Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on November 6, 1941 · Page 13
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 13

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1941
Page 13
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, Noremfcer 6,1941 STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING, ILLINOIS PageThirteen _ News of Whiteside, Carroll, Ogle, Lee, Bureau and Henry Counties Mrs. Jl 'Complete Calendar for Second Half Semester; School Closed Friday ip. ThT** rfmfcin esshi. inorc. | r>rt/» •*n Ar>?. vil'ne* m*r^h»'. iv*si tr^n: 'r- rr*Tnb*r*.h:p sn t.l".' firr r!"- j mH'f r.' TriTr s.rr nprr.ire.* f orisons' R» worthy pa- famlh lif* 1 from . Orr^n* p* - rnn. Marinn First Basketball Game with Alumni On November 19 Ruth Moon. ortr.v matron. jr.- m M hrtfi. h A:-, A:m:'.- for Lhr rrman^ir: >'f ter wn.* anr.nur. r " **• ^ Acting S;iprr:r.-«-n">:.- V. Therr «•}!! b^ r.o - .': r » this week. N™ T. c .-- t#arher.*'comrr.';ir A:-. cation wrrk s.< t" *v ri ~ acme nrUvtUf-. No-, .s-'. => Ure day program *::: N- !--;rt in high school at 10 4.i Ti^-rip- ::.nrn-j ,in«t. Opcn^hou.-f ^ii! hf obwneri at tag vacation null hr Nov. 30-21. CtirifcUrifu vr.'prrs will be hf'.fl t^o ««eninKX. Dw. 14-15 at R o clock Tft« complftP calpndnr. which begins this Friday, is a* follows: Nov. 7—Bt*tp tPftchers' conven- Uon, no school. Nov. 9-15 — Amenran Education .<-: tv-»i! prartirr Miilfripr-. ilir Co-m.rr. 'in::v hleh >>t rvfr-'K Thf srhfd','> thus < r >r." \>. hirli pro 1 , id* 1 '- t!:r '.parn .r hr'ii;' 1 entiir.-; RIH! "".T, ap- !";ua:,i'j n-.v?-. ftftr. !><»fr.'" With If," OiKT::r'.t canir wit!: thr a!:imni. \\>f!r.r.-ria-, lucli 1 .. No\. 19. therp are M-srn hnmr samr.*- Til'- fn:-! menial- <-t hp-rii'd came n[ thf j.rn.'-on will h" Fririnv niehf. I>ic ' with I.<nn^k rhrre Tr* Hrf-t Ijrini^ Kajn*" — RfinKs 1 -- Shannon lirre Fiida\ iiicl)!. Dfc. 12. Tiir srhpdulc of Nov 11— ArmUtice day program at 10:45. HOT. 11— Stndrnt rxx:y to Strrllnu at 1 p. no.. eiccUic drmcnytnvtlon. jfov. i< _ Open hcr,,v^ at high •diool. Nov. 14 — Sophomort assembly proftnun. ninth period Nov. 15 — F. F. A. grain and poul- .try *how !• Nov. ia— F F. A. mpptine Rt 7:30. ', Nov. 1&— End of second six-weeks period. Nov. 19— A. G. S. *crajr.Me supper. Nov. 19— Alumni baj-ketball game. Nov. 30-21 — Thanksgiving vaca- iioti. Nov. 28 — Assembly program. Dec. 2— Magician show spoasored .by F. T. A. Matinee for students •13:15; rveninn progrRm at 8 o'clock, • Dec. 5 — Basketball. Lanark there. Dec. »— F. F. A. meetlnu. 