Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on May 27, 1897 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1897
Page 5
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•tv -€ £• Corn la looking flna. John Beathel is on the sick list »?. C, Baylor sh&Hed COTE Saturday. Lynch "sports" a new bug^y. Slettie Johnson epect Sunday at Steam's, Spring Creek Band will have *a J. L. Harrison i barn Thnrs- e?»alag, A large crowd Is expect' " S il^ • -,, f i, '* i" ' £ ''< V ], "^ t •• V. ' V I"' . , L. Harrison, leader of the Spring OrtekBand, haa decided- to: better hla laasleal ability. fey so doing \he pur-_ chased a clarionet. Josh e ay a the inatru- asent is a "'corker", but, nevertheless, we can note that he is becoming quite proficient in mastering It, The sociable at John .Becker's was attended by a few from our parts, ' Adam Dehl, of Round Grove, was in OOt parts Monday buying hogs, - Messrs, James and Thomas Broder- Ick attended the 0. T. A. U. Convention In Sterling Sunday. Owing to the inclemency of the treather the dance which was to beheld at Henry Hayens Saturday night was Indefinitely postponed. ~- ; Elmer Wink hauled his porkers to Milledgeville Monday. West Science Ridge. A number have already finished planting their corn/while some have it «p and growing nicely. Miss Margarete Beeler was a wel- visitor at West Science Ridge school Tuesday. Miss Beeler has been engaged to teach the Lafayette school the coming school year. Miss Beeler htts the qualities : that make a good teacher and will without doubt make a flucceas. The 'gravel haulers are now at work mending the east and west roads. A fine baby boy waa born to Mr. and Mrs. E. Landis. ''••'- • • ,' t . » Much obliged to the donor for those beautiful mottoeajvery nicely executed, but we always like to know, the donor. Kext time sign your name, although •we think we could gueas pretty straight. ' Miss Edna .Metzlev, the only name.i «n' the roll of honor for the year, though several lost'only -'a day or part thereof, ; Misses Anna and Emma Ebersole Visited the school Friday, "'.._. ' .- "Kittens" for sale— Miss Bessie Eber> ' •School closed Friday. The Crlteriona gave the following programme: Song....'! .......... ... . ........ ........;... School * 1 ' ' *WhenI'm Big.. ./.,...,„_,... .Freddie Bressler •" , JDiflJoitue.,., ...... Bessie Ebersole, Edua Metzler , t £'."A Pocket ........... ............. — Louis Bressler *. ^.JDrtglnal Paper: EUa Kbersble, Josle'Honnlnger ,rW Bobble Bressler. ,- . - •. ' f Instrumental Huslo. , . .Ella Ebersole, . Mlas Hax *•'. , Fulton; ........ r........ .....:,.. JosleHenmnpror Belect Reading...... ......... ...... Carl Sohrader J 1 ,1110 New Church Organ* ...-...:. Ella Ebersole. -V ^Dialogue. ,.! ...... . ..... .... .... ..Fourth pi July f^'WlTrlo, by, three boys......... ..... :.. ....... .... " A Letter ........... ......... ..... WHma Bclirader Ooraposltlon ..... ........;.. v. ....... Edna Metzler Poll's Presses'. ..... ' ........ .... .Julia Hennlnger The EU Child ...... . . ,. ; . . ..... . .Bessie Ebersole Vacation Song....:..;.'......; ..... ........... Misses Naomi Reisner, Boulah and Gladys Bush visiting, also favored the school, each witb a J^oleta. *. Mra, Nathan Smith and daughter, ' M!ao Orpha Smith, drove out from ' {Sterling Saturday night and were - gaeatp at the home of Mre. W. P. Fra- sejfovar Sunday; •• f j The Eeecher boya are alwaya apriog- , ing some new invention , at their big spring. They, now have a churn that ; will do handadme work and the force 110 derived from the flowing water,- It Ja their latest an'd la worth inapectlng. I, Mesdamea Q, A, Over and' Prank ', Jffalzer, ot Sterling, spent Wednesday and .Thursday with their mother, Mrs. F. V, Oolcord. Edwin Bronson has been engaged In ,f^e painting of E, Y. Crom'a bouse. •;f L. W, Mitchell, of pixon, and Rev. i Btajoley, of Atlanta, III., were cal; On friends In town Monday. 