Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 23, 1930 · Page 10
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 10

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1930
Page 10
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ID UtCATUR HERALD IHLWSDAY EVENING, OUIUBLK 23, I93U. 'UECATUR HERALD o o o e WOMEN Persons In All Visit Symons Picture Ml Records Broken Al Art Institute; Painting Leaves Thursday thousand ftnd thirty names signed to the A i t Institute register on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of thl* woek, making nbout 3,000 In nil who have non tho Mark Syrnons picture in ton dttya Tho jlclure won taken down Tliiim- day moinlntf and shipped nt onco tn Otto flpawtli, tho owner, In St, Jtotil* Three bundled pnnrone saw the picture, "VVdie you thoro whon ttiey crucified my /.out," on th« first Sunday It wita exhlMtod More than 100 ·aw It *(w-h dny durtnu tho woek. 1.000 wore there lost Sunday, nnd 1,030 since Sunday mnklng tho estimated total of a 000 This breaks ml locords In tho ontlro history of tho Art Institute, The painting has bo«n tho subject «f much convpi nittlon nmonn Indtvl (luali and group*, hns boon dlsouaset by art In schoolioomM bolh from thtt ·tdndpolnt ot Its subject and of its art work, find la to On the theme Of lit least one soimon this Sunday, tn T'liit Methodist church. jVfl/Itfite«i Parly Friday In Brown's /Jiiwnws College Porsonn who uttond Brown's Biwl- nen« oolieKO will havo a WHlcween mitwiueradn qeloh ration Friday v«n- ln», in tho school looms. Dough- nittt «nd ldor will be *e*ved, and denka will be moved out of one of the rooms to make space for the »f- MI'J. McfWji, M/i. fK('n(er» on Tup to Neu Yoilt City Mrs, John H. MoEvoy and her sister In law, M«, Fred 9. Winters, left tVerlnwday fop Wow York, where thoy wilt lemnln (or a week 1 or 10 days. Want Revroahota fof Country Club Dinner Rwtiuvtitlona tor tho dlnnot to bo ·ervod thin evening before tho lesson In contract brldne piny tn be given by Mrs. G. D. Lyon, must bo turn«U in by PncAlor Country flub members before thl* noon. A la,o» attendance Is expected lor tho Thurtday party, which In the first of a notles of lesson programs on contract play. Six Tahiti in Women* Pwty at Country CfiiM Six Uhlan of bildgo were In ploy Wedncudny nttrrnnnn following tho luncheon ?or Iho P'C»ti)r Countty club wotnnn'H bridge assoolntlon. M r s f Ij Evtirm won the pilxo, tho pluv bfltnK contiact t h h week. Mrw K !·[. Pahmoydr imd Mrs. Kdwnrd BiK'tinrr wore (he Mr*. A !(, Thotniwnn «nl«rtnln«(l IVf-dnomlny evnnln)! In her home In mt) Wwt r»uo Ooiilo dtioet, In honor of tho Md hli'thdny annlv^r- Hnry of her niothor, Mm. H M Schulto. Th# rvenlriE Wfi* with Kdmflii nnd muilr Mix »*cclved m»nv slftit, nniotiK tliotn nil itntcot food cnkn halted ttnd fcy MM, V. K Club Myonotls olitl) mot W^dn^tlnv titl- (trntion In thp hnm* of MM F.mll Otohnp, Win Went WtiKKonnr uli-wt Mr* Chntl^ Sdmltft of Chlcn^n n loimer Orntur ii'sldnnt who h vlttlt* Ing *«ventl rrtcntlx lici c, WHI a tfU("t Mt»«. Schul!/, will lui In (he city in- Othpr weok 'rh club lunmbw* hftvn dvnwn nnmfn for Uiolr CtiiltttniiiH Blft nxchnnKp. 'I'hpv m o kwdplnit tho nnm(m ft «MPIM, ftnil hovo Mtnitnd nmklnc hwnd wwr Bltu. tvhich will b« flnl*hnd In tiituro niH'tlnttn MM. Nond ff)i)!