Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on November 6, 1941 · Page 10
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 10

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1941
Page 10
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STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING, ILLINOIS November 6,1941 <Mk T* f I\T f^sTfrc^ /*%T iN©ws 01 T" 'T'"^ "\ TT T* ! ^*\/*\ Hi 1 *f ^5^/*lT T /""i THI /H H ^"^T^ T^TT Lit;©, Duiecru. QnQ n@D.ry ERIE NEWS Reporter. Mr*. Frank SrhalMe- Fhone 138 Two Rivers Conference Basketball Schedule Opens at Lyndon Nov. 1 1 Co«ch Morton Kowr of FTrir. t\n- ttetlclan of thr Two Rivers' ronf«-r- «ic«, announce.'; tl--e basketball schedule for the ronfrienrr '^ams. Annawnn. TampU'o Pvophrt.uo-.TM. London, Kri<\ Hlllsdale. Port Bvron And Cordova Thr Cordova srho-rl- Ule U not complete Thr games marked x are conference Thr schedule follow.*: Nov. ll—Mmeral at Lyndon No<v. 18— Cordma Rt L.\ Nov. 1R— Tnmplco at .Nov. 18— Hlllsdale at x Nov. 21— CordovR at Port Bvron. Nov. 25~Tarnpico Ht Port Byron. Nov. 35 — Lyndon nt Erie. Nov. 25— Mineral nt Prophet.stown. Nov. 2ft— Annawan at Cambridge. Nov. 28 — Erie nt Moline. Nov. 28— -Coal Valley at Hlllsdnle. Nov. 29— ProphetRtown at Rock Dec. 2—PropheUtown at Port Byron x. Dec. Dec. Dec. 1>C. Dec. Dec. Dec, Dec. Dec. Ohristt Dec. tovn x. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec, fan x. Dec. Dec, Dee. Dec, Dec. •*>. Dec. .Dec. 2— Sheffield at Anna won. 2— Manllus Rt Tamplco. 3— HllLsdalc at Lyndon. 5— Alumni at Lyndon. 5 — Port Byron at Reynolds. 5— Tampico at Htllwiale. 5 — Cordova nt Annawan x. 5— Erie nt Morrison. 5 — Prophef.sto'vn at Corpus (Oalesburgt. 9— Hlltednlo ut Prophet*. 9— Anna wan, at Hooppole. 9— Atkinson at Eric. 9— Lyndon at Cordova x. 12— Annawan at Port By- 12— Erie at Fulton. 13— Hlllsdale at Cordova. 15— Tamplco at Eric. 16-rAtkinson at Annnwan. 1*— Prophetetown at Morri- 16— Port Byron at Hillsdale. Ifr— St. Man- <St<=rllng> at g. 19—Lyndon at Tampico x. Mineral »i Annawim. _D*c. 1*—Hooppole at Hllkdale. Dec. 23—Tampleo at Mania*. Jan. 6, 1943—Lyndon at Mineral. Jan. ft—Erie at Port Byron. Jan. 6—Atkinson at Prophetstown. Jan, 9—ProphetJitown at Erie. Jan. 9—Port Byron at Lyndon. —Jan. 8—Tamplco at Cordova. Jan. 9—Hill&dale at Annawan. Jan. 13-17—Rock Inland county tanmament. Port Byron, Cordova UK) Hilladale. Only affects thene • tfifve achooU. Jtn. 1J—Erie at Orion. Jaa. II—Hooppole at Annawan. . Jut. 13—Cordova at Prophetstown. Jan. IS—Tampico at Lyndon. Jan. IS—Andover at Hillsdale. Jan. IS—Erie at Annawan x. Jan. 19—Mineral at Tampico. Jan. 19 —ProphetBtown at Fulton. Jin. IT—Port Byron at Cu»i Val-^ ,Tn?i .l!»n, .Tan Jan .'a:; J»n innr- Frh. F»"b. F>b. Frb. Fcb p^b Inn Frb r> l b Fob. Fob. Frb F*"b. 1 17— Nlnn i.tnn B' Kr:' 2O — Lyndon Rt Proph*!."o-' n ? f i— Krir B! Tsmpiro 20 — H)i!.*rinlf at Ho->ji|v,ir 23— Al'imin ft Anna ? an 23 -Port Bvron .1! Cord'r, a 2.1 Fultnn at Frl»\ P.I LindoTi at Hill.--finI' 1 y at Kri' 3--Propliei.viown nt I/, r.*!uri 3--Hi!l>daIe n! Atif'o 1 .»-i B -Pr« t Bvron at File fi -Annawan at THITI|>II " x 6—Prophet.Mott n Rt Mc-Iyni: R--Hill.vlale at Conl Valle\. iO -Erie B! Prophft^town. 10- Lvndon at Port Bvrnn In—Annawnn Ht Mlneial 10- Cordova nt HilLsdale. 