Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 23, 1930 · Page 9
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 9

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1930
Page 9
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They ahoula "ml strong ch«raot« tho thing i "down and to do a KOOA, ck on a friant), ,^ an enemy. Tro u t vc are not a bully, yon "··-"- and yo« Vr, d that there I, n^ b: than In klcXInjf- Fndi to bo mo a» and flattery ih» n ii or "sldms. 1 ' Toy uies, and bear your ··-f* UlOIl '. / . "nd ytm are corner itonw (if eEitli the castles at im do not dltllk» or r- houru of tlresom* u ran recolvo the ie c plains and thu onoun "I", however, -- ~ i « In your mlad. tonjtue. You an peoplr, In tholr VH, and In th* ·f the world. Tottf U round In your fftn\ love tendwly. rally, nnrt ar» f a |th- ,lly life. »orn: Tiiyldr--Paslor of [aliernneld of N. IT, nfon--vlce-prenl- t'lpvelnnd, [iklnion Smith--en- It, author and lac- Iniiihenii* y-- "NellJ* Vithoi. unit net rw«. Bell Syndl- IP. Inr.i iANCAfi NO* tr«*I," t h * ip*ct«r w*nl «a. "wMoh the* lh*l * b i n d « W**** ·AMfflp«d Mon dty ntgKt «lnMa · milt of wh*r* *h* nuireW iooh p)M«*y th*y ·*··· id an md*rrt«adtnt \ndrN) Silv*f lt»l» nd rh* 9/pit*) M«y HERALD TELEPHONE 4161 THE HERALD'S AIM: To give all th« '» and w hcn it happens, «· Decatur Heralfc THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 23, 1930. SECOND SECTION WANT ADS Benefit Associations Say Old Faults Cannot Exist Under Regulatory Law C i t e d by Herald, Antedate Control by State Department Declaring Ihnl wcuknesiwvi of ; ht muHnl hniefit n«Kicmliorn w ve bocu corrected by the nrw ,w which the mutiii»i» them- securccl nnd t h n t they iland rcndy t» help weed mil yiy evil doers a committee of twflt imsi'i'luii"!' iiffli'i-iK hux i mule t reply in Tlu Woman Who Left Lover in Lurch Remains in Jail That ilMi,IH)l.t)HO worth of (orm o( In-iiiiirn-i' i« lit forte nil- toll ami that hirtt yi-nr the nuilnnh Mid more than St.SttO.OOn in dotiih I" Miniiilnt-il In the viiitomenl. so l) if of Ihr arc tut ac cm r-f ul In their fx|"-nso an \Mfin Mvtliiln, with hav- ln K Mtnlrn Nick NoabUioh's nutotuo- tHe mid JOO of My money. W»M Irntis- font-it frum tliu city J«ll to tho conn ly Uwk-iip W^dni'Mdny w l t l i hoi- ft-ti'iul, Ii«ulsi Ucnvii. A a t n l c wnt runt IH (in file In tin- sdun-irf'M ofdc* chai'ftlnK tins Mc- fiiilre wnnuin with larceny ot Nos- OBI- mul theft of his money. The Bt'iiul h hold on of bftflc the Mpfiillie wotntin's tic- rnmpliw, Nonbltich hint hrcn sum motircl tioti) his homo In E f f l n R h n m in Identify tltf women and npprai d»y The iitnlement of the (-on-inline* Kdilcr «f The Herald. Wo (IfHln 1 to correct some nmclo In yuur paper ro- thr Tipoititinn of Mutual 8m«tli Associations doing Imalne-is ts til* fltato of Illinois, under the Itlto Inw «nd iimior the *upii vision ((tin Iniurnnci 1 Dppnrtmpnt o( tbc 9l«t«. Wr wiint to !t»y lh«t you huvc ttfdi t» »ivfc|ilni( In youc tklli-tjii- Uomi o! triuul, (lilln|ucnoy nud short- any tliitl you wuio tinjiiiit In eltlnt: Innttuwt-st of bi«l pmetlsi- th« »htc'n hdd Aiiw-nitily piiHucil ft lnw li H M«tliul Honcflt A* iMlitlkn« in"'' 1 '' t h(1 mipffvlHlcn »( tilt I n « n m n p ticpfti'tmi'nt of thi- WofUwl l«r Ion woro (alt- onoiifth In u Inue ( you i jifil'Cr to admit mwy of 'the onset that you named ind piltlH/.rd, rti me HV liefuro the In- not hy !)i- I eg In re the new law all the lion M n t u i i l H c n t - f l L As me nmrlic-l In full rtmn-il wllh the [ f t f r ' the (fonoral Assembly ft" 1 II" 1 Minn tlml t t n - i f was n o t h i n g for 'ii f o f i i from tho law, nnil III"! 