Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 23, 1930 · Page 8
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 8

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1930
Page 8
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DECATUR HERALD OCTOBER 23, 1930. 'UECATLJR HERALD 461 FOR AVIATORS" *1 SEE where Colonel Lindbergh rented an office in n big office building the other day, and right Awny the whole building filled up with long l«n»e tenant*," Abe Potash observed recently. "Which, while I could imagi that n fnvt tenants would tuko a roiiflc of off) cifl on a month -to month bntilK, (or Ih* jmvpon* of K* 1 ' \\ng a Rood took nt Undbfirgh In »n dlevfilor or n hnltwuy, MufniHs. I «hon1rt itilnh Hint I he hlichnt power id rental HKfnt would h«v« rlffl- nilty In tnklns I'-rn n wfttk mind «rt MislnMit rnnn Into a 'lv» yrnr iMf, (tn thft BroiindH lhnt »ho of- flcr* enntnlncd twenty thouiwnil «limr«i fwt of well deslffnnd swuci- wllh an dftftnnt view of Colonel ti1nib«rgh.'' "Well. thtit only goon to iihow that nio ilcsty I* awn B time a lh bent public It;/, Abe," MotrlH Porlmutter le- Clanicl. "lltru It IN ulrorttly I don't know how lon(t nlnc« Undbortfh flew ncroaa tho AUimllc, tind when It happened, untlarsldnil m*. I would h»vn b«t yoti ft hundred dollimi If I'd t hot (clit you woio good tor it, ttiAt In \IHH Hum a yi'iir. Mmltivrgh would ho t, nfiittu which the oHItnniy mini wouldn't, he lUilo to lonifinhor whether he liful henrd It In conn option with. a bankruptcy, n divorce ruati, a mm 'lor or ft Piohlbltlon *nm1ftl. But todnv AW, iho Dump Iilmlbttrph I" ·till I he most ffimous Hum* In the 1 'titled Htiitot, find yet so fuw people hiivc (icltiftlly Inkl eycw on him, Abn, th*t If Ihdy wan ult (tuthurect lofteth- or In n smftll neighborhood mollun ploltirp thwtyter, the exIltblWr would claim t h n t btiHlnntiH wan rotten," "Th(irt'« n fortune In It, If vom« Ttmnurnnt oouM Induce Colonel Ijlncbeitth in tnko only l»l* luncheons thorp," Abfl commented. "ttiiih n restaurant could servw n howl of hot wftti'r with one mule) In It, tmd put It on the bill df fare a* llonm Mndp Chicken Nude! Coup, T. r c, antl wTfo would klcl If (hn proprietor threw In s rNil-llfn, clomt-tip of Colonel "Wall, T wouldn't ndvlifo that of- flr* building mnmi^'iK'tit to rely too miirti on the tenant* nt*tt)nK Colonel Undbrrfth In the titevulor, when] It come* to ofnnornlslnfc on sleumj hunt In (ho wlntdr, for Instance,"! Mortis remarked. "Thorc cornea « time AW, when novelty lieK'n* to wcor off, «v»m wllh micli aluhtH like Llnll)ci'tch y'lindoratnnd, (irvl n f t o r n trnnnt hnn i Id Jon In the *nnui olccHific with Colonel Llncl- hfirftli f l d v or sixty tlmew, ho HUrtM to ncllcp the (levMor Bervloe an welt ft.v Colonel (.Indboiwh. When H tniny butilnMH nmn hint to wnlt three raln- titfix In the (·nlriinco hull of Hn offlco bulldlntf tor an elovntor, y'umtur- itnnil, ho xotM nwdil H0tr tit the ctu- vntot (idrvlrc, pven It during tho Innt. ton woondK of the throe mlnutfls wait, Colonrl Mndhorjth would «ntofi th* filevntor, uccompunltd by ttobo! Ituth. Dretn Oivbo and Rurle Sanile mounted on ttnllant Fox." "Which I odmlt, AUo," Mcrrl* ton- 11 nurd, "thnt at the present time. y'undernttind, Colonel Lindbergh In hid own person, In it ruru wight to niiltlunt of |xu |l a who would like to: H«t k look »t him. The ounso(|iiencoa l» thnt 1C ho would advuillMO Ihnt he In Koln); U wnlk down tho middle of VKlh Avinnio from the Plaan. ti) Wftjihlnjiton ikiunre nt 3 o'clock In tho a f t e r n o o n of Novombur M, Abe, by October 1C, tilt tho Fifth Avenue windows could bo nold for Bluht-HPC- Ing iirpfwi(i Ml fwlon the prioo of or- vf*\t* for the opanltw of MAOhdhovrw of 10SI." lx tlio result, Abe of Colonel Lindbergh belnit HO inn den I nm! retiring thut If 111* own mother wnn to Mk him how he'il bf'cn tilnco she tmw him last In lOIfl. ha would excuse dimwit from unswcrlnK, on the fromidx I hut hi' didn't want, to be ,, /r c/o take /? 