Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on September 3, 1898 · Page 1
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 1

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 3, 1898
Page 1
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A Family Newspaper:--Devoted to Local and General Intelligence, AgriculUiro and Advertising.--Independent on all Subjects.--Subscription, One Dollar per Annum, in Advance. 1898 Sign of the Crystal Globe. THINGS AT THE GLOBE. 8 WEST BM.TIMORE STREET, 3 DOORS FROM CHAELES. fTTTTUpO at THE GLOBE are always ALL RIGHT. IniriUU When you visit Baltimore to buy Clothes, Furnishings, Hats and useful fixings you'll do the right thing to investigate THE GLOBE'S* inducements. CA QA Think of j t -' SIX P° LLARS and NINETY CENTS lpD»uU gives you a choice of a splendid and superior selection .of elegantly made and form-fitting Suits in Fancy-Colored - Worsteds Cheviots, Tweeds, Cassimeres, Etc. Every Suit 'guaranteed pure wool. Styles in 3 and 4-Button Round "Sacks; including Black and Blue Cheviots. These Suits sold regularly this season for $12, $14 and $16, and include many nobby dark effects specially desirable for early fall wear. But what's the use telling you about 'em? The right thing to do right NOW is to come to THE GLOBE and see the kind of Suits we're selling for $6.90. Look at 'em, examine 'em, try 'em on. FURNISHING SPECIALTIES"' SNAP PRICES Imported Fancy Hnlf Hose, in dots, stripes and plnids. The 35c, quality at The Globe, 8 "SV. Uftltimore St., 23c- Fine Balbriggan Underwear, in plain colors and mottled effects, French neckbands, peaif buttons. Price at the Globe. 8 "W. Baltimor£St.,-only : .23c. Percale iftnd 'Cheviot Soft Shirts, with and without collars attached, atrjpes, checks and figures, worth 75c. Price at Tho.Globe, 8 \V. Baltimore SL, only 39c. French Underwear (Imported), fancy effects, in pleasing tints, silk fronts and silk-stitched neckbands; worth SI.50 per suit. Price at The Globe, 8 AV. Baltimore St., 75e, per suit and 45c, « garment. Silk Puff Bosom Shirts, in new patterns stripes and light tints, sold elsewhere for $1.50. Price at The .Globe, 8 W. Baltimore St., only 98c. Double and Single-Breasted All-Wool Serge Coats, fait indigo blue, finished with stay seams; sell regularly fo- SJ.50. "Will go at The Globe for only $2.98. OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL 9 O'OCLOCK: SATURDAY UNTIL 11. The Victor Bicycle \\ Went to the front rank among riding machines years ago, and has maintained its place to this day of bicycle excellence. This result has been brought about by the use of the best material, the employment of the most skilful mechanics and the application of such improvements ' as the years have developed. It has kept pace with most active competitors, not alone in material and make, but in the more important matter of price. The 1898 prices are as follows: Model 41 [Track Racer] $100 Model 33 and 34 - 75 Model 31 and 32 - 60 Model 35 - - 4o TXUBD IT. XrXCSOXiS, Agent, DENTON, MARYLAND. f THE B, C, BIBB STOVE CO,, IO7 A IOB Light Street, BALTIMORE, MD. HEATING STOVES, Coolc Stoves, Gas, Oil and Gasoline Stoves, Hollow-ware, c. FIRE-PLACE HEATERS. FURNACES, RANGES. Manufacturers of the celebrated EMEKALD, STONEWALL. AND VIRGINIA COOK STOVES. ALSO Of the popular Sheet-Iron Air Tight Stoves TRILBY AND W I L D F I R E . FOR SALE BY Stewart Bros., ** DENTON, MD., T. OOOIFIEBiR,, Undertaker and UNTIL SEPTEMBER 12 BUYERS OF Ladies Dress A N D LIGHT SHOES For' Summer nnd Early Fall Wear; AND BUYERS OF MEN'SSIIITS STRAW HATS, ETC,, WILL ONLY PAY Wholesale Factor! Prices. MOST OF THESE GOODS AllE STILL SEASONABLE, Make your Purchases Promptly, J.H. NICHOLS S SON, DENTON BRIDGE. LARGE ASSORTMENT --or-- SPRING® · · * GOODS JIISTIEGETOBj A Well Selected Stock of ' HATS AND CAPS. All the Lntcat Stylos in Derbies and Straw Goods. DRESS G-OODS. All-Wool Serges, " from 32c. to 50e. Molmirs and Henriettas, from :J2e, to 70e. Novelty Suitings, all-wool, frjm 26c. up. A Grout Variety in Children';. Men's and Women's SHOES, A Good, Solid, Ladie=' Shoe for SI. A Large Stock of Men's Youths' and BOYS' CLOTHING nt Vc7-y Low Prices. Furniture, Glass aad Queensware. In fuel anything tlio public may need in our line, nt popular prices.J a Special Mixture for Potatoes nnd Tomatoes, a