The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 6, 1971 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 6, 1971
Page 9
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DESPITE POOR DEMAND « Added flood insurance available to business Additional flood iiuuraiice coverage lw» leverage avallahle to them under the limn niadft itvitilaUe for unuil! tn&initiM** In emergency |>roiyiim fiVe eligible state* a» of Nnv 35. Wl.ihetj S "Under the regular program," he »ald, <^*J)MH. of Housing and Urban Oevrlop;neni "coverage w nowavailable, for the flr»l lime, dlUUl tuts announced to the owner* of iH-wly comlruded tmall laiuiiain-i- Administrator George lju»m«s*« |>ro|«rlles. l<rl» said he ho|*'» Die added "Thou; properties ttarlcd after the "will prove lu IM? an additional emergency ptigram became effective and incentive to the »inatl Ui»i»e*» property located within the area of upeelal flood luMrd* are eligible for coverage only at 1 interest fthovn by live** properly actuarial rates " to tlair hii» l«? 111 very |»«* New »inall buuite** jiropertie* located "WelMvrUyefmliitijiMlinthe («>« for not uiuide thi* area, however, are eligible for ra«« Iw »m»ll lw»ii>(*» tY*v«ai!e at the Actuarial 01 wjl*&idii,ed rate*, ur Urth, »hirtiever Scout news TIIK HRAMWOKT FACTS, Frccport, Tcxa*. Monday, ncccmherB, 1971, staff metnbcr, "There has been as much crcalivity shnwn in making lumper stickers as in <wrne of the best-selling novels," she adJnd. Altho«gft a si*eahle Troop J2S Wallack, and Dirl* Woplrm. A('8TIN, Tex, <AIM — The xtiekcr with o picture of Onck* lollcction of stickers has I.AKK JACKRON — A Court Transferring to (lie troop were Texan Memorial Mtwcum ha* Smn xaylng, "I Want Von To already rxren acquired, Mrs of Honor WM held by Troop Charles arid Gary Sliaver, •' '"' w collertlon of what it sii/p Polluiinn." Adams snys the museum J25, (poniored by Ihe f-'irnl Mark Alexander, Kelly L" fllls "2»tb Century "We feel that bumper Wfttlsasmanyasweeartget." Museum collects bumper stickers United Melhodltl Church of Cantleberry, David Kvann. literature." and what others HI Jokers are a vital part of 20th "Any additions to the Uke Jack»on, Tim Mnrrlnon and Sam call burner Mickw*. itiitury man's legacy." said collection will be deeply Karnlng Tenderfoot award* Scnturla received IhHr 'Hie mi«furn. Iwalt^d on the Mrs. Willervi Adams, museum appreciated," she srn'rf, were David Event, Miles Second Cl;m liadgm camtxit ol the University of ^^ > .^ IB ^ HBMHI ^__^^^ B ._ I ^ B ^ HH Kimt Clans award* were T '- > * ; " i; " AuMm, ha* collected pmented to Steve Micki-rn as "CCKfw Had US Lirfi!6S Hdlt G™* "i.e«roJrand "iiiandy UCoinii*," "Kat More Heef." ww ui^wu iiui* jvi ( . arti "Nixon'» tin? One," and a HeccivinK Merit Hadf>e» Vrt »«rr>' little ol the to on rent hikes Price CommiMlon Chair were yv, *«.,u , f,,l .