Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on May 27, 1897 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1897
Page 1
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YHE CHIyAlsy AND NQRTHfESTERK RAILWAY* OOIHO WJS8T. So. a, BelienalnePus.......... tt:io p.m. 5o, U, {jUntoo-passenger ti3;l5 p. m. So, in, FrelRht...... ......,„..—.. *7t8Q ft. m. Ho, 8, AUantla Expresi.—...;... |8:00a.m. No. H Overland Limited .*—. H:2e»,m. -Ho. B,OhleaBoEipre«s— >... »6:29 Mn, ITft.. 19, Sterling Passenger (leave)— tfl:66 a. m. Wo. *, Belle Fialne Pass. —-.—.. 110:43 a. m. KO. U.ijea Moinea Passenger..— t3:83 p. m, Ko. 12, Clinton Pascenger t4:65 p. m> Kojtio,JTelght —-. „.. *6:to p. m. •Dally. tD*iiy except Bnndav. {Sunday only IDayly, except Monday. • W. A, MABSH, Agent, CStOASO BUEUNSTOK^ft QU1NG7 S7. * Arrived from Bait B Pa0seng'r..8:40p.m. 91 Freight....6:00 a, m, ' • •• lO.Wln.m Oolog Eait. 10 fMieng r..6:60 a.m. SO Freight .-..6;BO p.m. H irrelght,—1:90 p.m. •wing "West. f FM«ena'r..B:lO a.m. 80'P(M»enK > r-6:00 p.m. ftji yi*ftlgh£- ' i fl '00 ft<I1fl« Ko 7 makes close connection at Donrock with Irtins for all stations on HendoU and Clinton branch; also Savanna and Dnbuque. Ko, Wmfttees close connections with main line trains at Galesburg, both east and west; (or Kama* Olty, Omaha, Denver, etc., etc.; also (or 8ft. Louis, connecting with train No. 4 at Book Inland. . LiW AND ^PATENTS. «ffi« IB AcalefflyefMuilc Black. STERLING, ILLS. *- * -• - '• ' _... . ' HENRY C, WARD, . •' f LAWYER. SUITE 8, ACADPMY OP MUSIC BLOCK, STERLING, ILLS. A* Judge o« the OottntrOonrt willbe In Morrtaoa on KondanMdFrtdtiyieach ww*. THEOLDTHIRTEINTH SOLDIER BOYS EN JOY A REUNION IN DIXON, J.W.ALEXANDER, Attorney at Law, Notary Public, and Jflfiice of the Peace, STERLING, . . ILLINOIS. . attended to. BeferstoFlrtt of BtertlmMUlBOli. 23 Freight...12:30p.m, . Arrive from West. 49 Passeng'r..9:60a.m. 47 Fasseng'r I0:i0p.m, 91 FrelghF....«:lBp. m. AT DI20N. GOING BOUTH. ; "• Puna Fass., Daily, except Sunday...... ..»:25 a,, m Through Pass., Daily 0:87 a. m BloonungtonPaos., Dally,exccptBunday4:60 p.m Mendota Freight, D&lly.except Sunday.11:45 a. m OOINQ NOBTH, JUOvm * TIWUJ.. irmiiyt OAUCUI. uuuunj 1 . ...*AA .uu ^. tu •freight, Dally,except Bunday..... ....11:10 a. m Veterinary Surgeons. H O. HOOVER, D. V. 8. -OFFICE- AT MEIfBRS 4 BSHLEMAWS DRUG STORS. Boapttel-and residence, Cor. Third Are. and nWi! tiarrtaonTel., Besldenoe.WiOffloe.lB. JARVI3 DINSMOOR, LAWYER. Special Attention to Chancery Marten. CKHTTZCTHJ , Over Browo's Drtrj Store, cor, 3d A loctut, X3JL. They Celebrate the Thirty-sixth Annirer •ary of Muster Inta the Regular Service. Was a FlRbtlnfc Regiment—First Hen ttf Kntlnt for Three Tears. WALTER N. HASKBLL, LAW AND PATENT ATTORNEY. (Money to Loaa.) JEEMt Tatar Street, STBRLINQ, ILL. Keal Estate and Insurance. J. P. HESSLlNa, Beal Estate, and . Fire Insurance. Xon« but Bailable Compnn!»s Represented. IK AOAJDKUT MUSIC BLOCK. , . Boom 8. ; DB. O. E. WRIGHT, Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist. , 'Office and Veterinarluin at Wright & Oe*s Llv«*y arid Boarding StaWes. , -', 0««. W. Third 8t. and B 'Avit ''. HTBBXJHO, ttUCNOIS. ' r ,,\ Wnltealde Harrlaon Telephone 18. Physicians. pr. c. A. MUELLER, "Physician and Surgeon. • Offioe—Academy of Ufulo, Boom ».