Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 23, 1930 · Page 12
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 12

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1930
Page 12
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JECATUR HERALD THURSDAY, BER 23, 1930 DECAT'JR HERALD JANE ARDEN Almost Discovered By Mont* Barrett ·nd Frank KIH» THB RSO UNOERWOQU LEADER VHOIS PUfiSUINO JAN AND MASDA^ HAS BEEN ASSIGNED TO CABIN 572 WH6RC THE T\VO Gift' * ,^RE HIDING 5HALL I SHOW/fNO, I'LL PINO IT BY MY-S YOU TO YOUR}] SELP- YOU eo AND LOOK CABIN NOW, j( AT THE SHIPS REGISTER [SIR? yaw. i/ AGAIN AND free IF YOU C CAI^T FIND JAN6APDEN I ON I'VE SOT TO PINOMAGOA AND FIX HER so SHE'LL NEVER TALK AGAIN -?HE KNOWS TOO MUCH A60UT MY PLANS POP REVOLUTION! IN ANOERlA SUTTHAT JANE APDENA I'LL -HUH/THAT'S FUNNY/ ] THIS DOOR IS'LOCKEOJ--' OP THAT SOMSONES 1 TRYING TO\f 5H.' PERHAPS SOMEONE^ ,G6T IN-THSY'VSy---^2 JUST MAP6 A MISTAKE f tip|)lo VNCLE W1GG1LY BEDTIME 3TORY lly HOWABD B, OAHI8 Not niuny yflarft ago, In a whon ftppldd wore »o ripe thut (oil off the tiw-i till fMdv tn ent. tharo WWH it tnnnvr nm» who hud n tine flrchtird, In hi)* orchnnl wore iTwny (ipploB trncd. wotuo with rod fruit, wiinft with yollow and nomo with brown. "Now," wtkl the farmer m«n to iiliu^i'if cno iluy ati hu wulk^ct ubout lih ou'linid iunt «(iw hl-4 ninny ap- I- low, "I miiMt do Nontethlu^ to Itoup tho biiyH, pl^ft ftrnl gontx out o r , my i i d , I'or they will lie to con to find tnlto invay my unlntiH t do nomottilnK," Mo tho A i r m n r hullt a hl);h, tl«ht icnco n round hlw np|)Ui tro 1 '*. thlnl- ln(( In thtu wny to k n f p out tin 1 boy*, the plp-i find the gmta that might take hi* fruit, 'Tor," tinltl thn farmer tridn, "T dnn't know which 1« wof«r, th» boj-ti, the plK 1 " or Iho gwitii, For the mul- tor of thut n hoy will n»t tilmoit n-* nxtiny «|ii)lt!* nK n |IH (mil u boy cnn Jump ovi'i' n ffnc'c, n' Ill-cat* llirnii),'^ 1* nlmOHl KM Wl'lt IIM Ft k 1 ' 1 *!' 1( tH- [ think ntv ajiplra «ru wife." Now It hupponcil Unit Curly tint) I'lnppv TwlittytiUI, tho two pl« boys, llvoil not far from thin furmor rnnn'fl Hpiilo circhnrd, And whan tho applos w«ro so tip* thfty fall kar plunk ntf lh« trowt, Curly nnd Kloppy smclloU them And Curly tmld: "L(it'» (to )»* wi" 0 ftpplw Tho fnrmor mun Ims no nmny ho will not rnltid ^f wo pick up n few oft the K round." "AH rUthl!" (iruntcul I'lujipy, So they wddillod over to tho orchiit'd onfl Hl'ternoon whon they wm'o iut of nchrinl, Th» taut time they hud noon tho orehArd watt when the up' ·plfN on the treeH wore green. Thrrt there wwt no fenrn tiulit around t h n orchard, Put now, when tho pis t?oy* naw tho hlflh honriln Flopiiy ·did: "Oh. wo din ncvrr (("*· n n y nke ttpo iiinl""i