The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on January 31, 1945 · Page 6
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 31, 1945
Page 6
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PAGE SIX In the WORLD of SPORTS On the Alleys Leag^ue Standing, W. L. lola Planing MUl 35 Harrison Bootery 33 Leitzbaoh Furniture ..30 Humboldt 28 Rummies 27 Eastern Kas. Gas 26 Lehigh 25 Scarborough Drug 24 22 24 27 29 30 31 32 . 33 ABOUT THAT BASKETBALL GAMBLING MESS New York," Jan. 31. (AP)— This comer can 't help, but feel a little .sori -y for tliose kids who fell Jor the lure of easy money in that basketball -gambling mes."; over in Brook- IjTi ... A college student .<;hould be smarter than they were . . . Maybe it looked like a lot of dough at the time, but a few hundred dollars isn't much when you have to accept a lifetime of regret and scorn with it . . . Basketball will live down the scandal. Just as baseball lived down the Black Sox affair, but the boys won't ... It is doubtful, too. that either thft. appointment of a "czar" or pulling out of the big city arenas will solve the gambling problem for the colleges ... A commissioner would need a small army of assistants to keep watch on all college athletes and it's just as easy to bet on a game played at Wahoo U. gym a.s at Madison Square Garden. Pet .614 .579 .526 .491 .474 .456 .439 .429 244; Individual high 10, Kinser individual high 30, Upton 614. Team high 10, Harrison 967; team high 30, Harrison 2594. Games Tonight. 6:30 p. m.—Arnold's vs. Lehigh; Cyrus Motor vs. Pet Milk. 8:30 p. m.^ifers vs. Walton Foundry; Whitehead Cabins vs. lola Planing Mill. Open Bowling on 5 and 6. REMEMBER—"Penny a MLss" Lehigh. New Orleans, Jan. 31. (AP)—Tulane and the Y. M. C. A. gymnasium received almost a dozen long _distance calls from eastern cities yesterday asking the result of the Georgia Tech-Tulane basketball game, the Times-Picayune .said. "Presumably the calls were from bookies who wanted to 'pass the post' on victims," the story said. Tulane officials didn't give the callers the desired information. K. Lee .... 160 164 219 543 Thomp-son 183 166 147 496 Bitting .... 132 138 160 430 Cochran .. 176 166 171 513 Alexander .192 147 162 501 Sub total .843 781 859 2483 Handicap 10 10 10 30 Total 853 791* 869 2513 Humboldt. Upton 163 171 189 523 Boyer 173' 130 161 464 Updike 160 172 173 505 Mitchell 147 118 159 424 Barber 158 204 168 530 Total ._ 801 795 850 2446 ''Coach''Burger's Basketball Team Whips Champs Leo Burger, former coach at the lola high school, scored the greatest victory of his career last week when his basketball team, the San Bruno Beachcombers, defeated the nationally famous St. Mary's Pre- Flight quintet 48 to 42. St. Mary's is rated as the strongest team on the west coast and Is a leading contender for the national championship. Burger's Beachcombers have won 32 games and lost 4 so far this season and have played all the best teams on the Pacific coast. In a recent letter Burger wrote: "It seems nice to be coach of an outfit that beats the country's best. However, when I read in The Register about the lola high school teams I wish were back there. I'd rather coach those kids than coach one of the country's best teams as I am doing now." Coach Burger Is In the navy with rating of Sp. A3 c. THE lOLA REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 31. 