Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on November 6, 1941 · Page 12
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 12

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1941
Page 12
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Page Twelve STERLING DAILY GAZETTE. STERLING, ILLINOIS Thursday. Novf rnfVr News of Whiteside, Carroll, Ogle, Lee, Bureau and Henry Counties WIJHsm Miene 1W Five letter Men Back On Prophetstown Squad; Schedule Opens Nov. 18 Wilbur A team ha.-, '-'artod piactur Fortv on taovs ha\r rpportrd. but thf' f-.rjuai will bf> rpdurpd soon to about - f this briiiR about the number on coach (an handio Last "\ par's letirr mr-n rr'urim; for piny this year aro Dirk Som mprs. crntrr; Jim Mnilm ar.d Bo Wlicat. guards and F.ldon Martit and Bob Arkrbrrv. forward.- All seniors, except Sommrry. who Is a Junior. Minor letter winners on thr squat Include Louis Groharing. Junio Lawrence. Norman Frederick. How ard Dorsthy. Roland Kiner. Dick Shearer, Clifford Presnell. Gordon Meier and Ch«rlcs,Hodgp. Allan Van Dt Mark, a sophomore, who playec M a freshman last year at Lyndon high school, is another good pros pect. There are 21 games on the Proph ets schedule this season, besides thi Two Rivers conference toumamen end the regional tournament. There are 11 home games and 10 to be played abroad. Mineral. Corpus Christ i. Atkinson and McLean schools appear on the schedule for the first time. On February 6. a trip has been planned to central Illinois to pla> McLean high school. McLean is the high school Coach Craig attended and last year that tram won the championship of McLean county in K tournament involving over 2tThigh achools. The Prophets will open this sea- ion on November 18. with Tampico •t Prophetstown. The schedule follows: Schedule of Games Nov. 18, Tampico. here, N. C. — Nov. 25. Mineral, here. N. C. Nov. 29. Rock Falls, there. N. C. Dec. 2, Port Byron, there. T. R. Dec. 9. Hillsdale. here. T. R. Dec. 12. Corpus Christi. at Galesburg. N. C. Dec. 16, Morrison, there. W. S. Dec. 19. Community. Sterling, here jl. C. Jan. 6. Atkinson, here. N. C. - Jen- 9, Erie, there. W. S. Jan. 13. Cordova, here. T. R. Jan. 16, Fulton, there. W. S. Jan. 20. Lyndon, here. N. C. Jan. 26 and Jan. 31. Two-Rivers tournament at Erie. Feb. 3, Lyndon, there. T. R. Feb. 6. McLean, there, N. C. -- Feb., 10. Erie, here, W. S. and T. R Feb. 13, Tampico, there. T. R. . Feb. 17. Morrison, here. W. S. Feb. 20. Communitv. Sterling there. N. C. '" ' Feb. 24. Anna wan. here. T. R. Feb. 27, i^lton, here, W. S. March 3 and March 7. regional tournament. Note: N. C. indicates non confer- tnce game: T. R. indicates Two Riven conference game; W. S. indicates West Side conference game. Initiate Thirteen ~iirProphetstown GAA Funeral Services for Mrs. Minnie Boiled at Congregational Church I', ! Mr.": P=v>n mot* •'; V? ""' & '.' 'i .<v m-jcr-.' ; s't«-r -,'.:-: ?"*"' ;'V»*T'. r Of The Girls' Athletic association of _ihe Prophetstown high school initiated 13 new members at a party Tuesday evening in the high school. There were about 40 present. A pic- Hie supper preceded the initiation. Dancing was enjoyed, and a spook house in the basement also furnished entertainment. The party was given by the older members, in charge of the leader. Miss Ruth Forney. Move to New Home Mr. and- Mrs. L. P. Shearer are moving this week from the R. E. •Crook residence to their new home. "Itr. and Mrs. Charles"Roese expect to move the first of next week from -.the. Mrs. £atie Mathis house to the Crook residence. Bridge Hostess Mrs. Elmer Lancaster won high «hib Wednesday alternoon at the home of Mrs. Hugo Hecht of Proph- ftetown. There were three tables M:r.r.. p . ,-,.