£,« ™ m » <^™^ ,, Kw).J.Tt^r«1.2 Sc-olt MarV.!,y, |am , w ,,, lif) j h( , Antarc(lc I. John Heed. I. <.harl«i C\K\C and there are no all- Addiuuud C«w. .1- .1 actuarial »•« C. Jack.on^Orayijon —- —-• p - ^g^S ...„ „ , Jk ,».».^i i.- _.i« today unted landlords to delay .. ' oriyn.ii |>tfi|ii(. It) llie 16 kinntiuuinti-s ij< (hr li\ arxJ V A rrfK*l ftWi! Hi* rllifjl-lr rujlnmiwilir* Hit vf Ikt t UHT** *h»t liuwl «< Ilirw t 673 ' t II) at ytrrfutl lu» n Ik**) 1 rau*», can »o» Ije jjurt-hafced lor exi»lt>tg -M Mructur«« within the entirtr lot IW«J innirancc l.'r*J«f ttte emwxertc)' program, IlinilMJ inwimt* «l Ikixl imuranvr can be bought at tTjttjll) »ul»td*wd rain lor ttructurt* ^tii'.y, al the Umf (hr cuinmurill} i/ today urged landlords to delay any immediate action in . 2 ., ., , . , Becoinsrii! Star St:rjuts were resident a rent ncreate*. •, . .,, .' ... .. even when an increa^ w«M fc^. *^' .^ ^J receiv«-d (A Dc«j(.; UJjixle* The '•h.Kiijit'm pMroI i'uunt\ t« allowed by live preterit I'rw CoirimiMiun rule* ('ttufvjfi a»i«J (or Ox- delay wj tliat the Kent Advisory IkwtcJ ami I'rtct Cumrmuion fan develop tprcific for I'iisw II rent Vjf- IjV > i;* Use ii*i>tir»! ir, i!-x> it <•{ Ji^r Mi',r'5 ' iirf-^ft - {uit>mutti!itt» in llirtr waj, »r AJr al*ie to », it* K«tleral -l|» pr«r aiiJ law! (01 (tij'.i'J imwance, After conferring with tfcxenilirr It. IVil, U»] Advitor) Hoard Chairtnan lu l)ie IlKinuu Cur1i». CrayMjn »4iid ihr OM-fkurdtitaeftmgttoi to (lrvi:lf«|) I lor ctxisidMatiwi I/;, On- I'nce t'ont mutton Curli* »4id tin' Hoard's tnco«tii!ict»d4(i(>rn will UK link' f !an(icil)«!» JIA! rriiMf-ni of ar* K-* for Sxjtit C Hat Patrol v.i!h Krank WrtKhl (j-itrnl li'ii(J«*r t*Mit> CtH.hl Ml.Al!!t I «TV«) <);<• SOAH S:m- '.' A 111 IT l( a tl It !• SOU 1C '- a*;iri!s 'tin- ( Ot»tri<r> Scoutinj; Kamil* ()«• yr:u Mr ,iw) Mr* K. ^ v rju'.A '*rn! S!at»> Park (r/r OR. LAWRENCE f. LAMB VD Can Result From Kissing ».tl;. Slj'-hiili KlS»- ir- W hi,' K.tV O'«' .. ? t .rsi,i>. in v,..<-. .jiAt «l»tUi<:, . "t n-'' U.rrr » 3 :vtr i-n UK- 7 FOR INSURAKCE CAU 8>:.S »4.U> Snh . ;fi'f - i : ^ i j n L; t ;»^ f7?! ARGAI »dl si ix-« Kui<Sf!ifw-! and |«4ir) f«r m»U (•ravMin promited quick atuws tn lh<- price C«t> mtMion wi tin- Hem Advivury thai fwlil/at ki «! n,c frfila will lie fxxr»,wr> if ! f «-its art r»i( c«osi»!fn{ tbr no* }*al»rj a ;id'i anci-mnt imtructi'iti Tlx-rc was .1 t'AJf o( <,vrt-<" Prison, th<- Sam HouMoii i :ttv! Jx.