7:30. Dec. 12— Basketball. Shannon here. Dec 14-15— Christmas vespers at ft O'clock. Dee. 15-19 — Shannon basketball tournament. ._ Dec, 17— A. O. O. Christmas party. Dec. 34 to Jan. 5— Christmas vacation. Jan. 6— F. F. A. meeUnR, 7:30. , Jan. 0 — Basketball. Chadwick u^ a.s lol- Nov. 19. Wednesday— Alumni. I>c. 5. FYklny— Lanark there. Dec. 12, Friday — Shannon bef«. r*c 16-19— Shannon tournament. Jan 9. Friday — Chadwick here. Jan. 16. Friday — Thomson there. Jan. 23. Friday — Mt. Carroll here. Jan. 27. Tuesday — Leaf R l-v e r thpre. Jan 30. Friday— LAnark hrre. Feb. 6. Friday — Shannon there. Fpb. 10. Tuesday — Chadwick there. Feb. 13, Friday— Thomson here. F> b 17. Tuesday— Leaf River here. Feb. 20. Friday— Mt. Carroll there Name Mrs. V. M. Miles As Worthy. Matron Jan. 11— Ag. and Home EC. evening •chool. -, Jan. 14— A= O. S. scramble supper procram. Jan. 10 — Basketball, Thomson . 1C—End of first eemester. •New Tox Suggested jBy Village Board to 'Meet Street Expense / . Diminishing returns from taxes to HHledKCTille offer problems to the Tillace board in meeting: current expense*, according to F*ul Knox. treasurer of the village. At Monday night's meeting it was becefiiary to transfer $350 from one •fund to another to meet bills which bad accrued during the month and •to maintain sufficient money in that department to run the next three •tooths. This money was transfer£•4 from the water department to the light department. It was sug- §wrt*d the village enact a wheel ^iu to help the street department. •• Bills paid for September amounted to IMfJP, it was revealed from the IMdlrig of the minutes of the last I ireTious meeting. The village board ! Monday night paid the light bill which was for $144.20. and for now- tr 15459 There was only $103 in th* &reet light fund. The village •Ml pay $116250 to the bonding kouM this month to cover principal, intanat and service charges on the bonded Indebtedness. Thia Mr.' V. M. Milrs WHJS elected worthy matron of Bernlce chapter. O. To Observe Armistice Doy with Program in Milledgeville School Farewell Gesture To Shilling Family A* s cf.rv,;'::rr,i>nt tn Mr. *nrt Mr.«. . Q ,i:r. Ph:;:::TS. ?. ho nrf movinR tn * 'arm .'ri-itf-.^s.-t of Chnriwirk. B, nr - lrl KvO'io nf T" 1 . f is?hr>or^ And fnprtfi.^ i *"• r>a/antiv .^jrnn.^d thr m at thfir 1 "^" - nt Amrm»n • F-ndiT.'t ar.d !.' Fr*nrrs r •' '•••- M rr . i.I. ,!. W ;:* end Mr* ng thp F*m'iv." .T- WsniT. wrf pr'-TTit Anna Parma if «hirh tlv TljfnTl Mvonri'- F-ry R N of Mrm'T' of th" Wrt-r.