Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on February 21, 1941 · Page 17
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 17

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1941
Page 17
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(Section Two? „ _js|i Henry would yell at me or something-. . . . My mother ««in Florida, you know!" rhisCurlous World By William Ferguson WASHINGTON OWNED MORE THAN /oo, ooo "" HIS H0L.DIN&S WOULD HAVE A VALUE OF ABOUT /=/\S£= f«* COPR. Wl BY N£A SERVICE. INC. WHAT DO THESE ABBREV/IA.TION1S STAND Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Friday Morning, February 21, 1941 IS CONSIDERED THS SOURCE Of= THE J«ANS\\ r ER: QMC, Quartermaster Corps; AEF, American Expedi- "lary Forces; GHQ, General Headquarters: MP, Military Police; F; Royal Air Force; AWOL, Absent Without Official Leave. KEXT: What animal has been domesticated in the last century? rosiword Puzzle ORIZOVTAL iKctured flossy black Answer to Previous Puzzle It is called a -bird. Promise. Winged shoes of Mercury. KBranch ol IStffl collar. 18 Pierced-with a gore. 1 8To exhaust ONude. 8 Musical syllable, eftont of an* •iftqy, 1 : « IHermits. SBeing. 'Baflway OTouched' with IMS, Coward. 36'Sloth. 37 To corrode. 39 Demure, 41 Written discourse. 44 Dismal. 45 Challenges. 47 Breezy. 48 African tribe. 49 This bird is to the crow. 51 To fare. 523.1416. 53 To harvest 54 Pretense. 56 Therefore. 58 It preys on , and eats everything. 59 Colonist. VERTICAL 1 Revolving. 2 Aroused from sleep. 3 And. 4 To scold. Black Bird 5 An embrace. 6 Native metaL 7 To free. 8 Go on. 9 Artless. 10 Itinerant. 1J It was formerly ——' or revered. 13 Learning. 15 Tensibility. 17 Worm. 21 Musical tone 25 Golf terms. 31 Absconds. 33 Beginning. 35 Moldings. 36 Sugar. 38 Coin. 40 Barks. 42 Sufi god. 43 To assist. 45 Clock face. 46 Auction. 49 Ocean. 50 To soak flax. 52 Father.; 53 Ream .(abbr.), 55 Preposition. 57 Either. Hi! Phillip 'r«pjTisht> I AN appeaser *» is a man who has the courage of his o w n convictions, hates to spread war and dares to disagree with a columnist. Defeatist: An American who thinks George Washington was right * * * The Most Terrible Nightmare: Dreaming that Hitler is making one of his typical speeches and that you are in the front row where you can't miss a word. » * * [ For More H. 1. rhllllpi 1 See The Editorial Fan J Don't Take MY Word By FRANK COLBY NEW * # * From Springfield: Can't you do something about the network broadcaster who persists in saying ''noo" for new, "doo" for due, 'dook" for duke, etc.—W. K. Answer: Of course, I can't ensure anything, but perhaps this Rhyme- o-Eram will reach the one for whom it is intended: Use Your U's. Now. honestly, believe you me, I hate to be insistent, But can't you see that we must be A trifle more consistent? If we say FEW, for pity's sake, Why "noo 1 for NEW, please tell me? And "doo" for DUE, another break That never fails to quell me? If PEWS is "pyooz," then NEWS is "nyooz," Unless I miss my guess, sir. If HUES is "hyooz," why "dooz" for DUES? I'm stumped. I must confess, sir. One should not use the "oo" of OOZE In STUDIO, nor DUKE, sir. That you refuse to use your U's, Musi earn my stern rebuke, sir. Tell any beauty she's a cootie; Whee! She'll slap your face, sir. In line of duty, call her CUTIE; She'll seek your embrace, sir. In feud and mute, and nude and lute. The "U" of USE should blend, sir. Not "food" nor "moot," nor "nood" nor "loot." So let this misuse end, sir. Press Portraits A noted designer says women's hats will not be so "funny" this season. Just when the world needs a good laugh more than ever. —Oskaloosa (la.) Herald Cranium Crackers NONSENSE VERSE Here are snatches of five famous nonsense verses. Can you identify the author of each? 1. "They dined on mince and slices of quince, Which they ate with a run- cible spoon x x x" 2. "x x x of shoes and ships and sealing wax, Of cabbages and kings x x x" 3. "I never saw a purple cow: I never hope to see one x x x" 4. "A capital ship for an ocean trip Was the 'Walloping Window- Blind. 