Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on November 6, 1941 · Page 11
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 11

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1941
Page 11
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Thursday, November 6,1941 STEELING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING, ILLINOIS Page Eleven TAMPIGD NEWS Mrs. Martin Carlson Is Birthday Honoree A (JTOllp Of gp-n! Tuesday AS-cr^oor, in the home of Mis Marrm Oirivm vnith- ^•^t fif T?UTipi r o in or 1 * 1 '!" vftncr of her birthday annne:tary. Bingo furnished the diversion for Mrv M. L. Pierrr rrrei-.ed !hr priW. A (>::T-;:; hn:"h late In the a!:eni<xw. B Brrifnrd of Mr. and Mrs. F BTS'.isf nf poor..h''»'' u . I *-.T: foif^d tn irsvf my shop for a tirnp During mv nh«:»nrr Irenr Lish". *".i' br rm- ployfd. She i.s fxp»r.^r.!r«l In hair n nil ntnrr Hnrs o: ' Doroihy Foy.—nrtv. Mr 5 Ro«e Brown and Tuesday KM**-', ir. ::/<* home of Mr. and Mrs E L Civ,n>*r Mrv Inn Ferris <•..' Yo:!rn?.r Mr.v Hilms Pf'':. 1 -' 1 :'. ar.d d = (»>r Mildred returned Monday RIIPI- | noon fiom Grand R:dir *h»rr they had Msited In the hnrr.' of Mr. nnd Mrs. I/eonard Peterson and Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Peterson sevrra! days. Th li^rvpn mir iii iin ". <*•'" •-honoree receded many Rift*. Tlios pre.wnt were Mrs. H A. Mnxfield Mrs Hwisenft .Jnroh^n:-. Mr-. Hil m« Peterson. Mrs M L. Pierrp. Mrs Carrie KornlB. Mrs. ls<l\r Peterson Mrs Herbert l.on, Mrs Cecil Frank Mrs. Vlrull Peterson Mrs. .lohr Berse. Mrs. William Frank and Mis. Mildred Peterson. Birthday Surprise For Herbert King A uurprlse \wrty was held In th home of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Kin new Tampico Sunday In honor o the birthday anniversary of the for mcr. Following an afternoon o vUltlng a picnic lunch was servec Those present were Mr. and Mrr Theron Kellums and daughter Phyl Hi and Mr. and Mrs. Asa King o Oene«*o, Mr. and Mrs. 1 Clyde Snide and Mr. and Mrs. Roy King of Ke waner, Mr. and Mr*. Earl Klnj o New Boston, Mr. and Mrs. Meredith Loudenburf, Mr. and Mrs. Oien Pimeson and Mr. and Mrs. Herber Jtlnf and daughter. Betty an' Esther. Tompico WRC Votes To Do Red Cross Work There was a large attendance o officers at the regular meeting o tht Tmmplco Woman's Relief Corps Tueaday afternoon. Reports of th dUtrlct convention held Monday In pwphetatown were given by Mrs Frank Taylor, Mrs. Lot-Ue Poy. Mr» Ale* UcComb and Mrs. C. D, Love The members voted to do Red Cn)«s work and made plans to meet Arm tetiee day In the home of Mrs. Alex McCombs lor a picnic dinner a Boon and program in the afternoon Th« charter was draped in memory el Un. Ella fitidd. a member wh itly pawed away. -Drape RM A-€horter- At the regular meetinf of the Tamplco Royal Neighbors of Amer tea held Tuecday evenlpg the char ,|er wa* draped in memory of Mn TDla Stidd, who recently paired >way. One candidate for member jahip was voted upon. Silver cake am coffee were served during the eocia liour by Mm. J. E. Strouss and Mn. Minnie Pitts. I ^ Farewell Gesture * MisMs" Hattle Marie McKentie Jeneveive Steadman and Mildred •etenon of Tamplco entertained a I , dinner and theatre party in 8ter- ': Ing Monday evening in honor of ' fiu Dorothy Poy who left Wed- lpe«day to spend the winter in Long fceech, Calif., with her brother-in- law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Dean llahan: v Dr. and Mrs. W. T. Rapp moved from Chicago to Kansas City, Mo. the first of the month. Dr. Rapp feai received an appointment to the :pn4venity of Kansas hospital as Jteaident in surgery. Mrs. Rapp will he remembered