1J, r, Friday, June 4, a union picnic will, , 0 t^-lake place in Terpenny'e grove. | The "J30let» and'Liberty aohoola will be the leg represented. The teaohera, MJaaea " , C. Wooda, , Adelia Wood and y&JWft Seattle are buay form|pg plana '" epnoludlag arrangements, The pring Creek Band will be preaent and coarse music, John Hawkins haa i exclusive right to run a stand "em ^tju* grounds. Everyone in the couptry "far miles around will try and go aod rjy all will eueoeed. ' Che sociable held on John H. Beck- lawn by the Band of Helpers of i Ghrlatlau church, waa In everyway Thursday evening was not i of, the warm/at, but it seemed that present cawe 0 tit eat : ice A t-hort program was givep. 9, Bev, Noah G/irwick wan^- beautl- two eoloa, with t>er own guitar The May pole wind, very pretty sight. Proctor, while driving bis :and leading ^Bother florae to , last We>luet<i«y, bad a b^d Tb,e rattr ;<iiimal became ws • aud abyed : the buggy over. The pteer omitaa«eal)le and became the buggy. Mr. Vro, tor's ,lia WAS otb&rwien brokaii from tfai»' A eotnewhai dlesstrlotis fire occurred si D. G, Proctor's iMt Weflnesday. Tuesday he spent the dsy smoking meat and Wednesday morning the coals were removed from the building. Later on in the day the building was all ablaze and could not be saved, it Is thought that fifty dollars wlli cover the los«. , .Rev. 0. Bender will attend a meeting of the General Missionary and Educational Boards of the R. U. B. church at Mesafck, Ind., May 25. He la a member of both of the boards. Harry Smith spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday at his home la Sterling. Martin Frankfather, who went to Chicago to engage in the Ice business, has decided that Coleta and home are good enough for him, ao he returned laal Saturday eight. Wesley Wine closed a second successful school year at the Hazel Green school last Friday. ' • William- J.' Meakin's house Is near-^ Ing completion. The plasterers are at work and when finished, his dwelling will make an elegant home. C. E. Colcord and Miss Louise Loo-, chel drove down from Chadwick Saturday to visit friends. One of the largest Township Sunday School Conventions was held at the Liberal U. B. church Sunday, There were three distinct sessions and every one was well attended.. E. YiCrom, President of the Convention, had control of affairs. In the evening the program conaisted mainly of exercises by children from the four Sunday Schools of the village, James Hawkins received word from George W. Prince recently that he had been appointed postmaster .for the coming four years, beginning July 15, Mr, Hawkins doubtless will make an efficient officer. He has always pulled with the Republican party and says that he would have continued to do so whether he received the appointment ot not. A.surprlse party will be the greatest thing of importance to Lester Biers Thursday night, but before he has a chance to read this all will be over. In the next issue it will be told how he felt, etc. A crowd of Coleta'e young gentlemen attended a party at the home of Charles Beets in Emerson last Friday Bight. ' Mrs. Rev. Henry Baker has been extremely 111 lately. Her stomach Is the main- Bourse of her Illness. . • d. 0. Peugh Ip the owner of another promising pacer, which was purchased in Morrison last Wednesday. * ' , , Rev. C, Bender left Monday night for Dublin,' Ind,j where " O the' annual General Conference of the Radical Uiinited Brethren church will be begun May 27, lasting for two weeks, He with Presiding Elder J. H. Grimm, of Forre'ston, are the .two delegates sent from the Rock River Conference. 