13 —Annawaii at Atkinson. 13 — Prophet.stowji at Tntnpi town. Ffb. Iry. Ffb. Frb. FVb. Mar>' FYb. F>b. town 13—Hillsrlale nt Port Byron 17 — Morrison at Prophet,*- 17—Port Byron at Cc*l Val- 17 —Frie at Lyndon. 20—Lyndon at Annnwan x. M—Prophetstown at St • Sterling*. 20—Orion at EYie. 24—Annawan at Prophets- x. . 27—Fulton at ProphetAtown. Honor Ncwlyweds at Reception and Lunch At C. Schaver Home / * — — Mr. and Mrs. Clarpnc* Schavrr of F.rie fntrrtnlned at n re<-pptton on Wednesday pvpntng at thrlr honip in Erie for h!.s brother-in-law and *l.v- tpr. Mr. and Mr5. Arthur Voiglit of Chirngo, whose niftrriaRp was an event of the preceding pveninn. A two-course lunch wa.i served which fpattirPd a dPCprnted wedding rake. Guests in addition to the honorees were Mr. and Mrs. Martin Schaver, Albert and Andrew at Garden Plain. Mr. and Mrs. Arden Lynch of Albany. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Vons and son Gary. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Vanderschaaf. George «nd Agnn. George Vander Schaaf and Ann Vander Schaaf, all of Fulton. Mrs. Effie Juist of Clinton. la.. Marion Schaver. of Prophetstown. George Schaver of Morrison. Miss Pearl Pfundsteln. Henry Plun.dsteln. Mr. and Mrs Emery Pfundstein. Alberta Meyer. Beverly. Donald and Marilyn Schaver, all of Erie. Mrs. Will Hawk Named ./• Newton-Garden Plain Red Cross Chairman The annual election of officers of the Newton-Garden Plain division of the Whltestde county chapter of Red -Cross was held Tuesday afternoon at the Garden Plain town hall with the retiring chairman, Miss Ella Oalvin presiding, lira. Will Hawk of Newton wan electfd chairman. Mrs. Jake Venema of Garden! Plain was named first vice chair- 1 man, Mrs. Seth Wilson of Newton,, second rice chairman, and Mrs. ' N«"*»">ri. Mrs Hnrri- f^v. maker of ? and Mr' Clfurr.c'' Puret of f Plain « err .<pp.'vurrr| 10 l.v in of ft roM (nil ^hii'ii nil! *:!flrr Tu^t- ri.T. MembTs c lu«''n "n thr ad^i 1 ;- ory hnnrd weje Miss Filn Ctalvln of (;,trr)rn Plain snri Mrs Merle Lewis of New ton; home >rr\icr bf»ard Mr^. Fnrl Crcx-ker. Mrv F-.rtrtt Mrs. ' Finnic :;rr. a'.i r Nf^'nr: M_-Sur Murp) 1 .'. Cinteiuf Swee' and .toiin Hoff of c;ai<fcn Plain The or- wnnI7atior, ^c'rd '.o ^rnd $?n to tiir Tenth Birthday of Paul James Carlson Celebrated Tuesday Mrs Paul Car'.son entertained 11 Ixivs at a )>(U'\ T-.;r.s,dav after school in reiebratio:; o! thr loth birthday n universal y of he: sou, Paul James r'iUl.'-on. Inrtrxir t-<>iitp. c .!« following outdoor plnv provided the diversion with Lrland McNeil!. receiving two In contests and the two headed bv Kenneth Weber and Jlmmie Bugbee winning contest.*. Thr refreshment.* were served at a long table In the basement. A birthday rake, decorated in the pastel colors was at either end of the table. These colors were very attractively cairied out In the place raid .standards and the favors which were gumdrop animals. Cookies with animals set In the fro-MIng .served a.s the place card standard. OuesM who were invited to help make the day a memorable one for Jlmmie, as he is familiarly called, were Donald Schaver. Leland Mc- Nelll, Roland Horence, Milton Davis. Billy Dillon. Jack Collins. R. K. Thorpe. Dick B<\w. Teddy and Sammy Short. Kenneth Weber. Roy- bert Williams. James MrrceV. Oeorge Seger, Jimmie Bngbee. Stanley Border and David Haven. Frank Hubbart of Erie Surprised on Tuesday On His 79lh Birthday LYNDON NEWS Rep»H»r. Mm, J R. Crn Phone MorTttfn* 75i M- Mr=. Vernort Pier^on. who oh«.T% p ;i h:s four'h hariidRv anniversary r<", T,'- ly Thov prew>nt wrf Mi" Carol of Tamplco, \!r *r..