as the former Miat Kathryn Graham, daughter of Mn Gertrude Graham of Tamplco. " Hostess to Guild .' Members of the Judson Guild of the Tamplco Baptist church were •uesta Tuesday afternoon of Mrs _Jkuth Mickley of Tamplco. Marjorie $teven» was a guest. Following a •hort business session the ladies did White Grots work. v Fractures Leg Carl Rasmusaen of near Tampico the misfortune to fall recently •>nd break. the small bone in hit leg Just above the ankle when fell as he stepped in a deep wagon lilt. It will be necessary to have U»e ]bf in a cast (or aeven week*. Condition Criticol W. Vickrey of Tampfco was to Akron, Ind., Wednesday by the critical condition of mother, Mrs. Charles Vickrey, ha» been ill the past 10 days. pttle hope was held for her re» >very. ; ; Tompico Briefs WALNUT NEWS Report*!, IWarrarft Wallls — Phon* R-SJt Walnut Card Groups Entertained Tuesday Mrs. Hugh Brandenburg was hostess to the past presidents of the Hamilton club Tuesday afternoon, with pinochle being played for recreation. High Rce-re prlte was won by Mrs. Harry Magnusson. a traveling prflxe by Miss Mae Foley and consolation by Mrs. C. W. Dimmig. Mrs. Dlmmlg. Mrs. Frank Anderson. Mrs. Hayden Hedgespeth and Mrs. Harold Hedgespeth were club guests. Lunch was served. Mr. and Mn. Joy Frederick were hosts to their bridge club Tuesday evening, with four tables playing. High score prlie was won by Mr. and Mrs. Beryl Quilter. Mr. and Mrs. George Schrader and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Wedding were club guests. Lunch was served. Mrs. Ollie Atherton was hostess to the Msloka club Tuesday afternoon. Two tables of auction were in play. High score was turned In by Mrs. L. H. Glaze. Miss Alice Hufford was a club guest. Refreshment* were served. ., Classmates at Party For Billy Livey Tuesday afternoon after school was a gala time for Billy Livey for It was his sixth birthday and bis mother, Mrs. Burke Livey had arranged to entertain\ the' first and second grades at a istu-prise party in the school room. There were M small guests and the room teacher, Miss Maxine Hall, and the music Instructor Mrs. Claude Lang ford, assisted with games for the young- atewr tAtncrr war «TV«J;"wMctv"iB=" eluded three decorated birthday cakes and ice cream. The cakes and lunch appointments were carried out in green and yellow and each child received a child's book to take home. Billy's gifts were many. Royol Neighbors Meet The Royal Neighbors met Tuesday afternon with the routine business meeting being conducted by Mrs. Martha Epperson. Member* Planned a pinochle tournament to start on next Tueaday. A scramble lunch was served. New Arrival Bom, a daughter, Elinor Kay, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Merdian of Peoria on November 5. 1M1, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Tornow. ——Walnut-Briefs—~ Theodore Paepke and son Harold left Wednesday morning for California where they will spend several weeks. Mrs. Wilbur atone left Wednesday evening, via Sterling, for Los Angeles, Calif., to make an extended visit with her brothers there. One brother, Charles Freeman in critically ill. Mn. Dewey Bausser and children, Roger and Janice, attended the funeral of an aunt, Mrs. Minnie Bolleni in Tampico on Wednesday, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Grouch and Mr. and Mrs. Artie Hunter of Paw Paw, 111., were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Hunter. MOM/ DO YOU BUY To be sure you fet f Pure, Uniformly Fine-grained CJ/Vf.Suicr- Frank Bwatuon and Mn Bwaiuon and children of New FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY .Coffee,,. ..... ...... . g Chocolate ........ ..... . . . /&. #„. R C Cocktail ...... . .......... ISw.can ***** ........... ...... ib Kit* Wafer* ................. lg*. pkg. ' Cuttard Pumpkin ...... No.SeanlOe or Sctdleu ........ pkg. I2c eaffle Juice .,.-;.... 46-oz. can 32e Rock Blueberries .... No. 2. can 23c Pancake Flour .... 3Y 2 Ib. sack 23c Semlnole Toilet Tiuue . . ........ J rolls Ilk Kitcktn jilenier ____ .................. etui Sc LAIDIGS GROCERY y^e Delivery NATIONAL FOOD STORES LEAD THE WAY TO A NATIONAL FOOD STORES MICHIGAN FREESTONE HES 29 ox. No. 2Viz con DELICIOUS FRUIT COCKTAIL 3 l3Va ox. No. I cans COME AGAIN 2 Ib. jar GRAPE JAM NATIONAL UNSWEETENED EVAPORATED MILK 3 14k 29< 19c 23< HViox. tall cant COME AGAIN 10'/2 OK. cant 28< JUNE PEAS 3 - '- 25< ASSORTED EXCEPT CHICKEN & MUSHROOM CAMPBELL'S SOUPS 3 "GENTLE PRESS"* JBBY'S Tomato Juice 4 "«" 22c SLICED WHITE BREAD __ JUMBO TWIST - — «•< 8c Chickens Home Dressed Fryers Ib. 25c Beef Pot Roast Ib. 18c CHOICE CHUCK, 23c Hi SAUSAGE, nr* Hik talk . Lb. 2le SPARE RIDS Lb. (Tie KRAUT, talk QI. lOc STAR LARD . . . Lkllc tci . . . . Lb. 24c . . Lb. cirtoi I21c MINCED LUNCHEON, slied or oieee . . U.19c AiMOUR CHEESE 2lb.Boi59c 17-ot. Vegetable Juke COCKTAIL .can 46-o». ... .can Cla»»'c Strained—Awortvd 4',can» CU M ' National . 40» PMI BOLLS ."V riding 29e KOSTO £5« Swilfn Mrae>w Geld Aaeerte^ VarleUee MIYFOODS3'.: 19e Clapp' c AsMiied CfcepHFMi*3', n 725e PECAN GOLD LAYER CAKE Twa t**4er geU U,yer» with a White BuUrr Cream Fierteag e«v*rlnc th* and itdee cxeyael with chapped a_ — I M ^m jffi • *- _ *_ .^^k ^^^ cake. cake CHINESE MAID COMBINATION OFFKK C'hwp Su*>-^t'how Mein Dinner I4-W- ran Chiuc»« Maid CHOP St'CY and READY TO 2-flj. can Chow Mein NOODLES SERVE for only 15c Ccrnrd Bwf Hash OMAOOAST 2^T31e Celleff* I<» GbMuM All Kii| iitoed Apple* far riea APrlE TRU ".-.r lOe iFHOtrs 9 ^ "- 17. ••••••ekiiW 9 m- fkft. A m v •-OZ. PKG. Sc «*adjr i* Serve OORN HX « tOc Qvkfc Caekiaf QUAKER t"e«t Pearteni FAIWA ';r i3« •akteg P«*der OAUNKT -15e Ma Brawn French Style Frcpanrd Easy Beaming £ 13c MRTONSALT .....2Z 7« CMojjpMkM^ MIlMNF BCtftA ..... 2 "LST 37« HONE SINN MAKASCklNO N«w 5-e*. SUe Prune* 2 1C-M. foU 4*| ^ sealed pkga. dfi db 6 OUAMER.. 3 'ZZ ••threem Paper NAZEL TISSUE„ ^ 5e STROKMEIPIT ; ' 5« Ch-anser OLDDUTOH 3 A; 20i '»•*• 1Q» boiUe Ae7v D««kle Action PALMOUVE .cake Helns Saap Chips CLEAN Qjkfc 4 -.':. 33* ZU LB, PK.G. ftc D«f F*«d AflHEAAT —424 Locust Street— COME AGAIN TOMATO CATSUP fee. 14-oz. W. lOc CONE AGAIN SALAD DRESSIM qi. Jar 27c FORT DEARBORN SODA CRACKERS COME AGAIN—EXCEPT STRAWBERRY ani RASPBERRY PRESERVES 2lb.jar27e WHITE LAND SLICED PINEAPPLE ... 2-8 ez. can 15c DELICIOUS LOO CADM SYRUP. 12 ez. CM I Be; 26 oz. CM 27e AMERICAN HOME KIDNEY DEANS... 2-20 ez. He. 2 CMS 19e OUR BBf A > ( A Coffee TREEBWEET CALIFORNIA MAME JUICE. 3.l2ez.MM2Be;40ez.eM2fe PANCAKE FLOUR . < AUNT JEMIMA GOOD WHOLESOME QUAL1TT TOMATOES 4-10 ez. Ne. 2 MM 29e CREAMY CAMPDELL'STeMleSNp.. 3-IOiez.ens20c OCEAN-SgRAY- CRANDERRY SAUCE 2-17 ez. em 25e VITAMIN RICH TOMATO JUKE 2-41 ez. can 29e ORANGE aael CRATErRtTT — 2 Ic WITH PORK IN TOMATO SAUCE er VEGETARIAN NEHZ OVEN RAKED DEANS 2-10 ez. can 23e AMERICAN HOME FRANK'S SWEET SOUR Zt o)L No. 2i cii lOc ,.. 2-14 oz. OMO 19c TENDER. YOUNG OUT1EETS 340 ez. He. 2 eaai 23c Grapefr't Gropes UMe ej«atttr leayerer Bd. Lettuce 2 , large heads lie FANCY ICEBERG Brosul Spr'ti, fey |otfity, 1 ft. kei Ife Celery, fey washd Mkb^ 3 ttilks 1 Je Coooite, hoey flirty, 2 lot. 5c Noiiootot, tw't teoier joilHy, tftt.Sc $w. Ntotoot, fey Pertolicia, 3 Iks. Ife NATIONAL FOO

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