The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 24, 1916 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, November 24, 1916
Page 3
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THE CHILLI COTHE DAILY CONSTITUTION, FEIDAY, NOV. 24, 1916. ,"-,;?"" Be Glided Jyy _^ Mothers "VfTnoJSxtxrvr Tile comfort and seonreness of the expectant mother Is assentlal to the welfare of the future ehild. In exer-', elslng caution, be guided fey the experience of hundreds -who have found in "Settler's Friend" a tray ta eliminate sere-re suffering and insure your owa. rapl* recovery. It is easily applied aod ft« lufltMnee »r«r the- effected ligaments is soothinjj and feeneficlal. Get it at any drag-gist. Send for the free book «n Motherhood. Address The Bradfield Regulator Co., 209 Lnmar BUIp., Atlanta, Ga. RAW QUESTION IS WILSON'S I UAIIjilO.VD EXECUTIVES AOHEER TO LEAVE IT TO THE PRESIDENT. H.CGH Ff -HOBii.I/ATIO-Y Bj FOK DECEMBER A yiCAM OJjB MISSOURI JKKSE1" MAICES lfltOJ{JCTION RJ5COIU) '· N o r f o l k , Va., Nov. 2-1.--L;;;m grey- j Missouri's most remarkable young' h o u n d s or the Atlantic fleet, swift de-!,cow. is "Campus Virginia B " a three I j s t r o y e r s and babbing G o v e r n m e n t [year old Jersey owned by' the Col- H A V K , coastal cutters--vessels of e v e r y k i n d i lego of A g r i c u l t u r e or the University | and character w i l l 'assemble in H a m p - j or Missouri. Starting when she was t o n ^ R o a d s the second week of D e - j 2 years old, " C a m p u s Virginia B," oember on the occasion O r the eighth j has m a i n t a i n e d an average o£ more conventional the Southern Commer- The Chief Executive Will Formulaic! cial Congress, at Norfolk Legislative Plans t« Prevent Fuither StHlce«. Think of t,fte Telephone Let y o u r telephone save you the worry and inconvenience which, is often occasioned by shopping during these days. 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Founders and Machinists Gold Fish Free 3 DAYS ONLY NOVEMBER 23, 24, 25 ·Witii --mrcliases of RBXALL CHERRY BARK COUGH SrjRUP and MENTHOL LNE BALM as follows:-- 25c bottle R«xa!l Cherry Bark Cough Syrup -- Aquarium and 2 Fish Free. 50c bottle Rexall Cherry Bark Cough Syrup -- Large Aquarium and 2 Fish Tree. 25c jar Rexall Mentholine Balm -- A q u a r i u m and 2 Fish Free. 50c jar Rexall Mentholine Balm -- Large Aquarium and 2 Fish Free. If yon want Fisli FREE don't delay-the supply vront last long. Clark's Pharmacy TF1B STORK P. S. -AVe sell Gold Fish and Aquariums dm-ins; tlie winter and spring hut no fisli free only .dnrinff this 3 dav sale. PUBLIC SALE! OF DAIRY CATTLE At 1:30 p. m. Tuesday, Nov. 28th Owing to tiie demand in tips county for first class milch cows, I havo decided to offer at public auction on ttie Jas. Gre^g farm, 3 miles north of Chil. ; fc6thc and 1 mile east of Graham's Mill, 20 head of well bred dalrj caU-'o ranging in age from 2 to 9 years. These are good straight cattle in all atages of lactation, fresh cows, forward springers, and co\vs in milk. These cows will be sold as repre. sentn-i and any k n o w n defect pointed out on day of sale. There will also be sold 7 head of Galloway calves and 1 five-year thousand_pound bay horse, broke to all harness. ( l l . v V n i t e r t I'renit.) Washington, Nov. 2-1. -- President AVilson "will be given a free rein by the railroads of the working out legislation t o redeem industry from disputes. It ivas learned today that assurances to this ef. £ect had come from railroad officials The reasons are two-Told. First, it has become known t h a t Va. The gathering will present one of th« most impressive grand ensembles of naval vessels since the m o b i l i z a t i o n or the American neat Cor the trip a r o u n d the world. The entire lantic fleet has been ordered mobil- country i n j i z e d r ° r - t h e ceremonies, 'by Secretary j It- Daniels, and the D e p a r t m e n t ol Commerce a n d Labor, have given similar orders tor all vessels o£ their Department!. The