The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 22, 1916 · Page 8
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 8

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1916
Page 8
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*r. *-, THE CHILLICOTHE DAILY CONSTITUTION, WEDNESDAY, NOV. 22,1916 K f if"- ' tl · ItlWlB W Cream BAKING POWDER Puro, Healthful, Dopendablo Made from Cream of Tartar No Alum--No Phosphate Maryanne Garver, Marion Maybee and Inez Miler. The rest-ol the evening was spent around the tables--with business discussions pertaining to the. sorority. The Colonial club will meet Friday with Mrs. R. Barney. £';·" The Young Matrons will m$et Fri-! day with Mrs J. H. Barclay!':*.. . i The Alpha club met with Mrs.' Frank Rensch yesterday afternoon. I Mrs. Higgins made top score and was presented with an ivory toilette piece. Mrs, Newt-Reynolds 1 'won-the guest favor, an ivory buffer. Other guests were Mesdames Bnrt Bill", W. G. Goodrich and A. 'M. Shelton. LARGEST SHOW OF MJSSOCIATION SOME PISE BTltDS COMING FOR _ JANUARV SHOW. PERSONAL AND LOCAL Mrs. F. E. Riley is visiting in Mexico and Salisbury. Tl)o fcest Christmas Present. That is what many write us, who make a gift of a Youth's Companion subscription to a friend or relative. Thousands can recall the first Christ- f Mr. and Mrs. W. Keath will spend j mas that The Companion came into] Friday in Kansas City. Mrs. M. J. Shea has gone Jamesport for a-few days/. ytbe house, and how it was pasesd from to one to another as a most precious i thing, and the beauty of it was that! Wm. More o f " C h u l a .was a- busi- "Biggest and Best" i s the Motto of i ness visitor in the ; city yesterday. the Members--Secretary Ott Re- ceives Ulany Inquiries Reg-aril, mg Entries. every week it was looked £or, pounced upon and devoured, and I and Frank Fulkersbn and soji, Cliarles everything else put aside for it. Yon \ at Kansas City were guests""i'ast-night can bring that same sense of delight j at the John 'Milbank home. , . : .;, ." ] into any home by sending The Youth's '· \ S. G. Turner of Kansas Cjiy'is-vis-'-' r Companion to it for a year--$2.00-_. - i t i n g relatives and friends and-trans-! only four cents a week. The isorthwest Mo. Poultry F a n - ' - . . . . !"·:',. v . ' - - ,,, «· SOCIETY AND CLUBS die" last night was participated in by twelve Thetis. The decorations were all in white carnations. The The Founders dinner at the 'Can. I toasts were responded to by Miss EMPIRE The regular monthly meeting of the Chillicothe District Telephone Society comprising the cities of Cliillicothe, Brookfi-old, Trenton, Marceline, Slan- j berry and Milan, was held at the Par' ish House Tuesday night. j A. B. Green of Kansas City read a .paper on "general educational work". j which was greatly appreciated by j those present. The paper dealt w i t h ' | the duties of those connected with the ' telephone system. Talks were mado'i acting business in the dty i' ' Drs. F. G. Beard and Denny. Sul- ciers' Association will hold their 10th annual show in Chillicothe on Jan. 2-3-4-5-6, 1917. They mean to make this the .'biggeat and best they have ever had and. all indications point to the fact.-tha* It-will be the largest j ~-~~en7 0 »te home Tr'om fanciers' .show.-they have produced. ' t r j p to minois Secretary Ott has had many inquiries from neighboring counties concern. ing the show and the out-look is particultrly flattering. The Association invites your attention to the fact that this show is not held for profit as 'the admission is The Companion Home Calendar goes to every new subscriber and to livan of St. Joseph were in Chiil'ico'the [everyone who makes' a gift subscrip-| on professional business. '-{-. |'tion. j Mrs. F. H. Harris went to Chicago, ..You can, if you wish, take advant. last night to join' her husband who age of The Companion's special ar- business