Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on August 27, 1898 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 27, 1898
Page 2
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NAL MELVIN, STEELE JOHNSON. EDITORS AND PRO PR IT. TO RS. SATURDAY MORNING.AUGUST 27,1898. DEMOCRATIC TICKET- FOR COXOBKSS: JOHN WALTER SMITH. Of ·WOKCESTKK COUNTY. OUR STANDARD-BEAERER. We place at tho head of our editorial columns this week the n a m e of the Democratic standard-bearer in the congressional campaign, in the First district, this year--John Walter Smith. The u n a n i m i t y with which the nomination was gi%-en to Mr. Smith is of itself a striking testimonial of the esteem in w h i c h he is held in every part of the district, and inspired by the vigor and system the candidate will put i n t o the campaign, personally, it may be expected that in every county of tho district will be inaugurated for him vigorous, systematic and winning campaign. The time is propitious for the return of this district to its normal position in the Democratic column. The services of a Republican in the lower house of Congress for a tingle term--marked by no evidence of statesmanship--has been quite enough for our people, and they will see to it that the majority of last year, handsome as it was, is not diminished. The battle-cry this year is for the mon«y of tho constitution, gold and silver, without discrimination against either, as money of final payment and redemption. In addition to this the record of the Republican party in the State and nation will be thoroughly discussed; and it is a record vulnerable at almost every point. Let the campaign be sharp from beginning to end, and the outcome will be all that the most ardent Democrat desires. AND WHAT DID THE UNION GET? We should scarcely be held to account for the Union editor's reading of oar article on county finances last week. It is perfectly apparent that it was intentionally misconstrued, for such dense ignorance as the confoundingof shortage andestimate cannot for a moment be entertained of the writer of the editorial hieroglyphics in the Union. The article sys the Republican board has made several reductions from former Democratic rules which paid the JOURNAL and company $700 a year for county printing. A reference to the published statement of county expenses for last year will show how true that statement is, as it appears therein th»t the JOURNAL was paid for that year, all told, $269.50. The editor unintentionally, of course,omit ted to pay that the Union received for the game year, for county printing, the sum of $463.99, nearly $200 more than did the JOURNAL We woi\W very willingly exchange places, if being on the outside of the bars means such an advantage pecuni- arily. Is not the proposed eoonomiz ing apparent when it is known that the present board has contracted with the Union to do the work for $300 that the JOURNAL did for .$325 per year; and the Courier is to have $200, under the new regime, for what it did for $100 under Democratic rule? We will name, for the benefit of the Union, some of the items of unusual expense last ye$ which were unprovided for:. A^ in crease of $1200 in regis.t,r,a,tKa and election expenses, of \$:aiqhthe Union got $373.25; sever.%^ hundred dollars increase in th$, i.tems, of, attorneys fees, assessment expends,, clerk of the circuit court,. i;oad; expenses etc.., {or d,eta.ija olj which, the report ol the county aucHtwrs must be consulted,. EDITORIAL MOTES. The political complexion of the Eastern shore is always "uncertain. The voters down there are very apt to jump over party lines and out party traces when they tbmk they have x i for doing so.