• -,f : M-*!" R< *!•->• ••H'-K "W; <-;; •:' <~I>'T.'-<!, ' ami Ili :::'" <;*:••-:•:• i.-.-i Mi.> K. N. FT.!; a; ':-, r i-ri-.-Ts lii!«Tinr-!it tta.* ill R:'. ': •- .;' • •:}.'".' T\ .:i P:<i;ih»'l.-tn» n 1 : . r '*?{'.".'"»!('.: :\<ir F,r! F'ii>:'<'>n of "I'a;T :-;ro ami WnMit Lyon. RH'. - .-iMfr. Mr; Hn:.-vrj C.T!-. T:--; f FiwrMxl For-* R: ri !< f. "TV,'ir'-'in.'.' Drnvr. Colo . to _:r ;n h' c W:'P 5on. Wayrif. Corp. Stnnlrv fi--i-:i rf For' 55V (inn is visit ing '.'r.i'- w-ric a: thr !: ,'"f hi?; brorl:r;-ir; -!.->-a- arid ti I.M-i- and Mf A:>". IV:a->y. j Mr. and Mr~ Frank \\rt,-^r ! movp from !.".r .' A F.arp l-.c 1 .;- |thf Mrs Kn';'- NTa'r.:s r'".;ri«-:.. ? | Mr. and Nfr< f{nrr.;d Cad-, <; iThursdav in C!;: r »e or. bU5:n? ! LMMK MEWS 4S rrd. .To'in Ph:dl*r. Robrt Mr- /,, r nr.d Special Observance Of Education Week In Lanark Schools to An-'-ri' an F.r. ;-«'.•.-. •>-f: • f(\ m Lar.a: < f.-r. r I Rov p,,n-.«-r ftnil I>nv',d P*on"r. flnrtrrt 9fr* rs.r'-f] fnr bv Mi.v Al- m<-d3. W>:?T. snd Mrs. A: 1 .!? Myrr.v R'jr's; ^ ^^ in th^ I-**nH ^Tr-^f^r" 1 ,'. Program at School Th^ f:;.«; r>f 3 ~'TI~S 'if fr, r frrO f~T\',fT's>:r, rr.rnt.": f:irn i ..«h''-(1 ''"f rnni- T'ln:'-. Rtid sf-lion] .<--..rf«-.,,_<; y, v th«- Mr»nri»v 3t ihp srhoo! r>r O»to ""' ' ' * mstrtK'n: in ir>tce i Frar-.V: M'•«••.•-> nnd I. B Ro'h Mrs Rov Mforr. Mr.-.. H'Ttmrd Rr;>-.- p.ii'i Mr. 11 Rniph Poultrr a.v.i>'fd •Ait'ri t:'. n manv bcnutiful flo-Arrs. Tr-.u-" !:<>:n a dsstanrr who fit- trini'd ";. r >rr\ 3cr> ^,^IP Mr. nnd Mr.' O- ar S^an. Lawrr-ncr Bef h- Ifr. Nr* Bo(i!or(i; Mr. and Mr.<;. Karl SWRII and ffin Dickie. Mrs. Brrtha VVmkJf r. Mr and Mr.<! Robert Wink- !rr. Mr and Mrs. Wnrd Reynolds. Pnnceton: Mrs. Sedrl Serif. Slieffir'd: Mrs. Edna Swnn and ROC«T and Janice. Walnut: Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Swan, Clinton, la.: Mr. and Mrs. Vcrnon Washburn, Rock Fall 1 *: Miss Dorothy Winklcr. Miriooka: Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wink- lcr. Deer Grovr. Mrs. C. A. Prn.v. Mrs. Albert Grav^arth. 1* Grnngr: Mrs. Erma Loomis. Mr. and Mrs. Evrrrtt Swanson. Rock Island; Clyde Shoemaker nnd son Merle. Nelson; Mrs. Mary Hunt. Mrs. Harry Ric«\ Tampico; Allen MrWnrd. Morrison: WilJinm Linker. Ch«dwick: Snm Howe. Sterling; Clifford Hassclman. Rock Falls: Ler Coster. Lyndon; Mr. nnd Mrs. Fxi»«rd Fullerton. Tampico; Mrs. Sad;r Eick. Ocean Park. Calif. MT. CARROLL Reporter. Charles Johnson Mrs. Spencer Johnson To Head Luther Anns Election of officers was held at the meeting of the Luther Anns Tuesday evening at the home of Miss Laura Swanson of Prophetstown. The tollowing officers were chosen: President. Mrs. Spencer Johnson: vice president. Mrs, Everett Wilkinson: secretary. Ethel Anderson; treasurer. Mrs- Elmer Plctsch; flower committee. Marie Johnson and Mrs. John Anderson; treasurer of thp treasure chest. Marilyn Hansen. Erhcl Anderson led the devotionals and Mrs. Lawrence Wagenecht gave the