- riuh '"*" f. ih" h"tr.'' Wh.'-r,n o:, WfyiM^'-ri v. • •-.-. fir,'! F:;'<--; • .i d Jfl by Mr.*- program h rnf at t(-,p \\>ri!,'- 1 homr of riay < i ib r.<-. C\xr- j ?•. rn:nc. A .TIH! IR'T rrfrwhmenM brought hv were served to the follow :-IE : Mr ntul NTrs. F'.RT-.< \:\\f rv»rn romi l >l<*'1 'r>r nlriir.z a:^ A:-ni5ticp day program -. r-irr.:nc. Nov. 11. at the hfo'.. commennna Rl 10'4S. for :!-.:.< public event wre hy !!-.:f Irx a! croup.*, t.h? Woman's r'\:b ''IT' «tiidrnt council ol thP .vJ-.ool and !hf Legion anxiUnr-. . 1 ^ 1 - Fr' v tf-ld of hrr work af a sxnitar-.uin for mru'al nouhlf in R 3 . Itimoif. "Tli^- Urea' Impf i.^finati'.n. ' h-. 1 F. Phillip Opppntmm. wa>. tr-.r ti'io of »n intrrrsting hook revie^rri hv Mss. hich Plan.- >far is a revival of Armi-Mice day program!" In 5onif form, nnd n^oplr BIT showing an incl!n»;:on to turn out in frrent/r number5 to commemorste the clos- inB of the first World war. Rev. Jame* TJhlinRfr. pastor of the Rock FalLi MethodiM church, will bring » short address on this occR-Mon. Rev. Uhlinger i* well known in Milledgeville. having spoken before local KTOUDS on many occa- Mons. The following will be the order of thr mornins proRram: of the colors. American Salute to thr flag. National Anthem, assembly. Poem. "Armistice Day." Mrs. R. F. Put«rb*ugh. Face to the ea*t. Tap*. Buglers Evelyn Onagey and J. Hlnneni. • Address. Rev. James Uhlinger. The committee in charge of this event includes Muril Werfal, Mrs. Polo Women Entertain Clubs on Wednesday at Programs in Homes The regular meeting of the Hal- E. S. at the regular meeting held in'Guy Meyers, Americanism chairman cyon club of Polo wa« h«ld at the the Ma.tonlc temple in Milledseville of Woman's club and Mrs. C. W. home of Mtsx Ina Poolfe Wednesday Pt«rv Krud!" of Rfv ic F'n'.;. r -. N5r and Mrs. I.yle Liv- ruciHHl Mr nnd Mrs Frank Lr>rfi- Kood. Mr. and Mrs. Willism MrKran. Mr. and Mrs. Mrlville MrK>«n anrt •• family. Mr. and Mrs. John FO«P! j and .--on Jav. Mr. and Mrs. Hunaford j R'ishni«n. Rrrni' 1 Hawkins and A J. Hfrsch at the of thf Entertains Teachers M;.'- Ar. r.s Powi! •' ~t< ?•.,-,«* r v; .«.r!a-. e\r:,;nk' V.v MsrC'jf fr mid Mr 1 - B^t'J.s Diu i:chapter* fu<m 1 r flcll' 1 !- thr- Mnrjrrn Rrhfoi ;<nd rhnp re- Stitch and Chatter p Oslor of rhf PiMo v; R C MtPr rluh «t h»r homr y aft^rn^on. Polo Briefs Mr Riimmonf!.* r*hirTT>d from * w days' VIM' Lul» Rnm- :r. Oak Park ML.V I-a-.r.nnt" Frrv. R N . of Bal- i.nunr .M-.n Md . Mrs D. J. Fr*y. Mr.v ' hwnrr and Mr*. Charl* 1 * in th" how "f Mir. B. A.. M iTirh. MI.V; Frrv 1* returning tn Raltimnr'? FrKlny nffr h*\;ns; .'p«"nt 'ho pa.