Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 25, 1936 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1936
Page 3
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THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 25, 1936. THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS, Patnpa, Texas PAGfe THRfitf Jap Naval Officer Indicted With American In Spy Plot BORAH CAMPAIGN HOT BOISE, Idaho, June 25. (/P>—A Townsendites moved milltantly to- :tay into one of llic nation's most Charge Conspiracy to Sell Secrets To U. S. LOS ANGELES, June 25 (AP)— The oft-rumored "navy spy case" •was an open court affair today, with two men under indictment charged with conspiring to fur- rilsh U. S. navy information to the Japanese government. Defendants are Harry Thomas Thompson, erstwhile petty officer in the U. S. Navy, and Toshio Mlyazakl, identified in the indictment as a lieutenant - commander of the Imperial Japanese navy. Thompson, the government charges, masqueraded as a naval officer to obtain information, then sold it to Miyazakl. A federal grand jury returned the indictment yesterday, tearing aside the secrecy with which navy officials and government prosecutors have cloaked their long investigation. The allegations contained in the indictment read like the plot of familiar espionage fiction. They have the full complement of routine elements, involving two first- class powers, an Oriental savant, east and west meeting In illicit and mutually-profitable alliance. Adding to the story book flavor of the affair, a Japanese woman was injected into the picture today. It was learned that federal operatives have questioned the woman regarding the case, and are keeping her accessible for further Interrogation. The woman, it was disclosed, Is an acsuaintance of Thompson, who is serving a county jail. sentence for Illegally wearing a naval officer's uniform. Thompson, the indictment charged, began selling his country's secrets on August' 26, 1934 when he boarded the U. S. S. Brooks at San Diego With this episode as an opening chapter, the indictment continued with this story: : Dressed as a navy officer, Thompson went aboard. U. S. warships at San Pedro and San Diego and obtained assorted documents—"code books, signal books, photographs, blue brints, plans, maps, models ... and Information relating to the national defense." ; Miyazaki, described in the indictment as one-time honor student at Stanford University and, federal investigators said, language officer at the institution, met Thompson on several occasions, in San Pedro and Los Angeles and paid him for naval information. The information, according to the indictment, was "to be used to the injury of the United States and to the advantage of a foreign nation, to-wit, Japan." The jury alleged ''divers other persons unknown" were involved in the espionage plot. COURT RECORD HomeoftLSJlag .Remainder of the week was expected to be taken up in district court with the trial of the compensation case of J. P. Perkins versus, The Texas- Indenity Co., cour attaches stated today, preferential setting, has been given for next Monday to the case of Larry Ray versus The Texas Panhandle Stages, Inc., a damage action for personal injuries. In the trial Judge S. D. Stennis of Pampa, will represent the plaintiff, and Atty. William R. Saunders of Amarlllo, will be defense counsel In the Perkins trial, plaintiff? testimony still was in progress today, the third clay of the hearing Court attaches predicted it woulc be Saturday before the case goe. l,o the 'Jury- In county court witnesses still weri parading before the six-man jur> listening to evidence in the damag case of Murk Long versus the City of Pampa, in which the plaintil seeks $500 damages for damag which he alleges was done to property thru improper drainag facilities. In district court, according U District Cleric Prank HtU, iiex week will be devoted exclusively b the hearing of civil jury cases . A special sesion of commissioners court was under way at the cour house this afternoon. Charles Thut country clerk, stated that the ses sion was called to authorize pay ment of current jllls. Baer Manhandles Boxer, Is Booec SAN ANTONIO, June 25, (/P)— Max Baer gained a three-roun technical knockout decision hei last night