6y ±nc£ 30 tUOt(ld [til ( I K b l t t U l K i n , . on to any. "But on the olhui 1 htind, Abo. If Colonel Lindbergh hud boon on th« lookout lor publicity In TtHiT, he wuy thcoo hers tnduruncc flyur.i tnd tror»9ltteru arc, y'undeistund. ph 1 would be nfKUlnjj wllh ono lhor today as to whether his natno won Lcniboig or Ltmbur? and did he or Old he not u w l m the Eng- Itih chnnnul," "Still, Mttwnma. you've got to admit th«t people who nre tnOLtust about what they've aecuniplliihed, mtiMt first gi-l a gen-wine, A-nurabev. ono jieoompllshnient to bo mod* at ttbout," Abe »ald, "There probutily ain't mote than «lx or seven men in th* United 3lut« Wday. who can u f f o t d to ho moduKt about what they'vn ducompllbhed unless thty've got the Hsstelunco of n hl^tt t, a ghunt writer and even , a ton cent wooKly paper to boost their tnodanty. The ro fore, Mawrusw, If you takw It by and Itirge, modesty ain't hnlf no (tood publicity us nd vortl»l[ij{. particularly In times like these." Wull, that JciHindH on whether your btR ttccompllihini'nt It 'lying ncrons the Atlantic or making on eleKtiiit throe |lt(:o suite Of clothes with tin todrtt pair of punts for thirty dollars," Mcurlst observed, "No- Widy cim afford to bis modest about mtch o.n accompli ah me nt as ft brand now style of itaftity rar.or Belling for ono dollar Including nn extra blade, y'lmdoMtund, bocauso ho will find that there aie a couple ot doitcn cth- or sofcty rtwor Invontora which are ItldlnK tholr blushes under » double page fufverltsoment In n. national m«Ka*ln« as well as full pago (idver- ,l«emont* In metropolitan dally newspaper a." That'll what I claim too, Mnw- rws»," Aba said, "I would: ovnn go f u r t h e r than that, «nl claim that if a man who hftn nuch (in Becompllsh- rtiont fis ri blft department store, Is so modest that ho takes loss advertising upnco than A wholo pnge dnlly In eveiy newspaper tn town, y'undor- stunil./lhls sln't modesty at all. It d«Hurvcs( tin much (j raise ax shyne.TM, your own feot, fmi'Hplilnfi wILh embuias^mcnt and all th« other aymptorns which a schlcmlcl like that should ought to sc* a re wo apcctallst about." "Therefore, Mawiusu, my Idea ID I hat we should ought to consider Colonel Undbergh us an exception and not us an example, y' under- wtund." Abe declared. "After all, Muwruss, you've got to conuiJer that Colonel Lindbergh's modosLy wan Juat ail great before tho blK Wnll SI i cot crash In October, 1929, us tt is Jodny. But Iheio aru a whole lot of iiinnu- fuoturevs who botore the Wall Street trouble, wore no brash nbout their products that you couldn't open n magazine or newspupr-r wlthoul reading: how, for InstEtnce, the Furj]i Cow tJrund of Condensed Milk con- tulnod mo^o noili'lahniiMit in uno ]b- ucnt citn thsn tn a four-ill) roust from tile cow lUalf. And the tlacmcnt sort of gave the mi(; that Uiu in I Ik and the wefe txs wuch due to Junie^ J Juntos, president o( the milk f on i puny, us to ellhi 1 ! 