The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 18, 1923 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 18, 1923
Page 5
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fEmjEESDAY,, JULY 18, 1923 r; jr..;; ; THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, PAGE FIVJ& CHICAGO'S NOW FAMOUS iTOiHMimiuu MILLION BUSHELS | Grover Bowser Estimates Good Block of Reno Yield Will Go to Wheat Grower*. Chicago s now famonii death desllnft Jury; facsimile of heir ait.uu enllows Terdlct and Mn. Sabclls Nlttll CrMlelk whose (tenth warrant II la. Right to left, back row. Jurors Thomas U Murton-h, foreman,) . Charles A. Ludwlfj, Frank Gamble, Mart .ii. Jacobs, Trod Burn.-tte an C. K. liarahefoel; fronr row, 0/ \V. Hascr. William J. Fcnnell, Ucnrr Ludwi«. Richwd J. Ctould, Phillo Howard sad Jleary Heakc Twelvo good men and true, Chtca- troans all, stand out today as ono of tho moat famous juries la the legal history ot the country. For this Chicago Jury not only convicted Mrs. Babolla Nlttl Crudello ot first do«roo inurdor but as each juror signed his name to tho verdict ho wris- signing it to tho death warrant of tho husband Blaye .r for Incorporated in It was tho sentence "to bo hung by tho neck until dead." Mrs. Crudello la tho first white woman in the history of Chicago to receive the death senteiico and it Is believed that it Is in tho .rirst jury in history to actually sentence a prisoner to death. Tlio verdict read: "We tha jury, Xind tho de­ fendant, Isabella Nltti otherwise culled S&bella NHtl, guilty of murder, In manner and form aa charged In tho indictment, and WB IHX HER PUN- ISHMKNT AT D10ATH." Peter Crudello^ Tier Bocond husband, was sentenced to death lor tho same crime Tho date of tho execution has not been Bet. A total of COO.OOO bushels ot" wheat will bo sold through tho Kansas Wheat Growers Association this year by raoinborH of that organlaatlon In this country, according to drover 13ow- scr, director of the association In District 18, which Includes Reno, lUce and McPhorson counties. "The Kaunas Wheat Growora Association sold 3j00ft,OOO bushels, ot wheat In their pool last year, and tho price received was as good on tho average aa that received fry tho farmers who sold through the Individually owned elevators.," ho explained. "Through some error many farmers havo been luformod that they are ro- qulred to pay for the storage ot tholr grain and also for tho v Interest on tholr advance payment. Thoso expenses are taken care of by tho organization and are not collected from the members. "This year tho members of the as-, soclation recolvo t>5 cents a bushel aa tho advance payment for tholr wheat when It Is delivorod. Then tho remainder of tho prico received 'by tho aH3ociutlon for the wheat will bo paid In 1C> cents a bushel payments as fast as tho money received for the snlo of tlio wheat accumulates In tho treasury ot tho association," ho added. NEW PULLMANS ARE IN USE ON SANTA FE Somo of the first of the new typo ot Pullman cars are now bolug UBed on Santa Fo trains Nos. 3 and 4, known as the California Limited. The cars havo been completed littlo more than a month, and show many new features. The beadlmards ot tho berths are loft In all day which gives tho HT>- poaranco ot a compartmont. Tito Sketch of St. Louis Municipal Optn-Atr Theater in Forest Park Merchants— .You'will, of course, come to market this fall. r K personal inspection of the latest styles and newest patterns prepares you to offer up-to-date attire to your, > customers. St. Louis is your nearest big market. The open stocks of St, Loui3 {wholesale houses are now complete with the latest creations. St. Louis' package-car system assures prompt deliveries for your advance Fall announcements., * [Arrange your buying trip to-be in St'. Louis to attend XHe Great Annual Fashion Show August 8th to 25th Jn the St. Louis Municipal Open-Air Theater Seats for 10,000 Brine your family if you can This 19 one of the world's most gorgeous spectacles. It is an exhibition on llv!r,£ models'' of the latest styles in garments, millinery, footwear, furs and accessories under ideal conditions and unequaled grandeur. It is interesting alike to merchants, buyers and those who are not directly interested in its commercial aspects. An Ice Carnival—Outdoors—In August The world's most expert skaters on a stage of real ice in mid-summer.