nnw 1 " "Too bdd'" ii''uiitc t I'I J liiotfiT "But ninybn If wo wii'Miinit^noutTh.' he wont on, "the wlnil will blow «omo «pptM over th« fonao to tit." "U would tnVte ·* very hard wind to blow Applfa over tho (enoo." sruntinl Floppy. None of Ihe tieon |c nenr tho hlith boards, I know A bettor w*y than that," "Mow?" «»kel Cutly. "Lot's go look tor * hols In the f*no«," nujwodWd Floppy. "If we find on* I '«n crawl through It nml throw tom« «pploi out to yo«''' "Oh, that will bo fine!" ctlort C«rly. "And while jrou'r* ln»ld» you With liln strong, rubbery nose, which win) ns good for digging na thu PAWN o( a rubblt, Floppy matte the hole bononth the fonco largor so h6 could wiggle In. Soon he wua In* slrto tha orohnrtt, "Any apploB?" called Curly from outslrlo tho fence, "Plonty!" anaworod hia brother. "Htire! CAtch thwo!" Floppy threw muny npploa over tho fence, His hfothfr uto thorn ntid Floppy ato many more apptn thut he picked tip off the gtound In tho orchard, Thnn Floppy rollod HO run npplos out tliifnift*' tho hole to I)Is brother and an Id tliy wnuUl bo flno [or tholr moth or to ninko Inlo appt«Hauc8, "Vou'd IH-HIT como out now!" uruntod duly. "I t h i n k 1 hear sotno- body coming- Mityba it'^ the fatmur mnn." Tm comluii!" pi'Lintod Floppy. He tried to criiwl hack through the hoi* -ye*,- ·grwiJ Floppy, "I Ru«» tho firmer man won't care It we only tftke tho old *pp1** *""' '"" '° TM* AIIQ that'i the only kind Wit ,,,,»." iMltl^rt Girlir. "Como on, '-go look [or n hole." Tlid ptKRle hoy* wttlk«t nnit nvound the high, tljd" ., fVnco that wa» built to Keep boy*. Eln and goa" out o( the tarniei ££· apple orchard. After a wh 1e Floin-y taw a ple« where the ««' WM d«gaway fromabottom btwrd Imvlng n itmall hole beneath it "r think I onn «a»l '" n f TM* t f ««*lly enousti," h* (minted. 'One* i g«t Inside I'll eat a lo*. of npp'«" ·nd (ihllck Wmc nut to .Vi« "Chuoh we a lot." begged Curly. out! sjfuea BRINGING UP FATHER Canceling the Order By MaManus HIGH LIGHTS of HISTORY No. 28 Preparations For Battle .---,,, IN NEED tt B\\m- Say, ituv'nor. have you gotta "V nickel for a cuppn coffee? J. Carroll 'Y..rl^, ; °' But stlck «'uund, nnd M._.C- u I'll help iini Mh the next man who' M»IMfieW lcom«a along. \ undui tho (incL. but he couhl only t;et hl« he-nil out. "Coma on! Como on! Hurry!" llert Curly. "1 cun't! I cun't ^et out!" squealed Plnppy. "Why not?" n»kpd hta brother. "flecauno, 1 squonlcd Floppy. "I ato til tiny applet* that I'm fuller than ever and Im Htuck tn this hole! Oh, Avhat nm I golnfr to do?" "You've Rot to set out! Somebody l(i oomlnftt" yelled Curlv. "Push with your hind foot -itl I'll pull and vnnybo ynu'tl Bet out." So the ptftcle lmy s pulipd (ind pushed hut poor Floppy wn« sturu tast In the