1 the milk or the now. It also printed a half lone cut of Jnmca J, Jamos UN welt ua the cow, and whllo you didn't have lo bo on art critic exactly to tell tlu-ni opurt, y' understand, u whole lot of people pioforred the lookn or thu eow. Well, thul'±i all over nuw. People like this hrro Jumea J, JimicH arc a hundicd tluiuinml lints more modest tlmli thfy iverc tn ISifl, whon It oomM lo adveitinlnK" "And If thuy don't gel over It In a hurry, people will bpfln to respect their privacy, and wilt buy the xooiis at a uompuUlor who uiti't so mod oat and rctlilnK," Mmri.H contludttt, "Ixi- C«UKC In bualneHa, you should ouKht lo Intte lesson.i in nioilewty Jiom n HUCReasCul competitor nnd not /loin u successful aviator." (Copyright, man, by Monlnjnic Statia Was Assigned Tough Job, But She Went Through With It By ETTA WEBB Statia Hawkins knew the had no business to do it. Her friend, Mr«. Emory, with whom ahe made her home, told her 10 frankly. "Y.on let folks impoie upon you, Statia." Mrs, bmory »aid- "I get so provoked with you sometimes 1 could tako you «croso my knee, and wpank you. I believe If anybody asked you for your back hair you'd grab the shears and cut it off." Stalin telt of ht'i back nalr thoughtfully, It watt IOCK, whereas other women's hulr wus aboil. Sh* had loft It so Dimply hecauee uh« voulJn't find lime to run to the bar- bor'a to have It shampooed, flhlngled and waved. A turn of the twist, four balrjilns-and theie you w*ie, It saved tlmu In the morning. "I gueMft I wouldn't go quite so fi as to part wllh my baok hair," Sla- 11 a E«ld, jsmilllnK, "MoboJy would want It anyway, It's red and getting redder. It's as conspicuous fh our office as a scarlet dress on a hot July day. But I console myself wllh think- Ins there's something Inside my humble heud Ibat U useful to the firm." "Oh, (he inside of your he lid In all right, no mutter how the outnliT* looks," Mrs. Emory tilghed, ax nhe cut the apple ilc and passed a, place; across to her boaidnt', "Sometimes I feel, Stutla, that you stand In your own light. Maybe you'd get a raise of salary, or a huslmnd, If you'd ia«e a little mote pains with your appear- jincu." HLutla hui recently Ink en on a tc- ond job In addition to one which most per so tin would fee) was enough fur them to handle By dny she worked for an Impoilant coloration. KvcnInRa she guve to old Mrs. CeDi- on, Mra, Lemon was a woman of nmny affulrs upon which she tillll kept an amazingly close gtusp. S.ut she needed Just iuch an aleri, effl- vlent, willing lit lit person as S tit In to keep tab on dates, write leltcis and checlc uj on alsnlfirnnt happen- In^. Mm. Li'mon was rich, but she certainly w«» not /ortuwtla for «Ji hud quarreled with all her relatives, who expeetod to Inherit her foilune, anil wits «o iliwigm'iiblc to her frlcadi Uut they only approMhtd her cauLIA)nly, 8h* had had «l*v«n oecretarlet befor* SUilia, and din mliM«d them all, Tonight when Statla reached (he otd-fannloned housa In whlcli Mri, Lemon had ruled like an autocrat for over half a century, »h« found her employer crotwer than uuuul. "My knc* In paining m«t," growled Mrs, Lemon. "It's a nuisance, Ihal knee. Sometimes I wish I had a wooden leg. But I've gol to K° to that director'* meeting tomorrow. Get your pad and write down some things I am going to way," Stalla wrote obediently, occasionally her panel! faltered and she looked up Inquiringly ut tho sttrn face of the aged dictator, Pi oust was on her lips, How did Mr*. Lemon dura to think she could say mich biting thing*) to Mr. Slurs In, und Clark Andrews and O, B, Untt-rtney- er? Some of them seemed to be unjust, loo. But uhe refrained from comment and wrote as she was commanded. It wan just before noon next duy (hMl the telephone on her dcglc tinkle J. H had been Unusually iuiel nil morning, permitting- her to do a v»K amount of work. Wllh a High »t Ihe Interruption sh£ took down the receiver. "Ye,--Oh! Mrs, Lemon!