The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 18, 1974 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1974
Page 2
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vrewpo/NT Bless the press and its critics %OMt «f 0* more prtatabto comments «ttataed te a* critk*! fetters that Ooittl 0« Washmgton Post fo&nrm* tta w*»f»Bon of Pre»Ment Jtaoo w**, "1 hope you're sa«sfled" TtePo«t,orcoane.wa»thene flrrt picked up the ,' Watergate «Ni doggedly kept togging on K onto an entire administration The aWto* Import to Ihtecoeamenl- ttet Watergate was * creation of the • |tftM and that tto news media conspired to hound a president (ran office—is unfortunately ttawd by • disturbing number of Americans, For tab reason alone. ito mean* to « tea to be, "No, w«<w not satisfied" Net (fa* Post, DOT any otter newspaper. nor adyM&rtapecUng repraeouthr of the Tte went thmc the >*irnabwn profession could do now feat Watergate it finally becoming history would be to rat on Ms Web, secure in the knowledge that « tod sated democracy and demonstrated once and lor att, far emy American to see> the inestimable vatae of a tree and aggressive pros. Every American doesn't see it And wen those who do—and they are the «trt majority-wifi more than rrer demand fairness, integrity and truth from their dally newspapers. Ooe thing that can be Mid te UMI then- is not much chance that American'* newspapers wiD withdraw into smog »tf satisfaction in the aftermath of Watergate, even if they wanted In < The world la simply too much with us, and there continue to be dangers in that world, as w«0 as stories that must be That's food. More poww to the raMi White we. certaWy catwot wpport hfe goal of turning the pm» Mo a puppet that «y* only -nice things about the poHUcal powers that be. we need people like htm to keep us on our iota. N* "e*UbJt»hBwnt" of K*teij, not the press or poUUes, not taw or business not education or medicine or the military. should be immune frora conatant scrutiny and demands for performance. Anyw*y. the more the shortcwnlngs «l the press are examined. as they should be— and brawn knows there are short* comings—the more obvious become those things that are good about the press. More power abo to those judges who occasionally to«* a reporter in the eUafc became he refuses to reveal hit news sources. It takes courage tor a reporter to defy Judicial and other attacks OR the press, and for bis editors lo bock him mp-and what good te a timid newspaper* Hex! lo a Watty censored or govern- meol-eonirolied press. *seh as exists to so many other countries, the most useless press in America would be a totally sheltered aad protected one. And while we can onJy lament the fact that some people believe- -.perhaps n*«d to believe-that Watergate *a* either manuf actured fay t_* press or magnified out of all proporttaa. it cannot be deaJ*d (hat this tragic eptsode in the nalwn'* history has tbown the tmm«w« power it the daily newspaper Rabbi Barach Korff. who** National Otitertt' Committee for Fairness to the Presidency was ooe of Rkhard fOson's few comforts during his last days to the White Home, has announced thai bis organization wifl BOW concentrate its efforts en getting Congress to