'There will be four bishops and sixty- five delegates present. There are' a number of fast horses in this community. O. C. Peugfa, William Hurless, M. F. Miller, WW.Hoover, C. LeRoy Hurleas ^nd C. E. P*roctor own some of the fastest. Occasionally all get together for the' purpose of improving. Some fast driving is the re : suit. •',,•• Miss La vina Bushman will teach the Wood school next year. She has bad one year's experience and has given splendid satisfaction. . . J. C. Kingsbury and Henry Gejdes returned this morning from Tennessee. The gentlemen are talking very seriously of locating in that State. If they decide to do so they will tnove as soon as possible. ' JVloiitmorency. Peter McGuire shelled corn last week, Theodore Frank did the work; Jacob Hoffman and eon, John, spent Monday in Montmorenoy, doing pump repairing at the farm of A. B. Titus. Mr. and Mrs, Wallace "Grate," ling, were guests of the parents of Gratejlast Sunday. Mies Mabel -Christie went last Wednesday to Hume, 'where she waa the guest of her sister, Mrs.Frand Pollock, until Sunday. ..; • ' ;*Mrs. Cora (Hoffman) Snyder, of Harmon, visited last Friday at Mrs. Shield's and also attended the closing exercises of the McWborter school, E. J. Currier and My ron< Bush shelled corn for J, M-- Heaton on Tuesday. : Photographer Smith, of Sterling, came out again last week and took the picture of some .of the schools over again. Judging from the proofs we have Been, we think he has secured good negatives this time and that the pictures will be excellent, considering the number In them. Miss Roae O'^worthy closed a Very successful term of school, at her home school house last Friday. , Meadaotea O. M. Hewitt and A, L. Titus* were .guests of Mr, end Mrs. Charles Fenp, during their stay at the W. 0. T. U, CouveatlQu at Propheta- town, last week, The McWhorter eobool elceed a very success! ul year'8 work Isst Friday. An program w«a ren4er«4, wbieh At ice wbioh was i* »argiri4e 'jrhetniltlMulers fottbe BBell creamery bad their piehwes taken last Friday. A great sale of th#>m Is expected, MlBids Jessie Gonld und Ada Peebles and two young men, from Stealing, attended the Epworth League aervl^es at the church laat Sunday evening, Misa Gould aang a solo, which was very much appreciated by the audience. Come again. Paul Jamielon, of Sterling, learned the mysteries of butter making at the Buell creamery last Saturday and visited the family (?) at the aame time.' \ Chester, the twelve-year-old, aon o£ Mr. and Mra. Edgar Woode? narrowly escaped a very aerloua accident laat week. On last Tuesday morning 1 he was discing, when he accidently dropped one of his lines, he thought he could.atep over and pick it up without stopping the horses, so tried it, but hia foot slipped and two wheels of the disc each cut a gash in the calf of his leg. He 16 a very plucky boy and called "whoa", to hia horaea and they obeyed, he backed them some, and waa able to get hia leg out. Boy waa at work in tho same field and was soon with him when he heard him scream, < He escaped with only two cuts on his leg, but it might have reanaulted seriously. W. C. T. U. Notes. ' i vMontmorency W. C. T. U. waa well represented at the county convention laat week at Prophetotownj the Preal- dent, Mra. C. M. Hewitt, and three delegates being In attendance^ The time waa thoroughly enjoyed and we believe profitably spent. The reports from .the different unions show that Whithaide county women are not ready yet to give up the battle for temperance. Mra. Talbot waa re elected President; Mra. F. F. Emmona, of Rock Falla, Secretary; Mra. Worman, Treaa' urer. Beginning next week we will give some of the princlplea of the W". C. T. U. tell of its origin and growth, we will give only a few each week and would suggest to all W. C. T. U. members especially to cut them out and preaerve for future use. ; "Let liquor alone and it will let you alone." Well the liquor aellera' won't let us alone. They have aa much right to puah their business and create a demand for their warea aa any other legal business and they .are doing it too. An enterprising Kentucky distiller recently mailed. to every senator ,and member of Congress an order in the form of a handsomely engraved draft upon a local dealer for a bottle of a new brand of whlaky. Not all the recipients called to secure the sample, but there are very few orders, .