1[ I h o twn »rp hMd to (he Jury, they will renialn In the county Jnll until the Di'i-PinbM- term of the put tip Jury, If they are unnbli to 200 MODERNWOODMEN AHENDJ10MECOMING National Director Speaks on Program of Camp Ijiilet lnUlntlun» ot tti« days, 11 \\Mr\\ left ciindldivlfs some whttt sliiiltrii, to any Iho (Mist, wore tho ni'sdny evening in (lit Cfli-biiitlon ot Kti»U'ily IH2I), Modem Woodmen. More t h n n WO membi-ru Wed No of f ,l cump, und Ot neeutlu rump Ki. U and oiheis. attended the colobnilion which, wtm In WooiliuiTi hall, form orly tho (,'ommunlty hall. North Mali anil William stunts. The hall wa the (irlj?li"if homo if tlasteily CILUIJ: unit recently vnsi rcoceuplod by tli C l l t H | . Votcum members of the Wooilmen told «l eustoniM followed la the by diiY'j, ruferrlng purticulmly t i th" m o t i v e 111" «!' "' Hint r o u t d not tmivli'ti thr cl me iii'ipi'dl"!' of the Stnle In- mi nnu- I'l'l'iiilmcnt iVi- wl"li 1" l a f d r i n you mul you" WHln.'* t l i i i t lit tlie Clow (if IW1 ihrrt win In (nn-f In the Slnlr of tl3W)«MIW) of ImtliriilU-c J 1 thl ' MlllllPt1 rnulfd the IMHhut Tin' Mutual Adoif «t IlUnclJ | In f IS!" I ml i tit do l.e had of (tin IhW hft've ddie. when yon that (t MlH"" 1 "t-neflt cai. rinl «-»«" '« 'l*" "" for .w KnwHint lo i-*W"i« m u n i t i o n d r i e O t i the in pVtmtnt or »u. of Ihe UIM Cftiiilmnli"' in the ntutii Its income f i n i i i H.' |Mi!l' i y j»*r »Mffli-lfni ti. p«y ti »ll tlin Maei It . !«·· Oil the tnlllullciui, (li'iii'Ko ItiiUcnbuIilcr of l*loomln(f tin. ii iiiiiloniil dlieoUu- of Iho Wood iw-n, and Ihe prlnc-liml speaker o tin- tiumrciimlii)! ti'lcliriitlon. salt Ihnt If mum- of the olil customs wer. followed todiiy Woodmen official; would have a more nmnslng of It Mayor 0, W, Smith and Commls ftloitcr Alex Van Piling were amon Tin- drill totim Mild quartet o Nit. H-l furnlHhed e n t o t l n l n Kcfreshmi'nin were served. In your m-wipuper ""'H lo, wnt a tioi'fio f( " , l » blV ' 1 of t)i« Item of Mutual Hcnt- ill Ajwlntloun. Th* ma-dmum pcntf hns t-een n part of Ih Wlon pnmn! by Iho Oan-rul Wy in W3T nnd ean not exceed ,iO t t n t H f t nvmtU. Wo w i l l n d u u i t h u t it la pniwlbh- Itttit »oine Aiwii.elui lonf »r« not n n etucful of Ihflr W C t h i - t o (willed In mm Of till st bBrtm.»H bin In fnee of lh« »lle*ftrien fin exiuwo. tlK- t\n\irr» . ihown un Ihn u-coitlx of tin 1 tnnur- itleiui n( . kind of MuUntl H?ni" fit Aswoi-iminn m thd HUilo the »f i i p f t n t l i m i upends wan about SO tirri n montli for each mi'inl'et 1 or one cent a il«y. The Mutual* opwilMl for i" pfi rent, o f , Old Korm of xlre. but will (,-lvo hewty co-oporn tlon In tiny one In weeding out In o\ll dorin hy pm|)(.