(iion won n club prl/o, «nd tho hntitm* dcivotl TU« incctlnR In two wftk* will ho In tlio home of Mrs Tom Thnbory, lino N o i t h Ed- wurd itroci. /di /Wrj. John Hah) Mr* John Knhn. who wn» Amv Wlltton bofoto her recent nmirlniia wfl* glvon n nhower ly DaiiKhvl* club (uomborn Tuemlny cvenln« In tn« small dlnlnjt room of Mneonlo t«mp1#. HaHowrcn dofordllon* wnre iiaed, *nd ftlftft wore conoenled In n lorco pumpkin. A telnxrnm to the bride revcnled tho hiding place of the gift*. Tho club gift to Mm. Hahn wni » *ltver troy with mi (tar bowl nnd cr*am pitcher. Ml** I^one Thompton. Mlw Rwitrloe Sheridan, and Mi§§ Kdna Peek were no»tes»e», D«cntur chapter. O, B. S., will give a dinner Thuraday for Dau»h«l» club. K, cf C. Party Hat · Eight Tablet in Play M«nb«w of tho K. of C. Ladles' club hRd eight tftble* of card* in play Wednesday In regular partj Mr*. J. W»rd anJ Mr*. Tom Demp* itey won flrat and nocond pi'l**i In W», *nd the brldfto *w»rd« went to Mm. O, A. Evan* and Mr*. 1. W. M»rrlf*«y. Th« ho«te»w w«re Mr* Jo.3chienK Mr*. Arthur Shook, Mr*, Fred Sohanlcl, «nd Mr*. John Halptn. Tht Jiwt-Wo Plnoohlo club will meet Thursday eJtwnoon at » »* 1 «'J in th« home o* Mr*. L, Slwrlo, 1W Ncrth College itrtet _ ^ 8«RWt9 SUPP*B TONIGHT Hidle*' auxiliary to the Letter Car- rtew will *erve a chill supper from to 7 o'clock Thursday evening In O. A, R. hall. Hamburger*, pie «nd coffee will bo on the menu, and there , will be home nude e*aIffor ESTHER R1TENOUR AND H, L. MURTAUGH WED THIS MORNING Bride Is Former Student in Millikin and Member of Zeta Tau Alpha Mr. nnd Mia. John F. Ilitenonr 1028 West North titioet, announce the marriage tn Springfield today o their daughter, Klin Esther Rlten our. to Hugh L Murtaugh, foiw ly of Terre Haute, Ind, now of DecnUir, Tho carcmonv Is bolnn; porfoimod at 8 u m, In 3acred Heait church by Montdgnor Tan ant. Attendants nre Ml. and Mia, James P. Stood ot Tuii'o Haute, biother In law and sis- tof of tho bildogioom. Tim bride la a graduate of Deootur High Mchool, « fotmor atudont In Mllllkln, nnd «, member of Zota Tan Alpha,. Mr. Murtaugh attended Northwestern In connection with bin work for the Wostoin Adjustment Inspection Co. of Chicago. For tho past year nnd « half tie haa boon adjuster In the local branch office After n motor trip to Chicago nnrt points tn tho north the couple will be H. homo In the Ldko Vlow apartments In Doeatur ALPHA CHI OMEGA MOTHERS TO GIVE DINNER/OR MEN Alpha Chi Omega Mothers' club will Klvo a potliick dinner for IU members and their huwbands the Thi»»day evening of Nov. 20 In tho home of MM. B. B. Pease. Pledges of the sorority will furnish nn enter talnment for the evening, Plans for this dinner were mode Wednesday when IS mother! attended tho pot luck luncheon In tho homo of Mis. Q. Roy Eshotmnn. Seveial mothurs of new pledge* were guests An Invitation for the Mot hois' club to attend dinner In the chapter house next Wednesday evening was accepted. The club's next regular meeting will bo announced Inter, BRUSH COLLEGE 2 P. T. A. CARNIVAL , WILL BE FRIDAY Brush College No, 2 Parent-Teach or association will aarve a jitney supper and have « carnlvnl Friday evening, Serving will suit at 0 30 Tho aeoond ftnnua.1 aontoat for the piottiest and most popular glil in achool community will be a feature of tho carnival Mualo will bo furnished by the Stolnet orcheatia WINDSOR TO HAVE HALLOWEEN PARADE · ON OCTOBER 29 WINDSOR--Windsor wilt hnve n. ftee celebration for Halloween, Oct 20 with a put Ada at 7 30 p m, Pilreit of ft In mcrclmndlse and It In cnnh will be given tho Inigost family piesont, also to tho one rom- K tho greatest dlstnnc*. "Prices of $4 ensh for flint and ft cnsh for second wit) he given to Bc»t alnglo mnkfl-up, bout double mntto up boat clown, boat dailcy. Thole