• it ia said, which'have not been presented by some one, often clerks and pages, and occasionally a .bootblack being the ones to use them. And aa long as'the liquor business is legitimate In the eyes of the law! there-la nothing to prevent the mails carrying temptations in:aimiliar seductive form into our homes,", tlnion Signal. May 26. _. East Science Ridge. Most of the corn is now up but it is Blow in growing on account of the chilly weather we are now having. Anson'Brauer .replanted some corn on Monday. ,, ." • . Miss. Lldla Dodendorf, of Butler .county, Neb., arrived in Sterling last Saturday morning andJs now visiting with this vicinity." Communion services were held at Science Ridge chiych last Sunday. • AnsonBrauer lost a 'valuable cow last week. ;;^ ; Levi Suavely •.: shelled several hundred bushels of. corn on Thursday, Four men trom this vicinity were called to serve on the jury at Morrison, They were Amos Karr, Anson Brauer, Isaac Bressler and Michael Eberaole. ' Amos Karr and son, Frank, -were painting in Prairieyille last weetf. Araham Burkhart is constructing a large cupola on hia barn which greatly improves its appearance. -" jProfesaor Bbraham Ebersole, of Fnl- ton.vlsited with friends in this vioinjty over Saturday and Sunday. Anion. Brauer was relieved from the jury at Morrison Wednesday morn- Ing.' '.. • :'.'• .•''• - ,,' '*'• ".-_.': . ^Friilt promises to be quite plenty this year especially apples. Misses Emma Suavely and Mabel Treasher rode from Sterling to the home of Levl Snavely, on their wheels Tuesday evening.' . Malveru. The paoapect for a large crop of strawberries U good, If the recent cold epap did not Kurt it. Mrs. Well, who has been visiting a weekwithher cousin in Dlxon, returned to Morrison Saturday. She could'nt get to Mulvern until Sunday oa account of the rain. Mr, rfnow, aadeon-in-law, Mr, Glotfeltz, of Lanark, were guests of the Scribner family over Sunday. The one-year-old ehllov pf Mr, and Mrs, Fred Sterno died today of iuflam- matioa of the bowels. A lecture will be given in the M. W. A. Hail Thursday evening. Afterwards a basket social will be held »ud e*9b lady is txpttjted to bring enough f otwi thiuga t»> *at lor two. 4 braussb or (the Y, t&, 0. A. wiU be t iht? cfaucsb County Cl«rk How* *nrt A. B, Hifl, of Morrison, were in this vicinity the other day dofng work in Mr, Ramsay's behaif. A daughter waa born to Mr. and Mrs. Will Heide last Saturday. Mrs. Gerry and Mrs. Murray expect to visit Mra, Annie Well at the Scrib- aer home Tuesday. Happy Day, of Morrison, took did- ner with T. A. Scribner Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel -Peugh were guests of William Howe last Friday. The two gentlemen traded buggies. Mr, and Mra. ^William Howe spent Sunday at the home of Isaac Hur- leua. . . '• The M. W. A. Hall has recently been decorated with a case of atuffed birda andanlmala., \ Jamea Jerry expecta to go to Proph- etatown the latter psat of th,e week to do a job of plaaterlng. May 24. Jordan. On June .3 • Mra. Elizabeth Maxwell will entertain the" Union. COrijune 4 the Talbott school "wift close. ' • . . On Tuesday, June 1, the Fairvlew school will close. The Talbott school Will attend and take part in the exercises. t)n Saturday evening, June 5, the Jordan W.C. T. U. will give a ebciable with literary and musical attractiona, in honor of the teachers and school officers of the,town at Jordan Town Hall, beginning at 8 o'clock p. m. Prof. Hursh; of .Wallace school, will give an address and several young people from* that school will render some fine music; also the Stager and Wolfersperger trio will render some of.thelr fine violin music. Everybody ia most cordially* invited, Fill the house to overflowing. Miss Jessie Pollock is quite sick; under the care of a physician. /, Miss Kate