-i FYftrk ?r,rn "'til butii- ; I 'K-wia v f\fn:r,s. '"• ida" amir. rr<;«M •» r^-n n Rinup of 1 r f'n'; . >•*. hr~-rs'::' x:~, Tr-'ri t,>.r.i;)f<- to I hi. 5 tir:-;iir in F,r:» Mr* Hnbhnit . niided to thL« *.':; ft (("'•"rated . !>irthr!n '• < nkr ?' r » > V A: JIB the MII>:""i th»" Kio-r,> •»»::• to the .^rr'-lce (at thr FTiir Cl;ru«'.an chiiifh. fiftrr j^tmh th'*\' irf.irii'-rt '[> thf Hubbnrt ] liomr to sjKnd a 5(« ;a! ho'ir j 'JTir Kiir.'!."; wpre-Mr.-: Stella Coster and .Mi.s.- Cir r 'ta Co.«?trr of Al- I '«anv. Mr. and Mr. 1 - I.^ee Coster of I. \iidon. Mr and .Mr« FYan? Hub- l>»»rt. Mr and Mr.» IrT.Shrader. I>or- ottn- and Rennet!-.. Mr and Mrs. .Jud.-wi Ashdo*n ami daughters. Lois and Carol, and Mrs. Luhi Ashdown. Mr Hnhbart, who wa.-; born Nov. 4. 1882, in the Delhi community in Union Grove toTrmhip, has lived in Fj-le since he w».< of high school afte. His parent were ,S. 8. and Adaline Remer H'ibb«rt. Mr. Hubbart was married to Mrs Ann Andrews Mouiton Oct. 11, 190.1. Their home u in a ho'ise on the farm southwest of F-rie whlcli he purchased In 1B97 and which is oper- ater by his son-in-law, Judson Ashdown. In Addition to the daughter. Mrs. Ashdown. Mr. Hubbart has a step,«.on. lister Moiiiton of Onlesburg. a sister. Mrs. 5t«-lla Cost*r of Albany, n brothr, Franz Hubbart of Erie, two granddaughters and five step-grandchildren. Rock River Chapfer, OES, Elects Officers Pupils of Fifteen Rural Schools at Erie Health Clinic Ruth Kirk, countv health nurse, conducted a dental health program in the Rjwnasium of the Erie Community high school on Wednesday, when 166 pupils from 15 rural schools in this, community were given dental, throat and vision examinations. A .short program Included a talk on the teeth by Dr George Peter? of the state depart ment of Mollne. a demonstration on the proiwr school lunch by the pupils of the Burke school and a talk on nutrition by Miss Ruth Zaraske of Moline. Four members of the Erie Woman's club assisted with clerlca work for the dental and throat examinations and the vision project nurse was awompanied by asai*- tants from Sterling. The 15 school represented were Wheelock. West Sandrldge, East Sandridge. Burke. Sharon, Kemp- stervllle,, Mineral Springs, Rock River. Coburn. Enterprise, Kingsbury Cottle, We*t Newton, Dewey and Byers. SchooU ha\1ng the largest number examined were Wheelock with 23. West Sandridge 23 and KempsterviUe 16. NOV. 7-8 FRIDAY & SATURDAY BUTTER CAKE FLOUR Red & White, 1Q C package-. . . . FRUIT COCKTAIL Red & White No. 1 Tall Tins 2for27 c CUSTIRD PUMPKIN Red & White No. 2Y Z tins 2for25« Fiiest Crackers . Pki HILLS BROS. COFFEE CAMAY SOAP . . 2 Ib. Tin 25 Paul Schulze's a| Saltine Crackers, Ib. pkg. I "Our Value" Peas, No. 3sve., 2 No. 2 tins Tomato Juice, O 4 e Red & White; 46-oz. tinfcl ¥ "Our Value" Corn, £Oft extra stand.. 