Rock, Bono und Fisli Slix- "ture for Berries. We are scllins; the ADUIANCE PL ATT Platform JJindors, Mowers, Rakes, Etc., whicli nro Guaranteed in every respect. IH. m. MU^LE BRO. ? ANDERSON TOWN. MD. THE COLLEGE PARK, MD. SCHOOL or FOUR COURSES OF INSTRUCTION: Agricultural, Mechanical, Scientific, and Classical. From FACTORY fo CONSUMER. © rmysthis.'exact) Knttnu Itoeker the largest eizc o\ er tnmle : per dozen, $S4 .SO. O;ir n e w 11 Hahy ("aiviagcs, Simci, Lampi,' F Platiues, Jlir- rors, Eedihnft, etc., is yours for tlio i a»Mng. Special supplements just ! s' sued arc also I roc. Write to-it.iv. I CALtPET CATALOGUE ill litlio- , jrraplicd colors is also mailed free. I Write for it. If you wish samples, ( send gc. stamp. Mntnnpr samnles also I mailed forSc. AU Cwi-jjcts HIMVPI! ( free Iliif in on Hi nn» li-piglit I paid on $9 pitrcliRsea mi(! over. , $7.45 buys a mado-to-your-mens- uro Jill-Wool Cheviot Suif, cxprcssnpo prepaid to your SMtion. Writes lor IctScatn- loguo ami samples. Address (eiactly aa below), ' JULIUS H5NHS SON,' Dept. 909. BALTIMORE, MD. 0) 5 Per Cent. Discount Allowed oa all Taxes Paid in September, . Notice to Taxpayers', Uy direction of an Act of the General Assembly of AInrylniul, passed at the January Session, 1S!)2, entitle 1 "An Act to :idil six additional sections to I ho Code, of Public Loon! Laws, titlo Caroline County, Mib-titlo County Treasurer," clc., 1 heieby ^ivc notice to tlio ln\p;i\ois of Caioliini county that tlic County Coiiiiiii=Monci'3 ol' Ciirolino county have made tlioir animal levy upon tlie lti.v:il)le property, iiml tlul the taxes levied for county ,ui'l Stiito purposes are due and payable to llin. nndi-r- signcd, as treasurer, on September 1. In pursuance ol 1 said Act of A^umbly I hereby gi\ u notice thai for U o purpose of receiving the State and county taxis in Kiid county, for the year IS'iS, 1 will pit in the principal town of the several rfac- tion diMrictb, us follows: FIRST S I T T I N G . Henderson, Friday, September 2, 10. Greensboro, Saturday, " Ridgely, Monday, Hillsboro, Wednesday, " American Corner, Thursday" Federalsburg, Friday, " Preston, Saturday, " SECOND S I T T I N G . Henderson; Thursday, -September 22, Hillsboro, Friday, " 23, Greensboro, Saturday, " 24, Ridgely, Monday, " 26, Federatsburg, Wednesday " 28, Preston, Thursday,' " 29, American Corner, Friday " 30. pus: from ]0 a. m. to :J p. m. 5 Per Cent. Discount- As the l.iw provides, n discount of l i \ o percent w i l l l»p allowed on all Stale and county luxe* paid d u r i n g the month of September. - BSy"Tii\p:ivo!8 will plpfsc take notice that on all ta\ lulls unpaid on Jamuuy 1, interest w i l l bo elijii'jed from September I. on AS. ji. wiiiTiiY. Trcnsiircr of Caroline count v. CARRIAGES, HARNESS, LAP DUSTERS, Galvanized and Tared Felt ROOFING FURNITURE Headquarters for Drive-well Material, Plows, Wheelwright niul Blacksmith Supplies, Building Hardware; OiVTiagc, Wagon, Cart and Plow Harness, 1'uinls and Oils, Tinware, l[firno;-s and Shoe Lontlier, Washing 3Ia- chines, J3elt Liicir.i;. and Steam Packing. WITH GB33S ! I have a large stock .of Barbed Wire Cubic Wire Buckthoi-i. and Ribbon iron- ting, Poultry Netting, c. I'lLGHJlAN HARVEY, Burrsville. Mil. Funeral Director 'T. ATVn Mr Co«Dor's long experience in embalming and all the «ther branches of his profession; render absolutely certain the proper performnnco o his duty in all matters intrusted to his care. All calls, either by Any or. night, pr«m;;!y answered. Residence on Main street, opposite Brown's now drug store. T. W. SMITH, Headache Caused by Eye-Strain. Many persons whose eyes and head aro con( rgtiatly*aching havo no idea what relief scion- y'tiflcBlly-ntted glasses will give. Clumsily adjusted glasses will almost invariably increase the trouble for which they are worn, nnd in · some cases may lead to irrecoverable blind' neaa. Our ability to adjust glasses safely and correctly is beyond question. JfrMCBzaminedFreeofOharff*, T. W. SMITH, Bidvely, Md. SPAPFRflRCHlVE® __ . Each department, supplied with the most modern and approved apparatus. Practical work emphasized in all depart mcnts. Graduates qualilied to enter upon their life's work at once. New -Science Hall will be completed and equipped · by tho Fall Opening. Practical laboratories for the Dcpiutmonts of