The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 24, 1973 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 24, 1973
Page 2
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VIEWPOINT Study of jury is defense aid In • tori of now-lt-can-b«Mold »tory. five* wclal sc.ici.Uslj hav* revealed how they conducted a predial survey which U . credited with helping defense lawyer* win a mistrial In the celebrated trial trf antiwar priest Phillip Berrigan on charge* that he and seven other* conspired to kidnap presidential adviser Henry Kissinger and blow up heating ducts In Washington. The trial ended in April, 1973, when a Harrisburg. Pa . jury rejected by a ift-j vote the government's conspiracy allegation*, writing an end to a luro-moeth- lonf ca»e in which the Justice Department presented W witnesses and spent $3 million. By means of personal and telephone interviews, the team oi sociologists sought to establish a profile of local rrtidenls which wtwM indicate the kinds of jurors most hkely to vote for acquittal They stipulated, however, that if any of these intervie'wed w-ere called as jurors they would not provide defense lawyers with specific information about that person. Anticipating charges that their behavior was improper, the soootogists emphasize that they sought basically to help the defense overcome the handicap imposed by the Justice Department's move to bring its indictment in Hamsburg — a community that has thre* Republicans for every two Democrats, several military installations and war-related industries and an active Ku Khu Kkn The researchers in fact found that 80 per cent of the residents potted trusted their government, a figure far higher than the national average of 40 to 45 per cent They reported to the defense on the day of )ury selection that "at least four out erf five persons who would qualify as jurors would JIM BISHOP: REPORTER be appuMxl lo the defendants " They therefore stressed to defense counsel the importance of ttueslkming the j\iry panel for a* long as puewibi*, getting unfavorable people rejected for "cause" and holding out (or "the statistically rare but desirable people sketched by our survey findings " In contrast, the government's prosecuting altoctwy seUkstn took more than five minutes to question a prospective juror and "seemed to think otve juror *»* almost as goc»i A.J another trwis th* governmenrs pwnt of view." The decision by Federal District Judge R. Diioo Herman to ncqueattr the jury to project ti from harjt**ment irwi demonstrators and friends of the defendants — a move the dtfietwe bail opposed -•• N»«H also a ({real coftaeqome* Kor whatever rifajioins, the wta! scientists write m Psjtboiugt Tw.t»v nugautve. "bad" defense juror-i «*«;«! more hkeiy than "gocd" oow ti> opt out al jury service by stating the mcape formula, "1 have formed an opinion " The prwpect of setjuc*tr»tkio (or (our to (tv* nwaths uppcd the ante for prmprottte juror* who AS c*»e tit them wid, "wanS«i to sltcn* lfc«»« The value of the «irvrv - which cosJ a nwr* HJO — B shown nst ftoty by ttw votes foe acquittal bus by ih* Jaet that it came despite the tatrr-revtaliC\! rfisiiie trf the juror* tor ttavi defense jl!>>m«:j Ramsey Clark 40*1 their sympathy for tf»? outnumberwl protveclwfi attorwy* The moral if sherr « am All !'•> fair ir. love and war and. the tow's elaborate safeguards not wilh»t.Midu:jg. in jury 'rub as veil GOP not as shaky as you may think Ntson and The impact of the administration's scandals on the riectwo may no* be u »tanUn« sigraficaint »s the early tatk has it Of the M US Senate seats tbeo at siakt. otUy J5 are presently held by RepuhUcana. Moat of these 15 are occupied by figures wilh considerable political security and in some instances a great deal of temerity Probably at least hall of thi* total would be very difficult lo dislodge unless somehow touched by personal scandal in the intervening month*. If anything, a few of the IS. like Sens. Norm Cotton of KISHOP New Hampshire. Milton Young of North Dakota. Wallace Bennett of I' Ufa and George Aiken of Vermont, might be more vulnerable on the score of age or perhaps over-long tenure than anything eke, Indeed, among these there might he a decision or two to retire. That