The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 24, 1973 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 24, 1973
Page 4
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UK MtAZOflPORT FACTS e«a«, 77M1, Sunday. , l>73 Tun school' fruly enriches «i tfclr*» It Mid M RyKAYKKNC.t.lSH "Is this *hor* they hav* the fun schwl? "Yes," Or Elton Tlflkr, of the dcmontary tor the Rrawsport Schwsl DWrict. «<ud in aiiiwfr !o the ijuf stkii by two ttrnall boys A< he »rx>«tti item lh« way, the .ivhvul ihat ww fr«« am) whcr* 1 they h»ct fteW trif« »o«l UsteweJ to Hones Sjti.iftn! that th<> *w« in the ri«hi place, th* hoys w«nt on «jut«ly •wi eagerly ta th* tun «cho«a WVrt is the {un uisxjir Thtre arif r*»lly two. wit M T. W. Ogu FJenicntio In Clitfe anil the other at 0 A. » FVc*jxi«, But in* adnvmi«rft!ur» dun's call it the tun school They c4ll it the TUte I Summ«r Knn<;hm«« one ha* (he purpu** ol an mulching ev h*ns ttw chiW can develop » PJMUV* image A« » byproduct, the can atfo dev«k>p U> academic skUU *ith Nnxivatton tor tuc«r«aa Id the regular p-ujjrams In n«t «lu.-j«Mval mean* ih»t kidtt can l**re to lilr ihemMlvn a.i people. fvelmi! cuntiJttii in their aWitir* wwl j).<tu ui (umUng ihn tttnmrf friuJtuijj m a »i<ull« tvttclmtg MA(( at th« two H-hi,*ibi which «m im-liitV-* * iota! u( »e»i!r> cU«.«r««>]n tAKhvri, Ihfwa leMrhnr t*o tntchrt*. tw» C4<* ilut iriin«p»rtati0a it antt rtuhtrtn «t» (*vi a ,\Jl ul '.hi* UK iu;'.!!t<rf oju! ojf.tcj !,; r«u?n Uwaawe ul the and vull «vntm« through JuJ) 13 Ikj? (uii j.vt«;»jl u rtally mor« acvurair »A far « (h* thtlilrcn Th* prwgram, in its fourth (rtmi through gr»<J<- g«t , such a* reading anJ fiutflM'tnaiu-s are laugh* in th* (tsrRi of games, they arat't Odipft4.ii.tttj But provtttag th* writhing «*p"*'t*f*:*!« if the child !he co»or motivAI&n to do trttrr 4v > adrmtc4tly & tchuol, hr inplAtfwd Itus «".«< o( tiva CAR reaU) U- mcAturnl he natd in th* i/*>rt tur.e »/ the program, it wuuiti ukv up too mwt) ttto* su a&nnttitrr pre-am) jw.« ic.«», wtiich ju.»t aixl hav* Jui The dr»s juramer she program was ut owrratsun *rvwal ytxamstcrs from lo- rrv m- good CAT. tor o«ir "SWING YOUR PARTNER and around you go ' as l*v> Mudcnts kick up Itmt b«U dancing lo record* with Uu< rcsa of the class Various folk and wjuar*: darww arr dunng a special dainT .vsswn each i).a> SHUGART COUPON BACKER'S 104 THIS WAY DOWNTOWN LAKE JACKSON SATURDAY, JUNE 30TH WALLET SIZE COLOR PORTRAITS t>. Tlellue do the moal b> j£ the The iin (nay uk« She form o/ turW tnp* lo buttnc.ii) 4ftd other places ol intercut. reading »nor;*». , a mova>, or any ij< a line »iii>l*v|iv«ijt. tu-vftj on (ftcir >«4f» o< cafr«eo«e tit wuh chiMrvn. IV. if , lh* pcuvicpiiit 4ntJ M «<t IJ'« w-xtieg iel«%:t«J fyr ^JK a,Tr-.«-« us she HUSO whivf ijjji:f} it Tit;* ! .Vftwi.v the 'TW . •«'** cut AS* 994 '£t&SlS! Exrrachorge '.8 x 10: for * GROUPS TT "" ...T DEAR ABBY AHt WHUKCTH A.NO (tar but ih«t.n.