The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 18, 1923 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 18, 1923
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. ^—_i L:.^- THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. ociety —ai——a———^aTM aKaaeaSI Call Telephone No. 4400 and aak for Society. Yonterilfiy \VM nn Ideal day for golf t Mian -Mury Alford, Misn 4ftne Mound n li\ri;e luimlior of llutelilnHon ; NiiKliten. Miss lmogono Whltealde, Iftily Ri>lfi-r.i look udvnntHgn of it aiul ] MISB Anna Von Ijeonard, Mine Mar- Hjmrit a pleasant day at tlui Country i gurot Von ljconrod, Mr. John Wray cluli, a number of Sallna lady golfora being tin' limior guoiitfl of the day. Tim iin'mlnTu or tlm tnuriiamnnl coliiiiiilli''' wore hnritesfion for the i;olf In tlui ninriiiiiK anil about fifty Indies played. Tim silver nip offered for tho low ini'iliil Mi'tiro anioiiK tho Sallna liwllen IVMH WUH by Mm. l'aul lUmso Young, Mr. Luonard licathormnu, Mr. Harold Decker, Mr. Fisko Mountain, Mr. Wendell Doano of Baldwin, and Mr. Darnell Murrlson of Kansas City, Mo. <?> Q> $ ~ I5r. Etta Mundcll ontortalnod at lum-heou yesterday at Llngernook, , l'Vir the second low modal nemo tho following guests. Mrs. L. J. Field, ainniii', tho visiting ladlos, Mrs. H. A. | Mrs. W. E. l>ro3»lor, Mrs. George Wyiitt and Mrs. Carl Davis tied ami durini: llio nflernooii played It off with Mrs. Wyntt winning tlio prize, whleh was a pair of Hllvnr poppor and Halts. Halls wore offered anions tho llnteh- ln.-i.ii player* and Mrs. H. II. Heaps win iho prize for the handicap under III and Mrs. C. C. Kelly for the haudl- enp :i!>uve 111. At one tiVliick luurlieon was served ln ihe (duti house and thorn the host..»s- s weiv Mrs. O. F. Wright, Mrs. 0. U. Cac-, Mrs. W. U Hosier and Mrs. CliahnerH Fair. Zenlas In yellow and oriini;.' predouilnatiui; formed tho een- ter\l-'ces for the tables, where glares were nimhed for ols'hty .miotjts. Fol- loivinK }in:' , henn tho .'.ftornoon was np.-nt plavini: bridge and the prize fur ihe \Kitllll: ladies went, to Mrs. I. Velum mid it was a beautiful blue bowl I'm- fhe.reiM. Mrs. Frank Hippie won Die prize for the Hutchinson ladies. She r..'TiV"ti a Klass bottle of very tin.- liileunt powder. The out of town bitltos present were Mrs. tail Davis, Mrs. H A. Wyalt, Mrs. Roy Faith, Mrs. N. P. Selr-vartz, Mrs, Paul Uossenieypr, Mrs. 1. A. I'rilile, Mrs. I'. 11. Itobson, Mrs. U. Hkclley, .Mrs. 1. Vehori, Mrs. O. I.. 1'rake. Mr.', Ted IJninsoii and Miss Helen Stevenson, all of Sallna. They were accompanied by lll"ir e,o!f profess!, ma!, Mr. Iloy t'anipboll. Mrs. J. R IWirt'ord, of Arkansas City, was a!su leesent. ••• * Ceiniiu: as a complete to Mann. Mrs. A. R. Mann, Mrs. H. P. Ilorty,, MIBS Kettering, Miss IXtrnthy Mann, Mian Anna Drosslur, Miss Mildred Dressier, Miss Julia Chase and Miss Jessie McColm. \*> s> «> The members and friends of tho Coin^regatlonal church will entertain with a recoptlon tomorrow ovenlns on the lawn at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Knuatzor, 320 Crescent Houlo- vard, complimenting tho new mtnlator, Hov. Stephen liutrhor and Mrs. Dutcb- or, of Jjeaveuworth. * •'•> *—&—i —*— i^-t —S—S—*—*—<» i I lotlc club of -the Y. W. <3. A, will Ko to camp Saturday Tor the wjek end.' The first twonty to reglator at tho "V. W." will go out, as th.o cabin Is largo onough for twenty and no moro. hoy will ho <:haporonod by Miss Myra McCaffreo, physical education osretary at tho Y. W. C. A. The girls ofiMia Hl-O. R. cltib of tho senior high school can hardly wait until Aug. 1, when iholr new V. \V, C. A. Girls' Work