Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on May 27, 1897 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1897
Page 6
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r8.-R.C~ . r^r,., MAY «, 1507. THIS AND THAT. »«<* Wons*», snd IB • Sb$ bf dn we baa* the carpet And M 1 thrasS It o*er, I p!»y It Is the pedrtlcr Who hammers at my door. When Russian bear growls, Turkey drops her feathers. Oar common Violin goes back about I6QQ years. Flinders Pelrie, English explorer, Sited for two years in ft toinb near the great Pyratnld. We are sending hay to England, Porter to France, and an Angell to Turkey. Will the new woman leave large footprints on the sands of time ? The new Congressional library is the most elegant building in Washington. Eighteen horses can stand on a stump of a California sequoia. £yon & -Healy have a Stradivariua Violin worth 85,000. Spain baa 40 million dollars.worth of bond's to sell, but we don't want them. Dr. Barrows, lately from a tour In India, will take Dr. Hillis' place at Cen. tral Music Hall, June 6. Indulgent mothers are defined as] • those that never interfere When their . children annoy other people. • Penitentiaries are using gray on prisoners instead .of stripes, and the poor fellows think the style is better. Dr. Barrows has a summer home In ' Mackinaw. You and I haven't Norwegians in Minneapolis have erected a marble statue of Ole Bull with his fiddle. > Never say weep like a woman, but cry like a child. Women have more lortitude than men. Prof, {^argent, Brookline, near Boa- ton, has 150 acres of lawn, garden, and pond, .(the Quest rural residence in America. Adam: Yes, .keep planting beans •nfi corn every week, and you'll have a Bucceesion during the summer. A Syracuse minister refuses to receive a stained glass window for his cirarch because the angel has no wings" Circus in Senate the other day when - Billy Mason spoke for Cuba. . Lyman Abbott Bays Vivekananda, the Hindoo monk, who once lectured here, is an unmitigated fraud. India proverb: A poor mule that «Mi't kick both waya. Yerkes great telescope at Lake Geneva has received ita 40 Inch lens, made by Alvan Clark, Cambridge. . We are glad to see that our friends formers and others, »are bringing in their offerings for starving India. It costa us about 8100,000 to run W. House, not counting Pres. salary. Get your wife, my , dear fellow, a bright red Bilk parasol, all the go. . Phila intends to erect in the city hall plaza a statue of her great benefactor, Stephen Glrard. / . ' I-ove one morning came a-rapping, Rapping on her heart, Pleaae, said he. do come and make me OlyonrlUe apart. Odor of sweet pea will drive flies from room. Sir Edwin Landseer could paint deer and dogs as no one before or since. If your tomatoes are not ont, be at it. 111. Central B. R. has 3,000 miles of track, and employs 20,000 men. , We ought to sell Mexico the things •he now gets from Europe. Opium and drink are doing much mischief in India, ' . • Librarian of Congress gets $6,000 a year, and John Russell Young may get the job. ' Siegeland Cooper have 68 departments, and 2,500 employes, Did you ever know a gambler owning teal estate or a bank account? Dr. Hoy has a book on Eating and Drinking. We can give some pointers in Sterling. . '..-., In Germany's war chest are 30 mil. lion gold dollars, ready for a equal)". Ian Maclaren ia preparing a Life of Christ, to run thro' McClure'g magazine, '-• . ' .'. - : ',•,,. i. Penn'a avenue, Washington, 150 ft. wide and paved with asphalt, is (luest parade ground in world, Pail man palace car porters complain that they eee few quarters from travelers. ... ••.