Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 23, 1930 · Page 11
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 11

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1930
Page 11
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JECATUR HERALU inuKSDAY EVENING, 23, 19U.. USCATUR HERALD II K. mm at 1ft, 'Beauty p», lo , EY S T1R IDEA tnt il- oiden syrup olden affles, M can ginger rpris- "ION net UVOMD CHILDREN ::DRESS b « (fay to jWfifee /tny 0V Hate School lust Discourage Him a Little Bit When He's Tried His Hardest it, K ^ T K E t l l N M handed hei trmthci * tihdif of pnpcis and shiod by «lth « wmry wTlnhlo In her brow ' bit 11 * ( tv' ' iip 'I'hfii . nn«i ? com fi'iwui voice. }' Mn'l a f" 1 ' cnny tn * x li tn ! I "· * l in foul'! I' Hi i'i-*X tt 20 went* an It is to leni" III?" "1 have t l i n htjjhfiit marks In cliiss, Greet Influence "Well, thnl'H tsoiiielhliijt, Ktit never to suWleil | l n 'H J' 0 ' 1 Xtl (i hundred, flifrf. Ihei'n, t fuil'l* 1 ** you iltl the jot you mild but when ft fhlld ean fit sn rlns* t'i peifeet It If llrmPln ifr why »he dot* not nmkn the little iftort nrecfistny." Thitl I" tlic lient wny known (ft pacchlf and inirhi'iH tn mitkc u ehtld JO!* nil Intercut In school woik, to snnkri him hate iichcml tind nil Us work, Whiicvt-r k*t (lerfwt marks tnywheir iinyllrne? Not oven thlo rmil h IT who brulii'd IIIT child's iii1v« II IwcAiwc 1 slu csinc so nriir peifcc' tlon ntid f u l l e d . M), Ullfi'N I'rffvet An iu*A'lunn1 huniln'd |»'l' cent, h duo ony child, Kfiw children efiri K*I It tnnnv llnii'4 In diiccivi-ildn K Ihc work l« ndjusled to hi* |in\t'iH A I^Kxl leoiitn nuilc 1 !* * child t'treteh] Jnit nnmiKh for R i o w i h . If It In so | Miir thai ho fie i it H perfect tnarx lime utter lime hn Is not making the pr*fi»r iiinwtti, Tf It la 'fip d i f f i c u l t (or him tn KM i\ itnml m n r k t i m e «(!· tt it certain ilm" It H poorly «!· tn liltn Jitvl hr h tiuiklns no h. l i n t nlwiiVK hl(i tiiiu'k I'hmild him ft l l t t t i ' IIHM thnn p e t - |[uul ID h»vlur. 'I'ho chilli wh« n*vii' (( bin mother 'i niotnt'nt'H troubh) I liktly (o uivi h«r n n y t h l n t f rlltifr A Hvi-lv Ki'unllli,' c l i M i l inljliilic^ mid intiny of i h c t A . ttc TliuiiKlitful Plcii^fi, (hi'd, IIP KOUil I'luniwll to ttf' ftfil tlto c h l l i t r c n n * ii l l t t l r - jf-fii (him pcrfwt I piixnti' vim they n r i - much ktlcr ItiM wnv. l''»llnv I he pllifl of (he fAtiiMM tMir-hi*r ff Ihi 1 V l n n t u n i t Trnlnlfl'; Si'hnnt. l - ' d w a i i t .lohivon. \Vh'n ii i civ. v f t v d u l l child »htnvr(l him n drictlluK ll^i with (nc Wortl rlafit n n I )h* 10 W I O H K . hi hi* tcndiT wurmlnj; tuill* 1 . (in Thert if a luggtstton of ike Citetk ittfltttnct in this Madeleine Frozen Salads Are Always Nice To Serve, And Easy On Hostess HKRALD PATTERN i t . imuli' cuntKuii's I t n Mtnurt In contrniillnt; fnhrlr. Thl« Ilitlc f t o i K , which rnny bf xvlihftut jilddvod, «(·· nnd ttuifp w l t t i a Hare th«t pflntu upwurt t» of printed black trtpe At chine, with its interfiling drapery of the corsage and of the upper fkirl portion liuwixl hulid mill said, "Well, Wfl Isn't i h u t f i n e ONK right. Hy tumor i u \ v thelv'll !H unolliri on*) to hiii'j It cdtNfMiny f f u u d Ijiiy." (tlvit i h ' i n l E H n u d prill?! 