could lessen rather than increase GOP vulnerability. since the areas mentioned are ttroogly Republican, and well-chosen fresh faces could not easily be linked lo post national Republican difficulties Those reasonably secure Republicans who will be on the line in 1974 include Sens Barry Gokhrater of Aruona. Peter Dominick of Colorado. Edward Gumey of Florida. Robert Dole of Karat*. Jacob JavtU of New York. U the age factor a, overrated, then wxne of those previously listed might also be on the safe side It can be argued, too. that the shakier spots are mostly thove which naturally are less secure for Republicans. Some are in haucaUy Democratic territory Thete w ouJd include places held by Sens Mario* Cook of Kentucky. Charles of Mary Lund. Wtilum Sd.ibe of Ohio, Henry Reitaon of OiUhwiius. BERRY'S WORLD Ti* Corf War S^wc/o/ 1 is fcw/W /ct/oW/c c««/iV) •/'<* siwci M to*." The Good Humor Mon TMK ftRAZCWONT PACTS Comment and Opinion r'rerp«rl. Te*ai 17*11 . June 21.I»T3 *'*** * i«^#^^ ANDERSON MERRV-GO-ROUND Secret deals result in campaign favors h. Mi'K AStl»n»«»S :*<aj*vr» tkiw SB effc«< UtJ ! ul fee o( Peraayham* Knwhraan t'a<*«axl cooW be under t»ege frrara tkrv Tott\ McC'atl if the Utter (ntiwr tuma OvnwoMt or decxk-s to run for the Scrjte *» aa indepcwknt. Yrt the loas of a («-* Senate **4L» in W7-* «ould hardly b* »ugj?*rtn^ w'*'* IB th« beat of circumstance* Kepublicjn* airead) ha vtraS7-O Senate drftcit, 4ndlh* party in prestde-nttai po-**r rarel) gases to the off-year elections The sanve can be wrf toe ttx party'* Haute prospects Down by 355 to 17^ after the 1972 rlccttcRs. short of J Idxtv majwily by roughly W seats, th* ncrnul \¥i\ outle»k •— miraa Walrrj{jtc — «t>uid be for new attrition The Hous* GOP tatil him 'I touched the S» tnjrk for years Republicans Ihcr* tjxt»y are cot any kind erf power, and some further loss* 1 * wco'l nuke all thai much difference In the governorship realm, nulien are truly more venous (ioicnwrV chairs are txrjng conUMt«d 10 IK>74 in a!) but one (Illinois) of the tutwn'* 10 mo*t ja;pui.x» sLat» No< taog ago. Ht"pub!:cjr-i bckl every one erf thewr but Teww. but r>gh! rxw they ha>e a grip oo juat fhe — e^ York. Ni"* Jfr»*"y. . »ml California r--ji..£» «* i BUSINESS MIRROR In-stale scandal* alredd) hj»e helped unseat wcumtwiit (jcrv Willuun Cahill in Nei» Jer&f> . wf>t-n- the poit i.s up thit year His Vkctorwui pnmjr) nval. Charlra Sandman, ha* to be rated vulnerable Gov* Krancu Sargent of Ma«wchu»*ttA. Nebon Rockefeller at Ne* York, and William Millikro ot Michigan look good. But California (minus is wide open Amateur can make in stock market By JOHN I'V.VMIT \f &«*torM .Vul;** N'KVf VOKK t.UV - T Rowr Prfc* at Hatiiatdnr keowt fcow to ttakf nweey tn the *tcek mar***. For each IS* ft* l in i*M tst fca;» 4 "total icvw»tcxnS of Pt«?J» 3), tnark«< M M no "oo pajxcr" (trwrn tucb *» i» imiuiiScti in trj uau-1 frupi*, H ts tn J"S»r , thir i^xl you JtuJ I urw to buy ifcjj^p wr f»at 4C(i it 4 Ui< eye!* oi( g?u>»?r.. ss.j'.'rin'y i'i:-«;«:i'."<i«:r:« v 11 ra.jcV {.-.;- Qtx<c t busirtirs* Si veil <»j4Sf««ftK<i, , "Use fttatlxnt e^afH»'.aKif tat <i eK,t'.us\'-i s* !rrm i.TivsJ:^ rothcr tlua Tbr sum « nriiUy cpisle «haS ccuh! h»iv Netcn liiwat inevstva from ft£» uiv«tm*ot». wrtic It JU3 ?l for eacb lto«> io*.*s««l lUd h* fetavrslrtl thaw r*ci lli» »ou)d hjv« grown !o (nonS twywrtdfl'. Usrto* sjicfcer Rnuttag *ftjj 4 tea tfeip rjvufntoir" a a K-Vn f*r*jl.*rern v'i^j^igv^ Vi*k e in is Hirt vt: t «-X ai! .,,.w { *Mr4<** W^ to- ffWft IRio t'mi* -si Ij (he st Al "J jpfwwtft »SflC»:» It i! v«r<rR'< <«* Eft* Urn* Xfw ifcrr.j'xtj 4 vftiiftn-flif t. "Ttae ewrsfuafae*. jitR^tatt? i'«na»4c*«i fcttsw mnrr sfct* iftn IS ^r.i> Kttttr h,u t-tlr^n-Kt f if tl'i if "Hr'S 1 J '.?.if J;'''t-,^ " Vo **;tw« tJK. 1 ; it fc'.li i-a./ft. '.i :-<Vff ',5 :l^«f 1 ,'.K V.^^'eUfS At^KC* ^^U'?K^,*J? V 4;t -1 the rrurt wt» /«ucd«<i KMH* o/ tfcw uri J *wk by . « "mor« for 4 bang sun »t»j ««, Mxhuel Uppvr. a furjJ what Prtcr did wstfc hra ruiwhi. fr«n he U ncra rirtlftii At 7%, w j« doir-^f «t!h N» onus . "We'd cr> (fflgirth*r iisd ««'d be tuppy tr^trthct he w»d ui in licet.* hui w PITCH piTT<««Vn« 19 e w mvifsinKCtj *h>rt», be Mid. hr Vjrrard "I ehd oo( Iu«* tfee Jbtlj?? to correctly for<rc»«* !V trmds In Us» «4ock C H.J.