--Baltimore American. On the contrary the complexion of this congressional district is nevei uncertain, under ordinay condj,ti,ons. It is regularly Democratic, and it will so remain. .T.b,e distributing of » barrel of money throughout the Eastern Shore and the wholesale corruption of the voters iaj.896 barely saved Congressman Barber. He oannot be induced to assume the risk of another election in the First district. Congressman Sydney E_ Mudd, for ton years one of the Republican leaders in Maryland, was on Tuesday renominated by the Fifth district Republicans. The district is the home of Senator Gorman. Congressman Isaac Barber, of the Eastern Shore district, Tuesday wi,vt»- drew as a candidate for Denomination. This is a great surprise to the Republicans. Colonel Wilbur F. Jackson will in all probability be tjbe ^Lepublican eandadate. According to a dispatch from Chicago somebody has started the pro- ject'of raising, by means of subscriptions from, women and girls, a fund for the purpose of building a battleship to be called the American Girl. The money will probably be raised by the endless chain plan. If the name should be at all characteristic of the ship she would be a very chipper craft- McCoy, the prize-fighter, says he develops his muscles by sawing wood erery morning before breakfast. Tbis is a pointer for ambitions athletes. Surety the dividing line l i f t w w n the North and the South is being rnpiilly eftaced, if it has not alreaily disappeared entirely. Severn) years ago President Cleveland proposed to return to the Southern States the old battle flags stored away among the archives of the war between the States, but he was met by such strong opposition that the plan failed. Such men as Governor Forakor, of Ohio, and such the New York .iVail and Express angrily and bitterly denounced the project. The political heavens were lurid with their wrath. But even their great displeasure at the thought has passed away. Both are now advocating tlie r e t u r n of the tattered old flags to the heroes who wore the gray. After the conversion of such spirits to fraternal feelings it is safe to assume that in each of the great divisions of tho country the people have f u l l y agreed to let tho dead past bury its dead. It is not generally known that the Star-Spangled Banner of the United States is older than any one of tho present flags of the great European powers. It was adopted in 1777 by the Congress of the Thirteen Colo- nips of North America, then at war with the mother country. Tho yellow and red Spanish flag came out in 1785; the French tri-color was adopted in 1794; the red English emblem, with the "Union Jack in the upper corner, dates from 1801; the Italian flag first fluttered in 1848; the Austro-Hungarian flag was one of the consequences of the compromise of 1SG7; the present German flag first appeared in 1871, and the Russian tri-color is quite a recent affair. The only modification that the American flag has undergone since its origin consists in the addition of a new star every time a new State is taken into the Union. About one month ago my child, w h i c h is fifteen mouths old, had an attack of diarrhoea accompanied by vomiting. I gave it such remedies as are usually given in suoh cases, but as nothing gave relief, we seut for a physician and it was under his care for a week. At this time tho child bad been sick for about ten days and was having about twenty- five operations of the bowels every twenty-four hours, and wo were convinced that unless it soon'ob- tained relief it would not live. Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera .and Di.irrhceft Remedy was recommended and I decided to try it. I soon noticed a change for the better; by its continued use a complete cure was brought about and it is. now perfectly healthy.--C. L. BOGGS, Stumptown, Gilmer Co., W. Va. For sale by Hugh Duffey, Hillsboro ; Ii. 3. Colston, Itidgely; W, E. Brown, Denton. poll qgly--Queenatmrn. On and. after June 1st--the beau- tifu,\ summer resort, Bolinglj! on. Chester, located at Qneensto.wo, wi'JI be opened for the season of 1808. Special rates, over tke Queen Anne's Railroad will be given to Sunday Schools, eto., desiring to use $)h.5g delightful spot for a day's Grounds are being laid out J»r yn Lawti Tennis, Croquet and Bas* B'all, for the exclusive use o$ the' patrous. Those not taking batches with them can be accomowxlated ut the Hotel with meals at popular prices. Fish ingr, boating, bathirg, crabbing, and all other poplar Amusements. Poi r^i.lKoa.d rates, a'pply to C. C. Waller General Pivsstnger Agent, Pier No 9i Light street, Baltimore Md. M J. Marx, is manager of the hotel. The Eev. W. B. Costley, of Stoek bi-idge, Ga., -while attending to his pastoral duties at Ellen wood, tat state, -was attacked by cholera mor bus. He says: "By chame-I- hap pened to get hold of a bottle' o Chamberlain's Colic,, Cholera and Diarrhooa Remedy,, and I think it was the means cfi saving my life It relieved ia»-a.t once." For salo by HughDuffey,. Hillsboro; R. J Colston* Bidgely; W. E. Brown FOB SALE--One pair of large mules and four or five young horses. Also one 11-tine Biefcford Huffman Grain Drill. Terms easy. Apply to ERNESHDOWNBS, Hillsboro, Md. PHILADELPHIA, Monday, Augusts, 1898. Store closes at 12:45 Saturday afternoon during August* 2 to 8 Carloads Furniture Each Day New Furniture unloading daily to supply the wants of people who, as is usual, take advantage of the speciaJ opportunity afforded by our back contracts with furniture makers to tide them over mid-summer dullness. WE ARE NOT MONOPOLISTS The Furniture business is unpat- entable and open to everybody, but it is a peculiar business where varnish and glue, big type and brag are made to do d u t y for experience. We have put twenty years intotryingthe manufacturers and not more than half of the best of them can have our orders, because, at heavy cost to ourselves we have (earned who the men are that put solid and shrunken wood under the varnish-UNDER THE SHINE, A DIFFERENCE There is a wide difference in the woods of which furniture is mad e when you see them with their coa ts off--coats of shellac and varnis h. There is also much worth knowi hg about how furniture is put togetl- jer. Witli all our w a t c h f u l n e s s of trusted m a n u f a c t u r e r s we are often ieject- ing pieces of f u r n i t u r e t h a t you shall not have from our hands. Substantial Housekeeping Linens. It's satisfying to select linens from such a showing as is gathered here-sure that every thiead is then the freshness and originality of designs --the careful finishing that makes the fabric so durable. Same with little-priced kinds as with sorts at bigger costs--less fineness and finish; but always goodness and serviceableness. And there is constantly something special to tell about. TABLE LINENS-Bleached German linen Tea Cloths, or side table cloths. Good quality, fringed and bordered on all sides; ied or biuc borders. 32x32 inches, 25c each. Handsome double damask Dinner Cloths, several beautiful patterns; in two sizes: 70x 90 inches, S.2.75 70x107 inches, S3.30 Napkins to match, in two sizes. Old-fashioned loom dice Table Linen, that wears so well. A new arrival--the best we have seen at the price--extra heavy and part bleached. 