The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 7, 1971 · Page 27
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 27

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 7, 1971
Page 27
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Italian Director Plans Mom on Christ, the Man " JACQUELINE BISSET stars as a, hip young career "-: «irl in love with an intern in the new MGM release, '."". ^Believe in Me." The contemporary love story also stars Michael Sarazin. ^^_ __ SNAKE CEREMONY By H1UMI TOROS ROME (AP) — Film director Franco Zeffirelli, shifting from romantic to spiritual -themes, plans a work called "The Assassination of-. Christ" to follow life of St. Francis. • "The time is ripe for a factual film-on the death of ' saint as a dropout. "Like many of today's young people, he hac problems of identity and found fulfilment in spiritual things, •Zeffirelli'. believes. The director considers him self a fervent Roman Catholic He doubts the Vatican ,will have any objection to the movie on . - -+~-J — • I J about .religion for a while .and xy to explain Christ, .the man."' To Zeffirelli, 'Christ's death was "a political assassination, of a very powerful man who be-, came too disturbing to those in power/" Church teachings. ... . "In -the end the .Church wil benefit, from it," he said, "Be sides 1 ' we 'have to re-examine the "Church. My responsibilit will' be to. the public. Even there is; something -that . Church'-will object to', I °The film will be in black and have .to put'it in white. Zeffirelli has summoned an international jury of Biblical- experts to go through volumes of conflicting material. They are to try to come up with a script. DOCUMENTARY FORM Ogden,Standard-Examiner, Thursday, October 7, 1971 1; Some "Acting Schools" a Gyp By VERNON SCOTT UPI Hollywood .Correspondent HOLLYWOOD (UPI) -One of the great gjps of Hollywood s the "acting school" which, for a huge sum,- 'promises to teach novices to become Brandos and Garbos and land a job in movies., < All within a. few months. The newcomers-.are gulled of the^r greenbacks,- taught to memorize -a- -few-lines from "Love Story" and never see the inside of a studio.' ",::'., T But tliere are genuine' schools for actors in Hollywood, one_ol 'FACE IT/ he's not his .usual jolly self. Arriving m New York 'after an Atlantic crossing by ship, Dick Van Dyke : wears a still-at-sea expression. . . Insurgents' Group Seeking Control of Actors' Guild HOLLYWOOD (UPI)—Donald 'Billy Jack' Opens Friday at Wilshire lilOLU gdll/ t*\»l,"*.*- "- — --- J.1_ take over leadership of the Screen Actors Guild. The guild, now in its 38th year is undergoing an election officers. Charlton Heston is A cinematic Tirst—an authentic Indian rattlesnack ceremony—is brought to the -screen in'Warner Bros."."Billy .Jack," starting Friday'at .the I Wilshire Theater. Tom Laughlin, .enacting the ! title role, undergoes an ; initiation that will prepare him tfor practicing Indian medicine by submitting to an ancient ca-ndidate, after thorough purification. and preparation, goes .to a mountain top and permits 'himself to be bitten over and over by a rattlesnake. "According to the Indian, if the candidate has power and has been'properly prepared, he will recover, absorbing the mana oJ the snake and thus become a "brother to the snake." "If there is no agreement on Sutherland, the ^ rf what happened to Christ." Zef- star of M-A-b-H, fiSffis^Tten we will show (others, spearhead- • the different versions. The insurgent actors, main thing is the inquest, in a documentary form rather than in a glorified style." The director shot to fame with "Romeo- and Juliet," which grossed over $25 million on an investment of $1% mil- ion. •But" the 45-year-old director says-he'is through with such films —.because.romantic «<"•" are-.through.•"Love Story'," he says, "was the beginning of .the .end-for romance and cinema. This dec- Gavin, an to actor who is following the guild's tried and true elective traditions. Sutherland, a Canadian citizen, is determined to see Gavin io. ^iicu.ii'V" i**.Ki-w.... .— i — —president. Gov. Ronald jbersmp. . - "Did defeated: "For the first time a popularity of the ' dis- of the mem- we can't have contest tressed because condition L.UJ--1- ^-J- 1 V _£*i W* — •— "-• Reagan is a past president. Traditionally guild members have voted a slate approved by the incumbent officers, not the recent' Vietnam election. 