1 for what-' IIVUP mim'fis lh« chllil (Khlevts mid NO uHtturo- l i e Inert 1 !! 1 ** 1 , (Cotiyrlnht, I (ISO. by the Bell Xymticwle, lne.1 MT. AUBURN~MAN'S GRANDSON MARRIES MT A U W R N T. A, Wnflcin* hntt recehed word of the marilafte of hi" fri'dndxon. lillmer Wel-di ot Peorln. formerly 'if Mt, Aubuin, and Miss I'Ulllh Ksi h also of Peoila which oc- c u r i e d In t'hlcaK" two weeks npo. Tlu fouplii hud jdjiiined to kei-jv their tmtrrlafo n necrt!t but the Pi'orla pnpers disclosed tho event. Tho bi'ldu Is it muse. Ttic bridegroom is tho son of Mr. unit Mm Ken jam In Welsh of fcoil-i. He umilv lih home In-ft with tils ^rand* ftidifi-, f. A. Wittklris /or several vi'urs and a t t e n d e d school He ha'i iHM-n Mii|iloved In frorlu tlie { f e w y e f l f M . NEWTON COUPLE"" MARRY SUNDAY NKWTON--tiloyd Adltlnrf of near Newton «nil Midi Helen D u f r n l n of t h i n rlly wertt married Sunday afler- noon In Central Christian church by Knv. John Honry, They were attended by twlj(ht Cooley and Mlw Vcra The brldetfioom, a son of Mr, and Mrs. (1. I* A d k l n * of nenr Newton IP luwlMtliu' his frithei with a d a h y farm. The brUlt. a AuitjjhU'r ot M I . and MM Amos Dufmlii of this cllj 1 \viHt jtrnduated from Newton tichool In the HUMS of HMO, \ jwdf of tthfuw hn botiKlit a ii«d jrlltl are warn by .lumen Artt-r- luirn of t'nnii-ron, Mo. Hint* For Homemaken By J*M Roger* OUVE M. YOUNG ifnnie* Mill I kin Vnlvernlty T HE HOSTESS who does not have a maid tikes to have hot! ihmenta all ready to nerve, Somo of tho frozen salads tiro easily (ids and still easier to serve. These can be made the day before and served with small hot halls or plain brend and butter sandwiches, 3o many paoplu nowadays have electric refrigerators) (hat either or gelatin salads are easily made, Cream Che*s» Salnd Ono iiar.Httgo of Philadelphia n*\m cheese. One-half pint whtpplnp cream One-half cup cut celery. One-half green pepper choppod flnr. One xmnll ctm plmlcntocK, One tablespoon Rehillti. four Hllceu ot pineapple cut In .·iri.-il! piece*. On n rui oil maycnninsu. W)il|) the crnum stiff *nrt then ndd the cheese, mashed well. Add two t»hiesponns of cold wator to the gelatin imd let stand for five mln nteM, Then add one-fourth cup boll- Ing wutur anil n t l r until tho It dissolved. Coot and when It begins to harden around the edgen, add 1o the cream nnd chense mlxuire. Then Ihn in ay on tin I se dressing nnd thn veffcttibles anil senson with n little salt If necessary. Pour into A DON'T PER YOU ARE OBLIGED TO FEED^ VISITORS tly HUTU CAMERON Q U15ST1ON: C'ftii you Imaslne any clrcumstimc.01 «m!er which 'f-reaiiwUnif wonifin would re- to x\w ii) a hu:ihnnd who ( t n n l i l y told her he no'loniter lovei! her but tared for someone else',' Don't you t h i n k t h u l any woman ivho went m living In a man's homo and refused to divorce htm, oi to let him t;et a divorce. In i'uch a cnse wmilil he otitlrely IneKlDK ' n pride? 