-r nnd legal Bt thdi-lty Ono of tho »nd most im porldtil nepnrliticnit «f the SUitc o Illliiiil-i IH I he Instil i-nnc* 1 ilcp Thin xplondld d e t m r l m e n t in In enforclHK snu'h moMuri-a for th lu-otoi-llon nt the jiulillc n« they rtorrt lend I ft ml J i t u l . Th! ncpiulnicnl IN ilolni; tlili) vi-r tli Int-. All men tinil all oorimrtitloni hnv tlm rlpht iindoi Hie law lo deton twdrtsl tho pnytnont of loi:ut clnlnid and domnndM, Th» off rccs nnd rtliwlors of M n t u n l n«no( n# HOC lut Ion? nrc tlraply Irusler* t I'olti'ct. prwicrvo find imy out th money of the nn'iiibcrMhlp, They nr mulct bond to d» I h l s properly tin an viittd olrilnw, only. To dofrn t h e h (iH-ioolat lot! nutilnal lltofia nmi fuiiidulctit (.'lulnm la not ,nly rutht hnl It l,i ti duly Tho slotnt which Mil-He ti^flootntlont nr wn» deemed ample by STATE GROTTOS PLAN CONCLAVE HERE IN SPRING 17 Organizations to Participate in Ceremonial and Parade TO LAST TWO DAYS A erolto conclave on n par with he recent Knights Templar con clavp is to be conducted in Decatur May, Walter A. Roberts, Mon arch ot Zohiilt Grotto, announced Wednnttdny evening. The conulnvo will b that of the Illinois Orotlo -Hsoolatlon and will it attended by lha IT grottos In tho Tliero wit) be a pat-ado pur In hy hundreds of grotto members In brilliant uniforms, nc lontpanlod by numerous bunds and drum corps. Corcmonlal n Monmch Roberts, following his rs h-emenl front tho monurchy In Jnn nory, will ilovolo his f u l l attention plans for the sin to conclave, Monarch Roberts Is second vice- president ot tho Illinois association nnd thn chief sponsor of tho eon- chivo In Docatur, Zohak Grotto ro- contty voted to Invite nil grottos of Iho stale lit'i-o tor the meeting, The nvitntlim was ucceplcd by each of Iho 17 srottos. A feature of tho concluve will be in olnhot'iite rercmonlnl ot the -various participating grolloa In the Masonic; temple, which will bo eon ')nv hetidquFirlevH, The conclave will be a two-day n f f u l r , piobably on a Xtihn-dfiy and Sunday. 700 Expected for Ceremonial Oct. 29 Mure thnn 700 menibr-is of various Illinois tfrot.tot will be In Decntitr WodneHduv. CM. 2ft lor a joint CCJG- monlal. Plain for Ihe ceremonial were (ll'iciuined In dt-tnll In a meeting of Kohult CirnllO Wednesday evening Thirty-five members of the grotto attended the meeting, flroUns of SI, J.ouls, Kastt SI, Trills. Alton, Ti-m-la Jacksonville. Pckin, Danville, Tciro Haute and Ohani- palj,'n luive nooo|ileil Kolutk Oi'olto'e I n v i t a t i o n lo tiiko iatt In tlti coiomo- nlal. Untidy from Champaign. St. Louis. Diinvillr. Penrla nnd elsewhere, tind (he Defiilur High school (ind Xuhak (I i-o (to bands w i l l timrcli In a piitrulu lo stiirl nt 7 o'clock In Ihe eM'iiltitf of Oct. Bfl. A d i n n e r In the Masonic l e t u p l o dtnliiK room will preeede the paimte. All (trollo and hand membojH will Millihin Student Selected for Rhodes Scholarship Competition he (n full uniform and The tho Onortil A-iiombly that wiactctl H nnd It hold so hv ruir courts ami tiumy of Iho hcsl- iefttil I n l o n t In tho the low nllnwii them, M u t i i t i l n o n e f l l t n i t i r n n c e In not d In your orlRlnnl dtlneli on tho Mil- n(iw ttl | nc j f j q t h n oliloit form of hm, Oonpfll A,'i!ioelntl*ns nf llllnol* accuser! the if A«worlfitlon» of enKH^od In Iniiuninre if; Wo feel Ihllt ynltf tltii (or f tVi suitemenl was (Ho Init of t(!e Lfinh-en Mtitual Renoflt nf IV'clinr tn handd t ii rtrelvei hy Iho tnsm'nnco Hi pnitmenl of HIP Slnlc, We htivo no to miiHi' of u n y l H l n K that null! MX! will iuy uhout the