1945. Struggle for Lives} After Minesweeper Sinks Number 3 (Conlinned From Pa ire One) Rnmmies. Average 156 156 156 Shinn - 224 206 171 Warren 108 185 155 Lasater 160 183 195 Lerxski 182 160 174 Total 830 890 851 Kas. Payetteville. Ark.. Jan. 31. (AP)— Colleges themselves must find means to stop gambling on collegiate football games, says Arkansas' basketball coach Gene Lambert. "I do not hold with the idea of naming a czar," he said. "Rather, each school president, coach and athletic director should work to clear up the situation." He added that gambling on college games was not evident in thi.s part of the country. Eastern Kas. Gas. Babcock 105 177 Dryden 133 161 Diver 132 168 Benson 179 122 Myers 160 139 Sub total 709 767 j Handicap 63 63 Total -772 830 146 178 106 177 202 809 63 872 Lawrence. Kans.. Jan. 30..'AP)— Officials of the NCAA send their basketball teams rieht fnto the nest of professional gambling and then deplore bettine on intercollegiate athletics says Phog Allen who ha.s been yelping at the heel.': of Ramblers for month.";. "The National Collcelate Ath'.etir Associatlon met in Cnlumbn.-. !:' January and exprervsod •vc-pjrot' at the prevalence of e.'imljlinci; on it:- tercollegiatc sports" Allen ba.^kct- ball coach at the University of Kansas as.serted in an intevvlew today, "But they continue to team up with professional nromotcvs io hold toiU"namcni.« in Mvctiii.'- where c\-o\-y- one know."; blc time t;:irnblors nper- ale in hordes." "What n piinidiix!" yiOJrd Phnf'. Crick . Ayling McClay Cranor Herr lola Planing Mill. 138 146 152 . .. _ 149 140 188 ...157 Total 772 160 139 190 188 823 149 201 186 167 855 Leitzbaoh Furniture. Brown 124 153 Pinnev .... ' 147 167 Dennis 185 166 Wilhite 141 142 Williams 177 177 Sub total 774 805 Handicap 19 19 Total 793 824 153 163 149 154 131 750 19 769 468 601 448 538 516 2571 I 428 472 406 478 501 2285 189 2474 436 458 480 564 512 2450 430 477 500 437 485 2329 57 2386 Srarborousjh Drug. Noimcyer Average . AndcrEon Milne Leavitf ... .154 123 162 156 . 187 Sub total 782 Handicap 47 Total 829 130 123 125 151 182 711 47 758 142 1'23 127 210 142 744 47 791 Harrison Bootery. UNPROFITABLE Jeffer.son City..Mo.. .Tun. 3i. 'AP) A bill to repeal Mi?suuris tv.-(j-yf'jir- old ban on "i-'in marriages" and bring back the bu.<;i::ess opportunities that once thrived near border- lino Gretna Greens was put before the state house of representatives •yesterday. M. Pei-Rusoii J.-ihn.son . Kln;;cr .N'e'wnan FerKason . Total 146 11,-) 150 165 141 .717 183 127 133 1.59 156. 170 15f!^ 188 158 171 786 Sl.-V 426 369 414 517 511; 2237 141 2378 456 407 476 urn 470 2318 Out for Coyotes Again Next Sunday One coyote was ^ot and several jwere sighted but managed to es- Missouri compol? couples to wait! cape from the wily nimrods who as- three days after they tipply for i sembled at the Odense school house marriage licenses. Sunday for a wolf hunt. They One of the .spon .'^Grs of the new | reported that two airplanes ap- bill said. "Several border counties! peared as the hunters were closing have complained of losing money"' in on three coyotes. The planes because the quickie marriage bar | circled the lines of hunters and "drives people into other states, dived at the coyotes. In the re-.| namely Arkansas, where they can suiting confusion the coyotes slip- get married and spend their money" ped away, for food, drink and lodging. ' feet cirrus clouds were still above them. £-29 missions Involve great variations in temperature. For hours, while the plane climbs slowly, the crew' swelters in 9C degree temperatures and sweat rolls out from under the life vests. The freezing point Is reached normally at 15.000 feet over the Marianas, or at 5,000 feet over Tokyo. At 30.000 and above the temperatures sink to from minas 35 to 50 centigi-ade. "Then's when wc pile the flak suits up, to .shelter us from the cold floor, and the crew puts candy bars, fruit juice or beer in the forward escape hatch to get them ice cold," says, blackbaired Second Lieut. Frederick J. Worthen of Tacoma, Wash. Howard comments on the dazzling effect I of searchlights upon plexi-glass, and has noticed also (hat "there is quite a buzz of goodwill