The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 19, 1914 · Page 6
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 6

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 19, 1914
Page 6
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Jolj 19, 1914. r i n K p K :; ' T r R R E ** i E w FAILED TO CI1TCH THE SB All Our Best Home Talent in the Expedition. (TO COULTER'S MILL It Means Loss of a Federal Appropriation. * ' A« y*t they h*v«n't succeeded in Cspturinff the '*·«. serpent" In the river north of Oakley, a mile above Coulter 1 * mill, to be more exact Plenty of Oakl« J » and Iecatur'8 best talent tas been tried on the undertaking, but ·uc^ess continues to be far away It was ten daya agro that word first fcegan to come from Oakley of a mon- Btcr fish In the river above Coulters nlll Two sets had gone after It with a net, and in each case the net elthe" "broke or the volunteers on the job T'ere not strong enough and quick enough lor the -whale TRIED POWER TACKLE Next people In the neighborhood rigged UD tackle for sure and quick handling o' the net They had machinery ft nd pulleys and possibly ft. "home made" crane That time they »er« going to land the fish. All the £pDaratu0 was *et In place and then there was a wait for the big fish to 60 his pa-t The fish responded noblv He got In the net all right and then thej be ran to work the machinery on him The fish broke awaj, destroUn? the Tie* The machinery worktd but tiiere was no fish at the f! iish Thereupon word "was sent to Deca- tt-r There was a call for «ome one cf our expert whalers to g-t on the job The matter was mtntioned to yish harden S A Edwards FOUR C VR LO VDS Several of our best pel formers erot together and arranged w i t h Mr Edwards to borrow a net he his one "warranted not to break Thev told Ihim -what thev m a n t e l to do He Baked If he could go along The-* were glad to ^av-e him Thur«dav a^t-rnoon three automo- ti'es of big fishermen left the cltv {Another car -was taken aloncr to carrv the aprraratds In the expedition were S. A- Edward* Charles M Bouchers W E Redmon Carl N TSei'epp John St"-oh, Georire Rice B P Stringer, 35d Hill B DeTonor an" others The nation the gtite and the capital of the Garden Soot were lepresented in the crpedttion SCARED TFTE MOVSTER VWVT The movement was rather overdone It Is now thought The big fish sot iv ord somehow of the force moviner *iown on him so he disappeared Members of the- expedition worked all holes in the river for a half mile np and down stream but nowhere was the big ·f'sh to be found It dldn t get awav rna nobody had sild It was a fifing Ve^ihirrs of the whaling eTTiedltlon w-are1 a 1 ! holes In the r v e r for near- 3v three hours Thev threw out all other al i rements any of them happened to 1 ave along- but the Mgr fi°h fought Fh 1 . There -was a suggestion that so-n ' ody go bark to L°catur end get the bloodhounds, but this did not ca-r% REDMON* HE\RT SICK. TV^ E Redmon wa* perhaps the most di'^^poirred rran in the expedition He is a b 2; game and big fish man He «ai delighted when he heard there ·uao «port of the kind to be had here In Macon county This might sale him the time and expense of a trip to the IMS northwest later in the year And then he warted to show the others v- v at a man who knows how can do In hand rig sea serpents LOSE AN U»PROPRIATION Congressman Borchers was disap- One Hundred Boys in Y. M. C. A. Pool. --Photo bj Rembrandt Studio pointed, of course. It plann ted that after th«y caught the fish they wculd turr It over to «. taxidermist and haie the skin stuffed Mr Borc-h- JIB was to take this on to''washln ton and show it to the rivers *n d har- bo-rs committee On the strength of this showing there w a s reasonable expectation that an appioprlation of a tew hundred thousand could be got Tor Improi enrnit of the Sangamon iv er There ii an old statute in Illinois idopted about the v ear I M 5 -which de Clares the STngamon to t e navigable · But this statute IMS n e v e r made much Impression on the m ers and harbors commttee of the hoi se at "ftasn- ing-ton tho^e heartle*^ re resentatives are prore to remaik thit the statute rerhaps v as nothing more than one of Lincoln s jokes this bel"? part of his stamoiner ground In tho=e davs But if tl-e fctu "ea fish coiUil have been taktn along to bo ster anl ;tipplement the s t a t u t t an appiopnation must be forthcornintr V, hat bei ame of the monster fish' This puzzles our expeits The testimony that it was In the river the day before is Incontrovertible They c a n t =ee how it could get awav, but It w a s n t there when they made the crand foray Thursday afte-rnoon AFTFR GVR FISH Last week ^ ardfn Edwards and helpeit attempted to e,?ne the Sanga.