^ Dazzling fantasy; of electric fountains in a monster stage lagoon of real water. Mystifying light effects. Music by Symphony Orchestra. Acrobatic novelties and comedy acts. Graceful dancers. Trained ballet. Distinguished soloists and wonderful chorus. Parade of models on special runway.* [Write to your wholesaler when you will come to market and ask him to make seat reservations for you at the show. For further particulars, address Fashion Show Committee STL0U1S CHAMMRofCOMMERCE SUoulj, U.S.A. July Clearance Bargains j Only a few of the Special offer* are listed in thi» advertisement. Shaffer's 22nd Semi- • Annual Clearance Sale closes Saturday night. Have you sent in your "la3t lines" in • Shaffer'* Rhyme Contest? It also closes Saturday night. M Acorn Stove, $45.00 Has 4 burners, slmmorlng burner and broiler, elevated oven, porcelain doors and splashers. Special price during this sale $45.00 Acorn Stove, $67.50 Ha« Theromolato- Oven Heat Regulator ThlB Is ono of the most popular selling Acorns. 4 regular arid 1 simmering burner, elevated oven. White Bplash- ers, porcelain doora, drip panand broiler .... $67.50 Acorn Stove, $98.75 All porcelain exterior, 4 burners and simmering burner. Oven and broiler elevated. Automatic liQhtcr. Regular $148 'otove. Specially reduced to $98.75 $1775 Flo-Tono Phonograph. Especially reduced during our Clearance Sale $75 $150 VOCALION Phonograph with graduola attachment. Until Saturday night for ..... $87.53 $175 Emerson Phonograph. Very pretty machine, mahogany finish ... $87.5G $25.00 or $37.50 R E W ARD Everyone Is eligible to enter Shaffer's "Missing Last Line" Rhyme Contest. It's easy—• Here's the Idea: Shaffer's Furniture Co. will give the following Cash Prizes to the persons submitting the 4 best "Itst lines" to the Incomplete rhyme below: 1st, $25; 2nd, $15; 3rd, $12.50, and 4th, $10. IF THE WINNER HAS IMADE A PURCHASE AT SHAFFER'S DURING THIS SALE THE PRIZE THEY WIN WILL BE INCREASED 50%. The contest started Saturday, July 7, and closes Saturday, July 21st. All "last fines'' must bo ..submitted on blanks taken from our ads or on cards to be secured at our store. All othors will NOT count. Tho following Is the Rhyme: When looking for furniture flno, Bo suro to remember tblB lino. At Slmffor 'B Htoro, You 'ro bound to got moro, Odd Pieces Bed Room Furniture 4 Poster mahogany bods. Regular $60 $45.00 Mahogany Chlfforetto. $8D value $42.50 Mahogany Chlfforette, $120 value $61.50 Bed Room Suite, $93.50 Walnut finish, Including a bed, vanity and chiffonier. Regular $137 value. Reduced until Saturday night, to $33.50 A Real Bargain A regular $160 value, Including a Blrdseyo Maple dresser and chlf- CO 'ft forotte for V <PUU LIVING ROOM BARGAINS -Upholstered In a good quality OAK DUOFOLD- artlflclal leather 3-PIECE LIVING ROOM SUITE—Including a mahogany and cane davenport, rocker and Chair. Regular price on this suite Is $185. Until Saturday night.. OVERSTUFFED DAVENPORT—Upholstered In blue tapestry. Has Marshall Spring cushions. Regularly sold for $110. Until Saturday night $42.50 $137.50 $67.50 Oak Dining Room Suite A 64-Inch Queen Anne table with chairs upholstered in brown Spanish leather to match. Especially reduced until Saturday 070 Kfl night, to <J>I &.3U FURNITURE 21-23-25 S. MAIN Dressers, $5 to $35 We have ono lot of slightly usod dressers, al Islzes and kinds. Some In oak, blrdseye maple, mahogany, etc. Your choice »r CQC for $U to wood Is mahogany on some of tlio cars and on others, walnut; the up- holstoring is Dutch blue. Tho curpots are 'bluo and gray, harmonizing with tho bluo of tho Boat cushions and a faint lino ot bluo in tho 'border of tho Ivory colored ceilings. Tho Cbserva- tlon cars are particularly attractive In the blendings of tho colors and in tho Bhados of Dutch bluo. A new system of ventilating which sucks tho foul air out through tho top of tho car la anothor foaturo. On tho lowor edge ot tho "windows a Bniall screened aperture gives ventilation when tho window is shut to protect tho truvolor from tho flying cinders. The cars nro made ontlroly of Btoul. A now stylo of brake shoes in used and tho. strucluro of the wheels on- ahles them to bo changed much more quickly than on tho older ulyloswf cars. Theso cars are