secretary will arrive. Miss Duclle Vnnco of Manltato, Kans., who has been In charge of this work at DPS Molnos, Iowa, will como Aug. to tako up tho work hero, thus filling tho vacancy loft when Mlso Dorothy Lowers lort a year ago for Tu- oblo, Colo. Miss Vunco will spend tho gToator part ot tho month of August at tho Y. VV ,C. A. camp, and tho girls of tho Hit;. H. cluh aro planning somo love- wcplt end parties tor that month, when thoy will become better acquainted wilh tholr new leader. Miss Helen Moore, a member of tho faculty at tho senior high school had charge of the work during tho past ear, hut with her duties as Instructor In mathematics, she could not give as much time to the glrla'.cluh as can a secretary trained In that'work. -Miss Moore has been very popular with the girls this year, and has done a wonderful work among theru. Sho took a group of them to the Estos Park onferenco in Colorado in June, and helped them a great ileal with their plaus for the year. ' PERSONALS OF 80CIETY i>—?•—*— 1— i—*— Mliis Luverno Sanders who has been visiting relatives in Uurllngton lor several weeks, returned yesterday. .* » 'Mrs. Iieo Courtney and son of Wichita are here visiting with Mr. and Mrs. .1. J. lliitt of .North Monroe street for the week. •». -j> j. Mrs. It. F. Thompson and daughter, Evelyn, will spend tho wt-ok end in Topoka visiting at Uie home ot Mrs Venial Koilock. «• * . Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hartmnn and daughter, Jano June, left today tor a month's visit in Canon City and Colorado Springs, Colo, •s> Mrs. B. I'. Doppa ot Pretty Prnlrle, ter, Mrs. Z. Hvans of 107 South Pop Jar street for three weeks, returned tu her homo this morning. tlicr ...any friends hero, Is the an-; who ha8l)oen Ue „ visiting hor'da'iigh lUMiiiO' III-TII n[ Lne marrlaire of Miss . - — & ^'"'s Mab.-l !;u:l ram, daughter of Mr. and A. .1. r.urtiam. of :i!la Avenue 11 w.-.-i an.! Mr. Idsle Rupard, son of Mr. I, M. llu pard of 32-1 \lnt.h avenue '.vliUh was quietly sob-inn!/.*'<!, Sunda..' alteriKi 'in at *1".^0 o'clock at •the ben f Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Morgan in Wicliit.-i. R.-v. 1.. M. Kramer, of the Salem Ev.ii:i;.-il<-:il churi'.h of UTehlUl, official ed. resdiug the ring ceremony, In tile Mr. and Mrs, Morgan, V.'icliiia. Mr. and Mrs. ChoKior Bl "pie ti .-oii and Mr. Virgil St^wu-rt of this i'.iy. Thoy returned to Hutehlu- •IIIII that evening. Mr and .Mrs. Uupard are both woll k .'H 'ivn in the younger set here, having both attended high school hero, iind the wedding Is tho culmination of a high seium'i romance. Mrs. Rupard is a graduate nf lh" high school in the class o: l!t!H and since that time has 'been ' nii'li'vod as a lUonographer, first f'i' Kaubion and Kline ln the Ni'",'-' building and at present at the J. N. Ilaib.y and Son Realty Co. Mr. Itupanl i.-. a i:nidiiate from high school In the class "f 1!»2I1 and for four years hna been employed after school and <lutinn I lie KUiumer at tile K. H. | Bloom Drug .-novo, whoro ho Is learning txi be a pharmlst. Sept. 1, Mr. ond Mrs. Knpard will go to Boise, Idaho, u-lii-rc ihey will mnke (heir home. Mr. Uiipard will finish Willi his ttudies there. •'? •* • The home nf Mrs. A. M. Jewell, 20!) 'Avenue A east was the setting for one of the prettiest of the season's social functions yesiorday, when she entertained the members of tho Jewell class o[ the 1'irst Methodist church at ton o'clock breakfast. The rooms woro transformed into a veritable garden, with a I'l'idu.