«t month at Mir h r »m fi nf HT p^rrnUs Mr. snd Mr?. D. J, FTP.V. Mr. 1 - OthTiri' 1 TVv, i«~ rfijrn<vi on rristivr.<: and friends in Dixon Mr. and Mr.". Chsrk' Mrllnav o* Ai'cjr-:sfi Ps . who arr on their hfin'V.inrion. »»r<> ."•p p nrimR a !>«• rinys at tho hr.mP of Mr. snd Mr?. J. W. Mrllnft\. on Twentieth Ontur-. rluh whirl) wa.* from «<»rr y dinner D:rk of Chiraeo T\iP.<rtny for B VI.MI with Pnin Mi.v Riifh Banrrnft rpturnrd oil Tuesday from R thto» weeks' visit ftt the Sppnrcr-Andpr.^nn farm hom€ ' n<«ar Aurora. dauahtrr?. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bushman and son. Mr. and Mrs Howard Stovfr and family. Mr. »nd Mrs. J. L. Chambers and family, Mr dnd Mrs. Harry Stoner. Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Soilenberger. John Smith, Anan Ari«n.v Mrs. Helen Bry-*on and family. Mrs. Hatel Fogel and dauchtrr Phyllis. Mr. nnd Mrs. H»r- old Kimmcll and daughter Marilyn and Frank Wolber. POLO MEWS Reporter. JMcphinc Utndemaan — Ph«M lit BUTTER Creamery INDgPgMDgMTIV Hershey's Broken MILK Chocolate Lb. 2 lc 361 c Michigan (MtT)H't>,MI.IOc Grime* Golden . 8 tbs. 26c Texas B«c41 ,. lie Me4. She Beon$4 JUICE cans TOMATOES OATMEALpkg Pears SAVERS EVERYDAY LOW PRICES 9UMff TFIKLD ___ 75c ENKICHCD I-LB. _BAG. ENRICH KO Mstary's Flwr BAKT T-LB. _PKG. CHOCOt-ATC COVE*E» TMfjIlfcts SALTED _LB. 21c PMNIHtl. AMgJtICAN Craklfoat _ OOUCMArm •Mar* _ M-07. |fl r PKG, IUC •H-02. _ CAN TOO SPEND LESS TIME and MONEY AND GET DIGGER VALUES AT A&P! M~ THREE w«yi hi yww A AP S«W«r M«r*t*». Twi ••«« tin. MM! yo« WT. r AAP "Super" it ».p*«Uny rtrMBtlinwi for f«.t ihopfiing. and yon M** IM^M pric*« *r« right dow« !• ••Hit *ta AiT« • "*>*• D«lkio«t hif); 2 U *1**T t<x>d« » yo. look, .nd lK«y'r, fin. T«l«^ «^ ««J ••. »>«•* • b^atiM A * P boy. Arwetj aw.y with w«i»y in-b*tw*« n eipcuM^ .titrM M^mf* with T«~. *»•« MTtng lhr»« w«y« today! R«n«mben AAP Super Market* «r» AiMrm's \~**»g t»*d J«f»*«**»*"« ttowt — wh«t» MMV« HfftO CHOICE QUALITY MEATS CAN CANNLD VEGEiaBLES IONA BAAND CUT • •^•f^l^Bm ll^ABB^III ffVPN •"•!•» SUGAR VAJUETY .—.-. • i n co«N>orr-T>nucoB CBLEAM STYLE Cranberries, G Pumpkins, Br«ee*ll. Bnuaeb SpraaU. Caaliftomr. C«terf HearU. Gram OmiMM, Radishes, Cocmibm. Uobbard Sf mamli, Emdive, r«aa. RaUkacaa, Spteach, Ae*m S«aa»a. Tcaulaes. Camla, ParniBa, TmnUpa, Celery Cabbage. Grape*. Sptaacb, Oyirter Gkop. HMd Fnrih Far Cakca mmt Caakfaa Lk35c KiKIIT POPULAR DOG POOD 3 1 L». CANS IONA IOWA IONA 9 NO. 2 CANS CANS