Entomology, Pathology, Agriculture, Horticulture, 15iog- rnphy, Physics and Engineering. Hoarding Department supplied with nil modern improvements. Islew bath rooms and closets in an annex in the main building. Steam heat and gas, book?, room, heal, light, washing, board, medical attention $154.00 for scholastic year. i5.00 caution money on entrance. §0.00 for matcriiil for each laboratory. Payments mndo |nar- tcrly. A 120page catalogue, giving full particulars, scr.t on application. Daily sanitary inspection by physician to College. Attention is called to the short course o f t e n weeks in Agriculture. Particulars sent on application. Term commences September Mlh. Early application necessary for admittance. K.W.SILVESTER, President Al. A. C. -For Sate, One Planer and Matcher, complete. Price low and terms easy. Apply to S. P. BKOWN. 7 30 6 Hickinwi, Do). If all men were luiilt alike tailors might concede u point to the clothier. But ii? no two men are exactly similar Clothing made to order i° thu only way lo obtain a perfect lit. It ih our aim to make Clothing thai is satisfactory, in ijuaiity, lit, and workmanship. By giving strict attention to th measuring ami cutting we obtain results thai nro pleasing to our patrons ]MI, EASTON, - - MARYLAND, 3. 1898. ·AMXIOUS TWO MINUTES. ·;in^ 'i'I:at T(mk Phico cm Train, Jiot Locn!, Timp. ' Thcro is a branch of tlio Burlington raih'oiul which run." down into tho southwestern part of Nebraska and along wliich nro struug toveral comity scat (owns. At the timo to which ret'oreuco is inaclo 11 man named Bruce Mattiugly vas aw.uliiig execution iu tho jail of one of thcfco towus, ho having commit- tsd a Lirimicido which, according to tho llvorj of the juiy, merited death. Ilo \ a a prel'ty ban man, but, as is fro- (jnoiilly thn casoywith tough citizens, ho li.ui ii slreng circle of friends who wbro ilisiiK'liiiofl lo secvvTuttingly snulTcd out ;:t tho end of a ropo. They iutcrccdccl wilii chc governor after tho rcgulnr f u n i i n e l ' o f law courts of appeal had l.cuu niu fruitlessly, Lmt Aiattingly's imputation was against him, nud tho fifiVoliivir wonld not cloiinitely promise to gin:it the desired icspite. Tho sheriff of U'.o county had announced that lie wonld wait until 8 o'clock iu the morn- inf; tor any giiljori!iitori»l intciEeremco, and promptly at that hour, in tho ab- icrjco of a notice of a stay, ho would launch Mr. JIattiugly into tho elsewhere. On tho moMiinp ot tho day ppt for tbo execution the conductor of Burlington No. 8 was instructed by tho trainmaster to pick up at this county seat town tho state fish commissioner's private, wliich had been tlioro for somo days, and carry it oil to tho terminal. Tlio engineer, when told of tho order, suggested Unit it would be best for him to run iu a fow minutes ahead of card time, so as (o bo suro to have enough time to got away ou tho 5chednlo, for thero was a strong competition in tho matter of promptness on that run, aud for over three years the train had not been behind. So, being due at S o'clock, tho engineer of No. 3 rusher! things a htfclo and got in at 7:uG, thus having four minntvs' leeway to pick up tho commissioner's car As they pulled up fit tho platform a sound of whistling and tho ringing of bells roso in tho town, nud fioin the high boaid stockado around 'ouo wing of tho county jail, which was just across from tho depot, a red flag fluttered as somebody hauled it up ou its temporary polo. The eu; gincer asked what it meant. "Just hnng Mattiugly," cried a man at that moment, breaking forth from the stockade. "Hmig him prompt at 8 o'clock. Bill was afraid a order might como from tho gov'uor, an as soon as it was 8 ho let him go." "But it ibn't S," said tho engineer. "It's three minutes to it." "No, ft ibn't It's 8. Ain't No. 3 in, an don't sho git hero at 8 to the dot?" Tho engineer's heart jumped aud then fell down into a deep well. "Do you mcau to say you bung a man by No 3's timo instead of by watches or clocks?" ho gasped. "Of courso Why, watches an clocks y.irics. Take any dozen watches among the crowd in that jail right now, au'I'll bet them ain't no two alike in p'iutin out thu time. Bur No. 8"-- aud tho man looked at the engineer iu eloquent silence, which was immensely expressive. Tho latter ic.incd against tho tank and pulled his own watoh and fastened