2 No. 2 tins fa J Bartlett Pears, R & W, No. 2i •:, tin 25 BIRDS EYE AT DIVINE'S ONLY Spinach per box We HmUock Fillet» Ib. 33c "Our Value" Tomatoes, No. 2 tins, 3 for ....... Chili Con Carne, Libhv's orR& W,2No. I tins! Peanut Butter, R&.W. 1 Ib. jar ...... Milk, Red & White, tall cans, 3 for SnoSheen'Cake Flour, AT CONMELL'S ONLY Pork Loin Roast, O^^ . 2«/2 toSlb.avg,, .... lb.^O Skinless Wieners Ib. i3c Spare Ribs Ib. 17e OBANGE8. M«L CAULIFLOWER ---T-ter-SSe- Buckle, 4«a. . . lie If*. M*. m WBBARD SQUASH . ,~,-*a, JAc CRANBERRIES, Eatmor «t. lie SWEET rOTATOES, Miwatine ...... 7 Ita. Sic bfcinr, 128514tk St Grsctry, 317 bl Awt. - - Pkoiu 304 Phut 350 RED& WHITE Pupils Moke Tour After attending the dental health program Wednesday afternoon the 23 pupllx of the Wheelock school visited various places of interest in Erie Including the library, the waterworks plant, the fire engine house, the jail and the town hall. They were accompanied by their teacher, Mr.. Mildred Guthrie. Erie Briefs Mrs. Lula Ashdown returned Tuesday to the home of her son Judson Ashdown from Oneida m-here she had spent some time with her son Virgil and family. Mr. and Mrs. John Clarke of Los Angeles, Calif., came the first of the week- to vUit their.-son-Jay... Clark* an-: family. They expect to leave Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Buell Young and family moved into the Young house in the Sharon community Tuesday from HilUdaie. The house wan formerly occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Howard Young. nock Rnrr rhaptrr. O F P . of Lyndon has fleeted thr following officers Maigaret F.mmons. W M ; Albert Allrn. W P.; ,le»>\nette White. A M : William White, A P : Huth Allm. secrrtary: Edna Holt, treasurer: Doris Harrington, conductress: Florence Woodard. assls- tRtit conductress. Installation of officers and a school of Instruction were announced Report* were made by the outgoing worthy matron. L-aiira Gibson, and by the secretary, Helen Harrington. Mr and Mis Ami'! Rn^.i:.r sn--i 'RoWita Jamison. Ida Ro^f',i".n \!=>.r- JLirkhnrd France v Kerkho-. <\ VT.I IRmi'r. Mr. and Mrs. ciAr'-:!-<- p: f r- i ton and --on. Mr. and Mrs V'::•.••>:; ' Pi'r'on nti<1 son*, and Mr and M:< '. Amir: PKTSOII of N Obituary Mr. and Mrs Hsrry Mnrtin snd 'nrnilv ftrvi Mr, snri Mr«s. J>t?<*r .I'rh :•-••>!; n-:iri tlRiiehters were Pnr,- <:•*:- *l:ri::r*-iri riH^r 1 ! In ih** hom* ;<', Mr*.. r.V-lmar Powell of Hf>oprx>;e n:,.-i '.!; ar,,l Mrs. (VrorRp Thompson >•'. A' k l" - f >r; ;:-(1ay c Mr. n:' Mr i i'i-.ur L of Prophetstnwn '.ere i ifiiest."; In !))«•• t.nme Mr< D. TAB HEEL HEROKK Although North Carolina gave thre« president* to the Union — Andrew Jackson <who was born on the South Carolina-North Carolina border). James K. Polk and Andrew Johruon — only on* "flrnt! lady" hailed from the 7*r Heel; atate. She wai Dolly Madison, Fifth Birthday Mr and Mr«. John Gran entertained guest* for Sunday dinner, honoring the fifth birthday of their son Roger Carl, whose birthday occurred that day Decorations were In keeping with Hallowe'en and Hoger received lovely gifts. Soldier Transferred Private Everett L. G!