Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 23, 1930 · Page 7
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1930
Page 7
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waC FER JOB FINISHED U£UATUR HERALD 1HUKSUAY EVENING, OClUBbK W, 1930. UtCATUR HKALD or wer ^ESTIMATES the 8outo»*»i ompletcd thli w d o not «BtlmKte oa id Berground work Inapectoi and tp . ptance, nnd wnn«, by property by the city ,, connections ail system. "pply Co., contrtot- he eastern half O f olng the- lait « thi the neighborhood of Dpcatur *tr««ti. )d E*tlimt«* tfts that were to b« 10 contractors will f hy Saturday night. * ho covered under net. according to r. Jr., of Warren t · cr engineer*. \ ·s on th« work vti' by Warren ft V»h Thnrsdny, that th«jp \s hands of Lee BA- rnoy, In time to b« Board Monday, VETERAN ·MILWAUKEE formerly of D*c«- lay in a MIlwaukM Iscveral month»' lit- wos a member of It, G. A. R.. In De- making his hom« i home In 2tllwnu- several yearn. Mr. wife and daughter, fcfTwiil be conducted trs home In Mltwau- ly afternoon at I'M · Jlnl will be in tlh there. Soveral D*. 1 bp nmcn(t thOM ission To raw From City n t!f I old wits denied th* raw ii ploco of prop- Oi-nvc addition, from rity council. Thuim- presented his petl- cil months ago, but been iptorred from he council made ln : IK Bald that Mr. ,ly intended to erect property, hut ho« the Idea, t ff tho taxes on led him to rccon- ndonment view Bus Line ,vhn o«-nji the Onk- ;i Oakland avwiui*. ^f||^lh of Elttorado \v Mtr to tho City y. to the Abandon- rview bus lino al lew city tronnporta- Illinois Power * o be taken oft of would be Injurloui business. Mr, BOJ(Lter. Persons rent- nls lakti Into CW1- earncss of tho bll» il Notes ower Light C«- ntrd pormlsdon Vf Thursday, to cut « ,t inlho 100block ni the alloy. *" KLIB main. {·/. waa ((ranted . to conduct tlancoi -bead In B03 North Kp was made · »I* , to work without as* nlKhtwatchrnan U In 240 East We*" EE loo p»tl»toii , Absolutely rtii Gift B«. QUESTIONS?*TM* methodically wiped the lenae* wlt^ hla handkerchief. "Mis« Earth," he observed, holding tho spectacles to he light to see It they were clean enough, "has accused you 'of Bteallna and Willie Go To Explore Tunnel; Cropsey Waits In House CHAPTJCR XX. Brought lo their feet by Abby'* cry »* terror Alva Crojwey and Wllllo walls* did the BO ynrda that lay Mtwttn th* rockbotmd pool and grll*'* Hou*e In los* lime than £u«nl could have dono It At his u,t, But winft-footod though they Mtft, th* glftntp D»»I1, wan before item Tlwy "«w him standing u iloovwiy iw they tore around M corner of tiio houso. Whothur u t*d Jurt tomo "· w wwl J"" 1 golftK out- w(w mt fl* 1 "* elflftr ' Crop- «y would havo mild the latter, But 5»ltl«ir cam ho turned when he (aught dlftht of thorn find win up tho ifott (llsht of HtHitH that led to tho floor abovw, catling over his ahoul to for thoin to follow. The fh'»t two ot the three bed dlackiMil nothing out of th( MIB.I WCMt'B bedroom, nn Ini-go and apncloua apart- fleiit rurmintf nt right angles lo the Other two, took up the entire south Md of tho upper floor. It wn» hero Jwy found Ablftall Barth. Th«! jttichwomnn lny inside tho threshold, M close to thu Mill that DavId BMm)lf,l over her, u crumpled hcnp oi (torched white apron and pathetically aiwjwii'iwi Ilotih, Wllllo Trout id Ihoitfch fl 1 * wii* dead arid begur to whtapi't 1 llldi u nick puppy. Tho (ditor of tho Krmi I'riMH, too--when tto ranil I OH hud been lighted-[bought It wns (Ifin tti tit -which tl kolwil. But lh» other man, push, th«m both itKklo, stooped and, with tb*on«« ttnru ot nupnr strength, lift til the Inert body tip nml onto tho beil. Only » Fulut "Only u fiilnt," ho (trowlod. "Oo Th* water no tod like n, in ft pic po tlon. A few (IfojM* ot It spi'lnklet on tho ii]jtiiriind due and. wlthou ttiy jn-ctliiilniiry itidiinlnif or groan Ing. Ml»» M n M h opotii'i! her flyos t« rnil ctnisHiitmncjiK, when nho »(vw who U vi»n wild mlnlstociKl lo liu tufnovK. xhn promptly f h u t thum apstin. fqui'p^lnt,' down tho lids tint' tilt tlotiti ul tho cornrji'i juickoro Into IOIIK tmlntontlonally huntorou Wesl'si the d«nunidi(l. still with hov «(ht shut. "VVhut huvo ye done wl ft?" In tho presence of throe ino MtlwlLli dHflmfSH ban Is ho tl from th fwra, It WJIM yolnK to b« extreniut ,1 twkwnnl fur n atrlct I'rftHbytoriun t txplaln *-hy whii Viftd yloTdrd to bo In lbf ehUHl. k'iitnt, to whom Iho , ttcuwled 1C IM (lone I don't know JOU'CR tnlklnK aJtout. 