- BMldeuoe—308 Fourth AT«, Office Hours: 8-lla.m.; 8—( p.m.; 7-*p.m. *—Nervous and Women's Dlieaow. S. J. WICKENS, REAL ESTATE DEALER. »AJttM XOAWH A BPK01AI.TT. Office Over Rasenthal's ClotHnf Store, . N.W. Corner First Are. and Third Bt. D. I* MAXWELL, ' Estate, Corner Thfcrd and locust Btreeto, -with Adams • ; • Express Co. • . Insurance W. B. CAJiOLUS, n. D. of the Liver, Stomach, Bowels tod Kidneys treated sncceMhilly, Otttoe Mtnrs « to 4 P. n., mod 7 *• « P. n. T*l«phui» Rv. H. "•," Offioe-and Bealdenoe, 406 First Aveene, STKRLINQ, ILLINOIS. FRANK ANTHONY, Tl. »., PHYSICIAN AND SUROBON. ^ OFHCB XiOR. 1st AYE. and FOURTH *T. KtetAwee JT. W.Oor. Ate. B and Fourth «tn*t, ETHRLSNO, ILLINOIS. -" ," ' J. : P. KEEPER/ ' : • •'. '/ JANB REID "KEEP^R^ PHYSICIANS ANP SUROEONS OJflCiJ AND RESIDENCE; «W »lrst Avenue. Both Telephone and M. Ebersdle, Oalt House Block. painting a«d... er Hanging. Leave d»dera at residence,-.£05 "West Fourth St. or drop>« card to . ' FRANK RIGLE. FOR ANYTHINQ IN .-'" , Fancy Qroceries, Cigars, Tobacco and Confectionery, Ne*tW p t£ TRONI2? R. H. DAVIS. jBaer» Carter's, East Thlid Street. The thirty-sixth anniversary of the muster into the regular army of the Old Thirteenth Illlnoja Infantry was held in Dizon Tuesday. Thirty-six yeara ago the rpgiment was mustered into the eervice. They were the flret men in the tTnited States that voluntarily enliated for the three years, Col, John B. Wyman. was the first commanding oQJcer. The regiment \veht into camp at the present site of Oakwood and the adjacent timber land of Col. John Dement, of Dlx- on. The camp was named after the latter. At Wilson Creefc the first actual engagement was held with the rebels. The regiment was under the command of Gen. John A. Logan and a part of "the army of the West. During its three years of active service nearly 1,800 men were mustered into service in the'Thirteenth. There are remain* ing of that vast number only 200 men, scattered to all parts of the United States. , , The roll was called at 10 . o'clock in the afternoon at the Nachuea House. Thirty-five of the BOO names that are now on the roster were answered. The visiting; comrades enjoyed the time after roll call iB sight-seeing through the beautiful little city of Dlxon and visiting old Camp Dement, which recalled the exciting scenes of '61 when all the North was preparing for the great straggle >jf maintaining the Un(on and honor of the Nation. At 2«&clook' the men formed in ranks bftWo at the Nachusa House and, with Judge John D. Crabtree as commander, marched to ,McBrlde's 'Hall where,a business session was held. An.election of officers for the ensuing year'aud other important business was; transacted; Judge Crabtree 'acting as preskJing officer. 'The election resulted, as follows: ''G.--CVWilson, Freeport, i President;' A, E. Miller, Chicago, Vice- President; Oscw Wedd, Dlxon, Secretary and Treasurer. At the close of the business meetlog a general good time was had by the comrades in recounting old war Cn- etances. En the evening the Woman'e Relief Corps served i«he banquet, which ie -reported to have been a' feast fit for a king. ' . ' •. • > . ' . ; -. •During the evening Capt. Everest •delivered a '.splendid discourse. The oaptain.ia one of the' conaratsstoners from Illinois who have charge of plac-. ing monuments on the battlefields of MissionaryiEidge ahd Chicketnauga. Speeches were also made by Judge Crabtree, Oharlea Mann and several •atbercomradeB.' l?lea«Nnt Time £njoy«d at, the J-lr«t filetho- ; ' V • dlit Chtarch. • .the experience social held at the First Methodist ehurchTaesday even'g by the Ladies' Aid Society was well attended, prominent among the visitors bSing Rev. and Mts.F. L, Baldwin^ of MHledgeviile. As they were formerly itt charge