The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 20, 1966 · Page 9
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 9

Baytown, Texas
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Sunday, March 20, 1966
Page 9
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Sunday. March 20, 1966 'Project Gasbuggy' Novel Atomic Idea By TEX EASJLEr .Atomic Energy Committee, con-j WASHINGTON (AP) — A new'tends this is false economy. He push is developing behind "pro- argued at a committee hearing ject Gasbuggy," a novel idea for nuclear help in making pos- this week that: The estimated trillions of cubic Teachers' Panel At Crosby Talks About Discipline By BOEIX. ANDERSON Crosby Correspondent The faculties of Crosby High the production of vast ad- feet of otherwise unrecoverable School, Crosby Junior tional quantities of natural gas.'gas would be produced on public j r>revv "*% h *"^ ^ >re ' a -' The Atomic Energy Commls- domain acreage leased to pri-l'^Sh met at the Crosby High, sion originated the proposal and.vate companies. Therefore, . Library as a panel to named it. So far no money has 1 Uncle Sam would receive been provided for trying it out. I per cent in royalty, or about yovt there is talk in Congress of! 5100 million. That would leave asking the oil and gas industry j 5800 million for the oil and gas to share the cost. i companies, which would drilling bear discuss aspects of discipline. Jerry Prochazka, Crosby High principal, opened the meeting. Mrs. Vera Deven. High Schoo English teacher at Drew High initial test of the dramatic idea— j So far El Paso Natural Gas if and when. If successful, the!Co. is the only firm to show a blast would open the way, the: financial interest in the idea. For AEC estimates, to recovery of j many months it has been in con- - om * of 10 trillion cubic feet of gas in'sultation with AEC officials. This i c C Lv,is cation Agency Bulletin and Tex as school law for reference. William Kelley, speech teacher of Crosby High, recalled that field alone. past history o schools. He spoke on the stu- The Sun's Weekend Television Log This ga s lies in a hard, rock-trillion for operations on its like formation and cannot nowi jea sed lands in New Mexico— | week it offered to contribute Slants' "viewpoint of discipline be produced profitably. the estimated amount needed Ten trillion cubic feet is a lot j ° v «" and above the $3.7 million cf gas — something like 600 I th6 AEC hoped to get from times the current annual produc- j Congress. Later the c ompany • ' ' lion in this country. agreed to raise its contribution i to million, the hearing. committee Philip Fretty, science teacher at Drew Junior High, spoke on the role of the counselor in discipline and guidance. John Bennett, Crosby Band director and assistant high school principal, spoke on disciplinary cycle. the But you haven't heard any-j thing yet. The nuclear idea, if it| could lead to recovery- j chairman Cht Holifield, D- j following the coffee break was 300 trillion cubic feet from-^Uf-- commended the company [.-resided over by Culen Cran A question - answer period of similar formations in the Rocky !*°r its offer and suggested that Mountain region, according the estimates- fill, Crosby High counselor. BUILDING BIDS Bids for the children and to , other large oil and gas com- ipanies follow suit. ^ The big obstacle now blocking! Jonn Ke H>", director of the j youth buildings of the Crosby! the project is the Budget! AEC's program for developing j Methodist Church have been Bureau's refusal to endorse an' nuclear energy for peaceful pur- j submitted to the following con- for $3.7 million poses, was asked at the hearing'tractors: G. B. Chatham of Bay• why the Budget Bureau turned j town, James Marek of Crosby, K. S. Construction Co. of La Porte, More - Moore of La Porte, Peoples Lumber Co. of Dayton, and Stasney and Kem- ject, although it might be tech- per of Crosby, nically feasible . . . They ques- i BIBLE" TEACHING tioned the urgency of it, and also I Beginning