-di'ii of iiastursiiuns, sweet peas and daisies thruugnnut. Just h .'f.ii'e the guest went to tho dining loom. Mrs, K. 3. Heihurum read, "Without a C'haporono" which was 1 hut 'iiuKhly eujoyed. ln the riln- InK room, breakfast was served by the liosics assisted by Mrs. R 11. Moss, Mrs. John llarinelt, Mrs. John Starkey, Mrs. Floyd VVal'ien .Mrs. Mar- Hhal Siuiili. Mrs. L. T. Child, Mrs. J. It. St.-v, as, Mrs. J. R. Myers, Mrs- Cram. Winnoy, Mrs. \V. D. Day, Mrs. I''. .1. !•''••' and Mrs. W, It. Kobortson, t" fifty ineinbcrs of tho class and tho lullewin:; addil iiinal gliosis, Mrs. C. O. llitcio oi Mrs. James IllaeU, Mrs. L. 11. Stccie, Mrs. Charles llouy of Tulsa, Okla., Dr. Meda Ilrashear and Mrs. tl'icnn Hlue or I,oho. The remainder of the morning was d"i'it'!il iw a .-diort buslncs iiioetrng during which a moBt interesting letter was read from Mrs. W. ID. Ueppon- liaien. of l.aucuster, Pa., a former Mrs. 11. K. HRHIIIUJU and daughter, Roberta, or Wichita, are hero visiting her mother, Mrs. Lilllo n. Rishcl, of 32-1 Thirteenth avenue west. ••• Mrs. J. R. Durford of Arkansas City hns been here visiting Mr. and Mrs C. C. Kelloy ror a few days and re turned to her home this morning. member of tho class. Short I'evotion- ais were held at the close. Miss Margaret Hlaynoy. of Pittsburgh, I'a., and n former Hutchinson young woman uho is visiting here for two weeks, was honored this morning with a delightful nine o'clock breakfast at the Uorubiiugh-Wiley Tea Jliiiun, when Mrs U. li Phillips and Margaret Junes outei'talneU for her. An orchid bowl of marigolds, perl- tlilum and baby breath formed tho coiilorploee for tho breakfast table, where places were marked for nlntoon (S'.iwits. Following breakfast, the morning was spoilt playing bridge at tin- home of tho hostesses, 601 Avenue A east. The Invited guests tforu Miss KslhcT Wolcott, Miss Camilla t'orcoraji, Miss Cuthnrinc Slmroous, Miss Venial RoadcrniiB, Miss Francos foe, Miss Kny 'Ryan, Miss Ccloutlns Kelson, Miss Helen Orovlor, Miss lone A^poy, Miss Murgurel Slavene. Mies Bula Brown, Miss Pauline (Weyant, 1\11 a a l'VitucoB Conkllu, Miss Virginia French, Miss I>orothy Oage, Miss lift- holla Lucllo Mann, Miss Moscnlene Campbell, Mlas Maurlue Aapoy and the honor guest. • •.• A parly of young people made up • swimming iparty to the Stovent Swimming Ponds last evenlnf, followed by a picnic supper at Lake Bedell. Those In the party ware Mr. and Mr*, l-iarl UrcosUr, idias Vernal Iloaecrana, The name, KHon Ross, has been given to 'the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ICwlng Kmison of Vinconnes, lud., wlio was born Monday at their home. *• -v Miss Juno Young will leave this evening for Colorado Springs, Colo where she will Join her sister. Mrs 33dd Haas and Mr. Unas who are I'pemllng two weeks there. oi. :» Miss'Helen flhormloy of 1101 North Monroe street has had us her houso guest. IMlys Henilco l<ce of Bellefor. ! talne, Ohio, who Is onroute to L-os Angeles, Calif., to make her home. •• •?< * Mr. and Mrs. fllenn A Blue, of Loho, who have been visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. V. S. Ilelhuruni of 419 Thirteenth avenue east for a few days, returned to their homo today. Mrs. Charles Broughlon and children, Clareuco and Helen, will leave tomorrow for San Diego, Calif., whero they will spend the remainder of tho summer with relatives and friends. * *• * Mr. and .Mrs. M. B. -Mahuran and son, Phillip or Liberal who have been visiting relatives ln Burlington are hero visiting Mr. and Mrs. V. Sand ers of Thirteenth avenue east en- ruuto to their home. «• •* * Mr. and Mrs. Itoy l>oe nnd daughter, fleruloo of Bellefontaine, Ohio, are here visiting at tho homes of Mr and Mrs. C. H. Plngg and Mr. and Mrs. ft. W. Ohormley enroute to LOB Angeles, Calif., to make their home, • •> <j> Mrs. M. Is. Orltuos expeota to leave either Friday or Monday for South Haven, Mich., to spend the remainder of tho month of July and August at the home of her (slster-tn-law, Mrs Qeorge Mylian. Sho wdll rotum here flopt. 