Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 22, 1948 · Page 32
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 32

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 22, 1948
Page 32
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.. 2 • Dec. SI, 1948 Mason Ctty aiob«-G»i«(te, Maton City, U. Osage Woman Found in Cistern at Home Osage — Mrs. Howard Lewis 40 was- in a hospital at Iowa City Monday for treatment after being She struggled valiantly- in the Icy water for an hour, clinging to the rope with her head barely above water. Her cries for help w.ere not heard at once, Mrs. Earl Jeffries * neighbor, finally being attracted to the spot when she heard a distress sound while returning home irom down town. * A human ladder was made to rescue the woman as the opening to the cistern was too small to admit a ladder and near unconscious woman at the same time. Until Wednesday to Enter Plea on Charge of Larceny ter a plea to a charge of larceny by embezzlement. District Judge Frank Bechly Monday overruled a motion by Lammers' attorney to dismiss the indictment, which was returned by a grand jury earlier in the month. Judge Bechly then set the new time for pleading. The indictment charges Lammers converted ?5,286 in city funds to his own use,. " TO INACTIVE LIST Iowa City — Junita Nagle, 23, Mason City, was transferred to the inactive polio list at University hospitals Monday. HOUSE SLIPPER SPECIAL for the Balance of This Week Emlet Twito's Citizenship Is Restored Des Motncs, (#)—Gov. Robert D. Blue Monday restored the citizenship of Emlet Twito, 56, who was elected.' sheriff 'of Emmet county at the Nov. 2. election. Twito thus can qualify for the office next month. Twito's citizenship never had been restored following his conviction in 1927 on a charge of issuing a false check. The governor said he took Monday's action following an investigation by the Iowa bureau ot investigation and on recommendation of a former president of the bank on which Twito's 1927 check was drawn. Twito claimed, in asking for restoration of his citizenship, that he had a. note with the bank and also a checking account. Without his knowledge, Twito said, his checking account balance was applied on his note. Faces Charge of Manslaughter After Riot at Rath Plant Waterloo, (#>)— T r i a 1 of Fred Lee Roberts on a manslaughter charge growing out of a riot at the Rath packing.plant last spring will open in district court here ^Tan. 24, it was announced Monday RobertSj a non-striker, is accused of slaying William Farrell a striker, in a disturbance during a .packinghouse workers' strike Trials of all other remaining cases stemming from the strike were postponed until the March term of court. ONE LOT OF SLIPPERS Values to $5.95 Pont Forget Wednesday Night Is "MEN'S NIGHT" j SHOES . ' 105 NORTH FEDERAL \ ifwap$N»fat*^fc*3^^ Atom Research Hazards Seen 5 Losing Eyesight From Radiation New York, (U.R)—Atomic scientists warned Tuesday that exposure to neutron radiation—such as may'be costing the sight of 5 physicists—will become an increasingly greater hazard as atomic energy is put to work. However, they pointed out that the use of x-rays and radium was also a great hazard at first and medical scie^ntje managed to find the necessary precautions. Neutrons alpng with protons are the component parts of the nucleus of the. atqm. When an atoni is split, nevitrons fly out at great speed and are; the bullets that strike other atoms, setting up a chain reaction. The principle applies either