1 know a case Him that and T ttiiu])1y cannot uriderstand It. Answt'i" You do not nay whether t h e t e uri- children or not. If there nru children, tin 1 woniun might be tultlnK ihem Into consideration, and m l K h t ftiel t tin I It wtis her duty to I h e m not M n t u k e It too eiiiv foi I h e Mmbsinit tn hrcak »P t h e tiohie Tut f ' . i ' n vvUHrjiit )i"ilif|i. It irenis t» me u wfunan mlKhl i-eiillie tbut vhat her hitsbnnd took 'or love was really Infiitimllon and mlfcht know. Idiowlnt; him, thnt It was mimeonn ltd wotild never he Iwpriy with and, therefore, mlcht nclunlly hold 111"' ncalnit his wlshen u n t i l he hud hnct time to come Io himself Prtfljtlonrtte love, I lie pf. jay Is B kind of ob"es"ion tlmt iiel- lf-m 1nt\y more t h n n IS monthp, If m lonjr, T think 11 would be one of tlie hnrdMt thine" I" 'he world to do. It would be f u r eMer to make the proud gesture of release 7 don't believe more than ono woman In a thousand would have the coinage and unu elf Mines* to trv to have n man lluit way at the expense or hcv own pride ]» It An Obligation? Qiieslloti' Onte moie tin 1 question Of hoxl'ltullty comes up If ptto- plo cotne from tmme dlstonfe ami Htop at vour house to eall. it Is inhospitable not ki Invite them to th" rest menl'' In thn old dnvs It nny- one earoe io thn !"·· *e from dn\' (tistfince, we would never hav thonj-ht of letllns them RO nwny without feeding them, 4 t'nlcss you specifically Invltwl them to drop In for «. mfnl thev had no reiiHon to expect one and very likely had no such Idea. Don't let ihcue thlnss worry you too iriuch. We nil pet ahont tn public plneca much more thim we used to u h l ( h nf coilt-ie widens our clr (e of uccitmtntiincM, Thf wlde-jpieud ownership of ours 1ms mnde people morn mobllo and neroplnnes mar make them '(till more, so It Isn't possible to offer the snmc hoapltal- Ity to such a circle n* one did Io a jimnllei- one, Ko don't try. I know you're rcnxdnn h(y hospltflbl*. Be more h u r d tolled about whnt you ran't offer, Town rro w--Th I n^s* filvn Ciillrtrrn, mould that has been rinsed with cold water or put into the tray of the electric refrigerator until cold and firm. Cut In sllcus or squares, and oorve on lettuce with a spoonful OL mayonnatsa dressing on lop, Frunn Vrult Stalod Two «gg yolks. Throe tablespoons lemon juice. One tablespoon flour, One-halt teaspoon nail. Four tablespoons nug«r. One-fourth teanpaon paprika. Two tablKwtpoona incited butter. Ono-fourlh cup pineapple or other fruit Juice. Bent Ihc eftf* yolks and «id the Ifmon Juice nnd heat one minut* Add the flour, salt and sugar nnr mix u n t i l smooth. Then add mel butter nnd fruit juice, and cool* ever hot water until thick ant iimooUi. Cool and ndd one cup 01 crenm whipped, To tbla ndd Die fruit from one large Biitod can o: f r d l t salad which has bren cut up ft lit Ho. To tH)s add the section* from two large xweot orunge» an n half dozen meruachlno cherrlps tlicpil. Mix well nnd pour Into n mould, Let set over night In th? ifefrIterator' und when rendy tn servo turn out on Ji large platter oovcred with crisp IctUico leaves, I( II Is n ring mould the center cnn be rilled with the tiny ini|di 'leaven of the lettuce. Run Down and Poor Condition Sure To Get You If You Don't Pay the Price For Neglect Today, You Will Tomorrow- By IAS. W. BABTON, M. D. O NE! of the dlnuouragln^ things ubout many apparently align I uilmcnls la the wny In which th undermine the patient's Htrongth BO that a serious condition oftnn f IOWN, and the