of, a large number of old friends cordially greeted them. There was a short program, but it was good. A duet by Miss Elsie King and Mr. Alpheus Triggs was heartily encored, and another duet by Master Wallace Lingle and Miss Ruby Scott was generously applauded, Miss MdryTuttle told the experiences of "The Old Front Gate" and Mies Vin- nieEickgave a humorous selection, "The Guardian Angel," in a, pleasing manner. The ladies' quartette sang two selections and they are always received cordially by audiences at that church. . . . , • * • The program was interspersed with the experiences of women fearning a dallan/One sold doughnuts, another bread, another Angel food. One made sonie pretty fancy work in shape and color of a cob of corn and sold the same fpp he'r dollar. One prepared horseradish and sold it, and declared she shed more tears in earning this dollar than mho had shed over any work for yea/Sj gaining wisdom like Solomon anyone grater. Another sold a stove .forfibld iron, blacked shoes, brushed Clothing, etc., and still another earned \d|ljar on a visit to Galesburg. There is nt strong suspicion that she sold apples. . After the experiences had all been told, Ice cream was served in the par^ lora below, and a general social time was enjoyed. LEV! DELP IS BEAD." RESPECTED EMERSON RESIDENT CALLED SUDDENLY. FOR MEMORIAL IJnlon Serrloex to be Held nt, t'#«*tsU The Deceased WM III But a Short Time— Recently Contracted m, Severe Cold-Fn- nerM Thursday Horning at 8 O'clock- Was Sixty Tearn Old. • Levl Delp, a respected resident of Emerson, died Tuesday afternoon at B o'clock, at his home near that place. Death came very suddenly, MrJ Delp having been ill but a short time, He contracted a severe cold recently and was taken seriously ill Tuesday morning. Death was the result of complications. The funeral service was held Thursday morning at 9 o'clock at the Emerson church; interment will be In the Mennonite cemetery in this city. Mr. Delp was about sixty years of age and has resided in this vicinity many years. He was widely known and respected in the community. He leaves a wife and five children, Mrs.' May Middaugh, Miss Minnie Delp and three sons, Roy, Irving and Arthur. CLEANED THE CEMETERY. 'THE. BEDAL GOLD CURE. M. P. Graham, the Proprietor of Sterling ' ., . *' ' ' -."v v>-' '.*'* * ^--'i ".'^ '' '. • Rockford Morn}jdjr:j||lar: The treatment of. the; H^uoffh^jiiit has ia no plftco' been-^» r ^a1&ee»j?ial ,th»n at the Sterling sanitarium, where the Bedal •Gold Cure is practiced. The building and surroundings are especially adapted foi? the. use of patients and every carols taken for their comfort, while the desire for alcoholic stimulents ia being eradicated rroia the system; One of the best proofs of the efficiency of this institution is the fact that it has been established since 1891 and during that time hundreds have been cured. Not only alcoholic, but tofeaceo.opiuiH, morphine and other drug habits are successfully treated. M. P, Graham, the manager, ie a responsible man >in every way,«nd the Institution is la a prosperous condition. A picture of the sanitarium appears elswherein the col- urns of the Star. THE FAIR VIEW PICRIC. STBRUNO, ILUNO15. ' , A. C. SMITH, M,' I>.tV - \ : PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. ' Office Up SteJw, 8 Ewt Third Street, ' QvtxPvrtf* Drug Stow. ..• •'.