lesson topic. "Discovered Treasures." Guests included: Miss Hazel Wait, Mrs. Harley Church and Miss Lucilc Johnson. : - Mrs. Robert L Boone Postnuptial Honoree Mrs. Robert L. Boone. a recent bride, was honored at a shower on Wednesday afternoon a.t the meeting of the Altar and Rosary society in St. Catherine's church at Prophetstown. She was presented an occasional chair. There were six tables of cards and prizes were won as follows: Pitch. Mrs. Louts Marine; five hundred. Mrs. Dewey Simpson: bunco. Mrs. Robert L. Boone: h;en. Mrs. Achiel Wyckhuys. The hostesses were Mrs, Raymond Croegaert. Mrs. Sylverius De'Witte, Mrs Vernon Van De Mark and Mrs, Camiel Maes. Golden Wedding of Mt. Carroll Couple Observed Wednesday Dr. and Mrs. R. B. Ricr. Mount Carroll resident.* for 46 years, quietly observpd thnr .V)th wedding an- niversray at thfir homr. A IPW frirnds and rr;ati\fs were cuests in the home Wednesday evening, including thrir yon Eari Rice and w;fe nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. Ed Butts. a'.I of DPlsvnn. Wis. Dr. and Mrs Rkv were married Nov. 5. 1891. m Bristol. Wis. Hrr parents wrrp Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bryant of Bristol and he was the son of Mr. and Mrs. M. M. RICP. al<=o of Bristoi. Thpy camr to Mount Carroll from*ChicaEo in 1895 and Dr. RICP has followed his profession as physician since. Bridge Hostess Miss Aileen Baldwin won high prae and Mrs. W. M. Layman received second high at the meeting of the bridge club Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. K. N. Fenn of »rophetstown. There were two tables of cards. Mrs. Roscoe Mathis was a club guest. Lutheran Aid Meets Rev: Milton Lundahl led the de- otionals and gave a short talk at he meeting of the Prophetstown Lutheran Ladies' Aid society—«r Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Arthur Git*on of Lyndon. There were 18 members and three guests present. Prophetstown Briefr Mr. and Mrs. Albert Miller, daughter. Alberta and son Louis of Sandwich. Miss May Pitkins of Ottawa and Miss Phyllis Heller. George ff'Vr ? nrf n^rfi iftifrr*^ were \lsU ors Sunday at the home of Mr. ind Mrs. H. B. Rush. Miss Zella Baird. Miss Carrie Loo- 54,614 Bushels Corn In AAA Storage Bins At Present Time Total of 54.614 bushels of com now is in reserve on Carroll county farms, under the AAA setup. Total of 101.038 bushels were in cribs Jan. 1. but 4C.424 bushels have been liquidated since that time. Commodity Credit Corp, galvanized steel bins now hold about 22,645 bushels of shelled com. instead of the 109.085 bushels of Jan. 1. Total of 76.444 bushels has been liquidated since Jan. 1. The 1941 Carroll county com acreage outlay was 51540 acres, while the allotment for 1942 is 51.489. The average yield of last year was 48.2 bushels per acre and this year's figure is 50J. Five High Ranking Dairy Herds Listed In Carroll County High ranking herds for October in the Carroll County Dairy Herd Improvement association have been listed. They follow: Owner Lba. Milk Lbs. Fat Carroll & French 899 37.9 W. G. Warnock 691 356 Stanley Finnifrock "834 35 6 Holland & Pratt 799 33.0 John K. Morris 518 24.3 Mo mage License Tr.»- iiroeiarn 'o,.r>f.^. S'lnriay. thfm'. S^^k-.n? Ordrr." to br t-rr.