- Pl;ir«-'«ir;urn FRESH BAR-B4 DAILY 3 BROTHERS N0.5 You're never too old to hear better ( totuKo. Jll \ /n-i olfi-i «( *prt Ul itit* t r-«.l tu ih'Jtf Vktio h( Jf but >!(> (tf>( Un drr *i{,<nft tiof ft* lu* U*' " jnimut.t «ij ti\ f'.rtlmir \ i*fjn-«f ( mi; iinnirl u( (hi stn.tllt *l ftflturn- Ji'.l r t IT in jiir *v»U t** ( gi\ *-tf at* vijtltrU () »-r tfi Jtl>"t)< -til vvirtlf)^ (hiv *»ih( tll-r* (tl» 'lit If > Ji In MT hri« It IN MUIJ» in th* jiri\ jt \ «if \tt\is O'AM tiutii r u>< ithaut < o*t or uh|t^i(i<j» **/ JM» ^in^i ll •» \tj\tl •. to V* *^i, fl rr It Vi i i^bt lov dun ^ Ihiitl <*l an wtmt* . HI LIN. FT. 100% NYLON CARPET $ 4 50 SQ. YD. YOUR SATISFACTION OUR GREATEST "ASSET FASHION FLOORS 1012 GULF BLVD. FREEPORT 233-7527 ARMSTONG CASTILIAN CUSTOM VINYL $069 O OD E ™ CE YCA R STORES X? //'•& * , <••*•'•' i r%i{ PANT si-rns iilpV 20% (> n, , jiujjci jour*.! if) Hir c t»f!i;!;\ of\i;*' id !!'.<• i.iiiic- uri;;ht ,i( ..lll> h.n (;,>!! ,!•. IHin ti i. ,ti \ ,,r,(! i,r,r (ijlh .» '.'• s il.imm ' Si'-* it )iui >•. !', ,» !i Mi. I 111! I) < <!"!!! f flil <ii iri.'tn •(•,tiij:«-i> fral i li,n>i|i)i>:i i 1J. DKKSSKS 20% TOM'S BGAlNDAYS AND ANIXlYKKSAUy SALE! l-IN'KHVTIIIM; IN (UIH STOKK % on! 2 U«>« Only- Tw«. * W«I. TONI'S TALL SHOP ; "Al.l. SlM-» Nm JuM TALL SUc»" I 4 U Circle Way a»7-XJH MUl.l.Y Ovuu-f "Wildcat"] Stereo Phonograph 1 n > 1 * !i » I f I f !'• «• r, 1 / •' » I r T w '.I t> " t j 1 - f * i r M Hijh irnjiit' ' itr Steam-Dry Iron f...«-. !.. II'-.- I'.'. iiii. ruii> .v.i',. MANNING BOV/MAN 2-Slice Toaster Vmtilly q> • 10' ti c l i r r d c o i o • r li-i hjn;!ic» AC c:•.'•.. ^ HAMILTON BMACtl Klectric Knife ; $ 14 W (Ult Ullwjlh ol HoiiionUl PRICE BREAK SPECIAL ^?%£S ;r * ^T*^^*" Color IMaccmats s i w Vrl ol Sti 20 Polo Bike S 39 yl fs Xi Good i U looks' ST.'-. iHr.'AHV I •^S^l JO*A. xi "'N rsm ^-^r^' r*fe • > '*' - ^ lona Mixer 4 Spftd Contra] Surf-Crip Handle 10" Bicycle ES *" h SQQyl hetlb J^/ Save Now During 2 Big Days BARGAIN DAYS TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY ONLY C.IMIDYKAK CHRISTMAS ALBUM tiKNKH.M. KI-WTHir UPRIGHT VACUUM CLf ANJEf? CANNJS7C* VACUUM CtfANfR 5 39 95 A.MK.M TRANSISTOR RADIO ^TRANSISTOR RADIO ? 9 95 00 55995 95 79 HI \i K \\u nri Kut 2-SPKD JIG SAW lit, UK \M> OKI Ki:it 1/4 INCH DR/U I.IAI'UAI HI Kl Hill HAIR DRYER (.KNKUAl. Kl.Kl IHR 72 SPfED M/XfR TV'S, STEREO'S, TAPE DICKS, APPLIANCES 95 * < 3 WAYS TO 1. PAY AT GOODYEAR For Mljoi Ajipluocts I IV purcbiitd on tilt GaadjtJt Customtr Citdit PUo, It you dun? miss J nvMhl, pa/meat, and pa, on )oui ac- C';i.«t nitiun 90 :!j|S, juu can deduct tne financing SittVIGE 222 WfST SECOND FRIIPORT ^Hiff WP ^h|^^ IBp 1MI QHip ^B^^ 233-5306

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