at 9:30 a.m. Tues. they questioned whether or not j day, Mrs. Floyd Remkes will | the ratio or mix of government-1 teach for four weeks, on the 'Book of Acts at Crosby Methodist Church. Everyone is urged to attend. Nursery will be pro- ARREL C. SMITH, chief operator in Distillation and Treating at Mumble's Baytawn Refinery, has joined the ranks of 40-year employes. He joined t h e Refinery Boilermakers in January of 1926. Eight months later he transferred to Treating, where he has remained. He is a native of Waller. Before coming to Baytown to work for Humble, he farmed in Waller. Student Council Representatives Named At BJH request to helo finance it. , Sen. Clinton Anderson, D-N.M., I down the AEC request. He testi- a member of the Senate - House jfied: — j "It is my understanding that I (while) they felt that this pro- Korea « ( Continued From Page 1) ents, brother and sister were industry participation was proper." Anderson commented at this killed. Frightened and hungry, James | walked 1.200 miles southward j point: during the cold of winter until! "J would hope this (project) he reached Seoul, the capitol j might be put back on the track of South Korea. A foot froze during this ordeal gives him some trouble. that;again. I know it is not the fault Still i of the AEC, but I wonder if you i battled the Bureau of the Budget i Auditorium. vided for the children. VARIETY SHOW 7 Crosby Volunteer Fire Department held its annual Variety Show at the Crosby Junior High James said that South Korea j strong enough." has made great progress toward j Congress seldom makes ap- a democratic government sir.ce j propriations not specifically re- the war. He noted economic and j commended by the Budget Bu- dorn." James is pessimistic about political improvements. j reau, which operates "I know about Communism." i under the President. James continued. "I lived under it in North Korea. It is slavery. You even have to get permission to travel from one town to another and they tell you what job to have. There is no free- directly CATV -- (Continued From Page 1) west CATV is Lester Kamin, who is also president of Hous- North and South Korea everjj on radio station KXYZ. becoming one country again. Hej Nathan A very is president of said troops heavily guard thc|p owe r Generating Co. and Bill border and it is seldom that a North Korean to the south. refugee escapes The winners were "The Ar- birtrators, first; "The Travelers." second; and Allen Buck, third. Others participating were the Crosby Sorosis Club, Kathy Drury, Becky Leissner, Randall Woodard, Ronald Zwahr and Willie Spence, Martin Morris, Robin Hayes, Debra Wilson and Karen School. Stephens and "In-Crowd." Sherer, Sacred Heart The Bearded One, Glen ed with this group. Rufus Honeycutt and Dr. Don- rnunication or travel between the two countries. James chose to leave the U.S. j aid Brunscn head Baytown An- Army now to be able to settle j tenrta Co. do%vn and have a home inj Many factors will determine Glosses Found MRS. C. L. Morgan found a pair t ol prescription glasses Friday Mayatt heads the CATV divi-jin front of the tax office on sion It_has no Baytown asso-jwest Defee. The glasses, decorated with gold and silver at each corner, may be claimed at the Sun office. ciates. The Kine interests of Ke said there is little com- Houston are reportedJy associat- America. He is anxious council's decision on awarding for his chil- the franchise. Of the two pro- dren and wife to learn English i posals presented, many of the now. J technical aspects are identical. _ The family is Christian, with; The fringe sections of b o t h j terscholastic James being a Baptist ana his j will b e given careful consider- REL. REL Calendar Of Events March 19 — Senior High In- Choir Contest, wife, a Methodist. James was lotion. Like other public fran- baptized fay the Rev. A. L. Jor-' c hises, council will look at what dan at Memorial Baptist Church! , t feels is best for Baytown. when he lived here. | James cam e here in 1959 j when the