The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on October 30, 1939 · Page 7
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 7

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1939
Page 7
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THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., MONDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1939. Elissa Landi's Life, Which Began In Vienna, Has Been Unusually Colorful SEVEN Elissa Landi, Venetian-born stage and screen star, will come to lecture under the auspices ot the Washington County Teachers Association, in the High Schoo: auditorium on November 17, at 8:00 P. M. Though she is well known as a motion picture actress, few facts about her colorful life are familial to the local public. Caught in a reminiscent mood recently, Miss Landi told of her early childhood and up-bringing. Born in a Venetian palace, she was taken at the age of IS months to Western Canada and there began with her family an amazingly colorful trek that was to take her all over Europe, into the Near East and finally back to America. "My first actual memories," she said, "are of an old red-brown frame house in Vancouver, B. C., where tramcars passed by and a hardy mountain ash flourished outside the door. But inside that ugly house one found a treasured tapestry, a priceless rug, homemade pine furniture painted green —and one shelf of good books. "Most of the time—I was by that time about four—was spent at the nearby sawmills, chaUering with Hindu labore • and Chinese coolies. Even then my mother had begun to teach me the physical history of every place we touched. She always talked to me as if I were a grown person." The beautiful actress added that she led what was practically a dual life- in those " far-away juvenile days. "In the- morning I was a tomboy member of my brother Tony's gang; in the afternoon I was such a lady that I creaked, pushing my dolls around in a pram and teaching them in. a perfect imitation of my mother's methods with me," she continued. "Sometimes I was washed and combed and taken Ease that head cold sniffling quickly- put just "2 drops" in each nostril. Demand PENETRO2&; to vaudeville—that was the only amusement available—and then I thought it woulc- be nice to wear spangles and wavered in my ambition between acting and writing. Later on I learned a monologue from Queen Elizabeth and took to writing plays." From Canada the Laudi family went to Turkey and from Turkey they went on t' England, where, as she expresse^ it, she "became a young lady—always washed and combed." N It was in London during the World War that she became a student of dancing; under Madame Serafine Astane* r a, who had a brilliant career in the Imperial Russian Ballet. There was also a Russian governess who taught her her Russian literature and art. Later there was Hiss Kate Murray, a professor at London University, who was her tutor for six years. She never planned to go on the stage, but she was interested in writing for it. A friend of her mother's, however, conceived the idea that she had histronic abilities and spoke to -Tames Fagan, who was at that organizing a small -repertory company at Oxford and was lo-king for young talent. Practic-lly without effort she found herself a member of this company and :". was while she was with this group that she received an in vita ti from a London producer to r.ppear in "Storm." From this beginning she went on to appear in several British films and then went to Sweden to appear with Lars H; jsen. In 1.931, Miss Landi was invited to play the role of Katherine Barklay in the stage production of "Farewell o Arms" by Reuben Mamoulian. Her work in this production led to offers from five of the major film corporations. . 'or three years she was under contract to the Fox Film Corporation and played in such successful screen plays as 'The Warrior's Husband," "The Sign of the Cross." "The Masquer- ider," and "The Yellow Ticket." Miss Lancli's stage performances have included the leading roles in "The Lady Has a Heart," "Rebellion in Shadow," and "Tapestry in Grey." Her some 30 screen successes include the star feminine roles in "The bign of the Cross," "The Warrior's Husband," "The Count of Monte Cristo," "The Yellow Ticket," and "The Amateur Gentleman." "Rebellion in Shadow" was her own play. "Prophet Without Honor." "Neilson," "Th-> Helmers," "House For Sale," and "The Ancestor," are the titles of her books. She is now at work on a new novel. Tickets for Miss Landi's lecture may be secured from the principals of the Washington County or Hagerstown city schools. New Fall Clothes For Brother and Sister QUEEN DUALITY SHOES 1 Queen Quality Shoes for the new season appear in vibrant shades of brown. Highlight your clothes with Queen Quality Shoes in Mink Brown, Port Brown, Havana Brown or Minaret Brown. 