lid ("i nn'hriiii rt Ihnt ln:*nrnnoo In use hy Iho clvlllisod wnrld. In Knclnnd thtri nro rom- Finnlrii t h a i hnvo (.porntod hoforn Cn- tumhua dldcovMPrt Ainotlon nnd nro still opeintliif,'. Thii C(imnninkiitlon Is mibmlttd hy ti cdinmHtoo tclcrtftl by n RMUP of Mnlunl Rcnpflt Assoclnllona, nil of whom ar« prouil of the creivt boon t h e i r otitunlMitlolw hove hoon tw UH memhoia, and we feel (hat In your lo rorittt-r folr and W( i miMfrjiuinn i i i f i i i* 1 * in'fn i '^' 11 i+tti i » ^ - ( » .^L.». T , ,,,,,,,.,- A^Kla.l.m hMl ix-en lonU-'j^tlco I, .HI. thai VTM wm Klvo thli ii hoiiv foi ...... v for Urn.' nnrt "'H'-lf 1 'I" 1 1«iltllfHy nnd the. Import- U m-loct- nnoe tin- it-i Imtfineis of tho slUmllon ^ first1 rtt : lwi»n wnl hoping it' iionht to do ivnrtnnlw. im-lno-u nn (he repm.Ulmi, A copy nf yo Ir nr K l n n ' niunv m.od oWitilKiitlnni t h n t , l n i ' ' t on Uio Mnlunl* hn i f I e ' an to cur profit ciif|irl»a untt Krr«t nlu»-l( cnnio whon your t a '»«Pflpor ptune out w l l h «n article *r'tlt. In Iho minds of the public, j«*il» UH all seem to bo n (rroup of J* w mlniH-d tlileven bont or, robbing "in wldowii «nd oi'itlumH. Triwt Muitt- lc|Htrtini't«t «ir tjioi o rwont nrtifles ((lv* rj«Wf« that even you did nnt [TMl** what k Kravo mtdtako hrtd J*" 1 Winlii, Yim iwtHlnly would not ·WUim mi , hl , bll(lk( , ot , h|| it(lt(l ·TM « th» l/nlted Ktate* weTM tin- TM*n« »lni|ly bueaiimidurlnK the pact TM* y**r* the numnor of hftnk fnll- ·"J ndvf hron k l w t m t n a l y "«tMilil no h r i p r t m l A f e n t r ^ S U t a t l n n K ,|H|y of "" 6°t.d Mutual £«n«flt At In thl» atnta not only d» l (inme, nn nnd mnro expenplvfi plrin of protoc- tlon. It would b o - « trrent pity to have It happen thnl ynur newspaper had hoon Ihn eutme of some person dropping their membership and then havo (loath trail that member away and tho be-nefldtiry loft helpless ami broke. Kwil benefit a-woelutloiw novoc lose Htfiht nt (ho rl(ihta nnd the welfaro of itH Yimrs OKOKOB If. PRIME, Koblnson, III. ir. M, HINKUS, Tnylorvllle. 1)1. nfAHI.BS W. NUNAN, ChnnipnlKii. 111. WAI,TF;R A. smTDf.Bn, Neopn, 111. J. C. WSSTSJRVEI.T, Elhelbyvllle, 111, ceremonial ivlll be In the aLiditorhlm ot the Masonic temple. 150 Will Attend Florida Meeting llNidcd hy officers of 2ohak Grotto, 1!iO mombord of the qrotto, other Masons tind t h e i r ftlends and faml lies, will Journey lo SL PetetHhUrg, Klit. next Jutu: fin the supreme council Kosslon of Iho urottos in Ihe United Staler and Cunuda. Plnn« for tho trek to Florliln wore discussed in ii meetlnfr of ftrntto Wedneidnv evonlng In t h r Mainnlc lomplo. Atonarch Walter A llolierls nnnoimeod that an unutiinl ly (avomble oxcurslon rnlo to Flor Idti hud boon made by tht J^onlsvllle A. Nashville railway. If thn rale accepted, the grotto paily will go to ftt. Louis and I ravel fi-orn there on tho [,. N. to St. Petersburg, StopoverK will be made on Ihe wa.v to Chattanooga, Tenn., and Orlando Flit. In Chattanooga a three-hour slBhlseelnK lour tci the battle flolds ot Ohkltamalisrti ami lookout Motin- tdln will be nmtlc, Tho OJtando ih«9ib«r of commoieo has Invited Iho Dpcnlur jrt-otto party lo n lunch oim and thu-e-hour automobile trip free of all nost. Tho Uewilur party will be headed hy Monarch Kohnrls, H. T. Coay chief jusllce of Hohak Orotlo ont