm t i n nil. Ton I II* u H7 111 ill * 711 111 tl'O WAV Tnt. t)( 141 »J« IT* !«7 1*1 0 111 tit llo II 101 «7I WHITE WAT-- lirl'tisr ia Iti tiro** It? HI Rut'uni 141 *«» M'Kta'y 11* IM itt Toltl fit inn Kum III 173 sii*p'»iti tut titfld, ni U» llo M roiKi Ml fl CONICLINH-- ll.flpli'r II* lit A.Dom'l 111 141 O.Uom'l It" 17* nn m 1« IH (If I110 Tot, n* eot in «i 101 II* HI 1*4 HI Itt "ii« im Tot, 119 ITI 171) HI 111 tl(7 1*0 414 1*t 111 11 iig "til llio T«t. M* 171 IM 41C 111 ftlt, 1*0 140 in wt To ml tit III 1*4 fill 8etim'dt IIT IfMt 1)1 BfoslitT ITI 0»t«* III Loflf ITI TIT DKCATUR HICRAI.U-- AhrAtn^. 11-4 Vntirn t«4 »Und ItT 1*1 ill lit 114 111 114 14* 111 III IIT tit 111 Ht 110 41* 4*7 1*4 41* 141* T»t. 17* (»4 I T I It* 144 4tO !«» (tit IM ton !» 10 ^^nH^F V M^VMMiii^K LAND* Oi.T H» R, PMlrte (kid thtn u Urn IM /ortAiMU in hnviaf u 'ajy an opponent MI JMtt*onvltk ag«ln«l whom b« may try out tito necmiary chutt*!, JkckionvlHt, co«(!h*d for tbt flr*t Urn* by Punk* In Walker ot mint hunt, H*IM To IM in on« or thow tithUtie ilump* luuh tt,t Decalur hll tbout four yemw tfo, and in juiit now pulling out ef. n:id Hpritiffli^d (wkteh, tt b* MU4, MW Um« ot UM Uu|)- **t te»n» to UM lo*|» W«llMf'« tMM hwi Mon4 Jwt tHtrm point*, whtk H» oppMPjita h*v«j run up » total «f tit m M* MOn pw IMM Ot thtoc Ilk* 14 to S, It !· bard lo account for such con* uptcuoutj ftilur* under · eoteh who WM ofio of Bob Zvppk*'* molt brll- itant pupil*. It li pretty ftvtrtent that the fault U not the coach 1 *, utd It I* to h« hoped Hint the Jtcktftnvtlh power* win irlift Wallnr a chuiM te remedy eondlUom, D«Mtunrmv» Oty Klntn«r a chane*, and aft«r thm y*»rt of ·dvtmlty ti* hit earn* through with nytof eotori, poii#, Klpku h iwmlmlwtle th« cwUnt *n4 I* drilHnt N*wm»it on pt»M klchlnf, bttltvlm th*t thr*» polnti m»y decldt thi f»m«, tHu (?«((»* /Vtltl LAFAYETTE, Ind.-AlthoUfh H. furdtd M th* "tmd*r *«f" in 8»tur- dty'i fim* with Wf KOI tin, Purdu*'* ·qukd ii oonndtnt of victory ud pnctlM MMtoM thhi wtMi r*v« b««n footurori by ununua) »p««d mid dMh, Vonblbbor, iUr tMkla, murnM to tbi lln*nt WcdnMdkjr Mid Co«ch Klwr trltd K IHW bwk(l«M eomblM- lion, KlimM Mid Hontman r*tltc- init Piitvl* Md YuMvlcb. »· V , COLUMBUS, O.-C*Mh Ban Wllk ·man predicted that Ltwit Htnen* man, Ohio State quarterback* would develop Into one of UM He Ten'e bett beck* now that he hwbim r* llpvft ot signal celling reiponilbillty, Kullhaclt Horn ha* been app4lBt*d to direct the item on dottnie and \Vlllaman i* trying aevwal veteran* a* off«niilv* field tentraU, (*v VttttifrtH.) MINNEAPOLIS,-- BUI BHWMll, veteran of two y*arf oxp*nene«, ha* retum«d to Iflnneiota'* flrat atrlng backfleld In Coach C rider 1 * attampt to strengthen the running attack: nnr niay occupy th* Mocking heHh In the Oophcr'* next Mart, zfov, 1, ngtlntt N«rthwe»t*rn. Two back* tloldj are being uttd with Brownell, Brockm*yer, Kirk and flomrom IB on* *nd Mandert, MaeDougat, Ha** ·iirt L*fcMll in the other. (By V*n«4 Fr*M.) CHHiTAaO,-Chlcago* lintup for Saturday'* InUrMctlonal «k*h with MUitiMlppI r«maln«d UMerUIn, **v- urml injurod *tar* may return for the contctt and the MarooM are looking forwAi-ri to victory, In Wedno*4ay* drill Knudaon replaced Paul Maw u pivot man on pa** play*, ·_ Vnttrt Prtttj IOWA CITY, Ia,-Jack Wattteif ton, uipl»-Uirt*t tophonMr*, loom* a* an ottcnitv* threat In low* 1 * future gam**, H* brok* away for two touchdown run* IK W*da**day'* and *corod again on alt p***, Couch Infwtreen IndlCLtad h* might u»* Warriafton ttgulnM Detiott (J»/ Vntltt PrvuJ EVAN8TON,~"Mrt" RUM*U SCO- pound back, ha* roturaat to North- wett«rn'* Hnaup ant mar Mut at quarttriwck In Saturday 1 * gain* atalnat Cwtr*. Ru***ll I* mpooted to nil th* vacancy oauMd fey IitMh** lltneai, with Rwta*r ramalalM at tulltaek and Kanlay aad BwlM*l» at haivH, Hantey wlU oall riffMli taw th* halfback pofHJon. hafbaok, UM B4 BwlderaU, cuwd, May b* u»- abl* to »lay ·aturday km WlHOMlb'i Btf Tan battle wtth Pwdue, Umfor luu a badly ton llgameM In bM ta|. (oot bail (quad wa* lohodiiM to wav* tut cold UlddMWMt Thuraday for t tow trip to UM Sumy ferth, what* Uwy wift nMftBoutlwm IIMwdM ntveo at DalUa, ~ \ Taint I9oyl» Ht till iFWSPArFRl

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