Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on June 2, 1955 · Page 22
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 22

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1955
Page 22
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|\ SAVE »»™ SAFETY at FORD HOPKINS / I J^J^lLM B . - jJ^L^m ^ ^^^^IMbW^^^ O ^^/^ ^^IF^^l mr~r MTJ al/C T^rff%r^» lafl WWW ^J=« mZiJ WWmm let* II II J& * ^fc M efTttE™ 1 BaSSgffSk^1 M 'Ti^ffSmjiSnil w^T^ starting ^mM^^^^m^^^m 1-5^8 friday pip p^^ri m-.* r. /* AnnrN mi^ *;";:« ifi^i Tossed saiad ftuua i i i mi ■■■ mmm i i ■ imi i W U. unw-:" b.^tic »3a,e: ,w I Ron & Butterwwj i iinmiff» I rt'hat are our school building 4. How can we get enough good teachers — and keep them? 5. How can we finance our schools— build and operate them? 6. How can we obtai ft fU(^^\ 5.95 seller /gA^MMJd 1 1 1 H ■ ■ ■ '11 *sgzHm IrJOY «QnemaScC3PE wa^ol-o* fe^^^^ AAA 2^o JUMBO purpose JQL%| TROUBLE LITE $wik * Plus --Companion Feature ^HHOH^: \1| hSc ^wifSb'S'Z. \W M I locks -no walls -What keeps these men from ^fttk\W \? \l| Covered ^^^^^| oHic.-shop Wm I crasnin8 out? An astounding but true story ^tflV \^88^^^^^^,/QQ<g^ I that CaUS6d 3 sensation in "Readers Digest". K* S9et_ XiM^S^m fw»*. V Kaf ill IlilPII AlilLll 77 miiiiiiiimii:ii i iimiimiiiii m iq< W^l cAgv« , jb— UNUnAINtU next Saturday t v*> "in, l\ "Zto, WfliimS!^? s,arrins ELR0Y (Crazy Legs) H,RSCH 1 «oc ^»,nir«C ■'"N PAIR IV^ XL/ ■ VVl JHMiO, I I Farm and Home Hour i \r-S-^lj3-'1l KILLER ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ NBC N.tw.rk U »JlTSlJ» I ™ "™ fc7». ■ ENDS TONITE » "... Ml w'Sl ^ if, 1 Rub^. w/JMmm aiAeES! i^^^y^^^ •^■prw^B dixon one.stop service vAft _i2^*^T°"'y! 19^ ^^^^j ■ v wtfSf CC3 op*n 7:00 " Show a+ Dusk I HHRiLM.a^^fl " iiiiihiihiiiiiiiiiiii»"»';» ^^^SlS STARTS FRIDAY I rfflT7|TH ^/^^K^r^P^^ s^°E»VX ^4^1^^^ in the captKe-worid " N^^^j| I 1 9c Crystal Clear 1 ASH TRAY I • Hury GUa De«p fluted d.sign ■ Rtg. 69c Saccharin Tablets Bottle of 1,000 ~V« Groin Hue Denim Sizes 3 to 6 After the local conferences on June 6-17, meetings will be held on county or regional levels during the period prior to Sept. 17. The state conference, involving many of those citizens who took part in the original local meetings, will follow on Sept. 29-30. Illinois in Lead Illinois has taken the lead in assuring a continuity of thought which reaches down to the individual interested citizen and transmits his opinions right on up to the state and national leaders. In the five months since the start of the planning on the White House program, every state and territory has volunteered to take part. Literally tens of thousands of citizens will discuss the educational problems in their home areas. Leaders predict the effects of this widespread study will be felt for and will maKe uie wnite House program one of the year's top news developments.' play and does not want his name to appear twice in Lie cast. ETERNAL MAX? Of Melchizedek, king of Salem, the Bible states he was "without father, without mother; without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life. • NOW Thru Saturday Optn 5 p. m. • Starts 5:30 Whatever you want This Combination has it, Laffs, Suspense, Thrills, Action! Get the gang together - make H a big movie party! ■ «^m^oj-t r—J**~^V- NOWONLY.'d-o. * of a submarimi... on the S JBPP^SsL I TKttEATMMinMNNMS I '^itvottrvn TTr\rMlcoc Attmitimi parents, educators and our citizen* Ike Started It President Eisenhower started the Biblical Bit I On Conferences on Education rolling when he ACROSS 1 Noah's mountain 7 Jerusalem's mountain 13 Betoken 14 Taciturn 15 Reply 16 Fancy 17 Extinct bird 19 Christmas 20 Diminutive of Lewis 21 Withdrawn 25 Orbs 28 Biblical diseased one 32 City in New York 3 Handl* 4 Tier 5 Goddess of infatuation 6 Rounded 7 Willow 8 Cover 9 Island (Fr.) 30 Calf meat pointed out the nation's alarming educational weaknesses in his State-of-the-Union message to Congress last year — the teacher short ness and government. Thus may well be a turning point i study of school needs in II and over the entire nation. But the key to the entire program will be the conferences in ages, the crowded cli outdated buildings. The traditional lem is to get the people together to talk it over. That is the core of the for there the ul 12 Meat dish 29 Window glass 4 S Italian river timate effects of national and state White House Confer 19 Vigoi 30 River in Germany 31 Rots flax by exposure 37 Marsh 38 Lyric poems 40 Prices 41 "And it came 5 Italian resort policy will be felt. For thi: The President and his committee 21 Lariats 22 Masculine appellation 23 Biblical prophet 24 Rate anew 25 Soaks up 26 Scheme 27 Demigod 46 Drinks madt with fruit 47 Native of 49 Auricle 50 Female saint . (ab.) 52 Before decided the most pressing school problems could be rized in six key questions for study. These are: 1. What should our schools accomplish? 