-•• ; •- ' • ' Presbyterians in Gen. Assembly at Eagle Lake, Indiana, are pulling wires like regular politicians for office?",' Wben Emerson went to Europe iu 1832, he met CarJyle, Wordsworth and CJoleridge. , ' B«maatha: Yes, soap ia injurious to ' " ' '' ft ff<*f, litnp^Jn P«rJr, CMfUfro, h«,<? etatn*>-> 0f Linf r>!n, FmnWin srsrt Omnt Iowa women this eommsr are shoot- tog wolves. Where ere the tramps ? Dome of the capitol, Washington one of the noblest in the world, cost over a million. Or JtftTf-«r hid Sam: You are Correct. Only a lazy man will let Weeds grow In his .potato patch. . Miss Quintrell,Eaclld ave.,OSevBland, hao furnished her kitchen with rugs, rocking chairs, book shelves, and entertains her callers there with luncheon of her own preparation. Fair Cupid's marked them for his own, . . And so their troth Is plighted; She smiles on him, he smiles on her— Two souls fore'er united. W,lld rose is State flower of Iowa, why not make' dandelion city flower of Sterling? Why is Mt.' St. Ellas so called? Because discovered by Behrlng on St. Ellas Day, 174 h . Brooklyn, Henry Ward Beecher's old town, will be swallowed up by Greater New York. Let us have broad tires, and then our roads will not be torn to pieces. To walk easily , step on ball of [foot, not on heel. . = . A Persian carpet in use for 200 years in ShahXpalace, Teheran,PersIa. Well made. Beats ours. Mt. St. Ellas, is full of glaciers, and hard to climb. James Gordon Bennettjia returning from Europe in his yacht. Jimmy baa an easy sailing on his daddy's money. Glrard gave two of hig nine millions to the celebrated college. B oaten Globe: In summer time.eaat wind lea blessing, In yellow fever, 1793,' when others fled, Girard remained to nurse the sick. A statue to Vanderbiltl erected at Nashville, where he founded a university. Do something good, and people will erect statues to you. ' • • \ A Baltimore bicycler rode 170 miles in 12 hours. This beats horse flesh. Prince of Wales when visiting, never afftare twiea in asiue coat. We do. TbfMfr th* difference between Wales essd Sterling. StnMiif itios, who died in 17S7, aged ii» Ss 4StU@d kim? of vioiiu makere, He m®&» 2,*M) Mdiea, aad if you Uave one, Dredge top of cake with flour before icing, and icing will not run. Paste this in your bonnet, Lucinda. Tennyson could be very ill-mannered when he chose. Not the kindness of Longfellow, ; Lowell: A college training is excellent; but after al^ the better part of every man's training is what he gives himself. .'...'' - When a young couple run away to get married, one-half world say "How romantic!" and one-half, ."How silly!" Mommsen, German historian of Borne, 80 next fall,~f or 39 years prof. in University Berlin. Teach your daughter to sew .so she can balp poor mother now and then, L et us have no butterflies about house IJ.Cremona, Italy, home of best violins, which date back to about 1,600. J. Wilbur Chapman, evangelist, has largest Pres. church in "Phila., 2,000 members. Forater's Life of Dickens, three vola. is the best of the novelist. Where are you going to spend summer, or will you stay in old clothes in backyard? » Girard's statue In city .hall plaza, 1 Phila., cost 812,000. Ice cheaper than used to be. Good. A public necessity. Vanilla. No pleasure so sublime can come To man so sweet, BO rare, As wiieu the car conductor falla To strike him for Ills fare. Some men talk horse, some politics, some books, some religion. Walter Scott is burled at Dryburgb, beneath a block of Aberdeen granite, 1832.' , ...•••'.•.