oflicers and men of the fleet w i t h the Virginia guard will partici. than fifty pounds or butter-fat m o n t h . Her record for last June', ranked her third £or Jerseys of her ago in the United States. the roads devoting their entire time to combating the constitutionality ol the Adamson eight hour law have not considered the formulation of u plan which would 7iieet w i t h the approval of the brotherhoods. Second, the railroad executives believe that the president can be depended upon by themselves, by the brotherhoods and by the p u b l i c to put forward a plan by which the matters involved may be settled and which would be supported by all parties concerned. It was admitted today, a f t e r frequent conferences of railroad executives to f o r m u l a t e some d e f i n i t e plan of eliminating strikes and loc-k-onts, that it had been decided to put the whole thing in the president's hands -- put it up to Wilson. In this connection it was explained that the ex. ccutives had reached a conclusion that any such plan subjected by t h e m could not be. regarded as "'best and most suitable" since it might be looked on a sa measure of acknowledg- I ment of the power of labor and t e m | perecl with a threat of strike by the worker*. See our.wonderful ""e of Furs am] At- Co;its from $23.OO up, and benutUa.! .Huffs and Scarfs tor $4.OO. JLVflT.\LV.VS. pate in a military parade, Sunday preceding the f o r m a l opening ol the Congress. The fleet, together w i t h all visiting ships, will pass in a grand naval review earlier in the day. President Wilson has been requested- to address the Congress on M o n - ] Barney Bldg. day morning. 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The Original Food-Drink for all ages. For Infants, Invalids and growing children. More nourishing than tea, coffee, etc. Pure nutrition,upbuilng the whole body. In the home, oral Hotels and Cafea. Invigorates nursing mothers, and the aged. Substitutes cost YOU Same Price. Needs no cooking--Keep it on hand. STARTS AX TNVESTIGATJOiV IX H I G H PRICE OF FOOD STUFK St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 24.--James J. McLaughlin, investigator of the bureau of the D e p a r t m e n t of Justice, told a reporter Cor The Star today t h a t he personally w o u l d visit commission men, wholesalers and retailers, and take affidavits in his investigation in the advance of food prices, ( w h i c h was ordered yesterday by the Department oC Justice 111 \Vashington, following the publication of a series of articles m The Star showing: how prices nave advanced here. McLaug-hlin will make an effort to find whether there has been a conspiracy to increase prices and will learn what the differences are between (prices the farmers get for tUeir pro-1 ducts and what the ultimate constim, er is paying for the same commodities. "I will not be redy to proceed with the inquiry' for a. few days," said .'MoLaug-hlin. "la case a conspiracy to boost food prices is f o u n d there doubtless will 'be indictments. In. case the conspiracy cannot be proved definitely, but it is shown there are unwarranted increases in food prices, injunctions will be asked for." -Edward J. Brennan is in charge of the investigating bureau in St. Louis iintl MoLaughlin will work under Breiiuan'c direction. No additional investigators will be sent to St. Louis to make the preliminary investigations, but Brennan will be able to furnish McLaughlin with sufficient assistants from the local office. The producers of food have complained that they are not getting the benefit of the high prices charged in the cities. The consumers in. the cities Know they are paying prices higher than they have ever known. Tho middle men and retailers have declar- ; ed they are hardly making a living j on the margins with which they do business oi" handling food, and have announced there will be increases in prices in the next thirty days to still higher levels. When Mcl-aughlin gets through with his inquiry he expects to