jmttenl often has a hard bailie for hi a life. -- ThU IB very frequently the case following an nltack at Influenza, or where patient tn "run down" from nomo lone islanding Infection ouch u# ace om panics bad tooth, had tons lie or Infected Blntiacs. flutw Vou In Tlinu Porhnps ti year or two later he l» na to huMe aonn,' twltijfca or ]mlns In the knee, elbow, ankle, hi| or othur Joint, ant) then after connulla Uon with hlM loctor, InduflJfiB the bhowlng of his x-ray films, hit hn* the Infected teeth rrsrrtiwd. The ns ^rudually dianppfur within on o to aix months t)mf, ant) thnt all he thinks about it. But what nbonl thnt year, or two yWira, from hn time ha loomed of hl^ Infected Quluk Muni For BUHlneM Woman French Omelet with Bacon nnd cr earned MuahTOoms, Baited Potatoes Toast Celery Toasted Crackers Chteae Tnatsted drackera Cheese Coffee, For a main dish select French omelet with bncon and ct earned mushronins. The bacon enn be rooked in ono pan while tbc mushrooms are being smiled In nnoiher. Tho aauce will be mado In Ihn pan with tho mushrooms nnd a f t e r the bacon in cooked the omelet can brs made in Hie snme piin. Tf you hnvd plenty af mushrooms you will nnnd no other vegetable except some 'stalk» of crisp celery. FJFINGHAM CLUB HAS BULB EXCHANGE EfFINGHAM -· American Honu department of Kfllngluim Womsin'K clul) had Its October meeting In H!j!h school, Tuesday with Mrs. Cfi P. Austin, in fhargc. Roll cull will answered by Gnrden Hints." Two jinpers, "The Informii) Pool," by Mr* L. A. Sllen nnd "A Hock G»rden." b Mrs. H. J. Taylor, were read. There was tin eKchange t/f bulbs and flowei «iedt(. The hostesses, Mrs. F. E. Veinon, Mrs, Churles Worman, Mra. F. W, Wasohei, Mrs, Clem Kraeger and Mrs. Mabel Bronm, sewed, District Off lew* In the October hullotln uf llllnolii Federation of Woman's clubs, In which Ihe 1 district officers wore named, U V/BH noted that the follow' inn are from this counly district trraauier, Mra J, tl Dlmond of Dlel- erlt'h; district chiilrrnan American dttzfliishlp, Mis W, W. AtinLin, Jor-nJ prebldenl: club woman's mn)ruv:lnc Mrs, Fred Hujk; music, Mrs. Clarence Hortmclsler, A l t a m o n t ; public welfnte, Mrs. Lnura Petiy, Dlelerii membership, county chairman, Mis, 1L J. Tnylor. WIFE PRESERVERS rn Sftts H ikilc'i-ful mail* of hhrlc !ilu c-r*]*, Kfnrficl I n hnniicioth. d i m i t y nt flliolHa M»y he ohtnln-il In tt)x«N n, 8, JO H Htxt 8 W|tilrM 31 yni'di and 3 ytnd ptitln fdbrlo afi , 3 »ntt fifK,,,, ..inn,, (is,,) i,, 2**"'"y wjjifipptl, or »tanip»t, for **« Ptitidfn, W) Ho plainly your °«iw. iiOilr^M nnd ' -I* mimlipr Bo TM" to «tnl« sljio vented, wd (o f OA | t . n(tw f t l j[ »»w*n hnuh, com, tnlnc fur tidull* a«d elilldrpn nnd imetit of Irnuwfcr nnd s t n m n f c t novHtlcn fifteen wot*, i-jooh w l i h p u t - rontir ' Addles n i l m n l l nnrt to * Mr Nisroimon SAYS: Bniwch stproutft, for cxnmplc. cttr o krpt for ft lonR tlnf If tho plants rn taken up, root nnd all. nnd pet Ii a box of uurlh In the ccllnr. If thp blndc has bocoinfi Irom thn hnnrlt* of a knife fill In the cavity with a paste made ot thre* 1 prtrU ifsln nnd one of rcd pumlcfl wtonp, Hont tho of the Isnifp unlll red hoi nnd Into the pnslr. F RSSH p*ieh«i In mW-wlnter, to Bftrnlih OOT COTMH »nd tof to* Mrt, *ounl» Ilka » ««»«· bat tor IN Om ttm« la hlDtorr trull bu boot) ·ucowtlullx tTe»led by » nuicWr«s*ln« procee* whioh aakw It M»il«Mo (or the winter table tn ·II1U orlttlnal IU»or »nd freihoeM. The penchM that will b« wijojfwl thl» winter promlw to ^ th« *m «f * long lln* of now »nd delteioun food prrxlncU lor the tonltr »«»*· Two or tbr*e timpi ot «nc»r *M«d to tho riiwir»r will fi^o · plqtitint »nl »pp«wHii« fl»»w to pr*cLlenl)r til pick)**. In baklnp potatopw In a « plncp htcm In Ihc broiler Inalead of In (he, oven. They win cook much morn quickly ond the flavor will be much improved by thr quick cook- Ing. A sttvhig In gas Is also a result not to ho scoffed at. To keup a brass bod looking like new, polish It with a ROOC) brawi. ivollsh and thon KO over it with brass lacquer, tiding a fine camel's hali 1 brush. Lacquer may be obtain*d at any hardware store. a«» VllllMrffl A Mini Ml» VlfUlllllt D UHHninlrtrt It thfi Omni A TnMpiHin (nil i( '"r«llnk'» nmlih ft Mnpplrw»» llrnnil" COD LIVKB OIL Ci.nlHint imn Vlttimln H ilinii nil Ihc Hitler nnl mllU our CB» rnnMinic in » 1n.v. 'Srmlt afffllnl for riiit Turrltoiv W H'oll-CflWH Cf. T«nj cup cslia may be l»|i«) in fancy rooti and lraii«t 10 ttnt with j M. AVOID UGLY PIMPLES Docs a pimply fucn emharrass you? Get a package of Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets, The skin should begin to clear after you have taken the tab let** a few-nights, if you nrc like thousands of others. Help cleanse the blood, bowels nnd Hvcr with Dr, Edwards Olive Table U, the successful substitute lor ml am el; there's no sickness or pain nflcr tailing them. Dr. Edwards Ollvo Tablets do thai which caiomcl does, aiitl just as eC fectlvely ( but their Action ift gentle and safe Instead of aevere and Irrl latlng. Thousands who take Ollvn Tablets nrc never cursed with o "dark brnwn taBte." a bar' hwath, non»tipation torpid IK'flr, bad disposition, ptmply f^ce. Olive Tablets are a purely vejte table compound; known by their olive color. . Dr, Edwards -ipe t years among patients afflicted with liver and bowel complaintfl and Olive Tablets are the Immensely effective result, rah* nightly (or a week. Sen how much better you feel and look, Ifio, 30c, 60c, t. _^___ MASQVERADK C O S T U M E S MASKS AND MARK-UPS Haines Essiek 1371 teeth and the tppetrftnce ot the pains In th« Joints? During *ll till* time hli rcitolonca 'twee* were continuously engaged In t battle with the organUnu of the »td teeth, nd apparently kept ahead ot them until the pulns »p- . The appcarane* of the paln« meant that the organlnma from thr bad teeth had gained the upper hand, What la my point? Hero'H the point That during (hone two years hnd he been attacked by pneumonia he would have bad Just thnt much texx resist Ing power with which to fight It, If pneumonia 1 attacko you, following sonic acute ailment such an Influenza or aome Intentlnal condition, there Ii nothing with which you can reproach youraelf. If however you havt) some .condition *uch ad bitd toelh, to nails, sinuses and do nothing about It Bhould you be attacked by pneumonia, you may have smpl* cause for regret. (CupyrJjtht, 103», by Ihn Boll Synji cut*, Inc.) Mrs, Lillie Jarnagan Weds Frank Tinsman aHELBYVILLK -- Ex- Alderman Tinsmnn and Mrs. LIlllR M. Jarnagln were married Fi'lday awning at o'clock at thn parsonage of thf Bap- tiwt church by Hoy. Ray S. Lantt They were u«companl«) by Mrs. Ora C. Rnyson, of Chicago, »i»ler of the bride, and Jcflfl* M. Jarnagln, nf city. Mr, Tinsmstn Is in th* bakeri In ALL MOTOERS FEEL URGE TO GIVE A PARTY FOR CHILD MYHTLB MKVKH KtJKRD !8 A ilrong mothcrywho on re- »i*t th« ImpulM to jpv« A birth* J»y party for her Infant Of courxe the baby docnn't enjoy It. He often nuffers itibftcquent dltlrtw tram In- du;ing In parly food*, »nd from the Irritation and IndlgCKllon which natui-ally. follow excitement of My kind. By thi time hrr pride and joy IB two year*, old, however, th* mothtr fcclH dome onlcrlatnmcnt In du* him. Parties urc very much itlllce fw th« youog child, but there nr« wom« pit- falln mother* might itvold to enhanc* the pl«aaur« of all concerned, H the child I* ov«r two yearn old and under five yearn, th* party had bent be itchfldulcd from two to four, with n-frcflhmtnts at thro* and departure/1 promptly tit four. Thf* J* a long enough period of excitement for nmnll children, and give* them two, hours to recuperate before dim ner At bedtime. Simple HernwbraenU Children over five may he «nl«r- t aincd from four to *ix. with th* purty luncheon st five of fiv«-tttlrty Mrvcd in the form of a nlmpl* e per, Mothqrn nhonld b Inld to cell ·t nix for their children. The clutnlc Ice cream, cake, and milk probably will do duly for the Krnftlt ohlld'H refrenhmcnu; or v»ry plnln fisiixiwlchen. wciilc rocon, nnd plain wk* or eooktaf miJt* lult** ·bl* lunch. Each child way *rry · favor homo with him; thli may l» * *tkk of barky Ruftr, of ft m» or uilmml made of loothplckl, d*t*l, Ugt, n.t*\nt, MM) · m»rihm«)Nw. For th- older ehltdrtn uty ihnpl* ·uppnr menu may b* ctwtin, meh aft flxh. or.chlcknn or lamb chopi, · baked poltioM In MMI, Mm* |r*Hi' vegtttblf, whole wlwil mufftni, Ic* creiim, and pluln «Mk« or cooktt*, ·nd milk to drink. B«ch *hlM may be given · *lmplc ftvor of »om* Mnt, nuch ···the fruit man or eutdy tuck or brtiht pencil*, whlittM, of toy auto*. Theto ·hodld h« »llk* for *v- fryone, or ot two vnrlrtlM, on* for the (tri* and one for the boy*. AHertMt* TM«» *T OMMM Aw for eftniHK, «om« oW«r ptrwm or ·n older child ·houM m»p out a routlnt'of garnce that will k*ep th* !hlldr«n »iurn»t«ly »*tlv« end quiet. Too many nol«y, uUv* f*m«* lead io crmy nxclurotnt. W« htvt compiled in Iwflct form * IIM of K*me« NulUblf for n«nte« and UiU In available to «ny r*»d«r, Send * mtf-addneiiieri, KUmited, envelop (o tn* at Th* Hrrald, with your rt^utit for "Parly fl»m*«". EMrtMl TraiMi? RtxElMtrieOo. n« m, Committee of 17 (See box below) MRS. ;AMBS ). DAVIS ETHEL BARRYMORE MRS. CECIL B. DB MILLE ELSIE DE WOLFE ANTOINETTE DONNELLY MRS, OLIVER HARR1MAN LILLIAN EDGERTON MRS. KELLOGG FA1RBANK SUZANNE POLLARD MRS. HANCOCK BANNING ANNE MORGAN DR. t-UEN B, McGOWAN MARY ROBERTS RINEHART MRS. FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT NELLIE TAYLOE ROSS GAY S. WALTON MME. SCHUMANN'HEINK Mn.JunnJ. 