his eyes devouringly upon it. Ho afterward said ho lived a lifetimo iu waiting for tho two remaiuiug minutes to pasa so that the hour would really bo S. Every instant he expected to see tho operator come Hying out with' an order to delay the hanging, and, knowing that ho had given tho signal to execute tho man tour minutes ahead of time, he felt that if any such notice wore to- como bot'oro 8 ho would bo a kind of murderer. At last--it seemed after j'ears-- tho hands indicated the actual arriving timo of No. 3, aud with a great gasp of relief the engineer climbed iuto tho cab and went about tho vork of hooking on the commissioner's car. It was soino time before that engineer got around to a state of mind -whore ho could speak lightly of tho incident, and to this day he has never run so much as four seconds ahead of timo. Ho says it in'tcoiidncivo to a man's peace of mind out in that country, whcro they hang people by railroad limo card.--Chicagc Record A Visit to Arab! Tnslia, BJ T half pa'·I S) I had everything packed ready for a move, when A,chmed announced tho arrival of my Egyptian friend iu a carriage to take nio down to tho war office, that was iusido tho nr.scuul gato. Arrived at the gate, wo alighted from the carriage and wore abouo to outer, when we suddenly found ourselves suirouudect by a- crowd of excited fellahin soldiers, vehemently ejaculating in their guttural Arabic. It was with tho greatest difficulty that my Egyptian friend and the faithful Ach- mcd finally persuaded them to hold up their rifles with tho bayonets fixed that were playing about our heads and send iu for tho officer of the guard. This they did, and as soou as the officer learned tho object of our visit wo wero admitted without further trouble, though it was quite plain from tho iinit- terings ofthe soldiers that they had no friendly fccliugs toward a European. Ou reaching the anteroom of the war oflico we found all tho celebrities of tho revolt anxiously discussing tho turn affairs had taken. I was presented to several of them while waiting lo bo received by Arabi Pasha and soon became tho center of a circle of eager questioners, who kept me fully occupied until au aid- dc-cauip announced that tho pasha was ready to receive mo. The interview lasted about half an hour, and I was very favorably impressed by Arabi's personality and tho intelligence with which ho discussed tho situation.--Harper's Round Table. Dodftou'ti Scheme. "I say, old man," taid Dodson, as he loaned his friend JJiobson a nickel to p;ty his ear fare, "why don't you try uiy «-heme?" "What scheme?" growled Blobsnn, »s ho inciit.iliy tried to figure out how ranch his wiio had realized in her midi iglic raid. "Why a !··' henic to break 3'our wife of gciiig thiiir;}h your pockets when you Moasloop." "I s.iv, nM m a n , " cried lilobson oa- frorly, '' 11 you }i..; c r.ny by which I (.·:;·[ !..-,:,'c r.iy v,ifo of gt)ii::c through me 1 , IVr heaven's Kike put ou to it, juid 1 am yoai- fiii-j'.d for lil'o!" "V.'ull, you :-.oo, I vwsd to suffer from tliih th;:j; u n t i l I discovered means by which 1 biv:;3 my vit'u of tho habit. 1 j,Liiheied together i.ll the counterfeit money that 1 bad accumul.-.ted hi 30 yearii of business aad lilJed my pockets wifb it. Tho uc-st mcrniug i i-i.*ovi:ii\- that, it was. p)!iO. That day my wife went s'-i ".pin;; and-was arrested for pa-si;!^ counterfeit money. It looked very blade for Jjer when they found tho roso of I ho stulr that she had, and she was ; ready to faint when I ur- lived on tho scciif. Of eoiroo I played tlio indignant, husband aud threatened to sue the whole outfit for damages. But tho scheme worked. Jjinco then tho only thing i:iy wito will accept is a check."--Dciroit Tree Press. His Memory Sure lo Live. Beagle--Old Foxloy is dead. Ho'll bo long remembered by tho people of this town. Spitls--Why, did ho leave many public bequests? Beagle--IIo loft debts to tho amount of SoO.OOO.--Boston Transcript Social Siiiruol'ri. Caller--Is Mrs. Smith iu? Servant--I don't know. Caller--Can you ascu-taiu for me? Servant--No. That is I ho housemaid's vork, and she's ont.--Dutioit Journal. Pretty Hut. "Under the equator, gentlemen," remarked an extensive traveler, "it is so hot that tho natives havo to put hous in ice chests to prevent their laying hard boiled eggs.''