The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 24, 1916 · Page 5
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 5

Chillicothe, Missouri
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Friday, November 24, 1916
Page 5
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ion. VOLUME XXIX. Pases. NO. 3. CHILLIOOTHE, MISSOURI. TffJBiHfgSPK,/NOV.-22^1916 DM THE STAIf'S DffP INTEREST IN mm FALLEN DOWN SWBYMtN PRKDJCT THAT M ' D A X I E L 'ATTKjVD CMJMSTIAX CHURCH SEK. DAILY EDITION, 5*.=ilSSt WAS IN CALIFORNIA NEWMASH IS WHEN DEATH CALIEB, SETTLED OUT COURT THE EMPEROR'S UST WIUTj FREED. VICES LARGE NUMBEK lie WiJl Take the Stand in Jli s Own Jefens e Tl;i s Artor- Rev. Roberts Preached Another Great Sermon Last Xight on "The Surprises of tiie Judgment." I (By Vnltc-il I'rcMs.) St. Joseph, Mo., Nov. 24.--When! Rev. Roberts delivered another great sermon at the Christian church C ; OU "! 0 , nV l neShe : e , t ! li , Sa " e r n00 ? at !l^t night on "The Surprises of the 2 o'clock, Oscar D. McDaniel, charg-j j u d g m e n t ,, T h e n o u s e was well ed the murder of his pretty i fllled and the ev - aagelist exceeded his wrfe, the mother of his three c h i l d 1 TKB KJEMAIA'S OF WJEJjJLS WLLL U13 BROUGHT TO CHJ.LUCOTH15. Her Death, Unexpected, Was u Great Shock to Her Mimy Friends Hei-e -N'o F'luieral Arriuigemenls. Announcement was made yesterday TO HIS PEOPtE MISS I'USfi. WTOOW AWARDED :?-50 FOH THK THANKS THJgM FOB THEIR IXVE ren, will take the stand in his ov,-?i behal*. The defense had hardly recovered today over the surprise of the a b r u p t ending of the state's case yesterday. It is believed hardly possible that of tne telegram received by iviis^ j a\.atna Weils of her sister's death i;i j California, who lor six moutus has The men of j been Mating uer sister aud luamv, the church are takmg a deep interest ivlr . ^4 M r s _ Charles P. Dawson a u j previous efforts by far. ia the meetings. There were probably more meii than 'svomen out last night. In the course ol the sermon Rev. two children, and n«r auut, Airs. Jos. DEATH OF HTJSBAXI. jis Awarded Judgment by Jury Here Jint Cuse Was Reversed and Remanded. the streets of St. Joseph today. 'Many \vere heard to say that they believed th«t realizing that they could not i convict McDaniel, the state's attorneys lost heart and rested their case sooner than they expected. It is predicted generally here that the conn- and just side of God's nature a s well as the fatherly love. His picture of the judgment were b e a u t i f u l and his appeal to man to avail themselves of the saving grace in the blood of Christ moved every heart.. The case of Margaret Newkirk against Edward Prior and others, receivers for the Wabash, was settled out of court late Thursday, the plain, tiff being awarded 5 3 2 5 0 . The case was tried in the Livingston county c i r c u i t court at the January term and the plaintiff was warded ? 3 S O O judgment. The case -Miss 1'Lee Wells, the-youngest 01 i wa s appealed to the Kansas City court of appeals arid was reversed and remanded. The s u i t was redocketed was to have gone to trial Thursday afternoon when settlement was \ AND LOYAI/n*. Urges That They Oisplay ih e Same Attitude Toward His Successor. \Vatson. three daughters ts was reare(J lmdei The education of the deceased seemed to be the general opinion on church and still holds to the stern (By United Pi-em,.) London, Nov. 24--Francis Joseph's- farewell to his nation and to his people was made in his will, the text of j j which wa s received here from Vienna | today. The validictory. was in the following .words: "I bid farewell to my beloved people and give them my heartiest thanks for their loyalty and love toward me and my house in our happiest days as well as in times of distress. May they continue to observe the ' same patriotic attitude toward my success. tEET UNPAID BILLS STRAXGEK .DUPED MAJVV CHDLLI- COTHE UUSISfESS MEW. Claimed He Was Here