hole ITc mlc!tt hivfl bern ctuck therr ytt It Uncle WlKgllv had not hoppcned if hop alon^ Just then. Tt was Undo Wlgftlly whom Cui ly hnard coming. "Oh, plottno holp me out of this hole!' bcptt"' Floppy. "All rljtht, I will," Bald Uncle Wig ftlly. With Mt paws he dug Home dirt owfty from around flat ^Floppy who then could wlRRlo out nil right "After Ifiifl," an Id the rabbit gentleman, "don't be such an apple pig!" "I won't." promised Floppy, And If tho mmflowor will shine on the face of the clock *o the hands can see to tell the time, I'll maka the next story tell obout Uncle Wlgglly's little potatoes. , (Copyright, lean, by Howard n. Garb) Bobby 1 hatcher A Hidden r -, ,_)BBV IS 'PUZZLED OVER THE lOEtslTlT/ AND BTRANCE: APPEARANCE OF THE V-OQ- yVlAr4 WHO R.E.SCUBO HIAA WHEW HIS RA.PT WAB BfcOKEM UP 1KJ THH, RAPIDS- WONDER WHV HE OON'T AWT A .fMRE THROUCH THH OAY ITS ABOUT SUM-r DOWM SO TUL. LIGHT OHE ANYHOW... WHBH HB THE FISH IH THE SKILLET HE'LL. BE GLAD i 010 (Cjpyt%h. »3f. by TN BtN Synitc*lt. Inc.} HAVIr4' THAT LAD IN CAMP'S A PROBLEM*. BBFORB 1 CUIOB HIAA OWTA THB WOODS I'O BETTBR, FINO OUT HOW GOOD HB 16' AT KEBFIN* HIS MOUTH SHUT... KfS THV WOOOMAM APPROACHBD HIS H._, CAMP HB SuOO«r4UV WOTBO A THIN * Of* SMOKB / THE THE NEBBS Nothing Doing THOT ftUOV WWi ARRESTED FOR PAG-KIKX3 TOO WEAR A pee PIUG AWO Ft WED *13SS -.-v^-. AKlD FOR HE'S 1 CHAMBER OF _ vwe i OF ouft MOST ROTRionc crmewaJ IS IT THAT VCO USED vcua »M^njewce TO THE DEPOT GUT OP TME. , U » ftt O*« HOTBU AWO CUB Movie CORPOBATtOKI I* ftO% OF THe BUS»KjesS OF TUiS TOWW AMD I OTHER 1O% PERMHTS A POUCC- MAKJ TO C»A\WL AROUWO *CK1 HIS STOWACM wrrw A TAPE MEASURE TO PWO tM PARK1NH3 ant TOO N£AR A Plfft^ Pv.LX», ARREST ME AKJO LET A SQ- cAu_eo ousncc piKie PATRIOTISM- IS TO TWe BOKIE., IS kWT THE OF \we'L(_ eler ACK VOU '.iT'SSOtMft / TO eftovw up,/ GAS BUGGIES They Don't Always Mean What They Say By Frank Beck COMB! SET OP CARLOTTA. I HAV6 A PLAN. IF you WANT TO LAND MR. HORN,THE MILLIONAIRE,WE MUST GO WHERE HE WILL SEE US.. LOITER HIS .HOTCL.. LUNCH THERE NGC699ARV THAT TAKES OODLES MONEY, .MOTHER, HOWLL YOU MANAGE? ^J PAWN TH I /TRINKET I WO /AT B R I D G E . , ANYTHING^ L TO BE WHERE ME \see us, OH, r KNOW \IT SEEMS SiLLV. T BUT WE'RE NEARI.VJ V BROKE ... I'M \ DESPERATE VEH...1LL LET VOU HAVE TV EN TV TOLL AR S. . ,, "T'9 ONLY A CHEAP IMITASHUN. OH! QUICK CARLOTTA , BEND OVER... PRETEND TO BE LOCWtNfi TM6 WINDOW... H6 MUSTN'T SEE US...IT'S MR. HORN" ;Sr#*s- v ~'"=r f rr---'^i"-'^'-tfSs -taffSfv TOOTS and CASPER The Wise Colonel WOKTT TMWW IT WA-S* A FLUKE, VmEN HE. AijAIN THI9 V6AR. -TOOT*.! (i-IVEHtM A ' BI ^ BEPAU=E TOMORROW HE PATTERFOOT UCRBT* LAST LOT* OP PEOPLE eTtLL THINK. R WAS AN ACC1PSKIT. By Jimmy Murphy THE OLD TOWN) 15 