also will ho ft gftnio of ·rnmhlttl slogans with «. pi lie of IS tn tffld for Hni winner. Tlnllv rtnv nnd homecoming weiv- Ires wore obNcrvctt nt tho Christian Hitmlftv. Rev William Icenogle piom'hed nt tho moinlnn tieiv- and Rev Mr. .Ionian of Shelby- vlllo In t h n afternoon Mi* T. fl Shatpnock of Huntlng- fiiii W Vn , IK vt«lilnjr her imonK Pr (ind Mm W, ir Hllsbltd. ,F C T.untdpn of Chicago and his M i n Enrl Nlckols ot Sul- vltiiud Mrt Com Roao Filduy ,,_., and Sntmday Mr. nnd Mra. C', E Hill attended :lic imtlcrnul diilry show In fit, Louis lUNt WPOlC Mr nnd Mm. C I, KilUmclie and .IniiKhler nrn home fiom Alexandria. T m l , whpte he wait engaged In html iad work. Kilwftid Webb Is homo irom Hoonevlllp, Mo, Mtwn Vlvlnii Edwin ds wns homo (rom SI, Jioulfi a fow dnyw thin woek, M O W E A Q U A A S S ELECTS OFFICERS MOW1CAQUA- The Glctmeis claws nt the Baptist rhiuch, met Tuesday ovenlng with Mrs. Vcine Humphtey Ten member* wore jncaont Tho lot- wInK WOIB elected: I'restilont---Miss Onota Smock. Vice ptoMlilont--Kayo Snydor. Hccreliiry-treasurer -- MiTM Doils Pal IP i son, Mr*. Motta Imd charge of tho pro- wm, which was a revlow of tho lite of Adam and Nofth Ml** Zeltna Funk nnd Mlag Neva May MOM weio suosts During the social hour games and contest* were enjoyed, PH/os woro won by Miss Oneta SmooK, Nova May MOM and Mt*. Harold Fottoi- nmn, HefreihmenU weio nerved. Tho Pniilme club mot Tuesday afternoon with Mm, J. Whootor Adami Mrs. Kmmerson 8nndoi» wns n (ttirst The afternoon woe spent playing rook. Rofieahments woio setvod by tho hontans, fells TAILJK IT jjvti O NE thing that nevoy fall* to make us shudder to to see an adult got off a bus or »treet car with a little child, and push the child off into the alteot that It IB BO very rlanKeroue. It t* ft!I right to Jet a youngster go nhead under otdlnary circumstances, thiough doois, for Instance, for then the mother fens him always before her eyei. But to let n child be first Into traffic Itt foolish tt Is difficult enough for adults to dodge out of the way. A child twa no chnnce. Tho thins for tho mother to do Is to follow the .same plan her husband does. He gets off flist and turns to help tiU "do- fenoelam woman," She should got off flist and tutn to get the child. We've never heaid of a child who wns atiuok by a car under such clicumstancea, but that I* no aifin It will never happen If mot hois continue to be thoughtless * "You wouldn't envy saleswomen If you knew moro about their Job*," one of thorn told us the other day, aftin having read what we Bald about their pro- fowlon being nice one for women. "To an outsider It may aoem wonderful. You don't ase the different kinds of women we watt upon, "The ones with bad dlaposl- ^ tions are th* hardest to deal with, for we muat keep our tompets and not talk back, A lot of thorn come In hero and wotk off their dispositions on us Their husbands wouldn't stand It, and their maids would get up and toave." », Well, there are ways of getting rid of such cuatomeia, If wo remember "The Salealady" correctly. In that, we wore told tliiit Hi customer who was Impossible could be hurried away In a number of ways. She could be told, that there wot nothing, elmply nothing, In atock in her sizo or of the type sh« wants, for one thing Slnco reading that bock, we would be horribly suspicious of a, cleik who ever said that to UB. Lit, Sans Sana Is Observing Its ZSthRrthday Cake Features Wednesday Luncheon; Plan Party for Oct. 30 S ANS SOUCI club will give an evening ptutjr In Sunnyslde Gol club