••'•. Fat'folks always feel like apologizing for their fat. Work it off. Fres. church has 8,000 congregations and 1,000,000 members. CarJyle: A collection of books is a real university. ; ' Bear gardens not all In city parks. Ill, legislature has a big one. Two legged bears. Why is prayer meeting small when pastor is away? Don't the members need prayer j ust as jnftch ? More monuments at Gettysburg than on all other battle fields combined, Life is worth living.when you can get 3 boxes of berries for a quarter. People who 'oppose street cars or travel on Sunday must not use their private carriages, Give the poor a chance. • i -•'•-' Here's a gem for- your library, Audubon'a Birds, 350 figures, life size, colored from nature, si* volumes, full Ruaaia. Reduced from $500 to $250. 1 A law in Hungary prohibits children under 14 from selling papers on the street. • Why not a universal stamp and a universal dollar so that no change 1$ seeded in going from country to sountry. ' In the 24 books Dickens wrote, 1,415 eiM*raeters. -What an imagination C&juley bad. and «ft!d Jupiter Ss & flittering gem, A treat in store if yon never read it, .lohrs H«lifax, Gentleman, by Mrs! Crsik/ Harper & Brother have a new edition. Sultan should be tied to a whipping post, Lecky Bays SOO.OOO were massacred in Armenia. The designing woman who was the mother of seven girls was obliged to be a match maker. Max Mueller found Lowell's conversation inexhaustible, and his information astonishing. Rainy Sundays give hired men a time to rest, and the lazy member an excuse to dodge church. At the unveiiliig of the memorial bust to Walter Scott in Westminister Abbey, par Col. John Hay made a graceful speech. , • .No sensible person' will go shopping for the fun of it.. It makes trouble. Remember the golden rule, Do' unto others, etc. I love to hoar the muslo ' Of the mower on the lawn, Awakening sleepy echoes At the earliest blush of dawn. If your boy Is a kid, you are {a goat, Bishop Williams, -Conn,, 80, is the senior bishop of the Episcopal church. Thro' the great Yerkes telescope at Lake Geneva, the moon looks as if only 200 miles off. ' Miss Addams suggested for Chicago school board. Why not have women on these boards ? Sharp eyes to see wrong. Wretches who tear growing plants from lawns should be horsewhipped. Heathen in Sterling worse than Africa. Ex Pres. Harrison is taking lessons on bicycle. Let us make the wheel unanimous. , vlf you feel dull and stiff on Monday, sign yoti have not/spent Sunday right. It is a day of rest and recuperation, not wild dissipation. Chslst church, Savannahs where John Wesley preached, lately .burned with some valuable records. Europe is beginning to enjoy our corn. Since January we have exported .76 million bushels. A man who will shoot a sick wife, deserves the fate of John HUBS, and no trial by jury. ' : ; John Wannamaker is sorry that Chicago is so wicked, and refuses to : keep Sunday. Remember Sodo'm and Gomorrah. " All honor to Father Mathew who started the temperance reform Jq -Ireland, and took so many pledges against strong drink. .".' . Has Sterling any victims of s^or- phinomla? A terrible habit. * • ' 'Francis E. Willard, after visiting Mrs. Ole Bull in Cambridge, will go to "Eagle's Nest" in Catskllls,, Patronize your own tradesmen. Not brotherly to buy things in Chicago that you can get at home. Be a good citizen. Drop your dollars in Sterling. No demand for Mrs. Cleveland's pictures. She is a back No. The king is dead. Long life the king.' We will send ours for a dime, postpaid. Some men never open their mouths but they put their foot in it. • : What 'do you think of Writing a chapter of St. John on twp-thousandtb of a square inch? , John Wanamaker says itpeople believed in Bible they would* send church members to the legislature to make laws. i NO wonder ministers kick when wheel keeps folk's riding all day Sunday. ,' .Sir John Lubbock,banker and scientist, devotes one day in -the- week to work for his 'fellow men. Pass him around. Most persons are selfish enough to work altogether "for No. UJHIOAOO MARKET*. * Fnmi«he« by Chicago Board of Trade; branch office rear First National Bank, Sterling Illinois. Harrison Telephone, 16. ••','' Long Distance Bell Telephone, 89. JJ5TIOMM. OPRN. WHEAT July,... Sept .... May.... Corn. July ..... Sept May .... Oats. July .... Sept.... 65^-66 Mess prk July .... Sept... May ... Lard. July Sept May .. 