17 Distinguished Women Sit in Unique Council Mrs. James J. Davis, Mary Roberts Rinehart, Anne Morgan, among members of committee to view spectacular tests of new soap discovery T TTF. story of a remarkable new achievement of science-- startling in its significance to millions of American women -- was revealed rcccnlly in news reports ot what is claimed to be the most unusual meeting o! its kind ever held. Seventeen distinguished women -- called together by a prominent manufacturer -- to witness a p re-showing of a commercial product. Tests Tell Dramatic Story First chemists pointed out how modern hasty washbowl laundering of silks demands an utterly different kind of soap than chips or Hakes, How they set out to make a soap that would dissolve instantly . , , rinse away lOO^o and cleanse in water cool enough to be safe tor silks. How they finally solved this problem by making a soap of olive and palm oils . . . in the form of tiny, hollow, instant-dissolving "beads." Then tlie tests of the new soap began. Times Faster Than Old Ways Mammoth test tubes revealed how the new soap dissolve:; 30 times faster than the thinnest chip or flakel Kinses away completely, instantly I "Used in watef barely lukewarm, ' it cleanses at new low temperatures never usable before -- safe for the most fragile silks, the finest woolens. So revolutionary wns the new ( soap, so perfectly did it fulfill re- 'qukements no soap has ever been able to meet before, that the Committee of Seventeen unanimously approved it as "soap ideal for washing silks." ' Famous Silk Manufacturers unit* with CcmtoitlM of 17 in endorttnf Pilmoliv* B*ih Cheney Luxite Gorttcelli Phoenix lioleproof Stehli Kayser Vinlly Ptir Van Raalte Who's Who on the Committee of 17 ThcM fimou» women -- leader* rej«*cmiM|T every pha«* of f«ntj- ititi« activity from nil over the Untied Stall!* -- approved *n4 ouontor Palmoltvc MRS, JAMES I. DAVIS tVift tj Sfcremry if t.6b«r, ETHEL BARRYMORE Jtntnee'i MM) fimaiit tttrtii. ELSIE DB WOLVB if tf if ft mtfortty tt J H A R Y R O B . B R T S K I H R . HART. Amtrid't m««t t a m o B i . H*r ltd lioak, 'The Dflor," Ii t b« tclltr tmont ·riitry iwrln. Tiibunt bitvty LILLIAN EDOERTON · Hftt tf tftnlt ialvrttary, MRS. KELLOGO PAIRBANK They tnilrMd Piimollrt In tndr awn tikotitoilct. And now til «( ihim rttMnmmi Film- olivt Btidt (tt iitt wnWni tf illkt, Called Patmolive Beads Because this new soap is 1 as gentle and effective for delicate fabrics as Patmolive is for the skin, it lias been given the treasured name "Palmolive Beads." Wash delicate colors, fine woolens, lovely chiffon hosiery in the gentle, protective suds of Palm olive Beads again and again. Then note how much longer lovely fabrics wear) Palmolive Beads are for sate at your dealer's. PALMOLIVE BEADS for washing fine fabrics (Ab«v()iArrlvtii| it tht ncttini llut nftdt «up hliTorv, Mr*. Onvtr Htrrl- nun and Mr*. rrinldlnD. !·«·· cut MRS. OLIVER MARRIMAN Krit I' ei It tadil litttr, ANNE MORGAN PtiStHtkretHl t*t tivit uterttr, DR. ELLEN B. McOOW AN Of Celumbit U*ititrjttt, MARY ROBERTS RINBHART K»H4 fiction vnttt. MRS. FRANKUN ROOSEVELT Wit* ft ik» tfuwi nor tf Ktv V#* NELLIE TAYLOE Bt-Gcvtmer nf OAY B. WALTON SUZANNE POLLARD trHff tf KjrfM Du**Mr #/ CtvtrHf MRS, HANCOCK BANNINO MRS, CECIL B.'DBMniB Wtt* of a*t***m Artctwv MME. SCHUMANN'HUNK Amtritf'4 ffttt ·^ S '' \ * f 'Large Box lOc

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