-.' itealdenoe 80S 5th Avenue. Muaic. * Teacher of EUGENE V. WOURTH, INSTRUMENTAL 'For Terms, enquire at Aldrich'B Music Store/West Third St*ee$. FOB A USE THE ..OR.. GRESGENT. Excellent 'Program to be Rendered '.by the . , . School Jane I, Ttie following program will be ren- <Jered at the Fair view school ,'pdcnic to be held'in the school yard on T.aesday» June 1. {Everybody is cordially invited. '"Sociable in the forenoon, table dinner at noon; • • . S«ng ......... .;,.. ....... Penro£«Malei<2ufli-tette P^eyer,.,. .-..;..-., .... .......... Bey. glchardson Organ Solo .................... ....Kara Williams Hesitation.,.....,; ......... ......Maggie Ha^kett STERLING TTO GET HER GUMS; Walter N, Haekvll Geta a Letter From Ad4iesa. « .... .:... ... ..... piorence.ffa«oba .....,. ..... .^....Eev. CassDav^s .„ ........ ... ....... . ..... Quartette Address.... '..._.;.,. "vy. J. Johnston, Co. iJupt. Becttatloh. ...... ......... . . ... ..Hannah Haohett Song .............. ........ ;..... ........Quartette. OR. THOS. W, BBCKW1TH, DENTAL 7 OFFICE, N*tioii«J BanlK The finest brand* of home-ma'de Olgars on tlie n\^rket. Dally Papers «nd : The latest Periodicals Oa baud at ait times. FRANK POOHRAN, STERLING, ILL. H(.Qi'»-8 to 1$; 1 lo «.' . *. HAVE VOU TRIED 1T~ TB« BEST CIOAR for your money GATE POST ASK YOUR DEALER IFOR IT. i« jHaaixf«du^4 ia your ttwa town. . e. ^ COOK; , Hi i-ADIES TO ORGANIZE. to *.C. X, A. B, la Now The plan of organizing a ladies' aux- ; iliary to FatiwjrBeanett's Total Absti- ' nence Society* of this city,, is now being talked up by the friends of the boye. These societies are in existence in many cities, and It ia said that^they are a great help to the boy a in their work, Ladles who become members are required to take the pledge. There if but little question that the movement will be a success and that Sterling will have one of the finest organizations of the kind in the State— for where is there another town that can boast of so many worthy women. Gun. Kiagler. City Attorney Walter N. Hasketi re ceived a letter from Brig. Gen. Flagler, Chief X»f the United -States Ordnance Department, saying >that the Grand Army Poet of this city rn ay have a couple of (condemned cannon If it wants them. In-the letter was enclosed a list of the available-guns, several of which are at Rock Island and could be brought here without >much expense. The guns are without carriages, -and they must be brought here at the ex pense of the 'Sterling Poet. ' Mr. Haskell is consulting some of the proml nent members of the <}. A. B. today, asking their .advice as to the {guns to choose. From present appearances, Central Park will soon be adorned with a pair of handsome ,guns ; all ske has to do is to follow tbe example of the illustrious Johnny — g«t 'em. Hickory drove Dnrjlns: Ground! M«ao • : : ' Beantlfal Again. .» It'is the custom with those interested in the Hickory Grove burying grounds to give the place a thorough cleaning and repairing once every year. ,This annual event took place Tuesday, and the result Is that-the place now presents a handsome appearance and is a credit to the community. Many people were present. The time was spent in cleaning out all of the old brush and weeds, and in making ail the necessary repairs. , , At noon a basket dinner was served, In which all present were brought' together In a social way. in the afternoon the younger people spent the time In playing games and In the enjoyment of a good visit. It was not until late In the day that everybody bad departed for their fyomes.: .The work -was well done and everybody enjoyed a good time. Among those present were: ' , ; From Genesee: Mr. and Mro. James Siddles and Charles Siddles, Mr. and Mrs. Orson Dowd, Misses Bertha and Eunice St. John; Mrs. Sally Comlns, son and daughter; Mrs. Judson Dowd; Volmer Wink, wife and son; Lev! Thorp, wife son and mother; Mr/ and Mrs. Larkjin Wick and son; Edson Taylor, Miss Sylvia Taylor; Mrs. Nehemiah Grubb, Elam Grubb and Samuel Grubb; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Boyer; Miss Mary McColough; Mr. and Mrs. Jacob George, Mrs. Es,rl Gilbert and son; Miss Elsie Dowd, " From Morrison; Mrs. H.