Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on February 20, 1964 · Page 3
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 3

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1964
Page 3
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Terror, Misery Hit in Rwanda By DENNIS LEE ROYLE USUMBURA, Burundi (AP)— It is a time of terror for Wa- tusi children. Misery attends lithe young descendants of a lordly race which for 400 years headed a feudal society in the equatorial African land that is now Rwanda. Ill-clad and hungry, hundreds of waifs are fleeing into Burn- cli from massacres by the stocky Bahutus, ex-slaves, that have swallowed up their aristocratic parents. Sometimes the children are led by a tall and slender elder who survived the tribal warfare that missionaries estimate has cost the lives of up to 20,000 Tusis in the past three months. Sometime* ragged and ailing f 69* * ftty Telegram Thursday, February 20, W4 HEALTH CAPSULES hy Michnrl A. IVlll. M.I). THE PIFFERENCE IM CALORIES BETWEEN BUTTER ANP OLEOMARGARINE 1 NONE. 1 TABLESPOON OF EITHER OLEOMARGARINE OR BUTTER CONTAINS • 100 CALORIES. TOMORROW: ASTHMA. HuHh CaptuUt givci hilplul infotmitlon. .It tern* int<nd*d to b* el • ditgnoilk mtura. DO YOU WANT SOFT WATER? Salts—Rental*—Salt JOHN TATRO IR 4-6484 from exposure, they come alone to a new life in refugee camps set up for them by the Burundi government within a few miles of the frontier. Refugee relief organizations are trying to truck in supplies to keep pace with the growth of the camps. About 22,000 refugees already are on hand. Backgrounding the trouble is the old enslavement of Bahutus by the brown-skinned Watusis. That developed when the Wa- tusis moved their cattle herds southward — apparently from Ethiopia—in the 16th century to the Lush pasturage between Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika. Rwanda wat part of a Belgian protectorate when the Bahutus, a pure-blooded Negro tribe, rebelled against the Watusis and drove out many to neighboring countries in 1959. The current bloodshed started late last year when Inyenzi bands, challenging the modern weapons of Rwanda's Bclgin-of- ficered army of 1,200 Bahutus, launched a series of raids across the frontier in a desperate bid to retake the country. $10,000 of Bonk Loot Is Found in Colorado WRAY, Colo. (AP) — Under sheriff Harold Williams found $10,000 or more in cash, apparently part of $22,864 taken in a bank holdup at Endcrs, Neb. Stacks of moldy currency were found in sagebrush 18 miles north of Wray in north eastern Colorado. The location was pinpointed in questioning of two men sentenced in the case. British Commonwealth countries such as India, Pakistan and Ceylon have switched to a deci- malized rupee. Canada and Singapore use the decimal dollar. Which one owns an interest in the Electric Cooperative ... HOMES FOR AMERICANS the former, L\ the businessman, , j*^ or owner of a weekend cabin? Possibly each of them! Electric Cooperatives have made electric power available to areas not served by other utilities . . . farms, rural industries and business, resorts and cabins. And the Electric Cooperatives are owned and operated entirely by those they serve. The principle of consumer-ownership has not changed since the first Electric Cooperative was formed, more than a quarter of a century ago, to provide electricity where ooue 'wan available. ._ _ ^_ WHEATLAND ELECTRIC Heat by Wire ...Notby Fire PIONEER Cooperative Association, Inc. MMM: H 4-1211 Ulytw LANE - SCOn Iltetrie Cooperative, Inc. LMMORMl WIUM. II**!** . LOWER LE.VEL PLAM THIS COMPACT HOME wilt fit en most 60-foot lots. Three bedrooms on the upper floor have dual-use bath and vanity. Lavatory and closet at the entrance door are convenient for guests. The upper level contains 629 square feet and the lower level, 941 square feet. Garage and storage adds 244 square feet. Architect for Homes for Americans Plan IIA331Y is Herman Yotlt, 90-04 161 St., Jamaica 32, N,Y. 'Route 66' Near End of the Road By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Televiiion-Radi. Writer NEW YORK (AP)—The final chapter of "Route 66" approaches: Tod Stiles, fancy-free adventurer, Is going to get married on the March 6 show, first of a two-part wind-up. And then, with his happy iride beside him in his sports car, our hero will ride, in classic style, into the sunset, presumably to live happily ever after. Two weeks later, on March 20, CBS' "Route 66" goes nto reruns—old ones, in which corgc Maharis and Martin Milner were co-stars. Tod, played by Milner, would never have been allowed to marry if the series had not teen canceled. Directory Puf s Anderson Out TOPEKA (AP)—A new legal directory for Kansas had officials chuckling today.