to the accompanimen of angry booes. Wilson Dunn, 183-pound Pone City, Okla., Indian was the victin of what 5,000 Irate fans thought wa Baer's rough and unfunny tactics (hotly-contested campaigns — that for the United States Senate seat of William E. Borah. "Our campaign begins today," proclaimed E. C. Davis, Idaho Townsend manager, nf- iter he nnd Dr. Francis E. Townsend's state board of strategy named Byron Defenbach, former Republican state treasurer as their candidate. MEANEST MAN TUSCOLA, 111., (XP)—Stealing 120 chickens from a farm would be considered pretty mean at best but It was double mean in this case—it was the Douglas county poor farm. The fowls were raised to feed the penniless residents. A shrine which thousands of Americans visit annually, this quaint .house in Philadelphia was Copyright, 1930, by Karl F. Lutz the home of Betsy Ross, where the first American flag was fashioned in 1777. Minute By Minute AtStation KPDN THURSDAY AFTERNOON 3:30—vThis and That. 4:00—Texas Centennial. 4 :0'B—Farm Flashes. 4:15—Hilly Billy Tunes. 4:30—Dance Hour. 4 :45—Piano Musicale. B :00—Late Afternoon News. 5:16—Dancing Discs. 6 :30—Master Singers. 6 :40—One Stop Service. B:4G—Musical Moments starring noff. 6:00—Mrs. T. F. Morton. 6:16—Dance With Us. 6:30—Radio Night Club. 7:00—Thoughts For You nnd Me. 7 :26—Complete Baseball Returns. :80—Emerson at Eagle. ( 8:00—Sign Off. Rub- "My Song is of Dodge" says MARION TALLEY, Lovely Opera Star now starring in "Follow Your Heart", a ± Republic Production t FRIDAY MORNINO 0:30—Sign On, k t> :30—Unceda Car Boys, 7:30—Better Health. 7:3C—Wakcr Uppers. 8:80—Overnight News. 8:45—It's Your Own Fault. 8 :B5—Adorable. " ' 9:00—Shopping With Sue. 0:15—Singer of Sacred Songs. 9:30—Better Vision. 11:35—Frigid Facts. 9:4B—American Family Robinson. 10 :OB—Interlude. 10:10—Beautiful Lady in Blue. 10:1B—Micro News. 10 :2B—Violin Strings. v 10:30—Mid Morning News. 10 :4B—Fireside Thoughts. 10 :GO—Waltz Time. 10 :BB—Texas Centennial. 11:00—W.PA. Musical. 11:15—Tho Harvesters. 11:30—Emerson at Eagle. 12:00—On the Mall. 'FRIDAY AFTERNOON 12:15—Melody Men. 12:30—Miles of Smilen. 12:46—Noon Newu. 1:00—Miles of Smiles (ftinl.) 1:30—Dance Hour. 1:46—Alone At A Tallin. 1 :(10—Xylophone MuaiV. 1 :56—Price Culdtf.. 2:00—Milady's Matinee. 2 :30—lal. Afternoon Nt-WH. 2:4fi—The DrpamorH. :i :0n—Vundi-rbevR Trio. :l:15—Tea Time TUHPH. 3:30—Texas Centennial. 3:35—Announcer's Choice. !l:45—Dream Oirlfl. 4 :00—Nathaniel Shllkret. 4:14—Texan Centennial. , 4 :30—Farm Flashes. 4 :4B—Piano Moods. 6:00—Late Afternoon News. B:1B—Dancing Discs. 5:25—Service Facts. B :30—Interlude. B :.40—Mrs. Housewife. 5:46—Dance With Us. 6:00—Ford V8 Revue. 6:15—Tango Fancies. 6:30—Cheery Cricket. 6:45—Tliniio Bible Class. 7:15—Thoughts For You and Me. • 7:25—Complete Baseball Scores. 7:30—Emerson at Eagle. 8:00—Sign Off. * ; The philatelists will have plenty of stamps to look at during the Texas Centennial Exposition. More than $1,000,000 worth of commemorative stamps are on display in the Federal Building at the Philatelic exhibit. In the third round Dunn was tossed from the ring and was unable to continue. The former heavyweight champion wrestled his lighter opponent and four times Dunn left the ring. DANCE... PLA - MOR FRIDAY NIGHT, JUNE 26 to the music of HARRIETT GALLOWAY The Incomparable Star of Screen and Stage And Her Famous Orchestra Admi»»ion $1.65 I instinctively like beauty and style... and the handsome new Dodge with ts lovely appointed interior and smart iines, appeals to me immeasurably. No wonder it is acclaimed for its lavish beauty . . . it's so much more expensive looking than it is. I was surprised at the really low price . . . . pleased with the many expensive- car features for one's safety and comfort . . . this extra attention to riding enjoyment makes long trips easy . . . On a recent trip from Kansas City to Los Angeles, I enjoyed every minute . , . and was not at all tired after a long day of driving. And with all this luxury... at so low a price ... 1 was quite surprised to note the remarkable savings on gas and oil. For a combination of beauty, style and money-saving features, it seems to me that it would be hard to surpass this handsome new Dodge. 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