The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 18, 1923 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 18, 1923
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 18, 1923 •—WW——I. II II " • — fHE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE ELEVEN. brhe All*Year % Car for Every Family Jut Ketn»mttl TrrntfrfMM) Chevrolet it taidlni In the great •hlft of public demand to closed cars becauaa. thU company haa the world's largest facilities for manufacturing high-grade dosed bodies and Is therefore able to offer sedans, coupes and sedanettes at prices within easy reach of the average American family. Six large body plants adjoining Chevrolet assembly plants enable us to make prompt deliveries of the much wanted closed cars. As soon as you realise that your transportation requirements demand the year 'round, all weather closed car, see Chevrolet first and learn how fully we can meet your requirements at the lowest cost obtainable In a modern, high- grade closed automobile. Flvc-Pam. Tourlnfl . .• Two-Paw, Utility Cotrpo Four-Pan*. Sedanetta . Flve-Pai*. Sedan . , . Ullht D*llTety , . . Commercial ChaaaU . Utility Eiprrsa Truck Chassis ISIff 87- fcr .il S4(> BIO *75 All Prlc<u I. o. b. Flint, Midi, SCHOOL BONDS- GET MAJORITY Carried at Polls Yesterday spite Opposition. De- HAD A MAJORITY OF 36 Proposal Submitted Yeiterday Provided for Quarter Million Dollar I (sue. G-Paesenger Sedan ? 860 f.o. b . Flint, Mich. Buy thin at $319.00 down. Balance $52.00 per month. No interest. Phone 3S82 SUPERIOR MOTORS 108 First West GROTTO BUNCH IS OUT WEST TODAY Visiting a Dojtert Towns Advertising the Coming Cyrus Grotto Circus. About *o rvrponK, wotaen and men, made the trip today. reproaentluit Cyrus Orotto Circus, tn the- big swing around thfl circle to the west. H .umi car load* left here about S o'clock this morning ruady for the day's vlslltRS with the folk* out In our part of tho country, cloaa to Hotc.h !nt<on on tho west. Starting in at Abbyvlltc, they were to visit 1'lovna, Sylvia. Z*alth. 8tsf- -foro*. St. Jut™, PUwyn, ' MatfltsvUlfj. Brfprc, Lamed, I'uwuuo Rock and Great Bond, driving directly home Irmn (ho latter place. They are having » fine day of It and meeting the folk* who will tome hero to see the circus July 2S to August 4. Contest for Queen. Tho contest fur Queen ot tho Cireua Is becoming more Interesting every day. A. J. Bablngtoti of Dtdlas, Tex., has arrived to assist Mayor Walter V. Jones and hly Popularity contest committee. The friends of tho different candidates for queen are out worl;- I uk . many tickets are being oold and tho monoy Is rolling In. Tho circus will bo tho biggest outdoor entertainment for Hutchinson,, this year and tho grounds along Sec• ond avenue went are all ready for tho big tout when It comes, Tho calliope was taken on Uio trip •went today and It la livening things up somewhat west of Hutchinson, getting people bettor acquainted. man in point of service on the local division. He la now about 63 years old but la on the Job every <ia. v - Jlock Inland train -No. 1 wn'3 five hours late this morning. It was reported delayed east of Herington but tlio cause was not determined. Stationary Fireman Howard litis-' soil, of tho Santa Ke roundhouse, will go to Kansas City tonight to see his sun wlw was token there for an operation. Engine No. 14U of the Santa Fo which has -been overhauled and repainted at tho lot Juntn shorm was sent hero Ibis week. It will be used on tho Hutehlnnuu-Kiasloy line. John Parker, an employe of the local express office. Is the strong man of the force *»moe the performance ot u feat yesterday. Parker and J. B. Criawell, another employe, were raising" a canting when It tdtpped and fell on Criswell's hand, pinning It to tho floor. Tho casting weighed 1075 pounds but Parker grubbed bold of It and by himself llfttid It high enough that Criawell could extricate his. hand, (.'rlswcll's baud was cut badly by the fall of tho easting. This morning Parker and another employe together attempted to lift the castlnUUmt could not budqe It. Proving that fear really does give a man superhuman strength. RAILROAD NOTES J. D. Lowe, Santa Fe llnoman, went to Alden today. Clarlc Davis, Santa To dlvlalon freight agent wont to Lyons today. T. B. Bowen, Santa Fo road foreman ot engines. Is In the city today. Santa Fo Car Foreman F. J. Boucher Is off duty today on account of illness. William A. Curnutt wont to work In tiio Santa Fo car repair department today. H. B. Oreendugh. division suporln- tedent of the Hock Inland, lg In the city to day. A. B. CTomlng, travoltas freight