looking Up Case Where Man Came to This County With Mortgaged Property. Two weeks ago a well dressed, nice appearing young man arrived in Chillicothe. Shortly alter his arrival here he showed .credentials, purpirt- ed to have been issued by the Inter- THE GERMANS AtL EASTERN RUiNUI THIS STATEMENT MADE BY THK .i BERLIN OFFICE TODHY The Russians, and Rumanians Claim Fiuther Victories. In 'the Dobrudja; : , (By United Pre»*.) London, Nov. 24. -- If Germany's^Of- ' flcial reports today are. accurate; G«n ; Von Falkenhayn's vice has closed still ., tighter oil eastern Rumania^ -Berlin. state Detective Association of Oma- i olaims the occupancy of Orsoya and j Turnu-Severin. ......... ,. . With Cra.vova, which they an--'" made. Jeseph Newkirk,. husband , ( of the plaintiff, was killed at Keytesville'on [ with deep gratitude for their bravery. December 10, 1013, while a member I loyalty and devotion confident graduation at Hos- ° r a bridge gang working Cor the rail { that my successor may rely on them of the association and was assigned to a case which brought him to this city as the center of his operations. On his waistcoat he wore a detective star bearing the inscription "Interstate Detective Association, Omaha I Neb. mer Hall, St. Louis years' residence ai 5 Wells' .Ranch, ty prosecutor will be a free man with- 1 gelist lg very generous t o w a r d s all re . m a week. It is not considered likely j I i g l o u s vlews and maQV merabers o£ that the state -will produce any im- o t n e portant rebuttal testimony. Bart M. l-iockwaod, -who brought the indict- ainst McDaniel, and who N The evan | father, Clark Wells, th congregations in the city are ment the special prosecutor in the claims that the state has prime facia evidence which it has not submitted. It is believed now that another veek will be the trial, arguments alone are expected to consume the greater part of that time. attending the meetings. One beautiful feature of the meeting last night was Mr. Robert's tribute to the mem- c a s e -'bers of the G. A. R.'s, about a dozen of whom came together to the meet- iug^ His prayer for them moved Tex., she, with her sisters, studied with private teachers, and became flueut speakers or Spanish at a very eari.o age. Since the loss ol' her e business of tile estate was conducted by 'Miss I'Lue, who had fitted herself for the responsibility in a business college Sh a was also the home-malcer, assuitt-1 ing the duties there, as well. Hoi- most inumaie friends attest to the During a i o u r | r o a d company. He was run down by', no less than I have done. a train. | Suit was brought for $50,000. Weatlier. ick D. Gardner, upon the face ot the returns, carried the state over Judge Henry Lamm, Republican nominee for Fair tonight and Saturday. Colder | governor, ;by 2,199 votes. A tabula- tonight. Rising t e m p e r a t u r e Satur- tion of official returns from every After remaining in town several days he told that he was sent nounced captured earlier" in tKe. week. but fall of which has not*yet''bee ad- . mitted ia the Bucharest statement, .»'.;x the German apparently now are in ; : ; control of the three largest 1 cltie^ ot ;i,:\ ! eastern Rumania. ' ' ·""'-' -'·'·-;. Whether the Rumanian 'army, ""J;,; here to look up a man named Ratch. | Berll n- claimed was being hemmed in ford, who had moved mortgaged ao °ut Orsova,- bas actually been- en- property from the state of j circled was a question wBich^ military day north and west-portions. Moving Electrical Shop. The Chillicothe Electrical Company is moving their shop from Bast Jackson- street to tho building on North worth ot her character, her conscien. .Washington street, formerly occupied tious devotion, to those she loved, auj'j by the Adkinson Paint and Glass Co. many to tears as they went back over | f' "** 8 ? Me °' h ° 11Or ' Bh TM a the battlefield memories. deVOi " ^scopaUan, *TM*y ever ah- · sent from her pew, a member of and Chambers Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. I both sang very beautiful and effectiv Wholesale House Moving. Stewart Marsh Sons, the UVE STOCK mm. : solos. Special music will be an im regular attendant of the Culture ! Club. tractors, shipped a* car load ot: tools But it was in her home and j to Chillicothe today, .where tlicy have ! portant feature of lh e meetings p r o - l V i t h l n her C '" le ° C r r i e n d s that s h e ) contract for moving about twenty 1 fa x | realized her greatest pleasun j gross. i Tonight the subject o! the sermon .