--What?" The last word WIIH followed by a gasp of dlmnny, For Mis. 1mon ordered her to go to Ihe director'* luncheon and muke the Hpoech (the herself hait Intended to make Mrs. Lemon's knee htifj ]ul her tint on her hack In bed Clnrk Andrews oume out as hie HtnouHlne drovf up. "Just a word, HUliu," he snid kindly. "No niBtlur whnt you have been Instructed to sny you tnual be careful. Ed Sturgls hris it In far Mrs, I.i?mon, He Is your employer, Ho has a hot lomprr. He will not muke allowiinccH foru single woid. spoken uglnst his IntereiU." | "Oh, I know thai," moaned Slatla.j When the time CM me lor Stutla 1o speak her face was no while (hat her red hair looked a flame on her head. She gilpped ihv ed^e of the tubla with trembling hands. There was »unie thing almost piteous In her eyes an uhe began But MS she What Today Means to You \ By Mary If O«loli«r y3rd tn your birthday th* bent hours for you on thin dale Thny tiiw\4 p, m. to 4 p. m. and B p, m, to 8; 3 p m. Tho porloiift nre from T a, m. to 8;l(t and. 6 p. m. to 1 p m. There will be more bapplnea* than prosperity on thin date. Toys of Hmusrmrnt will bo much In evidence, and you will flit from ob jrcllvc lo objective, snatching nt the shadow and forgetllnir the null- alance. An unceilnln even I us, wild) will be full of starting nur prises. An ln*tght to your ch*rteitr ho ntoani-fl throiiKh th*j *io not do, nnd ih* which you do not never Ion* your temptr, rettinc to hijlp » "down «id »u never rcfuno to do * you never go b*ck on t nol a unoh, ygu are not a' nrc nol u. hy|xcrlte and not a physical, moral and ccwurtl. You find that profit fn ro*xlnf( than In more friend* to bt , . , 1 through prolre and rUttoy burn on Ihl* October2311! i^rouitn firtllr-lnm or ' vll) tiuvp rnilifr xrttlpb nalurei* ' Inctlnlnij sotiicwhnt i your II-MWIII a n-t ktmtr-n and ·P" Belief Old! Unc Efili, Cite Antedate State D Declaring tr the mutual be Save been con |tw which th iclve* Mcured ( l,rid ready t tny evil doert benefit Influcnoi'S them to be hard nnd , r ,ess as lo the ,,,,,n They will lw KHf-rellunt, I n d u s r i s tltv w(||Jmt ,,, ,-,,_-. _ jt. -. . . . . 1 (.hf.f.jfjf^i undem^oth th euthi it went on her manner (tathorfd gin^' ' your dreams. You do not dMIIng and dignity. She uelilr modified iry lo rvmSt th* hour* of UTMNH nor quibbled. Kho slurred no faow j Murk before you cttn nx*lvt % She K"ve the mpstuge with itir nuiir I /ufulatlfin tit "the t plain* U4 b force than Mrs. T/einon could ever ' K i n g s " Tho pronoun "I", tiMHw, have been capable of. | t,ns not pti'dominnle tn your ilit That evening Statia found Mrs ' n o r . dip from your tongu* YMM Lemon Hilling In her usual pluc* j Int'Mslod Jn oth"r pnopK Ubt She looked pleased and triumphant ! hopes and ambitions, «nd li b "I undTKtund M Slujgls weit so i contra) welfftr* or lh» world. !« mad at what you snld thot ho fired 'City of hsppinosn Is found In** you?" rrtie bejfan. j utele of mind. Voit lov# t»M«ft ·Y,. fl ." munnuro,, aiatla f a i n t l y ' ftft"* ^JST,! 