--London Fun. ninnltora n:nl Torpedo Boats. A monitor is a peculiar battleship, having a low freeboard, light draft and flush deck and guns mounted iu heavily armored revolving turrets placed on the deck. A monitor is a floating battery moro than a ship and derives its niuiio from tho firfet of the clasa ever constructed, which* battled with tho Confederate ironclad Mcrrimac in Hampton Roads. The original Monitor was described as resembling a great chcescbofc on a. plank, but it did valuable service aud revolutionized naval warfare. Torpedo boats are tho racers among the war vessels. They are swift, small craft, designed to launch torpedoes near largo vessels. Iu order to do its work properly tho torpedo boat must go close to tho object of its destructive designs, nnd having placed tho instrument of destruction in position its nest object is to get away and out of the reach of the enemy. A torpedo boat must be small, and tho men who form its small crow mnst bo absolutely foarlesa. A torpedo boat catcher is designed expressly to catch or to destroy torpedo boats. In. order to be fitted for tho work tho boats are larger than tho torpedo boats. They can mako better time mid carry heavier armament.--New York Tribune. · Vicious Blueflsh. The greatest enemy to tho best spc* ciss of fibh is found iu tho vicious, voracious and dangerous bluefisli. In sizo ordinarily as long as your arm, with tcotiriiko barbs, 'ho can snap in halves a fish of his own size, nnd nearly all fish stand iu mortal dread of him. Generally traveling in schools--sometimes as much as five miles in length--they will in short order decimate a school of shad, spot, menhaden or such like. In his stomach can bo found numbers of smaller fish, according to size. Wo have opened one which contained a trout of almost his own size, while another contained a shad nearly as largo. Still others ore found having within themselves ouo or more of their own species of smaller size. But their dcstructiveuess docs not end here. We havo seen theni behind a school of shad, spot or menhaden, and sometimes schools of mackerel and cod, snapping and slashing their prey until the water-was all a-foam. They ent until they can hold no more, but their viciousuess is not abated. "With n, snap a shad is sundered and spit out, aud the next shares tho same fate. They never tire, and the flsh destroyed, but unbeaten, cover the surface of tho ,,,,,,,__ Some Spanish Newspapers. Thero are scores of publications in Madrid that espouse everything from religion to tho torroro of the day. Every statesman, every politician, every financier, has his little "grinder." The most part of them exist by subventions emanating from all manner of parties, collective and individual. Among thesa aro such anticlerical sheets as El Matin, There is also an immenso tribe of illustrated periodicals, foremost of which ia La Illustracion, which has a considerable circulation in South America. It is au artistic weekly, replete with the best efforts of recognized artists and gifted writers. Among the latter is the editor Abelardo Carlos. The number of satirical, comical and "pistol" (blackmail) sheets is scarcely to bo reckoned. The Spaniards, like all of tho Latin races, doto ou caricatures. And there is a class of publications in Madrid that bos no replica in othei countries -- the tauromacio sheets These aro printed in tho vicinity of the arena and appear 15 minutes after a bullfight has taken placo. They tiro fairly devoured by tho mob. The descriptions of tauromachy aro in diction absolutely incomprehensible to the foreigner who is grounded in a book knowledge of tho Spauish language. 1 . It necessitates a residence in Madrid of several years to seize tho meaning of what La Lidia and La Nueva, (tho leading "sport- inn" journals) uublish.--Ohor Ttnnt A Novelty In Bella. Ilcrr Appnun of has invented a bell of ii new' shape, which is said to havo a very deep tone and to bo as pow- ciful a; considerably heavier bolls of tho form atpiebent in vogue. Tho shapo j is peculiar, being hemi' phcrical, while ] tho metal is uniform in thickness except near tho."sound bow" (or tho thickened tip which tho clapper strikes). , From tho edge to some littlo distance , above tho sound bow the metal is very thick, aud then alters suddenly to tho ! uniform thickness which ithasfortha ! rest of the bull.