'Tho HtttJphlro nflcttldcc was In thn tax." anappftl MisM T^nrth. sufficiently re«tored to permit of rising on one elbow. "Is It horo now? I ask you, Is 117" "No, It Isn't, But I'm not to blame 0 don't pick on me." To Cropsoy, jhlB talk of stolen owolB w ns an unwarrantable dlgros- lon. There were affairs or sterner moment afoot He put tho dread auction: "Somoono orlod out The ghost ho ghost!' Wan it you?'' Mlsa Biirlh flushed to tho roots ot her Iron-gray hair. "Mayhap It was mo," Bhe admitted unwillingly. "I was hat outdone, I scarce know what 1 snld," Without further prompting she guvo lior version of the bnp- ponlngd nt Brldo'a House thut evo nlnjf: Miss Wcst'a Invitation to dine with Mr, Diamond; her own and Da vld'g. supper of chicken and choco- ate cake on the kitchen table. "Ho, iho stabbed an accusing linger In David's direction," said' ho was gong out to look after the horses. And all unbeknownst to fear 1 came up lore." The rest of tho story wa ojis Holt-assured, move sketchy a ;o detail; but tho editor of the Prc listened attentively, especially to llw part about the woman's sl((ti and tho Imnd which had appeared Irom bet, we on tlia tied curtains. When 1 was concliKrcd he tuuncd sharpl :o tho tall young mats, who sow net In Koine strange and Inexplal manner to dominate tho scene, Sim ACCUKON "Just what Is your particular rol in this household?" ha asked. David Hts1tat(!d, Then, "I'm h«ro !o help with the outside work. I'm tho now stable boy. Mltia Barth rone abruptly from th bed and smoothed down her die ordnrod appnrol. "Stable boy!" she sniffed. "Mor like a h en-most In' tramp. It you as f," Tho giant eyod the apealter with ranpt* mixture of arrogance an content]) t. "He didn't ask you. So take m ndvlno and don't do so tmich talk Ing,'' In »io sllcaco which followod, Wl llo Prpntlcc nnuffled apprchcnHlvel Thd wound drow attention to hlmsol Hoih on "Who nro you?" asked pavld. "An what are you (lolnff hor*?" CviipHfy «nxwoi-ol fnc his compan ion. and Incidentally for hlmnftl that they wftre both known to Mis Wi-dt nrxl haJ biiBinesa of Importanc with hor. Tho tall young man looked dow from tlio towei 1 of his height an mild, "Ml** West won't be back b fcivo 11, You cun't (too her tonight Thorn WHM a vibrant pause. The Cm|».ii\v loult off hln spectacles at) you x i nocklaae of some sort. I would suggest that you save that hlghhand d talk until you've done more than deny It," For a perilous moment it Beamed as though the sol f-proclaimed stable boy wai about to take the managing editor of tho Dally Free Fresa by tin neck and \vring: his head from his body; but suddenly he thrust hU powerful hands into the pockets of his overalls, whcro they would be out of temptation 1 !) way, and oat down on tho edge of the bed. Jtimpea' to Hl« feet "Stay If you want to," ho said gloomily. "I might have known I couldn't have five minutes to myself on this place.' "I can't stay," piped up Wllllo Frontlce, who, unlike Cropsey, hat not been struck by the significance of that "flvo minutes to mysolf.' "I've got my wife to think of." Turn Ing to the editor. "You promised to go with me Into that hole--" With a spring, DavlU was on his feet again. "Hole? You've found tho tunnel? 