(Uv Vniteiirre.s.-o wl11 be " Tlle Dea( -h!ess Book." Plans Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 24.--Cattle are being laid by the men for a men's receipts 1500; market steady. Steers I m e e t i n S Sunday afternoon at which $5.75 to 511.75; cows aud heifers | Mr - Roberts will speak on "Ths Lion ?4.73 to ?10.25; stockers and f e e d - l a n d th e Lamb." Every man of I tho church is urged to come and bring his friends. J a u d j houses. They expect to be in ChiUi- county in the state, except Jackson county and St. Louis City and the returns as reported from those places after the election' boards made their canvass, gave Gardner 3 8 2 , 2 7 6 ; Lamm 380,077. Secretary of State Roach has not canvassed the St. L o u i s and Jackson county election returns. but they are presumed to be correct as reported in the newspapers after they-were canvassed. George W. Hackerman, Republican, is elected by 9,098 votes over Nebraska into Missouri, and was sup. i oritics here vrere » ostl y concerned posed to have moved to Livingston j l n todaJP ' The y are hoping tbat-this county. After being here a week hel t o l ' t has been ab!e to "" " "" visited polict headquarteft-h whiere he showed Chief Dorney his credentials. Tbe Chillicothe offcer at once thot the stranger an impostor and Orsova lies just at the iron' gate across the Mountain. Turnu It nearly 15 miles southeast of thei : 'lower wrote the Interstate Detective Asso-| end ot the gateway. It is''really a elation regarding the man, who gave I m ° re important city than 1 Orsova; be|his name as J. A. Williams. Thurs-1 cause of its 5hi P 'bui'ding yards for day Chief Dorney receieved a message | tn f DaQub «- T ^ ere was another de- from the detective agency stating Williams was not in their employ, was a fraud and arrest and hold h i m . When a search was made for Williams it was found he had left town, velopment in today's statement which creates ths hope here that the":Rumanian army was successful:- -and accomplished its retirement strom-the vice. That was the Bucharest-state. also hal left several unpaid bills. He ment announcing the' attempted -dis- , was traced as far as Cameron, where I embarkment °' the enemy ; r(probably the officers of that city said he had Bulgarians) at Zimnicea (Simitza) | was most appreciated. I cothe "most o£ the winter at their Mrs. Clark Wells and Mrs. Dawsou ! work.---Brookfleld Argus, were with Miss I'Lee at the last. She died in a hospital at San Francisco TO Hecoiint Votes. A special session oi' tho John P. Gordon f o r ' s t a t e auditor. I Hackerman's total vote was 387.312; Gordon's 378,214. No other totals were obtained Thursday. j been previous to coming to Chilli- which was* apparently uncussessful. cothe. From there all trace of t h e j l D tha mea TMhile, there has.appar- man was lost, altho the officers of ently been a resumption of. hard fight Northwest Missouri have been notified , i n s Ln Dobrudja. ...Both..the .Ruman- couuty ers $5.25 to $7.75; calves $6.50 to $11. Hogs 6 . 0 0 0 ; market lOc to 3 5c higher. Bulk of sales ?9.60 "to SlO'.Oa; heavy ?9.90 to'SlO.10; med ; him ?9.75 to $10.05; light ?9.50 to ?9.95. Sheep 4 , 0 0 0 ; market lOe to 15e higher Lambs $10.40 to $12.05; ewea -$6.75 to -?S; stockers and feeders $5.50 to ?10.75. Oish Grain Market. Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 24--Wheat market up. No. 2 hard 1.S3 to 1.87; Crowded House, Great Service. Last night the audience'room of tho First Baptist church was crowded. Every available seat was taken and many chairs were brought to seat the people. After a splendid song service led by Brother Turner, the evangelist preached a great sermon from ·Isaiah 55; 6, "Seek ye the Lord while he may be found." There are difficulties that get in the way of one Hospital Notes. Mr. and Mrs. George Seay from the effects of an operation performed three weeks ago, which was pronounced imperative, and which j Saturday morning at which time the j at the. ChllUootho Hospital Wednes- court has Ibeen called for n i n e o'clock! n o u n c o t h e birth of a nine pound girl No. 3 hard 1.80 to 1.86; No. 2 red seeking the Lord, said the evangelist. .1.S3 to 1-85; No. 3'red 1.80 to 1.S4. Th e heart* gets hardened after tho Corn market unchanged. No. 2 mixed 94 1-2 to 95; No. 3 mixed 94 to 04 1-2; Xo. 2 white 96 t o 07; No. 3 white 94 1-2. JToauce Market. Furnished bV Henderson Son Produce Co., 801 J^ocust street, Chillicothe, Mo.: SPRINGS 15 % KENS 13 3 /2 COX ". . . 10 DUCKS 11 GEESE 9 TURKEYS 18 EGGS . . .' ' 35 BTJTTERFA-T . : 38 emotions have been stirred a number of times and refuses to respond unless greater demands are .made upon it. One should never trifje with the emotions. The Holy Spirit after a while ceases his efforts to awaken she looked forward to as a relief from several years of suffering. Mrs. Joseph Watson is in attendance at the Wells Irome on'West Calhoun, having in charge her aged mother, Mrs. Kalherine Wright, and votes cast for j u d g e s in the Western district will be re-counted. Wrn. McCarthy and Ray Snodgrass, the can- day, Nov. 22nd. Mother and babe| doing well. 'Mrs. Bowyer who was operated on that Williams was a fraud and to apprehend him if possible. It is likely that If Williame is caught a more serious charge than of impersonating an officer will be · filed against him. ian and Russian statements today reported advauces. . . ,.,--,.·-, fiidates, Save consented to a re-count. for appendicitis .by Dr... Barney on County 01 \rk Fred H. Harris, who is I Nov - 6 t h . S av e birth to a in Chicago, will arrive home Satnr- her niece, Miss Katha W.ells. Neigh-j day morning and assist the court in. bors and friends. have offered their the recount. services to t and all is done that can be until more is known of the luneral arrangements, which out later. ' Ken Ci-o-we i'end. be given | Word has been received in Chillicothe of the death oi.' Ben Crowe, which occurred at the home of bis daughter, Mrs. Lizzie Davis, in South A.uburn, Neb. His death oc- «· SOCIETY AND CLUBS curred November Ths loosers ol the Bible contest in j made November 16. baby girl Nov. llth. Both^mother and babe doing well. Miss Laura Howard who suffered a fracture of the thigh in the a'utomo- THEATRICAL. Bushman Tonight. Francis X. Bushman and Beverly Bayne will be seen in their latest photoplay "A Million a Minute" 'at AXOTHER BRITISH HOSr - , . ,, PITAL, SKIP THE VIC- ..,,-, TEH OP MtXE OR TORPEDO the Empire tonight. Mutt Jeff bile accident, is resting well. Kelly Cesar had a fractur of t h e ! comic cartoons will also be shown. limb below the "knee and was remov- I ' . cd to his home Thursday morning. | Tho .Bohemian Girl. Otis Murphy, who had a fracture of the thigh recently at the Ciilli- and burial was. i coth e Trust Co., is doing well. His death was the McAnally Bible Class entertained I caused from kidney trouble. Ben the winners Thursday afternoon from 2 : 3 0 to 5 o'clock at the church. The Crowe was a familiar figure In C h i ] _ , licotne for years. He went to Ne- 'evening was spent in conversation ! braska the day following the election. the man who will not yield. Neglect i' a n d a guessing contest. The class 's formerly resided on West- WeV (becomes a habit and increases one's chances to be lost. The time to seek the Lord is when special effort is. being made, or this is the best time. And when friends are specially concerned about you, as they are no\v when the revival is in progress. BOM.ES ROGERS. Dealers in Hides, Tallow. Wool, Furs, Beeswax .and Feathers. J. N. PETERS SON, MGS. Wanted all Furs I can buy. 