among the crew immediately afier leaving the target—everybody calls up the tailgunner and ask3 him how ho is and what he saw. •The navigator" he adds, "is 'the' boy who sweats the planes in. He doesn't even have to put on a jacket at high altitude, he sweats so much." IOIA\ KANSAS Plan to Enlist Women For WAC Medical Units Topeka, Jan. 31. (AP)—"Purple Heart Plan" to enlist women for women's army corps medical units was officially launchejJ today by Gov. Andrew Schoeppel, who proclaimed that "a state of emergency exists in Kansas until quotas have been reached in this recruiting drive." The aim of the drive, the governor explained, is to enlist women qualified for training as medical ; and surgical technicians to care for Purple Heart patients — woimded veterans from combat zones. Foul" platoons, comprising CO Survivors of the EMSC "Clayoquot," Canadian mine.sweeper torpedoed with loss of eight lives, struggle in water^ to board inflated rubber rafts after abanaoning ship. Vessel was third minesweeper and twentieth Canadian warship lost In this war. M^n were rescued by Canadian corvette HMCS "Fennel."-(Royal Ca- nftdian Navy ^hoto from NEA.) 1946 Car License Tags To Be Blue On Yellow -Kansas for 1946 a dusty Topeka. Jan. 31. (AP) automobile license plates will have blue figures on yellow background. D. J. Pair, state highway commission director, said a bright chrome yellow background had been planned originally "but the government froze chrome so we're going to do the Ijest wc can" with a less vivid color. Czechs Recognize Lublin Pole Gov't London. Jan, 31. (AP)—The Czechoslovak government in exile tonight amiounced formal recognition of the provisional Polish BOV- ernment at Lublin, and said diplomatic relations would be started. Czechoslovakia is the fh^t of the Allies, except Russia, to recognize the Lublin government. "Keep grinnin"—you're winnln'." George, who: is well on his way to recovery after a crippling attack 'of Infantile paralysis, gets a pep talk from-ahe gang. The visitors, now in perfect health, once were victims of po^io themselves. All were aided by the Najiorjal Foundation for Infantile Paral.vsis. " • On .'Saturday night at Riverside Park the local chapter Ls giving a dance to raise funds for the foundation • In addition to dancing there will \Se an auction of merchadise donated by lola firms and a bingo game.for those who do not dance. Subsl^dy Problem Bobs Up Again Jan. 31. CAP)—"Hie Says Nazis Must Pav For Crimes Against Reich London, Jun.~31. (AP)—Richard asked congress to- ' Law, mini.stey of state, declared to- Number 2 (Continued Frota Page One) but Marshal Ivan S. Konev was reported by the Germans to be advancing westward from his upper Oder river bridgehead. There were indications that his First Ukrainian army was crossing that river in strength for an advance directly on Berlin from the southeast supplementing ZhukoVs frontal drive from the east. In Budapest, the German com­ munique said, the besiezed Nazi gaiTlson continues to defend itself against "fierce Russian attacks." 1 Sixteen Babies Die In Flaming Home Auburn, Me,, Jan. 31. (AP)—Sixteen young children and a woman, trapped after an exploding s:ove sent flames raging through a wooden boarding horne for war and factory workers' babies, were suffocated or burned to death today. Most of the victims ranged in age from three montlis to three years, Thev died in their cribs —their heads thrust through the spaces between the slats in their futile struggle to escape. Only eight of the 26 occupants of the converted farmhouse were able to flee the fast-spreading flames that .swept the interior of the converted farmhouse. sas and stationed at Winter general hospital in Topeka. Veterans Agency Act Signed Into Law Topeka, Jan. 31. (AP)—Gov. Andrew Schoeppel signed Into law today the veterans agency act on which he campaigned— major enactment of the 1945 legislative session. Effective at once, the law empowers the governor to appoint a .