Hustons moved from | Lometa. M us ton teaches at Cedar Bavou Junior High and Faculty - (Continued From Page 1) March 19 — Lee Relays. March 21-23 — Evaluation Days. March 24 — Southern Gents with Sophomore Choir for Spring Concert, S p.m. March 24-26 — Student Council Convention, Hurst. March 25 — JCL Convention, 4-11 p.m. REL. By CATHIE CHAXDIJEK Baytowa Junior Higfe Reporter Student council represents - tives have been elected for the second semester. The seventh graders that were elected are Paul Seale, Bill Johnston, Allison Hill, Linda Reineke, Becky Williams, Kathy Taylor, Sue Sublett. Jerry Jameson and Janet Lee. The eighth gaders are Randy Reber, Ruth Ann Holmes, Bill Perkins, Kent Liggett, Cindy Johnson. Jill Hopper, Jimmy Vaught and Bill Wells. The ninth graders are Jean Mrs. Muston at Robert E. Lee High School. James attended! . __ __... . REL before moving to Los An- 4. Make periodic reports t-j March 25-26 — Diversified Oc- Eeles wne'-e he graduated from! he Office of Education regard-j cupat j ons> District Convention, high school and attended Los! ing their progress towards end- - - Angeles Junior College. He segregation. to Los Angeles to be with some 5. Remove discrimination af- Korean" friends who were start- Acting students in transnorta- Korean American tion and other services, facilities and school activities. The second report will be due ing a new church. finding a job here. -rtonrt T.PP To'- bv Mav 15 listing the number sri-ss ^st ^s.'.; tSS "ss&fsz schools, and the reverse, based al courses. He wants to become an electrician. "I'm happy to be an American," James said. "I 'ove the American people and I think U;>OP. the expected 1966 - 67 school year enrollment. Ho-^don said, "On the basis people in the world." AROUND CARVER Kay Francis Harmon learns new art - - . James Broussard is looking for trading stamps . . . Ernest Folder joins the Industrial Art Club . - . Barry Etienne is getting to use the family car finally- . . . Patricia Burns gets a kick out of typing. to see if you an think you should b e doing." The reports will be an annual requirement, he told the school officials, so the government may determine whether local desegregation effects are being made on a continuing basis. A firkin is a tub for holding butter or fish, equal in content to one-fourth of a barrel. RELAY FANS... "j COME SEE US TONIGHT J i DINING ROOM I I Open Until 11 P.M. For Your Convenience. | by popular demand we are Resuming our BUFFET DINNER Every Sunday 11:30 A.M. to 2 P.M. Rring the family - see your frSends — enjoy the atmosphere and fine food! Per Person MTNT» Lamar Tech. March 26 — JCL Convention, REL, 7 to 5:30. March 26 — National Honor Society Banquet. March 26 — Track, Houston. March 2S-29 — Choir Assemblies, activity period. March 20 — Vocational Day. March 31 — Southern Gents Assembly at Cedar Bayou. March 31 — April 1 — Concert Band Assembly. April 1-2 — Texas Relays. April 2— Track, Victoria. April 4-7 — Senior Play Rehearsal. April 6 — Vocational Day. April 8-12 — Easter Holidays. April 14 — Tennis Meet. April 14 — Southern Belles Assemblv. April 14 — Track and Field Events, Freeport. April 15 — Fine Arts Festival, 6:30 to9:30. Commons and au- breaks a glass. Ferrel, Kyle Fullick, Marilyn Greenshaw r Bill Burns, Ola Jean Nichols, Steve Hartrick and Sue Keoughan. BJH CHOIRS The eighth grade choir under the direction of Mrs. Corabel Buelow, went to Travis Elementary on Tuesday and are going to Burnet Elementary March 22. The ninth grade choir, also! under the direction of Mrs. Bue-f low, will give assemblies at homeroom for the students at BJH on March 22-23. CARVER CHOIR On Wednesday the Carver Junior High choir gave a program for the BJH student body. On Thursday, March 17, the Car-i ver Senior High choir visited BJH and gave BJH a choral program. Mattibelle Durkee is the choir director for both the Junior and Senior High choirs. PICTURES BJH students receix-ed their individual pictures Tuesday. The pictures were in color and cost SJL