agont of Santa Fe went "to Stafford toduy on business. , Engineer Charles KclUir of Hatch- Jnson Southern train No. 19 is ofj duty on account of lijyciu. J. F. Carder, yavdinastor of Santa IFo )a off duty today. Albert Hlrth is taking his place for the day. •O. T>. :Bra;licy, traveling .passenger t tho Itock Kami Is tn the city" ^'business, with, tho, local of- •On thi» lob for 43 y'otrs and still at tlio thto.tlo ta tho record bf W ,W. ..Saunders, englneor ou Banta are train- It's Up to the Dog. After court adjourned the other day at Mount Vernon, Judge Honson held a special session and banded down a decision ot great Importance It was to the effect that when any ono.glves a small boy a dog the small boy has to take him. The parents have nothing to say about lt^, but tho dog has. If the dog doesn't ilka the boy the stuff la oft.—Aurora Advertiser, John Yaggy went to Wichita today on business. 'Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Vreeland of Dodge City are here for a few days visit. L. D. Ferguson of the City Transfer Co., and Mrs. Ferguson wont to Wichita today on business. C. T!. Huffman, Bpecial representative of tho Southwestern Bell Tele- phono Co. from tho general offices at St. Louis was hero today on business,. The sprinkling petition for sprinkling Tenth avenue east from Maple to E!m street was presented to the city commission' yesterday afternoon and referred to Commissioner of Utilities Ferguson.' The appraisers' report on the paV' Ing of Fourteenth avenue we3t was re turned to the city commission yesterday aud^the commission will meet as a board ot equalization next Friday Afternoon. iFred Hade!, of the engineering de partmnnt of "tho .United Water, tins and Electric Co., and his family returned yesterday from n three weeks vacation trip Hpont out on the western slope of the Rocky mountains. Mr. and Mrs. J, 1). Bobb of Lyons are moving hero and will occupy the Stone property at 223 Fourth avenue oast. They will Join their daughter, MJ bs Ida Bobb who has made her home here einco finishing at tho Salt City Business college. Ganna Wal6ka In Com«dy. Now York-Scoring* a beat on ship reporters, Mmo Oanua Walska announced by radio from tho steamship Olympic that she plans to enter musical comedy In New York. The quarter-million dollar school bond lssuo went over at yesterday's special election by a majority ot 30 votes. Heat and lack of interest were the cause of tho light vote. Less than 1,300 voted out of a possible. There waB no orgnnlzeri fight for or against tho bonds. The board of education submitted the Issue on Its merits, the need of added school facilities in the south part of the city. There was considerable opposition by fiome ot the moro conservative men of tho city who urged this Is not a tilting time to incur additional debt. Lost Iji Nine Precincts. Tho school bonds carried in six of fifteen precincts. Tho thing that put tho lssuo over was the unanimous vote in Careyvllle where close to 1U0 per cent ot the voters turned out. Carcy- ville's Interest lies In the fact that one of the prnviHionH of the bond Issue is that tho frame buikllufl 'formerly used in C.r.mdview shall be moved to Careyvllle. People then) have long sought a school of. their own, especially for tho youngsters who have been compelled to^go too great a distance. Tho tenth precinct which lies wholly In the Maple street school district turned out the greatest vote and gave the proposal the greatest ma-_ Jority. Provide One New Building. Two north end precincts, the fifth and sixth, comprising that territpry east and west of Main street from Ninth avenue to tho city limits gave tho issue a majority. Tho $2:5,000 in bonds were voted for the purpose of erecting a new building for the Maple street district, constructing an addition at ShertrfBn junior high which will contain additional class rooms, un assembly hall and a gymnasium and removal and conditioning of the old Ornndvlow school. Board to Decide o» Plans. "Tho majority vote on the school bonds yesterday was an approval of the recommendation of the school board." said V. M. Wiley, president of tho board this morning. "And the board Is very appreciative of the vote. Wo wilt ;».ve a meeting in a very few days and talk over building plans. In each instance the building program was most needed for the advancement of the Interests of the students. J. W. Cowans, superintendent of tho city schools, Just closing his ffftt year, a year in which he has had opportunity to find out the school needs and meet new patrons of tho schools of this city said this morning: Without Especial