$5,000 a year director and an eight member advisory board to administer a .state office of veterans' affairs. The administrators are authorized to hire a staff of traveling field rcpre.sentatives to advise veterans in all parts of the state. Tlie office, also recommended bv the Republican platform and the legislative council, would aid returned service mep and women by advising them of their rights and assisting in coordination of othrr \'eterans' programs. No bonus or financial benefits are provided. Number 1 (Continued From Pa^e One) y ship bombardment before the men waded ashore. Last Stand in North? In the mountains of eastern and northern Luzon, there still is a sizable enemy force. If Lt. Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita, or whoever commands the Japanese on Luzon, plans a last stand of dramatic proportions comparable to Bataan three years ago, northeastern Luzon likely may provide the stage. Today's communique focused the spctlight on the Eighth army op- „\.rrrriZ' ."^^.'irwTA'V^^'J -^ratlo"- in the sector of the Sixth, women, are to be recruited in Kan-f , — — no official word was given concern^ ing progress of armored columns reported approacliing Calumpit. below San Fernando. Calumpit is 25 airline miles from Manila. Around Fort Stotsenburg, Yank troops cleaned out enemy pockets in the hllLs. Jayhawkers Share Top Spot With the Sooners LawTcnce, Kas,, Jan. 31. (AP) — Kansas university's Jayhawks moved into a first place tie with Oklahoma in the Big Six basketball race night by taking a 39-36 duel from State. held a 21-lG halftime lead but the V/ildcats put on a determined second half rally and were ahead three limes before the Jay- hP.wts pulled nw;iy in the final five minutes. Charley Moffett was high point man for Kansas with 14. Dave Weatherbv paced the Wildcats with 13. Kan-sas now has won four games and lost one, the same as Oklahoma. 1 Shackles Off Making Of Industrial Alcohol SHIP 'EM V.Y DOG Yonkers, N. Y., Jan. 31. (AP)- ERSATZ FIRE Peoria, lU., Jan. 31. (AP)-'When the Peoria fire department, rolling en masse to answer a call, found not even a smoke wisp, they marked it down as jUst another false alarm. But a yoimg woman at the scene A similar hunt is planned for next ' explained. Sunday, February 4. Albert (Dutch) I "You would have' thought there Demeritt asks all interested to meet was a big fire if you had seen what at the Odense school at 1:30 p. m. Dr. J. H. Standen, a 'oio-chemist.! He hopes that enough men;will re- offered to pay three cents a head \ port to cover four sections.' for live fleas on which to experi- \ , ———^ ment and received a prompt reply from Little Rock, Ark. J. C. Thomas said: "Here in Arkansas we have large fleas, stick tight fleas and sand fleas." "Thomas, figm-lng on a neat profit, asked for information on "how to handle fleas for shipment alive." Pomegranite flowers yield a jelly to Moroccans, who add this to their native porridge dish, obtaining a delightful flavor. Nip Trick .1 t ^mr>.' .•v.»-'* > The Jap poster, above, held by : Francis McCarthy, United Pi-ess iwar correspondent in the Pacific, calls American airmen "murderers of the sky" and pictures wrecked non-military buildings whose destruction Japs blamed on Yank flyers. Poster was part of propaganda barrage, in English, which Japs - \sbowered on Filipinos. WARM CLOTHING $149 SWEAT SHIRTS—For Men Silver Color S^WEATER^-^For Men, warm fleece lined, sizes 36 to 38 Only SWEATER COATS—For boys 8 to 14. Two- Af0 Tone Brown 9^*43 BOYS PANTS—Heavy duck. Ages 12 and 14. Sanforized twiU $1.98 MELTON JACKETS — For boys 14 and 