1 No wind that blew dismayed her crew Or troubled the captain's mind." 5. "'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble on the wabe; All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths out- grabe." Answers Below Mopsy By GLADYS PARKER France is facing a flood menace—which would be its : . iwwnout" since the war began. The' * » * ^Soal of some college boys vanished at the end of the football » » » are having the novel experience of learning to take orders get married. * * * doctor says we all are half lazy. We say he hasn't of it " * * # of an ailing movie actor getting better reminds us that " for better actors. * * # nd that the man of the hour has made his plans * * # fc lead to Ron*, the ancients said. Greeks and British have *.«.$ Stall true, even in Albania and Libya. ' ' " HELLO, CAMP DIX? ^ ntftNTTOMlKTOA/ BOTNAMEDJOE. \ JDONTKNOWHtS / HE HAS BLUE EVES AND DOE? A TERRIFIC RUMBA Cranium Crackers Answers 1. "The Owl and the Pussycat," by Edward Lear. 2 "The Walrus and the Carpenter," by Lewis Carroll. 3. "The Purple Cow," by Gelett Burgess. 4 "A Nautical Ballad," by Charles Edward Carryl. 5. "Jabberwocky," by Lewis Carroll. Our Boarding House With Major Hoople Out Wickenburg Way Telephone 3-111? By J. R. Williams foKAY.MALSORjYOUWfW ME TO TELL. YOU VJUERE YOU VJERE ALL RIGHT, DIAMOND MUCH? T'LLTAKH HALF, BEFORE- BREAKFAST ASKEOFORIT CUUB, AND WOrt-'-"-YOU CAMEYO BREft«- HAPPY AS A CAT AFTER DlNilNS ON A CAMARY-"~ AND YOU'RE -TUETiE-PltJ TilA SOT FOR CHRISTMAS, AMD SMUFPY'S POP-BOTTLE CUFF LIMKS/—THEN LOST THEIR CASH FIRST, MV PEOPLE HAVE BEEM IMTHIS COUMTRV SO LOWS THAT ViE HAV5 STARS AN* STRIPES BIRTHMARKS — AM' THE.V FRISK. MY LUMCH BOX • PER SABOTAGE/ OME OF MV ANCESTORS SHAVED WASHINGTON AND Dlt>W'T CUT HIS THROAT AN' THEV FRISK ME / WHV. 'THEV'RE/t THINK THEV'RE )• NO- ONE. AWFUL, SUSPICIOUS /ASKED MS FUSSV OF Oil TIMERS WHERE X ON MORE THAM WANTED TO THIS THEV ARE OF BE BORN, WAR NEWCOMERS—\ BUT SINGS WORK. THEY'VE HAD I'VE <3OT TOD FREEDOM SO I PAST TH' LON<3 THAT / RED. CANDV THEV MtSHT / ASE I LIKE TO TRV I THIMK I SOMETHIN' J\ KNOVS; ELSE. "l -' •h/z COPS. i»«t jvjtfA smice. me. T. nt ato. u. s. PAT. orr._ THE..INSULT Superman r Ste This Comic In Full Color "1 _ Faze In The Sunday Republic J A Rude Interruption THOUGHT TO STOP IN ELL-EI2-|'VE A AND SEE IF I COULD HELP.) HUNCH THAT SHE YOU-TEU.ME,DOYOU THINK THIS GIBL YOU ENOUGH MAJOB OBSTACLE TO YOUR EOMANCE IS ALREACT/ OVERCOME! ALL YOU NEED ADMIRE CABES FOB VOl DO IS SPEAK UP AND SHE'LL ACCEPT YOU. IT ASALLTHAT! ITS AS SIMPLE By Jerry Siegel and Joe Sinister The Gumps ALL BIGHT, J WISEGUV! ^.WTTHIHE RAISE YOUE HANDS'. AND YOU. TOO, •" See Thl» Comic In Fi-ll r-"-r Page In The_Sunday Republlfl * THOUSAND VJELC&Mts THE EAR UNCLE BW(.' TlUsA. HOSPITABLE OUR UNCLE TAKE UMCLE BWA'5. MAT- lUTTLB WIN fell* BACK.' fe«A'S6U> SUPPERS Falling On Deaf Eyes Boots and Her Buddies SUPPERS VJHERETHEY ARE-»'Ve.EN<3A<aED TABLE FOK>*A«t WVPA By Gus Edson Fair Warning By Edgar Martin Mutt and Jeff ? Z^SS* 1 ' 'Aof Jtll IsAlso Playing The Noah's Ark Market Short This Season By Bud Fisher /WHATS.THIS? A STRANGE MAN'S HAT AND UMBRELLA t\ IN,MY GIRL'S v HOUSEJ'/O KISSIH6THE GIRL IM \60NNAOO GONNA MARRV.'J ABOUT.IT? YOU W/ON'T ^ GET AWAY WITH THAT.' Sergeant Stony Craig Thrown For A Loss By Frank Rentfrow and Don Dickson THIS IS GOVERNMENT PROPERTY, BOUGHT &Y THE TAX-PAYER?. PART OF IT BELONGS DON'T MAKE ME GET TOUGH, FELLOW . NO TIN SOLDIER IS GOING TO KEEP ME OUT OF WHERE I WANT The Nebbs [ See Ihl» Comic" In Full Color "I Page In The Sunday Bepuollc J NOW IS THE TIME, TRIGGER. KATZ WILL TAKE CAW OF THAT GUY On The Trail //ALL RIGHT, SMART BOY, IF SOME 'OF THIS GROUND BELONG? TO YOU, HERE"? VOUR SHARE, EAT IT/ By Sol Hes» (&OCV04EV FUNT CAMS UPTOTWE CVTV LOOKIMG FOR UIS SWEETHEART \NVTHOUT KKIONWIK1G HER RIGHT NAME OR HER WHEREABOUTS —»T LOOKS LIKE. AM AUMOST UOPELeSS OOBI AND VOL) 5AV VOUVE BEEN EMPU3VEO HERE - AMD YOU DONT KNOW A. .LADY STOPPlNa HEREWHOC AKiO THERE'S NO SINGLE LAOV, , REGULAR GUEST, WHO ANSWERS .THAT DESCRIPTION. WE GOT A, LOT OP , WIDOWS HERE WHOSE HUSBANDS THEMSELVES OUT GETTIN.G- TOGETHER A, PORTUNE TOR )THEM, BUT NQe SHE MUST BE STOPPING HERE. SHE MENTnON JHIS HOT5U ^OU KMOW,MH.PLIK1T. THIS IS A SWSLL HOTEL 1 AND A. LOT Of PEOPLE WHEW THEY'RE our OF THE CITY BRAG ABOUT UVING HERE_NOU ALMOST SOT TO iTOWORK

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