«xler has been transferred from Fort Monmouth. Redbank. N J.. during the past week to the 7th signal service company at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Lyndon Briefs Mrs. F. A. Bell of Fulton spent Tuesday with her sister, Mrs. May Crowell. F. A: Bell, his sisters. Mm. Myrna Zlemer and Miss Harriett Bell, and Miss Madge Beaumon were callers. Mr. and Mrs. John Landheer and children, John and Bernlce. Mr. and Mrs. Max Mason and children, Lela and Larry, of Davenport, la., were Lyndon callers. Neil King of Silvia was in town on business Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Allen and B. F. Healey of Sterling were guests for Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mr*. Heskett Blagg. The dinner honored the seventh wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Allen. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Howard and children. Melton and Dolores. wi»"re Cordova~eBlleYK Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Schmltt and daughter Judy of Mollne were fu«t?» for Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Woodward and family. Yoifchvi-ThoMaf Mra, Rateaa Tb»a»a>- aaav-riMM Tmaaf«e» ltt-7 Fourth Birthday Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hanaen rave a birthday dinner in honor of O«r- f **/////<//(/ VTvt. • • UtCAM I ilk CAM SNOHnilNC 53e 23« Bremner Bros. 'Elfin* CRACKERS Lb. 16c FRE8H CHOC. "HOUNDS" and "COCO TARTS" COOKIES, pound 18c •ICMH--«OI« *A«TMI* I'l «^ Mile Me Economical, 4 oz. aize 7Se MLLSBURirS It 1ft. ba« ....4«c 5 *. bac .. 2V ROBB ROSS Pawak* n. ft 22c BOBB ROSS Baekw't FRESH CUCUltRER MCW.ES 24 -, 23e STRAINED BABY Jiii*rFMdic.Jli "freak churned" For a better e«p of eaffce 1-^ -SHAWGER'S Earn f*«n« fraund fmh llf QUALITY" an «r4er , Or If y*» hart been ntln« a le«i rxB*n«Jrc bran* 1 try U EARLT CVf" LB YOU CANT GO WRONG ON S 6V W MERCHANDISE S & W Swot Variety Ptot .... No. 2 con 18c S fir W Pintapplc Fovort 14 os. con 15c No. 2Vi can—28c Goldtn Rip* Chunks of Hawaiian Goodnttu S fir W Rtd Tort Plums .... No. 1 toll con 13c No. 2 '/a con— I9c S fir W Sordino in Tomoto or Mustard Souct ........... . . 15 o». ovol con 1 Sc BIRDS EYE Spinach .... Pkg. 20c Haddock .... Lb. 33c LJbtr'a baJk aaoUt | A^ MINCE MEAT ..*.. .Lb. I V* Swift'* all pwk 12 m, AA. PRCMLwcbM't can *¥i Swllf* BUTTER, jar fmrt Stravbcrry Lb. fBESEBVEIi OM f*Ul»iMsC4 BBOWN SUQAB Jar 2le SNIDER'S C«Uuf, 14 0£, bot. 16c Chili Sauce, 12 oz. 19c Lux or Lifebuoy Toilet Soap, 3 bars 17c Lux Flakes Small lOc Lux Flakes Large 22c "Swan" new floating Soap, 3 for 17c, Ig. lOc RINSO Regular..lOc Large ... lie Giant ....S9c MRS. riFANORK I.ANf Mr«. ElrRnorr Lnnr p<i55pri s^a- h^r borne. ftS North Chpstrr a'.'; nur. Pn^srir-ns. Cniif . Or'oh^: If). 11941. ?hr wft.* born Aueii.f ] ;RV;, ! nt FnrminRion. 111. da\i(zli(pr n' \vr,- i Hani and Eliza Mont/roiiirr' \!'r-r jhrr marrisRr to William \V I *<..