Effort. "The vote shows a very complimentary attitude on the part of the people of tha city. There wa3 no campaign for the funds, It was left to the citizens alone," said Mr. Oowans, "and In a case ot bond election, where no attempt is made to get out a voto and when the returns show that out of a possfblo 7,500 the vote against is less than 10 percent, I consider that a remarkable, showing. It will bo well to rcmoroher that these school 'improvements will give added facilities which will be shared by one-fourth of the children of Hutchinson. The vote by precincts was as follows: First precinct Second precinct Third precinct .' Fourth precinct Fifth precinct Sixth precinct Seventh precinct ... Eighth precinct .... Ninth precinct Tenth preolnct Eleventh precinct .. Twelfth precinct' ... Thirteenth precinct Fourteenth pvecinct Fifteenth product .. of the triple tragedy, received here from Lexington, Mo., stated that Puckett was believed to be a miner. Officers left for tho scene of the shootings during tho forenoon to Investigate the affair. Up to noon It hnrt not been ascertained If Puciiett had escaped or had been taken into custody. PEniNGPARTY : COSTS VISITOR Official of Eastern Corporation Robbed of Big Gem by Hi-J ackers. Tho Plum street road Just north ot the Statu (Fair grounds was tho scone of a very complicated & old up which culminated a petting party in a very exciting manaor on tho atLernooxi ot Monday July 10. Tho ouUtaudhiK character In the mixup was (he vttie* president of an eastern corporation, who was aMo to prevail upon the flhorlffs' office lo quiet the story. Sheriff Jesse Umgford tsuid thin at- ttrnonn that tho names of tho occupants of the uar were never told him. "An outside party reported the rob- b<ry," said Sheriff X*ai.gfurd, "and asked us to try to find tho diamond** but did not give us the names of the victims." Had Married Women. The petting pnrty wan j;oInp on In.' a ear hired by Uia corporation official. His associates were two Hutchinson married women and another man. They wore parked off the main travelled road. Suddenly a Inrgp car daohed up, along side of thoIr hired Ford and three men all armed with puns, ordered them to hold up. their hands. Fortunately the corporation official had left hid roil in tho uafo of the hotel where he v:;n; stopping, hut the robber* rnlieved him of a four carat diamond sparkler worth ?f«,0O0. They also relieved bin married vampiro of the five-eighths carat diamond ring which she had received from her hubby when they had become engaged. Valuablca were also taken from the other two members of the party. Threw Ford Key Away. Alter relieving tho members of the petting party of their diamonds and money, the robhers took the key from the, rented Kurd car and after lucking the car threw the key away and told the frightened Pijoonert* to get to town the herd, they could, then mado their departure.. The other mad who wan with the Influential corporation official, was able to short the Ignition on tho Kord- 30 that they were able to run into town without the key. Then the financier purchased his married partner another diamond^at a local jewelry storo ko that her husband would not become alarmed hecauHO of the disappearance of bin wlfu 's diamond which he had paved many hard earned dollars to purchase. The Influential corporation official stated before ho left town that be could well afford to lose his diamond ring, rather than have his wife find out what had taken place here, ALLEN MTORTER TO A RICHER TERRITORY Hibernians In Session. Montreal—Tho annual convention of tho Order ot Hibernians of Canada and "United States opened yesterday. A cable from tho pope was read. Beauty Work at the Clean Towel 8hop Is dono bv Mrs. Hatch. Billlo'Caln. 17-3t Tea No 18 10 2i 28 13 61 86 63 El 35 17 66 35 66 34 <1 IS - U US 28 60 2i SO en 21 43 17 10 C2 0 667 SHOT, AND KILLED THREE. Mtesourlan Did This Following a Family Quarrel Today. Sedalia. Mo., July 18.