42 Biblical name 53 Decay Antwtr'to Prtvteut funH1 [Z .°ur loual sch°°ls in slate h's" and "ate meetings and finally lhe while House ior discussions by Gov. Stratton commends -this 1 national leaders m education, busi- I movement to the consideration of LAST TIMES TONITE uing public interest in education' Top-Notch Aid Top-notch aid has been enlisted on all levels. The President's own tee of 33 members includes such varied leaders as: Chairman Xeil H. McElroy. president of Procter & Gamble Co.; Roy La: sident of TIME. Inc.: D Ralph Bunche. undersecretary of the United Nations and Nobel Peace Award: Mrs. Douglas Horton. former president of Wellesley College: Miss Margaret Hickey. public affairs editor of the Ladies' Home Journal: and conduct the national conference in Washington Nov. 23-Dec. 1. Meanwhile in Illinois all the citi zens will have their say on the community level, their opinions to be funelled right up to the nation- Seventy-three delegates conference. go to the Wash- chairman of the Illinois Pre-White House Conference. Co-vice-chairmen are Prof. L. Dodds, dean of the College of Education. University of Illinois, and Vernon L. Nickell. state superintendent of public instruction. The has named a planning committee of 50 to work with smaller mee+ings at all levels, with Vernon L. Heath of Robinson as chairman. County superintendents of schools th estate are spearhead ing planning for conferences with in their areas, and are enlisting cinzens to conduct discussions on the six major points decided upon 34 Ottoman court! 35 Feminine appellation 36 Greek porticos 37 Cudgelers 39 Irregular 41 Genus of meadow 44 Since (slang-) 48 Take into custody 51 Ridicule 54 Legislativ 55 Eaten awa 56 Breathes noisily in sleep 57 Bristly DOWN I First 2 Nevada city I |z \l |4 |5 Id! 17 IB » IIP [H Y" i3 i5 1 1 1 rt~r~ pii TsWF "WTfY i -ilr _ % ~~J\ 3& j 1 i ^50 51 BZ S3 54 ~~ EZZZ _ — ^ |b7 I I 1 I 77 ; basic by the national commit- DUAL PART NAME In theatrical tradition, the n "George Spelvin" is the name placed on the program for the player's name -when uie piay takes two or more parts in tl f «». ^^•^•^•^^"1 BELLA DARVI ]W|| < ^ I I J U U HI W .'.."•a.'i.^l READING CLASS ■ -co-hit- ! XgUmftl ^^^S^ ".9.S1.49 j Whilt They Last I ^- ^ ? > . ^- ™ DOUGUS gEJV'lS Hobby Jeans Quilted Scuffies I I wm)NM&!WVDMM0IM £ZZ. \\ ^^JkJu^ lo barker Mm coimy QQC 59c' OQc I I AN 'DEAL PLACE T° SPEND ™E EVEN,NG I I J^^^W ® J Pair mm&*~ HI WITH THE KIDDIES |j MAtlt WMBSM'MKIUn. ARSARA 1^ I The Dixon Evening- Telegraph Thursday, June 2, 1955 Page 22 Propose Bill Hiking State Jobless Pay SPRINGFIELD. 111. (*— Legislation providing for an average increase of IS per cent in Illinois workmen's compensation benefits is being drawn up with backing by labor and employer groups And Gov. Stratton. The formula was agreed upon after a series of conferences be tween spokesmen for unions and employers and a bipartisan subcommittee composed of Senate and House members. Under the proposal, an injured worker without a dependent child could draw compensation of S34 a week compared with the present $29 benefit. Weekly benefits for a worker with one child would go from ?29 to $35; with two children, from $30.40 to $37; with three children, from $34.20 to $39; with four or more children, from $38 to 140. Awards for various specific injuries, such as loss of an eye or a hand, would be increased varying amounts. A ceiling of $12,000 would be placed on death benefits. COOK With SKELGAS PROMPT SERVICE Wayne Wolfe, d.b.a. Barriage Appliance Store Phone 2-8711 A PEACH of a BUY! 1/ *7> Tempting Peach Ice Cream Do yon like the subtle flavor of fresh peaches? Then you'U surely enjoy Hey Brothers Peach Ice Cream. It's so good to taste, its delicate flavor and color so inviting. Peach Ice Cream is a special treat fcnjoy it now, tonight. RCHIVE1 lEWSPAPER! VeWSPAPFl?! 1RCHI'

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