ALU-SiMDKEDvjp ABOUT THE ~ ' PACE! COLONEL HOOFER AJT TOUP ME THAT HA9WT A CHANCE TO WIN VOU BET VM TBLUN^ EVSRYBCWY THAT WAPE-RIBS H*3N'T A CHANCE.! I'M 60NNJ · BET «£OM6. PoulrH ON HIM ' AND t WAWT LONir OW9' IF i CAN -SCARE PEOPLE. OUT OP BETTIN^- ON 5PARE-Rie* HE'LL BB, A ffOTOi *HOTl /YOUT» IBN"T ft THB FAMOUS BOOTBAU. HALFBACK IS CALL.INS ON NORA- HtfS tM THB PA»t_O« NOW VU. SO IK) AND GET ACQUAINTED WITH HIM BECAUSE m soiw TO THAT SAMB TOMORROW i£?»-l IS TM« TKB TICKW 1 \WEU.,TH»'S 1 MR. JUSfiS, CANC*UTHO«f I TVO T*CK*T6 TO THtJ AMEi^"^ V I W a M R N evtw sv 7H6 SWIFTEST BuwwtQs. AWC Ca HAMUTOM, DttmSM COMMANPEP AT pe )| NOT LEAPM w THE CAPTURE OF TWC !5H FOOTS IMTHB tht, 1930, by I Ctrroll ManiBtld) jEJfHEU IMS DlSMfcViWS NEWS HAMILTOM,HB WAS IM ine ACT OF A STRONG Fo«a OP earmsw AM» INMAUS AT DeroHT TO num. AGAINST THE *ewttj«¥ ftwwnw He *l OHCE TURMEP FROM THIS PRftjeCT T Mis AP»WTO aecoveft THE LOST POSTS tAUK WRCUApCf ion* Knives' v RI-CMUCT fen CWHT MOMTH», AWb entMMlUP A COM* »AHV »70 Oft 6O MBM AMMtt WB FISTIC Fl HUSHES STARTI Bui frthFi i Pcrci i JUSTCOft » By niAI (CfllUtf FTMI NEW VOR , cycle of fiitic : fttrtra on the i the teniui of will COM, now i» e , Boilng, M a yhir* (t wan w tt and eorlikm*. gate*» Tbe petty rack hW*Iy In the da; «rf IIUlo flfhtl tiuir B0n»nt cli «,, the table* In Tbt mlllloBatrei, an thoroughly i tng flffht maitsj ·woelatton no ) IMtoev Bquai ·Mt wprtt *n i , M* thta k Ml aHbMffb If* ti Mrt to IhftMea .TKe Idea of g trt did not. orlgh ·id, hut und«r N«ched lie pealc broke htm. tt wai Tex'i I a itrlng to hi* fl Jack DetnpBey Ittte ngalnet G« Mdiard also ho If Tonitey won. the title ·hould ; motion. 1 Tunncy did ^ ot a million dc , bout, Detnpwy, have another i ·hare, and «ltoi hock for nearly bout In Chicago went over the gate ot tl.WO.MK Gene St Then came tl Tunney, latter tf ·eeond time, pit ·ven larger tpu detente of the plouhtp. RJekt obligated to pay tegardlem of tt gate. The opp Tom Heene^ ar ·My lew than Kadtoon Square the chin. Even wtth thi new group at ( Bqutre Garten late Rkkard, c of giving «xorl the Mcond rat after Tunney'i Kharkey alwayi tomni for his ftttibllng and ' teed more than to at the gate ·oltapMd with km dadnrodlti NAROONl TEAM C FROM CKIOAOC, V 0 unlverettft bail roon M|ua4 to ' turn from Ite I early Monday Word received way. The tUrooni one game on their flrrt rive Chtll wa» the nlng tour gam baa and Henri ftwly appnlntt York Yankee* *«k Thunda we with Ar Waoh. tt WPB *«r Cub*' mil *»t* *lnee bU ·H Manager, WeUhtr- can n OotllMvllle. With hli new «MMd plui 1 Al TNI* TiMlVHC BMLiSTNiiuis o? "»*0$T «» MIS AMERICAN voiuNrnseas exPifte* AN MAMY RETUAMCPlDTHeia HOMES IM unlve *"** travel* s PAPER!

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