- n on rUer between the Maffit bridge and the county br'dge Thev were after car a spei-ies that festrovs other fish It was found the river at that r.oi"t had too much brush, emags and = unken logs to permit axvthing like successful seining- They got two gar one ^a« vv is thirtv iev«n inches long and the other two feet The gir fish is beginning to give trouble In 11 inois' A big effort is to be m a ' e bv the game department to rlQ the I mois river of this species The und rnkln? mav prove expensive, ard v t t there 13 rl-inrer that unless the w o r k li thoroi Bhlj done the Illinois v-111 be rjincd as a fl«h stream FI«H PRT AN'D PICNIC Some div thlo week there will be a fish fry ''nd home picnic at Otter, Calumus and Sp 1 atte--dock lakes south of Mantle The purpose of the gathering l s to drag Calumus and put its fish in Otter, of course saving out enoutrh of the la jrer ones for the fry Calumus is about dry and fl"?h in It will perish unless rescued «oon The seminar w 11 be undf-r the supervision of "\v;a:d f t n Fdwards Last week several bavou" up the r ' v e r v ere seined Three or four bu«h- cls of cropv ard sunperch were got Some of these went to Eli t l r v , to be put into ·\\oodbine lake and others w e*-e put in the river Last week Edwards destroyed nine traps he found In the ri\ er Funeral Flowers AT LOWEST PRICES S O H i-i C/3 Beautiful Wreaths, Pillows, Casket Sprays and special designs at prices extremely low. DAUT BROS. FLORISTS 112 East Prairie St. Automatic Phone 1712. Old Phone 733 BIG EVENT OF WEEK IN PLAYGROUND INTERESTS O NE of the most attractne features about the Decatur plajgrounds to the email boy, is the weekh \i*tt to the T M C A, swimming 1 pool About once every week 3 N Ashmore who Is in charge of U e plnj ground work bring-s between 5 and 10 boi a, of all sizes, from the various plaj grounds to the "Y ' for a «·« Im This is a gi eat e\ ent for the bo\ s and t Is a sight worth setiner to ste 100 o^ s In the pool, ^pla^hintr \\\ ing and swimming to their h e n r t * content Even the littlest of them s em no more afraid of the ^ater than If they ha3 been brought up In it LaH Thursday there were 100 boys fi om the piaj grounds in the pool at one time Ross Cheseboro the swimming instructor at the "Y " and J N Ashmore are al^va^a present to see that no accidents occur Sullivan. Pastor Here. Rev "W B Hopper of Sullhan will preach at the Fiist Christian church thl«i morning at 10 46 and this evening n t 7 4^ WILL TAKE WEEKS TO HEAL HAND Harry Saekrlter Stopped Fan wit* Hla Fingrerm, M A broom stick, tr« limb, billiard Qua or dynamite bomb my be used to tha best advantage in stopping: a latg"« and healthy electric fan, but the fln- g-ers of a man 0 right hand are aeMom effective ' This Is the aage conclusion reached by Harry Sackrlter proprietor of the "Wigwam billiard room ·who became con\inced Friday evening when his fingers were mixed up in a whirling fan His right hand wae severelv cut and will take weeks to he 1 Try American Velvet \ Ice Cream Today and yoaU see for yraiwif why if · so popular with In i eaters. If s made pure--In a sanitary plant. Try sores today, you'll ba delighted with its general, s£ around txeal- lenee. We deliver anywhere In Decatonr. BOTH PHONES im N. WATBR n. St Louis Post--'Jack said he would give up everv thing for me ' And did you make him prove itf" 'Tes I took him on an ocean trip for our hones moon olt Clothing Co. Successor to Heckman-Bailey Co. Water at North St. irpins lor Men Young Men You who like to wear a medium weight suit through the winter should take advantage of this sale of our light and medium weight all-wool hand-tailored suits. All regular $25.00 suits Special price $17.75 All regular $18.00 suits Special price $13.50 All regular $12 50 suits Special price $8.75 All regular $22 50 and $20.00 suits Special price $14.75 All regular $15.00 suits Special price $11.25 Any priced Palm Beach suit, your choice $6.00 STRAW HATS ONE-HALF PRICE. PANAMAS 25% OFF SPECIAL SHIRT SALE 80c buys regular $1 00 value. $1.05 buys regular $1 50 value. $1.40 buys regular $2 00 values. 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Don't fail to call and examine our pianos this week. Suffern Music House 2nd Floor Suffern Bldg., 351 N. Water. Take Elevator. The ideal fuel for an purposes. Absolutely clean. No dust. Ho dirt. Ho BOO*. Is made in Decatur at our new gaa works, and is the pure carbon, which meaa* ft* REAL HEATING 7ALUX IK COAL. One tone of coke win go twice a* far M a ton of soft coal. One ton of coke win go M far as a ton of hard coal. Only $4.50 per ton delivered. Try a load and be convinced. Telephone your order. Bell No. 1; Auto 1167, Decatur Railway and Light Co. lEWSPAPJLJRl

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