--Invention. To b'o perfectly proportioned should weigh 28 pounds for every foot of his height Aipnlliug Prospect. Everett Wicst--Do you know tho doctors say tho American people is gradui ally killing then-solves off with overwork? Dismal Dawson--Yes, and it sometimes worries mo to think what's to become of us when they ain't nobody loft but us.--Indianapolis Journal. SUCCESSFUL DIPLOMACY. Slio Value of Tact In Boating With Undisciplined Laborers. "It looked as if the road would not, could not, be finished before tho crack of doom--certainly not iu timo to save our charter," said tho contractor. It was nearly midnight--a good hour for story telling--and tho speaker was full of his subject. He said ho wonld explain how they succeeded in building n picco of railway iu Georgia "just after the war." " Wo called our roSu the B., D. and S. It is now an important link iu tho Great Southern system. But tho thing hung nro aud our franchise was imperiled just becauso labor was so uucer-. tain. The blacks were drunk with freedom. Three days' work a week would have helped us, but it didn't average BO much. Like tho Hebrews of old, they 2 t wud as much timo going .up to tha feast days and returning ns at tho jubilee itself. Sunday had its preparation just about the time tho last week's high day was spending its force r aiid tho men wero unfitted for work. "The caso was desperate. _At about tho worst stage I was sent down from New York to do what was possible. Studying it thoroughly, my mind was soon sot ou ono last recourse. I went to Atlanta and in ado an ironclad confraot to purchase all tho possum and coon from the commission men iu that city. Securing a 'big circus tent aud cooks,. J caused tho notice to bo sent far and wide that on Suuday tho closo of tho following week thcro would bo 'a possum and coon' dinner ;freo to every tinan who had done a -week's honest work on the construction. "Well, that was a busy tinio on tho road. No lack of hands. Men caiuo from all over tho district, aud the road made an evident advances Then Sunday came, and every colored'- mau had his feast, for thero was au abundance. I got their attention afterward and promised for the next Sunday another possum and coon dinner on tho same terms-- viz, a full week's work--pledging in the meantime that no man should be abused. "However, to keep ,them from scattering, I introduced a ^debating society^ Dividing them into sictes, under judges and debaters of their own choice, I gave them the snbject, ' SVhich is the mother of the chicken, the hen that lays tha egg or tho hen that hatcheaJtUechicken?' There was no necessity to !keep that as-' sombly from straying. The\argumeuts wore strenuous' and weighty,\tho audi- ouces wero wild with delight?- the fun was furioup. "Wheu tho,uext feast day canio and the possum and coon had been served, wo introduced a littlo sido show,' letting ono negro into the tout in turn to try tho trick of standing on one foot on au upturned brick, holding tho other foot and leaping. Of course nine out of ten lauded on their heads, but tho un successful wero too eager to watch the next attempt, a u d ' s o tho day passed. To the surprise of tho old planters tho construction was effectively done. It proved tho value of possum and coon as a factor in railroad s buildiug in thoso early dnys."--ChicngO'Kecord. In Mlo* Aiuten'c Time. In point of comfortable warmth w« liavo advanced greatly since the 'day* when my mother wore white muslin dieses indoors and out, as the Jadies do in Miss Austen's novels. The alternative v,-:ia a riding habit in winter and summer. My mother was married, in a blue riding habit and a whito beaver hat and feathers. Even half a century ago the poor little tender babies displayed their dear little dimpled cecka and arms in all weathers. Sweet little cherubs they looked in their white frocks. Now they are well wrapped up in woolen and gain in health what they lose iu beauty. Wo little girls were not much better off. Our frocks wore made with short sleeves and half low bodices, tied round with a. string. '--TWy *we most miserable -- always slipping ofl- one's shoulder .unless the string wero drawn so tight as to cut iuto the flesh, Long Alcoves-were tied on with. tapes to ~t!ie'sJioi'6'6u67uud a cape^-peHftrtaterii a Privateer. Tha Now England privateer