17%-<! 17&-? 8.07 [8.12 3.67 3.77 25}jH 8.15 8.17 3.67 3.77 um. 8.00 8.05 8.60 3.70 OL08R. 24 8.02 8.07 8.00 3.62a 3.70b' 55 12 O'CLOCK—OA8H MABKKT. Wheat. : . No. 2 Red, 87^88. " 3 " 78@83. " g Spring, 71,._ " 3, ".•; C8@70. " . 2iiard W., B9)£<a7l. "8 " " 65@C8. " 1 Northern Spring, 74. Corn, \ No;2 White, 24. "2 25. " 2 Yellow, 2% «• 8 23ir' " 8 Yellow, Oats, No. 2 18. || 2 White, 21@22. " 8 White, 19020&. Car lots-today—-Wheat, 7; corn, 551; oats, 392. "..-•' Estimated car loads—wheat, 7; corn, 050; oats, 470; hogs, 39,000. NORTHWESTERN BEOKIFTB. Last You will find it worth while to visit E. D. Davis* - •- ..;.-.,.- * t store, as he is offering- remarkable bargains in every department of his large stock all this month. A good chance to lay in Summer wear and house-"..'•'•• .' - • " "" -1 hold goods. Minneapolis: Duluth Chicago — Total 137 170 Week Year, 284 — 269 165 307 553 260 HOB AND OATTLB BBOBIPT8. ... 'May 26, '97. UNION'STOCK YABDS- Hogi43,000. Cattle 14,000. ' , , Sheep 14,000. Hogs left over 2,000. Kansas City hogs to-day, 18,000. Kansas City cattle to-day, 0,000. Omaha hogi to-day, 12,000. Omaha cattleto-day, 4,000. OFENIN0. Hogs opened lower. , Mixed, 3.500307; good heavy, 3.50 3.67; rough, 3.27O3.35; light, 3.520 3.72. Cattle steady. Sheep steady, Q&08JMV. , Hogs closed 5c lower. Light, 83.65@3.70; mixed, 3.50@3.67; heavy, 83.50@83.6B; rough, 3.25@3.45. Cattle steady, ' Sheep steady. Illlllllllllllll Goods Have made a fortunate purchase of ,^M ':•'''' ' ' a case of ' • " - ~ Deft Toile Dimities, containing about 3,000 yards, width \c| '\ • 31 inches. These goods were made 4frl to retail at 12^0. .The price we ;own them at enables' ^ * us .to sell them at...'..........' ; .-.;'... .V/.;.,.. ; !..'... They are fine quality and a large; range of beautifulpat- ^| terns,; When these are sold, no more to be had at these prices., i'l WEEKLY CROP BULLETIN. Condition of Thlngo For the Week' Ending * May 84. ' - NO11TIJEBN SECTION. * The temperature of the week aver aged about 2° dally abova normal and rainfall about two-thirds normal, being heaviest in northwest counties.. .The week generally was favorable for good work and corn planting is nearly fin- isbed, thejwork, however, being slow on account of hard, cloddy soil, A. little replanting is belpg done on account of poor seed. Early planted fields are up and .doing fairly well. Oats aid well although aome com- pleint of bard soil is reported and a few have plowed up their oats; pastures and meadows, gardens and potatoes are generally doing well; fruits setting heavily. . Toulon:—Past week one of very pleasant weather, somewhat , windy with light showers Wednesday ui^ht aud Saturday morning; corn very nearly all planted, uoqae lata pieces yet to plaut; early' planted begios to ebow above ground; some cultivation before coining up is being done,\ mostly o» fall plowing; oats need rain tmdly. —Subocribe for the the Man Who took his Pail... and sat down In the middle of the, field on a rock, and waited for the cow to back . up to be milked, was first cousin to the fellow .who would not advertise but ex. pected the public to hunt him up and buy* his wares. Iceta with, Gunther's Chocojatea and B< n Bons "on the side." Physicians' Prescription^ a Specialty W. P. HALLETT, DRUOQIST, 30 West Third Street. THE "QUICK MEAL" GAS STOVE 1 COiECTEB fBEE OF Gall- and. seti' in operation- ° '••••• | : \f .' ':- ', -'.-•,. \ Davis d Wilkinson, 32 West Third. Street, Sterling,

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