57 inches wide, 4Cc a yard. TOWELS-At 12^c each--Excellent towels for the bath -- "old-faslnoned honey-comb" that absorbs water like a sponge; ready hemmed; 19x37 inches At 25c each--Splendid bleached damask towels, with nicely knotted fringe and pretty borders; in blue, pink, red and gold, 25x47 inches. At 25c each--German liuck towels; made of the best of flax yarns; free of dress-. ing; substantially hemstitched ends'; borders of red; buff, blue or white; inches. UNTIL SEPTEMBER 12 BUYERS OF Ladies Dress Goods AND LIGHT SHOES For Summer and Wear; AND Early Fall Silver-plated tableware. Truly economical--because both cheap and good. Thief-proof and pretty. Tea Spoons, "extra" plate, 31.25 dozen. Dessert Spoons, "extra" plate, S2 dozen. Table Spoons, "extra" plate, S2.33 dozen. Table Forks, "extra" plate. S2.35 dozen. Oyster Ladles, "extra" plate, 85c each. Soup Ladles, "extra" plate, SI each. Sugar Spoons, "extra" plate, 25c each. Dinner Knives, triple plate, S2 35 dpzen. Crumb Sets, quadruple plate, SI 50 set. Candlesticks, quadruple plate, SI.50 each. Bread Trays, quadruple plate, $1.50 each. Glass Lemonade Pitchers, with triple plate mountings, si each. A Book sale. Well-made^ooks, 12mo size-the almost-famous "A!ta" edition of standard works. We know you'll thank us for buying all of the great edition remaining--for it lets us sell these books-At eighteen (18c) cents. Seventy titles--these and others: Dombey and Son. By Dickens. Mill on the Floss. By Eliot. Holidays attheGrange. By Miss Higgins. Pioneer Women of the West. By Alrs,Ellet. Little Dornt. By Dickens. Sea and Shore. By Hector Malet. Edwin Drood. By Dickens. French Fairy Tales, Three in Norway.j'. By Two of Them. Freaks o» the Fells. By Ballantyne.- Reveries o{ a Br.chelor. By Mitchell. - Katerfelto. - By Alelville. Red Gaunt'let. By Scott. Antiquary. By Scott. Sir R'jnan's Well. By Scott F»Sx Holt By Eliot. / 'Old Mamselle's Secret. By Marlitt. The Betrothed. By Scott Queens of American Society. By Airs. Ellet. · Life of John Quincy Adams. By Seward. . Our Mutual Friend.-By Dickens. Wavertey. By Scott . Adam Bede. By Eliot. Modern Story Teller. Guy Mannering. By Scott , John Wanamaker. BUYERS OF MEN'SSUITS STRAW HATS, ETC,, WILL ONLY PAY Mesale Factory Prices. MOST OF THESE GOODS ARE STILL SEASONABLE, lake your Purchases Promptly, J.H. NICHOLS SON, DENTON BRIDGE. Election Supervisors' Notice. The Supervisors of Election for Caroline county, Maryland, hereby give notice that they have appointed the following Judges nnd Clerks of election for the ensuing yefir. FIRST DISTRICT. Judges--Nathan Clnrk, Henderson, Republican. " Hnrry W. Temple, Henderson, TRUSTEE'S SiLE OF Valuable Property IN THE TOWS OF DESIGN. o By virtue of a decree of the Ciicuit Court for Caroline county, passed on llio 27th day of July, 1898, in the cause wherein James N. Todd, infant, by his next friend, Clarn JJ. Todd, iscomplvinanl, and James N. Todd, infant, is defendant, T. Pliny Fisher, trustee named in said decree, will sell nt public nuction, to the highest bidder, in front of the ctnnt house in the town of J)enton, Mnr\ Innd, on TUESDA Y,. A UGUST 30th, 1898, between the hours of 2 and 4 o'clock p. ni., all the rcnl cstntc of which tlio late James N. Todd died soi/.od and possessed, to wit: Fiist--All that lot or parcel of ground situate in the snid to\vi of Donton, on the northwest corner of G»y,aiid Second si reels, adjoining the property of Mrs. N. Alex. Ellison and running bnck to thcChoptnnk rivor, being the residunco of the said late James Jf. Todd, i^nd is improved by a largo " THKEE-STORY DWELLING, heated with furnace; Dairy, Hen-house, StnVes, a*d Law Office, nil new or recently repaired. This is one of the most desirable homes in Den ton. Second--"All that