contests in the long ago gavo a distinguished officer of tho toyal navy his first opportunity. Charles Wager was tho nephew of John Hull, a Newport merchant. He was with his uncle in one of his vessels wheu sho was threatened by a French or Spanish privateer. There is a well attested tradition that'" Wager, only a lad, but high, mettled, persuaded the peaceful, uonresistant owner to re- tiro to the cabin and give him control of tho vessol. Charles mustered the crew--they ·wore always armed--and handled them so bravoly aud skillfully that the attacking party was baffled. Tho old Quaker's anxiety prevailed over his principles, and coming into tho companion-way, ho stood taking snuff and watching tho flght. As ho was below the level of the combatants, ho could well see tho effect of the firing. His interest grow and his oscitemeut ·waxed high as tho contest went on. Ho took pinch after piuch of suuff in most ·wasteful fashion. His usually immaculate waistcoat -became recklessly pow dered. Finally ho cried out: "Charles, if thee means to Lit that man in a red jacket, thee had better raise thy pieco a little." The attack was repulsed, and the gallant Clmrlos was d,annendcd by his undo with, "Thee did veil, Charles, thee did well, but fighting is wrong. Still, Charles, if thco had lot them whip, I could have flung theo-oyerboard." Through his friends Wugcv obtained a post iu tho royal navy, ending his honorable career as Sir Charles Wagor, first lord of tho admiralty, aoid finally with a monument in Westminster abbey.--Youth's Companion. Keforuu In Fuucral*. The Littlo Rock Ministers' alliance at its May meeting promulgated tho following reforms relative to burials: Tho uso of crape, gloves aud other undertakers' supplies should bo dispensed ·with. It is moauiiiglcss, of pagan origin wid costs at Jcast ?G at each funeral. Tho use of carriages should be limited to actual necessity, such as for family and pnllbearors. Thoro should bo no costly casket, metallic or otherwise, especially devised to defer the decay of the body, except when bodies are to bo transported by rail. This js tho day of embalming, and bodies can bo kept as loug as auy real need demands if such need exists. The custom of public leavetaking of 'the dead should bo abolished. Let all farewells be private, and tho casket remain closed after tho service has commenced Fulsome aud iudiscrimiuato oulogy should not bo practiced or encouraged. It is easier to omit thnu to confiuo within right limits. That, as far as possible, Sunday funerals bo avoided. That punctuality at funeral services should be insisted upou as much ns at any other religious service. That thero should bo no exposure of tho living, with tho falso idea that it honors tho dead. To this end, let tho gentlemen keep their heads covered at tho grave. In inclement weather, lot tho open air semces bo abbreviated to tho utmost limit permitted by a proper regard for all interested, tho custom of waiting until tho grave is filled bo abandoned, and tho filling of tho grave be supervised by a friend of tho family. --St. Louis Globe-Democrat. it was called -- or a spencer, a hideous garment, added out of doors., , -. ^ It was the height of my ambitioa lo wear n shawl. All grown iip" ladies wore shawls, pinned round tbe''tJiroat cr on tho shoulders. It was quite impossible to arrange (at least none bat a Frenchwoman could) these heavy Indian or Paisley shawls gracefully. " It" was bettor in the summer^ when black or whito lace was substituted, or 'along scarf, without fastening, hung from the Ehouldci'd and was always slipping,.into tho dust or dirt. Round capes,', called "cardinals, ' ' wero a great improvement, and the "visiles" led the way to jackets and touts, aud -- most comfortable at all for rough work -- ulsters. -- .Coruhill Magazine. . . / ,./, Visitor* Trom Span*., , , Whatever bo their ariginj'it^ would seem that theso solid bodies (meteorites) are hurtling through spacb'at velocities which may be anything between) 10 and 40 miles u. MJCOIIU.. If .they come _, near enough to this earth to be attnictea by it, their course is changed, aud^present- ly'they enter our atmosphere. '' Thi result is n sudden check . ,to their. speed, owing to tho intense resistance and friction engendered by contact with .tbo air. particles. ' \' What happens · may