r Ir, J. T. McDavId, mnster of cere' monies. At the t i m e ot the t r i p Monarch Roberts will ha pazl monarch nnd the others named will be moved up In office, Bachman's Now Agents (or General Motors Radios Baehmnn's, tho Docatur furniture and house furnishings dealers, ere now selling the new General Motors radios. Appointment of the Bachman Co. as the Decdlur agoncy (or Ihe General Motors TUdlo corpota- IIon was announced Wednesday, A tt|»tflinl showing ot the Genoral Molors radios \n on display In Bach- nmn's slore, 234-238 North Main street. Tin: radios, the rcsull of long roscnrch In the Oneral Motors Inh- oratoi lei, tent lire ft ifsw development, the visual tone selector. Farmer's Leg Broken When Two Cars Collide William Hongim, farmer of near Rparsdalo. received a broken right leg In a collision of his automobile Wednesday afternoon with another in an Intersection ot two country roads. Occupants of the other car wore unhurt, ' A pf-"iur physician was called. The physician took Mr. Honglln to tho Dccalur nnd Macon County ho«- 1)l(aI anil set Iho fraclure, POSTPONE AH MtiKTINa Thn mocttnB of the wesl circle ot I1w indies' aid society of SI. Paul's Mothortlst church scheduled for Thursday night, has bcrn postponed until Friday nlghl, Members will meet -with Mr*. L. N. Morrison, 1015 East Main John A. Lolghly, ?nn of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E Leighly, gfll Weal. Packard streel, DocuHi- High school giuduato In 1027, has been choaeii to compete for the awnrJ nf ono of tho two Cecil J, Tthodoa Oxford scholarships to bo awai-dnd to students In Illinois universities or colleges thin year. Mr. Lclghty W a senior In Jumoit Mllllkln unlvortdly and .will be tho second Mllllkln Ri-arttmt.o ever to try for tho Rhodes scholavnhlp. The firm was M. Galry Hudson, mm of Rev ond Mrs, G. G. Hudson, who wtis nwarded tho scholorflhir- aftor lli" (H-adimllon from Mllllkln and while ho was a Mtudent In Northwewtorn unlv orally DECATUR GROUP TO ATTEND FARM WEEK State Meeting Will Take Place at U. of I. An effort It! being made by tht- Macon counly Farm Bureau lo get u lot, ot Us members to attend the annual Farm nnd Home week in the Unlvertdly of Illinois Ihe second week of January, A new commlUeo ha» been np- iiolnlod Inls year and the Unlvcr- slly officials aro plannlns the program ot tho weak so that there will be something of intctcst lor every farmer. Macon county usually is well represented in tho big slate grain show staged In ooTtneo.lion with Purm and Homo week, but E. H. Walworlh, larm advisor, and Walter Rowe, president ot the farm bureau, w n n t to jrct a Rood attendance in oilier sections ot the program. Dean H, W. Mumfoid of the college of ugricullure hua sent a personal letter to persona who have shown an Intoi-eitt tn the woslt heretofore, outlining the plans for this year. A letter se.nt to Dean Mumford will bitntf suaBOMtloti') as to how the most cun bo mndo or the program. Of outstanding inlciest to many fnrmot's will bo a course on power funning, dealing with farm mcch- anlci, traelor work and nil ol lite plmscs ot this new aide of the bust- ncits. How tn save money In farm building qon struct I on will be another Interest Inj- mibioct that will be fiono into thoroughly during the week. Wife SUyeTShowT" Steady Improvement