lot on Second street in said town of Dcnton, near the Academy, and known ns the "Smith Good property," having H front on Second street of 424 feet nnd a "depth of 1'27 foot, nnd is improved hi' ft ^ TWO-STORY DWELLING with back-building, now in the ocotipuncy of Smith G'ood. Third--All that unimproved lot on paid Second street, in said town of Denton, adjoining snid Smith Good property on r the south, with a front of 42i feet and a depth of 127 feet. TRJRMSOF SALE. Tlio terms, as dcciced, are: Oni-third of [the purchase money to bo paid in c»-h or jdny ol tale, nnd tho bulance to be paid ii: twu cqunl instiilmcnts of one and two lycnrs, the credit payments to be interest- Scaring and to be secured by the bonds ol (the purchaser or purchasers, with sureties to be approved by Uie trustee, or nil cash jit the option of tlic purchuscr or piir- iuhascn;. Title papers at expense of purchaser. T. PLINY FISHER, , fuigG-tds. Trustee. Wood Wanted. Thomas A. "Watson. Uondorson, I I'publiciin. " D. N. (ioodinij, Henderson, Dcmociui. .Sr.roxn DISTRICT. Judges-- il. L. AV envoi, f}rccnsbi?ro, "Republican. " «Jiiint" 1' llpkins,Grcensboro, Clerks -- John c5. Mitchell, Greensboro, RepubliuHii. Jldwaid K. Curtr-r, Greensboro, THIRD DivntHTs Judgfs-- Suiniicl Griflin, Ponton, 3!e- publi'Min. ·' Dims "Wright, .Amlorsontown, Democrat Clerks-- Hurry H. Jl-ison, Donton, ]tc- Note Discounts I o percent. off r e a d y- made Suits and Trousers, except Serges. 10 per cent, off prices in our Custom Department. 25 per cent, off Russet Shoes and Straw Hats. Not only from marked prices, but goods that have already been reduced since stock-taking. There are big bargains in our $5, $6.50 and $8 suits for men. fine Worsteds checks at $10, $15. In the Odd Trousers all-wool, from $1.50, v $2 and to ^3, all 10 per : ' cent. off. Nobby Serges, Cheviots and Worsteds in our Custom Department. Suits, $20 and up, 10 per cent, off ; several styles left of our $15. No discount; special suits to order. Some big drives in single pairs and small lots Boys' Russet Shoes. Sizes 1 1 to 2. Now $i. Were $2, $2. 50 and $3: JAS. T, MULLIN SONS, all-wool In the in Pin$12 and " Dr. Theodore SuiiMiuiy, Hurr*ville, Democrat. FOURTH DISTUICT. Judges--John W. Bradley, Preston, Republican. " Thomns H. Plulinrty, Preston, Democrat. 'Clerks--'James H. Burrow, Preston. Re-, ' publican. ' " Frank H. Thomns, Preston, Democrat. FIFTH DISTBICT. .T-iidges--Fcrnn]idesDavis,Fedora]sbnrg, Bcpublicati. '' Charles W. Jefferson. Feder- Rlsburg, Democrat. Olevks--Dftvid B. McCren, Federnls- burg, KepuWiean. " . Hermiui KoVe, Federnlsbnrg, Democrat. SIXTH DISTRICT. Judges--Henry Curtis, Kidgcly, Kepub- . lican. " Mark Bryant, Denton, Democrat. Clerks--Paul J. Davis, Hillsboro, Re- publiciin. " Robert B. George, Hillsboro, Democrat SKVBNTU DISTRICT. Judges--John JI. Swing, Ridgoly, Ue- publican. ·' John K. Lynch, Kidgcly, Democrat. Clerks--George H. Imler, Ridgoly, Republican. " Chas. F. Smith. Kidgely, Democrat. EIGHTH DISTRICT. Judges--Joseph F. Roop, American Corner, Republican. " Reynolds Y. Collins, American Corner, Democrat. Clerks--Leonard Covey, American Corner, Republican. " E. W. Liden, American , tier, Democrat. OFFICE OF THE SCHOOL BOARD, Y DKNTON, MD., Aug. 5,1898. J Sc.tlcd proposals, marked on outside o envftlopc. "Proposals for "Wood," will bi received until noon Tuesday, Septembci Ctb, to furnish for each school bouse wher wood is used for fuel enough good, mer chantable wood which, when added t whnt may already be on the school grounds shall make live cords. Bidders must stnto what kind ot wood they will I'urmsli nn no bid will be considered unless the wooi is seasoned. Successful bidders