-M T?u;« M him to ccfxrxlriilr on "th<M« ctwnf»in)«i wtuch «*r« i*i!! f,;vM\r^ m »ijc And profitability »aA »U) with thrm for M Jo*;* M thry «*ir<r ofcratt^ in fertile fwkh tad Uwfi!jn« (rwti cjpwbfc nuiugrment " Thjt WM the tcjiiKung u< hi* 'Growth Stock Theory of lairmtrocnt," which fcr aafully !o Ihs* diji. »JJll "it w not mrcttuary lo ju«»» the trvtxb lo be a tuconafui »<r a *"rM PAL/L V»«*a«. f.t if ijtfcy NEWS J«.«J *' VV rt fl tfc« 'fix 1 frtcfuta «cd 4 frtt worVd." cj!k«! "A Names all change but scandals don't The joutcur. h* «(jt«. "can btr 4wi;t-\.i(ul without benefit <rf rtp«rwmcf i«l rn<r<>/ch." if he rtxognura »o»n* (MJI*C rruirkrt Uctoo. erf which then* Ihrtc «orm h*<J why it wa.i wr»U«t be nrplwrtl h rny imbdion fer a long it"-.* (./ py.. ( r; invpsiWi you (fcn t tuvc !u ir.r* the >twk rr.jrluft to rruic , f HAL BOVLE'S PEOPLE Civilized clues on your status NKW YOKK lAI'i - What has been happening lo your status lately* U your pmiige rising or falling"' This U important lo know in a civilization where everything stems lo depend on your kerpmg your btsl (oat forward at all time* Well, perhaps! it's time •*e made one of our MttKmal checkups. There are certain signs which unmistakably indicate whether you art on the boulevard to moguiism or on the downward path lo mongretitm Kor eiumpte, you don't have a thing to worry about if The liquor served you al the cnckiail parUot you attettd I* at better quality than it was 10 yean ago. i DO i.ju (vw gu m *iMl ou> yuut —.— -. store* wbo*e wiodows you could only stare at before The airline* credit card you carry la good for ifltenutional u well aa domwtic UOYLK When b« laiw you to luwch, uV bow never bothers you •bout office probtenu. He ]u»t Wu» to UJJ you long ute» about howbardb*ua*dl«woitaiaboy. You ud your wife CIMJ nnr afford to ulu mk ctuo* during the to you won't hate to liticn lo Hrih" *o many timrs If it * loo rainy for golf, you and an of ftc« pal can quit work early and go to an off cotar fiiir. «• itihout ftwr ttut ><CAU rtputatkm will be destroyed You ha ve had al kait one attack of gout. a disease which, the doctors aMurrs you. usually pKk* a* iti vtctims men of brain* and driving ambdi<m Now what about the signs thai indicate your presage ia on the skids' 1 Well, it is certainly time for you to pu*h your panic button if - high school Uui year in a minitkirt You ask the cafeteria waitrc** for a piece of breakfast pastry and she looks them over before selecting for you the one with tht fewest nuta on it When one more chair Is needed in the conference room, the bow automatically nods al you to go get it The gang around the office water cooler begins to drill away if you approach it for a drink and a liltk goaalp. Your lavorile bartender yawn* U) your fact and sfarta reading a newspaper whenever yew try to ull him your troubki U you a*k you/ secretary to stay lal«, It dotM't even occur to htr thai you might and tbf f'nhmf industry «ith * fnrUtiora thai ih*tr in ^ Ami I U bet )«<j ^ V l«>; h*««in* Will, KKSIGN' Tinxw *Mi t r»K(*» ifrty Uw . the Listening In iw tttf wrulh of thr rightraui **• tMfuii^ lur lu»lrnr ; j( lAiglt high Nf-*8(U[icrt rrtcd thamc »h)k Mttum *hich *tr» gfJitiW up t<> l(w- c«nrupi.M <•«( and trw critics 'wxn* of -*fwj<n I iutpevt were t»th I Then ram« Uw big trmihahit over ulw.*jli.<i)« with long hair The) were Deluded from aUikt«i. vrnt hotnv from urhool awl sometimes from church It u impQ&iibie now to recall htm up light »» got then untata you reread thu>« old dutriljus Tlw world wa« coming to an end It ilidn t The steam blew off in iht whistle In ISS6, a protege of ('resident Lyndon JohnMR *as Indicted and later went to )ail for misconduct Before Out a White House confidant had toen <•<posed at a s«* deviate The I'rwident was re elected, the republic survived C)ur nation was torn a*und«r by the w.iioolbou*« coolrootaUoM of Uw KilUea, tht fttmpu* draft renittarxc and tfat lr*»r chil<l/rft i» f-.^l.n,! !? r.i'*n fr4{*»r.»it>iiitir4 «.r:.v.r;u lUTllr'.lt \M HKMt f HK. WnfUl <4 «,«> ff' U(*«' u at <R .s v > THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS !.<•*• |h» (iM4t4< ( (.•«!« W

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