Frcomonl Klnoh, negro who shol his w i f e Insit woek and nttempled lo Kilt himself, eonUnucd to improve in St. Mary's hospital Wednesday, Physicians are more optimistic about his reeoveiy but suy that ho sllll IB in danger Infection may doveiop In the hiill*t wound In his bond, but his resistance Is good, tho doctors nnld, Railroad Notes TO THKKKCOHD Thlrly loconiollves were rebuilt In Watmsh locomotive shops In Decotur during Reptcmbor-ono «vor- five hours and 22 minutes t h a t tho shop WHS operated. The high record m a d e last M i ' i c h wan n. locomotlvo rebuilt every flvo hours nnd 13 minutes. So far as was known nt that lime, It was a world record. Since llwt time there has beon no report of ,1 b e t t e r performance, which means that the craftsmen of Wuhnsh locomotive shop and Ihe planl they operate yet lend all locomotive, builders in efficiency. These shops also hold a safely tooord that Is woithy of note Up u n l i t Monday morning, 318f had been put In wllhoul a reportoble accident. CUT 11ATK ON SAVINGS Wabasl) Credit union !s mailing ciiculars to all Wabosh employes announcing ft cut rate on the money savings coupon book which has heretofore sold for JI.B5. Until Ocl. 31 these books will he offered for n.Otl Th* Union hns been allofed J.OOO Students are chosen annually from nil British colonies Germany and the United State*, to boneflt by the three yeara study made possible by Rhodes, one of England's groat eat colodlncrs. Bach student IB allowed J2,000 a yettr while attending the university. Th* scholars!) I pa were founded by Rhodes In an effort to bring th* Antjlo-Saxon peoples to a better ur» iwslaridlng. establish their dominance on the earth, and end war, ICnch state In the union Is permitted twn scholarships. Require, men Is fnr eligibility ari based on scholarship, character and nlhletic ability. Choice In made by competitive examination. LINCOLN FIRM GETS ROUTE 48 CONTRACT, WELDON-FARMER CITY Qeorga Hoffman Construction Co., Lincoln, was awarded the contract for the 18 miles of paving on Route 48 between Wcldon and Farmer City, Wednesday by th« stale highway department, nccordlnR to information Representative W. C. Chyno- wolh by Frunk Shccta, -chlof engineer of the state highway department. U is expected that work on tho! contract will be started at once. If weather condition* remain favorable, considerable grading can be done this fall, Tho Hoffman Construction Co, ai- 30 has the contract for Route 121 from the Macon county line' to Decatur, but nothing can be done now until the right-of-way has been all socttred, Mr. Sheets again told Mr Chynowcth Wednesday. FOWLEfTHONORED ON FIRST ANNIVERSARY i Hoover Co, Gives Dinner for I. P. L. Group E, W. Fowler's first anniversary an iianagcr of the Cenlral Illinois group of Illinois Power Light Co. iropcrtles was made tho occasion Tuesday evening of a dinner In Hotel Orlando. The dinner was given by lie Hoovor Co., and wan attended by division and commercial managers of the I. P. L., and officials ot tho Hoover Co. Mr. Fowler was guest of honor In the dinner. The Central Illinois gi-onp of I. P. 1,. properties has won the Hoover (Jo. cup for showing the largest la- crease In Hoover sales during the months of April, .May nnd June, il frits announced in (he dinner. locutur men who attended the I Inner Included: E, W. Fowler, general manager, CenlrtU Illinois group, 1. p. A T,, I. P.. Abbott, I, P, ft L, Decatur division manager. 