to an atomjc bom.b or a peacetime atomic energy pile/from which power soon may be 'qb- tained, ' Three of the physicists losing their sight because of radiation were identified as P. Gerald Kruger, University of Illinois; Gerhardt Groetzinger, University of Chicago, and Lloyd Smith, now at the University of California. They are believed to have been overexposed while working on the Illinois cyclotron, an atom-smashing machine. Atomic scientists here said that the dangers of neutrons long had been known to physicists and that ;n r&cent years better, means of protection had been developed. Improved instruments for the detection bt Aeutrpzis also have been developed. Increased Appropriations for State Schools Favored Get The Dirt Out Of The Rug With LYONS RUG CLEANING Our scientific rug: cleaning: process insures long life and extra beauty. ~\Ve clean all types and sizes. Phone 600 Delegates for Proposed GOP Meet Chosen New TP«rK>. W?)—Philip Willkie, son of the'late Wendell Willkie, Mpnday proposed a list of republican leaders as delegates 'to a 1B49 national convention to formulate a party program. Willki&;"2|;"an"Iiidiana legislator who lives in Rushville, Ind., first suggested the idea of annual (EDITOR'S NOTE: This Is another in a series ot stories ort prospective legislation in the r.ext general assembly.) By GERALD BOGAN Iowa Daily Press Writer Des lloines — (iDPA) — Iowa legislators are in favor of increased appropriations to state board of education schools, according to an Iowa Daily Press association survey. But the legislators may trim the askings made by the board in preliminary budget request. The board's request for support of the schools totaled $25,258,936 of %yhich $12,762,909 was asked for the state university at Iowa City, $8,070,000 for loWa State college at Ames, and $2,903,427 for Iowa State Teachers college at Cedar Falls. Of the 79 house members who returried the IDPA questipnnaire 40 said they favored increased appropriations, 8 said they did not, 11 were undecided and 20 did hot answer th> question. Among the 26 senators who responded. 17 were in favor of boasting appropriations, 3 said no, 3 were undecided and 3 did not answer. "Amount Necessary" Several house members said they did not favor' the amount asked by the board. Others said a "needed amount" or an "amount necessary" should be granted. One house member said he also favored an increase in tuition rates. Other typical comments were: "Not for building purposes." "We'll have to increase the amount same." "Bring the amount up to date." "Enough to offset the increase in cost of operation." One senator said he favored an amount "much less than asked." Another commented that the ask- ings were "too much." Another said that some increase is needed." Lower Budget In addition to operating budget askings the board has requested a total of $22,817,500 for capital improvements at state schools. This includes an accelerated program at the state university. No doubt both Gov. Robert Blue and Gov.