'Did you know that 85 per cent of the actors earn only 15 per cent of the income, and that 15 per cent of the actors earn 85 per cent of the money. euuuu. • , . , Sutherland is a dissident and is running for first Bert One-Time Movie Queens Flock To N.Y. Stages NEW YORK (UPI). ^-Th New York stags is-, aswarm with former motion" •picture queens these days. The latest to arrive is-'Joan Blondell, who is taking over th mother role in off-Broadway' big hit, "The Effect of Gamma | Rays on Man-in-theMoon Marigolds" at the New Theater. She follows closely upon -the arrival of Gloria Swanson in the mother role of. Broadway's 'Butterflies Are. Free" at the Booth. • • In July, Anne Baxter took .the starring role in "Applause," the musical hit at the Palace, | replacing another one-time mo- jvie star, Lauren Bacall. Then, of course, there are Alexis Smith in "Follies" at the Winter Garden and Ruby I Keeler in "No, No, Nanette" at! the 46th Street. is called "The Faculty." 'The; teachers'- are director 'ohn Erman, 'actor'.Tom Troupe and comedians Dom de Luise md Charles Nelson Reilly. They're good. MEET WEEKLY Classes are held once .a. week r or three hours. The course costs $100 for a 10-week-session. But "The Faculty" makes no promises that tyros will win academy awards or ever act professionally,: for mat matter. "We 'like to think of ' our school as a growing place for actors," said Erman, who currently is directing Cliff Robertson in, "Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies." "Most of our students are in the 20-35 age group with a sprinkling of 35-50 year-olds," he said. "Even though 90 psr cent of Screen Actors Guild m e m b e r s are unemployed young people are filled with hope. "We select only one 6-ut of five applicants-But-there's no way to teU^'if.^"-student has a talent potential whea we interview him. Some start out sadly and become'quite good actors. ••-.-. NOTHING IN WAY "The difficulty is that -you can never tell to quit because if an individual. •.. is determined, nothing will- stand in his way." - • '• Erman himself started as a performer, appearing- in a- score of movies and virtually hundreds of television shows. He s happier now directing. The sdiool is an avocation and not very profitable. . • "A person can be taught to act," he said. "Some, cf^course are geniuses and don't need help at all." • ,_'_ vice- Freed president with heading the independent ticket, n— c.-.+v.^T-iarK^ "I'd like to ade should be one of spiritual ; g reawakening—of Jesus revival | see a un ifi e d .union of actors, and long-haired youths whoj {ts s t a gehands and all the iriav look like hippies but are ' -' ^- : - ; ritual of being bitten by a .OUT OF REACH • r attiesnack. " I For. the master shots of the The ceremony was supervised j picture, Laughlin danced around by a Shoshone medicine man, Rolling Thunder (Johnny Pope), who had survived his own ritual a "hot"' seven-foot long rattlesnake, staying.' just out of reach of its' striking, range. ^llctv .ivi/ix JLIJIV^ *i*.i-fj^--wtj — — - — probably more like saints deep uside. • ' "This is the treno—and not even a movie director should .gnore'it." , His current film on St. Francis, called "Brother Sun, Sister Moon," portrays the For the closeup shots, the rattlesnake was milked of its • previously. A PRECEDENT • Since no known white men I venom. have been introduced to the "filly Jack" also .stars : snake ceremony, Laughlin's ^lores Taylor ' and was : indoctrination was in itself ducted by T.C. Frank. • deemed a precedent. i ^ ' | • Rolling Thunder, impressed • with the star's sympathetic '• understanding of the mystical | ways of the red man, explained: "Being an Indian is not a matter of blood: it is a way of life. This is the first true Indian ' movie ever made." In the actual ceremony, the Smiling Doctors? I It's for Contest ; KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia '• (AP) — Doctors in Malaysai ! are practicing smiling. • At the' annual ball of the Private Medical Practioners Association- Saturday, the doctor with the "best smile" wins ?333 j . and a year's supply of tooth-} paste. ! The contest is restricted toj doctors, but a dentist will be! among the judges. I MOVIE RATINGS FOR PARENTS AND YOUNQ PEOPIE 7/W o6/*ctfv* ot tfa raliiy* it to irtlonf pfntitt aftotit tfit tullf&lily 9t omit conttnt tor vttviiny by Ihtir cMtfwr " ALL AGES AOU!TT£» ditncu AIL ACES ADHirm P«rtnUl SujgnlK lESTKlCTfD Undtr 17 rmuln: •cCBmpirr/lnj P»nnt sr Adult CuiniHn v NO ONE UXDH 17 ADMITTED (Aji llnitiruyn.