16, worth $4 .95. Special g>m Purchase 93 «W3 BOYS' SHIRTS—Sizes 12W to 14. Heavy weight solid color Flannel .... $1.39 MEN'S SHIRTS—Warm flannel, soUd dark blue, sizes UM to 16. Extra Value at $1.61 CORDUROY JACKETS— Boys ages 3 to 6. Bright reds, blues and greens. Dressy 94*^3 COATS—)Vomen's, about 25 left to choose from. *%l^(Jf Will discount reg. priced) /O MEN'S JUMPERS—Blue 8-oz. well male, buy what yon need now while we have gLg^ them. Sizes 36 to 46 ^inVlV ANDREWS Auto Store I saw," she said. "But I guess it was only the setting sun reflecting in the windows." Washington, adminiiStratlon day for a modification of the restrictions on -subsidy pa.vments .so as to Encourage farm production "without forcing an Increase" in retail food prices. Secretary of Agi-icultm'e Wickard' wrote the liouse banking dommittee that: modifications seem desirable "to permit the operations of the; Commodity Credit Corporation to be mor« flexible." Congress last year, after a bitter battle with the administration, re- strlctecC consumer food subsidies to direct ; appropriations next July 1. day that Britain would do her ut- to see-that the Nazis were punished for- "crimes committed against the «Germans," It was the, first definite Indication that thft' Nazis would be made to pay for persecution of Jews and other.s in the R(;ich itself, although Law did not-sp^cify any group by name. Topeka. Jan. 31. (AP) —A.ssurccI by Rep. Ralph M, Hope of Alchi- .son that "no brewer.s- Is interested in this bill" the Kunsa.s house of representatives pa.ssed today a measure ta liberalize laws governing manufacture of industrial alcohol. 1944 NAZIS' BL^CK YEAR Diiring the third year of war, 1944, the Germans'were driven from Rus- t:;"it^w I sia, the Baltic, the Balkans, and • most parts of. eastern Europe. Basketball Results Cherryvale 31. Neodesha 19, Chanute 46, Predonia 35. Humboldt 29. LaHarpe 23, Parsons 22, Pittsburg 20, Columbus 39, Miami. Okla., 26. The acreage devoted to. pxatatoes in the United States In 1943 was almost equal to the entire state of C^onnecticut. PIC NOW THRU SATURDAY Ether was not put to any practical use until 1842, although it was discovered in the 18th century. Current Attractions at Fox Tola Theaters aVJUiTtt. TONITE UPTOWN T,,™!,. Arturo Dp Cordova ' Joan GENK AITRY in Fontaine "Rini: K.AXGER RIDF." —in— i.^-'liov .-n a; 8:2.'i ;incl 11:00) "FRENCH.MAN'S CREKK" e'Plus o iCom.olote Shnw.= 7:10 & 9:20) •f'RIME BY MGIIT" Also "GOOFY" Color Cartoon iShti '.vn at 7:1) Oand 9:30) lOLA Start.s TOMORROW OMR RYAN The ROSEMARY De CAMP GAViNMUIR ISABEL JEWELL JOHN MIUAN Original Screen Flay by Michoel fessier ond Erne -.t Pii'jci.o Donee Dire<riGn by louis Do Pron and Carlos Roriero Directed by CHARlES LAMONT • Produced by MICHAEt FESSIEE ond ERNEST PAGANO A. IINIVFR.SAI PITT 11RF FULL OF DANCING, SINGING AND LAUGHS It's great to be here... Have a Coca-Cola ...or helping a soldier feel at home When he's back on furlough, it's the little things a soldier left behind that he looks for. In three words. Have a Coke, much of his old life comes to mind. For Coca-Cola was part of his days after school or after work, with the gang and with his girl. A happy remembrance of carefree times. Ice-cold Coca-Cola holds a warm and friendly place in American life. And it should have a special placg in your icebox at home. Wherever Americans go, Coca-Cola stands for the pause that rejreshes.—h'i.s become a symbol of our friendly way of life. ' BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY THE lOLA COCA-COLA BOITLING COJiPANY • PHONE 12 204 NORTH WASHINGTON You naturally hear Coca-Cola , called by its friendly abbremtion "Coke". Both mean the quality product of The Coca-Cola Company. 194S Tbi C< Ca,

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