will' b furnished blanks for stating their account, ·which must be endorsed by at least on tinstee of the school, stating that the woot had been measured nnd was of good qual ity. The wood must be corded on schoo grounds by October 1st. Wood bills pay able when properly made out and signc by the trustee. By order, M. B. STEPHENS, Sec'y. Ochm'j- Acme Hall. Tbree Great A\id-Surr)rr)er Clearance It's time we were clearing out he odd lots nnd bvokou sizes in Summer goods. This annual saJe s an eagerly looked-for event, for t's a great means of saving on just ho r i g h t goods, the popular clothes, it a tiiuc when their usefulness is it il's height. We'll close out this week our stock of Summer Cassimere,Cheviot, Wor stod and Fancy Mixture Suits that sold up to $15.09--choice of any for $7.50. Suits, we mado-to-oidor, but for ome reason or other were uncalled for, worth up to $25, will be included in theso gioat sales at $11. The balanceof our Men's Pointed and Square Toe Shoes, are grouped into two price divisions, Fine Calf, Vici Eussets and Tan Shoes, we sold for $3, will go at $$1.5O. Those we sold up to $5 will go at $2.50. lleltcr be spry, for these shoes are great lar- gauis,, and there are only live hundred odd pairs left. We've taken our Men's $1.73 and 2.00 Belgium Split Braid Yacht, Soft Brim Sailor and Mackinaw Hats, and made a special price on all of $1.25. Our Men's 75c and $1 Rough Jutnbo Braid Sailors and Mackinaw Hats will go at48c. Other departments are feeling the keen knife of this Clearance Sale, so that there's hardly anything you need but can be had for m u c h below regular prices. Children's Clothing, Hats ami Shoes. Men's rnruishiiigs and Underwear. Bicycle Clothes. Hats, Shoes and Hose linttiing bnitsniid Trunks. Haft ASSIGNEE'S SALE OF VAMJAIILK Tflll PROPERTY IN HILLLBORO. By virtue of the power of sale contained iu H mortgngfl fiom 3I«ry V. Morgan nnd Jolin A. Morgfin, her husbnnd, to Fminic I. 1?. Todd, tinted Dccemlier -I, 1804, nnd iccorded in Libor K C. F, No ni, folios 152, Ac., one of 1 lie land records for C.uo- linc county, which said mortgage w;is duly ftssi^noJ by Ihc tnid Fmmio 1. 1*. Todd anil husband to Daniel J. Fookb, nnd by Ihc tnid Daniel J. Foobs ns^igncd to T. Pliny,Fisher, the snid T. Pliny Fiahcr will sell at pviblic auction, to tlio lu^in^t, bidder, in front of the cuiirt house in the town of Donton, ^Inrylund, on TUESDAY, AUGUST 30, 1898, between the hours of'2 nnd 1 o'clock p. m., the following property, to wit- All that tract, lot or parcel of land situnlc in the town of Hillsboro, Caroline county, Maryland, on Church street in cnid town, bounded on the north by the lands of the heirs ol the late Dr. Thomas 8. Holt and the lands of Mary Oollison, on the east by lands of Dr. Thomns Hnckett nnd others, on the south by the snid Church street, and on the west by tho Pnrsonnge lot of the Protestant Kpiscupnl Church, htiving a frontage of ninety feet nnd a depth of one hundred nnd twenty-seven feet, and contains CUE-FOURTH OF AN ACRE OF LAUD, more or less, being the same hinds conveyed to the said Mary V. Morgan by John M. Heaven by deed duly recorded among the land records for Caroline county aforesaid. This property is improved by largo DWELLING, with modern improvements, and with good stable, c., and is one of thcbrst homes in Hillsboro. TERMS OF SALE--Cash on day of sale. Title papers at expense of purchnser. T. PLINY EISHEB, nug6-tds. Assignee. BARGAINS PURE BONE! Is the only true fertilizer after all. TRY When you're in Baltimore make Oehm's Acme Hall your headquarters. Ladies' Waiting 1 , Re- tiring'and Writing 1 Booms; Men's Smoking and Waiting Booms FreV-ho matter whether you're a customer or not; meet your friends at Oehm's. Parcels checked free, and every accommodation and comfort is cordially extended to you. Cehm's Acme Hall Baltimore Charles Sts,, · - BALTIMORE, MD, All Car Lino's Pass Our Door. LISTER'S AfflMONIOT DISSOLVED BOSE on your whcnt nnd the result will astonish you. 14c. 10-4 Sheeting Muslin. We. 4-4 Lonsdale Cambric, lOe. 5-4 Pillow Case Muslin, Bleached or Unbleached. 