rangenient with McCall's Magazine, j'and by sending $2.10 get both publications for 1917. This makes two NORTHWEST SAMPSTSL. Christmas Presents for the price of absolutely free to everyone, but is | John R u p e and family were out in the interest of the poultry industry '.pleasuring Sunday evening by \V. E. Anderson of Sedalia, dis-.that breeders may meet and exchange!' Mr . and Mrs w H Jacksoll were ideas, exhibit their products and bet-|' visiting at Adam Thompson's and ter t h e . condition 1 , of the largest in- 'f aml ,y Sunday, dustry in your magnificent state. | charley Pepper and family were The farmers are very busy gather-fone. Everyone taking advantage of ing corn and doing fall plowing, this offer has the choice ot a free (very 'little feeding has been done, j Dress Pattern sent by McCall's Maga- Charley Pepper is now the owner of a 1917 model Ford. Steam Heated -1 IT SCIENTlFlCAIJjY VENTILATED FOX FILM CORPORATION · presents WALTER LAW and ALL STAR CAST. trict traffic chief, H. D. Livers of St. Joseph, division superintendent, J. W. Gwin, Kansas City and H. E. Buchanan of St. Joseph. Following the business session light refreshments were served- and the Uncle Sam says the annual egg crop ; v i siting Oren Anderson Sunday -in- 'The Unwelcome Mother 9 FIVE ACTS A Photoplay every "Woman Should See. ) ' S T O C K T O N ' S , O R C H E S T R A Shows at.7:15 . 8:30 p..m. . : PRICES Sand 1O Cent* Tomorrow NiVht-^JOHiST EMERSON in a thrilling Triangle play, "THE FLYING TOBPEDC." Two act Keystone Comedy, "The VILLAGE BLACKSMITH' FRIDAY NIGHT--FRANCIS X. BUSHMAN BEVERLY BAYNE in "A-MILLION A MINUTE." MUTT AND JEFF Comic Cai-toons. __. remainder of the evening was spent] in dancing. j Those present from out of towu were G. A. Smith, Misses Viola Han! nan, Mabelle White, Zelnia Patnott and J. A. McLean, Brookfield; Miss! Nina Parker, Bert Treon, George Bush and Ted Hatfield, Trenton; C. B. Chenoweth, Miss Eva Hannond and Miss Nora Saunders, Marceline; 'Miss Ivan Long and Miss Bruce Barnes, Stanberry and Miss Goldie Marrow, Milan; H. E. Grizzle, M. E. Willo. ughby and E. O. Dreyzehner of Carrollton. N O T I C E At a meeting of the Chillicothe Eetail Grocers' Association held last night the following agreement was entered into by all the members of the Association. First--Any person buying goods from any member of the Association on credit, and -who is in arrears with his account, must make full payment or satisfactory arrangements for full payment of his account before the first day of December next or further credit will be refused Second--Any person making application for credit from any member of the Association TrilJ be required to furnish satisfactory references or security for the amount of credit asked for. Third--Any account not paid within five days aftci: due will bar the purchaser from credit at any store in the Association unless satisfactory reasons are given for nonpayment. Fourth--A strict record of all accounts will be kept and a rating will be given.each customer based on the promptness Svith which his bills are paid. This-is not in anyway an arbitrary move OB-the part of the retail grocers, it is merely a matter of self-protection and the thoughtful man will see that we ace compelled to take this stand and adhere to it as rigidly as a bank adheres to its rule of having securit}- on a note, insisting on its pavment at maturity and that an account be not overdrawn. In fact, the credit system is the same in this respect as the banking system and, this year particularly. when prices are so high and the amount of money required to handle our business is three times as great as in or dinary times. At the store you buy your goods on your statement that they will be paid for in a certain time. At the bank you SIGN A,PROMISE to pay a certain amount at a certain time. The difference is that the bank REQUIRES. you to