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Reuel Wolford, president of the fifth region, brought greetings and told of the conference to be held next month, November 10-12. Milton Chase, editor of the Middle Atlantic Region News and a group of Washington Endeavorers were present, together with a representation from Wilkinsburg. Miss Lola May, president of the Washington County C. E. Unfon, presided at the business session, at which time Howard Johnston made a report. The following officers were elected: George Williams. president; Richard Lynch. vice-president; Audrey Angle, treasurer; Gladys Abshire, secretary; Rev. C. L. Herr, pastorial advisor. Arch McQuilkin was the guest speaker and presided over a unique installation service. Mr. McQuilkir- spoke on "Christian Endeavor—What Is It?" He reviewed the story of "Mother Clark," founder of C. E. He told of the organization of the first society in a parish in Maine in 1SSL through which the large world movement hrs grown. The Christian Endeavor theme was used as the central theme of the speaker to show how eagerly the young people of the parish accepted a training school for Christians. The next meeting of (he. Hagers- lown district will be held on Sunday afternoon. January 28. The district includes all societies affiliated with the ,4inty C. E. Union. Those present repres nted the following: St. Paul's 1 T . B., Grace U. B., Emmanuel U. B., Christ's Reformed. Trinity Chapel. First Brethren, "Washington Square Methodist, Anti-etam St. U. B., Presbyterian and First Christian. Style No. 2935 is designed for sizes 4, 6, 8, and 10 years. Style No. 2531 is designed for sizes 2, 4, 6, and 8 years. Send F1FTE.SN CENTS (15 cents), tor this PATTERN. FALL FASHION MAGAZINE 10 cents extra. All orders for the Daily Mail Peerless fashions should be addressed Fashion Dept., Hagerstown Daily Mail, 121 West Nineteenth Street, New York City. WE WOMEN By BETTY BRAINERD Clean House LEGION STANDS READY 1NOIANAPOL.S, Oct. 30.—Raymond .1. Kelly, of Detroit, American Legion commander, declared Sunday in a. statement released at national headquarters here that the Legion would offer its services to the country "whenever there is an emergency in which it can act." For over 40 years I've been relieving HEADACHES' /must Ae goot/f BLANKET VALUES COTTON BLANKETS! part w ° o1 BLANKETS Full size nnd weight. Singles Doubles In popular color?. Singles Doubles 65cEa$1.20 PI. SHEET BLANKETS Snowy white, soft and warm. Start at 69C Each SEE OUR SHOWING OF . All Wool BLANKETS At Interesting Prices I Juli lv LJ T o Dependable For More Than Fifty Years Tlious.inds of sufferers for the forty yours havo usctl me to relieve hcnd:ich<-s and other aches such us ticuralcin nnd muscular nchcs. They value rue highly because I n'lickly nllay pain, .soothe tense nerves, nnd brinp: relaxation. So I must be jrood. I come in lOc, 30c, GOc sizes. GAINES MEAT and MILK MEAL £ook*rl. Tht» health food for <Io$;> mid puppies. HOWARD'S 7 E. Baltimore St. Phone 806 Penfield Automatic Gas WATER Heater *1 Down — <£2 Per Month DURING OCTOBER ONLY Hagerstown Gas Co. FENDER BENT BODY DENT HUGHES MOTOR CO SO E. Ba'timore St. Ph. 2*60 EYE ON GLASSES CREDIT AT KAY'S 40 West Washington Street Visit The New Wayside Furniture Mart 6 Miles West of Hagerstown NEAR GATEWAY INN PHONE 4085 F3 L. Keller Carver, Mgr. "Dear Betty Brainerd: "I read your advice daily and think it is wonderful. I am quite young but have been married for 15 months. My husband and I get along the best in the world. I love him dearly and am sure he loves me and our baby who is several weeks old. "My problem is A'ery serious to me and it concerns my husband's former wife, X. My husband had a. child by his former marriage but be isn't allowed to see it as X is so selfish. My husband, L, pays X a. large alimony but the child doesn't get the benefit of it. X just goes from place to place on the alimony she receives and leaves the child with her mother. She is that kind. "X sues L if he happens to miss a pay day without paying her. 1 think he does very well for he has missed only one month since we have been married. L and 1 have tried to save money so we can have a home but 1 don't believe we can ever have any thins: or any peace as long as we remain in the state where X is. ".His former wife trips in every way to cause trouble between my husband and myself. She didn't treat him right when she bad him so why can't she leave him alone now? L and I want to do what is right. Do you think it would be wrong for us to go away where X can't find us? We have a. child of our own to raise and need the money she is getting and which she uses to run around with to raise our child. "I don't think it is fair to L to have to give his money for the personal pleasure of his former wife. 1 worry all the lime but try 10 hold my head up to keep my husband from worrying. 1 am anxious to know what you suggest. "Lin'da Lou." * * * Dear "Linda Lou": The only way to untangle your marital trouhlps. is to clean house and start out fresh. If your statements are true you can call a halt to X's behavior. Tell L to go to his lawyer—or the judge—at the time of his divorce, and explain the present status to him or them. He will have to present his case through his lawyer. Unless there is something radically wrong with L he should be allowed to see his child—it is just as much his as it is X's. You cannot cure any situation by merely wishing, you must take action. L should have the custody of his child for several months or six months of the year. This is the usual division of time the court allows. It. is right that X should contribute to the support of his, child but if you can prove that the alimony is wasted by X and that she takes little interest in the child then :he'| court will change the present