-Elect William S. Beajds- tey will recommend lower budgets than requested by the board of education. That was indicated in To Appeal Tax Evasion Assessment Davenport, CU.R) — Henry A. Kraftmeyer, 69, Bettendorf livestock dealer, will appeal a $43,907.59 assessment for federal income tax delinquencies, his attorney said Tuesday.. Attorney Martin P. McCarthy said that Kraftmeyer will pay a $10,000 fine levied last Saturday by Federal Judge Charles A. Dewey for failure to file an income tax. Kraftmeyer pleaded guilty. Back taxes and penalties covering a 9-year-peripd should be reduced because it has been shown that Kraftmeyer's income was less than originally claimed by the government, the attorney said. Kraftmeyer's appeal will be heard when the U. -S. tax court convenes in Des Moines or Omaha, Nebr., McCarthy said. figure the chance of being called a 2nd time on the program. They said it was 1 In 1,000,000,000,000 times—or a trillion. CENSOR RAIJfO Batavia, Java, (U.R)—Dutch military censorship Tuesday stepped all United Press dispatches referring to the republican radio, which has returned to the air to give th« Indonesian sjde of the present fighting in" Java. On the Radio Beam TUESDAY NIGHT NETWOVK HIGHLIGHTS ABC—7:M Yoncn A«k* th* Governmeatf 7:15 Karl Godwin; 7:3* T*w» Meeting; S:M Views of the New*; MS Detroit Symphony; 9:M L*t Freedom Hint; »:45 Scr.*B*>d* lor String. CBS—6:S» Bob Crosby's Club U; S;4» Edward K. Mtirrow With th* Newt; 7:09 Mystery Theater; 7:M Mr. and Mrs. North; I;M T«« Ar* Tfcer«; «:3t Li(« With L«lgl; *:«* Bit th« Jackpot; »;3« Motor Amsterdam. MBS—7:00 George O'Hantan; 7:M Official Detective; 1:00 Gabriel BealUr; 1:39 Lone Wolf; »:M America* Forum. NBC—7:<M This Y*«r Life; 7:3* Oat* With Judy; 1:00 Bob Hope; »:S» Fibber MeQeo and Molly; tit* Big Town; 8:33 People Are Funny. republican month. p.olic'y meetings last The purpose, he said then, was to revitkTiz^ the republican party which silfler.ed a ".terrible defeat" this year and "5 times in succession has failed to win the presidency.'-' He specifically named the fol- lowingj' Harold E. Stassen, president of the University of Pennsylvania; Gov. Earl Warren, of California; Gov. Ernest Gibson of Vermont; Gov. Robert F. Bradford of New Hampshire; Rep.. James W- Wadsworth, New York; and Ralph Cake and Sinclair Weeks, republican national committeemen. Among republican senators named were Hiclcenlo'oper (Iowa) and Wherry (Nebr.) questioning Ulgs. Both during budget hear- Beardsley and Blue Turns Down 2nd Chance on Quiz Show Chicago, (ff 1 ) — A Waterloo, Iowa, woman passed up a 1-in-a-trillion change Monday to "give so' else a Christmas present." ; r The woman, Mrs. Herbert Boettcher, w a § called Monday, and was given her 2nd chance in 6 weeks to ' ^ris^er " a ' questipn Ceremonies Be have indicated they feel the ask- ings are "out of line,'! and they probably will be pared sharply before the legislature receives the budget message. of Schrpeder Is Named Secretary to Linn Des Moines, (/P) —Secretary Agriculture Harry p. Linn announced Monday the appointment of Allen R. Schroeder, 22, as his secretary, ' effective Jan. 3. Schroeder,' assistant secretary Conservation 2 year's, will succeed lVTiss r Mildred Veatch. She recently "was appointed depiity to Secretary • of State-Elect Melvin D. Synhorst . Schroeder, formerly Of Ida 'Grove, served 18 months in the navy in World war II. Bride Protests Lack of Kisses Chicago, (JP) — Mrs. • Angeline Kemp complained, to Circuit Judge Julius H. Mirier' trjat her husband, Joseph, didn't'kiss, her during the 10 days she Jiyed with, him. She asked that th^ marriage be annulled. 