bign a NOTE and pay interest and give security. The grocer simply takes your word for it that you will pay the grocery bill when due and in too many cases the customer feels that he can put off his grocery bill for any other expense that may come up. It is the abuse of the credit system in this city that compels us to take this method of bringing it back to where it can be handled profitably. The only alternative being a strictl3 T cash basis of selling. J. T. ETVGI..AND. President W. A. SUMMI3RVILI.E. V. P. H. B. H17NT. Sec'r A. BIIOTZEH., Tcoa». Geo. B. Kyan J. JT. Hurt In Bureh A Dobnon Coulter 4t Son J:IM. H lack-well H. H. Pardonner F. A. Brother JOK. V. I'oimjK C. E. Bradford S S. Keeler, Jr. J. E. "Wynn EoKland Son H. AV. Shnlte Summer-vine « .Co. A. B. Cooper O. S; Moore Stepp A Sinter H. B.Hunt Host A Co. Doebncr Jt Son T. J. Gorman LIVE STOCK mm. ( I I y United 1'rei.x.) Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 22.--Cattle receipts 9 , 0 0 0 ; market steady t o lOc lower. Steers $5.75 to $11.75; cows and heifers $4.75 to $10; stockers and feeders $5.50 to $ 7 . 7 5 ; calves $0.50 to ?11. Hogs 13,000; market steady to strong. Bulk of sales $9.40 to $ 9 . S O ; heavy $9.80 to $10; medium $0.60 j to $9.95; light $9.30 to $9.80. Sheep 7,000; market steady to 1'Oc higher. Lambs $11 to $11.80; ewes $6.75 t 0 $7.75; stockers and feeders $5.50 to $10.50. Cash Grain Market. Kansas City, Bio., Nov. 22,Wheat market unchanged. No. 2 hard 1.85 to $1.90; No. 3 hard $1.82 to 1.87 '1-2; No. 2 red 1.82 to 1.87; No. 3 'red 1.80 t o 1.85. Sorn market unchanged. No. 2 mixed 95 1-2 to 96; No. 3 mixed 95 to 96; No. 2 white 97 1-2 to 98. Produce Market. Furnished by Henderson Son Produce Co., 801 Locust street, Chillicothe, Mo.: SPRINGS 15% HENS 13 Vz COX I 10 DUCKS 11 GEESE -, : ..,9 TURKEYS ...... is EGGS 30 BUTTBRFAT 37 ,, zine on receipt of a 2-cent stamp. THE YOUTH'S COMPANION, St. Paul St., Boston, Mass. New subscriptions received at this OfFici. in the United States is worth $500, - f Peter Johnson was looking over 000,000 and that the value of pou!- ! h i g farm a Cew days ago try and eggs produced this year will ' Miss cleo Thompson spent Friday exceed $1,000,000,000. Now this is'night with Anna Dunser. not talk but statistics show the va!-! __ ue of poultry products to be m o r e ) sewing wanted after Nov. 25. Wfl I than the combined value of the whe:it| se , v In home s by day or honr. Exper. and corn grown and in money, more j Mexican border patrol scheme after than all the silver and gold the mines' ioncetl. Phone 1-4O2.W. 2O-3 produce in a year. Isn't it worth __ _ your while to become interested in | Sewing Machines. such an industry even though y o u j Some extra good ones for sale at i don't know one bird from another? a bargain. Phone 13-6 or 577. 20-6 Help this thing along. You will admire, you will learn, you will profit. There will be more different varieties' of poultry than you ever supposed w.ere.jn existence apd- they -will show ·the- results, of, scientific .breeding. This association has. grown from seven members and has by constant work succeeded in arousing the interest of | the business men and the farmers i I in what a future the poultry industry has; the predictions they made whe.i | they started ten years ago, has come I 'true in every particular. These men i and women have done this work a n d I made this show possible with no thot of: profit, but because they were honestly interested in a cause with a fu_ I ture. The merchants and 'banks have ) aided them when they would have j failed but for their financial assist- [ance 'and it is a pleasure to claim as ''Home" a city where the business men are willing' to ,boost things of this kind and the association is justly proud to be able to say "I told you so," concerning the success of this wonderful money-making industry. Let everyone be a booster