«i»«» tfv!i:Jr«o about trLn:i hr His counseling is way out of line By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY I JUB X 1 ^ 0 " 0 «< ov lw»SJaad'» If* nc« her Unit, *rjd U'» *» tree*; I«C»SMC I w*« <H»O la the J4B» iiiujilcn ih*'« t», I'll cipiiirs B«fo« I mATrttd, i dtunsh ywata (tsrwrtor tfjwt«d civ >jytnif wy oxnpany Ht ww irytn< to bei|> ra« »SJi «ti«* erf my pirofeknu. fteforc I fasew a. b» in* fMUa< wrteoa. Jk was marrtcrf awl bad cfctktrm, I dwj't thiai t cwwriaat- ty itd him OK. but I mast hj»» codrvJxtftJ to it of b« c«r**r tuv« gtXtec *erwo» t at basti, 10 I Wd fe»a> :v feifli A&y Gzitv JCbi «^« **4 «'i^£*t-v*£j J&ti'inuw, t)JLVI* HO 1 tMHfeA «>«s^t «a ftffVinJ tail ,»i?.fto »'>r'ii -»<?r» !»•*« rts:fiji»<it»l J*«'¥««o, t 5«S .14V iUO! US ft* eft taw, He i J t t* ':> *$ fabrific FABRIC CLEARANCE: MtlESTER DOOBU HIITS Knd-o(-monlh savings on grvai-for-travei double knits. You'll find ribs, diagonals, print*, fasti Urn solids and morr. All practi »Uy care-free. Just machine wash and dry. No irooiog needed. $197 1 YARD NUBU KKfTS All news la kniu at uobeaiablr Fabr^k prke*: Tub great (troop Include* . •ad more. PaelwWe. att->r»r wearabl*. a brtfie to cire_[or.Jus|machtne waih. dry and wear! ^^ ^^ •• •• YARD POLYESTER CREPE Value* to !:.!»» a yard! 100 percenl poiyekter knili, polytiter-coUon knits, acetate double knit*, wuoder-fipun and ban ucl* crepe*, poiyetter crepe, puckered crepe priaU, and more. 15" to 66" wide. FASHION FABRICS BeaaU/ul took and touch! Make it Into daytime or special occasion fashions. Enjoy ihe easy «»re lhat goes MiUi iu impreulve look, u" vtkte. Machine wa»b and dry. 2/ $ 1 00 Finu choke for je*n« aad jacket* 1 Stiper- Mft IM per«»t uerceriied coUoo bru»ked denim, at a wper-*pecUI E.O.JVI. saving. 45" wide. Washes and drk* in your nachiae. YARD Hundred* ol tcwiaf helper* that uauaUy seU for 3lc each. Come in (or your summer supply'. 19 YARD SPECIALS GOOD MON thru SAT 223 A PARKING WAT LAKE JACKSON 291 2621 •We* to k* TV«« SHRIMP HUT */U i t » V»n t« IwH I* Mi* HU W0 Mn AD BY »«w*l. to it "Psw 0 crtij ' t»r »1!b jtfU A* f«/ M hji» no pUsti (/} avirry in qunsioo Ifer* [941) | th« twlft <^ raj firi* a*j I c*n •ace o/ thu chiW- jwU M I km« MKJ »«tf«p< my wan. too jecomkkrai* d. oCwtt who may lui» * itr«ag w tofh * liUatSoe* NO JUOOE ! I / I V ^ beuusc we Have Kad so min^ requests, we are going to resume our -EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT- ALL THEBoiied Crab, Fried Shrimp, Boikd Shrimp, Pned F'tsh YOU CAN EAT French Fries & SaUd Sered Family Styie $95 H.ippy Huthdjy Satu/dty J'Al'L PEtTIKR. SHARON JONKS. EL£A.VOfi iTARKS BEVERLY OSBORNE STYLES. Mr* J E H U V ? M A N , K A T li Y LEIOHANN'K WYATT. LORI ANN H(;IX;HS. FRANK IE BUOIANAN, JERRY KACAL Jr. ROD MARTIN. LENA TERRELL Sunday: CHARLE.S WILLIAMS, WILMA (PARKSi HOWARD. LOU SOUTH. JANE FRANCES RINGGOLD AHNAUU. PAMKM BAKAK KERSHAW, OAHLA RENE COTTON. LESLIE GRAEBER. PERHI ANN TIELXE, Mr* KREDA C CONDON. ROD MARTIN St., DONNA HARRIS Happy Anniversary Saturday. Mr and Mr*. WALTER PELTIER Jr Sunday: Mr and Mr* BILL ALLEN. Mr and Mrv R PAUL MARTIN. DAN and PEGGY ELLIS, Mr and Mr* CHAJILES WOODROW, Mr arid Mr* ORAN WAU.UM IUNLOCK THE DOORS TO WOMANHOOD ...with the keys to true beauty that you can Learn at •pffM^j *-* — V Featuring the finest in complete beauty training. * Cosmetology * Manicuring * Instructor* training *N«w Pr*cUlon Hair Shaping No Blowing and A(»poiAlme«t OJKO Maada) ThruSaturda> Styling, "Smart Womtn UM out Straw ind BE4I/TY COLLEGE 111 Cbck W»j Ukc bcluon 2974931 r

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