DRIVER'S EDUCATION The ninth grade girls will take their driver's education examin- lation on March 25. The girls took physical education the first IS weeks, are taking driver's education for 10 weeks instead of the usual nine, and then will finish the last eight weeks of school SATURDAY NIGHT 6:30 O Flipper ID Jackie Gleason Q) Ozzie and Harriet 7:00 O I Dream of Jeannie © Donna Reed 7:30 O Get Smart ffl Secret Agent © Lawrence Welk 8:00 O Movies 8:30 ID The Loner ffl Hollywood Palace 9:00 O Gunsmoke 9:30 © Grand Ole Opry 10:00 O News Q} News |0 News 10:10 O Sports CD The I-ate Show 10:15 O Big Movie C0 Sports 10:20 IB News 10:35 O Weird :2:10 © Late Weird 32:30 IB Late, Late Show 1:45 J0 Morris Frank SUNDAY MORNING March 20 6:15 O Christophers 6:30 O This Is The Life I 6:58 SQ Sign On 7:00 O Children's Gospel Hour © The Pulpit 7:25<D Sign On 7:30 O Gospel Show fB Sunrise Semester J0 Beany and Cecil 8:00 & Gospel Singing Jubilee fB This Week in Galveston 0 Peter Potamus 8:15 ffl The Living Word 8:30 {Q Talkback 43 Bullwinkle 9:00 © Singin' Time in Dixie ID Lamp Unto My Feet IB Early Bird Theatre 9:30 CD Look Up and Live 10:00 & St. Luke's Methodist 01 Camera 3 30:30 & Frontiers of Faith QJ Your Area Churches 13 Discovery '66 11:00 O South Main Baptist CD Comic Strip Capers © Story of Pablo 11:30 ffl Face the Nation O African Change SUNDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 & Movie CD Feature for Sunday Afternoon CEJ Houston Home Show 12:30 €0 Gulf Coast Jamboree 1:00 IB ABC Scope 1:30 CD Sports Spectacular 2:00:0 Shell's Wonderful World of Golf fiD NBA Basketball 3:00 O Big Three Golf OJ Car 54 © The American Sportsman 3:30 '£D Big Picture 4:00 e Wild Kingdom CD Mr. Ed 13 The Spoilsman 4:30 & GE College Bowl CD Amateur Hour O America 5:00 O Frank McGee IB Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea CD 20th Century 5:30 .Q The Reformation CD Westinghouse Adventures 6:00 ID Lassie •13 News SUNDAY NIGHT 6:30 O Walt Disney- CD My Favorite Martian C0 Dobie Gillis 7:00 ID Ed Sullivan CD The FBI 7:30 O Branded S :00 .-a Bananza <D Perry Mason £gj Sunday Night Movie 3:00 O Wackiest Ship ff) Candid Camera 9:30 CD What's My Line 10:00 e News fJJ News IB News 10:25 O Cinema H 10:30 ID Late Show 11:25 C3 Theatre 13 12:20 O Cooaway Comments MONDAY MORNING 6:25 e Sign On vities, Youth Rally Sunday At First Church Saturday, March 26 the First Church of God, 112 Bob Smith Road will host the District Youth Rally. D. J. Davis, pastor of the church, has announced. The program will begin with xuon at i:30 a.m. Acti- lunch and an evening meal are plans for the day. The night service will feature a film entitled, "In His Steps." The service begins at 6 p.m. The entire day will revolve around the theme, "You are Important." Sunday services will begin with Sunday School at 9:45 a.m., morning church at 10:45 a.m., Junior and Senior Youth at 6:30 p.m.. Leadership Training at 1:30 p.m., and night church at T :30 The pastor will preach in both church services. Prayer and Bible study is slated at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. The public is invited to attend all services. The Christian Brotherhood Hour, a weekly radio program, can be heard over KNUZ in Houston at 8 a.m. every Sunday. with physical education. The driver's education p.e. teachers are Nora Clark and Mary Hargis. Communiori, Litany Set At All Saints' For the Fourtn Sunday in Lent, All Saints' Episcopal Church has scheduled for its main service at 11 a.m. the Litany and Ante - Communion. The Rev. Peter Katt, vicar, will be the otficant and preach the sermon. Assisting in the service is McDonald Riddick, lay reader, who will read the Litany. Ushers are W. A. Scott and Horace Smith. Mrs. Charles Homer and Mrs. Grace Jones will prepare the altar. Acolytes and flagbearers are Randolph and Richard Tickner, Steven and Larry Skinner. Hostess for the coffee hour is Mrs. James Richardson. There is an early celebration of the Lord's Supper at which John Street will assist the priest