- The directory, published by the Legal Directories Publishing Co., Inc., Los Angeles, listed Lt. Gov. Harold Chase as acting governor and the office of lieutenant governor vacant. John Anderson, governor since 1961 and with a term lasting through the year, was not listed among state officials except once as honorary chairman of the state safety council. Even then it carried only his name, without designation as gover- ernor. Chase, of Salina, is an announced Republican candidate for governor this year. Robert Hoffman, assistant attorney general, said the book is not an official publication of the state of the Kansas Bar Assn. He could not account for the mistake having been made. Neither Anderson nor Chase were available immediately. —Whether buying or selling, use Telegram Want Adi! Marriage U net only • nice way to conclude a long-running series, but also provides a handy way to "writ* out" • character who must disappear when an actor wanti to Leave the cast, ost recent example was, of course, "Bonanza," whose producer planned to marry off Adam Cartwright when Pernell Roberts wanted to quit the show. When he decided to remain, the lady was jilted— and fast. An interesting change in another CBS series will start next Monday night. "East Side, West Side" will introduce a new character in the show, a Congressman Hanson. A couple of weeks later, on the show, he will offer social workers hero Neil Brock a job as his aide, il will accept, of course, and the format will change. But the switch is coming too late to save the show. It has not been renewed for another season. CBS' explanation of Ed Sullivan's sudden change of mind about extending his hour show to 90 minutes in April is that he reconsidered taking on the of a longer show "on the advice of his physician." The network which says he's nut ailing, hopes that will bury all rumors that he didn't want to try to compete against "Bonanza's" popularity. The NBC show occupies the same time spot as that extra half-hour. CLOSING OUT sale — Radios, TV's, stereos and appliances. Don's Service Radio and TV. —Adv. MOVING CoH M 4-7471 DAVIS VM ft Sttfftft HARD OF HEARING Htwinfj AM N«wf SmellMt HMfU* AM »» Acwtftow — a*** aawAM to tis.1 of »o*t htarlat aMt. Nt »lf«w »••" * NANUT Wtlfhl Mt-fMrb ««a«t vHt *a «*H»v •QN'T MAlf NIAI — HIAI WtH? «. Iw H *• 1r» te — CM*** to « , , . WAIUW MOW HIMV, HI. II, « •* * I ».«. Mr. A. P. NUiacw, § «M«4t«M. M vatkit t. •*•»*• pfcMt *<Mf «f dials fat a Fill hwa* fry** MUUKonfos Aceuiticon 4111 I. | Dtterfeflf Lijiid Chilfoi 22 Ot. Ji%/ BU. W tJMOfteti 14 lair Amipr 79c Regular Pilawlin IMP I '« 33< Detergent tint Fib Giant Oi/ 8li« Q|> Cleaner Ajix Liquid 15 Ot. MA^ BtL JJ9* Colgat. Dental Creme Family Oft/ Size Qa}> Etta Lini Bent - Nm 15* Oa. AA, Can 3JJC Gooch Budget Pack Cut Spaghetti 2 Lb. AA, Pkg. a|9^ Kitty CloTei Potato Chips K* O> 59 ( Detergent Vial 4 Oi, 7»1* Box |t|N Detergent Swai Liquid a.* 37< Bath Siie Lux Toilet Seep 2 - 31< . Libbya Pears 90S AP^ . Can a|9 c Northern Napkins so a. i £> pkt. |D< Modesi Seiilery Hepkiie 12 ct jr> pkg. 49* Stokely HoRey M Pen ?.'. 25< Qreen Giant finn JUiiriin 1 a 1 I1< GiaitHcrshey AlHori Blieki 39< i \m • ^^p^a^ Atlnftflt Star Trwt Can 49^ Caint Inst. Coffoe ;.:• 89< ^aj^r Ajas Floor and Wall Cleaner 'r z v 33< Ellia Ckili with Bent 151 Or. AP, Can Ov^ Ellla Beef Stew U Lb. £A. Can QeJC 4-Way Cold Tablets BU! 39* Detergent Giait Surf 7* VOHMBO H,| 49 Oa. Of, Box OP Detergent • Liioid 'All' 89c Detergent Lux Flakes !£°* 36< Regular Lifebuey 2 - 25< Supreme Pecan Crisps HI Oa. JA, pkg w Unguentin. aai* • ••-• First Aid 2*< Oa. AA> Tub. . 9 QV Modew Coatoai Sanitary Belli Each 39* Shortening Swift'nini J Can y5' Hi-C Fruit Brink 2 46 Oi. 7*1> Ca« 7J< Hunt* Catsup &°* 21< iB^^I American Beauty Instant Mnhri MilMt wr- 29< Carol Brand Cookies pkg. 29< Economy Slie Calgon 21 Lb. 7||> Box f Jl* Bath Six* dskmre Boeqiet 2 f* 31< Regular Ajax Cleanser 2 Fo r 33< Giant Size Super Sods 59< Ellli Italian Sausage Spaghetti 300 AA* Can OtfV Gillette Thin Blades 10 ct. AT, Pkg. vJ3< Lanolin Plna Hair Spray 15 OE. AA, Can 99^ P|UB Ta * Detergent Breeze Keg. Afiy Sice a)|P Detergent Fluffy 'All' 3 ,:..: 83< Detergent Wisk 32 Oz. 7II/ 'Bos faf* Shortening Spry 2 Lb c» l " 82< I Bath Size Lifebuoy 2 "• 35< Musselma* Apple Rings r* 39< Stock Up Softee Tissue 4 Roll AA, pkg. Z8< Revlon Aqua-Mariue sr $|.1G a Green Giant Pen 2-J3< KW*Mi Facial Tissue 400 Ct. AA, px* ZJ< japjy Pal Statoltt* §tt*1 Injeeter IMee S Ct. AA, Pkg. 0™ Liquid Shoe Polish lymshiM 25c Bath Site Pilnolive Sup 2 *• 31< Vel Beiity Bar 2 '« 39< Detergent Qiick Selv 2.°- 45< Sandwich Site Baggies 50 Ct AA/ Pkg. Of)* Ellla Con Beel Hash 15| Oa. JA> Can af9% Glamorene Dry Hit Clemr ft. '1.29 Helm Hot Catsup 12 Oi. AA> Btl. 49^ Large Size Rinse Bin 3* AmonTa Handy Andy 15 Oa. AA/ BtL af;Jt Detergent Lux Liquid 12 Oa. A-|, BtL fjf* Regalar Lux Toilet Soap 3 *• 33< Swifti Premium Fraiks pkg 69* Northern Teilet TissN 4 SS 39< 100% Horeemeat Vi(o Beg Food 2 14 Oi. JA> Cana afjJC Stokely • Van Cam* Vienna Sausi|o A 40i. JAy 4 Cam *f 9* Stock Up! Millets ton 2 «& 29* Bathroom Beltey TittM 2 K 2* t^LM

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