'Jlarke in lino with the best. Salt Cured Hides, flat No. 1 . . . . 2 4 c No. 2 ..................... 23c Partly Cured Hides . . . s ....... 21 H Green Hides .................. 2 Ic Bulls and Glues ............. 17c Deacons .......... $1.50 t o 52.00 Skunks ................ 2 5 c t o 50c Horso Hides Nos. 1 and 2 mane and tail ....... Pony Hides . No. 1 Tallow No. 2 Tallow full . . . .$8.00 . . . .$4.00 9c 8c THE PIO.VEEK PRODtJCE BTJ\"ERS OF CHItiljTCOTHE. SWIFT COMTAXY ALWAYS PAY HIGHEST PRICES . FOR PRODUCE AND CREAM. Today's Market. HENS SPRINGS COCKS TURKEYS DUGKS H GEESE 9 P. S. BUTTER 28 EGGS , 30 BUTTERFAT " 9 There were a n u m b e r of conversions last night and a deep interest pervaded the congregation. Many are in. quiring the way and are making the matter of their salvation a matter of composed of sixty-three'ladies of the ster street. Elm Street M. E. Church. At the close of the afternoon, a two course lunch was served. 1. Mrs. J. M. Darr 'was hostess" to the XIX club Wednesday, Nov. 22nd. The business session included 'the 'favorable report of Open Beauty Pju-lor Sutimlay. 'Mrs. Stapp will open her beauty parlor in suite 4, Peoples Trust Co.'s Mrs. Pauline Vantine of Dawn is at the hospital suffering from severe fracture of the arm. At present there are eighteen patients in the hospital.. Qhitpie] Exercises. A chapel service of unusual interest was offered the students at the Chillicothe Business College 'th 1 !?, morning, ths address being delivered j ''building Saturday. All of the latestjby Rev. Roberts or Trenton, while i'i electrical appliances used in facial and scalp massages. Hair dressing cbnimittee and manicuring. Personal attention Mrs. Strapp come to Chilli- b u r n and the Parent Teachers' As- cothe well recommended and she ex, addition to the band, the large aud. ien.ce was favored by two vocal soles by Mrs. Chambers. ' Rev. Priest was also present and announced the meetings being held at the Christian sociation concerning talks to the p u - j tends'a n invitation to the women of | church. prayer. Dr. Cole's addresses are I P ils of the P u b l i c scnools by our very much) enjoyed. He has been lawyers on- "Law and Its Enforce- speaking on. the- work of the Holy sub. ment." These talks are to be given 'to. instruct the pupils and endeavor Chillicothe to call on her. She has In his address, Rev. Roberts'very Spirit and will continue these jects until Saturday afternoon wheo I fc ° avoid misdemeanors and crime oc- he speaks on "Grieving the Holy curring thru ignorance of the law. Spirit." Sunday afternoon he will speak to the citizenship of Chillicothe on "The 'Message of the Greatest Statesman on the Ideal City Ad- The leader for the day. Mrs. Karl Hirsh, introduced the lesson" on New York City by telling what prominent of the city. Mrs. ministration." This service will be j for men only. .15% .10 .IS Apples Vor Sale. ' Gan 0 and Ben Davis apples for sale at J. H. Mansur's on Cooper Street. Sprayed fruit. 22-tf Go to Stepp Slater's grocery for good things to eat for Sunday dinner. Store to E. J. Barneybaclc's stand. ' Xotice to the Public. It would appear f r o m Mr. Hirsh's statement in the Friday paper that the civil suit and criminal case brot against myself and others by Mr. Hirsh last spring had not been settled. The records of the circuit court will show that all the cases, both criminal and .civil, were settled by Mr. Hirsh paying all costs and dismissing all the cases. It - Howard Warner. James M. Dunn described the Metro, politan Opera House, its arrange- .ments, maintenance, etc. The popularity of grand opera in the United States was also given by Mrs. Dunn. ··The Metropolitan Museum and its one of the most complete and latest modern beauty parlors to be found in the state. She also carries a complete line of toilet articles. 