1 Young Prentice cringed before th fury In the overhanging ga*o "Y-y-yos," ho stutteroci, "the h-h-hole thnt Icada Into the tunnel I--I'been looking for It for months. Digging and--." Tho giantc onttroiicd himself with on effort. "Oh, HO it's you who's made sue! a ine.M ol thu gnrdon I wondered what WHB going on," Attar a mom ont, obviously spent in putting som unexplained two ana two together "Well, let mo toll you something. Hla warning look took In all three of hid audience, "1 found that tun rol wiioks nsoji 's mine, understand me, mine. If anyone stops foot In tho rod barn before I say the wort Sounds Warning Willie Prentice opened his eye, r.nd mouth In a fishllke expression of bewilderment "Red bnrn? I havon't been In red barn." The Riant clenched his big fist and took ti menacing Btcp forward "Don't llo to me. The mouth c thd tunnnl Is In the cellar of tho re barn, BehlmJ thu. packing cafies," Hero Cropsioy Interposed his loai length between tho two men, "It appears you've both stumble, on the stime discovery but from dlf ferent angles. Why not act like ra tlonal lclnga and put your heads to Rether?" While Iho Riant glared a him ho want en to explain abou tho hole tmdor tho rock at the cdg of tho pool. "It's undoubtedly par ot n. natural postrngaway whlc gives In two directions--away from tho rod barn, lot us say, and lowar tho house," Willie, tho pacifist, wns only to teady to do his bit toward establish Ing a working basis, "That's It-- a natural passageway, hfi cried excitedly. "SCO. It's all her --on this old map." Taking a wallo from hist back -pocket, "Mlsa Upto :rovo loaned me a portfolio full of ate, about Hales Crowing, *nd this was among them. Her grandfather | made It, for Mr. Ezra Runnels'*, 'ather. Ho, Mr, Upbgrove, was the. town engineer or something." : The two men and Abby, unable to coep up her poso of aloofness any onger, followod to the chest of drawers where the map, spread but n the light from the candles, dl- closed Itself as being a single sheet of drafting paper, so fragile with age that it folds had orackcd length- wls» and cross, separating- It Into four parts. It was a. crude surevy of the Runnels farm, done in colored nka and ornamented hero and there with drawings of cows and willow trees, Tho house Itself appeared, and the red barn. The newer white barns were missing. To Escape Indian* "Here," said Willie, pointing to a series of fine ved linos, "is the tunnel. It BOems, before Revolutionary times, the family used It to escape from the Indians. But after, a while one end caved In, making It Impass able. In 1BB9, whon this map was made, Mr! Runnels decided, for some reason or other, to have It filled In; but the Civil war came along and prevented hlnn from carrying out his plan." "It doesn't lead to the rod barn said David, who had been studying the map closely. "See. tho line runs from the house, past the pool on tho north side, and back toward th« town, The red barn Is on the other side of th* pool, between tho house and tho south pasture. This can't bo the tunnel I found, after nil." Cropsey out In with, "Connectlout's full of this sort of thing. Caves and fissures and fossil deposits, When we come to Investigate, we may find naif a dozen subterranean passages branching away from til at hole by tho pool." "And when are we going to In vostlgate it?" asked Willie Prentice sharply. "Remember, this Is whai I came here for." "I see no reason why we shouldn 1 ' go now." The managing editor look ed at David. "How about it? Who Will Stuy? The big stranger rubbed his hands together with deceptive brisk ness, but his faco had taken on a curious pallor, "One of us must a toy hero," he objected. "It isn't safe to leave her," nodding toward Abby "alone. There's been a deliberate at tempt mado to scare her out of hfl wUsi tonight. It may be repeated." "True." Cropsey took a 50-cen piece out of his pocket, "Let's tosq,' Tho giant drew a deep breath. "Heads 1 go," he said; and watch nd with a feverish intensity whll Cropsey lifted his hnnd from th coin. ·It's heads," chirped Wllllo Prentice. And to David, "That mean you go with me. Come, Jet's go itnrtcd." On leaden feet the giant followoi his diminutive companion to th door. ' At the threshold he pausoi find looked over his shoulder at th two who were to remain behind, "If I shouldn't come back, tell Mia West--" He hesitated. "Tell Mis West my dark Inheritance has'gob bled i»c up." Without, adding any ST. THOMAS CHURCH CHICKEN FRY DRAWS CROWD OF 1,400 Prlod chicken dinner ww served to 1,400. powone Wodnewlfty evening n tho five howa between 4 and 0 o'clock, In : St- Thomaa Catholic church community hair The attend ance for the second day of the church bazar exceeded an? crowd* that hftva attended previous «oolal offal