0, A. Acuff, I. P. Ii. mtpt'rvl.slng commercial manager, Central Illinois group, M. £}. Bandoll, I. P, ft L. commercial manager, Deciilur C. R. Proherg, district manager of Contra) Illinois for (he Hoover com- puny, It. C Skclton, Hoover rcprosenta live. DIRECTORS OF WABASH HAVE MEETING HERE Official Group Vuiti Shops, Then Convenes With A. E. Staley DETAILS NOT DISCLOSED books for ft rcer-ntly put on, and Ihnre is an effort btfng made to dispose of the entire allotment The opportunity Is not limited to members of the union but Is open to all Wabash employes. NOTES Conductor W. O'Conncll has re turned to service on Iralntt 28-9 after a visit of scvotal days In Indiana, Tli« Illinois Control motor car opcralcd between Decatur and While llcnlh hns gone to the shops to bo overhauled. There were six trains each way north, past and south Wednesday and four wrsL Engineer 3 A. Cox after an Illness ot Iwo weeks hns returned to hia assignment on trains 28 ant! 29 wes 1 ot Docntnr. Engineer W. , DiwmJH of the Springfield division is absent on leave nnd will go to Indiana tor a visit. A number of the apprentice club boys met In lha Railway Y. M, C. A. Wednesday night and organized a basketball tofim A Peru division fuel meeting wll be held tonight at U:30 In the read Ing room of the Y. M. C, A. in Poiu Tnd. /Wherever the Itching} Whatever the Cause Resinol Relieve* It Quickly R C. Greene, Hoover live. C, M Must, Hoover reprcsenla. live. William Cantwelt. city service supervisor. Hoovor Co. Phillips Petroleum Co. Buys Lovington Station Purchase ot the Slnip«on BI-OB, sci' vice B tat Ion on UouU 32 In Lov- Inglon by the Phillips Petroleum compart) 1 was announced by Dccatur The first meeting of the director, of the Wabash railroad ever held in Decatur, was convened in the offle of A, E. Staley, member of the boar.) llonduy afternoon when the offIcln Inspection party wan In Decntur Whether the meeting was Informal or a mailer ot record, It was no disclosed. In fact nothing concern ltK the visit wait disclosed. Atle Hie parly hod visited the ihopo Chairman W. H. Williams nnd som ot the members of Iho parly cn!li on Mr, Staley in bin office. Probably there were jtcmons accompany In, the inspection train who did no know that, a directors meeting wa convened, RKAIIV FOKJDNK PILE. The majority ot Ihe 800 clans Wu baah loeotnollve» »ru ready for th scrap hnap, and that in where the; will go If that suggestion Is approved Operating condition)* now are sucl that while all ot the locomotive should possibly be made serviceable their service would not be economi cal. The 800 claoK locomotives »-r built approximately 30 years ago, and at lhat lime were Iho larges power units in the Wabash service Their weight is between W and 5C tons. The latesl Wabash locomotive (the 2000 series) weigh more than 300 tons, and carry 2.W grounds o boiler pressure, while the old-timer had 12ft pounds worklne; pressure There are other smuDcr units In ad d II ion to the 800 claws, on th* list to be junked. As the Interstate com merce commission requires all mil roads lo keep books after certain rules, tl)« possibility of the commit slon's approval being necessary