The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 18, 1923 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 18, 1923
Page 6
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WED^E^DAV, JULY 18, 19J.J Special Music During tho dinner hour* In the Tea Room on Wednesday and Saturday cvenlnus. Store Hours We open at 8:36 and close at 6:00 except on Saturday'when we dote at 6:30. Picnic Day Specials We close at 1:00 p. m. tomorrow for the Rorabaugh Picnic and so must do a full day's business before one $4.00 to $6.50 Pieces of Sheffield Silver Your $0 .75 Choice ===== 14-inch plercoil silver vnses with heavy bnso. Regulnr prico $0.00. CloM lined nut h.iakot with cracker and six Iilclis. Regular price $5.50. . , Silver bon bon and migftr baskets regularly priced $4.60 to 6.60. Silver bankets lor tonal. Regularly $4,60 and $11.00. Silver tea FetM consiMttiK of lea pot, creamers, sugars and tray. Ue-KHl.-ir price $(1.50. Wilmont crumb sweeper, Iteeular price $0.00. t.'overed ilirtli with aluminum or white vorcelaln liner. Regularly $5.00 and $6.SO. Pierced trays Tor cheeBe and crackers. Regular price $6.50. Silver pnrrolntur In regular $6.00 and $6.50 styles. Casseroles with Tyrex and porcelain liners and pierced silver and nirkk'd frames. These Items are all from regular stock and arc offered Thursday from 8:30 until 1:00 p. m. at $3.76 each. . $1.50 Aluminum Dish Pans Heavy weight melal, ll-quart BIKA. WO bought 500 of thoso pnn.i so wu emitrt Bell thmn at $1.50 each. Now wo nre forgetting all about that to make n real special fur Picnic Day. No Phono Orders—Not over two to a customer. Men's Hose 85 Two Pair McnV fine quality fibre silk hoso with reinforced loo and heel and double sole. Black, cordovan, white, navy, grey and palm beach. Sizes 8M1 to 1H4. 35c Hose, 4 Pairs $1.00 Men's regular 35c mercerized lisle hose with double Bole and reinforced heel and toe. Come In black, white, cordovan, navy, grey and Palm Beach. Sizes 9V4 to 11%. Four pairs for $1.00 Gingham 23° YA This Is regular 29c quality Gingham and It Is 32 Inches wide. Comes In neat and fancy check and small broken plald patterns In blue, pink, tan, green, brown and yellow combinations. PONGEE $1 .19 Yd. This Is our regular $1.50 the jard quality Bengal Pongee. It is 36 lnchos wide and cornea in white, tan. orchid, peacock and navy. An ideal material for cool Summer dresBes. Ladies' Handkerchiefs £, ree$ i.oo Ladies' hand embroidered hand- korchiuf.s rf'Kulurly prlci*tl nt 50c to $1.50 each. They are mado of (ln- ont linen fabrics - and . havo . ham- Klilehud. oilmen. All urn IrlHh Hn- portationn and are truly beautiful. Regular $10.00 White Kid SLIPPERS $5. .85 Pair Beautiful wliito kid slippers with protty eiiloui trimming of patent leaLlnir, red, ^remi and grey kid. Jlav" Loiils ln.uflH and light weight flexible iicilen. Hpocial for Ttuirs- <lay morning. Tho pair $5.S5 $1.00 Household Aprons, 69c I 'tiro gtnn nib7jcr household aprons in the iarno HUO. Have rubber wjraps ever the Hhouldera. Sperlal Thurisduy morning at (iOe. Hand Embroidered Models 3 The Marked Price The stamped poods matching these samples h.ive been sold out and we have no further need of the models. To dispose of them quickly we offer them at one-third the marked prices on Thursday morning. Each will add to the attractiveness of any room. Regular $30.00 pieces arc now $10.00, $lS.00pieces $5.00, and so on down the lines. Children's drosses marked $6.00 to $10.00 Buffet scarfs markod $7.60 to $12.00 3-picco buffet sots marked $7.&0 to $10.00 Pique hats marked $5.00 Guest towels marked $3.00 to $5.00 Glass towels markod $3.00 Center Pieces marked $7 to $25 Tea Aprons marked $2.50 Napkins marked.. .$1.50 and $2 Tray Clulhn marked $2.50 Child's bib sets marked $3.00 Luncheon sets (9-pleccs) marked. $25.00 Bod Spreads marked $30.00 Luncheon Cloths marked $6.00 to $15.00 6-ploce luncheon acts marked $15.00 and $20.00 Dresser Scarfs jaiarked $8.50 and $10.00 Library scarfs marked $14.50 to $25.00 Fudge aprons markod $6 to $11 Card table covers marked. .