Haokett will teach the Barclay school the coming year. Th'e Talbot school has not engaged a teacher. ; Some Jordan folks will attend commencement at Polo June 10, to hear President Cook, of the Illinois State Normal. On Saturday they will attend Memorial exercises Bt Milledgevllle to hear J. H, Freeman. ''•";. . Mies Brand gave her music lessons on Tuesday in Nortjj Jordan. Corn Is coming up all right. , There was froat laat evening on low ground. . Oliver. Talbot will aaw wood aa soon aa the corn la all planted ao that he can get a saw. ' May 24. '"'ENtERTAIN ALL DAY. Mr. and Mrs. A. I/. Kreldor Give The!* . Guests a Good Time. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Kreider entertained a number of friends all day Tuesday. The party waa made up of Mr. and Mrs. 0. B. Folsom,of Youngstown, 0., Mr, and. Mra. John N, Har. pham, Mrs. Adan^ Smith, Misa Nettie Smith and Carl Smith. A splendid dinner and supper were served, The afternoon was spent in croquet and similar games and a jolly time was enjoyed. In the evening Oppold's steam launch, ','BIll of Expense" waa aecured and a trip taken up .the river. The pleasant affair will not soon be forgotten by those, who were parties'to it. THE CLARA BARTON GARRISON Eminent X,adl«s Choose a Name for the Sterling Garrison. The Eminent Ladles held a special meeting in the K, G. Hall Tuesday evening, Tbe charter waa closed by naming the garrison The Clara Barton Garrison, No. 84, Eminent Ladies of the Knighta . of the Globe. Though the charter ia closed, the garrlaon will continue to receive new members for a time at charter rates. Miss Haberle was initiated into the mysteries of the order. The sample robes were used, but they must be returned after the next meeting." The garrison ia in excellent condition, and there is no reason why it'Bhould not rise to a poaition among the first in the State. . HE WAS HOMESICK. Dlxou Man 60 Glad to Get IJsck to Dlxon That Ha lt«n Ail the Way Home. Sun: It ia said that a certain barber of this city who recently sojourned in a a Belaboring town for a week, was BO glad to get back to. Dixon once more, and under the, parental roof, that he did not wait for the hacks at the dep«t to convey him home, but ran all *tbe way there from, the station, sieging ''Home, Sweet Home" through hla panting bre^tn. r Mrt-. John Wolf and Fred Staldotf, of Walnut, were in the city Tuesday. They came ia to get a job of carriage trimming done. , • —The STANOARIX acknowledges the receipt of an iuviUUou to the twelfth animal graduation exercises of the un- graded schools of Whiteside comity, which will take y!ue« at the Morrison Opara House, Saturday »f teroooa,JBQe the fifth. ,. Qu the eauie day lima will of U S COU Ptwf We^h. ESTATE TRANSFERS David Bressler to Seely Scofleld, lot in Bock FaHd, 81,000. Margaret Collins to Nellie B. Nee*ham, lot in Tampico, $100. G. E. Thompson to Arthur McLane, land in Erie, 8800. Carroll Howard to David McComba, lot in Como, 8185. John Cooney to Thomas Ooone^land In Hahnaman, $1, . Susanna Cook to James Lyons, lota in Albaiiy, $65. Buth R. Wonzer td T. J. Marshall, lot In Erie, $65. Margaret Collins to Mary E. Scotch- brook, lot in Tampico, $110. Mary M. Wilklnaon to Conrad- Sey* ler, land In Prophetstown, 81,.,. Conrad Seylerto Mary M. Wilklnaon, land in Prophetstown, 81, . W, W, Durant to A, J.[Beardaworth, lota in Albany, 8100, Eloen D. Fitch to S. J, Bowen, lotfl in Lyndon, $50. Julia A, Lubliner to Maria Harrison, lota in Sterling, 82,000. K Maria Harrison to Joseph A. Lublin* er, lota in Sterling, 82,000. . Martha E, Anderson to Sarah B. Lanning, lot In Lyndon, 81. James A. Kllgour to F, E. Andrews, lot in Sterling, 81,000. F. E. .Andrewa to J. W. Martin, lot in Stefting, 81,500. Keystone Manf. Co,, to W. K. Hoagland, lots In Rock Falla, 828,485. Abaltje Akker to Altje Dykema, lot in Fulton, 8800. Altje Dykema to George Kolk, land in Fulton, 85,000. George Kolk to Altje Dykema, lot in Fulton, 8850. Burton Mapes to Sarentha Merritt, land in Prophetatown, §9,600, H. H. Hogoboom to Jesse Farrington, lot in Tampico, 8100. Joseph Killian to Agnes ^Champion, lot in Sterling, 8486. ' MABUIAQEiLICENSES. Albert W. Young, Algona, Iowa, and LouiseS. M. Brunnenkant,' Sterling. David C. Hoobler and Nellie Settle, Albany. ........ PROBATE COURT. Estate of Caroline F. Plnmley, Let* ters testamentary issued to Charles 0. Plumley. Eatate of William Porter. Will offered and admitted to probate herein. In re-conaervatorahip of.^Ella Yeoward. Report filed and^diaapproved; account not itemized and no vouchers acoompaning said report. Eatate of John 0. Aldrich. . Sale bill filed and approved, petition to discount sale notes filed, ordered that said notes be sold at a discount not to exceed 6 per cent, of their face yalue. Estate of S. F. Denning. Petition of A. A, Wolferaperger and John H. Lawrence to be allowed :to withdraw from additional bond filed, ordered that administrator file* Hreport first Monday in June, 189?! In re-guardianship of E. Lisle Bond, Letters of guardianship issued William Parker. In re-guardianship Kathleen Bates. Petition of foreign guardian for leave to sue for monies,,filed; orderjfgranted. (See order on file). CYCLE WISDOM. H. H. HoovlUe {Talka [Interestingly of the Cara of Bicycle Chalnn. "Many advance the idea that the jointa of 'bicycle chains should never bejoiled," aaid wheelman H. H. Sco- veil of Dlxon. "Why not, when there are pne bun- dred or more joints in the average bi. cycle chain agalnat^five palra of ball bearing in the wheel, crank hanger and pedals? How should it be done? "There are several ways, but as easy and practical as any ia to thoroughly wash, by brushing or soaking the chain with ; kerosene. Then wipe dry and lay in lubricating, oil, or put two or three drops in each joint and work it into these joints well. Then wipe dry, replace on wheel and graphite. Repeat this every two weeks or oftener if riding. . • ' • . ', Marrying » Bltm to Reform Him. 4 'The moatsubtle and deceitful hope which ever existed, and one which wrecks the happiness of many a young girl's life," writes .Evangelist D wight L, Moody, in the Juae L idles' Home Journal, "ia the common delusion that a woman can best, raform a man by marrying him, It ia a mystery to me bow people can be so blinded to the hundreds of cases ia every community where tottering homes have fallen and innocent lives nave been wrecked, because aome young girl baa preaisted la marrying a scoundrel in hope of saving him- I have never known ouch a union, and I have seen hundreds of them, 7 re ault in anything but sadness and dls- jister. Let no young girl think that she may be able to accomplish what a loviag mother or sympathetic slaters have been unable to do, Before there is any contract of marriage there should be convincing proof 'that there has beeu real and thorough rf geaeratioa." — Prank Wroten, of Bock Falls, purchased a half sure traui la sub-di¥iuioij at Rock FS!!B, tor ,b« paid 9125 Mr. \Viotea froputtis £9 H HtS i^TVLF WA«? AWE* 3B»<I Kethlrtg- n ft JUm— Sasne MJ.» Graphic 8«atfrne«l BNERA.L Porter's palgning with Orant" d<ml(5 wittt'. the el^e of Petersburg in the "Cm* tury." General Porter expresses th« following; opla- of Grant as a writ- , er: His powers of concentration of thought were often shown by the ctitnstiances under -wfliich he Nothing that went on around Bta, the field or in hia quarters, could distract Ms attention or interrupt him. Sometimes, when his tent was filled with officers talking and laughing at the top of th&lr voices, he would turn. to Ma table anti wrlta the most important communications. Tihere/ then toe an immediate "Hush!" abundant excuses offered by the coni» pany; but he always insisted upon the CKxnversation going on, and after a while his officers came to urwleretana his wishes in this respect, to learn .that ndlse was