1 y j tt * ni m ** "Clark Andrews ha* hf-en here. H- (u) in Q l l r Mml1 ^ "'"· snld you covered my progrum to the ~ letter By the wuy, befori- we begin [ wwowwful l-«pl^ |t*rnt our biiHlnMs, I nmy us well sny tha' | Oflofcrr Mrd you arc ou«a»|o) for Iwcnty.fout j _ willittm M. Tuytoi --P«l« « hour service with me hi»i« l . I'll pay' Broadway Tabimn«t* nr Jit you ft t h i r d mort* thitn you nr« Rolling u-lth Mr. SlurglH. L'ntll you miirry -- " Sinda look"d up. HUH led. "But I haven't the Iwist Idea 'of (jelling mnrrled, ever." (the *Unv meird. "Clark Andrew* may be able Uj persuudu you to hav him for thai. He's bound to do I t " Mrs, )mjn S. - Adltil K, S(»ven»on~vlw.jw(. j di'iu und^r CIcvMnnd. 3 - Kennel* UopkldBOn Ktntft, *rtlst, author int lui cr chuckled. "Now, »(·!· you take my dictation?" (Copyright, 1 9 8 o n D , J, lo editor. C,- Mrs, K, N. Klnnrhnn") authot. 6. -- Sarah Barnhardl-aeirtiH. (Copyright, ri»tP, Inc.) B'H on th« mutuAi*. Thai |t8«,000,( form of Irwuran iwl* and that I* ··Id more than claim* It con tali That aoma of t jwt u ear* tut ath*r* la admit cost of op«ratloi fay per tnctnhet The itaUm«nt t* follow; To tha Editor ol Mr: We J« pUt«m«nU road nurdlnr Ut* o| B*D*ftt Aaioclat In tti« 8tat« or itate law and ui «t th* Inauranc* Btatt. W« want i been too «w«ep tlon* of fraud, it coming*. We alM lay tl to citing Initan whleh had occur Q*ft*ral Aasemh 1B2T, placing all ·oclations und*r th* Insurance Btate. Mutual* W You were fa' 1 laue of your p many cf th ca ·nd critictiied. pasaage of the In framing 'h* i Mt Mutual B worked In full a 1 tcrs tit the Gene reason thst the tfetm to fcnr fto M the motive tl ontanUntlons th tho close Insect turnnw Deparln We wish lo h lh«re was In f Illlnolft ov»r Hi 1 carried »nd can 'S PAPER 1 DONT WANT ANY NUMBER MIS3--- You MAVENT SEEN HAVE. YOU PEN IN TKHS BOX HALF-AN HOUR Aao- ITfc NOW-- Anticipating Television By J, Millar Watt TAILSPIN TOMMY No Complexion Prejudice Now, Skeeter HANCAft M*l FLYING GOING HELU) All? BARNES! HOWfeTHE SHOW 0 GOING? TIME FOR THE RACE- tOOKIT THAT "SAUSAGE" ser DOWN LIKE AN OU PLYMOUTH ROCtCHEN-- SQUATTIN'ON A ROCK OF EGGSf SAV I'D LIKE 70 FLY THAT BABY By Glenn Chaffin and Hal Forrest I SURE WOULD.' Avee WE'LL ser A BEFORE WE . so po I ' AN* WHY NOr? LETS GO Sir THAT SPINELESS WONDER" OF OURS AN* Sherlock Holmes Mysterious Gypsies that *»U» what h*** ·( tp* M»» hi · (»w mlnutti , hnp««lor Colwwl ROM and mvMlF . *. «* BV '»'t«bl» Undtii, fittfina thretHh qu,,nl oW T«vMo«t to w ««| )h« ic.n* of Stril.*, murder. I ' lnw1b "* fit ~ ' * ' »« f c f m i hi) , » i . r*th»f iMptct h* W. th* fo li up. And I r.Oy rtiM h«v* ·vid*nc* «nouqh (e 90 b*(«t* · jury." " yean thi hav* b«f *· hold M» t»tt«i, h« I* HMM ·Wn Mr*t*» ·v*H**l Mm, EWSPAP Please also note 1K9 that The 1 atlotif of lllinol e*a*«d membert Idta may be he th*y have don that a Mutua can not assume for any amount report rendeied iwrtmtnt of or Line companies IU Income trom year ·utflcl'nt all th* IOBSM tt Expcn* In your now »f«rr«d to, w of the expense fit AMoclattom pen** bai be«i latton passed t bly tn U1T at e«nu a month It It pOMtblt t' ar« not a* cat aa others (**! of builncu) bi allowance for i *howa on the Deparlmt atiotti of avery fit Association operation e «*nu a month about ont cen hiv« operated what the law tn your orii' Benefit t you accused I being engage ·leering. W« i Won for f\* *' Ing of tin Lo AiRodatlon at at a receiver partment of t eritlciim to n you have "aid We «* thnt city,' 1 \ · thriving bui *( the many j kn vicinity. . 1t*d th»( rtetivtrihtn, « Brtat Bh **kh, to" the alt . minded tl ai Trwt S By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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