depends entirely upon the way th scrapping ot the old engines 1 handled on the books. APPIIKNTIOK CLUB DANCE Tha Apprentice club will give masquerade dance In the MOOM country club Friday. Oct. fl, Dancln will be from 9 lo 12 p, m. Musk will b« furnished by Lee Iloni*- broott'a orchestra, II IwtnORKRSTO «K LAID OFF A civw of 11 workmen who h been sawing rail at the reclnmalto plant since Oct. 2, wilt he laid of about Friday noon, when Iho wor is expected to be completed. When Your Cough Hangs On, Mix This at Home of the company Wednesday. Thu .station will be Uhen over on Nov 15. The Phllll]Mi company bus completed three new Ktulionfl In Decutur and now hn»i four under const ruction, Thi-ir hulldlng program culls /or the erection of a station In overy town ot B,000 or more population within 50 mill's nf Dncatnr. LIKE MAGIC PIMPLES DISAPPEAR Flrtjibnrirh Gr«t«fill One of the many wonderful thlngi about Peterson's Ointment -- you don't havo to wait lone before it compltshes results, tf you are troubled with plmplei on your face and back--just rub on Peterson's Ointment before going to bed--rub It In good--wake up In the morning with your skin already starting to clear. The mighty healing power ot Pel' crson's rapidly banishes those ugly blemishes and makes you the proud posnenHOr of charming skin btauty. Mr. Ed, W. King of PlttHburgh. Pa., writes: "I hid pimple* all over my fncn tnr over ft your, 1 bad food. pjmplwt, Ointment* bill they did no It w*» nnt until I tried Pet- that I found thn w»y to «nd Tlie bent cough remedy tti«t moner could bay, cnn cully be niliwl it liome, It nav«n money »nit give* you the moat reliable, qiiit'k-actiuR ucdieliie you fvtr u*cd. The war ft takes bald ol stubborn rouKlis and cheat colds, cMn( immediate tcliff, is aHtoni*hing. Aar dniBKlHt enn Hiipply you with 2% oaneea ot Plnei, Pour this -into * pint Mtle, aud fill up witli plain granulated sugar syrup M strained hoary. It's no trouble »t all to mix, and when }«» once use it, you will never bf without it. Kwjts ]ter(evtly toil tiaten eood--children rwlly like It. It is siirpriHiiiK now niilrktf (.hli Ibn term-Men iihlfsm, and and beat* th« iiiflnmtJ mem* At the tame tiwe, part «t th* incdieine is absorbed into tke blond, where it ·-tn directly on the bronchial tubea, inJ hetpa.ttie nyitctn tbruw off tan wbolo trouble. Kfm thnM« sfiftt raughs whicli tullo v cold us, ar« nromptlrended. 1'inex U a hiKhtr coiiecntrntetl eom- f ound of gcniiiui Korwsy Pine, eon- ilning the active agent of creosote, la a refined, nalatabl* form. Nnt hi of known in medicine in more helpful In MUCK of sevrrr coughs, chest colds aid bronchial troubles. Do not accept a substitute tor Ptnei. 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H«ra Is the freitMt dofWltf v«Ju* (n Centril Illinoli tod»yt OuUUtrflni tebrtct --bttter workmawhlp- n«w*r ttylM-- fu»r ·nt«ed fotlrtectlon! Nev«r in mow DIM M ywr* u clot hint m*rch»nU h»vn w» bm «bl« lo offer «ich mi uniMual mift v«li» fw J1T.M, But como »nd ·*« lor yowMlf-Md j-nn will und*r»t»nd why w« hav« hU tueh ·n ^n)hitii»i(le renpoiw* from every who has «**n the** wondtrMl »ult An Abtalutt GuaronlM IVilA £iwrx Soft la Our Al OM PrfM $jyso BACHRACHS UTT NO CHAKOBS - »0 DELIVBIUE9 RMMX CHAXOB FOK WTKUnOMt

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