CANS ** S NO. 2 f«f f CANS * I* tSSistte KRUITS ..nd JUlUES _2StN^tl€ i CANS m-ca, _CAM CHOICE QUALITY SWISS OR •OUND STEAK . . . FRESH—WHOLE OR HALF HAMS S\m»fY71ELr>-WHOLE, HALF OR t TO I L*. SMOKED BACON . . WHOLE OR TENDER LOlK HALF PORK LOW ROAST . Bnuc PCD BONELESS VEAL . . f EU SMILIER ROUT _ MUST OF »UL_ LB. » 29c 23« LA. 25 tie I4c H.lf SUNNYTICLD •UCXD MM _ !4£ttt »N'a o».w.> u U Piciics ,„ 21 c FRESH SMALL CUT SpMt RliML-LB. It* rANCT DRY FtWE CUT SWIFTS COOKKO SAUMI -LB. ARMOUR'S STAR SAUSAGE THUP1IN8ER _ ^ 27o QUALtTY FURE NRKSAQSASE J.^ FANCY NO I FRAIKF1IIITERS_ LB . — MA FOODS ~ EXTRA STANDARD FRESH OYSTERS ____ PT. 21« FANCY FLOUNDER (M MACKEREL _ BONELESS SEA PERCH F!LLETS_ HaUockS'ks,J9c ?ollMkFilUtf Ih l3c — . DAHtY FOODS — . Gh'st L n 9c fit 2St •HARP AGED AMfRWAN CHIEF BRAND MUENSTER CHIEF BRAND MUCK CHEESE TtDBrrs AMP F4 CANS tMrOMEDART SAUCE CMNBEUY KliL TAPIOCA -tSSIT ANN FAOB TOMATO 2 14-OZ. 1TLA PACK rAMCT CARNE—ROYAL BLUK cans ROTAL RLUB CBILI BOT cans SPAOHEHI MACABONI-JUyaJ MM 3 ^ 25 C €***• m lew M $144.75 VANETTIS Ca 4^V * jf HBtH4t! R«ttifl«rator«, B^BB%BT WAttBB^iT nMik OH Mmtn Wheat Grape Juice can CHERRIES COCOA Crackers SAVERS •C-Z-« BEAN8 AND NM 21T2U ROTAL •LIU oui r*« IT ii« •PCCIAL lc §OAP IALK OPEN. HtiT & StRVE ic I5SIU » M-az.fft4 CAHSl *** _«SS1«e _i'«sne "t*»17. _ SmrMC ^ KETCJINP . U' SfAftHrfl . S'S^ZO* 25* OH'OWN TEA. ^ 25' PRESH FRUITS ^ND VEGETABLES FRUIT MAKIN'S UUION ROTAL mxm ILJCID OM. OUat "^ 14* IVORY FLAKC R IVORY, SNOW ' EKTRA LEAN Ptlt STEAK ft.27c FAJKCT ttJCID Mill ».29c ft.23c OLTMAN*8 FANCY t.-ism »Y <• 14W CANS IwV 6RAPEFRBIT „ (COIfT. VTT. B*. C**) f WAS ORANGES . . . jnmr-«xK FOR DOZ. r.vtr. WRAT Mil 10 Ibs. 29c 4 rbs. 25c CALIPMW1A CARROTS (CONT. VTT. A*"*. NVW 0»««N CA1BAGI B*. C*) YELLOW OMONS (coin. vrr. A*. B». c**> S ilAlte (CONT. vrr. c*> fXV TO WTAIfflM (oowr. vrr. A+. B+J e**, o*> BtMSSILS SPROUf S L RVCmCAN STAU CILIRY S (CONT. VTT. A*. B^) CAUPORNU VMITABLI SALAD lie ^•EXCBLLENT SOURCE LIX FLAKES HOUSEHOLD ITEMS Aim- SNEEZE PKCt. WMTTB SAIL iSft. _!%£». LNfENOY SOAP . 3 '^WSW 8 ^ t WIW SOAP... S -i-11. p«6SOAP—-10 ;.:;r. PETER PAN CORK 3 — CAJUES ttARS u-oz, CANS RrCHER COFFEES EKNT O'CLOCK Mil ft* WHITE BILK 1 TALL ff * *S •*• MOUSE _ V CANS MfSIRVIS r«jT^fc.» Jd »WU #&{£&_ 4^0. FRONHI MES4NM ^2^ •£& TAttltfWrP « JANE FARKER PLAW JANB PAJUCBB QOLBCM FiMifi Uytr _^. l MARVEL ENRICMEO PORtT WTTIi i HAT MWAJSI^ . iniii iuvis ••#f» **• M Crap A/MV Jf«r*f WtMUU VIE AAP mum t

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