being usod only on tho limited. "HI iMri.'HIH I PASS RESOLUTIONS FOR PAVING ON THIRTEENTH A resolution calling for tho paying of Thirteenth avenue vroat was passed on second roailtng yesterday at tho mauling of tho city commission and an ordinance ordering la the paving was ordered drafted. There was supposed to he a rornon- fltranco against this -paving out but It was not prcflontod at ypaterday'u mooting. Tho paring resolution calls for paving Thirteenth street wost from Main to Monroo. STREET DEPARTMENT BUSY CUTTING WEEDS Each Locality Cleaned Up as it is Visited—One Man Protests ' Tax. Bluejay The simplest way to end a corn is Blue-jay. Stops the pain instantly. Then the corn loosens and conies out. Made in clear liquid and in thin piasters. The action is the sarne. • u: :*Atvour<lruaaUt Commissioner of 'Streets na.sliard has three mowing machines out culling weeds over tho city nnri has a hard timo hooping up with the complaints which conio lo his department. "Wo can not handle those complaints as thoy come in," said Commissioner 'ifaskard. "Uut whon a machine Is in a cortaln neighborhood wo try to clean up all lots possible wliilo there, it's keoplng the boys busty. I really believo [hat tho one cutting will ho all that is nocebsavy this year, C. W. Oswald called on Iho city commission to protest a bill for cutting weeds on various properties of tholiution & Oswald firm on different streets amounting to ?M.7i". Also on a bill nf ?r>.00 against Miss Maudo Lewis fur cutting weeds on lots in tlio ' Kay Smith addition. The matter was referred to Commissioner Haskard. j '•' '5' 1> '%• <i' <V <J> <$• <V 0 '*• <•! -J- <y •> '•• TURON. * <$> '!• •?> <S> <?. <5> <if <••••> 3> <j> <?> .-j> <>> Ivoouaixl "Hickman, of Hutchinson, was) here Friday on business. Misses KdlHi, (Ivrtrmlu end Until Oiisllng drove to Satan la Thursday to visit several days with their sister, Mia. Jim Ungles and Dr. tingles. Miss belna (Irlevo, *vt Hutchin.-jon, spent tjunday with relatives hero. J'rof. and Mrs. Walsh and daughter, Catharine, were down from Haven Thursday. Mrs. Olah Ilauman, of Topoka, visited relatives here over tho week end. Mrs. Harry Dlckhut has Qjeon on Iho sH:k list but Is getting bettor. Ilev. and Mrs. Mllos and children, of (ioiiesvui, visited Sunday and Sunday night with £!rs. Miles parents, Hov. and Mrs. J. A. Holmes. Hov. Miles preached a vej-y ablo sermon Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. lirnost Troartway, of llutclilntjon, visited Mrs. Lbsalo Dicker- sun, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John Pound wero in Hutchinson Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jonog and T. R. Carnrt'hora and family, left overland •Wojtaosday for a trip ,(Jirough. Colorado au'd tba ttooW St'oaa Part. Proai thoro Mr. Jonoa will return home and tho Oarruthor.s will go on to California. Mr. and MrB. llulph Oolglazior and daughlor, Daisy, wero Hutchinson shoppers Friday. Tho Wlnfleld collogo mala uuartclt gave a fino entertainment at tho M. H. church Thursday evening. Mr. aurt Mrs. Walter YateB visited relatives in Uurrton ilaturday night and Sunday. Wadb Hardpolo, or Dodge City, was in Turon on buslnoss, Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Harnett and baby visited relatives hero &unt)ay. WOMEN MAKE EXCELLENT ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS London-- I'higllsh wamen are turning their attention to professional vocations formerly routined exclusively to men. A nuniher of them In London are engaged in civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, and Ihero aro at least half a dezon finny of women contractors Who have completed largo building contracts. 1'jloctrlo lighting is a branch of domestic engineering which seems to attract many women. They perform their work more from a housewife's point of view than do men. One firm of women electricians has sue.ce:e,fully completed several contracts for lighting country houses with eloetl'leity. In Hertfordshire three women aro lawyers, three are tinsmiths, two aro dentists, fodr aro doctors, twelve are moving picture or circus proprietors, one is a wireless operator, throe aro window-dressers, ono is a saddler, and one an undertaker. Carit \Vhcn Coffee 7 ' disagrees Drink Postum

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