Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on February 19, 1964 · Page 5
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 5

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 19, 1964
Page 5
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'ft! BigThurst' Begins Tuesday BERGStROM AIR FORCE BASE, Tex, (AP)—Operation Big Thrust began Tuesday, a modified version of the transatlantic exercise Big Lift that set new rnTlitary transport records last October. .About 1.500 soldiers of the find Armored Division at Ft. Hood will fly to Germany as replacement in the maneuver. The entire division went to Ger- jriany in around the clock flights test October to prove the United States' ability for <|inck inter- nalional movement of combat ready troops. "^Operation Big Thrust begins with 16 consecutive flights from Bergstrom, 8 miles southeast of Austin. They are scheduled to terminate at Rhi'in-Main, near Frankfurt, Germany. Aside Money for Defense of Indigent* - KANSAS CITY (AP) - The Jackson County Court has appropriated $5,000 to pay lawyers appointed to defend indigents in criminal cases in the county. „„ Formerly, court appointed attorneys have had to serve with BO expectation of pay. There were 369 such cases last year. -The court agreed that a lawyer should 'be paid at a rate not to exceed $15 an hour for time reasonably spent on a case, plus expenses. FREE RECIPES .... FOR 10 SKINNER DINNER QUICKIES They beat packaged •""' dinners for speed, .'Convenience and cost! "Prepare in just seconds more than It lakes to cook macaroni. Pick up your free "Skinner Dinner Quick- .jes" folder at your food store. Or •frpp a card to: SKINNER MACARONI CO., DEPT. N, Box 75, Omaha, Nebr. MACARONI SPAGHETTI NOODLES ,l3$,te better • Cook better • Look better TheyTl Do It Every Time *•«• By Jimmy Hatlo rOOR DROOLS/ WAKES UP EAPLV IM THE HOSPITAL LON/6IM6 FOR MIS. BREAKFAST-BUT NOT A CREATURE IS STIRRING — VmMTLAST BREAKFAST ARRIVES —BUT SO DOES EVERV- THIM6 ELSE // A Few Kind Words For Old Friend By BOB THOMAS AP Movle-Televlslon Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) — Sir Tyrone Guthrie, Irish giant of the theater, was in town to say some kind words for an old friend celebrating a birthday. The old friend is William Shakespeare, born 400 years ago April 23. Guthrie came here as the first speaker in a program fot' the quadracentennial planned by the UCLA Extension Division, one of many such celebrations in all parts of the world. Before taking off for other lectures at Berkeley and the Citadel in South Carolina, the famed director of the classics was asked what he thought of this year's to-do for the Bard. "Oh, I think he'll survive," he replied. "It is a sign of greatness in such figures as Shakespeare and Verdi that they can survive any amount of mauling over the years. He conceded that the celebration might even do Shakes peare some good, so long as the plays are accepted for their entertainment value and not us literature. He is appalled at how CHOCOLATE SYRUP Key Clor tJLEACH Energy U.S.D.A. Good Lb. Only Round Steak 69c Rump lone-Ill or Whes Peak |%^^ar^4)ir • *IIF ••••••••••*• GROUND BEEF Winchester WIENERS Winchester SAUSAGE Winchester toneless DINNER HAM "•59C ... Only . o£29c 273c U. £ 75c Only iFleisehmann's MARGARINE CRISCO 3 »- only M»Oily luster CREME COOKIES 2 £ 39c -•Hershey 2 'iv. 45c Va 6 ... 29c DETERGENT °£.'49c M'ILK 3£;.39c "ftOUR 5 £ f 29c liscuiTS o c ;;5c 1*1 Nott JiJNA 5 c o'S$9c fKurfrtdi . __ COFFEE tt59c ^Rchers Aweiqn .„._,-. PINK SALMON c T ::'49c |ollv Tlmo lu .