be' likened '46 tho sudden application of the wooden brake .block to tho rapidly- moviagT wheel of an express train.. Heat is generated in exchange for motion',' a'oiS'' the 'trail of Bparks from- tho- chetlted' wheel 'is represented iu tho checked Jiheteoris* by a' luminous trail.' We commonly, call) it a shooting star, and if ' its^mass be small it is possibly altogether 'dissipated in heat and gas, or 'it 'may' ultimately mid its way to our earth aa dust. 1 ; Bach "meteoric dust" has been- found OB' the eternal mow of mountains, ,:w^ete',dnat of tho ordinary type would be impoesi- blo. If, on the oth'er bind, the mass of 'matter be large, its surface -daly-will bo. affected by the ..sudden heat generated, and it may 'fall to the ground, entire or possibly explode and be scattered in fragments over a wide area. ^-- Cham In filxtr^oiM., I made McClellau's acquaintance tbq second day I was out-- a. soldierly, 'reso-' Iuto looking mani in the prime of life, somewhat Napoleonic in actual height aud breadth, with a good head set firmly ou square shoulders. His features were regular aud prepossessing ; a short, thick mustache concealed his mouth ; his brow was small, contracted und furrowed; his eyes deep set and anxious. Conqueror of G.aructt, captor of Pegraui.ihe.waH now tho man on horseback, '.'tbe.yomig Napoleon, " whom the president^ called "George" and trusted to the utmost. Ho had not been called from the plow, liko Ciucmuutns, but lie had been btim- moucd by tho war from a railway office to tako command of the army in tbo field. ' - -'""' He had set to work with a will'a* reconstructing a creation, but be could not obey the order of the people, '.'On to Richmond!" McClellan made one diplomatic move Boon after he arrived at tho capital.- He invited the newspaper correspondents at Washington to como and discuss . their position vith him. They flocked in 'masses^ 'and he then and thcro 'drew up a ' treaty of pcaco and nmity with the many beaded monster. Editors and correapondante wero to abstain from printing anything whicli could give aid or comfort to tbe enemy, and in return : thei govenBsent and tho authorities would give facilities for obtaining and transmitting ;ilH- geuce suitable for publication, particularly Federal successes. -- Sir William Howard Russell,- LL. D.', in 'North American Beview. · ' · - . ' - ' of One'- of tho results of t a recent wind and rain stornrwas 'the' dftstrnction of tho largo oak tree oa Bedlw's Uud from which, tradition says, the' piiate Hicks paid tho penalty of his Crimea a century ago. The old tree stood on" UM westward slope of the island' ntar the Liberty statue electric ligbt plant and until a year ago waBgreeai.and^igorona. · In ouo of tho storms of, last summar lightning struck the tree, sha«tered'i£i trunk and mined mrm j nf ltn'tifiil¥iha« John B.. Hiuos, one of tbe'keepirt of the liberty statue,, made, BcnmniM of pieces of tho tree and sold them to'viidfc- brs at the direction" of thei committee having chargo of tho statue. ' ' '· Tho trunk of tho Hiokstwe withstood the storms of last winter, .but ^in-tfaia recent thunderstorm it was torn into fragments which were scattered' oyer tho island.--New York Son.' '"' A Citing Exploit. . , Telling of some d firing exploits of .tbe civil war, the Atlanta Constitution S»JB: ".Tobu C. Braiiio of · the Qoirfttd«iatB ·navy was .tho hero 9f .a ; yomarltanli«- ploit. With n fow trusty men he,entered New York; and for several'day» they loafed about in citizens"'clbthesr j 'and watched for au opportunity to help" their cause. " * · · , . ! : i! i "A magnificent Fall fiiver ateamwon the sound attracted their attention, and they laid their plans." They'Wenv on board as passengers and ;at a given signal overpowered the captain and crew and took possession of the yesseL Braine had only a fevv followers,' biaf they succeeded iu carrying* off their prize, and they · actually ran tbe blockade of Charleston nud' took the steamer safely into port. It sounds like a Jules Verne story, but it is true. , There wore thousands of men in that war'wbb^did* just such reckless things.' Somo escaped and others were killed, but they dashed into the jaws of death as calmly, ai^d smilingly as though they wero .going to a tricuic." ' ' ' ' · NEWSPAPER!

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