1, leaving soon after for San Frnnclst'o, Calif., whero she will join hor son, Mr. Martin Grimes, who 13 making his home out there. Miss Murgaret Ratflngton left this morning for Topoka whero she will he the gno3t of Miss Dorothy Rose brousfh and Mlas Agnes Ayros for somo time. Several social affairs are being planned, tho largest of which will be a week ond house party at the home of MI SB Roschrough. Next weo-k, Misi Rafflc^ton will go to HI. Joseph. Mo., where she will visit her grand mother, Mre. B. J. Reffington, return lng to Topeka to oontinue her vioit. Sho will ibe uway about two weeks -<J—®—* 4>—•» The members of the Kensington club will enjoy a picnic party at Uakto Bedell The rognlar mooting of tho American Legion Auxiliary will bo held at the homo of Mrs. R. U I,yda, 410 Sov enth avenue east. Mies Dorothy Gage will entertain the menvhers of her bridge club at luncheon at her home, D01 Avenue A east and bridge following HOUSEHOLD HINTS •r MM. MORTON MENU HINT. Breakfait. Berries. JBran Muffins, lirollcd Bacon. Coffco. Luncheon. St»wed Ulco. TiOttuco with yrunch Urosslna. Uerry Shortcako. MIlK. Dinner. — Meat Loaf. Halied Potatoes. Groan Pouaa. Chocolate Pudding-. Iced Tea or Coffoe. if —4>— 1$—$ CHURCH NEWS. • Tho Women's Missionary Society of the First Methodist church will meet tomorrow afternoon lit the home of Mrs. 11. C. Kellam. HI Thirteenth avenue west, with Mrs. J. E. Springer. Mrs. Kllzabeth Rea, Mrs. S. K. Connor and Mrs. J. P. Rood assisting. The main feature of the afternoon will he a summer Christmas tree with gifts for the children In the Mission school md money donations for Miss Halverstadt, their missionary in China. oca Is used It ihost ho soaked, for two hours ln water. TODAY'S RECIPES. Bran Muffins—Two cups hran, two cups flower, two tablespoons molasses, one level teaspoon salt, two teaspoons baking powder, two tablespoons melt,»d fat, one egg (two cups milk. Put bran In bowl, oltt ln all other dry Ingredients. Make hollow In middle and drop ln egg, molasses, fat ant' milk. Mix well, put Into hot muffin tin? and bake. Either sweet or sour milk may he used, ln tho event of using sour milk use one teaspoon of baking soda instead ot the baking powder, or some people prerer to use a little haking soda and a teaspoon powder. Stewed Rice—Put one-halt ounce of butter Into a pot ami fry In It until brown an onion siloed, then add one- halt pint of soup stock or beet liquor, one-half cup of rice, pepper, salt and a bit of cayenne. Cover and, stew for fifteen or twenty minutes or until tho rice Is tender. Stir frequently to keep from burning. Serve. Chocolate Tapioca Pudding—Two tablespoons tapioca, boll in one pint of milk ln tloublu boiler twenty minutes. Add yolks of two eggs, one-quarter cup sugar, one-half teaspoon salt and one square of .chocolate melted. Cook until thick, take from tire and heat In whites of eggs and a little vanilla. Serve cold. Unless minute tapl- THE DAILY RECORD SUGGESTIONS. To Clean Furniture--To removo tho dirt nnd smoke from furniture, wash with a soft ciotu dipped in equal parts ot llnsoqd oil and turpentine.. iPollsh with dfy cloth. This will not Injure the finish on your turalturo and will brighten it up wondortully. 