-. POPCORN £ lOc I* •BBfjfffjHMH«MIHIM*li l ***IIIWIM**"<i BlBBHBlllllHlH>11 * Irosh CrlsB ARROTS S. No. 1 RMS*» >OTATOES APPLES 2 10 K; 39e .3 &29c SPENCER'S FOOD STORE IM fffntiw Tfcwi., M. i Set, 5 Wt rtstrvt Hit rifbt If IMt fMBttritt the young are exposed to Shakespeare. "They should not be allowed to experience him too early," he observed. "High school is all right. But it is better for students not to be exposed at all than to be taught Shakespeare by a dull teacher.' Guthric was also dubious about movies as a medium for appreciating Shakespeare. "I thought Larry's (Olivier 'Henry V was well done, though more cinematic than Shakespeare," he observed. "But his Hamlet" was nonsense. It was ridiculous to say that this is a story of a man who could not make up his mind and then show a kind of Nazi guardsman elbowing everybody aside. "As for Orson Welles' 'Macbeth,' it was rather a horror, but as with much of Welles' work, a horror with a touch of genius." Aside from his lectures, Guthrie's contribution to the 15641964 celebration will be a staging of "Henry V" at the Tyrone Guthrie Playhouse in Minneapolis. Guthrie, who rose to fame with his vigorous direction in the Old Vic, the Sadler's Wells and the New York theater, founded the Minneapolis theater last year after despairing of the stultifying economics of Broadway. Noitherers Who Died CHICAGO (AP) - Civil War deaths on the Union side, 364,000, outnumbered the total deaths in World War I, 131,000, almost 3 to 1. They nearly equalled the total deaths of World War II, 409,000, the Vctrans Administration reports. Life iegtns af Forty Shaw's Genius Emerged After 4(8 By ROBERT PETERSON The genius of George Bernard Shaw was largely dormant until his middle years. He was an ill- paid, little - noticed music critic and the three or four minor plays he wrote prior to reaching 40 drew scant praise and even less remuneration. Then, at 42, he met and married Charlotte Payne-Townsend, a widow of some wealth. Thanks to her means and generous nature he no longer frittered his energies on unrewarding, brer.i winning tasks necessary to buy food and shelter. She soothed his irascible temper, flattered his sagging ego, and persuaded him to devote himself wholeheartedly to playwriting. Sure enough — within ten years Shaw was being hailed as an immortal, second only to Shakespeare in English literature. I recounted this saga recently to a writer who's frustrated because he's fortyish and still unpublished. But he wasn't much impressed. "Seems to me the moral of the story is to marry a rich widow," he muttered, "and my wife would never approve." * * * "Lots of people I know could use the services of retired carpenters," writes W. Earl Dyer, Jr., editor of The Lincoln (Ncbr.) Star. "I'd think retired men handy with tools would get to- gether, set up a business, put a listisg in the phone book, and offer their services in want ads. "I own my own home which periodically needs small things done. I'd be glad to pay a reasonable charge per job. It's work that needs doing but doesn't have to be done under pressure. Yet it's almost impossible to find anyone." He's right. We hear a lot about the absence of jobs for elders. Yet in most communities there are homeowners in every block who need carpenters, painters, and handymen occasionally for maintenance and repair jobs. How many folks In the U.S. have hit the century mark? The I960 cencws shows '0,369 centenarians, as compared with 4,487 in 1950. This 131 per cent increase confirms our gradual rise in life expectancy, and suggests that by the next census in 1970 we'll have two or maybe three times as many centenarians. There's every evidence that the upward trend in longevity will continue and it's gratifying to contemplate that everyone alive is a promising, lusty can didate for the century honor roll. • There was a provocative item in the Birmington (Ala.) News not long ago. Maybe it was a tyoof.raphical slip, or maybe the elderly lady involved has chosen to end her days with a flourish. The woman had reached 100 and an interviewer