pot restrictions on the press- BUSINESS MIRROR With power comet jTSporeubvtity to «cco<orr and ityotl UK tnfth, not what »«• m%ht tft* to 6e the troth and lo nuke sure that opinion t* kept cteatty M$wra(c from tactttal Tcportmt but never to (car to exprm the opinion waieh the tacts eompti Walergate is a proud chapter in chr hbtory of AmetteM pxttnttam Bat it win be rateable only U Anwrwrao* newspapers us* tt not a* wm« thing lo rest on but to bo»W on Size one of this bank's advantages ByRtCKSCtrrr * RIO VISTA. Tex. tAPI— ATuraT West Texas town of about 4M mhabitanU teens a strange plac* to find a thriving Bat the First Stale Bank of Rio Vista. better known to tts easterner* as the Cow Pasture Bank, boasts 11.009 nauomcrs and deposits of VIA million, up nearly 13 mUSan from a year ago, . While many; mall town hankers brood over sagging deposits. Lowell Smith Jr. says continuity of management is the rail secret of hb bank's success Smith to president of the hank, which was founded by his father more than » jwtnt ago. His father, who "to crowding aV'sUH is chairman of (be hank's board. • Some novdl marketing approaches ato help explain the bank's soccess. First, it has a fly-m service. ' A costomer can land on the airstrip in the pattare behind the bank and waft up la (be window lo make a deposit or withdrawal. • "Quite a few people fly meacfc week to make deposits," Smith said in an to- lenriew. "t gam it's a convenience other banks don-! offer The strip behind the bank is on the Smith family ranch on the outskirts of town, The bank ilaetf operates from an uo- •reteatiou*. WesUm^tyte building. The Interior is decorated with painted fcenes ajHl pictures depicting Western life And then there are the bank check* with a cartoon drawing of a cowboy trying te rope a steer and "making bit urntl fiMafcftt " country ~ A gifenUMrtl amount ef ^buswess comes 'from tanners usA ranchers, but many of the bank'* curiomers Irre m the tteOa^Fmt Worth «re« which i» ks» Uua an hour's drtvv away iUny ol these customers once bred in Rio Vnjia but ha»« movtd lo Uw bigcttks. Three geaerations ef tto Smith family work in the bank. Smith's nephew is a vkv president. The b»ak employs about 56 workers. Smith said brwu MwB is an advantage for the bank "We tr> lo nulnUta per Metal contact with our ctaOonxn. WeNe been here a lony u«ne. We ccrtaafy want lo have a mot; st, -niook becaose we're not trying lo br an> thing a bank caal Ur. Smith te net too coocwned about tto nation's problems, although he admits he's "not very good at forecasting " "We lend to feel hke a fellow ought lo keep doing what he'* doing and t goes* that'* about a* good a pfeUoaophy aa anything. "I've got a loi of cnoJidence in America." be added "She has a way of coming through." : -We try to o)ay upon humor and give people a lift to our admliiiag." said ftaitb. "People appreciate § UtUe humor Manytbmg\Wefcwlifylogireabaoitto - ^Some peppte put maiey ta our hank t «o they OM use th> chocks afl o*«r <nd the world.