knos\, just where the blame lies. He will forward a complete report to the headquarters of the Department of Justice in Washington and the facts will be passed on finally by the United States Attorney Genera] who will decide if prosecutions shall follow or if injunctions shall be brought and will direct United States District Attorney Oliver to prrreed. Coincident with thajnvestigation, by the United States Department of Justice, members of the Board of Aldermen, have announced their Intention of starting an investigation. Action probahly will be taken at tomorrow's meeting of the board. Better Quality- Larger Quaau PUBLIC SALE Having decided to go West, we will sell at public auction, 4 1-2 miles north of Graham's Mill, and 3 1-2 miles east of Springhill on the Dan. H., Williams farm, the folloying property, on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1st 13 HEAD OP HOUSES AJfD MULES--1 'bay mare, 10 years old, wt. 1300 pounds; 1 black mare. 9 years old, wt. 1350 pounds; 1 iron gray mare 7 years old, wt. 900 pounds; 1 black mare, smooth mouth; 1 roan mare. S years old, wt. 1200 rounds; 1 gray mare, 3 years old, wt. 110i p o u n d s ; 1 gray horse, 9 years old, wt. 1100 pounds; 1 gray horse, 2 years old; ] iron gray yearling filley; 2 yearling colts; 1 sucking horse mule, a good one. 13 HEAD OP CATTLE--1 red cow, G years old; 1 roan cow, 3 years : old; 1 one-half Jersey cow, G years old; 1 red cow, 3 years old with *calt' by s.'tie. These cows are all good milkers and are all giving milk. 1 year. ling neifer; 3 heifer calves; G bull calves, all good ones. -II HEAD OF HOGS--1 sow, wt. 400 pounds; 3 red gilts, wt. 125 T pounds; 6 Poland China shoals, weighing 100 pounds; 1 red boar, yt. 12. 1 ) pounds. TMPJ/EMEXTS ASD HARNESS--1 wagon; 2 buggies, 1 riding cultivator; 1 lister corn plow; 1 harrow; 1 one-horse corn drill; 1 two-horse corn Jrill; 1 12-inch breaking plow; big iron kettle; 2 sets work harness; ' 2 saddles. GRAIN AJfD FEED--Between 200 and 300 bushels corn in crib; 12- bushels of potatoes. HOUSEHOLD AND K1TCHEX FURNITURE--Folding bed; iron bed, ; dresser; organ; 2 .rocking chairs; safe; kitchen cabinet; table; Globe range, good as new; heating stove; sewing machine; 100-egg-incubator, and other articles too numerous to mention. Terms made known, on day of sale. Ladies o£ Zfon Church will serve lunch. Sale to commence at 10 a. m. , ·sm PASTE ROY WILLIAMS p MR VOLK Owners .To a greater degree | than you have ever i beforeexperiencedwill the daily brushing of your teeth become it a. ileosure if you use this truly delicious and refreshing antiseptic dentifrice. It will give you a new meaning of the. word - "quality" as applied to tooth paste Doth as regards its cleansing and whitening properties and the delightfully refreshed condition which it imparts to the mouth. A. W. CIES, Auctioneer. A. R. McCAXlTHY, Clerk. Arrests decay, makes the gums firm , and healthy, neutralizes acidity and keeps the teeth clean, white and beautiful. 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If you want this new cigarette delight (satisfy, yet mild) you've got to get Chesterfields, because no cigarette maker can copy the Chesterfield blend. This blend is an entirely new combination of tobaccos and the biggest discovery in cigarette blending in 20 year*. ^~ f f "Give me a package of those cigarettes that SATISFY" F. CIGAR.E A. W. CIES, Auctioneer. Notice, Bridge Contractors. Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals will be received at my office, u n t i l 12:00 o'clock noon. Saturday. December 9th, 1«16, for the construction of soren ro-inforced con. j Crete bridges. Also for the g r i d i n ^ j of what is known as the Hayneo h i l l . , I reserve the right to reject any and | all bids. JO BROADDUS, niSivtddl Bridge Commissioner. CONSTITUTION "WANTS" GET RESULTS O«r vrorlc shoes for men at $2.25. S2.50 nnrt $3.OO ar e the best money can buy. HAWKEY'S. 23-4 iNEWSPAPERl

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