8tuffed Prunes—Children will oat thoao when they do not caro for the sauce. WaBh and soak prunes over night, use tho same water and. aimnier until tender. When prunes are cold remove slonea anil put In halt a glass of water and roll In grauulatod sugar and aet away until dry. Dental Floss la a good material on which to string small bouds.' It Is much stronger than ordinary silk and when moistened la stiff enough to be used without n needle, which Is an advantage when the heads have smalt holes. Crochet vs. Purling—Instead of | purling the edge of each scallop, as is usually done with the needle ami embroidery floss, use a crochet needle and cotton and crochet around the edge of each scallop, using double crochet stitch. This makes a very firm, even and beautiful finish, and is done In Infinitely less time than the old method- Way to Make Tassels— When making tassels, instead of clipping the thwad^ short that are tied around tho top of head, leave them long, pull them under the binding thread and cut to the game length as the tassel. This Is easily dono wi!h,a crochet hook, prevents the thread Wk-ouilng unlled or loosened and makes a neater finish. WEDNESDAY,' JULY IS, 1923 " MAN WHO BEAT UP HIS WIFE'S FATHER WANTED John Griffith Proves to be De- •erter—He Quit HU Outfit During W»r Time. DOHERTY EMPLOYES AND FAMILIES AT A PICNIC The Poherty Men's Fraternity, which Includes the employes of the United Water, Gas and Klectrlc Co., and their wives and sweethearts will Deeds. James M. Phillips to Samuel N. Phillips, lots 13 and It. bill. I, Sunnjatde add.. Hutchinson, Tllgliinun It. Med.skor to Catherine. Koach, lot-s 2'i. 21, 26, 2S, SO. Z2. 34. 06, 3, 40 and 42, liMfth avs. went. Plevna. ! , ,.„ , 1 „w„ n« t 11 «i.i c .fiommwi Fred Yuat. et al. 10 Yuat, et at. P lonlc «t l.-ako Iledell this afternoon tract nwu H-53-10. ! and evening. All the amusements at ^ O, w. Siecriat to E. T. Slegriat, e 104 ..^pular picnic park will be free j., street sweepings. All the etrlkers are demanding an increase ru wsge». Dr. Woodruff, assistant health commissioner, declared tho acctanulatlon of garbage was 11 serious menace to health and collections could not bo delayed much longer. Only a f«w wagons removed garbage today and yesterday. John Griffith, the hnrd-hotloil husband, wtoo was arrested Monday utter ho boat up his father-in law, when he Interfered in a family squalvblo with his wlfo, ban proven to ho a dosnrtor from tho United States army, according to a telegram received from the war department by Chief ot Detectives Duckworth. ' His roal name Is Prod Clrlfflth and ho was Inducted Into military service during the war on October 3, 1917, ttt Miami, Okla. He deserted from Co. P ot the 315th Engineers on June 3. 191R. Chief of Detectlvos Duckworth has been very fortunate In capturing du- serters for this is tho second one bo hns discovered In the laut week. Tho war department has a permanent offer ot $50 rowan! for the delivery of a deserter to the nearest military post. Griffith wns fined J25 and coats and given a GO day Jail sentence in police court. Ho will not serve In the local ]nll, for he will bo delivered to the army authorities at Port Riley. ' Ladies. Port personal attention sen Mrs. Hatch at tho Clean Towel Deauty Shop, nilllo Cain. IT St Notice. Members Cyrus Cauldron please «!« tach end of jilcnlc inrltatlou and mail Alien Jllclmrdeon so we will know about refreshments. 5T-2t Our service cars await your call any time, day or night. .Inst nil! SO Ragland-Klngsloj' Motors Co. 1S-H Ladles. tf you want a good *«ft wnter shampoo, see Mrs. Hatch. CUau Towel Shop. Btille Cain.