^r.nfirr^ in thf rh'irrhos; Mondav. Buitding Phvsi- erani at 2:45 p m . O'to Schsrt. •,(«•-«! ri^moa'trs^nr. high whoo? o;>rn ho-.isp at 7 ;- m Tuesdav. "StrrnEtiirninR National Morair " nrmistire program ;n gymnajuum 10 40 to 11:40 B rr. Wrdne.viay. •'ImDrovine Econom- ;r Well-being." Thursday. ,"Safeguarding School Support," grade oi>rn house. 1:30 to 3 30 p. m. Fri- dav. "I/p«rninK the Ways of Democracy." Junior cla.v play. "Ready- madp Family." m gymriaslum at 8 p. m. Miss Mrlba Orsne. director. Saturday, "EnncWng Family Life." Home Economics Girls Of Section ot Lanark Members of Pi chapter. Delta Kaj>p« Gamma, rnet on Tuesday evening in the Lanark high school home economics room for their first regular meeting of the year. Dinner was served at 6 p. m by girls of the home economics club. Twenty-two members were present from East Dubuque. Galena. Lanark. Mt. Carroll. Savanna. Stockton and Warren. Special guests were Mre. Pauline Bates and Mrs. Let* Wlerson. Richard Bates entertained with several xylo-marimba selections. Mint Augusta Stenquest. newly elected prea- Jdent of the chapter. pr*«ided at the business meeting which followed UM dinner. Finol Rites Today for Sylvia Putterbaugh Lanark Briefs Mrs Robert WcrtnPMijiy wtfrt hfr p*ren!,v Mr. and Mr' Ororizr Bumsartion. at Forrpstor, GMDWICK NEWS Be»iiier. (H»ry Tartar— im Queen Esther Class ' Of Hope Church Holds Program Tuesday Mrs. Hrnry R«hn. Mrs Elwood Git*- mid Mrs. Rpvnold Blover entertained the members of the Queen Esther claw of Hope Evangelical church of Chadwick Tuesday <?vp- mnK at the former's home near Milledgeville. The program, arrancpd bv Mrs Hsrold Srhlftmine and Mr* .Irsse ftr'hrf'iriPT. !nriMd*vi: Hrmn. • Rr.«/-ij? !hf F*Ti5h:ne." fVripturr. Psnlm 35. Mr*. PrhiPuninR: pravrr*. Mrs Ralph Andfrwn. Miss- Idn Iy-hr snd Mrs. Ixiftjp Rnhn: story. A Diffrr- rnt ThanksimmR." Mrs. Jam PS Mot RHP.: Bible vprs*s. class. ?one. "NVsr th*> Crr*^;" jxvm. "Thanks- enine." Mrs, Hrrbrrt Strin: r.'risiriK sonp. ' Blrs.-u-d Assuranrp" Thr rharar-rr sfidv. "Thr L:'.r and Works of Fsnnv Crnmbv." wa<; R-,\rn hv Mrs Har-.r P1rx~k snd M;.< 1.^!Ue Rahn pres^ntrd the Bibir ,«.t!idy. Relatives Guests at Mechling Residence RaSORHEWS .r*; Mr*. O. W, h r r «.ort. : hs!i T . a ?'":::~>r ** n-rv -\".-r l f\- .' ' V r -=- Jvf • * f r«T;* - In Charge of Roll Call HononnR V>rnon Imrl. *ho is home on furlough from Cnrr.n For- rrM. Tenn . and the birthdsvs of Claudr MPchhns nnd Clifford Straub. Mrs MwhlinR- nnd Mr*. Straub pntrrtainfyi iHattyps TUPS- day evening in the Mechlins home in Chadwick. Included In the group were Mr. and Mrs George Imel. Mr and Mrs Forrest Hartman and *on Krnneth of Coleu. Charles Strnub of Mll- ledgevjlle. Mr. and Mrs. William Imfl and son Donald. Mr, and Mr*. Bert Straub. Mr. and Mrs. La Verne Straub and daughter Dorothy, O. H. Imel and Ward Imel. Junior Class Play The junior claw of Chadwick high school will present their class play. 'June MRd" Friday evening in trie Miss Phyllis Samson Mrr. B H Vrilh and Mr? Stit7/>l nil] br in charRp of thf Crews rnii rail in Nrlson ana in vr«r. Mr.v Sri!?/-] and Mr?;. Finn flnrTid^d ?)ir hnnQ'H*' JaM npric wfwn plans fr>! drive this year were formulated. F D Nelson Briefs Mr and Mrs Paul Lieertt of Rr>- yppnt Sunday afternoon and pvening at thr homp of hpr pnrnr.v Mr and Mr.<- Charles Bohlkrn. Mrs I^awrfnw Coppotrlli. arrnm- panied bv Mr. and Mrs. W. J. \\Vb- rr. went to Davrn(>ort. Iowa. Sunday where they sprnt thr day with :.'