at at the altar. The Junior Young Episcopal Churchmen will have a game night at the church at 6:30 p.m. During Lent there is a celebration of Holy Communion on each Thursday at 10 a.m. O Sign On 6:28 HJ Sign On <S:3i> O American Govenuneoi fDSunrise Semester fB Cadet Don 7:00 0 Today ID Weather. Surfing, Fishing f0 Morning Edition News 7:05 QJ News 7:23 O Weather 7:30 O Today ID Morning Show © Cadet Don S ;25 O News 8:30 O Today Q| Captain Kangeroo J£J Kitty's Corner 9:00 & Eye Guess fll I Love Lucy |£) Jack La Lanne 9:25 & News 9:30 O Concentration fD McCoys $S Gir 1 . Talk 10:00 & Morning Star CD Andy of Mayberry O Super Market Sweepstakes 10:30 €J Paradise Bay ID Dick Van Dyke |0 Dating Game 11:00 O Jeopardy {D Love of Life fQ Donna Reed 11:25 ID News 11:30 O Post Office Q) Search For Tomorrow 13 Father Knows Best 11:45 OI Guilcing Light 11:55 0 News MONDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 & Midday with Ginny Pace CD News at Noon 49 Ben Casey 12:30 O Let's Make A Deal OS As The World Turns 12:55 O News 1:00 O The Days of Our Lives CD Password C9 Nurses 1:30 O Doctors CD House Party © A Time for US 1:55 ifij} News 2:00 O Another World CD To Tell The Truth £Q General Hospital 2:25 CD Douglas Edward News 2:30 & You Don't Say CD Edge of Night £6 Young Marrieds 3:00 O Match Game •CO Secret Storm {B Never Too Young 3:25 O News 3 -.30 0 Marijane's Magic CO Early Show CQ Where The Action Is 4:00 O 77 Sunset Strip €9 Kitiriks Karrousel 5:00 O Chris Chandler CO Wells Fargo ifB Yogi Bear 5:30 i0 Huntley Brinkly 6:00 CD News Qc) Leave It To Beaver life Of Freedom' Rev. Teykl's Topic "The Life of Freedom" will be the sermon theme used by the Rev. Charles H. Teykl, pas- andjtor, during the 9:30 a.m. Sun- Beaumont Man To Speak Sunday At Kingdom Hal! "Judgment Day — What It Means to Mankind" is the subject of a sermon to be given at 3 p.m. Sunday in the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, 1305 Hawthorne. Guest speak- ACTION On Thursday, March 24, Orville Fitzgerald will give a South- em School Assembly for BJH. The cost for the program will be 15 cents. Fitzgerald will demonstrate his ability to remember names, faces figures and details. He will have audience participation and will discuss the mental powerhouse, how it works, and how to make the best use of it. GOSLIN GOSSIP Elizabeth McClintock shakes in biology . . . Becky Smith likes to work on cars Barbara Kurtz did not write the note. , Randy Bobbitt makes a fool out of himself . . . Kyle Fullick 300 S. Kwy. 146 « Baytown ditorium. April 16 — Junior Optimisses Banquet. April 16 Play Day for Junior High Girls. GRA sponsor. April 17-20 — Key Club district Convention. April 21 — Concert and Symphonic Band. April 21 — San Jacinto Day, Holiday- April 22 — Southern Belles Spring Concert. April 23 — Brigadier Luncheon, Country Club. April 23 — Senior Play. April 21-22 — REL Choir Assembly. April 30 —Band Banquet, Student Commons. 8 to 10 p.m. May 5-6 — Brigadier Assembly. May 7 — Brigadier Ball, commons. May 9—GRA Banquet, Young- Vivian Chandler gets deserted downtown . . . Carole Boyer fixes her own hair . . . Greg Atteberry visits Baytown over the weekend. . . Doug Vickers visits Tommy Mitchell . . . Barry Gidden gets embarrassed Saturday night blood's. Mav 11 —Brigadier Assemblies at Junior Highs, all day. May 1^-13 — Symphonic Band assemblies. May 13 — REL Choir Spring Concert. May 14 van Beach. May 13-20 — Dead Week. Senior Prom, Syl- June 1 School. July 29 — Summer Betsy Simmons isn't the only one who has trouble with her hair. Bruce Nelson isn't afraid to dance . . . Missy Savell almost gets pushed into the pool Scottie Worden eats a messy chocolate ice cream bar - - Kathy Kirkland should have pink and orange shoes not orange and pink. Pam Gentry gets her hair cut . . Debbie Young's hair looks great Saturday night . . . Bruce Mills doesn't only sign his name . . Lloyd Ooker sings Saturday. Albert Kelso finds someone dayserv-icethisSundavatWest-."