Oot 30 In otaoivance of Us 25th annlversniy, Mcuibeia and their hua band* will attend The commltt« In charge will arrange ontertalnmcn for tho evening. A b l i t h d o y onko with 35 candles waa tho centerpiece of the luncheon table In Mi's, J R Holt's home Wed n«aday, Mem tor* woio present to their regular- meeting, and honored Kueqta wets tho foui original mem hers of tho club, Mil. Charlea Colby Mrs. Ilniry Koplei Mis J. Foster F. WalU, »nd Mt». IE. A. Den?!. Four largo cnnillct weio included In the 25 on tho take, to honot tho club foundeis Mis. J. D. Johnson was named chadmnn for tlie SunnyntdP paitv and will bo foHlated by Mia. H. Tt Gregory, Mrs C C Nlcholion, snd Mrs. J K Holt The next club luncheon will be in the home of Mra Forreat Fllo In two wecka Windsor Sophomores · Initiate Freshmen WINDSOR -- The aophomores iviv their annual reception to the ifmhmon and new tcnohors In the High achool ftvm Wednesday nlRht nt which tlmo they wore tnlttntcd with amiwlne stunlB Refreahmenta of Ice eronm cono^, all day siickcra id pop woto served. Mia. Oscar Turnot, Mis. E. O. Ttuner and Mm Krneat Morfoid were Mnttoon visitors Saturdny. Mlas Al/umft Tumor of Muttoon passed Sundny with Mlas Grace Tut nor In Windsor. Mr, and Mia Roy Bninhait and buby of Flint, Mich, nre visiting rulntlveit ho re. Mlas Bcithn Gmy who does evan ^ellwtlo Hinging vlsltod her pnrenU u Ash Grove luat week. Mrs B. W. Motloid la til. Jeiae W, Tull It ht i ftom Washington, D. C, to stny until attei election, * Mrs. Snrnh Wallace hntt gone on tiin to Washington City. Friends Give Party For Ash Grove Couple WINDSOR--Mi. and Mra. A, A, VtcClaln of Ash Grove who arc _ pailng to move to Stcwaidson were ,'lvcn a fftiowoll supper by a num ior of tholr filonda and nol([hbor» Ftlday night lima Bunco attended the otato mooting of tho Rebokahs in ·tprlngfiuld this week as delegates fiom Ectcn lodge In Windsor Mr and Mia. John Roblaon hnvo moved to the homo thoy tocontly purchased, nwth ot tho Picsbyterlan chuich Mr. and Mrs, Everett Honne and ohlldrtn ot Mattoon were guosta of Mr. and Mrs. R, A. Sprague Tuesday evening. Wlllldm nobey haa been visiting elntlvo* Jn Arthui the past week. Mtaa Ruth Bonco Is home from Hoopettton, where she hns been visit- ng her sWor, Mui. Carrol Calvin STEWARDSON COUPLE MARR^ON SUNDAY STEW/TIDSON-- Mlaa M f t r l e SKhull*. daughter o( Mr, and Mrs Fred Schulti, and Arthur Krummar- eleh. wn o( Mr. ind Mri. William Krurnmereleh. were married Sundav afternoon In the Lutheran church bj Rov, Theodore Dotitenhahn. Miw Lenoia Frieda played the weddln* march, und A dinner and reception followed In the home of the bilfte'i parent*. The couple will make their home on farm two and « half mllet *wt of Sttwardeon, Upset Not Serious If Bowels Get This Help When you're out-of-sorts, head. (why, dl7/y, bilious, with coatod tongue, bad btenth, no apnetlte or ' Vf clears up. No more beadaehe; no eas on alomach or bowels. Improvea; digestion la , the next nl«ht Oat eourlnR waste out of yw Then aoe how bowel action lar and complete. reTM *^ had planned to come to next weok fot the gtcat CHAS. L. WAGNER CAN NOT COME HERE FOR CLAIRBERT CONCERT C, L Wagner of Now Yolk, formerly of Sholbyvllle, who la manager lor Clare Clalrbcrt, has written that ho will not be able to attend her concert hore, after all Mr, Wagn«r Detntur Belgian soprano's flist concert In this part of the country, and hoped to meet many of hi* oid Shelbyvltle ftlends hero on that occasion. He is obliged to remain In New Yoik, Iwwevor, to meet Rafael 3a but In I, whoao new play Mr, Wagnor 18 to produce ANTIQUE QUILJ EXHIBIT FRIDAY Women of Westminster Presby- leiian church are to have a quilt exhibit Friday fom 2 In tho afternoon until 0 30 In the evening, In the kaaemont of the church. Anyone Irtorested h invited to attend There ivllt be no charge foi admhslon, but a silver offciing will be taken at ten. The exhibit will include many old nnd unusual quilts, modern coplei of old one% and some ot tho newer tyjea In addition thcio will be antique hnndwoik of Other sorts on exhibit, dlshctt, bi ie-a-brac, and oth- ci objcctt of Intci c-jt POLLY PRIM CLUB MAKINGJO QUILT§ Polly Pilm club, composed of ten membcis dtew iuim«s in its meeting Wodni-aday to tee which mem- tuns would be the first to get qutlU that will bo made In futuio mcetlngn Ono q«llt -will be made for every ntomb*r. MIR. Oraco Lobdlll and Mis Chris Nemevct will get the first two. The club mot In tho home of Mis Hnrsl Scbondol, 1745 E ist Main aticel. She imd Mis. Ahncda Huiglv aeivod loftfBhmonts. Mi» May Amold won a hosteis ]»tl^c, and conlast p;l7i3 went to Mis. Lobdill and Mrs Ncmoyci Mrs Hnigia ami Mlsa Theieoft Wlnlois woio f-ucst 1 ) In two weclfp the club will meet with Mis Mao Winteis,077 East William sti eot. RIVERSIDE P. T. A. TO HAVE MASQUERADE Tho Parenl-Teachor nasociatlon of Rlvcislilo achool will have a mas- quoiado paitv on the evening of Ocl 30 In the school houae, for all mt-m- boia. Fiona wero completed laal Friday In the tegular meeting, the piogtam lor which was given by the tearhpr. Plan Educational Meeting for All P. E. (^Chapters BC Invites Other Chapters to Kaeuper Hall Nov. 17 C HAPTER BC of P, B. 0. will «n tertaln In .Kaeuper hall at o'clock on Nov. 17 for members o BW and CX chaptott, In tho annual Educational day observance of th' P. E, O. uiBloihood. Mrs, Lettii Mudge of Chicago, one of th trustees of the educational fund for tho supieme chnpler, will speak, Educational day ID one of the three outstanding days in tho P. E O year. Thu others ate Foundern' day and Reclpioclly day. Mr*. Delia P Ouahard, chall man ot the educational committee for BC chapter, in chaige of the program, which will bn announced In deloll lator. Mit, Mudge was chairman of en tortalnnwnt when tho supreme chap- tor met In Chlcugo, and her executive ability Is known to Decatui women. She was a guest here a few yoam ago, and was entertained in a dinner In Ihe old Country club Be- Bides tho BW and CX chapters, each member of BC chapter will be tn- vlted to take a guest. GRANT P. T.V TO HEAR OGLESBY Hev, Verne F. Oglcaby will apeak tonight before members of th? Parent-Teacher association of U. S Oiant school The meeting IB «et lai 7.30 o'clock, and will Include mu sic and a aociai hour also The r»- poit on the Mt Zlon mooting haa been postponed to November Illinois Girl is Brightest Ihrce to twelve, Thnl's the period which is most important to your child's development And thnl's the timeunany are retarded mentally and physically by consliptilion, Waldi your child, motherl Al tins drat ai(jn of had hieulh, coated tongue, hcadnche, biliousness, Inck of energy or appetite, jjive a litllo California Fig Syrup. This pure vegetable product ckans- es, rcfiulatc* a child's bowels without diicomfort. No danger of forming the laxative habit when California Fig Syrup is used. For it tanci and slronjjlhcns weak bowels. In cold* or children's didcaies, employ its gentle nid to keen the system fiom becoming clogged with germs or waste. Mothers everywhere arc caficr to tra of the henciils