re of this church, Bigbty-flva women were kept buiiy serving and clearing 'nbles In the supper l a s t evening. Thursday there will be no supper, but ·and- wlches and jitney food will be available. The eight booths that first onwioc for business Tuesday, hnve sold out their supply each day, and there will be a new supply of articles for Thursday, the last day of the bazar The doll booth boa been the moat popular, many making purchase* there In anticipation of Christma*. Besides trade at the booths Thursday, there will te a card party at 2:1G o'clock. The financial committee report* that more money baa been taken In each day than was collected in lai yoar'e bazar. An estimate of money cleared will be rannrted later. W. G.'Newell, Former Mail Carrier^ Dies William C. Newell, for many years a malt carrier In Decatur, died a 4:30 o'clock Wednesday afternoon In the Decatur and Mac on County hospital. Death waa caused by compll cat Ion B of diseases, Mr. Ncw«ll wa 00 years old. He was born In Decatur on Nov. 1870, and passed practically his entire life here. He left the mail sarv ice about 13 years ago and since hud been employed by tho Decatur Ic Cream Co, Mr. Newell was Iho son of Mr. and Mrs. William B, Nowoll. Mrs. Newel Htlll Is living In the family home, 60 West Wood street. Besides his 'mother, Mr, Newel leaves three brothers and one sister The brothers are Howard R. Newe and Arthur E. Newell of Iccatu and Paul E, Newell ot At.chlson, Kan The sister Is Miss Florence A. New* ot Decatur. The body was taken to Dawson J WHtoff's funeral homo. Funeral arrangements will be announced. SOCIETY TO MEE 1 Tho Everrcady society of Firs Methodist church will he entertainer Thursday afternoon at 2:30 In th home of Mrs. S. B, Benson, 212 Eaa Stuart avenue. thing which might explain this ex traardlnnry message, he plunge down the stairs after Willie Prentlc- and out tho front door Into th night. (To Bo Continued) (Copyright, 1K3G, by The Bell Syndicate. Inc.) Gushard's * d for Majestic Complete Line Gushard's for Majestic Easy Payments Gushard's for Majestic Immediate Delivery FIBST FLOOB BALCONY r Ntw/Yoihen" WW CH7 W"*^^*** ^""^IMmSi 1 MJI 1UL^^ Mfl«·£*·£*· fifipiWi tfcfl NCW MAJESTIC RADIOS Fr«« Horn* Demonstration ADAM F. GEBHART CO. Formerly Auto Park Co. 1045 N, Water St. DU1 2-1866 213 Eut North St Did 8912 Majestic perfected screen grid Su perheterodijne la jjivuii j^.-"- . ^ g on the southern _ at and Wood's** , E station. Son w«re flv«n.« me curblnft on tn * f of EMoradc^tiTi« reel for « See it at the Radio Show! Y. M. C. A. ANNEX-Thursday, Friday and Saturday GENERAL P ELECTRIC ALL-STEEL. REFRIGERATOR Then you, too, will appreciate what hundred* of thousands already know -- that MONITOR TOP TAe Refrigerator with the Saves You Money! -Think of This Before You Buy: · Cent FOR SERVICE! . Illinois f Poiver and Light Corporation and the Electric League of Decatur Small Down Payment Delivers Any General Electric Refrigerator. 2 years to pay! Decatur Electric Co. 131 W, Wood Sfc Bojdine Electric Shop B. Trotter Electric Co. 101 B. Prairie Krigbaum Electric Co. 107 If. Main St. * Rex Electric Co. 114 E. William St Heiie Electric Shop m s, niinob Rt. Chapman Electric Co. £30 a OatUnd St lUinoi* Power and Light Corporation . Clinton. HUn«h It** iwceplnit Amcrkit ThoMuidn t«,cnr dw hear Mid chame tUi ·nuiinit new M^jctifc SapcHtetcTOdrne. It** cfce noM MMMtowt former In radio tod»T. A.Bc*il!Tpfndei4iU* di*l to the other. Soon* of pn«nm*inone Sh*rr de*r tunlrt B «nd tremcndou* powet ftt wfaM wo WMU ta- ·onilr, catilvr without Inttttertnct. let th* fraMM tMl» nlM «Mt offered. A falUtted tctttn «rld ·tpefhrtMOJyna hnuxd la » IMM^ tlfulmkiUturcubtnet. Built wtth oT the fiitnou* t«ver KU»Mlc MHM. And prtecJ fuperhetcrodTne. See md bcM It fotUy. Vowr frte home tri«l uid eur term*. Griftbr-CfiMnnr lit. WorU'i La*** Moimfaetmtn «f RADIO THE BENWOOD-L1NZE CO. h «nd WiMMHKt4H Avc,. 81, iMvi*, Mo. The New . MAJESTIC Superheterodyne It On DitplayAt HM Mwt Uberml Term* InDMttur Phone 4191 tor Demonttration .MiHHI»l«llMiHIII»IIIIHII1l»lMHni«llllllllllll1HIH

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