'I'hey we^re. rharried last A'ug.'l'O and separated Sept. 10. Judg§ Miner took the case under advisement. r Mrs. Kemp is 65, a widqw and a grandmother. Kemp, a retired contractor and widower,'is 75, has 8 sons and daughters by the pre- marriage and 15 grandchildren. aske.a by Master of Tom" Moore of- the "ladies Seated" radio show (ABC). Six weeks ago when Moore called her, she correctly identified the Leaning Tower of Pisa and received $2,000. in household equipment. When she was called Monday, she told Moore: "Give someone else a Christmas present." The "someone else" was Gertrude C. Martin, of Mich. She coVrectly identified Carrie Nation, the woman temperance' crusader. The 'program's sponsor (Toni Products) 'had its own statisticians again Mrs. Good Listening On KSMN Bob Crosby . . . (6:30 p, m. Mon.-Fri.) Singing-emcee Bob Crosby and company briijg listeners a melodic quarter-jipiir oJC {He best in" popular" sfongs each' evening .TJie 'Andrews Sisters are "featured with Crosby on Monday, Wednesday and ^ridjiy. M^rgap^t Vfh.iting ap the Mpderna.ires are with j}ini c Tuesday arid 'Thursday.'" * Ecjward R,. Murrow Hew* . . . (6:45 p. m. Mon.-Fri.) Edward R. Murrow, \yhose "I Can Hear li Now" album, an audible history of the momentous years 1&33-45, which is Winning critical afd^im, is heard in a summary and analysis o'f the hews each, evening of the' Io\Va Soil Committee the last Trurrum Will Fly to Missouri Wednesday Washing-ton, (JP) —President Truman will fly to Missouri We'dnes- <3ay to spend the Christmas holidays. ' -.•...-. Mrs. Truman and their daughter, Margaret, are already'at "the old home in Independence, Mo. Mr. Truman expects' to return to Washington about Dec. 29. FfaH Dial 1010 Wednesday A. M. 7:30 Musical TNT, Outlet Stor* 7;45 Musical TNT ' .' 8:00 News, "Chuck" Lennan Bakery 8:15 Musical TNT, Iowa, Shoe Brokerage 8-4S Musical TNT' " ' • • • - ' S:00 Musical TNT, Raizes Dept. Stor* 9:15 Musical TNT, Clear Lake^Bakery 9:80 Morning Serenade, Club' Lift* 6:45 Jqe' Sodia Trio 10:00 News 10:05 Algoha Hoar 11:00 Kitchen Kwi* Klnh, 11:15 Slus'ic For 'the Mrs: 11:30 Fairly Line, Gamble Store* Wednesday P. M. 12:00 Nopnday Serenade 12:10 U.'P."Commentary, Laplner Motor* 12:15 Noonday "tf e W"s, 10wa Hardware M"utualg 12:30 Rural Roundup 12:45 Kural Boundw'p, Harold Motor*, Inc. 1:00 Charles City Hour 2:00 Brltt Hour 2:30 Iowa Fall* On the Air 3:00 News ' ' ' :t:fi3 Iowa Falls On the Air (Continued) 3:15 Pipes of Melridy .y - • 3:30 United Council o£ Church Women 3:45 Hequestfulljf Yours 4:15 Letters to Santa'Claus, JUlies Oept. Store" ' "' ' ' : " ' 4:45 Sign OH * Mystery Tbeoter Drama ,... (7 p. m.) "Mystery Theater^ presents "The Anniversary 'Mur- der'Case,'' starring AlfrVd 'Shirley as'Hearthstone. ' ' * Pant fir jerry Meet Santa ' . . . {7:30 'p. m'.) r Parft and Jerry Nortjj meet a Santa 'Claus who ia cbrivirtced' "if i? 'more " blessed to give""than to receive, during'the "Mr. and Mrs." Nprth" 'mystery- coniedy.' ' ' * Hit the Jackpot *'. . . '(9 P- if 1 ') Biir£ullen is em- ceq of the prdgr'arh where's a fortune jn ygluHT?!? prizes' waiting for'the lucky person,' y/hen h« hits the jackpot. * On the Farm '". ?. (7:15 a. rq'. Mon.-Fri.) Thiji farm service program', right from the 'grass' roots, includes fcomplet? weather summaries, '''On 'The Farm" interviews, farm news and good music every week-day morning. KICM Daily Sch«4uU F»r KGLO + KGLO-FM Tuesday P.M. Stertlnf Drug. for your Christmas shopping convenience ALL MASON CITY STORES WILL BE OPEN Wednesday and Thursday Nights — Dec, 22,23 Until 9 O'clock CHRISTMAS EVE ... Friday, Dec. 24 ... Mason City stores will close at 5;3.6 ON YOUR DIAL Tuesday P. M. 4:00 1490 Club 1:15 Superman 4:30 Capt. Midnight 4:45 The Story Lady 5:00 Adventure Parade (5:15 Santa Clans and the Story Lady 5:45 Toip Mix 6100 Fulton* Lewis, Jr., Newa C:15 Snortj Hi-Lltes g:30 V: f. W. Speqks 6:4S Hospitality