. nr.d Mr.., j. p BT- t ••<'.', :«!itr Co;v-. >V \\\ r.f rir.fs.IO rd m MfCV :.< •\-r ...rrnnd It PI RFBRFT) HAMrSffIRE 40 _ r; I I. T K — 40 Priced Rpasonnblp for Quick Sale SAMIROCK & ROTH Tel. 45R3 rrophfUtown, ni. V^n(amp's FORK.,-i.i BEANS Save time and money on a meal that's a honey services for the late Sri- via P. Putterbaush were held from the home Thursday afternoon with the Rev. E. D. Burnworth officiating, assisted by Rev. Frank Sword. Singers were Mr. and Mrs. Willard Rahn. Casket bearers were A!via A marriage license h*s been issued by County Clerk Walter R, Watson to Harold H. Edier and Lois Marie Pabst. both of Shannon. During the baseball season of' 1883. M. Hines. Boston National league catcher, had W pused balls. COOKS BETTER! LOOKS BETTER! TASTES BETTER! Country Club Macaroni it ahmry* a deep, rich ivory. Never dingy with * grayish ca*. Far richer flavor! Made with Semolina — world's final nuca-. roni flour. Coun^ J try Club'» ,.-_• family Javorite. UICER'S CMNTRT CtUI ttllHITT SMlKTTItr «% i». KMFT Mill FLOII CALIMET MM SYIIP CLOCK IIEM PEAMITBIHEI 2:-':, 65 C 3 tall ^C cans A& 'm* L._.|_ «. _ i. •—»=» *«^M «»*<u, «iu>a V/IU2ir LOO« cards. Mrs. Eugene Bioyce vu.' mis. Mra. Vemie Millett and daugh- * "^^^ ter. WUletta Jean, and the Miasea ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^na^^^aHoa^a^en SHIMMERS FIIMY-SAniMY SPECULS! SCHLOOGH'S SELF-SERHCE CASH * Small Charge for Deliveries. Phone 807 30 W. 3rd St Four Varieties or CARNATION Country Club 10 lb. bag 41c BAKING POWDER Blue Label Twisted and Sliced Clover Valley Country Club <J No. 2y 2 OCc Fancy Quality <3I cans dC9 9 bag mm9 Lb. |C< can A^ lb. can 20 oz. loaf SPOTLIGHT COFFEE ........ I i Me COUNTRY CLUB •m v 3 un •llhM .......... *f cans COUNTRY CLUB 5 2 DELICIOUS GbarrMlils 2 ^ IV 26c VARIETY CEREAL ttliOtt'S ,,.2le PANCAKE FLOUR NlSBURY2p k| ,l7e EVAPORATED PRUDES EVAPORATED PEACHES £ I7e EVAPORATED AVONDALE i b .2le «*-Ot.*a« LOAF A f C !• AAAAff^A ^f\ AB^^^tfMH ^B^^^V MV|M * •••••••f •••• STEAKS SirMiirOlib . . Lk35e can* LEAN FBEMI CKOUND HiaUfgif , Dremed . . . Lb. lie END CUTS P«t I* feari . Lk 2U SUGAR CURED • • • fc^rwH ^^^ FILLKT8 CB1CKJEN Lfc. ANY CUT BEEF nous RIB UHLMF Hit ar rauot CfFFEE 2 CAN 59 c SPIT 3 L* CQ^ CAN 99 V 15 Lb. STEM Country 4fe4fc Style Ofli. Stuffed AUC SAUSAGE y^ CUT GREK* Sugar Cured SLAB BACON TRU-GOLO FANCY BEAD "CTk HOE I * laW •MlNb •> §k(. • 99 STALEY*8 lYMf ItjLtti PANCAKE FLOUB •^•^HP'^WPB^p IIMT 4EOT Lb. UNO or SWISS nimmnm TOMATO OWL V UWMLL-S 9t» 3 £«-LB. Oft^ BAG «fOC M LA RICH IN VITAMINS AariD GUARANTEED! Kroner's Country €{ub •UTTER L*. BOLL i •* I7t •%**& * ^ c/aanmmxr EMPEBOBS .... TEXAS JUICE su-iM »VPI . ILUNOIti BED tfPLES I1ta.lfe POBTO B1CAN TBXA8 A |^- ^C«» BMTDIJtSg .O IW 4E9V 3Ibs.l9c •n. 23c J1SS5 , "... Lk 19c CBJ8P MICHIGAN ~ ~~" Hafcfc lllte.ll* IM«.llt IBAJRO RUSSET FfTATKS WE SELL U. S. MVENftE SAVINGS STAMPS. UHBGEK nn« COtlNTCV CLL'B CBAHAM ^^W^B^^^^^P^^BHBWW^^ . • • JpKf PBBftHLT BAKED FMIMS ...Ii.Ilt COVNTBY CLUB •CAB2 No - t!i <Hta COUNTBV CLUB - CBAMHUUIV 8AUCE rACKUre LABEL FfKK •Al Hjy| ' • Bv 9JL^ •HUB^^H » cajW"^W POfftJLAB BBANIM OH4KTTEI o J Jl FIMBSr •ITO CUANMtB KROGER UPER fflRRKET

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