-/ In tirtiln inu) )•«••••»•••»»•«»•»! MworSw.NC.Vl rest Then .we could bargain with the studios, producers and networks all at once." ' The opposition candidate for •the guild presidency is John LAYTON 96 NO. MAIN "BIYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS" plul "VALLIY OF THE DOLLS" (R) Box 6:30, show 7 p.m. Speciol kid» jhowi Sot. 1 p.m. Ladies' Nif» iThurjday'i WALT DISNEY POODUCTIONS' Scandalous JOHN ^^ WKHW TOu TOWKHW Regular evening 8 p.m. Matinee Thurs. and Fri. Matinees 1 P- m - only ' Ladies' nite cath Tuesday ipBPW* 11 ' — • »i^^^^»-"-^» WESTERN PALACE "YOUR HOME AWAY FROM HOME' CANDY MARTIN and the KSOP WRANGLERS Thur., Fri., Sat. 4 p.m.-1:30 a.m j HAPPY HOUR 2 FOR 1 •very night 7 p.m.-* p.m. National General Theatre, 'One of the most important pictures of the year!" —SHOWMaganne COLUMBIA PICTURES Piesems A BBS PRODUCTION DRIVE. HE SAID THE FUNNEST CO-HIT OF ALL GODFREY CAMBRIDGE • ESTELLE PARSONS Cut Yourself in for a slice! That's -not quite right, is. it? MOTORCYCLE SPORTAND WSE WEN WHO RIDE ON ANY SUNDAY Box 7:00 'Sweden" 7:30 "Monique" 9:10 "Women" 10:4O RATED X PROGRAM NO. • • Continuous 1 pirn. "ROY Open Week ends. •"•v - 1 - Open 6:45 p.m. THEATRE Weekdays. WALT DISNEY'S "PINOCCHIO" "BANANAS" Tuesday is Ladies Night 1»76 Wash. Blvd., 394-1787 Open at 7:00 Show Dusk, OTAA/ DRIVE-IN V . IBf WASHINGTON BLYP V 3M-17V v 1 THE LAST OF THE DAREDEVILS! GEOR6E HAMILTON S si I LYON PLUS CO-HIT THE HEAVEN HELL !N COLOR moiuque ...enjoys botkwip (x) A)IATCOD!BKSTIiaEASE/i.COt« color Bonus Hit Program No. 1 "WOMEN OF THE WORLD" Rated X >•#• THE MOVIE •'••• - HOTEl BIN IOMOMO Open 6:45 Shows 7-9 The runaway bestseller is on the screen. COLUMBIA. PICTURES PreJMtt Sean ConnerY . , M«rh*u luriTLUWMnrutrrinM Jn J MldlTILWBnUX KODUCTIM ^_^ The AndersonTSipc| f».*-*.^- •-*- >-*^-*^»- Owned by Candy and Virginia Martin 2425 GRANT AVE. FOR RES. 621-9449^ TONIGHT 5 to 9 • CRAB LEGS • SHRIMP • ROAST BEEF • CHICKEN • BAKED COD ALL YOU CAN EAT Children always TOe peryr. to lOyrs. Paul's BLUE OX SMORGASBORD 773-3847 5418 S. 1900 W- ROY DOUBLE MINIBURGERS with cheese for $100 FRIDAY ONLY Regular price 45c each This pri<« on loti o* 3 only Roy Rogers 3205 Harrison »lvd., Ogd«n Now Showing at 2 Theaters SSSW 2439 WASHINGTON 334-9911 . Shows thru Sunday daily from 1:30 p.m. _ r pRIVE-IN —-* ' J3 •^9MIN.SO.OFOGDEN "_-§f 'Jf- ON INTERSTATE IS-.g^-S ^^d^>///^Mi>uu'.\%\i. : k^M<^s^9aw Box opans 7:OO First jhow at dusk ORPHEUM NORTH STAR I JHE 6RWEST MIDUFE WALT DISNEY'S THE LIVING DESERT ahisning prairie TWOBWT flCUeHYMMMD NNBBI TECHNICOLOR* : nHamt br BIB* VISTA wrwtai t*;**. • 'IHI«* »i^r rn*«ta«. MAN MNAVlSIOrntCHfJICOLOfr FROM WARNER BROS. A KINNEY LEISURE SER\qCE m PLUS CO-HIT AT NORTH STAR "HARPER" •o?.nlL esUm ••• North Star • shows at 1:00, I "Omega" 8:OO, 11:50 3:15, 5:30,7:45, I "Harpsr" 9:50 10:00 I •; ^ __ Joseph E. Levine presenls a Mite tadsete Fam starring Jack Nicholson • Candice Berflen > "Carnal Knowledge" is one of the best movies ever!" — Liz Smith, Cosmopolitan Mike Nichols, Jack Nicholson, . Candice Bergen, Arthur GarfunkeL Ann-Margret and Jules Feiffer. Carnal Knowledge. ' "Carnal Konwledge' Is brilliant. A feast of a film!" —Judith Crist, N.Y. Magazine | I Show times 7:15 and 9:30 Q_' suyisn '3 udasor jssopoy : Phone 393-7276 HELD OVER • j8w»i sopir «! usniJ THEY MET THE BRIDE OF SWN! Motorcyc.. Co-Hi, «y||£ LOSERS" Color NORTH STAR II IN OOIOBA" CUT MI.*A» "Bunny" 8:00, 11:15 ,"Mama"9:4O Box Op«n 7:30 WHEN IT COMES JO KILLING... MAMA KNOWS BEST! IwiNNEROFlO ACADEMY AWARDS! Now Playing UVA1AJ ••»*•• THEWINET • Adult. i $1.SO • ChlFdrcn • 75t Weds. Oct. 73th 4 the ultimate'trip J 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY South. Dom* Th«atr» Show »:00 p.m. Special Thur. matin** 4:OO p.m. Early ihow at. both th*i Stortin; »»,4> » • • »»<•-•-»< Ends Tonight Adults $1.50, Children 7St. WINNER Of7 ACADEMY AWARDS 'BEST "PICTURE!. ,«..*..WHIM«IVI:I»»» 11 North Dome Theatr*. Shows 8:00 p.m. .-. • Thuri. Spatial Matin** 4 ^.m. (R) STARTS FRIDAYI . ^ Brought back by popular? d«mdnd— ; * "SUMMIR OF «" "•'_ itr«»—Thwr., Fri., Snt. mnt SMmrX-: I at -«:OO p.m. • ^^J^L t***^************

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