<• jthe\ rrMdfd on thrlr fnrm »«<.: of j Ynrktown. now owned by John Yonk. In iftRB thry movrd (o Yt nnd conducted thr ntor? now by Carl StPhro*. until 1B94 whrn tnpy movpd to Chlfdfto. In IP07 they mov- et to Pftsudenn where thev itp^nt their remaining dnys. She joiiiMi thr Pasadena Prrxbyterlan church In 1928. Her lllnew started nearly two years Ago with the shingle? and de veloped into senile pneumonia She was only confined to her bed the last ten days of, her life. She i* survived by a dauRhter Mrs. Rruben P. Underwood of Pasadena. Her husband William W. Lane, three sisters. Anna, Mrs, J. C. Bunker. Mrs James Fulton and a brother William Montgomery preceded her in death She was the beloved nunt of B C. Bunker and Mrs. Matie Oreen- wood of Tampico, 111. Funeral services were held at 2 p. m. Wednesday, Oct. 22. in Memory' chapel. 100 North Hill avenue Dr. James L/elshman of Pasadena Presbyterian church officiating. Yorktown-Thomos Briefs Mr. and Mrs. Ira McCartney of Cisco were Sunday evening visitors In the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fm Hahn. Mrs. Fred Blackert and familjr of Hooppole were Sunday afternoon callers in the home, of Mr. anc Mm. Rodman Thompson. John Gudgvll and son Lyte returned home Friday night from a four week hunting trip. They shot two d«er and two elk. Mr. and Mrs. John Aibrecht nnd family of- Prophetstown -ww» Sun day evening visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs, Roy Blackert. Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Lindqulst Mr. .and Mrs. O*orge Whipple and daughter Mable drove to Princeton to visit Prank Whlpple, who is a patient at the hospital. They also visited Mra. Lottie Blythe of Wyanet. Mr. and Mra. Jamea Johnson and Mr*. Conrad Hudson and children of Tamplco were Sunday evening visitor* in the hocnt of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hansen. Mr. and Mra, Rodman Thompson and daughter Donna Jean were Monday evening caJlm in the home •M E. 5TH ST., PHONE CM •It W. Cm ST., PHONE 1IM . I) Fivln t,ir--1q-::':t ulst ftnd Mnhie Wl;i;i- fit'TidTl the nfitinnnl coin ;IKK- ;tr ronfest field at Tonlrn Mondav Mr and Mrs Clarence Pierson and tn w r>r* S'.indav evening \isi'ors In .'• home o.' Mr. and Mrs. Chnr.r? r ';!<Tl Of Hrxippole. WALNUT NEWS Report. Margaret WalH*- Phon* R-9at JiBTTEK MEATS FOE LESS Frwkiy Onnutt HLMUS. ,>23c DMNER SIZE TENDERIZED STEIK ,.>13c Swttt'a SIRLOIN BEEF ll»8 lt 13c SaiaJI Late 32o k 25e rar <m BOAST . Fmb PraAm GBAPirBUlT, I f«r rtavWa, Ttiln Skin Juk* OBANQB8, «M.« H«aiUi In Evary Bit* SumU JONATHAN ArruES, i ita. ..... Eata«ar CBANBEBBIE8, Ib. HD. LKTTl't E, * for Sfaaiah «r fellow C««kio( ONIONS, 1 lha. .... Jcntjr N*. 1 QwUty •WKif POTATO**, • »*, 13e Story of Gardening Given at Walnut Club Mrs Emma Fordham wax hostess to the Garden club Monday afternoon at the home of her son and dauRliter-ln-lnw, Mr. and Mrs. Lafe Fordham. with 12 members and four RiieM.s. Mrs. Lafe Pordham. Mrs. O!en Melton. Mrs. C. M. Knight and Mrs O. H. Pitkin of Elyria. Ohio, present. Roll call was answered by naming a tree and telling of the use of Us wood. Mrs. Guy Borop was In charge of a brief business meeting and Miss Dorothy Mau who was program chairman gave the "Story of Gardening." tracing gardening from the Garden of Eden till the present day. A social hour was enjoyed and a lunch served. Walnut Briefs Mr. and Mrs. Howard Brandenburg and daughter of Mollne spent Sunday with Walnut relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Smith and daughter Jean spent Sunday with Misses Jessie and Ora Burnham in Ohio. Mrs. Anna