—(William Pnckctt of Waverly, Mo., M miles down the Missouri Hlvor eaBt trom Lexington, Mo., today shot and killed I i I b wlto, mother-in-law, Mra, Tubbu, and sistcrin-law, Janle Tubbs, at th» family home, according to a telephone message to the Sedalia Democrat at noon today. The shooting Is aald to. have followed a heated family quarrel. Roports 20°fo Discount on all Children's Patent Leather Pumps This Includes OUT "i^S*^, "Merriam line" Among the best shoes model Patent Straps Patent cut outs Patent Grecian and While Nile Cloth. fS North Main OR: tt> nortK Main Thursday Sale- TF.A 8ETS—$25.00 to $35.00 Luatcr, China and Silver $17.50 Per Set ^Brinfj Your Coupons. M. WELCH, Jeweler 24 East First. • •HBRHSBalBta^BlHHaBaEBBrjBTVBiHBiaii-aeiiaiilEjtjOaiaaj TELLS BENEFITS OF VOLSTEADISM y i Laxity of Respect for Law Not Prohibition Result, Saya Wayne Wheeier, Allen McWhorter. who has been manager of the National Cash Register Co. agency, in this territory for a number of years, will noon move to Wichita to take change ot tho agency there which covera all the rich territory lu southern Kansas und Oklahoma. ^ The change comes in tho way of a splendid promotion for Mr. McWhorter, -who-has built up the company's business) in thia territory a great deal since lie has, been In charge. Tho Wichita agency Is one of tho best that tile company haa and It cornea aa a fitting'reward for tho local agents splendid efforts. A Lot of What-Not "Are you there?" "Who are you," "Watt." ."What's your name?" "Watt'a my name." "Yeh, what's your name?" "My tiauio is Jobu 'Watt." "John what?" "Yes." "I'll bo around to seo you this afternoon" "All right. Are you Jones''" "No. I'm Knott." ^ "Will you toll mo your name then?" '•Will Knott." I '.'-Why not':" "My name is Kuott." "Not what'/" Brr, clank, crash, stara. —From tho Flamingo. New York, July 18.—Supporting a statement by Chief Justice William Howard Taft rolallvp to prohibition enforcement, Wayne II. Whenlor, general counsel of the AnU-Su !oou leafr 'io. recently enumerated benefits which ho believes have resulted from I he enactment ot tho dry law. Chief JiiBtice Tart lias urged t hut clli /.eiii. ceasci 1) r<» t c- 1> t i 11K ar.ainst Its enactment. " 'Tho enlargement of the criminal classes by re- miltn led to Join the ranks by the lax, apologetic and conniving attitude of respectable people,' to which Chief Justice Taft refers," said Wheeler, "Is tho most ueriouu problem we face today. His Reasons for Crime. "One having lesrned that there aro among the mOBt prominent perEona in tho community a group who Buillo at lawbreakiug when crlmo oeives their appetite, the loan cultured and less wealthy cannot see why they should keep tho Jaw safe-guarding property--when crime inl/jht profit them. Prohibition haa not created this situation. It litis merely revealed a lack or loyalty to law which itlruady existed. "In addition to tho benefits cited by Chief Justice Taft one might xdd the lowered mortality rate, equivalent to tho suing of EOOJIOO lives lu the first three years; the 7 1 per cent reduction lu tho number of charity cases duo to liquor; the 70 per cent cut In deaths from alcoholism; tho decrease in offenses of minors and women; tho diversion of tho immense rums once spent fur Honor to chancels of legitimate business. From Rum to Radio. "Tho taxes paid by moving picture houses; the sales of camping, athletic, and outing g'oods; the trade lu music, phonograph and radio supplies, tell this part of the story. Homes aro being built at the rate of nearly 9,000 now homes a month. Kueh. month ?J 1,000,000 la being invested In nodal und recreational buildings to replace tho saloon as the pour man's club Tho monthly average cost of new re llgloti3 buildings Is close to $9,000,000 while an average ot nearly 3,000 now members Joined the church dally during 1922. Theso are. Just a fow of the things prohibition has done bo-' sides reducing the lawlessness of th<J nation." ABOUT TO PLUNGE \ FOR NEW RECORD Ming Sybil Iiauer. There are mermaids attd mermaln» and Sybil Bauer . Sybil is a swimmer of no mean repute, in fact competition with her usually busts someono'a reputation- and not Sybil's. HUTCHINSON BOY ON THE RADIO TONIGHT Itadlo bugs will have au opportunity tonight to tunc in on a solo by a Hutchinson hoy. Kemper Hippie, son of -Mr. and Mrs. R K. Hii-ple, who If) In Kansas City studying voice, will bo on tho K'attHar. City Star's evening uro­ gram. According to word received by Mrs. lllpplu today ho will slug at 8 o'cluclt. Notice, Royol Neighbors. Arsossmeutrs and dues must bo pay­ ed not later than ^.Ot.h cf each month. MlNNllJ.KinWKLI., Recorder, '311 8th East. Dance tonight-Lake Bedell. IT ' 18-lt THE GUMPS —IF IT DOESN'T RAIN Most ItK HOOKS NOT owt OU WIN- BW RXOUt OWl. Mt TlCKVTS FOR THE WcHtC 00T W MlUtfS RiTMHt. 'tit' VP^NlcerVMON- LOTS OF- HAM *Mt> CHtCKEN Bb.MbvACHt«- SOME ISv^i XS££ CWS.W Wo* ' 1 \ "itU. NOV) TOMORROW WUX Bfc |v TO TtKCHNOU HOMO TO COW AMP SW\K*« ''U- MOV) T>\E kVSTRAcUXH CtfJ\\M\_- NOVJ'tt Hft-Vt Mi. TVVfc CAXt KMT> b\t£. "SOU CtUA r^. fvMfc TH^'S'c'i OUZOS'. wtXCCDMt HOME VUttW tNOOGH fnsy* HBOKMOOO - BWi T >6H- ^ UHCH GUMPS t>RWtlHiS Of n<

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