- Pond and Stephen Pond. From Sterling; Messrs and Mes, dames, W. H. Howard, -John Court- Wright, Dell Gould, also Mesdames William Taylor, Jacob Buzzard, Lucy Sorter, Sueana Wink, tflio Mr. John Gould. .From Coleta: Mrs. Fraser, Mrs. Albert Miller and daughter and Nora Sherwood. . From Kound Grove: Miss Viola Sid- dies. . . . From Clyde; Joseph Eshlemsm and Miss Cora Eshlemaa. From Mt.'Pleasant- Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Wink and son, From Milledgevllle: Lige Olmstead and daughter and Mrs. James Dean. From Hopkins: Mrs. Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson, Mrs. David Pittman. . •'..,. Next Sunday is Memorial £>»/, day will be celebrated with union _„ vices at Central Park at 3 o'cldek la the afternoon. ~The parade will tet« participated in by the following organ- ' izations: Company ,E, Sixth Regiment, j|(«i KG. Sterling School Cadets.' ^ Will Enderton Post, G. A, K., of Rock Falls. Will C. Robinson Post, G. A. E., of Sterling. William N. Harrison will set as marshal. . ' The old soldiers will decorate the" graves Saturday afternoon. The pro- gram at the Park will be as follows: ' PROGRAM. - .! Miss Blla G. KlchardS, director of eborus-tSC voices. . ',• ' Mr. G. K. Robinson, organist. ' Ma§lo—OranU potpoure of sacred aoaga..,,... ^ ,' ••••• Barahonsa . Keystone Sixth Regiment Band, 111. N.«. • '"• Muslo-"8teadlly Marching On".. J. S.. ^weepet" Chorus. Band nccompanlment. '. Frayer ••• • Kev.W. B. Morris ~' Music—Paraphase—"How Gently God {torn.• mands" , Jfagell : Keystone Sixth Regiment Band, III. N. 0, ' r t" G. A. H. Memonal Servlre.., '.......',,,:..,>-'. Will 0. Robinson and W1U Enderton Posts. ", ' Hecltatlon—"Lincoln's Speech at Gettysburg"^ ' ; Rev. So ward, Baker. * v *'. Muslc-"ln the Morning" , Palmer Chorus.' Band accompaniment. ' V During the singing of this selection a band oi » little girls representing the States','will strew flowers around the base of the Soldiers' Mott- ' •' ument." Oration........."......;. EOT. E. Brown « Music—"America".... „ Chorus i Band accompaniment. ,. Taps, "Solilers Good Nights-Lights Out"........ ^ Prof. John Kadel. Benediction......................Rev. Cass Davis' ' , UNCLE TOM COMING.- ,'," ' T f ?i BUYS THE LJEAPER GROCERY. Roll oJT Ip another part of the STANBAKD ot today eaa be seen the names of tliegol- fliers who ile«p in our esmetsry. If kftw« of say wWiar whoae aoi in &y$ list they will confer by ^jkoi'Miif t,bs*8SW8 to C W. Snjrder WiU Henceforth Deal In TtkUtKa-to Eat. C.W.8nyder Wednesday purdiased the Leader grocery, of U. G. LeFevre, and took possession at once, This afternoon waa spent ia invoicing 7 and the store will be open (or business tdmor- row morning, Mr, Snyder Is weii kuown and liked in Sterling and his friends predict for him a successful business life. Mr, Le Fevre will r& main with him the rest of the week. Will Rohr«r hag resigned his position at the Bee Hive grocery and can hereafter be found at the Leader. .Will is a good fellow,"popular with the trade, and will be a valuable wan for Mr. Bnyder. Ed Berlin will also reruaiu in the employ of ta§ new proprietor What Mr. Le Fetre sa«i Mr. Abieus wiUdols Klagara Falls . With its beauty and grandeur, reveals to the tourist each year, some new harmony. There is no place in America where the summer tourist could spend his time more profitably than at this world-famed cataract' The Nickel Plate road,with:Us solid trains, through sleeping car service, and unexcelled dining car service, between Chicagoj -New York and Boston, ia the recognized highway to this resort. With the aew train aervice.whioh become* effective Sunday, May 80th, a stop-over of ten days will be given on both first aad second claas tickets to patrons who de* Bird to visit the Falls. Trains iea\e Chicago daily at 10:30 a. m., 3:P5 p m and 10:15 p. rar ; ? Mr, J. Y. Calahan, Qen'i Agent, 1U Adams St., Chicago, will be pleased to furnish ail information ia regard to etop-over, etc. Kittle Eva, Markj, Ingres, UoBJkeyc, „'„ Bloodhounds, and Bands Complete,, 1 r * } \Manager M. 0. Ward has secured" tBex K Sater;^5 Martin Uncle Tonx's Cabln'-f Company to appear at the '"'' Mnsic.pext Thursday evpnl»iar, J Jon^> the th}rdi-"' : .'v- 1 "-'."" '" . ••**•/ \', -^ ;• This announcement is 'alone' *pffl<jE?i- ent to guarantee^ packed bouse.- • TK» £ company is composed of fifty pedglg^ It carries three full brass bands, inclad- ^ ing a ladles' Creole band, a - Picanni$p*1 band, and a white band of sixteen emH nent soloists. It travels In its owp private train, consisting of a Pullman-. 1 sleeper, dining,baggage,stock and scea- l ery cars, making the most gigantic in- • door attraction in this country. - * Aside from the many • attractions carried by the company, the play JB said to be excellent from a historic standpoint, the players all being ladies, and gentlemen of recognized ability. Manager Ward is to be' congratulated upon securing this attraction, lor* the"standing room only"sign is sure to come into use on the nlghtof the per» formance.' , WERE THROWN FROM CARRIAQE* William Christ and rurally the of an Accident. William Christ and family had a 8ert< ous time Wednesday mprning. Jfc ha<J been their intention to drive to Dixoa ar/dMr, Christ had borrowed « home and buggy for the trip. TheyJhad jusfe started for th€» town up the river,when Mrs, Christ put up her parasol, which frightened the horse. The a'njnaa! ij Jmnped to oqe aide, throwing the en^ tire load out. Mr. Christ WBB thrown against a post-bis head, shoulders and arms were, bruised, and his -physician feara that some of his riba were crack, ed. He waa also injured internally,' The baby was hurt about the head 4 some extent, though not seriously, Th» others were uninjured. Mr. Christ Is now doing ae, well as opuld M reporter for the who has beea wearing the long-tailed cost for several days wishes to iaforin thoee interested that he is not going to officiate «3 pail bearer at a f uneral; he is aoi going to e ote the wiftiekyj to | 8 not g<?Iag to a lag Try the New 88 Boor Train to N«, w y^^ The popular jffjokel Pi*te Boad |»* meeting with recognition oa all Jj and taking effect Sunday, May they will inaugurate a pew trajn vice between Chicago and* Solid through trains," with equipped paiace sleeping L_ B leave Cfalottfo daily at IQ^S a, m. t I rn. an41046jp. sp. 1J«iforiaed porters will be in charge of ail trains, and the traveling pubJUj „„ enabled to avail themselves of "a" that will not be tlreaowe, f as fc aud low rates will be ooe of*H»^ offer to their Fof fuii information servie«, Mo., ^|j ea <ac St.,

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