$5.00 Sofa pIltowB marked $10.00 Clowns marked.. $7.00 Children's dresses mnrkod $0.00 to $10.00 Ladies' \\ ; Neckwear L h r 25c Neckwear set consisting of one collar and one pair of cuffs In the English eyelet work. The collar Is the now round" shape, narrow stylo and is prottlly emhrotrlered. Dainty sets for Summer wear. Boys\$1.59 Flapper Suits $|.25 Boy's flapper suits made of good quality khaki and grey crash material. Have sports collar, short Bleevos and open knee. Made with two pockets and belt to match. Sizes 2 to 7 years. Boys' $1.25 Play Suits, 65c These are bluo stifle play suits trimmed with red 'binding. Made with short sleeves, square neck and come ankle length. Sizes 2 to 8 yoars. $1.50 Vacuum Bottle for $1.00 This one-pint vacuum bottle has corrugated aluminum cover. Uses standard Thermos filler. $1.50 Hair Clippers for $1.00 Robert's hair clippers for homo v uae. Made of gcnulno razor steel. Bathing Caps for 48c Ladles' regular CSc and 76c rubber bathing ca-ps. Some with two and three color combinations. Floral ami Btrap decorations as well as rubber ribbons and bows. >Mw »o *«»*xt >»i^>^i»»«iM *ii .i II • . r .. -*tf i V rv -_i -fyf- l -.iif ) -, rftrn ijin_ i>y FRANCES TRECJO MONTCOMEK "You man, lion. "I RtllU' Uial nice kind of a pollce- Jnercd his comrades at tho sta- Can't finil tn'n hi*,' Kofltsl" Kuoss y:m would find Ihcm," •il one, "If ho had buttnd you as big goat did niu! Just to got revenge on him, J have a notion to go back to tho park and look for tliom myself." "Co ahead! I wish you would! 1 lost trace of thorn in tlio park, but you are moro than welcninu to go and gut on thiyir trail from there." AH he hadn't jnuc.h to do, the second policeman started out. Arriving at blie park, he entered from the north and happened to inquire of tho same gardener that the first pollcomun had interviewed oarllcr In tho day. When' asked If ho had seen two goats around there during the morning, the gardener told the same story as ho had relutod to the other policeman. "Would you mind telling me If those goats be valuable or not? For someone else has been askin' after them this mornln'." "They havo, have they? Who's been Inquiring?" "First comes along a policeman, •nil then ft man so mad that ho kept mutterin' to himself. And when 1 told him they had Just run out of tho north Kato a fow minutes before ho came uloag, ho pulled off his hat and start­ ed Qti a run toward the gate, and I saw him pull a pistol out of his pocket and heard him mumble 1 Ut • '''•"•fH "I'll fix you, you old brute I I'll put a bullet through you at sight! Butt me, will you? And get mo carried off to tho police station? We'll see!' That was all 1 could catch, lor he was otf in tho direction tho goat» had taken, running as fast ns ho could;" Tho policeman chuckled to himself, for ho know tho man to whom tho gardener referred was tho follow they had had at the police station, having urrosted him because tho old woman Insisted ho ihad turned hlB hoso on her. "I'll tell you why we want that goat," ho said, "lie is very florco, und I <im surprised that you are- alive to toll tho tale, for generally he butts or stumps anyone to death who touches him or gooB noar to him." "Jimmy crickets! It is a good thtng Oion that 1 misaod him when I went after him with my rake!" (Don't you wonder If this policeman found Billy and Nannie?) Saturday ovenlng danco Stevens .ponds 10-tf V ACATION For sunburn, bites, lorenew, poison ivy or nmow cold* VlPfis THE NEWS TELEPHONE, 4400 HI TO PRE-WAR LEVEL Eat Moro Bread Slogan Within Reach of all Now—48-Pound Sack at *1.70 Now.. Time to ninke biscuits and homo made broad tor tho cooks who have boon holding off on theso viands on account ot high flour prices. I This week flour went back to the j 3013 level, the flour selling In tho barrel, (196 pounds) wholesale at 1 $6.00 and at retail tho popular siied 1 sack, 48 pounds costing; $1.70. This is the high patent flour. \\ During tho war time when peak prices prevailed a sack of flour was over $3 and everyone got In. tho~hfihlt of skimping along. With prices down, tho slogan "eat more bread" will ho more readily observed. LIBERTY Film fans all over the country have eagerly awaited the William Fox pro- 1 ductlon, Brass Commandments." In which William Farnnm stars, ever] Bince it was announced that Tom j Santschl would play the "heavy" in • the picture. For your screen tun likes fistic fireworks and lie remembers that In Rex Beach's "The Spnlltir»," one of this greatest films of all time.