* 1 he said, ;; has a lhre«<mBty »crrtce THE BRAZOSPORT FAOS ** 'I •$$ $*S fe* Berry's World II fACT» Comment and Opinion . octowm w. vm Oklahoma solon's helping himself b» itw frnmat Ml - t«t»k*«*"* Hiwy HdliaMNfev a <*** *» yu»t»it Iwd to frt » taftw «i Iwpt tua* >«• rui «* tV «wlM A CONSERVATIVE VIEW tniwal dtmton H U c Wkrtv •*« »M bW* JN* t«* k« ftHfaw* »«o*l »•»<« kfMl to It doesn't have to be a debacle IV «* ffctr II; J VW'S J KttrvrHtVK Th* W tbt Preaidtntl h*» own K«pu«icaii Party may b«* * whale bi«ft*l of fcuOru «**t pwwtfh. A* a*Mjy M «t **»» M the How* sod fiwr to U* S*b*lr «wM tw **nput*ted by the D«n>amt» i WfiHtT i *aA Hut* MM ffdrttrfh, W U*.t «Mftit*tl US** H *** *8 W» H»t lift- Obt f«r M! <fa far toot* TV qi* fert*s« «•»»>• -VB fet ibrm 41 **j* **» **«»* ittesro twtftiy to ttww JMHHW*, MnM of the imperiled «mta weo't b» won bjr Uemtierattt ttwtfy . Oxty wtfi be Iwu by R»put*can A tenMfita* to put thr pnMt««i ittcctteUy • "t H * «*tw of Out t«> «,« rr TV (..Ml tfl» tw • •* * no »st toci pofcUol *Ti!*f . Jack W found 4 B»tMt>-»idw putlrro -*» KepuMKMi fortunes »r* •*ttBret«e*«d mieiery " My www Ktttmly confirm QM »pf(»iM»i It ««ta» tocrvd&to Uui coaU be W ««ri«tti tf *nbA» fa la taoca pwU, h» hwt b*n» an* of th* mow popotu pafttwai f)«Brw to tht vltot fit i tit (or, *tti It* XttoB el t; tlht xkm t «tifitn*} *'* Ar* ilwy «*flm^t ft** •tetut*. <H* E ,H'» «fw M Iteffiamnu **« p*f UMt * tow * » tew^ flirt il tnfuf JftttM* r «*i«t he tes for t«e U y»an, vt Ottttt t*Mt«4 at ta ift* «i be ywwi Gttjf Mnt, » 4*KSowni«« BfcwiM wtiA no tract record at aft It la «jut»0y dwcMylog lo USk with etpcrwnrcd ekDwrv«r» » tow*. K«e> (ucky . and nen »n Orrgoo. wiwrr Huterf Packweod ted bwa rtfarded *« 4 <«r Uin wtnorr The atws from KJAIM. Qkbhom* and North ttakob off«rt Wit* rncw»ragem«ni, Th« an jot g»h«r< natorkkl conlcsls, in California *ttt N«w York, (tad OenMcrab Ur ahead TAP oodcrlttg. reason* *f* plata. uv RatMa. WiUtTipl*. aed pMdon, To the extent that Mam* for Uw corral recession can be pobtkaRy frud. Ih* DrroorrtU Are far m«re naponstbt* i the KepubficaM The Drtnacral*. utter *tt. hut* trofled Coogreas for the p*t< » fteptthuca« caadtttioi for Itauw sod SrrtaU h*d nothiog whalevwr lo do with Waureur And lo cm a v«X* »g«to*f THE WORRY CLINIC . AJl IMIB* it tm A» »V« fit by Itw ttewt* trtrd rsov Lafe* Attitudes tiig > ««ry J» |t»» «M » puhfic tlui ift« n OM 1*00 fad* aero** tte Swb (ennnics slum* «mn «»« K^puhwmMs iMMtbef v. HffpufcfioiM M*d »«<«» The votes <*» }«f b» HMnh*OMl if dWffu»ll*<J f«WM«fv4tt»M will Mly rtOert vpan lh» foOji «4 the («ttM wlto cm •If to MOM la »!»!• h« f*e» JIM BISHOP: REPORTER This pig's diet is for the birds t**j i ils*f £$!&{$ jriw^ff' I'm wndKM DA it wcvni ••tun I toM> tewMed ******** n te " ~ "The rt«'» I>w« Th* *wM of MagKd * bftt* False notion causes platonic marriages bat tttary art twit *» a •» (kK« to few* U* TV TW «*()«)( *«* OitlnMan «* * the By (JWHtfiK W. CKA*K. P* f>.. MO CASK B47I Father I'»al, aged C. does a splendid Job of counseling te his large panah. "Dr Craat," he said durtAg oar km- cteo*. "I oreMionalty deal with couples who have bean married M years or mar* "Ami tto wives often 1*11 m» thrit marriage* bate tucome iocrwsiagly •Which »Ite totol ttal (tor* is only a oouotofiesiMifkndiinlhtmaie. "So when Ite final amount is •shaoatcd. ito mea wul to permeomiiiy "Tint. Ite** hurfwwki O«UM thtir lack «f atfcnfoi M beiag an alttnpt on