Time 7:00 Reflections in'Melody 7:55 Hy Gardner Says:' ' 8:00 Basketball: Mohawks vs. Waverly 9:30 George O'Hanloh Show 10:00, News 10:15 Carols for Christmas 10:30 Benny Strong Orchestra 10:55 News 11:00 Buddy DeVito's Orchestra 11:30 Henry Jerome's Orchestra 11:55 Newts ' ' ' 12:00 Sign Off. Wednesday A. M. 6:00 Farm Frolic Time 6:15 Jerry Smltfi 6:30 News antt Markets 6:4O Far^n Frolic Time 7:00 News 7:IS Moments of Devotion 7:30 ReveiHe Rhythms 8:0« News 8:15 Tell Vour Neighbor 8:30 Panic's Paradise ' 8:55 TodaV in Hi^tpry 9:00 Lady Next Door 8:15 Faith in Our Time 0:30 Kitchen Kfatter 8:43 Waltz Time IO:M John NesblU'j Passing Farad* 10:15 Fashions in Rhythm • 10:30 aabriel Ueattcr's Mailbag 10:45 Lanny Ross Show 11:00 Katf Smittt Speaks 11:15 Kate Smith Sings 11:30 Merry "Christmas and Happy N«w Year 11:'"i Lun- ' TB Serenade Wednesdpy p. M. 12:0* New* I2:1S Veteran's. News, Review 12:^0. Rack) Farm Journal 1:4* Qfleen for a Day 3:Jo Listen Ladies 1:45 The Little Show 2:15 Grain Reporter 2:20 New* 2:30 Ballroom in the Sky 2:lS St. Peter's Roy Choir 3:00 Vr;at Visitor S:I.T The Happy Gang 3:*5 Two-Ton Baker 5:00 Bob Clausen Show fi:3Q Herb "Shrjntr Show, Mi|e* Laboratories, QB3 6:«3 Sport! Cimera, Btaign City Qlob*- •• OaxVitte . . • 6:60 News, F. G. ft E. (Ki;W> 6:18 Postmark Mason City, Mason Oltf ' " Chambe'r of Commerce - '" • 6:30 Club 15, Campbell Soup*, CBS 6:45 New«, Edward 9. Morrow, Campbell Soups, CBS 7:0« My.tery Theater, CBS ' 7:30 Mr. ani Mrs. Nor^h, • '' CBS ' '. ' ' ' 8:00 "You Arc There, CBS 8:30 Life With Hiigi, CBS 3:00 Hi* the Jackpot,' Chrysler Cqrp., CB3 ' 9:30 Mo'rey Amsterdam Show, CBS JO-.ttO New*, First 'National Bank <Kew> 1Q:15 Friendly ' Time. 'Grain Belt Bee,r 10:30 Moonlight Memoirs 11:00 News', C»S " *' ' 11:05 Benny Strong's Orchestra. pB? 11:30 Gardtnai Benedict's Orchestra, CBS 12:00 News, CBS . Wednesday A. M. 6:00 Sicn On 6:0?, Newa 6:07 Morning Rouser 6:30 Farnt Keperter, State Brand Cream- eriy, Ine. (Hilton) ' " 6:45 News (iBarrfr) 7:00 Rhythm* Koundap, Zenor Motor Co, 7:15 On the Farm, 'Al Us- Chalmers Co, 7:30 Keep TTiittt With" Camotu' * ' ' S:15 Htlfam headllnei, Holsmm Bread (Hosha}) »:30 Yesterday'* Music, Cool Sprlni Canning 'Co. 8:£5 Today in Qsage 0:00 Bible Bfoadcast, Kadi* Chape! 8:15 Cfea* Ibkc an' the Alt' 9:30 Cotfee Tirnc With npuj 9:4.", Kitchen Cinfc, Perfex 10:00 News Digest, Jacob E. Decker an* Son* (Barrer) I«!l5 "T»,t«r" Qriix, HjUnd Potato Chip* I ft: JO prap'd Slam, Wonder Bread^ PBS 1(1:45 ChVIstmaii Shopper*' Gold. 11:00 Wendy Warren, 'Central Foods, CBH il:15 Qetsf Boss Serenade, .rtaff Baking Company II :M Home Town Now*, NMh Coffee Co, Harvester Uook-Up Time. Ipte»a- l Btarveiter C«: Wednesday P.M. 12:00 Markets 12:05 The Man on tka Street, FriUhard Motor O. 1Z.-1S Noon Kovndap, Carries' 12:36 News, Osco Drui (BIHo.n) 12:48 Farm apd B«m« Topic Tim*, Bt. rani Livestock q«. 1:00 The Second Mrs. Barton, GcaenI Foods, CBS • • ... 1:15 The Friendly Philosopher, Marshal* and twltt ' 1:M This la Nora I^rakt, The Tonl Co, ' ' ' CBf ' ' ...... ' 1:45 MysUry Melody Gam* <:«• Arth» f Q*d(r«y Time, O*fi«rfUl« CigaroU, CBS >:*• a.'*: Vouo' Party, Oowml C*., CB« • Z:M Vewt, 9«l*susi Brtad »:•• Ulnt Hsiiit, Arnoar * 3:25 Sp<Stil«<hf bn a Stir S:M Tokr jfirlko, L««ky Itrik* Clear***, C3»« 4 1 :** Artmr q*«ft*r Time, Gold Seal • •' ..... ' '•' " • "^ Mii*t • • C*., CM • " • • ^ 4:18 Arth.r a*4frey Tlmo, Na»l»to, CB« 4:M HllIU* BO«MI, CBB ' . . 4:49 XGLO Forum

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