Stromer and son Walter of Washington, D. C.. were Monday evening dinner and over ni*ht guests of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Wolfe. Mrs. Stromer and son have been visiting Illinois relative* and left for their home Tuesday morning Other of j home wcrr Mr. and Mrs Reuben Df- i vine Find rri;jfireri of Pr*; f,T r '~ r stiri Mr. and Mrs. Wiiiiam KMnri« Mondnv evening guests h! the Wolfe 'and children of Tampicn. Mrs .1 W RI-KC. «-|,o hnd hern •. i«- IMIIB with her children in Pro*:'* iMcrulav arromp»ni"d hv her daughter. Mrs. Arthur Ha*T.>acer ar»3 , her daughter-in-law, Mrs. A •Ross of Peorla. who tlien rt to Peoiia on Tuesday evening. Fieanor Renner. Hale ("prison sn^ i Charles Watkim attended a Chn«- ' tian Endeavor conference at ih* ; Oeneseo Christian church Sunday 1 afternoon Keith Yonk was host to the foli"T- ! inii friends nt a wild duck dinner ' Tuesda\ evening nt thr home of h:« i parents: Mr. and Mrs. O'to Yon It. i Mr and Mrs ,)ohn Whitver. Mr and 'Mrs. Cecil Plum. Misses Arlowlr. Wall. Krvene L«wis. Mnrgare's 1 Brown. Clnrlbel Cully, and Ned Lew- lu j Willis Fritr. »bo ha.s been Ma• Honed at the Great Lakes naval j training station left Chicago Sfttur- I day. being transferred to the naval I air base at Seattle. Wash. t Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Frit- and son Jern Lee were Sunday guests of Mr. ! and Mrs. Arthur Fritz of New Bedford. Mr and Mrs. L. J. Castle attended the national husking contest at Ton lea Monday. Ten thousand fledglings of the I'. 8. army air crops may mnkp their first flights on the ground in a "pilot buggy." This pre-flight reflex trainer is a motorized scooter equipped with regulation airplane seat, controls, joystick, rudder pedal*. throttle, brake and a .22-callber gun firing blanks. •ARKET IZI W. THIRD PHONE Ml COMBED HONEY cokt lOc FANCY PUMPKIN 3 Igt. No. 2V 2 cant 25e WHOLE KERNEL CORN 3 cant 25c FANCY PEAS 3 cant 25e CORN FLAKES 3 lg«. 13-ox. pkgs. 19c MIXED VEGETABLES 3 No. 2 cans25c SNIPER'S TOMATOES 3 No. 2 cant 29c PORK and BEANS 3 toll cant 29e CRISCO 3 Ib. con 54Vie BROWN SUGAR 3 Ib. collo bog 19c I POWDERED SUGAR 2 Ib. e.llo bog 17c ;HOICE MICHIGAN NAVY BEANS, 3 Ib.cdlobog .... - - 19c YELLOW CORN MEAL 5 Ib. bog 17c MACARONI or SPAGHETTI 2 Ib. box 15c CLINTON CORN STARCH 2 boxct 15c LUX or SWEETHEART SOAPS 4 bort 19c BLUE STAR MATCHES 6 box« 17c PRIM TOILET TISSUE . 6 rollt 2Sc OMAR WONDER FLOOR 24itb.lafNa-4l1b.lMl$l.96 WMNtir «AIM«.IT MOW Giont Bolloon FR€1 with 2 PKGS. I7c QUALITY MEATS— LOWER PRICES KtriMr 9 tGmb|Lard......2lbs.2Sc NMk IMM . . ..... . . Ib. lOc tr Sbbh HMk ....... Ik 32 c llMiPtifclrillMSI ... ..... Ik 25c Pt«tOlM^ first Mh ..... Sigar Cwtd laiti .......... Ib. 23c FrtthfirMW iMf . ....... . Ib. 19c AraiMr's Star Nam wn.». «H.U Ib. 28c UiMlFmhtartm ...... Ib.l9c Pan ftifc taiuga ..... ... Ib- 18c GIAPEFIIIT, lg>. Sidtitt ........ d.z.29c N«ad UMiea, Ig*. \gnta . .: 2 fwr 15c THl'CKLOAD Or I'. 8. NO. 1 LGI. SIZE MICHIGAN AFMLCt •riMdaMw ........ llfc.25c jNaHuM ..... ...... I hV25c Mhim .............. lfct.25c Jtnay S*Ml MalaM . . . , . IIHM.2SC v. >. NO. i rtjicv M<HinH>H ownni lifc.pfc.2T>! 1ili>.tlJi

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