their part u coqttrv* Itelr erotk wppty CUVftOI C.14NIOI te fttffr MtaHM "llarrtega CKaica" Fatter fvS W tto««s4» «f otter JM aaiwe you Uw< it » to Ottftfc fher* is out) * fluid amount of erotic Mcrt«ion» impburttd *( birth iMriead, glands acttutry ihrrt* by rrguUr MM. as ta tlkewtee true «l muaciea A young cow doesn't Mcrete aa much mtft with her fi»»t c*« «» »Mh the third or fourth Why* Bcvaw* tto heavy aunmg by l» tervwing rahm €•«•*• tto mitt producing rett» to umeaae to both number a* well M tttt' Sam* t» In* of a young *tf* who may not have toM enough br**ai mUk tor tor flnt toby . but may tors; ample tor later infant* ••Hyptrptesia" t* ito medical Mm for (to imjlu^icaiiaa of mift c«U», ant ••byparuopby" reitr* to Ito greater «itt itoroaf thai reaulta from frequeai u»e down an TIM «f<««m r»i MM «*nd r«i Imdyt trtea «•»)"» «f tatiag MIWNF, not IOM. «»*» to rat dow* an taut, tm vaafe hit wetgh* Wdrwp. The BoJMfi f%> P««t ho* tat* ow infcr f»« ta «ty caw, I l»«* (he dMpkKvaMM UoMg* tiwn tM BM to m sad wtfl Mop whm t reach i», atownMag I few Ut*4 tang. If >«u. dew* rwsdtf . are vrvrveighl. .» **t *f flHMkiwg. taw Ukk w«a «* twMch M aw»l " ' MM! growls O*«wig« * ' ta my «MHik. »'« tfcutm | «rwaa«w cwMfMfly Tta* *«s «w*y tmwoM O» sight «t fend M tk« ndw* and becotn* a grow* My e»f who *utt heids the record «*r rwductton of f*t. dropptd fraon tH to it» "-* •" •• " '«•' ^^» » jaiaFW-w/ w«w^ VTWJ-W; B«aw«w«Bj| «M1Pym »> Mewtai th* rwpt «l <««*» e«tf * »w«k of tlf*r«lte» « At I» M ,| MM *|tm M ««. g«« nune •tth Otw Kr»H kMUM Cdauadl »*4 Teak fwrrto K*t««m MOM «* $Mp »or MAT kOied my mother ( AUIHItUk NKVK« I OtHTKO The Bishop l*ig » tNe*. fortunotaty. n rampait«ly uaociewttf k. I Mmr count a calorie, and wMJktot kiww a «r- bahydrate tf U wafted wp aad hbaok »y hMd In Ik* tntft UM, »«M curl by «Murmng that what you ok« to oM to fatttfltaaj. tn most ta*o». this habit w*» wflktad by oM faitMoned MMthcni «B toU each «UMT Utal * tkinay baby tolfWly bthy. -- w^—™-^™™ _^« J '^VvWMp* MHt 'awwapwir pwaww »«iod I »wwdMd to Iv* l,»rg« gtoMn of " •;)«** *ftd oM < - - ~ do* Tto oaly UMatf UMI aw fael ,_-„ _„ •«. vwnvwv w ww ••• ftawaaw, 'i•• ajgaj aaatayy •way from U* ba to ftad eM «tor* 0 *« t^orecamtagb»«k to |»t it of leaa mr«t (beef, potOamfci. t» gnry.aopMaloaa.oobmdTwtnMto aa ito More to goftat, tto larger »&- p«iui at created ftomember. H'» ito djIDdmt or fttcty eattr who to* IUU* appttUe, l«r Ito Ictabby skM top of which routed • bukjtag tow4 MomiMteianediatwithpototMaaad lIMMJfttlHi- DttW MftCUttaf IMtdl t^OOwttttA^at chocolaU Uyer caiea Wh«tav«r the bncntt NodaaMft TIUiNIIOUKTHIJvOf yw CM «taa4 • I ttot you do aot raid to- a pnrUa* a| |toj sttfl ; Tata ito wtob towl to tod U At; Bwrning you will to UwM ky your •to wtll ba| ttofc tm aad gjKy>Mkg|MMt ^Ut Wflaa ttb^MA {A IttB ^U l^gfti » «ii«»tto' ' ' " Whkfa H «MM^iM, far Or Mart MtMibajMr fffM flMl psychiatry to m))y of I itra <* »* ^ vMt toJauM «*»t MUM A mM Oil doit a0( to«« * fbod (luld. but m«rei*ttoa»*4aria*g. BUtfitJII ntltliimf tttttMA |o U> |»K« offrahhtt toad whatt l» couW fat tWfykM hj§ b) tOMlawJ MMtaM, |!M| al <*«** mm UM warn rou» with At It p.», 1 wmi (9 (to

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