? - - W associated with the Beaumont minster Presbyterian Church. The sermon will be based on scripture from Isaiah 53, Gala- tions 5:1-26, and Mark 10:42-45. The church nursery is open during the service and the church school hour. Church school classes for children and young people begin at 10:30 a.m. Adult study courses and the adult communicants class start at 10:45 a.m. The Youth Choir, under the direction of Mrs. F. C. Ernhart, will rehearse at 6 p.m. The Senior High Youth will meet at the church at 6 p.m. and then visit the Monk's Home. The Junior High Youth will meet at the church at 6:30 p.m. and then go to AJ1 Saints Episcopal Church for a games night. The Westminster Choir, under the direction of H. G. Boynton, will rehearse at 8 p.m. Wednesday. Mrs. W. N. Zartman is the organist. KWBA 1360 OX YOUR DIAL SUNDAY SCHEDULE 7:00 Heaven and Home Hour 7:30 Mutual News 8:00 Bible Truths 9:00 Great Chapters 9:30 KWBA Gospel Music 10:30 Mutual News 11:00 Memorial Baptist Church 12:00 Mutual News 12:05 Report from NASA 12:10 Senator Ralph Yarborough 12:15 Mormon Church Choir 12:30 Dallas Theological Seminary 1 :00 Baptist Hour 1:30 Radio Bible Class 2:00 An Hour At Calvary 3:00 Mutual News 3:05 Reporters Roundup 3:30 Mutual News 3:35 KWBA Gospel Music 4:00 Delayed Worship Service 5:00 Voice of Revival 5:30 Trinity Tabernacle 6:00 Billy Graham 6:30 Bible Science Association congregation. After the Bible discourse, a group Bible study will be held on the subject, "Benefit from] God's New Covenant Spreading' Worldwide," based on the Scripture text found at Jeremiah! 31:31-34. ] Other meetings this week in-j elude the Congregation Bible] studies held at 8 p.m. Tuesday in various locations throughout the Bay-Tex area, and the weekly ministry school and service meeting beginning at 7:30 p.m. Friday at the Kingdom Hall, The public is welcome to all meetings of Jehovah's Witnesses, and particularly to the free Bible lecture at 3 p.m. Sunday. MYF Sub-District METHODIST Youth Fellowship Sub - District meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. Sunday at St. Mark's Methodist Church. A film will be featured. Any way you figure it... THE FINEST/* WELCOME TO BAYTOWN IS WELCOME ^ WAGON A visit from our hostess win mafct you feel at home, with her basket of gifts and answers to questions about the city, its services and 1 facilities, lust call . . . Phone 583-4390 shorter than himself . Mike Archer doesn't think he's very tan . . . Tim Quinton gets the soft drinks himself. Elaine Collum loans out her sweater . . . Susan Massey's brush gets passed around . . . Randy Gardner's middle name is Leroy . . . Donna Watkins dances with a sixth - grader . . . Bob Boyd is after a rabbit Friday night . . . Jean Ferrel is still .,-» d-aji-E 'working on a book report. Charles M. Toombs r«e«ntly purchased « 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle from Charles Dunaway. sales represent^ve at Buck Turner Chevrolet. Mr. Toombs is a native of Highlands currently in the Air Force stationed in Washington D. C. He is an Airman 1st. Class and plans to make a career of the Air Force. He is a member of the First Baptist Church in Highlands. Charles Dunaway invites you to come in and take advantage of the No. I Deals now at Buck Turner during Double Dividend Days. CURF3Y CASH and CARRY SPECIALS "Our BHSUMSS b 5 XJVHK j You Mo«*y" CURBY LUMBER 582-8? SI ******* mnan mu % PRE-HN ISr IED f IPAN E LING-I PHILIPPINE 1 MAHOGAN Y V-6ROOVE D •25 PRI:- FINISHED BLOW ASH PAN! a JNG 4x8 E66 11 i All L UNIFORM IN COLOR » i^> * < m m 1 5-YR, BOND No. 1 ROOFING SHINGLES 25 SQUARE •n^ KITCHEN-BATH TILE BOARD 4X8 1/8 White And Ga'd Reck ONLY 5.88 SCREEN DOORS 32"x80" 3-Bor...6.98 36"x80" Plain.... 7.13 Cabinet Plywood so 4x8x 3 /4 Ph9. MAHOGANY 11 4x8x 3 /4 BIRCH 12' 4x8x 3 /4 WHITE PINE 11 86 4X8 3 /4 Ash 15 06 'SO CUR CASH AND CARRY SPECIALS SPECIALS MON. - TUB. - WED. • THURS. • FBI. "OUR BUSINESS IS SAVING YOU MONEY" CURBY LUMBER GULF AT COMMERCE 582-8251

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