— 17-31 |! Price l J We Offer: | j 50 Silk Dresses JI - 25 Spring Suit* J I 20 Spring Capet J I 35 Spring Coats [, 50 Silk Skirts | j 40 Woo! Skirts J a 15 Silk Sweaters j j 20 Wool Sweaters [ ] 70 Overblouses J j 80 Silk Waists { I 90 Cotton Waists O. r. SAWYER D. O. CO. *• * * •* * * • • » * ^ ^ PLEASANT HILL. * "•ciTarU' ^ i&pnif KS 1M ! 1 ^00 e^o'yes'and g^-ot'the com- 1 ^ Krob^V^ifyVr tnd Mrs* 0 Sherman .St. west. Hutvliltwon. | pany. That will include boats, soft (: Krt)1 , vis'tlnc' ,„i'»?i„ Mr. and Mr, Cottle, (Ui.lan \ ^ rT ^^^rt' t\ I "'»» 1 Tt ' U ^ •wntaBs). Harlow. K. V. D. No. 1; son, ! hundred and fifty pounds of fried July 9. i chicken have been prepared as the Mr. and Mrs. Herman Corner. (Viola ' prmcVpal parl of the lunch. >iner> 101 OamubeLl streft cast, son, l v 1 * July 11, Hohr.ei, (Dorothy Cheinlcai street. .Mr. and Mrs. n. P. Kelly) 3OT N'ortli uutrhter, July 17. Mr. atid Mrs. Orvilte I.loyd Llpe, Martha Marie 213 Eighth avenue east, a daughter. Veliln I>*'e. July 13. I Mr. and Mrn. ran! Mpnlford tlfeJen j llumm) .South tlutcliinson, son, Robert..loon Cuyler, May otli. i Hetltensr I>r. and Mrs. Ft-'ix Cohen. (I,enore KlraliV.axim) 127 First avenue east, daughter. Elaine Joyce, June H. DIED -IN HOSPITAL. Former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Was at Baltimore. Baltimore. July IS.—Colonel Sir Htr.itiiearn Hendrl* 1 . {>.7. former governor of Clntario, di^d at 11:57 ..I'clock last nlshi at John Hoj>- ltins- hospital here. Sir John had been ill health for Sting of a Wasp. ! several months and came hero ten Victoria, 11. C, July 18.—A atins of days ago for treatment. a wasp In the throat of II. S. Vlckers, i a carpenter of Saanlch. near here, | GARBAGE WAGON DRIVERS. caused his death last night. The wasp flew into a gla^s as Vlckers was about ! They Arc on Strike in St. Louis to to drink lemonade and went down his throat with the draught. Tho sting caused tho throat to swell and strangle Vlckers. Dance tonight—Lake Bedell. 18-lt Add to the Troubles. St. Lou!.*. Mo.. -Inly IS.—Ranks of striking negro drivers of city gnrVaRe collection wagons were augmente-d to day by a walkout of drivers of street department wagons which remove la day. threshing his r. whe Jack Shipley ;md son Henrv. and Jay YV. Shipley vbited Wm. Shipley near Kimrman lust Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Perkins, Mr. and tarr Perkins and daughter of Mrs Partr:dse, and Leo White of Hutch- lns«n visited at It. C. Kxltnan'ai last Sunday. Jae.k Shipley and son Henry weio Kiufrman visitors la*t Thursdny II. T. Colo and S. C. Kulman were county seat visitor/ last Sunday Mrs, liatt'.o Dur'lrum and children spent Sunday with her v»arents, Sir. nnd Mra, C. Krob. Mrs, Hurley Cole and chtldren and Mrs. Nettie Cole )in;led at H. C, Kcl- in.&n's last Sunday. Voss Krob nnd family visited C. Krob laei Sunday. Saturday evenlns dance Stevens pond* tutf dressed in white, always Our service curj await your call any time, day or nl&ht. Just call 55. Raeiand-Klngsiey Motors Co. 1S-U Eastman Kodaks Edison Phonographs Beautiful Patterns We crwry a complete line of beautiful and distinctive patterns in solid silver taiiiv- ware. Tbe refreshment of the design* on display here will distinguish the table they grace and reflect credit upon the discriminating taste of the hostess. Lady Mary, Ctovelly, Marybmd and Chatteau Thierry. The Zinn Jewelry & Optical Co. The House »f Quality. Hsnry Zli.rt Jno. p. Blrohflste' AMERICAN WOMEN PREFER STRAIGHT LINES I Y. W. C. A. NOTE8, Miss Mary Grlzzoll of Sterling and ten of the young ladlos of her Sunday school class motored here yontor- day