10 14c. Fancy Waist Plaids. 4c. Toweling Crash. 25c. 33-in. all-wool Gray Cloth.' 50c. 39-in. Black Mohair, cheap at 75e. 5c. 36-in. Curtain Scrim. 5c. All Calicoes, including Simpson Black and Gray. 16c. 50-in. Curtain Netting, something new. 4%c. Good 4-4 Unbleached Muslin. We. 2-hoop Pail, regular price 15c. lOc. 6 oz. Rumford's Yeast Powder. 5c. 1 Box Soap, 3 bars. 4c. Philadelphia Oleine Soap. Ic. Double Sheet Fly Paper. 93c. Life-Size Picture Frame, worth $1.50. lOc. WMttemore Shoe Dressing, black, 25c. size. Levering's Coffee. Enterprise Coffee. 7% Lard. SOLD BY J. H. BARROW, PRESTON, MD. - ' CLEARING OUT SALE! For the next thirty days, to make room for the canning season, I will offer at GREATLY REDUCED PRICES about $3,500 WORTH OF CARRIAGES, Dearborns, Spindle nnd Farm Wagons, Farm Implements. Plows, Harrows, Corn Harvesters, Manure Spreaders, Whcol Rakes, and Nine Disc Harrows with the latest improvements . Lap Dusters, Horse Covers and Fly Nets. 47 SETS OF LIGHT BCGGT HARHESS Cor- The above named Judges and Clerks of elect! in are hereby notified to appear at the office of Supervisors of Election, in Dnnton, on Tuesday. September Cth, ut 10 o'clock, a. in , for examination. The Officers of Registration for Caroline county are also hereby notified to meet nt the office of the Supervisors, in Denton, on Tuesday, September dih, 1898, to get the books of registration. Bv order Board of Supervisors, W. I. NORRIS, CLERK. ·Clothing Hais, · Shoes, Sixth and Market, Wilmington. Professional Notice. I beg to -announce to my friends and pat rone that I hnvo placed a 'phono in my offii jo, and am m constant communication wit' h all points on the Dorchester and Qu con Anne s lines. 1 " Very'respectfully, GEO. F. GALLOWAY, M. D. ,, "Night call, 1. 'IfcycwJl, Cential Office, i doriilsburg. School Notice- OFFICE or TUK SCHOOL BOARD, 1 DKNTON, MD., Aug. 23,1898. / Tho publie schools of Caroline county, both white and colored, will reopen on Monday, September 12th. There will bean examination for white applicants who have received appointment'!, without proper teachers' certificates, at the office of the School Board, on Saturday, September 10th, to begin at 9 o'clock, n. m. An examination for colored teachers will be held in the Principal's room of tho Denton High School on Saturday, September 17th, to begin nt 9 o'clock n. m. Tho examination will include tho following studies as prescribed tho School law of the Stale: Spelling, Heading, Writing, Arithmetic, English Grammar, Geography, U. S. History, Physiology, Algebra (to Quadrates,) Geomctiy, (one book), Constitutions of United States and Alary- land, Public School Luw of Maryland And By-Laws, History of Maryland and Methods of Teaching. By order. M. B. STEPHENS, Secretary and Examiner. EASTON, MARYLAND, 3 J ; J ' Come and see the Best Pair ever held on the Eastern Shore. ! Finest Track and Races. ! Liberal Purses and Premiums. Reduced Rates on all Railroads. Railroad Platforms on the Grounds. ! Special Attractions and Delightful Music. Low Rates of Admission, Daily and Season Tickets. Any Season Ticket Entitles Holder to Return Pass at Any Gate, -- -·31'X'tC" Remember the "Main" Attraction! figg-Sparring Exhibition each day by ABE ULMAN and other middleweight boxers and JOE GANS. Champion Middleweight. On one of thy dnys to be announced, CHAMPION GANS will spar a 26-ronnd match with tho "GREAT UNKNOWN.' This will be one of the GREATEST SPORTING EVENTS OF THE SEASON, and of national interest to the Sporting World. , Daily High-Class Vaudeville Performances and Other Star Attractions. o These Features alone are worth double tho Price of Admission to the Fair. Finest Program of 14 Races. Entries close Tuesday, August 23. .