24-2. Mrs. T. O. Kirk Deiid. Word has been received in this city of the death of Mrs. T. O. Kirk, of Aztec, N. Mex. Mrs. Kirk, who was Miss Alice Downing, was employed for several years as teacher in the Industrial Home here. Thirteen years ago she was married to T. O. Kirk, formerly of this county, but then living in the entertainingly referred to his early school days and mentioned in connection with one's school life many That it requires a special train to transport the members of the Aborn Ope~a Company and.the various accessories used in its stupendous revival of "The Bohemian Girl" would seem to make good the claim that it i s - o n e or the largest, if not actually the largest operatic organization on .the road this season. This is one of the few cities in which single performances will be given. Majestic Theatre Announcements. The free lecture by Bliss Knapp, C. S. B., who will speak on the subject, Christian Science The Revelation of Divine Power., will be at the Majestic Theatre tonight. Tomorrow night the feature picture program will consist of a big week-end program of a five reel railroad story and a couple of comedy subjects. Next Monday, Miss Blanche Sweet will be presented in an unusual pic- amusing incidejnts. Following his ture subject, "The Thousand Dollar introductory remarks, the speaker en-', Husband:" Tuesday, Donald Brian tered upon the discussion of the great j in "The Smugglers." Wednesday, problem of life--living a life worth I Mae Murray in "The Dream Girl," while. The students were urged to discover the best that is in themselves Thursday, 'Marguerite Clark in "Silks and Satins." Friday, Billle Burlte in (By Unltci! Prc«*0, ... ,, r ., London, Nov. 24. -- The British hospital ship Braemar Castle, homeward bound from Salonild to Malta, was sunk by a mine or torpedo in the Mykoni channel of the Egeau sea, an admiralty statement announced today. The admiralty stated that! *a!! aboard were saved. ' ' ' ! ' The Mykoni channel where" the , BraeMar Castle was sunk is a. bo'dv of water between the Greek Island of G'einos and Mykonas ' and is' only about sixty miles from the Zea cban. nel ,-where the hospital ship Britannic fell victim to a mine Tuesday! according to the admiralty announcement. ' ' ' ' . ' Tbe Braemar Castle, like tie 'Britannic, was withdrawn from/ passenger service for the special transportation of wounded. She was a vessel of 6,318 tons, probably of the Bnion Castle Mail Steamship Co. line London. A Reuters dispatch from Athens this afternoon asserted that the Braemar Castle was torpedoed. of PERSONAL AND LOCAL* and then to develop and add to this-i "Gloria's Romance," and Saturday treasurers was Mrs. Darr's theme I south part of the state. Later they ,Daniel Chester French. Geo. Inness and Anna Vaughn Hyatt's lives and moved to New Mexico, where Mrs. Kirk's death occurred.- She is sur- works were given by Miss Broaddus, j vived by her husband and tw 0 step- Presbyterfcvn Church IS'otice. The church session has called a meeting of the congregation after the morning services and all members of the congregation are reauested to be present a s there is business 'OE 'lnu portance to be presented and the ses- tion wants you there. By order of the hurch Session Hear Bliss Knapp at-the Majestic Theatre, Friday evening at,, ."eight o'clock. Free lecture 'on.. Christian,^upland cord -wood, ?4.00 per cord : Mrs. Welch' and Dr. Singer. Mrs. j daughters. 'Hirsh closed the lesson by describing failure. 'the fountains of New York City aud its artistic beauty. Mrs. Madsell was a guest of the club and made a short Death was due to heart talk. Club adjoxirned to meet December 9th with Mrs. Darr. A5rERTCAN T^ABOR. FAVORS PI/ACTXG FOOD F.MBARGO Baltimore, Unitfrt T're.'