asked the standard njostion as to what she attributed her long life. Her answer as shown in the Cuban Agents Not Giving Up: Bentoneoutt CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — President Romulo Betancourt said Monday that Cuban agents, although stifled by tough Venezuelan action, have not given up their attempt to make this oil-rich South American nation a Soviet beachhead. "All efforts to establish a Soviet beachhead here have failed but they have not stopped," he said. "Many Cuban agents arc now jailed but others are still in the streets." Page 7 Ctt* to, It, 1M4 clipping: "It's because I never smoked nor drank, and have lived a clean Christian life until' a coupk of months ago." >•• If you would like a booklet -» "Basic Health Rules for Older il: People" write to this column )n care of the Garden City Tele- . gram enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope and ten Cent! to cover handling costs. , Thtere is a wider open diamond mine than the Kimberley — the Premier near Pretoria. But none is more famous. WATCH For The RED BALLOON! *•!*• ••» Inojn* Overhaul*!. Complete MalntttMmt, lorl*. Vi surfacing, Irak* MtMlr. Tmt«p. Tram. R*M>r. Oil Lnbe A Winterising. ALLEN'S SAFETY CENTER •INTERNATIONAL MUFFLERS . . . With A Written Oirarantoe for at Le*« M YM Own fkc COT! •14 N. ltd So* Alb"* ••mi Id 4.7IS1 HEALTH CAPSULES by Michael A. Petti, M.D. IF NO MEPICATION 6XISTS TMATfe EFFECTIVE AGAINST THE VIRUS Of THE COMMON) COLP, WHAT ARE ALL THB COLPREMEPIES FOR? VOU TAKE THESE flEMEPIES NOT TO KILL THE COLP, BUT ONLV IN AN ATTEMPT TO RELIEVE THE SYMPTOMS OF THE COLP. TOMORROW: CALORIES. Health C>ptul« giv«j h.lplul infomutlen. . ni«not int*nd«d to b« of * ditgneitic nttur*. aching back Nagging backache, headache, or muscular aches and pains may come on with over-exertion, emotional upsets_or day to day stress and strain. And foiks who eat and drink unwisely sometimes suffer mild bladder irritation . .. with that restless uncomfortable feeling. If you are miserable and worn out because of these discomforts, Doans Pills often help by their pam-relievuig action, by their soothing effect to ease bladder Irritation, and by their mild diuretic action through the kidneys- tending to increase the output of the 15 miles of kidney tubes. So if nagging backache makes you feel dragged-out, miserable... with restless, sleepless nights...don't wait...try Doan's Ms... get the same happy relief millions have enjoyed for over 60 years. For convenience, ask Cor the large size. Get PoJn's Fills today! Doan's Picture of People Hunting Bargains The four people above have something in common: they've found the bargain spot in town, in The Garden City Telegram Want Ads. Just by tracing a finger down the column, you can find everything from boats to bongos, from cars to cartage. And a whole lot more. Why don't you start your bargain hunting this convenient way? Now. kcavationi of all kinds. Lin- I Road; BR S- 4671. —19« INER AL C O NTRACTOR immercial buildings, houses, ik, brick, stucco, basements, types concrete work, new, sir. Reasonable. Free Estites; BR 6-8187. —7tf •Good Things To Eat CING «nd canniiv, I sweet corn at ess from Ho—Mobile Hornet FOR SALE — 1959 Curtis M home, 35x8, extra neat. BR 6-6772. 12—Farm-^jj/ &Ser R SALE: itoes, 4M> ib, Robert Katz. // you don't find what you're hunting for, try an "action" Want Ad yourself! The Garden City Telegram •*.< TATOES for sale, $1.50 per undred, no culls. Across from ve In Theatre exit. —22 AIN fed lamte delivered to torden City; BR 6-6253. —24 iJAVE money drive out Ik*- •-«— •— ••- to CUSTOM milo cutting, tb machines. Lawrence BulU 453 M, Beloit, Kansas. WANTED — Custom corn birmig, two machiuef. 1 Harding, BR 6-4655. ACTION Want Ads Phone BR 6-3232

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