- these two staged the most spectacular fight over seen on the screen. Tho question piizzllng movie patrons is whether this celebrated pair of hat- tiers have outdone that famous battle in "Brass Commandmonts." After the scrap in "Tho Spoilers," it won a rull month before either Farnum or Santschl was able to appear at tho studio. In addition to Farnnm and Santschl a notable cast of screen artists portray tho other Important roles In the pic- lure. Opposite Farnum is Wanda Hawley, who, like Santschl, is a star in her own right. Others who will he seen are Clalro Adams, Charles Le Moyne, Joo Rlckson, Lon Poff, Al Fremont and Joseph Gordon. The film, which was directed by Lynn F, Reynolds from the story by Charles Allien Seltzer, comes' to the Liberty Theatre tomorrow for a run of three days. VIENNESE TOO POOR TO PAY DOCTORS FEES. Vienna.—Hundreds of doctors In Vienna are having hard times, these days keeping themselves and their famines alive. Tho people cannot af- rnnl to pay their fees, which are 10.000 crowns, or 15 cents, for a visit. Many physicians' families get meat only once a month, and live chiefly on bread and potatoes. Ninety percent of the people In Vienna belong to »ick benefit associations, and seek the help of an outside- doctor only as a last recourse. Furthermore, fow foreigners come nowadays to Vienna in quest of medical aid. The homedoctors discourage them from taking the journey, representing the local facilities tor cures"%s good a3 anything to be had In Austria. It Is evident the local parctlcioner does not want fees to slip through his fingers for tho benefit of the profession In another country. RIVERSIDE PARK THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE M ton Schuster Musical Comedy Co. THE BEST EVER Ask Anyone That Attended Yesterday LADIES FREE Tomorrow Night BARGAIN PRICES 10c and 30c v 1,000 Seats at 10c BE A BOOSTER FOR SCHUSTER • - ww ^—- — ~- TOMORROW" 'Til Sat. Nite • LIBERTY William Farnum and Tom Santschi —In— ["Brass Commandments" 1 • A Swiftly Moving Story of the West. Bill Farnum at HI* Beat In the • • Kind of Picture That Made Him a Star of the Screen. • Added—"6 A. M," Comedy. ' 9 . Last time, tonite—"A FOOL THERE WAS" S & and "Out of Place," St John Comedy 5 IP,....................................: DeLuxe Srowa 3:39 .s- 7:30— 9:30 10c—JJ5o Mat, 10c—40o Eve. ^fJ^L ^2^10V!2. TA1N CAVERN TO-MORROW A Complete Change of Program THE NOW FAMOUS "JAZZ BAND" "Robinson's Syncopators" They proved to be that great J&xz Band you were waiting for. ' and now for three more days of real music from these Syncopat­ ors. .Playing such numbers like—"T.iger Rags," "Swahee Smiles," "Seven Eleven/' "Mucles Shoals Bluea" and Yankee Doodle Bluss." —and a picture you will remember. Where the lure of warm*llpa, or the turn of a single card shaped A man's destiny—where love was not bartered for, but won with high courage, The Famous Belasco Success felRLOFTHE GOLDEN WEST WITH J. Warren Kerrigan Russell Simpson COMEDY "BABIES WELCOME" Sylvia Breamer Rotemary Theby PATHE NEWS TO-NITE LAST TIMES— "You Can't Fool Your Wife" With a Great Cast ^ '^Robinson's Syncopators" — Tho Greatest Jazz Band on Earth DeLuxe MATINEE 10c NIGHT 10c—20c Thursday for 3 Days You Haven't Seen Anything Yet! Until You See Universal Jewel Production featuring LONCHANEY A Beautiful Innocent Girl Teaches a Hardened Criminal to Pray. His Soul Was As Twisted As His Crippled Body, The Reaction—Love and a Chance to Live with the Happiness of Righteousness. 1 Last time today—Mae Murray in "Jazzmania" Evening 10c Matineo So—10c TODAY GEORGE WALSH and MIRIAM COOPER "SERENADE" nil A romance of oW Spain with a emashlnK climax. A Flint NatlonaJ Attraction. ALSO A GOOD. COMEDV TOMORROW LUCY DORRAINE IN "MRS. DANE'S CONFESSION" •What dirt she tell and why did she confess all? A story that fits conditions as wq find them today. ' "THE RAINMAKER" Comody MEET ME AT THE iRIS ANNOUNCEMENT Drs. Thomas & Thomas CHIROPRACTORS Have opened offices at 39 McCurdy Building, Corner Sherman and Main. . Your patronage is respectfully solicited. In answering, adyertiscments/pl^se inention llje News,

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