and apsnd the day at tho Y. W. O. A. camp, I.lngornook. Twenty ot the members of tho Ath- A Paris decroo lias it that robust flguroB are to replace the straight line silhouette that has been fashionable for aoino time. American fashion experts, how over, say that as far as the American women are concernod the slim lino will continue. They further say that the womon of tho contlnont, have a tendency to omlonpolnt which milady on this side tho water has escaped duo to her devotion to sports. Whether this be true or not certain It Is that tho women ot the good old U. 9. A. are loth to give up tho slender lines and aro inclined more and more to Ignore French fashion decrees and design tholr own Btyloa. The three gowns pictured, worn by three ot tho best known picture 6tars, illustrate ths long, graceful linos which tend to tnake evon plump ladles look Blender. Agnes Ayres, to the left, is wearing a stunning gown of pale yellow velvet studded with crystal beads. Tho sleeves slip through a halt and form a train which is edged with or, mine. You will notice that the belt mentioned Is worn low on the hip*. Gloria Swanson, on the right, Is wearing a three -piece Btreet BUlt. It is a taupe gabardine with skirt and coat elaborately embroidered In kindergarten colors. The embroidery extends around the skirt with the side panel and hem of plain gabardine. The panel hangs from tlx* hip where it Is flclshpd with a bucklt aud formss an uneven hem. The jacket is lined with lettuce green crepe do chine and has a simple military collar. A turban of striped grosgraln ribbon in kindergarten colorB complete the costume. Pola Negri tbe emotional actresss, in tho center, makes a striking pic- tare in a frock ot blaok Salome velvet It hangs from the shoulders ln graceful folds, 1 B draped about tho hips and lower body, while tho long, flowing sleeves give the effect of a train. It is unique In that It Is made rr&m on* piece of material. While tbe two velvet gowns are too elaborate for the woman of limited means, they may suggest 11ns* that oould be reproduced In less expeaXre inaterial* and la modified, styles. If yoa coald actually •«* the dirt and dnat and soil whldl yoor ool*r garmant* COKIU- lata, th*t* wouldn't b* a-octa at long tixn* batwaan trip* to tha Dry CUanti'a— Tha dirt and doat la thara* whathar you »•* It or uo»— this, and not aga, accounts for tha dtoglnae* which so soon destroys tha good looks of a oa«r son. Why not pot yoor clothas on a raguUf Dty^Oaaudng •chadula, wml Hava thaxa always m»; always claaoj Jiaat phoxia; wall call. ModelTauiidrV DRY* CLEANERS *-JSW..1 Sn«a W*r kSSl PHONE 4 4 ARE VOU A RADIO '•OUO" llks tlisuasnd* of boys tn4 young mwi in this countryf Woul4 you like to rtsva s radio ratalvtng set of your ovtn and listen In to ovwy- thing oolna on In tha air day and night? Wi can show you how easy It ts to own ona. Coma and as*. Tha only exclusive radio works li Hutchinson. Radio Mfg. and Sales Co. eil North Msln Phone 70S MULTIORAPHINO Mailing, Foiainn, Addrttilns. PHONE »70 W» wrlta advartlalne camealgna. kind, of Mailing LI.H. EUOCNS RANOURS ADV. CO. Eugana ftandlaa—W. Rarmons Allen S WEST SHERMAN THE NEWS TELEPHONE, 4400 CHARM in home surroundings — '' ":»»tr^" \ -•—that elusive, muclrto-be-deslred quality, —the despair of so many homemakcrs; —yet not unattainable; —requires care and much thought of course) —may so often be secured by little touches —like a good piece' of pottery, • —or fine brass or copper pieces. Yisit our Gift and Art Department I..:. for .suggestions. t$ North ' Mala

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