·3MC-IC"- For Full Program of Races, Race Entries and Entry Blanks, andany information regarding the Fair, address JOS. B. HARRINGTON, Sec'y and Treas,, Easton, Hi DON'T Plant Crops and Allow Them to be Destroyed by Insects When It Is So Easy to Prevent It, Slug Shot, for Cabbage Worms, 5 Pounds for 25c. Paris Green, for Potato Bugs, 25c. a Pound. Disulphide of Carbon, for Weevil in Wheat, 35c. a can. THY A CLASS OF REFRESHING 5ODA. W. E. BROWN, DRUGGIST, DENTON, MD. UHLER HUGHES, --DEALERS IN-- Notice of Dissolution. This is to give r-otice that tho 'firm of House TJhlor has this day be'en dissolved by mutual consent. Al! outstanding "business of the late firm will be settled by Win. D. Uhler. AVM. D. UHLEK, A. ¥. HOUSE. August 15,188 The busine-.s will bo continued under the firm name of T T hler Ilughos. SHINGLES, LATHS, J] AND MILL WORK GENERALLY. _ At our Coal Yard at the Kailrond Station will bo kept on hand a supply of THE BEST LEHIGH COAL. It is tho best, and 1S240 pounds to the ton. Also the best quality of SOFT COAL for Blacksmith purposes. Come and get our prices before buy'ins? elsewhere. APPLY AT W. H. MUfiPHY'S Warehouse and Store-Rooms, , Farmington, Del. p Wanted, An exceljent opportunity open for an energetic business man to represent the Prudential Insurnnro Company of America, of Newark, N. J., one otthe most progressive Life Insurance Companies. Address GILBERT R. WALTER, General Agent, Room 2 Builders Exchange Building, Baltimore, Aid. We are selling below value the Shoe Stock bought of Coop- er'Bros., making roomfor'-oiir Fall Stock, which is now coming in. R. S. Crew, Denton's Cash Dealer- Order Nisi, M. Rus- Georgo A. Peukyne and Gcorgo Sinn, Trustees, vs. Enoch George, Infant, et til. In the Circuit Court for Caroline county, In Equity. Ordered this 10th day of August, 1808, that the sale of the properly mentioned in these proceedings, made and reported by George A. Deakync and George 31. Russum, trustees, bo ratified and confirmed, unless cause to tho contrary thereof-be shown on or before tho 19th day of October next, provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper printed and! publistied m Caroline county, once in caclii of three successive weeks before the 18th day of September next. The report states the amount of sales to be §2,050.00. CHARLES W. HOBBS, Clerk. True'copy--Test: CHARLES W. HOBBS, Clerk. WANTED, YOUR WHEAT See-Our Agents, Who Are Prepared to Pay Highest Market Prices on Delivery. P. H. GOLT, W.H.DENNY, 8. N. SMITH, JR., W. P. FENNINGTON, EUGENE LYNCH, W. H. ANDERSON, H. C. HOBBS, W. R. PETERS, M. L. BLANCHARD, W. S. LORD, J. CULVER, CUSTIS BURTON, E.W. INGRAM, · Wye Station, Willoughby, j Queen Anne, {Hillsboro, Downes, Denton, Hobbs, Hickman, Blanchard, Greenwood, Ellendale, Milton, Lewes, Q. A. R. R. Grain also received on Storage in Elevator, Queenstown, and negotiable Receipt issued, covered by lustir- Particulara furnished on application to ance. WILLIAM H, CONN,} Manager For JIM. HOPPS CO, QUEENSTOWN,MD. J L AT R. B. BOND'S t TWO THOUSAND PAIRS OF SHOES i f ' 4 |t AT LESS THAN I FACTORY PRICES. All other goods lower than Baltimore figures. BUY OF BOND AND SAVE MONEY,

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