. Md., Nov. 24.. -- The A Tjecture Tonight,. Under the auspices of the Chilli, cothe Society, Mr. Bliss Knapp of Brookline, Mass.. will lecture on Christian Science at the Majestic Theatre tonight at eight o'clock. Mr. Knapp is a member of the Board of Lectureship of the Mother church, the First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, Mass., and will undoubtedly American - Federation of Labor con-1 give an instructive address upon this ventiou today declared by a unanimous vote for an embargo on wheat very interesting subject. The licothe society announce that the and other food until the prices are re- lecture is free to all, and the public stored to normal in this country. Anyone desiring to buy good, dry, Science. 2S-2 \Phone 494. 24-4 is cordially invited to attend. At 8 : 0 0 o'clock tonight, at the Majestic. Gardner Wo n by 2,109 Votes. . Jefferson City, Nov. 24.--Freder- Money, broad acres of land, and other evidence of wealth were referred to as merely passing by-products to the lives we live and that .only the big life endures. The speaker also" contended that we should not be con. tent with discovering the best within will be the big stage production of Rebecca of Sunny-Brook Farm, presented both afternoon and night. Tho Christian Science Society of Chillicothe announce a free public lecture on Christian Science at the ourselves, but should als o discover' Majestic Theatre Friday evening at . Mrs. Adamantine Johnson, who has been ill at her home, ,902 North Cherry street, will go to i)r. Hollaway's sanitarium at the corner of Elm and Ann street where 'she wil] spend the winter. H. S-. Kentner who has been visiting friends in the city for several days left this afternoon for his home at Medford, Ore. Mr. Kentner was formerly a resident of Trenton, being a former partner with Hbffmaii. and Merrill in the Farmers Store. '-^r'. Trenton Times: Shooting Gallery. '"· To lovers of rifle practice while strolling thru the beautiful city 'of i'Chillicothe, drop in at Day Bailey's Prize Shooting gallery on 'Bast Jackson St. and the best within those about us. True friends were also referred to as the most permanent of investments. The address was indeed a most inspirational and valuable one.and was much enjoyed and appreciated by the big audience of students. eight o'clock, by Bliss Knapp of | and old. Brookline, Mass. amuse yourselves ' wl-ftd dially invited. The public is cor- 23-2 Chiropractic Xoticc. Ray W. Rodgers, Doctor of Chiropractic, has remodeled and moved to the suite of rooms recently vacated by: Dr. Goodrich, over Bauer's Book Store, and is now equipped to give both new and old patients the best of service. See his advertisement and special proposition in tomorrow's -pa- pe;. . .' . - - 24-2 'Mr. Bliss Knapp Mass., will lecture of Brookline, on Christian Science at the Majestic Theatre, Friday evening at eight o'clock. The lecture is free and the public is cor dially invited. 23-2 Thanksgiving Winner. The ladies of Centenary church, one and one half miles south ' of Sturges, will serve dinner and supper at the church ori Thanksgiving day. They will also have many beautiful pieces ol Jancy work for sale; A good place to do your '· Christina's" : i!2wtd See our wonderful lui e of Furs and Coat« from $215.OO up, and beautiful Muffs and Scarfs for $4.OO. HARTMAX'S. See our wonderful line of Fan »nrl Coats from $25.OO up, and beautiful Muffs and Scarfs for ?-4-.OO. lt IIARTMAX'S. Sewing Machines. Some extra good ones for sale at a bargain. Phone 1?6 or 577. 20-6 ""Watch onr show window for new nnd attractive ideas In footwenr, »t HAWLEY'S. :23-4 shopping, Frisco Fights the JJavr. , ... _'. : l^-. Oklahoma City, Okla., NoV.,.24..-r-- . Tbe Frisco railroad' this, "afternoon , filed suit in the United t States .district court here attacking ,the valid.. Ity of the Adamson eight hour law, and seeking an injunction against the enforcement of the law in .this district. Boy's School Shoes S1.5O to S3.0O at HAWKEY'S. 23-t

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