secured for liioir children. Mis, J. D. Antlcsco. irx)9 S, Ridcelund Avc., Bcrwyn, Chicnoo, says: ^'1 3iuvc used California Fig Syuip with Lois Jeimfof tin eeyear^ meases of upsuts, had bicath, coated tongue or constipation. It keeps her the brightest, hupjncs.1 four-year-old I know!" Look for the name California when buying «iul is on every cttrlon ci the genuine, for your protection. V. F. W. Auxiliary To Have Hard Times Party Friday The womon'H auxiliary to Veterans ot Foreign Wan will have * hard times party Friday evening la a, A. It., hall at 7:45 p, m Each member In to bring a pumpkin pie. A ehorl program 1» being dj ranged for after the meeting:, and a speaker on Navy Day will be, present. "Little Women" To Be Produced Friday Evening The play, "Little Women", will be given Vilduy evsnlng at 8:IS o'clock In the High school auJHoi ium, by a group of High school pupilii under tho direction of Mies Helen dorham. The affair Is for the benefit of tho Community Cheat. Tlcketa hava been on sale all week tn Halne* A Eejjlck'j* where they are being ra- aervcd, and the sale has been excel* lent They nn- ISO cents each. WINIFRED HOPPE, W, WAYNE BODY MARRY OCT. II A NNOUNCKMBNT I* made of the marriage of MlM Winifred Hoppo of Deoatur and W*yn« Body of Bernent, the latter a former Mllll- kln etudent and m*mb»r of Kmppe. Dclte, Chi frnlernity. The weddlnf was tn Monticelto In thn Methodlu parsonage Oct. 11, and WM performed by fUv, J, K. Kvunn. Mr. and MJ I, Robert Hod. were attend' nnts. Mm. Body I* MMoclated with her Now I. lhi llinr In lirrk Vimr WINDOW SHADES KEKEISEN, liw, N, n«lH m. to DtoAlur. Hr, Body, MM «f ·leter In the Mrnna B«kuty Qrtee Body ot Bemmt, M« ·ted mm Bement Ht|h alUnded Mllllkln tw« travotlng wlenniftn tor the Wrlekl Co. Mr, ud Mr*. Body will ,,£ their hofM In Decelur, ft Ma(u Yow HALLOWE'EN Party or Dance jollier tee UMI large M**orment or D*cor*t(mi for hall and home, Favoro, M*«, Horn*. HoKkft. »i c , «t North FIG SYRUP JAXATIVE-TONICAr CHILDREM now with V tillable, Bgi Fall Cleaning Vforkgoes quickly when you use Kitchen Klenzer The true old-time SUGAR Hou in this Go/den Syrup" never tasted PANCAKES before until you try f ^" w ' tlh *?'** dear golden syrup. The old-time "sugar-hoHsS'jtavorgt'vts new idea of w/iat pancakes tan bt I this Golden Syrup of ours and you'll know what I mean by'real old- time sugar-house flavor'! It's a blend we used tomakedown South nearly fiftyyears tgo when we cooked our syrups in open kettles and syrup blending became an art. * f Syrup us fine as this is rare nowadays. There's more to it than selecting your ingredients carefully. There's the knack of Wending at just the right time and just the right temperature to bring out its mellow smoothness and puregolden color. "Nobody learns to make syrups in a BILL HBER S«Ar// Master ftleita'et For 47 yean Bill Heer bit blended, toted and listed «yrup». Every b^tcn of Staley jyrop* mutt paw the twt ot hw educated p*)ate ·t «K)) itep it, its nuking. Staley's few months or a tew years. I've ipent it- most a life-time in perfecting this Golden Syrup of ours. It's as fine as tt syrup can be. Ask your grocer for Staley's Golden Syrup and serve it with pancakes, waffle*, muffins, hot breads of all kinds. You cut make delicious cakes, cookies and ginger bread with Statey'a Syruo. It's surprisingly inexpensive, too. ) Write for our free reeipt took. STALEY SALES CORPORATION r t liitntn SttJcy't GOLDEN Syrup count in the BLUR can Blender Syrups

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