Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 12, 1971 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 12, 1971
Page 10
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JH6 Alton Evening Telegraph Tuesday, Jan. 12, ftHs MCKSON TWINS' By Alfred Andriolft KERRY DRAKE By Dick Brooks WON'T PAY YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM MY FLORIN BUT DON'T TRY I'LL HAVE THAT BUT WE STILL \ IT MUST BE DON'T KNOW \THE LANP.' ITS WHY HIS HIPPIE ) A PEGFECT GRANDSON V INPUSTOIAL WANTED HIM •« SITE A LITUE A THF/RE ONLY BOUQUET J WEEPS, BUT Hg FOR MP -^- LIKED 'EM M-:CPASKY? RBTHER HUSHEP IT UP.' BUT H_ CUT YOU OUT Of HIS WILL.. ANP PAYS YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM ROCK CrrY." SHE DEMANPEP MORE THAN FRIENDSHIP, FLORIN .. SO YOU HAD TO SET RIP OF HER/ TO SEE HER AGAIN OR ACCIPENT CASE ,. IF IT TAKES WHY WOULP I WfliNT TO ..TO HURT EVA tOPI? WE WERE .. 6OOD FRIENDS' By Bob Weber By Greig Flessel DAVID CRANE ; J DON'T LI K6 TH6 TONE OP YOUR voice/ /AND J DON'T-*! / ILL NOT HAV6 YOU uxe YOUR T\SLHM TONIGHT'S ATTITUDE, FLORENCE/ )RARTY,.-OJ CITHER ME TO MRS. DINNER THERE'S NO POOD IN THE HOUSE Wm'LU NEVER GET TO THE 3TORE IN AOJLTHIS SNOW .' IS THAT CLEAR GO BY DOG SLED TELLBUPTO ASSEMBLE HIS By George Sixta By Parker and Hart THE WIZARD OF ID •T ISN'T HARD To<ser THINGS 1 MUST HAVE FORGOTTEN THIS ONE LAST SUMMER KNOW THE RIGHT PEOPLE LANCELOT By Goker & Penn ..- ( COULDN'T AFFOKC? &UFFALO r TIGER By Bud Blake THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith IEFF COBB By Peter Hoffman SHORT RIBS By Frank O'Neal • I'M (JOINS TO ser eveN WITH THE FOR MV BlCfMPAV HE WAS SUPPOSED TO SIVE ME SOMETHING ID MATCH 'BEAUTIFUL EVES, WINTHROP By Dick Cavalli : THREWA SNCAVSALL INTO THE AIR. 'SALL.J '" J ITFKLLTO Nor wi TO EARrl I f KNEW I ||5|2e...OH-OH,' J life AWFULLY TOUGH Bfc'I AMERICAN 6WEV1H (UGAR WITH VaJ AROUND/ HENRY By A. LEOKUM HOW DOES AN OYSTER MAKE A PEARL? Win The New Book of Knowledge (20 volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. Include Zip Code. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: Janet Taylor, 10, Willard, Ohio. Pearls are made by certain kinds of oysters, clams, and QUINCY mussels. All these animals are called mollusks, from a Latin word meaning "soft", because they have soft bodies inside their hard shells. The pearl is actually composed of the material with which a mollusk coats an irritating particle that has got inside the shell and which it cannot get rid of. This irritant may be a piece of broken shell, a parasite that has bored through the shell, or even a tiny grain of sand. The oyster keeps layering material onto the piece to keep it from being an irritation. This material is called nacre, or mother-of- pearl. As the layers of mother-of-pearl are built up, a pearl is made. Natural pearls are found rarely, and large natural pearls even more rarely. So most of the pearls sold today are cultured pearls. They are real pearls, but human beings cause the oysters to produce them. This was discovered hundreds of years ago by the Chinese, who found that objects would be covered with mother-of-pearl if they were placed inside the shells of oysters and clams. In the late 1800's some Japanese researchers learned how to treat oysters to produce cultured pearls at a low cost., and today this is a large industry in Japan. To produce a cultured pearl, a smooth, round bead of mother-of-pearl is set into the living tissue of a pearl oyster. Then the oyster is returned to the water for 3 to 5 years. Cultured pearls are less expensive than natural ones, but. only an expert can tell the difference between them. * # * FUN TIME The Riddle Box 1. What inventions have helped men get up in the world? 2. What did the letter say to the stamp? 3. What is an astronaut sandwich? ANSWERS 1. The elevator and the nlarm clock. 2. You may be square, but you take me places. 3. Launchmeat. » * * TIIEI'limEBOX By Ted Shearer HE ONES WITHOUT SCALES 60 TO THE SAME SCHOOL AS THOSE THAT MOT ALL.. BUT THE MAJORITY OF THEM DO. HAVE SCALES f By Carl Anderson GOOD MORNING-, HENRY HOW DID YOU True Life Adventures "THE T3AB-/ -MARMOSET IS TO STAY WITH HIS yrlght©l»71 Walt IJisncy IVnduciloni 3 i WotM Rights Reserved — FUNNY BUSINESS By Roger Bollen CCOD iDeuiw TWS ossceioe puc IP VOO tigARD AfeAiu ? /JUJE iua/eiCi ACTUAk-W ... -x WAS oar OF TweT Office. WHEU HC I ;UePT I J Hodgepodge Answer to Previous Fuzzl* «/M Bl_iT WHEW -THERE'S AM Al_AKM— •RUSHES TO Dlalrlbutcd by King Kuturu* S LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE 2.X 35 Z X 5 +3O - Challenge your friend to give the correct answer to this quickly: What is the difference between twice thirty-five and twice five and thirty'? The difference of course, is HO. Answer to yesterday's Puzzle Box: Cleveland, Detroit, Oakland. Win The New Book of Knowledge Yearbook. Send your riddles, jokes, to: "Riddles, Jokes; Tell Me Why!" (live Zip Code. Today's winner is: Jan Crawford, Seneca, So. Want Ads Get Results! ACROSS 1 Pirate's flag 6 Worker in metals 11 Musical dramas 13 Solid (comb, form) 14 Elegy, for instance 15 Feminine appellation 16 Exclamations of inquiry 17 Boundary (comb, form) 19 Dental degree (ab.) 20 One who betrays 24 Greek marketplace 27 Mocked 31 Becloud 32 Stage whisper 33 Muse of lyric poetry 34 Coat with tin-lead alloy 35 Special , aptitude (pi,) 38 Mountain nymph 39 Stock breeders 41 Peer Gyntfs mother 44 Three times (comb, form) 45 Angling term 48 Opposed to wholesale 51 Narrate 54 Bridge holding 55 Looked fixedly 56 Superfluous 57Widemouthed pitchers DOWN IPartinaplay 2 Large fish 3 Jewels 4 Before 5 Operated 6 Depot (ab.) 7 Mexico (ab.) 8 Angered 9 Minister to anio r ' 10 Garden tools 12 Greek portico 13 Buffet 18 Disencumber 20 More hackneyed 21 Half-breed Indian maiden 22 Public speaker 23 Upright parts of steps 24 Encourage 25 Biblical name 26 Pertaining to land ownership 28 Dreadful 29 Girl's name 30 Legal document 36 Epithet 37 Compass point 40 Makes mistakes 41 Crafts 42 Percolate slowly 43 Heating device 45 Challenge 46 Passage in tb« brain 47Couchea 50 Frozen water 52 Summer (Ft.) SSAttoraeyVi concern •vnauawn '9 'nvwood ' c 'acu f i — « M °a "VNvisinoi '8 3)114 'fi 'A14 > 'M0911 'G '8fU 'I */

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