apparently a eUmulun ratliei than a check to his flow of ideas, ftjj.d to realize that nothing short of a general attack along the -whole line could divert his thoughts from the subject upon which his mind was concentrated: In writing his 0tyle waa vigorous and terse, with little ornament; its most conspicuous characteristic was perspicuity. General Meade's chief of staff once said: "There ia one striking feature about Grant's orders: no matter how hurriedly ho. may write them on the field, no one ever has. the Blightest doubt as to their meaning, ot ever has to read them over a second time to understand them." The general used Anglo-Saxon -words much more frequently than those derived from tha Greek and Latin tongues. Be had studied French at Wost Point, and picked up some knowledge of Spanish during the Mexican war; but he'could; not hold a conversation in either language, and rarely employed a foreign word la any of his writings. His adjectives' were Jew and well chosen. No document which ever came from hia hands waa.ln the least degree pretentiouB. Ha never laid claim to any knowledge lia did not posse®, and seemed to feel, with AdOdson, that "pedantry in learning Is like hypocrisy- in religion—& form of knowledge without the power of-it"-,.:- '.. • .; . •••, ••• :•" .. He rarely indulged in metaphor, but when he did employ a figure of speech, it wae. always expressive and graphic, OB when he spoke of the commander at • Bermuda Huzudred. 'heing "on a tottla Bfrongly corked," or referred to our armies at one time moving "like horses in a balky team, no two ever pulling together." His style inclined to the epigrammatic without his being aware. of it. .There waa scarcely a document written by him from which hrief sentences could not be selected fit to be set in mottoe or placed upon transparencies. As examples may be mentioned: "I propose to move immediately upon your -works"; "I shall take no backward steps"; the famous "I propose to fight it out on this line if it takes all flummer," and, later in his career, "Let us have peace"; J'The best means of securing the repeal of an abnoxlouu law; Is ita vigorous enforcement"; "I shall have no policy to enforce against the will of {he people"; and "Let no guilty man escape." . , FROGS AT MUSKOKA. A Fertile-Brain Gentleman'* Musical Yarn froita the Wildg of Canada. President Geprge R. McKee waa lu a talkative mood a night or two y&Q. Some one said the'frogs had entirely disappeared from Muskoka lake In Canada, and after removing the tobjr from his mouth, Mr. McKee began, according to the New Castle Courant Guardian: "I remember when I w««f at Mustoka with the first fishing party; that ever visited that. spot. Why, do you know that frogs were our principal article of diet? We used to get out In a boat after them, and as true, as I teli you the frogs used to run after UB. It was no uncommon thing for as to capture forty pounds of 'frogs'.'legs in one, evening. They'd bite at the bare hook. I've seen them there fully as big as a young pug dog, and we had a dozen that were selected for the difference in their tone of voices. I waa enabled^by the aid of a small stick to wake those frogs sing a kind of a tune. We had a bass, a double bass, $. tenor, a contralto, and, in fact, every known voice in that choir. Many's the night I've been lulled to sleep by the musio* from that bullfrog chorus. Why, I have seen——" but he never finished,, for—every member of the aympofllum had escaped through the back door. Bis tittle Joke. , I know tbeae clothes ah not quite tbe thing, but I ordahed sonis more on the understanding that X eja to have a perfect at. CUolly—Aw—* have you ordahed a stwait-Jacket?— New York Tribune. • A lOomeatlc Wboet, Jlaks~I understand ^corcaer lias d®» signed a now style of wheel. Biaka— Wbera u did ne get the idea? Oat of to QWU h^ad—New York mercJal Advertiser.

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