for this show. There will be a j u i o r department this year for children iiader 20 years of age. T-his will prove one oE the most interesting exhibits in the show. It will be seperate and apart from birds exhibited by other fanciers and premiums awarded will be reserved for this department alone. Tell the children about the show -I have them take an interest whether they have raised any chickens this year or not, and next year insist that j they,- hatch, same chax .and gjve them an added interest and pleasure in. their everyday life. LOST -- Abstract of title to 5 acres in Aker's A d d i t i o n to city of Forsythe, Illinois. Return to The Broyie.1 To Our Ecjeads and the "PufiKc ' ; '-. --.S- "S We beg toittnr.ouncc.that Mr. F. who for six years had charge of our INDER- T A K I N G D E P A R T MENT is now.associated with us , again.fL. ,A"|»o lady assistant when ie- sired. '; ,. . .; Day Phoie^S^r * , Night Phones--1921- 44 and 301 Meincr shaken ·Furniture Co. Land Co., Chillicothe, Mo. 22-6 H. B. H O G - A N MERCHANT TAILOR For Stylish, Well Made Clothes of the very best Domestic and Imported Woolens, see H. B. H O G A N FRANK B. NORMAN SAM M. JARTIS. Norman Jarvis FUNERAL HOME EMBALMEES and FUNERAL DIRECTORS Day Phone 417 Night Phones 153 - 569 BOLtBS ROGERS. Dealers in Hides, Tallow, Wool, Furs, Beeswax anil Feathers. J. N. PETERS SON, MGS. Wanted all Furs I can buy. 'Marke in lino with the best. Salt Cured Hides, flat No. 1. . . . 24c No. 2 ' 23c Partly Cured Hides 21V 2 Green Hides 21c Bulls and Glues 17c Deacons $1.50 t o $2.00 Skunks 25c to 50c Horse Hides Nos. 1 and 2, full mane and tail $8.00 Pony Hides $4.00 No. 1 Tallow · 9c No. 2 Tallow 8c near Rev Geo. E, Roberts -IN- Evangelistic Meetings -AT THE- Christian Church Every Night at 7:30 o'clock Mrs. Chambers Song Evangelist assisted by Mrs. Rogers WELCOME THE PIONEER PRODUCE BUYERS OP CHfLLICOTHB. SWIFT COMPANY ALWAYS PAY HIGHEST PRICES FOR PRODUCE AND CREAM. Today's Market. HENS 14 SPRINGS 15% COCKS 10 TURKEYS 20 DUCKS 12.. GEESE . . 11 P. S. BUTTER . . 28 EGGS 30 ' BUTTER PAT : ... 3 6 MCl/TI-Ml LLIONAIRE'S E-LliCTIO.V COST NOTHING Ossininj,', N. Y., Nov. 22.--V. Everit Macy, multi-millionaire Commissioner of Charities ^nd Correction oi' Westehestcr county, whose fortune is estimated at from $10,000,000 to $15,000,000, certified in a campaign expense statement made public today that it cost him absolutely nothing to be re-elected. The office pays a salary of $5,000 a year, which Macy does not collect, but distributes among experts he hires at his own expense to improve the-conditionfo£ the poor. Poultry Fanciers Meet. There will be a meeting of the N. W. 'Mo. Poultry Fanciers Association at the office of Norman Jarvis at 7:30 Thursday evening. Business of importance. L. M. W. Ott, Sec'y. Thiinksgivln'g Dinner. The ladies :Of Centenary church, one a.nd one. half miles south of Sturges, will-'serve dinner and supper at on Thanksgiving day. -They will also have many beautiful .pieces of fancy work for sale, A good place to do your .Christmas shopping .; dSwtd Don't forget .NEWSPAPER , aft©!* ©VC.IT37 IL ( T O N I G H T The Great Cinematographic Achievement MISS BILLIE BURKE --IN-"Gloria's f Romance" --presenting-CHAPTER FIVE, entitled 'THE GATHERING STORM' Shows 7 : 1 5 - 8 : 3 0 cTM. ADULTS 1H; CHILD 50 7*6/55 ShllQ OVIX* *" c '°' The Big Super-Feature Pro-. ductioa of Unusual Strength "UNDER (OVER" H A 2 E L D A W J J . .a-.d. O W E N M O O E E , : Cristc Say."It is a corking good play made into a corking good picture." ,. "It contains a mystery that runs from beginning to end." ', "It'-'hooks :up with a jolt. Yet itsaction is fast and smopth." ... - , ·."It-is a Story witb a kick in tlieSnish." - -t ,._ .Admission Prices for this Attraction will be Advanced' ADULTS, 15 Cents CHILDREN 10 Cents: SlEWS.PAPE.Rr

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