ar-! rangements. If X can find out that X's conduct is detrimental to the welfare of the child it will be removed from her' custody. First assemble your facts; and then go about it in an orderly manner. To go away from X with the idea of being an alimony dodger would bo wrong, for L would bo running away from his child. Tie and X hroughr thai child into th^ world. He is r^?ponfibl<» for ir* fmurf wrl- fare. For L to rob bis first-born to make his second-born child much better off is also very wrong. L knew his position, before he married you. Decent human beings don't go around bringing children into the world and then shirk their responsibilities. Worrying will not cure the situation. In time, it will make you cross nnd irritable. Since L. is divorced from X, I cannot see how he would pay the least bit of attention to any "trouble" she might try to cause between you and him. Once you have cleared up your alimony-child situation, forget about X. If the child comes to live with you no matter what X has said about L never criticize her to the child. When divorced parents do that they are lower than the low. Because two adults err in judgment is never a reason to try to turn the offspring of that union against bis mother or father. Whether you and L can save money and buy your own home depends upon his earning ability. He is the father of two children and running away to another state is shirking his responsibility and denying bis paternity to one of his children. Face life. Don't run away from it. But make intelligent and proper adjustments. BETTY BRAINERD. Send pen name and real name in every letter. All communications confidential. Betty Brainerd, 6SO Madison Ave., New York City. Are You All Nerves ? 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STORE B UY ONNIE READ It's Delicious ICODEMUS The Horoscope (Copyright, 1939, by tht McClure Newspaper Syndicate) SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21)—Subjects of this sign are usually dynamic and independent. Bold, sometimes skeptical and always forceful, they know what they want and do not hesitate to seek their own best interests. They are mentally keen and logical. Detectives often belong to Scorpio. It is noticeable that persons under this sign are likely to engage in intense love affairs. They should be taught to curb their passion. Monday, October 30 Conflicting planetary aspects are active today. The stars encourage workers to cooperate with employers and merchants who are under the stimulating sway. It is not a lucky date to launch a project, but should be favorable to pushing what is well under way. It is unwise to sign contracts today. HEART AND HOME: After the early morning hours women should be fortunate toda> This is a lucky wedding date, but brides probably will be dominated by their husbands. The signs seem to indicate that men will be burdened by many responsibilities which women will share. The home financial partnership will become much closer than in the past. Business Affairs: Continued improvement in the outlook of trade and commerce may be expected through the next few weeks. Early shopping for Christmas will benefit merchants. Jewelers are to profit because of an increased demand for trinkets of lasting value. This is a fortunate date for .constructive work. Much building of machinery is presaged and again the trend toward secrecy will be definite as overument contracts are filled. NATIONAL ISSUES: Perils foreseen through the work of subversive agents will assume new forms as the nations represented by secret organizations exhibit bitter hostility to the United Stales. The dis- overy of a large scale plot to Tm- dermine the government will awaken the nation to dangers hitherto orpd as not likely to gain strength. Certain newspapers and nagimues- devoted to liberal .bought will come under severe iritlcsini. INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS: humors of cruelties 'pacticed in Spain will arouse indignation and affect certain negotiations. Persecution of the vanquished is to pre- SHIPLOAD OF MOVlE TALENT REACHES U. S. FROM SWEDEN The Name Is Ingrid Bergman By The AP Feature Service HOLLYWOOD. Oct. 3n. _ The movies are starring another Swedish glamour girl. Ingrid Bergman, in her first Hollywood film, "Intermezzo, A Love Story," caught the favor of critics and movie goers. The vital statistics show she is barely 22, has dusky blonde hair that photographs dark, and has { large hazel eyes. ' When she was in dramatic school in Stockholm, a scout for Svensk Filminrhisrrj discovered her. Before two years were out she had made 11 Swedish films, in nine of which she was starred. She has two distinctions among Hollywood actors and.actresses: 1. She wears the least makeup of any.' 2. She uses her OAVU name in the movies. A Touch Of Makeu p And She's Ready vail in many parts of the world. Executions will increase in Europe as spies are suspected and loyalties are tested. Warning has been giv- en repeatedly by astrologers that the winter will bring serious problems. Economic wisdom should he sought by persons of all classes. THE TALK OF THE TOWN F LEISHER ON THE SQUARE FAMOUS MAKES IN SHOES WITH THE FINAL $1 SHOE SALE I OF THIS YEAR 9 STARTS TOMORROW (TUESDAY) COME EARLY ! ! GET CHOICE SELECTIONS ! 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